Mustard and Johnson - Larry liked the Jimmy G trade all along

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Saturday, January 13th

Hour 2. Mustard and Johnson continue their discussion of the Jimmy G trade and his worth. Larry calims to have liked the trade all along.


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The preacher I. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. Yeah I scored. Sox packed season seems. Johnson opened WEEI Sports Radio. WB yeah. And Dollar General of the Muster Johnson show live from the New England international. Auto show they gates have all been getting quite fast there yes and people are taking pictures. Four Y eighty cars we have a fleets. We have Toyota's we have our bodies we have American cars we have two cars we have Japanese cars. We have Italian cars. This is a Mecca for all you car freaks out here if you drive anything you wanted which 10. It would be here. It would be in 1956. Chevrolet. Corvette. I love the original quartet that is I'm Rick Karr gave. And now bright red white and 58 yet that's the your they changed the model that's the first the palace about effect as the via my father used to be a Chevy dealer back in the 1960s quite popular. It just before you read your church every man we'll report may have to Chevy man I hate vital ally of ours let that be the first degree per. They show it to. You you give me I love the 58 ballots that are affected your receivable the American graffiti that's the car that. Ron Howard thrives in America repeat the first year of existence and now I think ours in those days. With mention that her machete drove my Chevy to the Levy but the Libby was July on a plane. Anyway we haven't talked about the titans and the patriots and Larry. Says enough with these at nattering. Job -- raiders are back it's time to break down the patriots pegs it that titans rank. They would think you're really don't accept and I think it's a major point other than about our Iraq while. They really don't have any sack masters they really don't so I mean if you Brady me and it. Don and Dinkins trained and yet don't forget this time to they have our rob I think he's had a record season. And united I just think the patriots. It's going to be tough man yes that not concede 301 though and by halftime if it's a blow. I had just. Retired this week it the farm subsequently rented when he. That's my company now he does. Sorry that you buy that but I do. Yeah. But that. Yet he managed to blow to global what is wrong in eighty years old imagine a coach who's you know use coal it is working. In the press and there was a discussion you heard this last week or so about to quote vote tallies all the name great defensive back. Back in the 1950s. In early sixties he. For this defensive coordinator. But the 18. Inning pole in his resume is he can the Bill Belichick. Tom Green wrote okay and what Tom Brady. Sees a team Pittsburgh or Tennessee. Dick will blow is that the defensive coordinator for his eyes light it's like a kid in the stores like you which laws that far but bakery department. Look at his mouth just. Waters is one thing you need to understand that I can't think it in Q. You're watching it. The greens quarterback who played. He's only gonna play a couple more seasons. In February. Just eat in usually in a thyroid ballots checked enjoyed his second. Enjoy what there are looking right now gotta stop and smell the roses as active as once six feet on the exactly where my favorite shows Walt I don't have HBO you wouldn't know I have HBO great show from the early thoughts so anyway let's get back to the politics and Jordan. Orton negativity is an artist of the field. We're Tiffany about it and appreciate greatness way you haven't are not going to be of that law that you should so we usually back to the black out game so we should basically be that Kevin Bacon character animal out and use them why can't make an effort into the pockets make it they look good guy. I know wishes as far as records that are I don't know anymore if there was anybody basically the and the animal house when the end of the dealt the fraternities having. A blast that the the tow operator wreaking Havoc Kevin Bacon apple make a house says. All is well Larry Johnson doesn't wanna look at adjective is that there's nothing wrong with this crazy scene myopic about them and I'm just finally happy shortsighted and not listening in you'll. This team while you have let's just enjoy it ladies you Ahmadinejad took a page all right we anticipate we don't want me we don't want any activity if you have any criticism not top Brady don't call us call Dale Arnold. Six point 777. Guys all. Savvy and that Ralph I don't want your and I old of negativity coming out of your round today Ralf in their thoughts and witnessing I got together. Page hallelujah you don't route ally yeah. They're great you do it. Great. He's great everything's beautiful it's a way how can we look at all the negativity but cricket what you look at opening it to achieve what is it that this is what this increase. Whether it's spy gate Watergate with a delicate with afflicted. You're the Cubans think when and now they don't want to explicitly. Configured but it's. Belichick what Belichick quickly if everyone finally sick you don't want this great team let's let's canonize Velika but we hate that and OK we're out of. I think do you think Belichick and Brady in your worry all the scrutiny. I know he said ignore the noise I understand that. No I don't think they enjoyed it Larry but I certainly think they're inspired by it that kite will be you don't. Sure the content of the that was artistic you know being at least I don't I don't play that way it's negative. Now elicit laughs yep you know Westbrook will be titled the shooting big score that would get it. Do you know his chance of hitting the three point shot any kind is less than three winning another wheelchair picture this Steve. The percentage of part B we we all you. People are doing and love this spot now that Beckett couldn't bring it up I'll go back to well that that's what. Quote the victory cigar use Google went eighteen cent would of the pro bowler and. And let's remember what's your bet there's a lot of negative he's running as dynastic teams in the sixties to don't want like Russell. A lot of a lot of people resented Russell. Quite different and like him cousins while he's black and stood up for itself well. Well you know it's like Alec African athletes and the national football outsiders the other thing about Ralph because they were two black and overcame everything. The patriots make good negativity work. But tackler. And you don't want an end I'm sure they don't like to screw in Asia they don't like the questions and they're not gonna sit down it. It give you an honest answer about this topic or anything else but they certainly have not been dragged down bored by it I think that's great academic cracked yeah. Exactly they don't let it affect them that's why they're such. A winning company but don't you want it. Graft on to wanna take time to really enjoys his team while we still have it in front of us it's not always going to be this way I. Well Larry I'm I'm still you know how many people in this country in this world all of us have been told what do something and we get cute joke itself it's great to what you would you know would be on a show. With 50000 people on this Saturday morning listening to object to that. I would send my mother mama this that show up to get back in the closet preferable. You know different book. Let's get that one more thing if I can now go that route Ralph you're on a roll. Our first of all you know Patricia made a huge mistake that the Detroit that was that if you gonna take that Leo it's a good job. Doesn't it risk to him lifted he has absolutely no charisma he's not used to talking to the media. He's gonna let Hamas charisma and a ballot jackass Imus chorus of those ballots not. Only that but Belichick went. He's gonna have to close it within two years and we knew we had a problem with the giant is not their intent is that offered coffee and my court. About an hour. Who's got the better team Detroit or. Giants. I think the trick setup better right now the giants have got to pick the Detroit Centre back. You know what is not the U the big hang in a risk edit you know the American people. Gauthier and laugh and if they don't do really well mixture and been blocked. Eight book the post I mean after it should or newspaper if schools or big big old. Bit of the last guy in the paper that's why I mean he's going to be a part of what you know wherever we went I would have never taken this. Yeah you know it's amazing now lately the valley we that would be Matt meant. Richard name department and now we're talking about portrait that's we're talking about the turnout mean for the particular market. The difference is that Patricia represents the un know he's never been head coach we've seen. We've seen beat the angels. In action and head coach and he was pretty much. And on it and it's ass that's not well let's tell let's stay on the positive side only positive. Today and no negative. Perspectives and all we want nothing but. Good. Good solid. Positive information. What. Larry's every media there is that the media. Would Larry's says the media again why we're being too critical about top grade I'll go check. No audit rule book I. Larry you know. They argue to what I'm not as effective or apple argued it was react to what you see. I mean don't you have quite obvious Forestar real mostly in a car at these kind of insight and opinion that. Well if I got if you're not hiding under the table unions and only happens so much inside the. My height but what I'm saying is like take Koppel for example even not even though he played five only five quarters it side more orders venue that any. College quarterback has ever played in the NFL correct. OK so at the same feeling happy with Brady went when he was in no signs of Bledsoe was jogging would look at after the NFL. And I don't 90% of the media this tie out dog couldn't flight. At the same people right now that pick up or accordent flights including yourself by being you know you can. Think I'd look at what I did not with a guy can play and I like what I what I started Larry and I I don't wait you could always thought about it I assume that it. Yeah yeah complaining about it the way our strengths. You can hardly used now all of exhibited every five quarters it played for the patriots. You were complaining the way out. I went and looked. Don't even I was complaining it you'll because you went to Europe we have to say that he's not a ball correctly he got. To the I want the biggest cheap shot artists in the NFL results. A lot that I I don't play long points and second what well I felt yeah yeah. You out there in the city didn't say correctly. Leading competitor the only critical that we don't Barry now. We are I mean they also don't like taught you anything else on the like that you that was to me. That being said Daniel do you have any concerns at all for tonight's battle between the. Always concerned this is Chris told him playing tonight. I believe he has yeah. I feel about a gazillion options well it definitely hurt the kid there's no question about it could. Circuit brackets now plan. I'm worried about the other receivers because your name you're. You'd need another person besides gronkowski and haven't always it'd be able to take some time attention away and spread it out a little bit the only thing I worry about Brady's go to bat trying right now he's only thrown any tips on the scene in sic become an all out. That's just let me let it play the last game in I. Don't know that that's. Yeah that was on the confrontation he had with scandals and instantly receive it was open. And and Brady missed them out the biggest issue though if you look at it from any operative now he's still right there the titans secondary is nothing to write home about that record other fronts on the. Okay now Toyota is it easier which development to get to take its right I don't have a pass rush we we talk about that every yet like a broken racquet that's. You know it's a lot about disruptions backed up if the guy got ten seconds you know I mean they can get them. But not gonna put a spotlight on the Ontario Canada doctor right up. Does a child got the job Ahmad sand they should win this in the patriots that is split in all I I don't think the patriots. People talk about the patriots like David juggernaut they were a few years golf didn't. Want injury that a lot injuries in the end. Brady not played well I the last six games. All right touting this and I agree with that this is not want the best page routines. Bought. Tell me who's going to beat them this is that mediocre. Lot the patriots could be facing the next several weeks. Well I'm just worried about tonight correct you know I I think that. I just worry about tonight I just want to get by tonight is one about the next game you know I mean did this year patriots. Bull he's going to beat the patriots standing forget about worrying about tonight who's going to be up. Think the skills to deadly beat the patriots say they should've won the first game. They are you quite literally. Came and went back to even look at that and I hope. If you watch the playoff games last week Bob all went down they didn't even. Edit and receive up I Kerry level winds but the same thing happened to one of the receivers the ball was involving and they called it incomplete pass I mean. Do they called it a catch might have been an interception on bubble yum. I don't know yeah I was kind of sex and the candidate they want. And the saints did not the opinion that the campus intercept that one hard fought until we got quite a Portland so yeah. Our recent want to act but that they said it and they said I want to protect. But I didn't want to guess not that they want I don't know what I think those who make up call for what happened at a patriots earlier this isn't the can't tell my point is. Actually I have a huge factor at any of these days that we see coming up. I just and I don't know it hasn't appearances anymore and I don't know what it. Larry every single play is a black yeah yeah it is playing it safe you'd like to let you all are only up all site. I tell you that you will not see apparently term without a flag. Well but hey wait Larry yeah grown ups we know just baffles me I mean. What I think is that you didn't think I was a good quarterback pointedly. You can tell from. And even messing with too many. Larry Larry. Great I'll be out yeah. Question in Iraq while our market where I am just I was just amazed at if you listen up with a showed Danny. That Larry King mines questioning the that that were to share article he now. Ray how he was praising a trade sicker a couple of its efforts I met with the best deal delicately yet if that's how I was stunned if that's true. Then it's certainly you have to pay attention to opt. Larry that is that is the worst trades in the national football and if that ever to detail at that clip waited more than a week. You bit Larry what were people complaining that we gave up a second round pick to get the rock all. People complaining about got vacation and I can't believe the patriots gave up but I a second round back to get quite aback when he got talk radio retain. I backfire. On I don't know how he did or not. Hopefully they'll get to be honest with ya I don't believe that it did you know the people and it was like don't give it our Susan would have the winds are so grabs. Its balance them. And I don't. Any any tailpipe self edit the bat that. Got Brady used to actually like Bledsoe did and the second and the area that that that are built about the item it hit it in that. Rapid month of may two quarterbacks right so that you would admit it seems like you've done a complete 180. You album in like eighty Greg I said if people come up with a new information. Do you ignore it or do you object contributed. Or actually what you're listening to all these people he adds criticizing. Bella Jack yeah he is not infallible no reason I ask craziness. OK well thank you Larry appreciate that finally got problems that are so richly deserve he went across guide that you or ignorant you're ignoring so. Last week you seem to be pretty much on the bandwagon which with everybody else who I could not bad trade while they didn't go to you ever said that I did tool Evers an act. You'd think I active trade. We all didn't like it collier started it might not like I finished one dollar raise now why didn't like it. I have no idea till I like a gigabyte of Omaha mall. Restaurant but we. EE the browns were product. I about a practice I can't say anything OK because sports trends 6177797. ID 37. Larry now endorsed trade we're not respected Ellis secondary at all they could get for it there's gonna get the right route wet blanket to. Hand them give the number of commercial that's all they can get six point 77797. Austin Johnson a rough in this Saturday sports talk on. Who's. That's those players I think we're just we do we always do the show floor contribute the best we can do and knows a lot at stake and I think there was a lot into it so. There's really matter what happens outside of this facility and what we're trying to accomplish and it's a big test ago when a playoff game play against good teams divisional round and you know why we earned the chance to be here to do it. Instead of ticker business. Tom Brady answered the obligatory question about the ESPN are Covert last week by Seth quicker sham we started this program their planes we have. Obsessed too much swallowed in the odd to. Way too much with this wicker Shia part of the bye week. Off between replied no game team gonna play. Do you think you'll have any impact either positively or negatively on the performance of the pictures of late fourth in you know. The ones who was blows in you playing. I don't know on this in anybody's mind wouldn't be. What did he do I mean I don't know them lose concentration to play like him. In five out again in late last week. So if I in in in ready. Right and Elvis is it team. Talk about the Tennessee Titans that barely got in to this they had the winning Jacksonville on the final. A week of the season we number seventeen they weren't expected to win it one Jackson give a lot of credit. They looked as if they were dead in the water half that against Kansas City once again Kansas City blew a big lead they did that three years ago against the colts Eagles ended up playing here. In the AFC championship game of the colts have that miracle comeback. In Kansas City we know that Kansas City has been the author of a lot of collapses at home. In the post season and you read that running back on eighteen point lead. Hunter nothing connecting while virtually invisible thing if they don't give it all right a lot of things went. Against them they reminded me a lot of these Super Bowl last year look at the real thing you need the ball on the field twice what's twice in the first quarter. Inch rims were when I doubt you're talking about some things to work on the commission I don't think there's a allotment. Of the way of teams playing. This week and if anything it did jumble jump who so I'd have to go I think. In Philadelphia losing their stock went back and that would have been Super Bowl Philadelphia. That that would the Super Bowl Philly would have probably protected home field through the NFC players now. For the first time I I heard this yesterday for the first time since 1970. And a number one seed is actually the underdog. Going into game. I don't remember what that team was it 97 it was not a dog. A lot of people think the falcons after winning last I don't like Atlanta I don't like anomaly I don't like them I thought they played lousy game last week and probably one. I don't like him like that they've controlled that game pretty much. Throughout entire process I love next to Brady drew breeze we UT does he think that the same game actually is in the game everybody's talking about the one. Takes place at Minnesota tomorrow it can be and that's the game is it is it is a lot of mediocrity and there is that that should be. A fascinating game. And I think at Minnesota hold serve and wins at home they'll probably. Be hosting I don't think Philadelphia is going to be the falcons. It could that we could be in it in the first type situation unprecedented territory. Our whole team in the Super Bowl playing in their home. Bills that would be interesting. And no team has ever done that the closest we ever got to about the patriots win tonight. Yup then they will go on the plea either Pittsburgh or Jacksonville Jackson's home next week yeah okay that will be at 3 o'clock Exxon day ASE has the early game. In the conference championship double headers next week. So Beckett is going to be a 21 at 3 o'clock. And I'll tell you what. Jacksonville plays good defense Jacksonville people remember this way back week five the Pittsburgh. Brent Roethlisberger threw what five picks in that game sixes. The last time patriots played Jacksonville here in the playoff game with the linebacker who made that who. Hopefully a fumble and interception intricate to the house we need to for a touchdown. Or you're talking about the AFC championship game on top Coughlin was the coach yeah the old isn't a man you know there was another linebacker. Talk about it we eventually. Eight under very. Like homeless yet you should talk about Otis momentous does not abandon noticed mama's Smith always did to forget the hateful beautiful recovered protection late backing it sealed the victory. That that was really was the alum whose day great it was a really great as the safety. Had that interception if you're never. In in that game as well not re not remember that linebacker that's why it's amazing. When you look at the years covered by this team. In all the memories that we have. Let them in Houston unbelievable. Where you're going back for Brady bill check to the Jacksonville game that's when Parcells Bledsoe or right now. That was the night January 1997. Patriots won that game. And they went to the Super Bowl loss to green paper that was a completely. Different air them. I think as a whole I would give this season the NFL I give them B minus I just don't think it's been an entertaining this year and that you know on the officiating between the you nailed it that was your your best comment of the year when you just said to many of these stunts that are quarterbacks have gotten her. And the quality of play just has not been the same. And I think you're right. On our power shower each other words nobody is off limits I've waited for it come up to a house that just walked by with post elevating that. So you know you look at this if Rodgers stays healthy. Wow that changes everything if what stays healthy. While that changes everything it's a lot more interesting so here we are which usually considered. The best weekend of the year that divisional round got some good quality in the area four games to today into tomorrow okay you know one. The best game. Probably of all four will be vikings and saints. And she's Keenan as the quarterback do you think the Minnesota Vikings would have the second seed here Rogers were healthy now. And people will be talking to kill them too and everybody would be talking about. The Eagles at the patriots it's inevitable. They're going to meet in the Super Bowl if that would be fantastic places to his quarterback and we went down on that play I saw on national television against the rams. That was basically. Are at 61777979. 37. If you wanted to see him for you William Wallace the I have no idea who you're talking about the Lama who came and fix my freedom blows my parents. That was very seriously and of course we don't happen right away. It became a 59 degrees anyway have taken taken Pavia. Anything else. I'm working men and luxury well compensated for his long ago. That's almost an oxy morons I. 677797937. Is there out there. Who can tell me how the patriots. You lose this game or next week's game to Pittsburgh Jacksonville six excuse cents overnight 77. It's down authorities which NATO ally. Martyr in the mall and a beautiful mind on the on February. What do you think Tom's doing right now it is inevitable raising grams. And he's not as ice he's on his bicycle I doubt race program would be in the dietary regimen now avocado ice cream there you go. Now what permanently get this stadium today according to court and about four. Or something. That you think. And I'd probably similarly I'd simply like around. But 2 o'clock you know. And an 8 o'clock am. Whenever they're pretty early there there's a pretty much I don't know what they're doing they'll be preparing is finally got David. Product not a great first of opportunities to long yeah rated good again. First of all opt opted out the most out of circle them that it has now become acceptable use the word that's all the media. I mean that I don't know needs. I mean I'm talking about problems words it was described. That's nothing except the belief that shortly. Now listen every morning I wake up I'm not surprised at anything that I hear. Nothing surprises me anymore. That was record calls David excellent site is not new Hampshire international sports drink and I don't know if you need any extra and that's got. Hi guys as Smart guy and heard the caller earlier who. All of the media now one thing news talent. You know did blinded by your ears and mind blinded my beloved bear with Tom Brady. Right yeah I don't I don't remember anybody downplaying the raffles town. I'll come on you don't expect or it inspire me you have a family that your play. Well volatile Al Brady got plaudits one out garrote all gonna get we're probably not a good idea behind it and I don't like Brady. He's I don't know that during the event. Very few people IE I fought. Believe that drop will be successfully as as he's been so far I don't think anybody expected to go to 49ers it would five straight games now. Elegant little more break the spell check your obviously your brain and long ago. Once steadfast and wanted to keep the guy. You know build that stupid. Yeah at the ownership will rue the day debate. Vega who stood up develops tech that we got got really got. That's one thing. I think one thing when you look at the lack of quality. In the quarterback wing this weekend. I agree with you I think around below those plays come round ones that we can use. But I don't know what they could have done I don't like out there this. Week you would just. The blazing. I'll firing shots across your brow and got an. 01. And if I won it or wake up it's it is they all these things that these last night I. I can't hide you're totally undercut that effect all tilted very fine job. Certainly they have so full blown out outright liars excellence evidence that's. 837 or take a quick break it back to where your calls. Might your drug problems. Stop we're going to be here at 11 o'clock I went over it now we're going to be rescued by trade intimacy I believe I believe you me it will be rescued job. That out in front in. The Atlantic system. His leg. Arm mustered just eleventh terrorists were very. Back to moral monster named Johnson on us. News. Just Sports Radio WV I just wanted to see excessive activity here they're not at the auto show they'll be back it's tops our studio 120. Yes treat it right I speak of TNT turning to posse match. The marine the brains behind it all and Lou doing as usual bang up job. Here at the auto show where we'll be it still. I guess 11 o'clock you. But I movements that bracket you've gone for about two hours taken pictures of some of Macau's that's let's go two red. In New Hampshire they read these nexus which were a red. Morning morning gentlemen Hawaii. I've I'm OK it's over twenty degrees artery repaired it's actually in everything home. I'm personalized radio exercise hooked us up here is now we have. In this in this marshall's fortune there are talk radio. You can thank Joseph Joey for that our program hey what's a stationary listening they arrest one on one side. I don't want why is that in Manchester. No original target New Hampshire wow that's way out there. And lakes region got excellent. I I don't have any reason why. Two of these guys quote patriots lose an extra games and our origin. But it throughout my prediction for you and a ruin the engine endurance in light some actual black. I don't remember a game where any haven't always had real had a huge game. For the patriots and suspenders that the games. And you know building here on rock he's gonna have a good game or whatever and also let. A look and were given dole it through return applied for a touchdown. Even though it'll be reviewed and post Soviet touchdown and I'm looking through them at least so the very judges. It's gonna have another touchdown as well. And builds confidence rather win by probably twenty points Perry who appears shell and your comments on that have a great game. And you can moderate policy next week to collect your money I think they're you know they're huge on the drugs that site so as a couple touchdowns. Not a betting man. But I would say the patriots will on the back in Jordan we have on her own view. 850 that's what they played a lot of Saturday night games over the years you remember the very first one ever the tuck rule game last game ever played. And in Foxboro Stadium that's all we night January 19 2002 that's where all began and I don't think it's going to be ending. Tonight I'm from mountain not hill in Washington DCX that's where trading. Hello hi. Fine thank you can't go back to the call appreciate it thanks opponents don't. So there's really no way the patriots lose this game and it's very unlikely they would lose next week against Pittsburgh. Our guy on the big and with a guy. I look at advanced analytic they're really measure you know what's actually happening in the game like doesn't count joke. Yards for example so. In waited TV your way. While outsiders is very useful metric. The patriots are by far the best team in the NFL wait wait at a Jacksonville so much so it's hard bag in the grip must fight. But what is your that's that well you're talking about. I picked a bad value over over adjusted average. So what does that mean we're it would mean if we look at who we're playing on a play basis. What's actually happening right so like getting lots yards against the crummy defense. That tell you much talking a lot yards against the best defense because something. But also. Like getting locked in York at the end of the game when you're down by say three touchdowns doesn't mean very much. We're getting a few yards at the fourth quarter we needed on a drive to win counsel law that nick I'm sure. You'll have squirrels Barack also allow for turnovers. It all sloppy turnovers although accountants Bobble recoveries at even Steven because long term. Fumble recovery by interception and not horrible losses the recoveries are basically 5050 percentage teams always revert to two regrets that BE. Over the course of the year. Then I can't. So he advocate good outside not the Bible is the good measurement of decent measurement that we Iraq. And patriot especially the last ten weeks if we wait the lack of the football. Our head and shoulders above the rest of the bulls if it properly and way above I Jacksonville. Check to build barely have a plot to keep your keep your way that we would leave the league with a 30% deet UH. So we look at the what is at Minnesota New Orleans who were really close at 31%. 29% just behind doing what their story. But Jacksonville at 13% early positive there's no challenge. To templates I think to our offense. Usually the patriots have you know let's start young Tom Brady and more like which is good overall. This year different. There's another pretty useful measurement for how much better argue. In the average book in the middle of a package in itself so it yards above replacement would different majestic art but replacement how much better you. You get your shot and like the average book in the NFL your position. Hey guess who is the highest rated quarterback in the NFL for different yarn about replacement. Drew Brees. Drew believes is to be kind to operate Tom Brady number one by good bye amounts GM lows in the art per plate. And the man short question and answer questions are you married. I anymore well how tough. That's his exact. Your eggs and pine mountain stage Christian weight yeah that's where it's rated. An interest in. Because what it's never about stats and saying. If you compared jaguars who in the Broncos in the Super Bowl. They're it's a common practice Kenyatta and everything like that. And honestly they won't let hoopla and a sort of paper that was prepared they're prepared but quote now. Challenge I don't think that the pitches. For burgers whoever handles on that and then they're they're just so glad that little afraid of art make Brady's. You know art form it's really hard the wind but very quickly back. A fact I feel like that giant scanners you know we had just not Jerusalem I just you know. I don't. Let's go back to ripping Brady Christie can ask your question I U I you're comparing portals right now with remaining two years ago that being that the patriots in the AFC title game is that you're talking about. Yeah active I mean Blake four of them really were so whoever can just out of tape and it back. Bomb but it really look at platforms and the bird feed them that she just it would look better. And I mean they've rattled the future I mean that was it that aren't having that that's. Wedeman how it Jackson was gonna beat his best which is saying Daria. Because they did it once in Pittsburgh game of the year but I'm tough. There I think they got it figured out these common factor in our captain. Not something require it takes a lot of trouble on the if picker called for a while seven affect those pure in their greatest example of its live laid out so now. And then all they have the weigh about a half social and sort of round and turn it. They're gonna run only now do says back then governor. And Beckett and move on. And then like etc. there's pressure up the middle of New England that's a pretty please call Opel when depression of the medal if not front seven Jack. But I don't apply all of that Christian unfortunately. Blake portals is the quarterback that offense is completely anemic. And I keep I give them a lot of kudos on the defensive side Jackson too tough defensively. They certainly don't rule when. Roethlisberger back in week five with five picks to pick sixes I just don't see how that's gonna happen again mr. Clinton policies and rents now. Prior to have a group now Brian my god I can't stand at Bryant in the car you're next on Sports Radio definitely. Brian. Hey guys thanks that my off thanks problem and what's going on. Not much honestly I'm I waited till I I wanted to take your challenge how can he could beat the patriots. And I really think that the patriots should be afraid of their run game you know air Henry. It's a strong you know these huge dude and has. Three to forty my problem Bryant is that was the best game we ever saw Derek can't replay in a professional uniform we sought college with the tide. That by far was the best you can have another one of those big games tonight. Yeah I mean if he can step up in the playoffs last week then why can he do it again tonight I understand to let it they ought to talk atmosphere but. Yeah Pam you have Mary autos the mobile quarterback which patriots beat on isn't the best work. Track like Harrison said nick edge through I mean that it really and truly in the ground in the middle. If we're that and we in cardinal when they're gonna put up a lot of a lot of yards on the ground and the bigger the better you sleep without any where your seats. On section 125. Well so and so you see Brian Jones who wants 15 over sailor you got it from Genesee road. You are now I'm actually coming from what they're not a powerful job. I got a baby you were driving it Tennessee and make our case you guys have by game time all right appreciate it Paul Bryant and that is gonna do it for us on now I thought we don't have our line up you were just getting warmed I got those last couple of polish them tone I thought my hip was gonna explode and I thought my it was gonna explode when you came on the air out of rocks around them but now you have a listen field in the do you New England international auto show is location thanks so little that care affects the man on the other side of the glass of it we'll show way back to write bring your family done OK a lot of people. All right check out all the cars from all over the world and that is the England international or should we know as he got to be back here over the weekend look. Negative okay this our last appearance last month and a parent right now Larry will be here for the next two hours sign autographs yeah we'll see you next week by.