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Saturday, September 23rd

Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson are discussing the Red Sox. Larry feels bored with the Sox and wants them to be a more exciting team.


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Here and that teacher from. And mustard and shots and yeah I've scored. Talk all things socks packs season seems. Johnson a WEEI Sports Radio. And welcome to the second day of fall it is mustard and Johnson and I do love the fall because. Baseball playoffs around the bend just nine days left. And the Major League Baseball regular season Red Sox increased their lead to four games last night Red Sox waiting in Cincinnati yankees losing. Up in Toronto yankees pretty much have a stranglehold on the wild card. Things falling into shape as far as the Red Sox concerned their magic number is down to six if you're keeping score home. Judge seems to be finding his his stroke out last night. I'd armor on yeah yeah they lost eight to one who clearly Obama for eight. Runs against him to saint eve ready to be getting his groove back he's gotten his group just like Stella got her groove back and so does Erin judge meanwhile patriots of course we had Houston they have always had great success against the Texans especially. Are over at Gillette Stadium though. Fun to watch to Shawn Watson will be running around the back feels if you find. A some receivers downfield. Meanwhile Tom Brady's book is out and CTE seems to be. A very important issue. As far as what Aaron Hernandez. Suffered through his final days before committing suicide last sprint all those on the table mr. Johnson. He got let me start what you're sports track and just for two seconds. You may have liked it did you like it might a good as we're running your final effort I thought it was I someone however don't carry coffee cups and here anymore they're cut known we don't get any newspapers on the weekends. And now we don't get any paper cups on the weekends after turn coffee with your hands could do worse that you could be in Springfield to back. Quite a bit of ordering her yeah and environmental and I got here. The big city in and you mass need to get together during the offseason no any evaluate and go over there if football programs if they're going to play division one. Football than you gotta do something because this is pathetic and now that he's he's playing Clemson today it have you mastered tennis. Aren't armed are rocket trials parking catch the game. So there's no interest. They're recruiting class is just. It's just not getting the blue chip players. And I don't spending more time than that and I'm just saying we got taking notes you can listen of the game over our sister station AMA fifty. When John meet Burrell. Taking a bow on the call present wrestlers are concerned Sosa anchor Chris Sale. Deserves. The tip of the cap for 300 cases season. On just a phenomenal job on him now he doesn't he's so thin but he you know he he he it's all tore query and get it done some debate about whether or not he should or around pitched the eighth inning and not to achieve. This milestone I I don't know what I'm not working myself out too much over that and nothing happened does the business of hindsight. And after something happens in east seemed OK you know hadn't heard anything. Let me ask you move about the Red Sox we're rolling out once a week so we get more of a larger view we tend to see the forest for the trees a little bit more we don't get involved in the day today Red Sox. Trending very well right now six out of 74 in a row does a lot of things I didn't like the tree in the far so I don't I still can't get. I think when the playoffs that I'll get into this I will but right now I think I could care less than play in Cincinnati who Kaye is. Well they're playing out last place team one of the worst teams in baseball not the worst team they dominate the national leaguer fourteen for this year against the quote unquote he usually yours are here they're do you really no one cares and but here's my issue where the Red Sox and I've been saying this for awhile. No matter how many people. Want to rip David Price they don't like is attitude they don't like it's primadonna ways they don't like the fact that he's really not. Pitching up to a 31 million dollar a year contract I've been saying this for a long Time Warner. David Price is going to make a contribution. And I think it's gonna be what you saw last night good last night he kept the ball right online. Work in the corners and are down 212 periods I think he's got to redeem himself and insane and all year he's gonna find a role. Eventually he's gonna get a win in the post season maybe not as a starter we've always had a couple wins and relief. In his career but he's going to make some sort of a contribution may not be a 100% redemption. I think he's gonna we're tone from south a little bit in the post season he has great opportunity to do I don't like them. But obviously I would love his contribution right there can be positive. I would love that I just I don't know what it is psyche questioning myself about it. I can't get into the game right now in and that has been an ongoing theme. All year long if you really think about it and early on it was. No David Ortiz. I know poppy in the middle lineup that must see event. Not dare. They don't exactly overwhelm you with a lot of charisma lot of good players they don't have to hope they don't get the ball out of the ball park. Like other teams do work on a record pace this year for Major League Baseball as far as home runs a consumer suction on a home run hitting team though. Devers obviously a Big Three run shot in the fourth last night. Whatever AD is maybe getting swept last year by Cleveland that was an embarrassment after. People were very optimistic with a Red Sox have played great ball down the stretch. Rain away from the field last year. Back says that attic we start to come back to start a comeback victory on my right 96 RBIs for from a hundred got the numbers look good but. When you think smoky bats he's better player last year. At numbers wise. Looks good but this something you're right it's not what is missing. To when date is within this Red Sox grueling day ago late George Frazier of the globe once identified as like that special mystique that special. Something that it's you can't go out and get the most important man in the world are your walk into the room charisma Ortiz has. Pedro has that they walk into or wrong man and everything turns to them the French call at Elan and do what it is the Spanish word okay charisma. Anon you haven't I have none of them believe namely that say that again IE but these kids can get past security yet that this team has no one day in no way you lie and no charisma. But then again. What are you looking for for this right let's see what I don't what do you love it when one guy oh quit Abbott is Chris fail and he doesn't want it. He's just he's not that outs while but I think you know I want doesn't eat does his job well you don't want. This is that's the perfect antidote here we are we're praising price for a relief effort last night. But the reason why people like Chris Sale he's the anti David Price on yeah. It couldn't be any more personality on certain different price right. That's where he wants and that's all anybody really wants. I commend the team I know that's Borges had a great piece earlier in the week on Ferraro and them. I don't know why people don't like him at all he's doing his job a team is winning. Their division and they're fine they've had injuries often on. When they put the final roster together for the playoffs in mobile you'd just make up your mind of but the type of team that this is it's not my most Paulo Layden. Teams that come knock the ball out of every cock or anything they're gonna do well I don't think of the that mode of Cleveland. Well right now they play Houston if the season ended today used in I think like half a game back maybe game back of Cleveland for the best record. In the league right that's enough on them I. You wanna break down in the they playoff possibilities and they had the most hilarious three last week I don't follow the care trainee posted. On the economy join us at trial over eleven or whatever time it was 11 o'clock am for TNT and they talked about. The you know Red Sox and ales promoting you know you an entry and court is show for ten minutes and you're you're during the red art market was brutal miserable boring and I shut the shore so what would he rather talk about. What they talk about all the time current events things that are going on things that you had used force trends say you don't write down I don't want any ads you know I can't wife man ousted at the boy if you come in here are it's all about the patriots have taken. And the Texans the Houston with the Shawn Watson in with a brother reigning national champion in his rookie season yet you know the problem is in its non. Just the Red Sox. Even the patriots have not really mustered up I beg your pardon that much. Interest. Yet. I think they're good they're okay. I don't know what I don't know how to describe it I just don't think you have on we'd of the French word yet and you have irony went to the ground. I. Know Larry Johnson Hersh LA Monica. Just say I watched the games and it's right. And over saturation are still nearly Arctic and author of up important event that will be taking place is Celtics and Cleveland. Are over seventy. As a story like to Everly guys that as a third line to a patriots of late I mean Brady's great view larger last week he has just as a gentleman Larry Johnson has reported from his sources let Brady is great yeah let's get right into. So yeah. You refer I'll our sources indicate WEEI has learned a cage and Grady is great okay do you agree his first quarter. Was terrific exceptional the touchdown pass to go rock especially yeah was no vintage rating and go Brady goes out of her. Well I want to shock that are on the end of problems and one of the biggest problems today to me is the the injuries. That they can't stop the injuries well everybody's getting her yet you can't stop the attrition rate because it is a war of attrition. Even more concerning now choruses Aaron Hernandez. And the CTE. He had staged lead out entire operating book first you wanna go on and ordering you just follow elected dog and I am let's awhile over the I am all French that is veritable hole re another French word like public sports the lights yes get in those robbery meatballs. Love quit while your head that first jokers going you're in this fire in Iowa as one now. Let's talk about Brady's book for a aka it's it's a it's called TB twelve diet is that was called. Orbit TV medical benefit method method and the method audacity of Madden right the method is. You stay away from tomatoes and strawberries. Sugar that night she aid the the vegetables and fruit she got to stay away from sugar okay that makes sense I like that. Or what else. Avocado ice cream you can you can employ a bat and you don't need sun screen apparently now blazing hot sunny days just drink a couple of extra cups of water I guess that will protect yet. It bothers me about the book is the fact that it not as people. Okay as if he's not breaking alarm or anything he wants to come out with a self help book from and how open and so on who caters who cares he's got the money he's got the means to do it. Oh. Who care I won't read it. No interest in me for obvious reasons. I don't care but obviously. Yeah I'm going out every week did you see that probably I'd scamper he had last week. He is quicker you've got to get that he is quicker and he seems to know. He get sacked one time last week and he just kind of curled under and and he just he seems to know how to fall. That there is not just experienced being in the league for somebody asked that partly that my is thank or apple has stolen you have to learn how to fall. But I think that them. But it Adam right and everything this guy does now it bothers people so much to cans are you reassessing. A lot of anger out some frustration criticizing the book well what the content there well you certainly are allowed to. Assess the block in its merits I mean it doesn't mean their and I don't operating you criticize or ago. Jim publishing this wecht isn't what people don't like this is my sense of it and you know obviously I'm just not on the outside looking at anfield they have all of that money right. In you can have so much money. That Alex Guerrero is basically your intimate traveling partner everywhere you go bears' Alex Cabrera I think people and he hangs on that sideline right in ballot Jack yeah he's hang around who's a controlled every week. Doesn't seem to bother him in this is the problem. You you perceive bradys the greatest player in the history of the National Football League certainly had his position. The five Super Bowls the guy is a brilliant player in every sense of the word. Weeks we think he's a football intellectual we think he's a physical marvel at age forty. And then you see. Alex Guerrero this sick offense I guess may be guru maybe Svengali hanging around the sidelines we don't like the fact. That Guerrero has so much influence on Brady picked it it's it's almost tolerant sort of how could Tom Brady on Maginnis is writing this sort of little black mark has garnered toward all the hell bit I mean I don't know he would seems to me the patriots are control freaks right in yet they allow this guy to hang around that and and Brady's control for it. I mean the guy in outsold I think it's it's mystifying. Slash frustrating. That why would Tom Brady. Allow this guy take over his life. Obviously he's helped put them. Do we put up with his no direct link and everything regret what you could say the advice that he's giving him all of the routine than the diet and everything Brady swears by Brett and I think it's more psychological and physical. I mean let's face some of this is very basic I will tell you that date. Mania some other quarterbacks who are players who are playing at his level at the age of fun all right he's also genetically blast. That that has something to do with the I don't believe that Alex Guerrero. Is directly responsible for us. And two and I didn't just does he have a pot. I think it's a fragment. I think genetics is number one. I think maintaining a healthy diet listen I don't eat sugary their I think that's a very good prescription for for staying in shape I don't drink I don't need any sugar all oxygen fruit sugar substitute now because then you're gonna that your condition to want to eat something sweet. But ten months ago I gave up cookies I gave up muffins I gave up anything that sugar and had a drink orange juice natural sugar. And fruits you give up sex student or that was fifth. You know I got married. I don't have to talk about the best form of birth control to get married the I'm not that I figured it out we're on her way across the San Francisco harbored Al contrast I knew where I was kind of in trouble my honeymoon but that's another story. On abaco. My mother went along with the draft. You guys gonna wanna get dirty about it this was the highlight definitely sell I I don't a paper he is. You've got to admit if you're gonna advertise. For what he's doing with the TB twelve. There's no open approve. And watch him how they're playing the way he's playing right and that is he playing better than ever he's better than ever better than five years ago. It's always been great courts seem any different kind of he's quicker and you you always quick are. I don't I don't perceive it you that you don't believe that people can improve this skills at forty years old Larry it's defying. All. Logic is all Presley quicker than it was five years ago. I really don't know what would you wisely and I don't know but Larry yeah this is your agenda you come on and every time we talk about Tom Brady during the football season. You always insists that he's quicker. Where you have to acknowledge that his vineyard you have to acknowledge things that are improving and his game accuracy now he's always have that. Knowing the playbook and infighting in the open he's always had all packed in here but this is why now I'm really starting to feel angry about this book because. We're attributing or he's attributing it. To all this this diet that scientifically. Has been disproven by anybody who understands why how's he doing it that. She's genetically blessed. He's totally committed to his to his job it's not that diet that he is routine right at Hunter College I it is I'm sure dale would take the same thing with the program that's a different the one bright enough but it's not a diet in some instances that diet is something that seasonal and then you go back to your old ways. This is behavioral modification got to change a lifetime. And if you're him in Europe playing at a level that you feel better now than you did before as I said psychological. Is it give them a little bit of an edge if he thinks it gives them an edge. That's all you really need but no one who is in the scientific and nutrition community says that this has any validity at all are they are playing football. A one questions that Brady is is defying our low expectations his level of play. And the speed and the it usefulness in terms of which he has display has nothing at all to do with his suit with his new routine. I think may be a gym 10% how's that pregnant ridiculous okay see you're seeing moderate and not think FEMA we doing something. I don't think Alex Guerrero. In. Avocado ice cream and it's chewing. A strawberries and tomatoes as the secret to Tom Brady's success and it doesn't help yeah I I don't think I help I think psychological. You know Larry you don't know Larry you don't get any it's all right I hear a guy Aoki doubting Thomas market are over he's stored Phillips professor at McMaster University Hamilton Ontario yes is what he calls. This this whole idea to supply ability thing along with a diet. It's balderdash. Is the is the phrase that stored Phillips a professor. A Ph.D. at McMaster University one of leading universities in Canada has set. Many experts have waited and it allow it doesn't amount to any anything as far as. Real nutrition is concerned it's a bunch of polls don't put yourself you're 33 year old quarterback in Europe and be sitting home in the patriots are playing on a Thursday night. In you see this guy running around doing the things that he's doing that is no impression on you at all. Except to say where you must against have some great genes I. My dad they don't want I'm gonna go out and buy that TV twelve that is I too can become a five time Super Bowl winner if I give a strong dollar just takes a mute you know and I know c'mon. Elevate your argument. It takes it takes more than one player you know that so. Just because you raise your game that's not enough but the appointment Brady is that he's raised his game. He's five more athletic. In youthful in terms of some of the things that he's doing. And I think you have to attribute that to something other than just good genes well I think genes mostly dominate these great players certainly you can take the foundation of great talent. And go further with that Brady might be an example. But I hate when people take a look at a guy like Brady ran like on a 5152. In the forty yard dash and say he's not that athletic. You know he just really studied hard and he plied his trade names really committee dedicated yet let Sophie he did have when the team that we view is you never want to give any credit to improvement. And I think it Brady's case he has improved his four pork in his speed but I'm attributing it to Alex clarifies. Okay batter that he was okay because now we said dandelion greens instead of tomatoes therefore he's a much better player. I can say it was a hot day 80% of of the reason for him playing at a higher love all right so why isn't everybody now why did let me answer question little man. Why is ballot check to you everybody's a little natural. I don't mind. Dunking over you. Why does Belichick. I'm gonna go Massa. That are right. Bark is balanced Jack allowed Guerrero or anything around because he understands. That whenever I watch it. Watch what I'm Peter trap itself lol whoa I look at that doesn't take much really OK so whatever works. That whatever Tom Brady believes is working. I'm sure bella check is happy to sign off on do you think Belichick sees it working. Yup I don't think he sees I don't think he you don't think he's the he's not a big believer you I don't know them well we don't know that affect. You don't you don't think that ballot check and see you really believe. That Bill Belichick subscribes to this nonsense about dandelion. Our greens and part of I don't think alkaline lobbying arm I know is I think you're I think Belichick cares about his do you know the play Bork and more kind of player out there and rim and it racked. And mark kind of player are you like when you come out on Sunday that's where he cares about right now how you get there. Is your business. All I know is that you get there right that's what he's and I he has aftermarket network and everything's that care about Parker and you think. I don't think he cares about exactly that's the weapon to go back to what you were saying yeah why do the fans care that's a great question. Why do they care about this up you know it is it's like anything else Craig if you publish a health boards like this the people that want it. Will go out and get it and the ones who don't want it at like myself I have no need for it. You don't care is right and robbing me and I and as that social philosopher Mike Tyson once said you don't like it turn off your station he's a little different than that yeah I did right. So what's your problem. I don't have a problem with the early and doesn't faze me. At all they ma now what does phase me out is that he believes. It's a bunch of magical thinking as far as I'm concerned run whatever voodoo guy do you admit when ever he believes it is well I recommend do you believe whatever he believes is working. Listen there are parts of it I do believe that. I think emphasizing is not important what you believe I say do you think he believes. Whatever he's doing is working and it isn't what's important it's mind over matter okay what I said so after Bryant and I think we and it just you would have been our greatest brings Treo so. We were invited out to the biggie and unfortunately. Prior engagement prevented that from happening so rob Bradford. When we're turning into my as a why aren't they out there I don't hours owes me we get any guys alive show you look at the schedule and then and people we're just you know people were falling over themselves warnings do that shall I heard the big goal wanna go out there today gave a big big on politics to get clever about the big with the biggie lazy gentlemen yeah oh yeah. I EIO. So anyway that's our feelings on the book I don't care about it so no I don't care about it. But I do think what every he's doing is working and that's what's important to me your ideas that he regretted there are only asking that you forget any credibility. In Alex Guerrero whose recipe. For longevity. Two working wood Brady. Because it's Brady it's not like you can't take an hour ago Greg this is something you know so obviously we have to see how they decide that the prize at rock is a disciple. Are right. What was the big complain about crime in the first game. But it looks like all of about didn't it was a was tinted he wasn't you know he's a little thinner now will once felt he's got some way yet even money she was looking to look at my past like the ball and why don't like us and then the second game and I mean had that great play and on the touchdown early in the game the first quarter but what happens. He's he's going. Acts up again so that got the diet is it working for aren't my little boy he's not fully committed to it. All that's what it is is you need all kind Edmond I'll cash and a couple of big C commitment. 61%. Sentences don't buy into it is setting up there and you wanna change a life around you got that that program that Dale's been and it deals done a fantastic job series program Larry as I'm what we're we're we're you gonna sign up one of these programs. And it's worked wonders with dale had on cash K eight they have really increased that court weighs a hundred Maloney is under no I mean what's your next. And army camp so another it's amazing how the full time guys always have these miracle that I hit it reads and and now that I you extend your. And how much that there. It knows like every everyone the full time guys let me laser vision and suddenly they got there division correct detonate a new entry that we Wear glasses not what happens Americans I think companies are to us about anything 61777. So 937. Matt the marine at the controls began I swear you on that would have been out to Springfield. I thought that was good to be a big plot for you Mac and I to Springfield really impressed Amanda and I and god Dunn lines out there today we got a professional. -- to Doug's rove about that at Heathrow and terribly excited so while we're just we're talking about the book the other thing are on the patriots is obviously the Aaron Hernandez. CT EU. Situation in our in Hernandez's daughter indoor frequently are sowing the patriots in the NFL and possibly his college team. For Britain a brain damage which they possibly claim attributed to his behavior in eventual. I'm guilt. That he was under. Well that seems to be some cause and effect or why hasn't anybody else following them about why his name bails them. I think there's a lot of factors but that's certainly contributing fan but I if I were asking the question on the other side of it. I would say well okay you valued at tested or examined over 101 brains. How come nobody else's has prompted doing this. That he he's done a allegedly right but there are some severe reactions as we well Vollmer mostly suicide Junior Seau. Hernandez is himself a suicide case so what are you talking about maybe none of them killed. But there are plenty of people committed suicide yeah legacy to music that my thing is this from the from the past. The president. Yeah this I think this is serious problem right and the bigger issue divorce you have your course is what little is gonna have to let them issued an admirable raining you've got to come up with some totals well he's right now waiver. Agreement the players have to sign coming in to vote on the draft day coming into the leak. That you are aware of the consequences Europe yeah we got a lot to talk about the TV twelve Beth and Aaron Hernandez ETE. Rob Bradford and Springfield all out on the table coming up like Sports Radio WB yeah. Sunnis must mean shots Sports Radio. Point seven. Johnson Sports Radio WEEI happy birthday to blow us. Sixty years old today. Talk about a great athlete Larry Johnson are about a guy okay talk about a guy in shape at Foxboro Tom Brady ain't got enough then. I'm Bruce 68 years old a solvency problem seven houses McCarrick. 7273. Unbelievably while there into the show right and I saw springs street spring streets brings strain I was born on spring street back it will manage Connecticut springs street. We tried that against bring steaming. But my favorite are married right Brady I mean I guess it's a lot of cattle ice cream right now rescue me from this ridiculous business. Bruce's. Concert last year four hours Larry. Eight to midnight on fox that is unbelievable how how it's 68 years almost no question about being 68. Years old must have good genes and BM it is yeah. Because. I don't know of Alex Guerrero is is a diet guru maybe that was it. But he is pretty amazed and happy birthday to Bruce we're talking about Brady were talking about Aaron Hernandez CTE in general. Lots on the table with you at 617. 77979237. I'm gonna make another valiant attempts. To get to a caller this new call screener try to last week less than successful. We'll see if we can do it without our usual leadoff guy take soon goes to right candy from Framingham. And technical curriculum and I wouldn't. Talk quickly about the root sought to chew on for a origin in the poverty put so. Our capital John's forward gold shoes. Of to your credit seemed quit on them instructions. Who didn't occur before. I don't think it again I know sometimes I'm in the playoffs come about he'll be even more scrutinized by. I think for the miles but they're a guy has done a great job he survived the price. Crisis. For a moment and you know there's nothing you can do about injuries we know that trip so I agree with the. He handled the price and do. Felt he was on the planet at all but I do know that that would meet in no way in a short while ago. Why do you think as a long time observer. And an astute. Students of human nature. Why do you feel that John Ferrell gets so much flack in this town. Well outdated piece here for which she was well and at certain incidents in. Certain instances. And talk about but he because many people in the count employer. Definitely just. And that the modern reality of any manager I mean the days. Earl Weaver. And Dick Williams pulling and pulling out Jim Palmer dog breeding Carl Yastrzemski are long gone hard fine. I think the other problem they have in the is that remember when the price sensitive did come out. It kinda left for arrow in the middle if he reprimanded price and and and start up. Fat actors leave them the play is would have felt the manager didn't have a bad but you know what Andy I still think the jury's out on Farrell. He's got an album than the more immediately Red Sox have to win some games in the post season they got to win a series. About a remote is at all lately I don't know what the deal has to do what the they need him going forward. Here's the issue though this is what may protect Ferrell. This is what may protect Ferrell on the only way I think he'd get fired is if they get swept again. Because they're not gonna be favored in either one even if they play used and they play Cleveland not gonna be favoring either one about. The group a cross that he beat duke or debris applied very. One of the things of and obviously it is a global warming is leading toward going ordered large degree but what are the big thing he'd been buckled won't model what was checks. He's been injured for. A look at troubled quarterback. Why has he been injury free App Store is not. That's where that's at hand to have you seen amber I'll get blocking Dora. Obviously the thing is that is that the edited out of that together as a component just like. Craig stated the other look at their blood for that to measure millions. Of ball pretty well he can't he could hardly move and their other guys out there in and that. Well did. He has not caddy nodded and torn knee ligaments. Really did one's obvious. And Asia overnight and another dead. Throwing shoulder wouldn't it to a majority of artists' career as a vanity about it. I didn't want that we'll find out are healthy is this week of Marcus image impolite. By a leading doctor death mauled him dissect something about the politically you know other things it could be considered a lot but certainly don't work it out a bit odd that while we were little she wore this team and while I'm concerned defensively and you have wanted your caller who's a producer out but for culpable target him is that Johnson. But yeah. He's mentioned something about nutrition problem in draft choices in all the old until probably last year involving deflate. Third round pick for so long you've got to replace players. It's a great point there really yeah. The big challenge though the big challenge will be since we're talking about TB twelve. We're gonna see what this this draft. Method is different philosophy that makes the patriots are unique or the big challenge obviously is when Brady does finally. Fall off the cliff and he can no longer play we're gonna see how good this team is it Belichick is still around. Close coached now I think he's others about. Route to missing the reference there in Portland. Offered court so I took over from Prudhoe critique or change. They pretty much booted out of timeouts which teams were not that it was an okay quarterback. Oh yeah out there remember him nominee on reaching back in my eighties memory you go okay and our thanks Danny all right now or make a big attempt to drop the call I think you actually help me on the out thank you Mack the marine. Nice job OK now what do I have to do have to drive do that. And to come down here. A miracle is where you are learning how to drive I technological. Yet when I drive in the standard Ralph you're next in Sports Radio. Good morning guys you know on a morning rounds what federal I don't wanna weren't any you don't like you what would a couple of quick vote that state politics what has to do you'll effectuate. You know gosh you mentioned Bruce Springsteen and pension. The check yes or you look at these so it talks restricts thinking that can perform port forward that's because. These people don't say I need Tom Brady whose book I need this I didn't go to classes. What they believe in Bruce Springsteen has said this is self discipline that is the best. They expected the book at that part of what they can vote a no excuses. It teaches you how to help discipline is something in their cricket at every part of life Reese children it's. All of what's the effect if you had to break it down reduce it to a single thesis statement what's the thesis statement Ralph. The basic thing that you should mind and so it's good to get out in L Kia and her speaking and exit right the record to. You were right you know you need exercise the body needs to one direction or routing your bunch you know you don't want to eat. Jolie don't that you go you don't wanna. Who doesn't. Know why didn't they are really sad Rowell who O doesn't we can't animal off Larry I'm sorry Larry's really agency and right now he's just turning red. Most of us don't most was told that I can go to commercial helps account structure I love it. Depends what we're confident that makes you happy go. I mean you might be on Brady's diet I would that make me happy now. Oh yeah I wanna that is you have to admit this star Ralph from before you leave leave the self discipline topic. Brady is incredibly. Disciplines. And OK in right and it works for him it you know it extends beyond just this dye it red regiment it extends to every part of his life. But in help. I'm on top of being genetically gifted. I guess that really OK I guess you really overwhelmed by that comment about. Let me right dad yeah hole that I just thinking about that. Of course he's talent it but the point was just that. It would be disciplined and you can discipline your own life shot due to especially magical who district seat which are going to doubt. And say you know what I'm gonna do things. So I can stick around this or walk. Yeah and then you got run over by then to get run over by Abbas. And yeah rap than get run over by Abbas. His name is Ralph after all these drives one. But are not there yet but anyway guys with the PG eight saying look. I industry and its real that would never be the arrogant as being released that let me shake my head now. You know that these lawsuits and over the legal profession about returning back to a lot of investigate where I'll look at it it shouldn't change. Is that you do for a living Ralph is ever do for a living. That's one of the things yeah. You should have been mysterious yeah Ralph you've never spied on people gene in the marriages. They'll put it and interpreting and firm that represented for a short period of time pregnant is stroke. It's normal human and technical. Jacobs went yeah it's a work project in jest but how about let's. There. You give him back on our way and I want to focus focus here. Are Utley worked out I'll let that torture say we're both are but anyway. You know if you've got to sue the NFL and everything up and do you not know that this could be your ancient sport slow pit detect collision with no. Look at people who won national public record it has been in the NFL until he's got hooked it's completely safe. You know they go cautions don't exist. Message but hold on say you make it sound as a way to let you make your your now you're preaching. A personal responsibility. And I don't think anybody at a young Asian I get into this game and I would say it to my son is twelve years old he's playing football right now appreciate the call Ralph. Help me out their map. I don't think any kid. Under really understands. When you're that age what the long term repercussions. Are going today. As a parent maybe I'm a little oblivious to this my son wanted to play football or twelve years old Larry. He's joining the middle school football team. All right. And thanks to you and your wife a salivating over the possible money oh that's right way to kick scholarship came success I I can see myself playing for clams and right now. Boston College Boston College they're all gonna be standing in line waiting now obviously I'm not that's not my motivation I want to put the happy I want to participate in something as friends are involved right keep playing if its existing pop world danger and one of the nice things I saw that maybe feel a little better today actually a couple days ago article. In many of the papers the do you study recently said that if you start football before twelve. And then problems can occur. My son Bryson is twelve years old so I'm hoping that he does play a little bit he's excited about the game. Wants to play for a dialogue about the consequences I think he understands yeah I think it's up to parents to make an informed decision and it's a real dilemma for Russ we wanted to be involved. He's happy he's excited he was going to practice he's happy to play in one game he's played in so far not seeing a lot of action yet. As a seventh grader so I'm really kind of thwart at this point I've read all the articles I'm certainly aware of the damage that CTE can do. Is very disturbing. In at the same time. He wants to get involved in this sport should they sue the National Football League. Goldman and his lawyer father on behalf of his daughter. That's a tough call that is a tough call I know but that's that's where we heartbeat but it happens long before then Aaron Hernandez was playing football camp probably sustaining damage to his brain. Long before the National Football League camp and he wanted to run hard up on a football or right like most valuable player and like write in and we know that football is still the most popular spectator sport. It's hard to not be seduced. If you're young player by wanting to be on the football team. My son had a heart condition he could imply via public as a stop me if you some examples market's good. Government about the balls off the head deck you know and I believe it or not I see more and then they teach at a high school receive more girls. Suffering long term concussions by playing soccer. And field hockey that I do football itself and I take it truth. I think is why we're only euros and passive I don't hate to say it because I used to love hockey fights but I. Change my mind on it now because of that the possibility of brain injury so what did you announce soccer wary they do not allow kids to head at all until at least the middle school later if you're playing youth soccer game. Any kid had the ball that's actually a penalty yeah well yeah and I think that's protecting the kid but. I I played soccer high school I love or fewer parts of the game was hitting the ball. And as a goalie. What was going and the area after my failed attempt. At that position when I let a ball go through the five hole and an overtime game was captured on a picture in my daily newspaper they move beautiful back. And I Delonte heading Mary in you can understand here I am today. Now it's totally understandable. 61 is that you want to get over that what's that. But the vocal through. I mean that museum in telling that story for 27 years of his radio the station that you have gotten over it's yeah it's page story telling goal. Right here at Sports Radio revenue yet most important positions in all sports to legal. You can make all the kind of mistakes in the world but Portland Euro last guy standing there you know you can't make all the mistakes in the Verizon is right. Yeah other people keep it right 6177797. 937. Is the telephone number that was the first of many many mistakes I've made in my life from which you so yeah would you would you let your kid play for. Knowing what we know now I jump Larry King you look look the look at the clock it's 10 minutes at 10 o'clock to five minutes past the arabians and that we can aspirin rarely now that the marine is giving you a very friendly time and everything the flashing light we yet. I don't know what happened to bury this garlic. Play by the rules there you go so you're so right now we're gonna take a quick break and now combat were more excitement right here in Sports Radio. Watch Sports Radio. UPI dot com. Yeah. This principle ball well what do you see the NFL and they throw from left here. Play in the NFL. We're live from million dollars to do the job of placing these days they know what is going on. Television news. Comcast last night. Big topic obviously. Not only Aaron Hernandez who discovering that he had CTE does make sense a lot of CT victims have of course ended their life violently. I was interest in Michael Irving was on dale and holing keep yesterday and in discussing this subject if he knew them but he he knew them when he knew now what he played. Any says with a lot of sacrifices. That were made it an outing in the taking of his family and do a lot of amazing things. Education thereof and everything that yeah he would it would it would have been worth. They hit to do that. Because of the financial gratification that you could help other people where many athletes we'll tell you no matter what the injury will say if I had to do it all over again. They would do it all over again I think of Mohammed Ali with parkinson's we know that Mohammed. Really never should've fought. Probably past my Nolan maybe even before that Larry Holmes fight it out and out that was five years later after Manila but those last five years he was just getting punished and the Mori got punished in the ring. I'm ward had long term ramifications foreign by the mid eighties. We knew we had parkinson's and he always said he'd never ever. Our exchange. Those great years when he was on top of the Wii is the king of the world as he wants that when he be sunny less than. Offer what happened in the last thirty years of his life. Minneapolis to tell you the same thing. But it's our hide to judge that is right it really has let's go down to Foster Rhode Island where Donna standing. And on down. Hey what's up now I yeah. The program there are open oh it. There were some cute show for years. I guess I consider long term was reversed and call. Smerconish radio. And is that it is so. And and that's why I look at that and you know I think when all the men told wired shut. That you know. I looked with a baseball for a long time since 67 let's keep those two years old. Armed last night was up. Was the most exciting nights I'd let you know of this season. I essentially wrapped up to division. I had it figured out a lot of people laughed at I think like us or like me. I'm but I had the baseball game on the Red Sox game on the help. The game on the radio. So this morning when I went to if you tell me about how boring this key and its. You know I think. Being an accent that they can buy out and try to shut it off. I think we have now is so personality. I am more to isolate this a 20 cute I'm up and seeing what it may twenty year old sitcoms are considered nightly homework on. The Sox comeback after being down for a one on them and close it out there and was terrific. We've got to kind of important million dollars comes on the bench we haven't really seen him as a really contributed. And keep it is a lot on the Yankees loose and it does seem then that the pension that is essentially wrap though. Well when I went to meet you guys talk about it Larry. Stewart has more to you. You were talking about how we get this one out and I want to loosen him up. Essentially. That you were each student and let me know when that when the political stuff. What. I think you open needs. The excitement this morning I read in the papers. Written that simply as I listened to you guys. And it it was too and I said I think the market it's changed so much that. It's almost punching out someone like me on. Well you know I just jump in for a second Don arm and in and if they can make a lot of good points out what Larry respond in the second. But I I think what you're saying is people are spoiled appear you know of all the championships than nine was it ten championships since the patriots first one against the rams. The expectation and the standards. That we're used to are so high it team that has basically of won the division but has yet to prove anything especially after that sweep last year. People are really into a show me kind of mood with a Red Sox. Yeah I. Agree completely that court. What a cute teacher as well but I feel it's all about apple would touch a radio. It's in my classroom and I was teaching element chemistry teacher myself. In this that Israeli and do you think. I don't I didn't expect. It into my classroom would respond in positive image an. It depends and it depends if you explain to them why you think this part of the presentation is born. I don't think I don't think so much the Red Sox at as a whole outpouring. As much as some of the competition out there has waned as the gap. There's about five or six teams that are exceptional. And then the rest of them just okay to act at Cincinnati team must like that that excite you. You have access to it and turned to place Cincinnati. If the Yankees were playing in Cincinnati in the Red Sox who lost her through. I would hope to all of the Orioles like last week in the pretentious and what the Orioles. This yeah yeah I once that hole and regain. So you know biggest Lou always swept the Red Sox couldn't estimate expect. There that's attempts had been the Yankees were on the war. And I don't want him to do we want to do migrant. Well you know what Don let me let me jump in again. I think if the scenario had been reversed say they're Red Sox loss last night. And the Yankees wine they have daily get beyond that three game threshold if they got down to two. Then things would be very interest think I'd that we probably talk about a little bit more but it pretty much has been pre ordained at this point. They're magic numbers down to six is no way the Yankees gonna catch up your right last night may have been a little bit of the swing yankees were red hot at home. And that might be the game I pretty much said that as Yankee fan that that division is over after last night but a lot of people pretty much thought it was over before last night. Yeah he. But again I would agree with a few of the senate and then. But don't shut shut the radio off though I think what you did. Was the right response you call. In your state your opinion on it. And I think that that's their that's their right thing to AA appreciate the call always love talking to teachers even chemistry teacher isn't the only science ever did well ones chemistry miss McGuire. Back at Windham high school circa 1973. Great teacher 617779. 7937. Is the telephone number we have one down and get this kid's. We got a bonus hour were Moorehead and all the little twelve my own and then we have a special treat for everybody. If rob Bradford in Alex Roemer live from the biggie in Springfield right here on Sports Radio WEEI.