Mustard and Johnson - Larry Lucchino discusses the PawSox move to Worcester 8-18-2018

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Saturday, August 18th
Hour 3. The conversation continues on the Pawsox moving to Worcester. Larry Lucchino joins the show to discuss the move and all of it's benefits.

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The creature and that teacher from. As mustard and shots. TI sports. Past seasons. Is our number three in the Austin Jackson's show Mark James Greg Dickerson coming your way ads for. Twelve noon in most of the discussion in the first couple hours rarely do we talk about Minor League Baseball but pretty major deal pulled off by. Mr. Lucchino and company yesterday pos socks moving from Pawtucket to Wooster here to break at all down for us is our old friend Larry Ricky good morning Larry. Ella Craig Larry has Larry Larry is excited you marketer with its front pin on today. Outage aunt may and was great again. We this is not our original play and as you know when we bought the team about three net years ago. Like friends Jim skipping it and that plan was to stay in the island moved to like the outcome Providence on the waterfront. And go to new ballpark because at that point. Of course stadium was about seven years old. It's an associate me 75 years old. It's the oldest ballpark in and the internationally and actually it all took place about 45 years. And that was our plan but does things change slight changes Tim passed away. And which I'd make it work in the tactic has sort isn't it. I like to quote you've had some way you are wanted. Not live there is controversy in opposition. Yes exactly is that from your mom it. Yeah well. It's. A birthday it was something my mom would have said she wouldn't say it it's simple if they see exemplified everything. Two more basic things Larry sight at this. Legal like inclination and make everything more complicated. She was they wanted to just realize that the it's better to be somewhere where you wanted did some worry we're here for your not necessary in people that aren't enthusiastic about it. Were you involved with the team three years ago when you left the Red Sox. You obviously knew that McCoy stadium wasn't going to be sustainable. Why go to Providence what was the initial what was the reason for the initial move to Providence obviously that was rejected why did you wanna go there. Well life partner agents' getting to and as a lifelong. America was a lifelong part islanders and Andy have real alone. Love affair with the city of Providence and not talk to a new ballpark in downtown Providence would be yeah. Perfect both this city as well as for the team. It was. And and I expected to go off into other semi retirement. More. Quietly but when he castaway him later that year the first year. Woods. And pressed into service. And him for about three years we try to make something work in in Pawtucket. And the mayor attack it is a very honorable. And caused the death doctorate in India and he couldn't have been more passionate more helpful. More hard working about this. But it say yes down there is a controversial issue. And it was quite a bit of political and public opposition. I think it stemmed in part from 38 studios. Love. To be to be sure but we just done. I tried and then we exhausted our exclusivity period island about a year ago. And we will let out and start talking to a few other would be. Homes. People who didn't want to build kind of ball park that we wanted to build in the and kind of downtown area. And and what city did such. A wonderful job in terms of cheering her vision and now working hard reliably. And based solely of the ball park officials content was more than a ballpark it was safe urban planning to place. And their communities and major urban planning in there around the canal districts. And he can't inspect that Larry just what Larry just referred to and that's what we were very much wanted there. And lively Q state somewhere. Where you're not. Wanted. You're sorry and your source of controversy. Vs going someplace where they very much wants you and there's broad broad based support. Barry this sounds like you get tied up. Having nothing to do with you they can't blame you for this run this sounds like it got tied up but the governor of the speech here in the senate president and it it. That's right Larry we made a deal which the governor and the to her Commerce Department and the city of deducted. Fifteen months ago on Thursday of last week those fifteen months ago we signed a deal in a subject only to the approval of the general assembly. But. So what we're sort of work had to deal with the governor and the mayor. The problem was the general assembly's approval had to be attained and of course the land that it date. All of this turned on via highly desirable. 86 sites in downtown. The target and the approval from the general assembly. Never came in he day radically change version came at the end of choose to do 48. Believe. This year. And the land that was never acquired from the media existing land owner and may have to be acquired at some point in the future by eminent domain. How about this new ballpark in Worcester and all emphasis today really Larry's been on disgruntled. Rhode islanders and we have a couple of Worcester our callers as well obviously much more pleased about what's gonna happen. What's his new ballpark and look like. Well it's gonna look and taste and feel and smell like courses. So I would say. That is it's great advantage of working with Janet Marie Smith and my cohorts. Who has been involved with me since we. Are in the baseball in Baltimore in 1989. Whether elements he most recently of course worked for ten years on the renovations and improvements that way. We've put so I can't yards together so I think there's any chance that this could be quite a special ballpark. We're delighted to have. Many more modern amenities and Leah. Seven B eight year old Colt McCoy and us but we're also like it to be an important player development called. For the Red Sox. And have more modern training facilities and the kind of playing dimensions that might be helpful as a team. Those are among the things we are considered. But about a what about a green monster. Well there's talk about that that. I think that's subject to our discussions with the baseball operations people at the at the Red Sox as do well they like it also. May conflict in a way it was something that looks decent deals smells like Wednesday. So may be a mini monster and you the possibility. What do what does he know exactly looks and tastes and feels like Worcester what does that do you define that one restart. Which were Dutch understand. Erica Benson looks to raise an idea how does a much better taste and Harry don't forget the only word that commonality. It what the name of the ballpark same little ballpark is going to be polar park. Named after a 150 year old beverage company in Worcester cold polar. They should share logo with those stable polar bear we have hopefully there. And so you'll be able to get all manner of polar jury said the ballpark so it's gonna take select. What they're notes they'll be plenty of of course there's food Soviet Dieter probably in the ballpark somewhere. But being that it was was there is a place that gave us the diner. Originally. It'll look like the like a column architecture. On in the canal to assist in the area police document the tea. A copy of it of anything. Age there's a pie company nearby. Table talk prize which is a 00. Red rather old venerable. Western institution and AG AG of that ballpark you can actually smell the robot of this 200 million implies that they make everything. Hey Larry I remember when they were thirteen cents one of those little mini ensure cherry pies at the corner store right next to my grammar school way back and the 1960 somewhere I didn't realize they were from Worcester the other about what stories people forget is the second largest New England city it's not Providence. I you can do better business do you think it what are they gonna bang it out in Worcester whether I'm I don't night. We hope so I certainly hope so it. We needed something there's been some declined over the last decade and at it into Duckett was with our. Now what our team and our attendance and our business side. Success so the idea is to make this team financially stable and sustainable. That's what we have to do and building the right kind of ballpark in the right market is he is critically. Critically important but I do have to say corrected there at stake at a bittersweet aspect of this. We're very excited. And moments that mural there is central mass there isn't disappointed. On ten year old. In NORTHERN IRELAND so. We hope to be able to. And make this. Eight regional team or have some appeal not just essential mask and also to NORTHERN IRELAND and northern Connecticut didn't. So in New Hampshire etc. and southern Vermont and so on we did we recognize that. We have changed a but that was a part of over guidance for many years and again our original goal was to build something in Rhode Island to secure. The team forward islands for another thirty years we came very close but he. The support. Just wasn't there. Hey Larry what you have to do you gotta make sure you do it when you moved to was do you gotta have the cub scouts sleep out in the outfield I did that three or four nights of my kids back in the day and according. Oh we will. Feature that's one of the best practices around the we will take. State that was as Minnesota's. Can't stay at school days were people from. NORTHERN IRELAND and central Massa has slept at the at the ballpark for other occasions and we intend to do on to continue that. They'll Larry do you miss Fenway. While I do I do like I've really it has enjoyed this year's team just like any baseball fan I go in there. But fellow an office there and I go and like two days and weeks. Times kind of the ceremonial appendage a little bit of an institutional memory. And I'm happy to do that I. Like they're like any baseball and it's. You have to love this year's team others say it is the next great Red Sox team. And there is a a great spirit a great. About the team and a great 5% way. I know you personally writes do you miss the you know on the radio in the be entering back and forth and I like to miss on. Not so much. I am happy are you guys that are important that I really. I didn't want to list go also over the horizon but I did wanna stop go going in ninety miles an hour and maybe start doing this. 30000. Now hey listen you deserve a one last question I was reading a piece of the globe today that finally. The right fielder the Pataki Red Sox after two years hanging out down a road island may be ready just come to Boston Resnick a steal what you know about how. He's been he's been sensational. Brandon Phillips is terrific but that is that the point hit a guy who's probably. Alum had they had the best year. As a whole it would be ridiculous they I mentioned that to us. John Henry and Tom Warner recently and we got a ya. The good chuckle out of it as we. The excitement attached to him but he's a much. Better and more experienced baseball players these days and he handled. AAA baseball they're well I'll just read on this deal I mean psychologically. As well. And then I just to say one thing but there it sucks this is not a Red Sox skull. Parent the mother ship does not make these calls. For the affiliates. Is about Minor League Baseball. And particularly when they're moving within their markets we're moving from. Wore this to be. Southern part of the Blackstone valley north blocks of Delhi that's really always India pos socks territory. So there it's not swear. Insisted. Bystanders to be sure that it was our call. Not they're called. There were never been. The prospect of leaving your way one would and I mean if you were to stay in this area. Well I was always are on our hopes and our planet initiative was to focus. On on on stabilizing in Rhode island's next thirty years but it takes. If market street attack actually dissipate and the city. And and the team working elaborately together to make it happen. And we know one I don't think could have worked hard and we did try to make it happen and it's it's just a combination of forces. Some historical. And not some political. And just Kitna. Didn't happen that was enough for not trying. Eight just quickly house doctor chiles. Hey great effectively sit president of the plus side I don't know. And he's he did a masterful job yesterday. I think. Orchestrating. What was a flying a man momentous day. Well it's an exciting for those in Worcester unfortunately. Very depressing for those and and let's not get those are the economic realities and we appreciate you joining us this hour we do Michigan. Economic and political allies yeah that always is the case when you deal longer islands we will allow redo ratio used to workarounds I went with that big stick and I'd say you. You'll lob by men in feared by many. Well thank you thank you left out those who have a different demotion. It's then this happens let's I appreciate you saying that I miss you guys do like the identity elicited on Saturday mornings so. I'm well you'll have a longer commute so you be able Elizabeth. Had a manslaughter community Jarrett. Thanks for joining us today that. Larry the Bastia thank you. All right Larry Lucchino. Former CEO of the Red Sox obviously the guys in charge of attack it in their move Paul Sox moved from the socket to Worcester beginning in 20/20 one. William warrior reaction you up cost Sox fans who are obviously being mourning this deal we knew if we talked to one person was to resign. Welcoming the Paul Sachs come a couple years from now he wanna. Weigh in on that from the positive respective perspective obviously I'm on the patriots and Red Sox and anything else on your mind. 6177797937. Is telephone number your calls on the way and so I have WEEI. In with mustard and Johnson Sports Radio 93 point seven. I mean. You know that that's a YouTube for sale or because that's so like DO. Loop I like the other a new ideas it's releases. We're Bacharach Hal David's songs saying a little prayer for you wanna Larry's favorites for obvious reasons and then 6177797. 937. Celebrating the life of Aretha Franklin also talking about the paw Sox. You can count on them and saying. That's a great Carole King song done so well by a wreath to play that little bit later we've been talking a lot about the pos socks in. Other matter isn't here to weigh in as he usually does somewhere. Near the end of our program. Is John in Gardner good morning John. Good morning fellow they're going to happen. Not too much I think that was a deal on lower cuts and that's the deal were version yeah. You know you just mention that our potential title that's argument we feel like a woman. Natural woman who is a natural woman Carole King road. If if I could request to cut about that was in the big chill was my favorite photographers like I. But he's got a demanding great movie is well. What's that. Great movie big chill great soundtrack one of the great movie soundtracks of outside yup. A quick rhetorical bit enough and I want to repeat the ejection going to be Smart enough to pipe in June VG in the 49 associates of both of those in the ointment. Well you know it's all regional and I don't think they have. I don't think that the the local stations and we're going through this before how much control they have. If fine. Well fox fox because fox is gonna have the games. The greater majority of the 49 games around lease on fox. In I'm not sure I've looked at the schedule how many of 4 o'clock vs 1 o'clock games 49 is more like with a play at 4 o'clock games 1 o'clock games. That interest in double header on sat on Sunday. Patriots at 140 niners have four but knowing the patriots is going to be a lot of night games in 4 o'clock games and things like that. I don't know you'll be able I I would love to see that that would be fine to I always argued the point John that is this station that carried past house's press conferences when he restore coaching. Yeah he was that entertaining. Those were pretty little different than are currently open to us and a quick got four await you know speaking about boy Tom. You know it's a nice round numbers twenty. I would I didn't think this way before I thought it was gonna go for the middle aged forty but I think he's going to be done after the next year I haven't that you suspicions. But I want to talk about this ownership stuff. That was opened edited before you talked to Larry those open convention tone that John leftists are two different. I don't think Mary's too worried yet if if if he's worried about the parent club 51 games over 500 I don't think there is losing a lot of sleep over. The local mine shoes that's germs flying. I think what every with a large. Weight to the plus side figure for the Red Sox but I also suspect that he might have not handled the jobless. Well but we'll. The Valentine thing was it was worse or the war yet. Or just as but they want and they won the next year listen the guy one I'm already World Series completely. Made. Fenway Park and a and a new Fenway and non factor it's been the greatest period in Red Sox history including the first two decades Larry was around back down Larry Johnson I wasn't. Of the twentieth century. For all his. Perceived faults from the phantom. Your right the assets far outweigh the liabilities are wary of the key. He needed he was we needed tired after title it's basically be needed somebody like that at times in that. Back when it. I don't think it hurt the Red Sox so much as it obviously benefited his old nemesis Theo in the cups. Yeah I don't think Jon Lester is leaving the Red Sox are the Red Sox are much as benefited ironically his old nemesis. The element cup. But I believe that led to a skidded. Price but let's talk about on that road. Page hey David Price is pitching very well right now. I hope I don't like the guy personally. I hope he continues and hope it doesn't in the postseason but like a lot of folks are gonna wait for each of the. John you'll be his biggest supporter if he turns and a great performance in the post season everybody will turn they were highly supportive and those two released NC had against the Astros. In October of last year people are salivating. Over the over the idea that David Price could redeem himself we love. Redemption stories John Lackey was. Not flee from pillar to post instantly had a great post season 2013. You know Ottawa. On because he's on my team I still will not likely got personal. Ownership. Of surprising you guys this morning. These Weis by the way did I miss something Larry and mr. skeptic and still altered it to mr. Gupta picked out yeah. Sanjaya apparently according to one of our listeners he's out jogging heart attack while jogging. OK. Feel. My I think it's an ownership group don't get the Red Sox have a 10% stake in this well. Because I think it whatever the deal is with the Red Sox. They got plenty of money because they've had them in under the Red Sox umbrella to some extent and they didn't is that an example of these proteins Friday. Brings something that'll local governments and state governments the other fellows were. Obviously. Lever you mentioned the judges yeah I think that's an abomination. That that they moved from India a. John handle and told him right Kraft announced that in our craft almost did that back in their right before Brady came in 1990000. He almost went the Hartford which is similar move from San Diego and LA. Right and even know he was good to us. Specifically. Greg if you know what I mean mister Pitt and I'm not a big I was not a big fan out but it was kind of right I mean maybe I shouldn't use the harsh rhetoric but. Let these people in the NFL pick LeBron didn't. Indiana you know I I imagine a warning ADM that because I was desperate to keep the patriots around but Finneran was right craft ponied up the money. The state provides some infrastructure. And our and you don't want ownership. Should be putting up most of the capitol this is no reason why towns and state governments. Desperate to keep teams should spend money on stadiums I mean it's ridiculous. They put him in bidding war is an avid to not write in my opinion all right so most guilt thing with the tossup I think. And that's the area really needs that they proven Larry you know and and I and I didn't get into what we're keying on other shows loathing Abbas arcs over that area economically I think that area as depressed as it has and it wasn't a big big winner anyway and I wonder how. What kind of an economic born it would have had if it stayed in Pataki everything went to Providence Providence might have. Been able to turn it turn a profit arts don't know most of the studies. Have proven that ballparks. Or stadiums. Paid for by state or city. Taxes don't not pay for themselves nor are no. All right John appreciate golf bags are 6177797937. Mark in. Rhode Island you're next on Sports Radio WEU money market. And they are. Oh. Not much you know obviously being native Rhode Island are growing up the state spent a lot of time a ball game tonight lot of outrage fond memories being young kids. Get to the school to go to Google watched in Lebanon back from the dead. And it'll ask all of sort of summed up like my feeling analog weighed in in the big guys coming in with a million million million dollars in their pocket and and that they're asking the state fund. If you percent. The new stadium including all the interest in bonds and whatnot and it just. The music and if you like the institution that stage you really truly cared about you gears and you're you're kind of reach into your pocket and you would you know take take some responsibility for that and and the fact that where this time we're we're. What situation we just lost the huge piece of that but that I actually grew up in the target specifically. And in that area that in that area and every new development area were looking for development and even a downtown. But it would never talk about moving too much going on on their for a long time you know so. I mean well at this stage funding and putting up. Funds you know for the area surrounding the stadium because we can build a downtown area of of Pataki and that would have been off and made that that would help out. And the stadium would need to by the owners and they were going and Clinton a profit that way every once. Well and and and this is where I think it would have been fantastic if they had stayed because we didn't talk about the numbers but Larry and company were willing to pay for 50% of the new ballpark at the old apex building on Blackstone river. The ownership group is only putting up 36%. To go to was just a westerners. Shelling out a lot more money than Pataki would it would've been only one win. My problem is with its socket and I don't know what that well but I certainly do in their several times. Is it possible what is it possible to bomb grope its socket without the the paw Sox were that have to be part of the plan. It. Part of the puck a little if in that hug and let him about it like once they're in an industrial unit at a well art. You know after the revolution but let me know what it has that have record and also. There are also talking about me and I and I. About areas as they just suffering and and it it's kind of hammered and bleeding and you know I wanted to jump to too much is appalled at but in our. Our stated is tied up to the point we. We're a little bit of the Massachusetts right. Blocking sucks the the intellectual capital out of the states. You know the the other and a lot more money in the Rhode Island I'm pretty sure that there's gonna be you know. It could undermine coming out of you know out of Massachusetts health and it would look not just was there. I'm there's a lot a lot more financial clout. I'm an end at some point it's you know a little profit thing or that you truly care about the community that you are part you know right kind of set the. Well that's the ultimate question mark that is the that's the philosophical question is it team part of the community ores sick simply just. A business entity. And you know obviously from Larry's perspective the state had a chance to keep that. And they dropped the ball. Too much infighting right. Our mark. To appreciate the call 6177797937. He's not worried at all about the boss not leaving the socket but he is concerned about that team down on our. Guard Shawn rivers street in the Bronx is John I'm all the Jonathan heard for you for months now what's happened. Right after you predicted right after the Red Sox lost two out of 38 and the to the Yankees at the stadium back at the end of June early July and you proclaim there. Yankees is worn away winners in the AL east we have heard from pizza and just how much happening on waited can't get money game is at seven and things than they ever rained like. If if if that's what it takes Larry I'll take it. You're. And the Oakland hey easier comes Seattle Mariners watch out. You know wildcard now in jeopardy. I didn't do a little bit and if you look hectic schedule of September oh it's murder. They're gonna play Oakland Seattle. They get a plate Baltimore and Tampa Bay in the Red Sox a couple times I mean this is what they need Joseph Girardi did it. Yeah CIA was remembered what's the matter would judge judge. I scrambled out right wrist. When they item Larry he's got too soft and this position. And you told me what that's within large. That's what they want he wasn't agreeing Ellison every Yankee fan. Be at the most irrational we certainly spoken to many over the years or so very bright ones all. Thought that was a bad move everybody recognize. Joseph Girardi on his importance to that team except for one guy. Brian Cashman. Brian Cashman felt that he was too intense too much of a grinder too much every guy that we are let's I don't like him manager right while. Mean if you're gonna exit fight tooth and nail with the Red Sox every year who I mean let's face it these two teams in the big. Money spenders in the league along with a couple others but you know ball seems to gonna spend money. And fight to win this division. Are you need that guy that's got to cry. Because. Yeah it's important. And you know I'll bet series together at Fenway where they are they darts. John that was the worst John you have to admit that. Probably endorse some embarrassing games in 03 don't for the regular season I know what happened in the postseason but that was the worst regular season performance against the Red Sox the Yankees have. Turned him in years. A note now. A couple of years ago Craig you've got one yankees came in in September and I was saying you know we got assure that the vision. And we played I believe what games are kind of way we had a three run lead in every day. And lost all. And wait a war. That was weight now. Well that may be that may be true but coming in they had a shot at least a closing the gap and widening the gap in the wild card neither happened and they have recovered since. While they've they've been flat since he also operate but black. It's bad and good that they have a tough schedule next month okay its debt because. The wildcats get a little side up but it's good because you're gonna have to grind to keep playing and which got you know the Red Sox don't have to figure they can sit everybody right now I don't know what it did you Chris Sale anymore let. Yeah I well they there were Smart to put him on the DL and from your respect and a hey there are a lot of people spite of the red sox' dominance and and really since the beginning of July a lot of people still have questions come October and you know maybe you get CC out the end game number two and UCC can do his thing against the Red Sox put a threat if the Yankees do survive that wild card play in game they're in the Red Sox in that first three out of five for a. Well you know like Craig but he the only edge believe it or not I'll give the Red Sox again at the home field because I believe the Yankees. Have the pitching to go against the Red Sox. I don't want that if they edit it got to get turned around the delegate Severino back on track each dollar today he's at 66. About the role worry hasn't pitched well. You trust CC right now. Guess the Red Sox in the post season yeah. And I doubt it's something else. Gen app has good numbers against the reps are used yeah any street in and pitched pretty well and and helping your group has agreed to and he easily put them in the bullpen is kind of an up and down you know they're gonna find something on the bill. Layup out there and not say what John I never would have imagined. A month ago that we'd be saying those final three games at Fenway Park are absolutely and utterly meaningless and they are. Hard to believe the Yankees and yup and Brad Saxon playing out out of this world yankees have been flattened. There you go thanks for the call 61777979837. Back to warrior pos socks calls. As we make way for Dickerson and James coming up at high noon. Right here in Sports Radio WEEI. Must unique shots in a row. Run in this Saturday sports talk on. It's changed. Johnson's Sports Radio WEEI. Doom. That. I'm. Greg Dickerson in the house marching us. Do new dynamic duo TNT is in the dustbin of history. We have DJ. DJ is replaced. TNT Dickerson and James coming your way right here at high noon some more your calls and so that's 617. 7797937. Months check out miles in wars that are miles you. So awaiting the big pos socks and. Who. You. I'm just you know everything about it. Above them come in the west you know it's it's been my mind because I didn't. Let's see a lot of Bill Clinton was during you guys know you know if you want a good start. Especially the sport so my question is do you actually think. At the part about that literally going to be back so that's well by coming to works so well do you think that it's going to be another flop as usual. Well what do you mean by flopping what do you mean by successful you mean on the field economically you how do you define. Yeah I don't ask you this what do you have going for you out there on the ice cast yeah. Yeah okay. Now they're putting a lot of money into the stadium. They're putting a lot of money into the surrounding area the gonna build up on some development there infrastructures can be put into place. You would know better than I but from. From my perspective Myles and the few times have been west over the last several years it's a totally different city from what I remember seeing 3040 years ago it's. It's really transformed. Yeah that's true you know Mike you had I. You know I don't doubt about it you know how many titles. You believe that these won't come true coat what. Actually I hate. You've got into you know the sharks were gloat a little bit. Demagogue. Well I think I think baseball's a little bit different. Them and you playing more games obviously more consistent. They did you know they played in the old I don't know what they called up it was terino whatever it is. That was not a great place to be and they didn't develop around there I think what they're going to be able to do and there you probably have been was too long time. What struck me when out Edward and I do there for the last I don't know the last several years have been there. Semi frequently. I was shocked how much is transformed they've really done a nice job that's gonna continue to happen. Is it in Providence is league now don't have the restaurant scene. They don't have of a but the colleges are big there holy cross Clark WPI was to stay. So it is a college town which is always good. And now they're gonna and on this commercial component to it with a paw Sox come again. It seems like a positive thought. If you are on the other side of the ledger in Pawtucket or Providence you're looking at from a totally different perspective. Let's stay out was direct your next chance. We're treating Eric. So I got beyond the that the press conference yet that I. Yeah so. You're excited about the move. Well Ali is the source well I sort of an edit editorial. I was part of a column team out here so photographer of the year in a lot of questions when this or start a year ago. You know should we pursuit. And you know the biggest thing what would you some old western mentality. Which Gilbert I called the 1980. Mentality witches. You know. Not a governor worked out your west it just you know what Mike Bradley throughout the Turkey the lottery pick lighting Egypt track they'll be you know we get mate. All you and I'll start by you know you get well enters the rare amateur. You know that China. You sort of looking battered Euro Stedman great career like Bradley you know played for national title. With Pataki you know practically number you to their BA everybody at all but that really transformed really start and you don't wait. 99 eastern end and beginning all the way to doubt where people out there. It made a decision that we were together a good thing app we won't let. Me you know what other. Sixty burger bash will all really down oh we always have that back on educational Jewish and I'll. We have does mat that I don't want you know leading search. Are oak tree and Nobel Prize winning. Researcher dark well and you are are. You really expanded and now the late may actually start belt. Can you may not can you make. Money can name Aiken was to make money off this. So it but he called it out but they don't Ehrlich you know Doug and figure. And deal. I mean you look at tackle park you know what Tokyo pitcher or do you see it and look at. You're right or. It's so. We hit it at. Or I need to point. The reality here in the last year or. You know major projects to Wear what we ought to pollute all right gallery doubt tout. That would create the look we're all just by. Over bind so any increase revenues are great by the increase property value goes but it won't stop. Tokyo at the birds and you know to the no no date certain poster if they're asked direct question. I'll alert are certain sufferings. Are expected to be where the answer now. The deputy that saw anything the that's what's gonna happen here you're seeking. Proud deal that haven't been used tumbleweed. Bring jobs. That occurring vitality. And you don't quite high when it was dirt dirt being brow you don't want courtside. At all part. You won't tell who he thought about 250. Artillery out at C retail. Ed what's gonna cost you. It should be increased revenues and outlawed. Well paid off I don't add accurate that the fact that when you said and done you don't have a yard fumble he tore it. More more about our age ought to certain shock. On page all of them all off the flow. Huge store any developer that look at the paper to our keynote you know people ought to do what they do it. Note they're like stuck together. And the you know you're not saying she you don't check it out. I'm a little harder because the developers and economic well war all seem to eighteen years ago are really helped transform their player. I got up at what point. It should be great. Should be great let's listen regalia and a couple minutes or wanted to NN Rick Chavis the Carl got from time to time let us know what's wrong what is the old saying one man's in broad vision is and other ones poison DNA in Cranston has a little different perspective on that Dan. I mean the only guy who gave it the way it should be bush you know doesn't have money. And they could be wrong on Iran Nichols like the name all outrage and and I think it basically you only did it doesn't make economic sense to keep them. They don't have the money to do it. And bluntly. Unequal pocket that's okay is put lipstick on a pick period. I would hate I look at how are so how can that they make a comeback. Go to New Bedford assemblies ballroom as only looked hounds I mean it's just. Area if you'd be swamped. 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