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Saturday, December 16th

Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson look ahead to the Patriots vs the Steelers. They talk about the Patriots and the need to forget the loss in Miami and move on.


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The week here. And that teacher from. Mustard and shots. You guys scored. Sox tax season season. Muster in Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio. Oh yeah we're here don't worry about it don't fret. Mustard and Johnson maybe it is Saturday fixes Johnson mossy so generously said. Being. Unceremoniously. Moved out of our usual 1 o'clock spot good a place for rob and John the over the air at Christmas at Fenway we've done for many years but those guys. Obviously have the inside knowledge of the Red Sox have good conversations today we gave them brows ski. Alex Cora and Sam Kennedy is fans. Head over Fenway Park in their season tickets and waiting. For a few stockings under their Red Sox Christmas trees somewhat akin to Jon Karl stay and that's probably not gonna happen but. What's our Red Sox you wanna go somewhere else where welcome and good morning everyone are good afternoon dollars to you feel a little distant populated edged out because he you really can't get anything batted it home because you know you gotta get on the road to get any kind of things do you wanna get started at home where our job our job shopping very candid things all all cash wasn't sure what's going on naked grab his parents and households of four is last night nowhere -- at a Christmas party really alligator greeting crowds going in my body my fair and and and company and apart you Barack brag about. Stop marked coffee you know I did not realize not that I am in the nor well for sending very often but before it's over on canal street right around the corner from -- guards was a mustard mainstay back embarrassed that this morning Quincy to its fantastic no this when he winced is well yeah. Got a lot of our rocked in Maryland get any double takes nobody says anything to me it was just it was fine I mean no one said one issue with the black restaurant and bar gay cowboy movie due out in here haven't you read the spotlight series in the Boston Globe this week Larry Johnson did I belong here I didn't read it but I mean that doesn't mean I don't care about it but I'm I just add. I don't think Boston is races I simply think it. Boston. Along the cities and I've been doing for and contacts with people. Boston is very different Compton navigate around that's what it is it's navigating. Around you can go to Atlanta LA or any other place in your Hodge Karine. You pretty much confined the power of people. To assist you'd get where you wanna get Boston is very different out partly because in April exit of either from an African American perspective exactly you know it's funny we had. I some colleagues I was teaching in a inner city program I first started teaching about 20/20 two years ago. And I asked one of fellow teachers who is African American why that was the case why kids were having problems going to college Y kids. Were dropping out more so than the suburban schools and she felt. That there's just no access black people feel they don't have access whether it's directly or indirectly it's almost as if they're always perpetually. On the outside looking in you say they can't really navigate things it's almost as if they don't have the inside knowledge. That's necessary. Get to where you gonna get exactly chancellor. Iraqi Motley was over UMass for a long time and he was a great. Resource for that but for the miles but I don't wanna get an offering or racism I'm just saying. I know I've never had any problems and I'm black and I haven't had any problems and I mean I was with a goal and accepted and so on and I I just an army problem of the aria disappoint people out there. I but I believe it's there I believe it's everywhere but I think that. Boston because of the way it's constituted. A Massachusetts the ways divided up. It's very do if you don't know the right people it's very this. Disappointing. To try and navigate yourself around and it's getting better. That's a proud people before we refused or not you see that things are proven outcry could do offended TV side and you watch the new lose and you watch all the different people employed in and and doing things and it's changing it if we want it faster than it's moving but it is moving but the law. Of course that's gotten the most attention is aging Walker's case came on Thursday par five of the series and talking about the Adam Jones. A controversy from last year incidents it was a controversy because some people doubted. That the and were was actually spewed his way. He was on yesterday with dale -- very interest thing interviewed Gayle are quite confrontational. They're going back and forth they drew more current dale work. And a lot of people felt there and you haven't seen the article it's not a lot of new territory yeah. Being explored derelict of art of irrational and now we don't know about all that stuff we it and believe me in the bus thing I was I was in the middle of I was over the is speaking at. South Boston and stuff I know about all of that but I also think. Progress has been made I really do and I'm sorry I you watch the new lows and commercials and every other kind of thing out there. Progress has been made I will make one point on that though. Through that point I remember when I first got appear in the early nineties and it was 1990. Reported in Steve's finger recover remember I don't remember try to work together yeah over at one point. And he was assigned this is when Oakland was very good crystalline Luis is teens who McGwire and Canseco we're visiting the Red Sox are regular season game and playing in the post season night here. He went to a sold out odd game between the a's in the Red Sox in the summer of 1990. I believe. And they actually. Had counted the entire crowd. And India sold out 35000. C Fenway at the time before the expansion. There were 521. People of color. In the stands. Out of a grand total of 35000 those numbers a little rough but generally yes pretty about that so they did it recently in this was in the article on Thursday on. 1%. Of the crowd at Fenway. Were people color and 1% of the crowd at Gillette. We're I'm sorry should be 2%. Fenway people of color 2% to let people call of 1%. The Bruins people of color 8% people caller yeah going to the Celtics yes so. There are probably many more black faces. In the garden today than there were 2530 years ago but it looks as if pretty much the status squall. With Joseph lap and Fenway Paul F. I don't know whether or not that's part cherries have which sport is your favorite I still think football as the favorite around here. I don't glow 'cause I'm a mom lazy I don't want to I don't wanna be bothered just. The amenities and being home and you got the TV and refrigerator every yet at our regular eight. Yeah I'll take that the minute. I think the act. The exhibition games or more convenient in the weather wise we have more comfortable and you do that what was your kids yet is a free ticket yeah yeah an item does in this stuff and drive you crazy if you want to there's enough going on up in the world it's a bit wrong. I think it's a good benefit. By the globe them and every you take a a statement or move on something you're going to offend somebody if you don't offend somebody that it's not a good effort. I think that there on that type of that I keep. Oh who have been most com conspicuously offended. Are those who feel. That they're being attacked when. You read a multi part series in the glow. And people get very defensive about that they start circling the wagons particularly white people they don't think individually. That they are bigots or racists. I don't think they have a prejudiced bone in their body. And they don't like. Reading stories about how Boston persists on being segregated. And persists. On having. Racist philosophies and if you I don't know if you listen this is the station much this week. There were a lot of people say up and arms. But resented the fact that the global. Would have to write this multi part series. You know saying we've solved our racial problem we're moving forward we're trying to heal were trying to reconcile with our past. And the new Boston is not the old Boston a perception. Yeah now I don't think we've solved the problem I think it's better. I think used to go to crime problems and inner cities. And people trying to get ahead there's a great piece on channel four earlier today about is that African American kid who couldn't. And you know here's hoping he would get in any avenues huge celebration kid from the city yeah yeah it's coming it's as if it's you know I don't. But I did youth ministry man I'm when white kids came from behind it because it. Gave us an opportunity to exercise what we claim to be believed it and that was our we have two young girls who came on a retreat of us and it was. I just I loved it so. Is progress I certainly no punishment to our target erotic but I'm just my personal statement on and is. I don't think Boston is racist I just think it's. It's very difficult to navigate your way around. To win you wanna get be it housing BA education be it whatever and I think that's. Pretty much it I think sports is a great. Way of I'm bringing some of these things together and you look at the patriots play is alum and and it's in it's it's obvious that it's. At ethic greatly and mark for bringing people of all different backgrounds together yeah. You go to Vegas Manny got people on the back felon dies of black green white bread doesn't matter you find something that. People find in common and adds it is our races. On that other stuff. Well if you look at you know the composition of the Red Sox much more diverse now than it was in times gone by even after the Tom yawkey area and it. Certainly the National Football League the NBA. You know how many white players are in the NBA it's just such a small number. Very few on the Celtics held the one place where people are off color do feel comfortable and is the TD garden. But you remember back in the days and Asian walker was touching upon this in his article back in the eighties when the Celtics lakers are born at the black community was mostly rooting around here for the lakers. Yes black hole Y are I've got to debate for years over that but Joseph it's fascinating that. A guy like Stanton. With Barak. Armed Dominican I don't know either but the point is that he can sign. We're back kind of money and nobody blinked and I think our camp we go again. They're pay that guy that kind of money if if passed that point now people are rooting for performance. And they have their favorite players. And that's a good place to be. Lot of work still to be done but I'm not gonna sit here and in inclined something to be that I don't feel this yeah it's not his. I'm not nigh eve enough not to say that it's still not there I'm saying it's better. Well the Asia walker peace in a nutshell is. The perception is it's still there that athletes from outside still feel on comfortable Adam Jones. We know about that CC sabathia. Has Jackie Bradley Jack something yet Jackie Bradley went to a manager Sam Kennedy complaining about the and were being uttered in his vicinity. At Fenway Park. Although on the other side you have a guy like poppy who can thrive here I earlier Thomas and the most Parker plays who's ever worn you know and I say his entire career was transformed. By playing in Boston he wrote that nice letter. To the Celtics the Celtics fans on his way back to Cleveland saw their love him yeah so. I don't know I mean a lot of what I read and I read. Most of that six part series and a teacher media matters classic journalism wells I think it's important an interest in journalistic. Store stories about. Her and it's a great piece of journalism it's but it's a story that continues. And it continues unfortunately. To trigger a lot of resentment. In a lot of white people around here we heard a lot of those voices over the past several days well. Think it's like anything house is you got white people were saying what problem and you have part people who are going. Or if there there were people who take advantage of any situation any story any circumstance. And I will continue to say that progress is being made. Maybe not as fast as I would like it but that it is if it's comfortable and I I see a lot of progress being made and that's. Now I commend the globe for making an effort to do something. About it and for people read it and either go away a great way of it or you'd feel like they're full of it it what are the other you'd. I'm in the middle. On a really AM and I can't help that you know on black I always. Here's some time on the stage in my account and full time African American tea pot time but I'm black and I am happy that I am black. And I've been here for over twenty something years and I'm sorry if I don't always X bows a black opinion all white opinion I don't know what that is I think as an individual opinion. And that's what I have. Then the view for years we went to wire we went through early articles in the New York from your perspective yet on how we did I'm really that's sort of felt whenever wells wedding boy I was about two inches from just like why. Do I don't wanna go back into it now you're racist but I don't wanna go back to that I ha ha ha. That I basically came I know I believe Manuel I know is that great is way. Of the game was made last week in the game was so miserable that nobody talked about this issue smooth transition that's generous until I was on racism your racist everybody knows that they've courage well established guys that go beyond that I think the Honolulu that one handed catch he made going down the sidelines was a phenomenal. Play. Outside of that I came at a C in a hurry to get out of that top underwater I don't care I don't know what can you can play. And what you can you can pulled out of it seriously you know even the reason why if you think it is though you might think they're visit well I just felt that it was incumbent upon me showering the radio station and and the conversations. That unfolded most of the weekend I'm sitting in the studio with a a person of color guy who has interest in your priest has asked for anything on I'm dodging and entourage and governor I lived in Roxbury Dorchester. Keenan I've lived all over the place I know all aspects of living can sort of funny I never saw you there insignia and went right. But the difference of trying to say is that. Everybody's got a different opinion on that that's what makes it such an interesting subject some people have been sexually. And that's actually about racially. I'm taking advantage of some say extreme terrible situations. And some people just didn't go through a whole lot of that I didn't go through a whole lot of that I don't know what you want me to make up something. Well I mean certainly. No many members of the black community probably had a different spirit and they're absolutely. Right app that's right among Palestinians say there isn't right. I think that Michael put it best yesterday. Michael of course being black. When he thought you know he loves his one point got out to have you sometimes your little slow on the am I know I know Dale's black eyed and all and we as he's the first black hosted WEEI as a matter of fact we ban yeah. I that's what his seat which what is which has about one. So I think hew more. Does the law. I've heard conversations on the station of the past five years. Where you merge inning line and I really close friends and we TARP on we come up and stuff where. I think what those two guys cutting out about that that Glenn and Larry cutting out we're very clutch out of our budget wild and crazy guys love it directly on that night. Up now that you talk about things and a lot of fun when it. And in progress is being made in your conversations on this station but time and hundreds if good give and take. If people go back and forth you must understand that the guys that with a button has the power. Though as even as an African American if you try to call up the station and you might really bring out your point of view. You're only as good as the personal you talk that's unfortunate. I don't like that but that's the way it is I mean a lot of people don't like our show because they think we spent two primary colors but I think of a Perth. It's called a talk show and I think if people call and have an opinion. You can't spend all day with them but you certainly shared sense that makes those that he certainly can allow them to express their order which owners were taken Germany calls now he's not hasn't been enough I've heard that late. When you guys are cutting up the town pink red. Now they'll talk about for him the job situation darkness of it. These could be in any way of trying to affect the patriot very serious today. Well this is what happened. They let you worn you down Ole lady again today that horrid doubt you I guess the best of Larry Johnson happens these days from nine to eleven on Saturday. I really am your sugar levels OK I think the patriots game last week with so Brad. People part about it that much but. I'm I don't know its Achilles thing when Brady why buy it might cry she kept entering into. Double and triple coverages applause were too low interest he was out of sync the defense is what I told you about before. It's like you're running around watching a bunch of players that nobody Knowles. It it is is that nobody knows lay out. They debate really at the Miami Dolphins are karma in years past no name defense that's is that no name. Defense. I mean doing a great Jack I said before them to keep screaming it until one day somebody listens to me. The amount of players across the league wore out injured. Is unbelievable. If I'm good now. This has to be a mine number one priorities in terms of trying to find out. While I know the plays a bigger faster stronger. On the have a 265. Pound linebacker running a 45. Is colliding with somebody will something's got to give her. Well they've essentially taken a kick off return out of the game and people complain about that but that's one way. To promote safety safety is the big issue they're dealing with CT either try to cut down on steering head first tackle him think he's done a good job on that for. The most part of the we certainly seen some on violations at Cincinnati and Pittsburgh came from a couple weeks ago that was pathetic how we seem smugly games. But generally I think. They have at least begun to understand that this game wants to continue you've seen the alarming numbers and you football. Participation has dipped my son just joined. He loves the game but I can understand. Where a parent would be very reluctant to have their kids. Play football so special why journalists and you're watching them out there right to hold different bright and I think people now I mean we've come a long way as fans. I remember you know back. 1015 years ago when safety was being first discussed app what address that's not football. Yet now that I tell ladies out there. Now people do understand their gladiators literally putting their lives on the line for our entertainment. You know we must will be sitting in the coliseum. And and zero. And M or 18 AD watching these gladiators and that's where it really comes down to you're right it's a war of attrition out there. And that the team that has the fewest injuries. Is gonna war of attrition and survive in Philadelphia Los almost all of us are Larry you know me with quarterback and the quarterbacks go down. I I am absolutely. Sick over that. Because to me the best match up would be patriots and Eagles in the Super Bowl the only team that I think. Has any shot. At some planning the patriots as the champions. Were the Eagles unfortunately having to use the past tense because I wanted to see Carson Wentz quarterback of the future. Against the greatest of all time GO HA. That would have been showdown you wash grandstand last week. What a great quarterback he has now what an arm and he's mobile Smart as these only history in his second year and he's down Aaron Rodgers thankfully is coming back we don't know what kind of condition he's gonna be and he's going to be in Carolina tomorrow. I wanna see all the great quarterbacks can unnatural to run nick four holes is not a terrible quarterback he's he's one of the better backup quarterbacks has been a starter for Philadelphia. But still it's. If you're watching these games and at some point you are not rooting for the quarterback acted to be well. Not really a fan of the game if you're off your local yell call if all you care about if your patriot partisan and all you care about Super Bowl when he and I don't understand that. You've probably got a big break last Sunday were Carson wind's going to knock of the pictures don't have their own issues. And they have to get by Pittsburgh are treading very well I think they will get by Pittsburgh matter of fact young patriots are favorites in that game. Three and a half after they after they lose in Miami. And Pittsburgh's home would eight straight wins. But people molding history. And I am not convinced how many times have we seen Brady and out of Miami and lose many many times. I look at it as an animal routines he's gonna losing market I think it's it's it's almost as predictable not that I can not that I but he was he was out of synch though he literally was we don't want it's amazing they look out of sync one way we know how they are. And back to back weeks rarely do they ever lose two in a row. And rarely do they ever lose against Pittsburgh eight of the last nine games have resulted in pat pats once you really see. Even though it it I hate it I think it's big getting grind but I really do right he needs. The Patriots offense is designed to now because of injuries and I like it. You if Brady has to have a safety belt he has to have somebody won two passed on to pay I get away yup yeah. That opens it up for corks and allows him to run his deep roots and you know that's the obvious it needs to be done they are able to get around that we is. The three headed monster running backs. Those guys all have an ability to catch the ball the other night Magglio is and you know Indiana had a great catch as you pointed out earlier. I HII. Will not be convinced that the patriots are going down until they actually lose that came out tomorrow and I don't see. Look at those gains that Pittsburgh is one coming from behind against the ravens are down eleven going in the fourth quarter and a porn. Evidently won't be the only ones that these game they're not winning Empresa like an in house not dominating by any stretch on the other hand. They're showing a lot of resilience a gym that much yeah reaching deep down and all that stuff in their Big Three. Is great but you don't want they never come out day James that tight end they've got that you know. Listen you've got to give teams credit you really doing you got to look you have to take a moment and minute and look at the Patriots defense. Who these people. You don't know many of me you really don't mean that it's. That's the reality they have branded. Front seven stuff yeah it is tough. All right meanwhile is in spite of all that not horrible. Performance last week in Miami. The good money is still on the pages we'll talk about that in Vienna Pittsburgh tomorrow. Only the top seed in the NC and about the Red Sox if you want to feel bad for. I don't feel bad for him but I mean for Dem pronounced in a way I don't I don't care what he comes up with in the trade is nothing he can do. To equal what the Yankees pulled off last were preparing in my opinion I don't think there is do you talk about reds are poor t.s well it's time Larry look at the clock comedy usually Democrats quartet at 915 when it content when it's 1247. And mustard and Johnson's show I have is that although I am pollen and in my driveway. They sneeze mosque and shot Sports Radio. Did you watch the game. Hard to watch. Not being there. Bob a withering cross examination of our own Ryan Hannibal too much. Four. Rob Gronkowski who walks off the stage and discuss what probably asking that question that seemed fairly innocent enough then he. Hello I I should shark into that match since she's the mother played it. If I. About it and Johnson I don't have to Muster morale show it should be as it has very literate as may be I wanna join right you get to a point in the season now if this if if we're me. It's victim you know answering the same questions over and over and over again I decided that I don't mind that where the question was did you see the game on Monday and how innocuous can you guess that maybe maybe just tiny baby don't feel like answering anymore by U. I'm just that that would be my opinion on it. And write something for us last night also. But with the Red Sox forget the without actually got the OK seriously don't ever ever topic you go to something not known and obviously you know landscapes on capitol Carlin any of all opposite electrical arc I'd I think the two biggies are when will the Red Sox. I'd get in gear Dave Dombrowski address that issue with the boys today over at Christmas at Fenway I don't think anything's gonna real exciting though they know well after Stanton now. I mean I don't blame them for that but I mean about them Hosmer and Martinez and all these different players and Santana they wanted possibly but the Phillies got a I there and a tough situation anger in my. Every year we go over Christmas at Fenway is over is abuzz over there and not that didn't sound like it this year yeah usually when we're there the loudspeakers blaring the music is blaring you can barely hear yourself people are surrounding the at a table did did in the same place sound like you're doing a show and now Avaya I mean it is it is what are I think core sound proof vote was anybody you know you guys are net estimating Dudley capabilities that must be finally after we got he's got he's allergic microphone out of any elevator yeah absolutely 61777. Heinz all right. Here's a kill dogs what's telephone number again 6177797. 93 set he is the lead off hitter no matter at 912 money or even 1240 it's Andy from Framingham kicks it off on Sports Radio. WEEI IAEA. Oh and he. Blueprint for this and how I was just. But while doing pretty well to a pretty well I'll catch your normal little child can talk about an event for all of it for about. Are almost total value of about two living abroad are content or I don't know where you guys showed particular should sides. Additional visual litter and as such are these will be a much better hitter the world that is currently. Yeah David prices and they'll vote for David Price has agreed to style icons. Much. Any other auto quote durable affordable local did you play with the job once teams Tampa. And have a happy credentials. Very bright guy and I'd like Cosmo a lot and I went to two World Series in a row one of the things I liked about both those teams especially the one to beat the Mets. 2015. Was they were contact hitting team and they can beat you with like nine singles and and and it. There Pinochet automatically delusional and a little poll go to our confusion through virtual. It will what can shoot and go low ball. Did knock on him now however Andy is that you just said that the big problem of course now it's it's home run derby at each and every night Major League Baseball the Red Sox biggest deficiency. After the shirt that you rescued well. Over to other and recruit maybe. But shouldn't we don't have all the good to get your defense should ever know what happens. While blended noble do what I can withdraw. Which certain very little chance nobody backing. And he really got to know that team apart there's no I don't want to deploy and David a year ago merger would go to ball there's. But I know local guy in my area local Marty all of no no it's not political. Well you can understand what you're trying to do I mean they have been such a day and down franchise for so long have a couple of fires are as inspired as are the two World Series and for team has won two World Series there isn't bottom of the barrel as you're gonna get. They issued what you just how he guide economy and lag year. Hinges. Nothing because ultimately help followed million which seems like a lot of what it is no money but it's it's shown world should know. It's sold out of that's not a good situation than the stadium. The old ruins of corporate partner laureate who. I mean he didn't really acknowledge the and they cut the division. Well you know what they'd they'd built the new stadium and moved out of the of the dolphins' home I thought that was gonna changed things that did not it is a ghost town each and every game. And they. Ultimately. You're not competitive element on the all of applaud. But what they're doing and he you can see it you just said that they wanna put a guy at the face that threat in the face of the franchise who is one of the great. Talents over the last 225 years in a plus but he's. OK but he's not playing right last time I Russia but they are desperate at this point they wanna keep that franchise there have been doing everything that he wants Oprah tell you now see the cut but his barrel at its lowest like bringing Phil Jackson into the unit general manager of the what an extra government. Ocean voyage to India fell upon it like cat Monty would keep guns out all of us thought I don't we feel little blue and not look good purportedly not. Are you troubled mother of all of us live Larry. Others into an imported if you go to Russia the glove in issue. And our global particularly probably I think you know the court was not only would we do our techno indicate whether it's going to be there you go. You know I heard someone of these programs that might have been in the NBC. Sports show but act and I don't understand the vital. By what the lawn of the season goals how logic is chippy eight Andy I'm Craig is trying to trap you but it won't let you on the eco you just dropped him. I think always will be twisting and I win I like to pay no attention that bad and I. The microphones on that the pitcher and when I'm just funny you know as much as you I don't get along a lot of things I was just thinking about I was taking out the Christmas ornaments putting on the tree for another year we have a couple of doors the the media house to. That Korea house I have no choice in the matter are back as soon as I get home us I was very disappointed to learn about what we're until 3 o'clock at couldn't escape from that unfortunately that's not gonna happen I'll be back for an extra hour. Of home Christmas decorating but anyway I was putting my door feet ornament. Up on the trees seem that will be a long time. Be perfect move for the holiday season that I will do along when it's a wonderful life that and it's a wonderful life and got to see those who have not paid by the way speaking of the and I love that movie they have you seen a wars onside kick in your life the moment last never seen one like that you might like he was polling. Just punched right it's Christmas. Just a terrible idea but when your bowling is supposed to yes is supposed to go straight down the probable cause now my problem laws. In an end and I I tried to listen to ha ha built talked about it on Mondays at dale and Holley with Keyes show. And he was trying to explain that. And the strategy I guess was why because it did it was aiming and make ten yards go to Kenya right. Cycling is just went straight price what was his strategy I have no I look more like. Poor shot like a cute shot than anything else. And I've never seen that before it didn't work. But I would say that I wasn't exactly gonna blame the very unusual onside kick on the patriots problems. They just could not protect brought that was one of them yeah I got embarrassing and I keep Amylin has on other shows at night a weapon they sits on the public Iraq alone they said wow. What are you gonna do they you know they only we're gonna keep them. If I hit that one more time I'll scream Ono Ahmad objecting. Two trading him I'm objecting to the fact that they had plenty of time before the draft. To realize if he was not gonna play here under the current contractual. Conditions that they remind him of playing and a then you'd trade him in you get a punch a draft picks. There is no whether I will not accept any other excuse. I mean come on what is going grapple all done since he's left the patriots I mean what is he Johnny's just. All day from Quincy your next that's. What's radio WAI. I said anybody wanna buy it legality chickens eat certain that I got a possible insult not. He's so you're right Daniel. Yes so far far you don't. And by the way it would have been nice appetite he showed got to be on a twelve you know alleviate those other two. People. People perish wise men. Yeah I mean. At Russia's Ort don't let's ever cracked right cook I caught caught conversation. Keep my. You don't want conversation. When he asserted that the numbers and lines and off duty number two what. Number two on your list of course is anecdotal which I sing on the high end. Yeah we Shaq almost cliche all right you'll find having said that he said all that that was Eddie's big one yeah. Former two weight that they can block this award I can't stand it anyways. I'm OK so. Now I can warm up like Yelp like after the also slot last week is that people are saying on talk shows fans media. That the dolphins game didn't matter is this what it got as I could anybody say that they want the conference game. He came behind going into Pittsburgh and it now when the ball great you can bet your. They will be playing the cot we. You can looked up at your funky black gold is intact I don't. It's a good shot there would probably play a lot of time we. Well hey Danny even if Danny Danny boy oh Danny boy please listen to me. OK even if they had beaten Miami. Last week okay they still had to win this week. This game does make all the difference in the world. Last week's game for both. Pittsburgh and the patriots was irrelevant. Yes. Now I don't know because this way down I'll be here's the difference Danny Cain now what happens if the patriots lose this week. Then they're two games back in it's hopeless she can't do anything about it so last week really didn't matter much is once they win this week they got it. I have a portable affordable supply because if I can strip. You're talking about it. Danny Danny if you lose Danny if you lose tomorrow you can't lose tomorrow then it'll lose the tiebreaker it's all over. How you possibly gonna get out of losing tomorrow. Don't look at don't look now at Jacksonville is. Did have a better conference record in the patriots right now if you don't care about eating quite independent. I joke about seeding I I think you well know take a look at the last few years last decade what does Brady ever won a Super Bowl always had to play in an AFC championship game on the road non. It is not the same team great look it can't in this thing if the patriots have got to continually talk hasn't confirmed. Can I can I get a story out of the opening drive the Miami Dolphins to help but also check out the Internet first quarter last week. And they got six point Brittany Soledad six point oh yeah I did the foundation. To have a shot at beating the patriots they held off a ten and a half minutes of the first time that the defense contract. Tell me about Edmonton and tell me about the defense they have. Tell me about the deep. He's a much concerned well yeah I mean people are talking about the hatred like the old seven patriots. Team. Doesn't have a lot of margin for error there opted to also shelled themselves they are now that moment. And there and you can't hanging artists and learning and we're able to play. Four games off flush it it's more important point to. Mention that they should give. Sitting Bull nation praising him it's a gym parade. All right. And I really I made me as your playground while a couple of games. What do you will be vindicated Danny. But quite object to that. The defense. Against buffalo they can't and the opening drive as well what I like to know what doubt that they took up any minute stop the clock prejudicial to protect. But I was turn always the giveaways stage I thought that the before you get into the seat didn't look like. Return the thing dried up credit if you can't win it ever got to turn off Bennett talked. On the MasterCard ads and branches out. It cannon is out. Who are showing here and I want is Brady Gabbard rocks back Brady's still upright in spite of the Achilles and they're playing a team that has not a clue. They don't a hundred stock Brady they haven't at all in the last decade or soon. What's that. What Miami's always beaten the pictures down there. I'm curious that everything is just to. About matchups it's horses for courses Danny and you know that's a Brady in two places that he doesn't like to go are Denver and and my only hope that I recommend you feel and you feel the patriots can stop by Pittsburgh just because it's all matchups what has of people losing. They failed patriots have a match how you look at you know look to look at personnel for the 00 god forbid don't look at the play is okay we know right now the Steelers on paper are a better and healthier team yep just doesn't mean the patriots are gonna go in there and lose that game on our web content has absolutely not except. And it worked out last week as Miami they always is against Miami guys yeah guys are all it's a pretty good one curtain you Martina personality. All right so you think. I don't yes. Lock whose brother watches she began as well. I didn't see it as I saw the highlights. Hey did you see dominant captain David total brown. I also saw I also saw him limping into the fourth quarter eleven points down. I didn't know why I was rising brought more hypocritical to count the one guy. But senate deputy to god feel all that he'll. Danny when was the last time Pittsburgh was competitive against the patriots even regular season or post season. Form sometimes that's what you can only go on what any idol why dividends evidence is in the past performance. Are you might not. I would somebody else channel that I let my stockbroker you know that. All my assets six point 777. Hi Seth and I 83 sent stocks doing. Very well really that's all your money tied up in. You know one anonymous should have been speaking to tie up but on 6177797. 937. Is the telephone number who's coming in at 2 o'clock map. And Reamer. Bucket Roemer Barkin re not excellent so they'll be and Nina about 2 o'clock they got a two hour show or two or you yup all prisoners during the NFL they have they we have that very important that key. NIC north match up between the bearers in the lions coming up at 425. Who. A must listen right here yeah I got a rush from Amish on such rapidly if the guy. Muster Johnson. Watch Sports Radio. You we I got so. The real well we can't help he's personally didn't play well obviously they've lost game. How long did they get that out of your head as you prepare for Pittsburgh. Well we're right on him pretty quickly after the game or Tuesday's. Do those kind of the data get ahead on the phone we're gonna say so we have to move on pretty quick here when deals with. Play night games over the course of the year and is such a big game vs Pittsburgh. We moved on pretty much right away. As Tom Brady on his west would want to show we've Jim Gray on Thursday night. Sociable Canty was almost like they. Think Jim is asking questions on a sheet and Tom's got an answer role written out doesn't skip seems a little recourse to me doesn't have the same spontaneity that time. Tom brings to Kirk can Callahan. Every Monday or Tuesday right here. I'm Sports Radio WEEI 6177797937. Is the telephone number. Hi how are you doing over there I was ready for this big announcement you have I don't. Our intrepid reporter our roving reporter art hot I team investigator Matt morale over the other side of the glass has learned ladies and gentlemen that you wanna announce it I do Vince McMahon is looking to bring back the access and may announce it on January 25 2008 you don't want Glenn Ord where it was right. Lo these many here the government let the lord wake up I'd say the ex FL was video of a wild success so long. Concept you guys talk about you let's cut up and actually have a part of our rosters like. He hate me and I think I could ever probably the best he hate me yeah yeah my retirement plan. You are right you you have you have that you were scorned. And you were criticized you were rates. Against the on the polls for having that that opinion of the ex FL would succeed but it it appears as though it did not. But you have been vindicated our time has vindicated Glen learning what they could do to make that work. I think have massive brawl like battlefield only when you would be fomenting violence sure we're trying to cut down on my coincidental you all planning about how boring hockey is. I don't watch hockey in the regular season it's not as it's totally Stanley Cup Playoffs for me did you watch hockey in the regular season Akamai Yahoo!. I used to know what happened they stop they don't hit so as long as it's very little fighting. So Ed has no appeal to me over doesn't believe you have. Actually no interest absolutely right 617779793726. Or we go forward Jerome load off your home. Like hey how you don't draw what happens. In. Are there you go out Teddy green and now weighing what's his name Matt MacKey and how much out bra and John Ferguson and all the and current and back doesn't. Does with a day's big gap tooth wandered John Ferguson. CNET was sentenced you Magnuson. Odds are. Riding on how Grassley are not recognized that easily and he's he's got nothing relevant as a matter of fact that that's out of the shower when you cut him off impersonate Larry Johnson and just in the rot major room. Hey listen you know what it's my idea are you guys. I I'm a great Chinese who meant so I you guys to the solid. I used to be on the I like Chinese food lie act. I that'll play I know little sound and about 800 pacifier is so far what kinds of particle weapons lions and tigers how hot dogs of our. I don't think you work you know things go too far fetched. About them. You don't want the most important record was imagine that the patriots lost. I have no idea you tell me Jerome. I'm well I'm. Up in the a streak I'm going to be in great like football you learn. Yup Gloria I just get inducted lesson last month that he got. They're hoping. Did you ever nick did you have a nickname. They called it a bit. War and let Dick night train lane. Right right but it. You know why that's a good friend was Walter Johnson back in the days of the senators and early twentieth century and I'm glad drone. While the big train Johnson and they got up while I. I actually articulate it would be. Impossible no mention of Allegra. Glory days drone glory days. Listen in and out there I'm not a mean yeah. Got a good point good point that was earlier today I got out that was awful lot how how is Tom Brady the greatest. Quarterback and not the greatest player in the history of the game going old for eleven on third down. This guy I mean it's you don't want it goes to show you talk about all the time Larry offensive lines do matter. If you don't have the right players in place there even Tom Brady can have a very important Brady said bunnies that day when he sacked. That's an retire. Well we can't have too many more games like last race out there that when they you know even the greats and Tom Brady. As you know he knows how to work in a pocket he knows exactly where to step on just about half got a good back up if they have had to be well you know I think problems right now. Forgot about that 6177797937. Glenn Natick you're next in Sports Radio Meg Ryan. They guys they don't. Want Thomas really enjoyed gotten over via artist off the yeah. Regarding again tomorrow I kind of agree would be heading down a Munich and electric and historically the offense. Has done great against Pittsburgh and her problems moving the ball score and I think that should be the case tomorrow. What I'm really concerned about our front seven. Would fit in order to eloquence and I'm. Rob branches that branch isn't going to be available so they have brown the probably Craig's argument is very simple. It's nice to resort to that stuff but over the recent court asking you go let me tell you mentioned that he finished. They change rosters people retire idea people more on you can't beat. You can resume resort to some wreckage ten years ago but at the dead guy ten years ago is implying now. But it happens every single time the patriots and Steelers take the football field except once and that was way back in 20042005. It's what you want to topic would you pick your house honest I would bet if if I were a betting man he Chet how do you see this thing one. I you know I think we hear Spain and that would to your point about how to score over the years like Larry certain players that there was just read a couple of bounces. Everyone's been talked about it and played. It typical defense don't you don't try to ban are they gonna try to map out now I don't know if major problem and I are on the open outburst about. So I'm confident that those scored a modest. Not so confident that the government not to outscored its right it's a could be about thirty or 31 type of game what they loose. Arm. Highlight the fact that they have taken matchup Gilmore. Would brown I think that's that that's a great. Strength if you can do that Gilmore seemed to do very well aware that if you putting them on a particular player. And then let everybody else figure out the rest of the effort yet to take Antonio Brown out and he has other weapons that's it's gonna make a lot more difficult and I think gladiator right on the head. That zone defense that seems to work well in other scenarios always seems to fail when not Tom Brady and company hit the field and I yeah and I don't see it. Unfolding any differently I certainly think he can make a case it's 18 in a row they got home field patriots looked terrible. In Miami but historically. As I've been saying basically all morning pick his play bad the Miami I don't play very well in Denver now. I mean you look at the track record there. I mean haven't the fact of the matter they played twice three weeks which are always concerned about that game is based on metal oh yeah. Restraint that's very good point I think that had a lot to do a Miami winning that game hey Glenn thank you thank you for straightening crank out. Hey Glenn thanks a lot of a call give us a call back any time 6177797937. We get more into that pats and Steelers showdown down. At Three Rivers are revenue after rebel attacks in the south I tell you concerned at all but the you know they should be taken a few more lumps here in the and that bench was certainly outplayed last night. So we'll we'll put that on the table as well it's a very special edition of the mustard Johnson's show here to oops woo what time it was a fifth I don't remember I was the clock and take. I can't if I am I and so just by doing Kansas anymore I am not in Kansas anymore. So we're going to be here it's a lot to a clock it's mustard in Johnson's words radio WB.