Mustard and Johnson - Live at the NE Auto Show: Willy Duanic, ESPN Nashville, Joins the show 1-13-2018

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Saturday, January 13th

Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson are live at the NE Auto Show and they are previewing Patriots vs Titans. Willy Daunic of ESPN Radio in Nashville joins the show for a different perspective of the game.


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Well look who's here. And that teacher from. Western and shots. TI sports. Things socks packs season seems. TI Sports Radio. Candidates mustard and Johnson on the road taken our. Think I'm wrong we're on tour Larry Johnson ready to England international. Auto show every actually enjoy coming here to do these shows. If you're from the county human I can't find a card don't want hears about respect I've got an out he's right in front of us Whitman driving off and in them and I'm going to about exactly where I'm driving. The Toyota Prius and a five year old Alice she's world. So I appreciate you today he's Hillary you cash in your wheels of ice Cadillac. You're worried about a new car you're driving caddie. What you're getting greedy is the nature of man Leo we've won more no matter what you have you want something you'll receive something on the I'm where you want to. That is. Grass is always greener and get them on now they're calling me I believe that that Warren has your name written all over so they ought to show by the way you're keeping score counselor believer this is our fourth. Straight January. At the auto show it's at the conventions and Iraqi but the the World Trade Center that's the across the street is the convention center it really is worth it coming down here though like bringing kids and stuff it really is. Worth it how often do you get a chance to get up close and personal with some of these that they so I mean it's it's a month. You know does promote the show on this town it's a great show. All gleaming new various colors. We got whites we got reds we get yellows we got marriages we got silvers we got of course black. We have a ball right here at the we England international auto show and we're going to be here for two straight hours I repeat two hours to make it through there. I doubt I think I can't think cat and by the way oddly enough even though we're here at 9 o'clock dupers to not open. Until 10 o'clock so that'll give us when he had time before our throng of admirers cameraman and I'm sure wanna get on one right we're just took a picture of us there should be disappointed when she gets home in front of nobody gives that it is them. That's probably don't care out there anyway. We've been. Or rhymes. With. Me any member of stories can patriots particularly specifically on Brady over the past month and it's gone. On and on and on and I for 1:2 I really am I'll come not ever circuit and I am I don't either. Listen George talks four point one break down out. Don't know I think Myers you know it you know it is for him he is the consummate professional now we talked about Tom Brady accused his nose clean. He as a health guru. Really well yeah I didn't realize there we know about that. He's published a book. He has clinics and he it ventures coming on but some documentaries that now look. I don't eat this isn't my thing. What he's doing it in if she is not my finger not at all not not to wait I've ever covered Colorado ice cream or whatever is not my thing at all streets which are their argument I don't know reform. But I think it would dampen is and I experiences hello with religion. If the media out of the year does not understand. Blow like what you're doing. Then there are on you constantly critical analyzing trying to find different things that they can uncover. Because they don't like it they don't understand it now I agree I think he used. Sounds a little bit culture with some of the stuff. And down he does he saw puzzle bit how to get that. If it I wish he weren't doing it it bothers me but it doesn't bother me to a point where there has to be a personal attack that goes on. And all waited and I'll hold on a second you sound like a defensive. Patriot fan no mom I'm defensive Brady fan aka are okay same effect. Com how is this and attacks you you would interpret this as that they've been writing about and analyzing over the past two months OK I I would like maybe maybe the maybe one of alignment should be featured I was doing that for flowers yeah I think flowers is to be exposed as a complete and utter fraud so let's see if we get some articles about Larry he's the most prominent person Natalie on this team but in the national mojo now on Kenya you know lies and the guys happily married a beautiful family kids and parents manes. He's fine he shows up so we should all just. Problems things that go on countries like hear about it oh sticking around and I'll pay the union need to feel like burnout because you need. Because you have some birds need to see people treated normal that's what I need so where's this coming from you would then. Just kind of it is if our. It's time that. All day. Tournament sports shows at night raid were very analyzing it radiates or apple low. Belichick I mean I am I know talking x.s why can't we be more supportive and boring one album right we should be more support. Not listening I can't we give. Update hog and its way of life sentence of fifteen and gain comes on you're right we just thought this thing that it's funny to watch on the stuff and you don't know I can't stand any pregame shows now iPhone. But these things about I am windows to normal. He's in the Tony. He sounds of it I'll if I stop for a second teacher what is called me confident. It will be it. Involvement these grow but at a basketball team to Wear his green while me you know you meet cult ish that's what you cult chocolate Kotnik. Terminology new argument used hero for many years of the shuttle. Sports forks and I could colored rocket successes. That out right away like you who engaged in radio likeable on. While addition Brooklyn. And here. While wanted to do you he says not so good as you put that black. A you don't get. And it's like so you up criticizing. I christianity okay I'm I don't agree that no doubt that way too much emphasis on Chris. Not enough but I mean that's open that's my personal opinion I don't shove them people's throats. But what happens is I think we're dealing in an age we're if people don't like who you while Tebow etc. oh what you're doing. Then they repeal and ankles Don it's and aren't a lot on one particular person of their faith. In and Brady's case is this health thing that. He's on you're very defensive you were coming out I. I can't defensive game about where defensive about it he focused you were afraid it was going to be this full frontal attack christianity which never. I don't mind comment commitment. Our one I don't understand this guy is the most scrutinized athlete in town perhaps in the country he's the most accomplished athlete. Of all time in the support of the gonna Google camera constantly and be on his case. Hammering when there every single thing you want to know it questions in the have a lot of about four par to win correct sir Larry we should get get thirty pats get down her knees in jest. Like you like I want Sunday on Saturdays we should worship to our execution or gave him that several ice ball there here. Worship him but I think on the other hand the guy has played. His cat properly he showed up he does press conferences he comes on the radio. He does everything you ask him that it doesn't have a health products yes he does as we have clinics and all of that that yes he does some of that stuff I can do without. But that's not if it doesn't I think it Tom Brady it doesn't bother me. When you look at the likes of people like Russell and bird in in David Ortiz and though like I mean. Appreciate that might you have them here because he's not going to be that much longer. Do you have that you certainly I Vietnam trying to enjoy them a while. Larry he's bitten every two years. A posing as as it were you like plenty of Roseanne as has directed his way he's the most celebrated athlete. In the last 20/20 five years he belongs on the velocity although probably hate and that I don't know I don't him to our area that's not I don't know where have you been there and I'll get you 500 listen to the guy and then they came up of these out Nicole's Clinton may say they wouldn't even the media against the yen all of our example where top Brady is the subject to some sort of in a possible how about that last out goalie came out with a ESPN and talking about it. He was happy Geiger rapper Logan traded and that he had been they haven't closed door using OK a lot so we are you claiming. That wicker sham is perpetrating. Lies. I don't know I don't know but I take one thing we should be so all the way mine's operational people and I don't want somebody interpreting my feelings I don't want somebody eating get quotes. With some name sources. Don't put stuff out here. And you can't attributed directly to me well that's how they are happy ball that they might that doesn't make it right are so are you happy right cherry traded garrote why why why does that color from white last week did you not question this and now because I've just where you'll sleep usually dies six. After awhile and but this thing here it's like you know if they win tonight which they should the beaches goes. Gone gone. How long is it going to be playing I'm just saying as a person who unfortunately happens to be in the media. I think it's time to do to focus on the Meehan scales. Arguably. Seven C there is yet but not get a fed drag and all this stuff and if you don't like to know if you don't like to clinics. In you don't like some of the off field stuff that he's doing and I don't particularly like it either. Then ignore it even along start that you know what don't you like about the way Tom Brady comports itself on off the field say off the what what is the thing you have questions about well I think again I think Belichick will be the first one to tell you to allow grapple load of separate clinic something right at the stadium was ridiculous pocket that. You would never allow any other player. To have an associate give them an office paste it right waited. It let it that's great sell that particular aspect of leadership stories thing was. Plausible and I don't think you can argue mean you know we had a clinic there and then after. After the if something happened and it gets fed up with it so league. Kicked him off the sidelines kicked them off the traveling with the team. On that stuff I can understands and that is that it is intimidation this guy yes I do welcome the company's tangible something it. You can goalie look at things written to the clinic it's not here anymore are hey he's not on the sidelines anymore as a climate that team. Those tangible things if you wish to go active at all right now do you think that the rock below story is that legitimate story to examine for we've got to the course of four week low here's what's interesting about this you know if you haven't had to make a prediction. Always do make something ridiculous. And as your prediction. Because if it turns out to be wrong nobody can ever remembers if you if you if you happen to be like Ron Borges who picked Olindo Hartfield. Holly field over Tyson and he was one of the few people in the country do. It was a fantastic. Prediction on his. So when people come up went out with these predictions about this man he's gonna happen over here and his guys get this of that. We were told for the longest time and I was I was outraged about it did the the only thing that Belichick refused to talk to the browns and he probably could go to forest in the third of the something. But Iraq below that whether that would have been more satisfactory. In my opinion. Now we're finding out I was listening to the big show yesterday Ian. Now we're finding out a media report that that was not nothing further from the truth the browns did not off on them. Our forest in the third and fifth eleven the only thing that that was dangling out there was a second and maybe a fourth or fifth. That's a big difference in the story compared. All not to he had to what they aren't aren't seniors and calorie and now rubber stamping the trade that Belichick maybe I don't know I'm saying is that I'm not as critical. With write about it if that's all they often I am I can't going to be as critical about that if that's all they office out. A week after. He was essentially told maybe it directly by the owners that we could have two quarterbacks making anywhere between eighteen point five billion a year on the same roster. He goes off in almost picture was slightly. Impulsively. Trades at 40% that you believe it's not what else maybe at the end the year will it up a first. I don't know but it Kenyans watch out that none none none of enigmatic Iraq won't play. In a couple of games he got injured of course. You really eat that if we weren't impressed with him now because he played out there with the 49 is all in need get a great job. So his value increased but at the tying our when he was on the trade laughter there wasn't a lot to all I. It's done so not known how long way to keep your shortly doing okay going not this is not a sermon. OK I get to talk a little bit besides saying hey man I'd say come nobody wanted to name infamy all right so. The Larry Johnson that was skeptical critical. And pretty much endorsed what he read it the it SF with the ship article last week Sutley now has all types of questions. And is. Leaving it. He be the real story didn't come out and at ease as a whole other side of the story out of the Edward being fired to hired about our organization politically and. Otherwise it is you get a set opinion in you refuse to move the needle to see if there's anything else. How the yeah I was that ticked off that ballot check if if they if he did not our freedom to Cleveland and some of the other teams. To get the most value that he can get Al LA yeah that if that was the best off earlier I. See this as what you're doing T this is what we do with media and posted every you speculate but just nothing at all by Larry our job is all we just like to have it have an element of truth and it. In if you do who come off something that is. Where we're that closer to the truth they don't you have to re evaluate your opinion or you don't because you don't you don't care. Yes he's like a good juicy story in a vacuum. Are we sure weren't vacuum in a vacuum. That would change the bag either. But about his journey probable all worth a second round deck. Well looking at them not how I think he's worth more than so it it eat it right now which you would at that Pallet Jack. Made an error last week you did something I don't you know because if it I'd wait a minute and just get off of that second. If somebody comes on who in rap of what has broken many a story so he's right Christian rock. I don't I don't know aka I don't know I've output more stock in rabble what and I wouldn't British empire. Because he's been around longer and he's broken more stories and he's an accurate about things that he does he doesn't just throw things out there and show just throwing. I don't know what it does not criticizing everything look at him did. But I am saying to you. I have it eat this is on me just reflects on me I have to re evaluate my opinion. If. At that time the only thing he was being offered was a number two are bigger picture if that was true though right Q would you re evaluate your opinion of that. Why would do what we like it well obviously to get close of the into the deadline in the got to do something on May be Kraft told them to I don't know. Why would you wait till after the Nazis or run into him on the phone and ask them we show. We'll see him I mean you know would you all stock connection I have a front to call bill on the phone in between corn flakes maybe can take some questions from I have a lot of lot of connections no question about it yet none of them he has doubts are you now. After it's spent several weeks several weeks or months we've talked about drop below thwart any eight weeks last week was focused on my vision article eleven okay. Op value com. I'm re evaluating that opinion. Based on. If the information given none of England show yesterday by Rappaport was that there was a lot of it nothing was any higher than a number two while they are so I did not hear it I'm worried there wouldn't you know that you working I was like I was working yesterday what are we doing I had to take my son of the hospital he whenever that that I was thrown Arquette parties just. Check out got okay use absolutely fine now that weren't enrolled. Architect. Eighteen OK so obviously had a heart defect was born actually had a heart surgeries every year it's gonna really try and I'm glad to had to thank you. Okay. So I did not hear the rap which we tells a little bit about I I just told you. I told you I don't know whether Matt has any of that he can dig out. Was on the big show yesterday would wrap reported that what he said about. Of about the whole situation. Was Brady upset that he was breathing down his neck and they were offering him before I don't know when this stuff it's so crazy and you'd you'd digging. Through somebody's camper and trying to find out things or make up things that whenever. I don't know when K a month plugged in in neither you. And we only can go by what other people we believe that Alex Guerrero what's the problem that Jimmy up or no I think Cabrera was the problem except that a legitimately he was a problem. At all departure to Europe. I don't I don't you did two weeks ago I announced that no no I never thought Guerrero was connected with. Morocco now they've said that two Rockwell went to the fitness facility to use. Some equipment and get to rub downs and stop but the place was locked and he couldn't get in and a jet but see all of this stuff what we're doing is we're going by what other people saying we're not invest I understand that anger over and triggers I don't have a picture and I don't know having gone out there don't know ballot in number are. All right listen and the more I find out about things I think people get carried away. And they're putting them Brady on this platform and examining the guy like he's up for America. At the same time Larry. Almost everybody in sight Winslet and outside England picked the patriots as the favorite to win so you could have ball. It does have the piece you're right you're absolutely right in uprooted doing okay it does not have to be on qualified praise or unqualified credits and. All but I do think it gets to a point where if the guy is doing things the outside it in his life that he wants to do. Then what trying to eat it it really gets shall we were which if he wants to run a clinic if you want to publish a book a documentary. Who cares if it if that's macho thing and it's not my thing I didn't buy the book I didn't look at the ball I won't look at the book is nothing to do would mean I don't care about it. So you don't like the fact you can criticize treaty for being a little bit too interest in. Robbins like. Activities being late embodied in critical I guess that it's not my thing is like religion affect guys a question that quite aback by Alabama. Thank the lord for helping him to you know important when that's bombers tied to. If you touch and now what what what makes sense is if you pray and ask the lord to help me to go out there and have a good game is something and you have a good game much wrong with acknowledging that. Now some people don't like it because he don't don't understand that's not the thing that's. I have a favorites like David Ortiz left town. Unscathed. In the way he did it. On that's not true why Roger oh I bet you've had any criticism about David Ortiz at one produces Larry particularly retrospect now right now it's five because he's. Working at the fox bulls fined her ecstatic I thought it was OK he's now out about one night I'd give him a gunman apparently uncle Larry you he did not a lot of skate because the Red Sox if you recall. Went to the playoffs then promptly got thumped them three straight games out in retrospect what everybody say about it too bad they didn't don't have what he there was a long. Goodbye weighed too many retirement ceremonies will put on disarmament pocket but he was criticized and I'm not about Lee president Obama's ceremony for Russia thank you and other teams thank you but David Ortiz was criticized for that. OK we let the guys are not happy that not here none on I think the Red Sox were criticized firm that's why criticize a pair of one big event farm announcing and block. But David Ortiz had his trials tribulations probably. Not to the level where you know he had a guru and he was pushing players out there awards will be different football obviously with backup quarterback. But I I believe in the essence I think the essential truths that article. Are valid and then end it plausible. And in Amman denying that united are what give him credit because I'm Tony. If I wrote a story like that and there is some real. Potholes and into of the things that people want to ask about the question him on line. If that would me and some my sources were shaky I would not come on the radio. In do interviews because at some point if you are lying or making up stuff you're gonna get trapped. Instead he came on he did dale and Holley he did adapted to it did. My permit Taliban and yelling and yanked it. He did to a three shell so as well I think I was trying to hide something. The truth is somewhere in the middle and Ahmad I don't think everything he wrote with a lot I I really don't. And just saying that at some point. We've we've stretching is Brady thing how we where killing it readjust. If you let it that you watch TV at night go during the day in what some of these shows you think he was the only guy on the team are. If you're sports for it right yes what do you care about you can hear about Tom Brady and you hear about the patriots OK it's I hear about the play is I care about the health. I care about here. The execution in terms of how they're going to vote. Doing things I think Brady slip the last five games I'm concerned about that secret to you at the top shall we shall be racing town where I sit on the field. I think he fear game I really do and I don't I don't think he's been up to snuff in terms of the last five games. Are taught you. Not at all we'll talk about that we'll talk but other things he would six point seven. 7797937. We're live at the New England international. Auto show a lot of doors opened at 10 o'clock. Will be here to eleven this is nine so really it is it is nice you know completely around and we can take care what that would be Nevada Melissa brand new car and but he later on yeah. And I was challenges are to take your breaks that don't like to eat this can we get sim sim which is out here. If they have a six point 777. Night 793. Set I'm also concerned about Manny he's making overtures about walking away now very worried about that I was up all night tossing and turn I love the guy. I'd love and one of them and what are you gonna do would know Kirk. Important. In good I think a big hole at your you don't. A guy like you. You solved them offering of everything. Jerry actually come on cohost Sharon arrest me he always begged you to come on let's not have the guide what he is every time we start she's a bunch coming into a show whatever tests he has I guess I bet you have your money on that. I will he has met you when you refuse then he lashed. Many ask you to come into a podcasts and you are afraid to do that hope Jerry Kelly in possession or does have a podcast that he and they've been doing them any action to come and enjoy your afraid of that well to Value Line got IQ you got a big mouth. But when it comes as. In return fare yeah venue and you and you hide behind you just accused she sat quicker sham. Maybe play fast and loose with the facts out you're just making things I don't okay. I was Gerri Willis and right now and he could call in invite you into we showed him well you make every kind of excuse in the world. Every. Show is in the morning. And it's like I just have all these invitations. My desk right well you but they do. I'd be surprised. Six sevenths. 790 degrees at that. Mustered just you know. In the Saturday sport's top ones. As Marcus Perry go to throwing a touchdown pass to himself first time in NFL history in the post season Brad Johnson data for the vikings about when he. Years ago and marionette and the sites pull off. Not quite a music city miracle is needed Casey came back from eighteen down. When he won three at the half and beat the chiefs there in town tonight here to talk about the game last weekend looking at night's battle is. Willie gonna kill one of 2.5 to gain in Nashville good morning Willie. Good morning guys get a Nokia. Hey you don't pay I I can't I know the Kansas City has a reputation for choking and there are their incompetence in the post season is notorious but lots of kudos for the titans where they came back. Do you think that was going to be possible doubts when he went for you to have last weekend. Well you could see that something that they were doing the first would fare in terms of offense. That this a couple of opportunities. Eric Decker dropped so wide open path that would of kept a promising drive going. Fargas Mario it to a bad interception. It to end at bat and what could've been a pretty good drive. But no way out I don't think anybody thought down 213. That they really had a chance especially having scorched field goal late in the first half. And then only to see that she's come back down and score even without Travis skills they are battered game play which a lot gaudy baubles. They didn't call me saying they went right down to score it's 113 to have and they had actually noble let that one at not a result. Yet and they got the break out that let's face it absurd called the forward momentum call the second quarter that would have been a fumble. And she certainly set the war maybe even escorts a lot of things had to go right. For the titans in that game. What are they gonna have to do tonight Willie. Well. You pick Marcus Murray out of my beautiful another pass to himself. Things like that I I think they're gonna be a number of breaks like that it does seem unlike. That. That everything to go right like I do think they're playing better. Then they have at any point that's second half the offense did look like. The offense we thought the titans we're gonna have throughout the year that was that's part of a bigger story line of the titans season. And that is I thought they had a chance to have in the lead off that. As you could see it building last year they had a tremendous offensive line they ran the ball very very well Marcus Marty go to. While his numbers were outstanding as a passer they're very efficient particularly in the red zone. And it it look like they've tweaked the weapons around him to get an upgrade there to maybe get some more big place but. It has not come together at all this year up until. The second half of one of last game so that's not what suited to your hopes auditor tight sand. But at least I think I'm intrigued to see how critical we get the best today because if nothing else. They could set the table for next year it particularly cute retreat players. Markets are you go to. Derrick Henry and Corey Davis the first pick the first pick they have last year if all all it. Who's had a rookie season to pretty much roll out yet and that any but he did show some signs of life. Last week in the in the second half Derrick Henry as best game of the tightened and Mario that you know did a lot being changeable thing he found a way to win. If Mary odor is going to be effective. Tonight and in going forward I think he's gonna have to do more with the slaves as. Scott thirteen touchdowns and fifteen interceptions. How do you evaluate him for the season. Well first of all I really cute that the running part of Mario game. It going to be in the game plan a lot tonight and that's one thing that affected in this year he heard hamstring early in the season. And that's pretty much took away that element of the game the only this one game a gain data Miami that they should of won did. He without him but they got nothing from Matt Cassel he came back the week later. Because they basically felt like it at 75%. Was better than that capsule. At a 100% that castles of rape probe great mentor for Mario but. At this age of his career he is our strength really limited him so Mario played hurt and they're pretty good job but he couldn't run. And really for. The better part second half. They did it and he even not have much of a running game in the game plan for him now that's change I think he's still a much better. He certainly ran the ball effectively. The last two weeks that the big win against Jacksonville regular season finale get that into the playoffs avoid disaster that he was eight or. And looking at losing the last four or not make it. But he ran the ball well then ran it very well last week yes and it sparked a passing this this year I do think that he did have some. That luck there were some touchdown passes dropped. There are a couple interceptions that. Probably shouldn't have thrown but he I think he could have easily had more touchdowns interceptions but. Like I've said before it didn't really come together like we saw it years three. I think there's still a lot of talent there but this was definitely a tough he's in form because remember he missed the entire off season last year. Because he had a broken leg in week sixteen. Against Jacksonville we can do anything in the policies of the fact that he's played this much at least it's been out there has been plots. Did you find that rather shaky that ownership decided they wanna game so we'll keep the coach. But how much authority does he have the quote have the players can see that he was dangling out there and if they had lost the game he probably would have been gone. Arctic that was that bird missing adult situations I don't think the titans front offices that are really good job. In a lot of different areas but that one particular word axis sting. Mike Malarkey I think to be fair. If they had not made the playoffs I think it would have been logical. Nobody would have batted much if they decide they want to make a change that what they've made the playoffs but thought it was very unfair. To have that story get out there. If they were still. Basically evaluating my Malarkey goes what they ought that. But I think would have created a big up or pick split amongst what people thought some people are really not behind my Malarkey sort of coach. They especially because former took the offense. This year. But I think what they what they made it to the playoffs the majority of the people would have cities aren't the right to come back at least. Click last year these countries don't want your left on this contract so eat away at our web site. He'll be a big source of debate on what is future's going to be. A question about that. The way you guys are the sites came back you had to have some watchers we talked about putt. I'd Derrick Henry had a game of his professional life looked like he was role for the tide. Two or three years ago 156 yards and offensive line. It to the left side of the offensive line gave. Derek. Henry a lot of a lot of running room of course that great block by Marietta down the stretch and try to solve the game away. Is that going to be the game plan for the titans try to shorten the game keep the ball out of Brady's hand and just try to. Grounded out. Oh yeah I think I think any scenario where the titans stay in the game. Would would include a big game compared angry I think if you look at her. The the numbers. Similar to Kansas City that the patriots do not have a great run defense and if you can't run the ball in the middle. And that's something that just simply have to happen there Kerry seems to turn the light doctor I think one thing that's been adjusting his with DeMarco Murray getting hurt. There's they probably don't even have the option. Well I thought it certain sizes security blanket and in birdie he is a great pro you know very productive seat last year. But this year he had a hamstring injury early in the year. He he never was quite insane running the ball it looked like himself out there but at the same time they kept it in the air because he's so reliable. At as a pass blocker as a receiver out of the backfield they know he's gonna be in the right place where is Henry. Still learning in that area but now they've got no choice they had to put it in there. And he had the kind of game and I think everybody was feeling like he was kicked or having all your long he has never really got the chance all lucky. You get a whole lot care so. Now I think it probably is up I think I have a chance to have another good game tonight. Let me just put it from your perspective. You know appeared to wait what I think you're a lot of cocky and arrogant fans why shouldn't they be they've won five Super Bowls they've they've been dominant the playoffs Brady. Hardly ever loses in the post season. Tennessee Titans are in uncharted territory. How from an outsider's perspective how it used to be or do you see the patriots as dean now a vulnerable team in any shape way or form. What they care. They're playing the big underdog card there's there's no question they're they're so exhilarated. I think cute to have a team in the playoffs here. In Nashville that the Packers in 2008. And the lack of Eric where they were the number one seed and played a terrible game. And lost to a ravens team that they should not block. They formal three times every in the could've gone wrong went wrong so. They're they're cut it's refreshing to not want it made it to the playoffs in the two. Be a big underdog in view real loose. Where whatever happens happens against this game but the patriots are viewed it that sort wanted to get it works for our radio shows what Reese who. For a long time was. The architect of the titans some really good tight jeans from. 19992003. I think by 2006. He was out but he was working then for Bill Belichick five years up there. It's at least got a unique perspective and so we've been dissecting a lot of you know the patriots dynasty and everything that they accept Cory what what that we do see your that it doesn't look like they have as. As outstanding defense. And they've had in years past and that's that's making the whole visit to the titans can play their best game off that. And they treat you well in the red zone that's the other thing that looks like it's going to be a factor yet to bend but don't break defense that. On paper that the patriots are way better in each read don't put it one game or else. You know I noticed it too obviously at the best defense is to keep Brady off the field but if you can't keep him off the field. You guys had 43 sacks last year I mean Vichy past season and our Iraq poet seven sacks he's still a great player. Is there any threat about them getting out to the quarterback. A big deficit that's a big problem for the titans are on paper that. There's that looks like it's gonna be a pretty good match up for the Patriots offense. I think passing offenses. That we're good gave the titans problems the titans benefited from a very weak schedule. This year they've played a lot of teams that issues at quarterback issues in the patent game. The titans can take away the run pretty well with with their defense. It's hard get after the passer it doesn't look good because stick a closed system as you guys know it's predicated a lot of deception where's the fifth guy Cummins from. But what you would operate there's not a lot of yet see there's nothing he had seen. And he's got good match ups down the field and the matchup with rock. Is really not good that the titans don't do well against tight ends that particular Travis he'll have a field day last week before he got hurt. Yeah no question about will targeted erupt percent stake of about the ball and that's a big weakness for the titans defense wedding allowed Kelsey runs for him for a concussion. We'll always you know. Has had no success at all against Brady and Belichick. If that was with a lot better personnel on Pittsburgh how is it possible he did what Tennessee. Yeah I do it doesn't look there are right I think that the patriots are gonna move all if there excuse. It's only the only thing that might be starts I think has been a pretty good job while it is holding teams to field goals in the red zone. They they were able to give. There are offered a chance at times just by bending but not breaking for example the red hot 49ers at the end of the game there was just charted out dark. Left and right. They move the ball all day against type with the titans held the dual goals in the author Scott owns the titans and they nearly won it. They they kick a field goal of last minute only to see the foreigners come back attic and civil. JE RG. BJ he's undefeated and apply. It Mercury one game. I'm Willie let's start about what I really aren't about to go out market news morning. The Nashville Predators. And how iconic I have never seen a community galvanized. So much with this team last year and Forsberg and soup from them again 25 wins right on the window as what you like as. How's the how are they responding to the team published over his support of. Korea so it's sold out every game are gonna go out every game for the second straight year. It's really been building the Peter Laviolette who's of course from. Update us. Pastures but Franklin mass yeah right next door Westfield state right effort division three hockey it's. Our background there of course locked out and improvements. Coaching system their coach of Providence I think before. He went to the islanders in the started his journey that's gotten here but. Yeah really of the predators it's so crazy to say we're with the titans in the playoffs and there's there's going to be huge problem for the titans. To see what they do in this game but night in night out. The bonus for the predators gains has definitely. Overtake in the plus for the tight games and I don't think as you noted people were thought you were on drugs fifteen or twenty years ago you said that whatever. Possible in the early years of of the franchise. But that that you want to shop and on defense tonight when you go. You know it got pretty good defense core on the creditors may be the best it delete but I don't know if they cover I wasn't. Willie I big I big question is forget about the fact that the predators are hot in Nashville how does a guy played basketball and baseball vanity. And it being a play by play guy for the predators that does that make sense to me at fall. Guy it's and it's six story experts are right because I had just played I just got done playing here. I was due to sports talk show and do our station was gonna carry the hockey. And I I grew up in New York but he bought it bought into it that when I was two years old to New York but at some background folic. And watching hockey which put me ahead of 99% of the media in Nashville they were to look at pro local got to do it. Due to pre and post game show so it just sort grew from there. While you have a good call for bowl. Well it cannot predict that this sort of covered agencies so yeah I I hope so I don't know I'm an outlet that actually get out like that got the Pittsburgh talking about mules and mental and all of that stuff what I've got to lightly but never. If they were there are certain guys like that you can imitate. And Willie good chatting good luck to the titans tonight and will catch out wrote. Our heritage should. Thanks really thought it won 2.5. Former basketball baseball player that's. Hockey on television where that Nashville is what you liked the prayers so much I like love. I'm gonna do. And no chump 617779737. Your calls lined up again. Outlaw them up as the round mound of sound ones at select the echo like there's nobody yet so low up. Believe me after a while I'll be here it almost John we give weight to the 11 o'clock show. 617777837. Lots of people lining up for the week and international auto show. Live from the convention standards must Johnson and Sports Radio. It's taking back to more. Muster an injunction on sports break. News. Trading at that point it was really only your second third his visit a lot of people around Cleveland now the thing was. They. Real hot that it won't do it that that to shrink once it's an effort through and talk the same but the problem is they offered free agent Aaron. These decade it is. And I mean I don't know if their order. But I don't want to trade off one and it was first second third and. Plus just Sports Radio WTI here Rappaport so. Water on the story we've been talking about for about seven days and counting marched to the ship ran however. In ire of Larry Johnson says it can't we just beat positive with people. Okay well I do think if people and information. To a story and I think if you're fair about it then you you have to evaluate it. Do you agree that we are being in in the immortal words you you can't damn the torpedoes. His injury though why I write ratio was 617 sevenths and aggregate these saddle area on I 837. As the telephone number were here it's 11 o'clock at the we went international auto show. And let's check out John who is standing by in Gardner Massachusetts girl page with. Good morning John Cook Maurice phone we don't want. What's happened with regional lovely lady taking pictures that we have to look at your admiration while not aren't we we have the right about where we of them look like we're intelligent have to protect were getting along what you say yeah. There. Not that accurate bone to pick why do you boys are not public IP personal appearances. You know why because I didn't know until they told me yesterday thought I thought a this show was very good for checking your email I just have to check your email I'd when he didn't. Show on 415 summer street in Boston it's on the conventions that you can sense it really is worth it it's a great tape though I'm not just things really if your car freak a job which I'm not sure you law are an easier place to combine Jack. Well we'll check out of mechanical claw I have been the golf show yet so if you're cute that's gonna come up we will let us let us piazza I don't simple gotten to my ticket right in the federal law. And by the way I want I want to look back Levy up I think every issue that you went on not February vacation that day or two would do we shall together. I have never there as much as Larry pretends that that happens and contrary to fact is paralyzed out wrap Patrick Gerry and asked them well. I thought right out I'll be busy RPI and you'll you'll always because I'm afraid I don't like 5 o'clock in the morning great to create Amin and prove her wrong you we'd be worth it. Anyway what's gonna time. Greg give one refers to his own. Vague recollections can they cite that as anecdotal evidence. I guess. What what if you couldn't migration mind of what we got what would you guess that we would have gotten Virginia call it what last year right. Would JD Collins. Is not the future of the franchise though. Oil we knew we were somewhat tainted if they would. You know I. Attitudes ID him that we saw him and at Denver game a year before it torched twice by. A compromise pay and it must go I think I think with the patriots Q we all must be included in we Belichick being involved. They do need some mysterious wounds. One minute guys all world and everything and he's traded out of town I don't think he's made much difference from Cleveland do you not at all. While there for a sixties are committed to read too much hype. The difference here is that for a guy they traded has gone five. Right we did know that at the time. True Mike if this age of the prophet of football that you make about today. That he would have understood that I still believe he did make that deal. Pot zone was under arrest. I I am I'm ice I believe the bill belly check based on what I've seen because of who caused that directs probably craft. What are. Ultra wide open or just for a few years it seems to me that there when deals were made out out opposite jeez they'll get it too for that the only get a free for that. And Maya. Heard me the past couple weeks I've been the only real issue that I furious about it right edge you know what almost every player he straightaway LC it seemed were probably the exception and now Rob Lowe really hasn't had that much of impact either on the team went to. Or by their loss in the wing. But this is a different case and jobless face to face it they had the succession plan. Are already in place telecheck was ready portrait of salary if he's ready to prove that he could be coach ticket with him. Without Tom Brady and elbow but they have. Vital because Brady you know the sentimental for lack of a better word for sentimental reasons probably pretty complex Brady was. Is gonna stay in isn't going to be traded but having said that. I don't quite put it to you guys before but up until this year like that little idealistic. Maybe twelve year old inside of me was always buying into Tom Brady news. Self image about his longevity axle was right I forget I met in the Kerry and Kirk had to get on to a three weeks ago and I forget what was but he decided the evidence obviously last year to a four less games. But the previous couple years I think he shouldered. Brady trailed off the last few games and moved from the last few seasons. So I think in particular. Is obviously motivation for Taiwan right with all this stuff going on. The other argument the other hot water went about five minutes left. And you refused to pick them up again and yet I think he brings a good point thanks for the call John last year he had remembered twelve game regular seat yet he only played fifteen games very sharp particularly at second after the Super Bowl as you might remember although it didn't look good against the taxes that first with a digital Hayward in asses right with the could have happened right now. Right other operating like it or not but in this particular case. It would take admirable people out this hot. A great team the Pittsburgh game is great evidence about the rise in buffalo game was great having sure that it got a lot of right the most and as you pointed out earlier talk about it second part of the program today. Tom Brady has not been that Tom Brady. That we say is the greatest of all times we'll talk a little bit about that will break down Larry says he wants to break down. The offensive line played the titans will look at that's an X is owns. And let's go back to how stupid is making a wonderful country where you're what Willie that filters that they don't have much of the pass rush right so that both in the patriot favorite although their run defense is very good they're gonna make Tom Brady pass the ball is not necessarily separate it won't be playing. In the union news labor that Birkhead is out all right we'll talk about that coming up this Larry does wanna get pretty critical or negative. It's there's no more piled onto occurred many and you hate Craig must give us a call spots 77 you better alert AT&T and all the other phone company through their phone lines may just completely blow out. Anyway 6177797937. As the telephone number back after this.