Mustard and Johnson - Michele McPhee's report on Hanley Ramirez; Chris Forsberg, ESPN, talks Celtics draft 6-23-2018

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Saturday, June 23rd
Hour 2. Mustard and Johnson break down Michele McPhee's report on Hanley Ramirez being eyed in a drug trafficking ring. Chrius Forsberg of ESPN joins the show to give his draft grade for the Celtics.

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The creature. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. You guys sports. We had seasons here. This must. Sports Radio WEEI spending most of its first our challenge to our number two are talking about the Michelle McPhee report that Hanley Ramirez possibly involved with the fentanyl distribution ring in a Massachusetts may be beyond. Fascinating story disturbing story. A lot yet to be uncovered. Certainly no investigation by the authorities. Is this a lot of smoke right now. Maybe not a lot of fire so we're gonna continue to talk about that it is certainly interest thing it's funny Larry I asked. In our number one does the Red Sox fan. Care anymore since and the rumors is not wearing. That uniform. We know that fans to root for laundry in the Red Sox are coming off. Two explosive games and 36 it's the last couple games including a season 120 last night. From a baseball perspective does anybody care but the you know I'm I'm shocked at how much people don't care because this really is. A societal issue. That has. Major implications. So I can give people lot of credit for. Thinking this story's important iPhone just get a lot of Red Sox Yahoo!'s who cares he's not on the team anymore let's move on. Or Seattle if if that's me and I've had problems in the past with this. Drug issues I would I would be very angry and resent anybody who's involved with. Sponsoring or otherwise distributing this stuff. It is you know I would their part of a problem. For me having a problem. And I would be very angry about that well is an epidemic as we well know. Took a New Hampshire being particularly. Affected by Massachusetts isn't far behind. It's been a problem in the middle aged working class world. Red state America particularly. And on and people know I'm from blue state American I'm not casting aspersions on red state America but that has been. In issue. And a lot of the working class white male communities and throughout this country and I know it probably. Goes through all jet demographics but that's one area where it's been. Particularly. Dangerous and particularly lethal 617. 7797937. We get down Miranda off John you're gonna kick off our number two force I hate guns. So John. I'll hi I Geithner on big money show where all that your music Michael. I'm. I'm calling in because I'm quite upset and I appreciate. I mean I'm not preparing workers would be our first. Card and called in about the stigma of a new spot and now I am in recovery myself right now. And I give had to remind spent a year in jail or. Repealing it and you go by elites entities. No huddle about these he added tried again. And yeah I mean it's gone and you can't control what is in the product. And that the fact. That it they would let the big fallacy that's going on out there in treating their. It's not productive that a prescribing it that was the case ten years ago. It's not the case anymore because it boxes that slide and understand and locate and I bet I bet I know people that legitimately need. As they had operations. You know had a good name it and make it etiquette inducted you know they're really in pain. But where the problem is and I'm gonna tell you right now I'm. And I think you're all. I'd make a 100000 dollars a year and degree tonight I didn't let because to escape. Things not because. I was on any kind of on medication report. I could keep things. And that college agreements for a caller that called up but ally your medications. You know that a quantum solid Smart thing to do but where the problem lies is in. Stigma and the treatment there are no treatment you'd think that that personality in jail. He read in the area you're not wearing around in wanted to get off that most people unless you wanna get up. And you think they would treat him and the historical. Debt. Especially with sentinel. Have an electorate that you know it's not thought that are currently. In its edge to it than that anymore. What's your what were you trying to escape. Alec Gerlach in my Knight in that it might whatever happened it. And we don't edit form of escapism. A fan of tennis in I was trying to that they they. We married. What. A you know we all look to escape in various forms unfortunate it can be taken drop form alcoholism. A way to escape we August. And on what exactly you're absolutely right and I'd I'd I'd. That many of many or not I am not there done that but this car remotely. And nectar and how are you doing how he's doing now. Actually handle and who do really well on that and I can understand that Sony might again and embracing life. You know when that people get arrested on owning jailed maltreatment well there's no group like it should enable it may get president. It arrested and are willing I'm never gonna get now. Do you do you have a support group you can go to though like when you hit these well. Do it luckily I made. I expect most people that can go to any or or your Turkey tell anyone that you go to the eight. And you have a staple undo and be able to hone down on you with the government needs to do in education. And less stigma and more. More impatient out there. The people that try to do about it and I guarantee you 50% of the people that here in the districts. Of the of people that are dying from it are trying to get out. How did you just quickly how did you get on that the first place. How I got an article it and I'd. I try to get all the pain pills or you don't think alleged. It would it would put a field and. I'm you sir are you talking about emotional pain or physical. Emotional. And Ann and my question is BN on the heels of this story where this associate of Hillary Marius and nearly 500. Graham's it was a Graham's I think it was grant grams grams of fentanyl. So where is this available John. It's everywhere I I I'm not I with a number of big fish. So why do you heard of her you know current system it hurts there's somebody I know garbage in work but it. Never and I went right. I would you know right now guys forbidden and I don't want you to a regular rule but if you need if he needed to gore right now and get something going to. A month ago I could. I can't now because they cut out all the contact. That they knew. So it's entirely accessible anybody really looking for that will find it. Okay and that's where we're priority in my man I hope you keep that. Bank simply an agent you know I'm so emotional about this but I just hope the right word gets out there and that you guys. That let you know. Thank racial problem in marriage and life banquet 61777979837. Steve in the cars next from mustard and Johnson and Steve. Good god I don't how we doing. It saw a couple things I'm. First of all public so you two initial return. Irish Saturdays or. How are we just announced regard appreciated thank you. Slow walked the first thing I talked more direct saw the so. Everybody thinks that well some people think that the Red Sox had. Some knowledge of you use. Situation. Situation so. I don't leave. These voters a reason why don't because. Dumb broad ski. Kinda kicked it'll record. And said that you know he was the one right all that said and if if if it were really wonders. A situation might like it has turned out to beat you think that. Brought you would have came in the same way. Oh absolutely not at that point all we knew of course at least based on what they told us was it was totally driven. Bomb by baseball that they need to get more. I would Mitch Moreland needed more of that kind of ironic I can't I bite out situation right to play's author I think in retrospect you have to believe Steve this is the cynicism coming out in me that they knew something was on the rise. Might all it would seem like I just pressed I don't think I think that that brought it signaled something I think that dump rescue is set site. This is no matter that I had to take care of new to him himself but you would never report court and a slight element parcel. Seats in May it would not bother me whether they had any inkling of it of not I'm not that. You know if they'd just as if if they get wind of a rumor something if they were toying with this thing for awhile and then they got wind of this. Possible problem that wouldn't bother me. Right here partner. Who got a yeah and so the other during. I'm also in non recovery. I had been well those thirteen years on Ross. And in. You don't you ask you politely ask people widely start doing it why they do you do or whatever works. You know why I started. I wrote I was a kid. You know and not NATO mission statement some terrible decisions and than mixing you know you get hooked it. A physical have that we needed every day in and then in expenses. Now shut at all not really. Expensive which is tennis you know. Well that's why I mean that's right here with such available on such a crisis for years and now fentanyl is is accessible in inexpensive. That's a really bad combination. Like a good thing about Randall is that it's is where it is very potent. Right away. But it's doesn't last long so the drug deal love it because. No he'd keep coming back for more right yeah sort of edit. You know. Good dose of heroin ought to cardinal in almost opiates it last war at all. This on the generals you beast you'll start to get sick again. Maybe 23 hours later no room. Yes sorts its immediate meaty you know. Now what that what what happened with you off moments usage often on. But that or with trigger. And I don't personally believe that Iraq. There are trigger might polices its you know as there is room can be my personal it's everything DeWitt. Me. I'm on terribly selfish by nature. And in. I know who wouldn't win yet we haven't crisis in India and money's people like you wanna say always because of my mother. My parents were divorced. You wanna play consultancy witnesses that mrs. wire like that. In that it is not people with all the years I've learned. That you know it's it's not because of this is not because of that it's not because of certain problem. It's because on the opposite person I want feel but I don't know how to deal with things. Like normal people I want release I just feel better. If you if your parents think about that do you live. Well it now yeah. The partner. And I like to see you find a good church. I'm serious get addicted to that end and yet it when you go home and look up psalm 139. And really are some I'm 39 as Steve thanks for car. Hey what are we priority a priority for trying and let's let's talk to salmon gorge Ross Connecticut there's. Not at the guys I am right. Was going on. You down there once favored Connecticut. Not too much on the but I wanna so let on this that ball up and used. Drugs on and off for a couple of years but. So what's happening in the all New England area is these kids are getting pressed so like hammer crack. So there's this big pill epidemic in our own outlook in Brazil enact some partners whatever. And it's actually pressed with that now so they're they're actually manufacturing. Pelt and making their money like that. So if you write whatever it is now how. However much 500 grams with that knowledge is could make. A serious amount of whatever you wanted to make an and so it or however much you want and it's the dates you whatever it. This but also vote. Well OK so that's how they're doing it. I may know why are you going off and on. Well. I guess I couldn't. I guess they did. I guess I could save itself as you know new you know you work a lot of when he or is though I work a lot you know you just. I guess it's selflessness I don't know I didn't really it never really thought about late but. How you know we're positioning UN now. Aggregate position I'm not a good job I got on well. The bottom I just wanna say that you know that not really really powerful drug I've only seen it described in a patch form. And that are people that you know are like end of life I think we'll call it said and of life per share you know cancer you know some and I got shot or something like that you know I expect all. But I don't think I've ever seen a prescribe them and package. I'm a lot good information there Sam thanks for the thank you for calling continues excess work hard okay. I feel later six point 777979. Enters Cuellar the thing that would bother me about this whole Ramirez thing and yeah that would visit. There are a lot more information that will come on eventually is. One involvement would you have something like that if you are not doing it yourself I you funneling cash to sponsor it to. To widen the distribution. Eight area is just that there's so many questions out there and I am looking at peace right now Rolling Stone reading about Tom Petty of course prince also forgot to mention that or you're amoral Errol. I'd say it's scary video to watch it is so sad to watch is when my favorite music videos. It's Tom Petty prints and all the superstars Clapton. Playing my favorite Beatles song George Harrison's while my guitar gently weeps foods is when George posthumously was inducted in the hall of fame in Cleveland we have both prince and petty. Who both have died if that at all. Oz singing that song George died of a drug also called nicotine he died of lung cancer and throat cancer. Clapton who struggle with heroin addiction and alcohol addiction for years he he came back. After he lost his son 25 years ago he's been clean for about 25 years but it's so sad not watch one my favorite videos. It creates is just playing killer guitar on it up pennies there. Clapped and of course is clean now but those two dying of essentially the same issue fentanyl and I'm reading this piece right now Larry. Anderson I was reading from Rolling Stones article beyond the music industry fentanyl has emerged as the most dangerous new drug in a generation. Of the nearly 65000. Fatal OP UA overdoses in the US in 2016. 13 were fentanyl related doubled the amount from the year before the drug is surpassed heroin. As the leading cause of overdose deaths in new data shows a fentanyl overdose deaths jumped 30%. Between July and September. Of 2016. Is funny because my father was an alcoholic. And he was there a great great great musician great father to but he is a great musician playing liquidity Jones Duke Ellington. Count Basie. And I can remember asking him on timers as you know where you Marty you. Drink something doesn't it didn't just sit there drink but when something came up. Something that you just couldn't handle it emotionally for itself in you're going to get to the cabinet and get your bottle while you drink and I asked them into sobriety or you have to drink so much. He said as a performer. The U chants cordon cap. But a performance every night each is you know sometimes it's just time is sometimes you don't. Feel like it right and don't want as emotional as well yeah yachts and he's had for him that that you know everywhere as to why you just needed. Something. To do is motivate you don't wanna get up and go out import get dressed up that night gonna perform now. One of the movies are showing my film class which I no longer be teaching since I retired few days ago. Traffic from 2000 great movie. And the different kinds of drugs that we take in this country legally and illegally is amazing from alcohol. To nicotine. To OP relates to heroin to cocaine. We are country that are wearing golf by drugs. Legally and illegally this part of our society I think part of the problem even as apparent than kids or younger. One of the greatest gifts that you Tammy as far as you know introducing your kids that Woodstock but aside from that if you don't believe that that view but aside from that. Teaching kids how to cope. If things in life. You're always going to have situations Attica comeuppance some of them are going to be difficult to do it by. You have to teaching kids how to cold because it is even most of the cause that we've been getting this morning it's about people who could not coal. With different things that come up in life in the therefore you're looking for now looking for a way to escape it. Problem is it's Ruddick on high because you can only stay high but so long and you have to come back down again. It's it's it's it's a very tough story we started out and I did you not the have to deal with any of that. Review how to might not have the view that I did you escape it. That world. What world re talking drugs are anything like you know I was I was I phrase I was afraid of I was too yeah I was afraid of it and said that movies in Australia and I was and I'm not afraid of going to jail I was just afraid of overdose outside never touched any I certainly happy with heroin and stuff man and Britain meals and about audience that -- my biggest -- are ready and get fat right my biggest advice was when I was a kid it was slit her body and Alex are good an uphill LO RI PA or wherever I go that's about it yet mats in the years salivating because he had a porterhouse steak last night -- -- yeah. I found out I am stressing you know. Like I can be fine and and so comes that man and a going get a piece of steak Gucci's Iran stressed I can you at all. So what you do run. I imagine run I just don't I can't eat when I'm worried about something really agree papers. Yeah gray Dave but that's what to do so stressed out I'm not teach anymore six or 700792. Tough roles seven and had a rough and tumble world teaching out today and actually get two months off every year we are gonna talk to them listen hold him. We're gonna keep this going because it's obviously something that opens up. A door for all of us to fear to talk about and share. But we are I do have a couple NBA writers coming up that suggests a ring got an inkling of what their thoughts are with the celtics' draft pick. NBA heroics in this discussion which I think is vital also talk will be about what the Celtics did on Thursday what's going on the NBA LeBron and other free agents that's all coming up. Mustard and Johnson we got some extra time go on all TAD. All the little known right here on Sports Radio. Muster being judged in Iraq. I can this Saturday sports talk on. Tom Petty. CNN ray version of while my guitar gently weeps later on the song prince comes in so saddened retrospect but. We're take a little break from the oh VOA to fentanyl epidemic certainly the tie into a Hanley Ramirez that we've talked about the last couple days. Give back into that your calls coming up right now let's say hello to Chris Forsberg ESPN Boston staff writer. Who covered the Celtics in the NBA draft on Thursday good morning Chris. More. Acres. Our Chris first of all I would I guess. Thinking about the Celtics and you know going 27 overall and everything else not a whole lot of expectations yet according to a lot of the draft next. I'm dean should did pretty well Robert Williams of that spot. Yeah and so he was projected as probably a lottery talent I think on ESPN big ordeal as a number twelve. Now it was a concern about a knee injury and work out there. All the saudis typically hear about big guys coming into the draft by. And they on the board it's it's a little eatery you look at we will watch it slide it why was he still there. But if you can ever harness the physical talent and what we've seen from cam. It is two years at Texas led them he could translate to the president certainly got a gay again that's. You need to look at some to what the Celtics need to have some sort of risk bringing him out whether you're the big tennis camps and Beatrice see how they can a rescued can workmen to assist. Do you think he can make it impacts by that time the Celtics are back in the post season next year. In you know it's always tough right because there certainly gave it to different expectations for ugly Jalen brown and Jason Kidd on the or when you're after the number three I mean even the G isn't it lash out of that we expect from Libya spotter and to do what he did a post season. You know what we're too much expectation especially if the Celtics are healthy that's going to be oh real competition from minutes. But what I do look at the big dance off stated there is room for cam market we saw last year they tried that can't figure that out especially. You know great little program broadened its here and there are countless hunt insurgent favourite live out the right match up so I could certainly can be used to guilt set translators. You know they got it wants to run at the rim and through dialogue and he's got a great defensive potential. If he can show that he can be consistent defender. On that end of the court pressing it won't hesitate to put an end there. Although it with cautious expectations for a guy practically in the first round fighting away and on a roster can be pretty. Get heavy but it's it's an encouraging sign that if he'd if he would claim policies and that QB great charts. I think Abbas in sports tonight had had his coach on. Billy Kennedy and I'd say is guys but obviously I mean career later the two are Mike crushed. So. I do think sometimes when you read about guys disappearing during games and and lack of concentration. I still think it all depends what teams some of these guys end up with. And I think this outtakes are great debt Brad Stevens is a great teacher in the light in the people he's going to be around. I think that have quite an effect on him maturing him. Yeah yeah exactly like jail and morality cannot call the numbers where we're terrible at any played in the system that's just what could use some sort of gum everything. You know G illustrated article graduated and I'll bet I was the first on the daily I don't know keep translates India it will look and adjust it. In the college game world what does not excuse so well they get a guy to. How does he we focus on him in an NBA offense which we put them. And so I got it Robert and Elvis like that typically spread the floor with their big man and like make it shoot the breeze. A turn and put it focused on him try to learn that aspect of the game. You know but but right now if you keep if you they controlled I took it article would have been edit and give me a little bit about what civil. You know Brad will figure out a way on second units took to spotlight. So what the weight quick team opens up yet gave level with the way. Defense are gonna focus on god like concrete Gordon. It could be a little bit easier for forgot what Robert Williams winter for restricting the graduated. I guess that's that go back there at all actually don't go too much by what do you call it to such a different able to get the club so much more space. I I wonder how that will translate and that's on Brad who certainly seems to. Tap into what his players you bass and and by the widow to accentuate that on the court. Is they're going to be anything else. Pertaining to the Celtics as far as you know these packages. For various players are out their free agent lies or do you think the Celtics are pretty much can stand pat now. Well I think yeah luxury I think they can they can you not think and feel pretty confident about courted anti reform injury. And they have a team that would be finally got that experience will be will be they'll be very competitive. And is probably still a title contender. I guess the one thing that saw it in the backyard barbecue look at the waiver of the warriors swept to keep the beach you. In the final day you know you need a little something more if you want to be true title contender. Worked for made that Obama got a lot becomes available and who knows that a lot played so well. But it just so rare that top five talent is sitting there the other pain point we don't get you know. No one wants to tumble ought to Jalen brown what what you think about both the potential for the future. Even if you were somehow able to come and manufactured deal that they're with us about a trade mark. But it's just so rare that someone like that is on the market in at a value that you could possibly go get what you think so continue to investigate. Wonders why or whatever other next. Disgruntled superstar the comes on the market. It's shortly when it went there curry yes you have to be ready. When these guys become available at apple that's to go pursue them you know why not necessarily be the obvious choice but. I think someone. Or ball blocked and spoke to the they've really want. Caveat that more so than any other team in the league to make a big blast just comes out CO. You know do they walk to go all right now and certainly where the warriors got dark dank. There is there isn't a a notion of thinking out you know continued it took to use these extra back sort of iteration of your club all while remaining competitive with what you've gotten now. It's it's where I get over are indeed those that post a really good spot and that's got to be really encouraging in this game. Are thinking that they have potential to compete for the next decade. What would it say crests right now say Danny said OK we are committed to bringing one of the top five players in the NBA coli letter to the south as what would it take right now. Yeah I'd love saying you know he start where. Jalen brown I think they are what disperse would want that Casey young talent and draft picks you're looking up like Jalen. Probably that. Pick that's. Ever gonna talk one protected that ship from the maybe now. Don't like the grizzlies pick out for a little further out that because this product and they immediately. But these are really good to excellent band and so you know that that that's an access steep price to pay it any other that's about receive. Wrote a lot of other guys without starters a year more esque. A lot of depth that you accumulated that was so vital to last year's post season run. You know it's one of those things like if you think back to last year when they made the carry trade at once after it was like wait. They gave Isiah he would GA here. Of the Brooklyn tech people like freaked out when the price of going to get a talk talent. And it hurts in the moment. But it's just again about what it's so rare that you can find a way to go yet. A top five guy to beat Virginia to investigate that question yet they write your basic out more porch yes. Back off and they've worked pretty it's racial we can we can practice. But I do think there. To be diligent and explore it out because the possibility if you work. At a guy like largest patient to a whole other level in terms of what this team could dip. Seattle still not satisfied with what went on in San Antonio. Ice our guys sit on the bench. In an appeared to me is though he quit he kissed. You know coax lost his wife except and so on and just look like wanted to quit and I just. I'm not saying he did I'm saying it appeared that way. And I have not read enough extensive reporting as to what really went on out there have you heard. Get it it it it seems it's it's still weird to write because of the spurs and it is it to look like these things never happen well run organization. Apple the most damning thing was at the end of the year when. Tony Parker. He had an injured it was way worse then Banco wise and yet even his wife was still low. It was where it is without on the court I made it it it's just really tough court to know what went on at and walk right. You know I beat it is it in a figure that's part of what the Celtics would have view is is really dig it and try to figure that out is two. Al firfer for. What better quit on the team it just didn't wanna be out your when we got was worried that if you went out there credential again and ruin that chance at the super back BO. Was thinking more about payday. You know it's weird Clark also a very quiet very you know it doesn't really come out to be what what he's what he's feeling about. This crew behind of that that sort of full of messages through the media and prior wrap. Ruffled feathers were whispers as well so there's certainly some of them detective work yet to be there or and to be satisfied that the guy you're waiting and picture culture. It also that he would potentially one of the Elantra and if you just go back on north LA LA creek creek cautiously. That means that I just go back to it you know sometimes just gonna take a risk I think what we've seen that's what you eject out of the boss and and the like get in the Tennessee the potential they have like where can. What Brett Steven and any change and so but I'm just gonna bet on yourself and you can figure that out and date and get to a request will be got governor. Chris can I give you a multiple choice quiz right now. Read press all right being being the retired teacher and still hanging on by a thread here are still wanna do some. Somebody quizzing here I. That's on his multiple choice question the Celtics will say goodbye to a Terry rosier. Dean markets Smart. See neither. Oh. I would say the most likely scenario. Or your trade valuable will never be higher and as much at Denny's while they're on. Would joke repeatedly that people I don't I don't know I think. Each child. He he really. Just like this kid and he's from such different background and and and what you just saw the potential this isn't an even though are what kind of balk in particular fifty that year. If you if he'd. It was. I think that would be a topic interpreted swallows bacillus dialogue a reasonable contract. Bart I think until the current situation where they probably. The pay a little bit to keep Marcus aren't here but he's that sort of intangible god if that one got every championship team has it's just sort look. You know maybe doesn't make sense statistically but he double. Eyes think he's he's really important. If you wanna be it title contender and updated servers it would be spot with artery problems and there's much debate the EU need all the ball in the gap I think. It changes. In the there's a ruthless businessman so by the had to get such a terrorist. Is the one that they get moved. All right Christians are quickly can the Celtics keep. Aims Monroe Ian Williams. More likely they'll keep means and it because they really liked what he brought he. I for the mid level exception notre get a little bit of seller list are a real outcome here. I I would say unlikely with Monroe just didn't really work out terms of it and I think the utility just needed another sort of after the that could be it you could maybe get back at reasonable money I think more likely scenario would be you keep me here he goes into the backup role at all it got a healthy. And that you you hope that Robert Williams advance of the LT you know I doubt that we've we cut a period Hugo becoming the year brought him from Germany. Yeah he's a little bit more. Get the at the biggest audit and ended up adopting ditched her. You can be coming out of this normally you gotta cover it. I you know what does that this is appreciated a lottery picks I don't know all the biggest issue we security Utah that was fired political or about by. I don't know yet that it it Woolsey I'd. We gotta be kidding me got all these big men out there they can change the NBA back a little bit. I haven't I haven't gotten that we got that their luck. Whether this is what it is being around a lot of going back to to that to go to the group do you have. They would it would be thought it would be nice to have some teams that were out that it ought to stretched their big men straight up in the court cheer. I have yet to be a great summer Chris enjoy her thanks so much for coming on. All right Chris Forsberg ESPN's staff writer he is PM Boston on top of the Celtic and NB situation for you right here on Sports Radio WEEI. You've got to more mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio talk. Larry Johnson's favorite stones songs for obvious reasons. Paint it black he loves the seats are that's what it is. All of that's on 61777979837. Thanks to Chris Forsberg. Something drafts. You know I love the Celtics though Larry. Like every team. We didn't expect him to drop this slow. We thought surely he was going to be a lottery pick some people project what it is yeah he's well I he would have been in the top 10-Q what were they say yeah horse we shall see what happens meanwhile we've been spending. A good deal of this morning talking about the story that Michelle McPhee broke. But him least possible connection to a fentanyl distribution. A ring in New England we've been hearing from a lot of people who have been touched by that drug. Touched by other drugs we are middle of an open UA crisis in this country from and who knows what Hanley Ramirez his connection to that Lotta speculation right now. And let's are gonna talk about that probably our number three as well. Some get on the lives you like to talk about that 6177797937. Mike in the car you're next on Sports Radio WEEI. You think that. Good morning guys. Yeah real quick you know eight plus side prince playing that it's hard alone that that run parole officer induction and met that's one thing I you know when he passed away I think that was one of the most under rated. Aspect of him as an artist with his. It guitar playing ability and are you particularly easy to search of its singing. You're getting the whole form it's a man he was held at our player and I think a lot of people forget that I. I honestly he can play every instrument in the band always brilliant as fathers into position and he inherited like Larry Johnson did not hear any talent all this guy I ha ha ha ha. Prince's father was big time a Minnesota. Musician Minneapolis area. But yeah I was kind of surprised when I saw that video I didn't realize how good a guitar player. Prince was put as I was saying earlier Mike it's such a sad dimension to it now. Both went down yeah with that all of course petty enough in Harrison in the traveling wilders together in the capsule alliger Harrison. A bit of an amateur musician myself I have a ten of those guys Al what I would do to reel to quit. Think first off you know last couple caller didn't admitted to having issues and what not and you know my best so locked out of my my hopes it would dammit firfer. Remaining a recovery but what I love hearing from them was that they didn't shy away from their own responsibility. To tell you what you hear a lot of now is. It all you know because of someone else's fault filled night here that mom. Expected some response was short on action Kansan and did its part the Red Sox and whether or not being used to help then when I wondered I don't know I don't have yet that's what made you guys might or could find out is. You know if they if if they didn't get some window of what was happening Handley and they use that. As we even let him golf when I wondered if the union the players' union would then have a reason to back them with some pet agreed to it because just. Being mentioned as a possible target in the investigation I mean you got that he felt no indictment no I don't know and the rest as far as we know army just looked like you know you have to be associated with a guy who got arrested Daniel doesn't look good job extra bat but the bottom line is that you'd you'd done enough he's. As of right now. Not charged crime and done no wrong so they admit to it even allowing that to be a factor in in his release but. They wouldn't mean that that will do well that's one that knows golf course of course not but I am what they did you hear a lot of callers and a lot of comic is saying all the muck and on the my penultimate I don't. If they knew what Dell never ever ever minute video insult to catch bright green and make even a lawsuit. That's good point that I had guys right thanks Mike. 6177797937. Is the telephone number over to take a quick break. Did you updated on things our number three do not go away yes there's nothing wrong when your radios mustard and Johnson here it's a known right here on Sports Radio WEEI. Doctor.