Mustard and Johnson - The miserable feelings in Foxboro 3-17-2018

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Saturday, March 17th

Hour 2. Mustard and Johnson continue their conversation on the moves the Patriots are making. The discussion switches to the locker room and the miserable feelings being reported.


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The creature. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. You guys sports. Sox past seasons here. Prevention. Mustard and Johnson. Can we are just awaiting the triumphant return has been weeks and weeks and weeks seems like he odds. Since turning keys and Eric raced these airwaves she will be back at 11 o'clock I'd love to do or show her just to. Read about her trip. Completely I'm sure she'll be sharing. All of that information entirety literary wit that's mossy Tomas he's got double duty. Showing his versatility Johnson mossy last night. Provided the analyst role on the spring training broadcast from WEEI. And he'll be doing that again today over on our AM cited a fifty but not before Larry Johnson. He. Hamels is a talk show duties which ready for about an hour bushel becoming and at 12 o'clock sell lots lots of moving parts coming up at WEEI after the show adjourns at eleven. So he's still. Concerned. I mean we're we're we've been talking about the last hour. Are you putting a nice happy face. On the rest of this offseason for the patriots do you think. That in spite of them all in all the bad news the pictures had as far as free agent departures specially made solar headed to the giants that somehow or another. The patriots will find a way to continue. They are eighteen your dominance. In the AFC residential the reality is they lost the Super Bowl because of the defense. The front seven. Not because of the offense so I think but I do I am concerned that they lose three. Strong component. Of that offensive unit sold there Amendola. Dale Lewis I think they don't it's gonna hurt them so let's ask the president I keep trying to say this that's the design of the relieved they've. Defied that design their vote there is just donated all of them over the page are you think this is the heaviest they've been hit. This is the year this might be that tipping point that everybody figured was gonna happen sooner or later it's a never bull all dynasties have to end. No one does the longest dynasty in the history of the game Russell as grazing was it for thirteen years won eleven of thirteen years since its dependence it's amazing. But that lasted thirteen years this is going on. Even beyond that it's gone beyond the the Montreal Canadian and various dynasties over the years this is then. These single greatest sustained dynasty in any one period of time. Ever. And they've done this right against the league. The league is designed. You keep on saying that we didn't point it is OK I don't I'm not open I understand what you're saying OK well that's something about this just didn't breaking news W number guy number seriously. It's designed for these teams today it is that tumbling. It's designed that way OK okay I get the right things I did you can't get so upset if they don't have the money credit but. They have figured out a way to get around that by design this year people wanna get eat. Now why did the discussion points should be why what's different. CIA is different this year than in years. Past all right so it. There's always a successor when it was time for Matt Light to hang it up they had Nate so they drafted in the first round high eight. In the first round first half of the first round. They're not gonna get a first round pick is the 43 pick in the draft and a year old. A replacement for Nate sold where they can find him somewhere in free agents say what they've taken from the current roster. They get this camera plenty for Notre Dame these 67309. Betty. He's good enough Orlando brown McDyess 68345. He runs a yet he only does fourteen wraps. So much for upper body strength. So I I don't I don't have a scouting report yet on half these plays out there but. Hopefully is somebody out there they can draft if they can't to a through free agency are or side check in our weekly check in with our friends from all borne by way of Quincy is name is Daniel when he's next on Sports Radio aid getting. Did my homework this week correct 47 degrees down angle as of today. Now what does that actually mean. Mean this this triangle on the horizon out to where it hit that noontime local parish known at 47 degrees. I noble how does that translate the average person has no idea does that mean it's gonna be is it's under forty set agrees. Did it to the strike of the size and it is. But on a daily basis is increasing to the point where now we're gonna stop the heat up the atmosphere to get despray. Well spring officially begins what next Wednesday. Not that believe it's the twentieth this year the Vernal equinox is on the twenty. Mom I was supposed to get snow next week I know I think on Tuesday were supposed to just now happened. By the tornado which include which is about sun strikes so. Keep up the land we'll work our way. Barnes and can't get this is his son gonna shine on the patriots. One answer exists and I don't know why you have made it but talk radio oh yeah. Do not try them the series and got a couple Hoffman shell game. Why don't I mean what do what does that way. You know I heard Mario earlier that you don't listen. No one beyond football pro clarinet and with the exception of what they don't want to Europe that the company's prospects. And I was the first one to whip Pallet Jack. After that we knew we try to escape through those last few games. You know to say is that brought different injury and he ended up being in the two seat oh yeah we are what happened at. The coin flip yeah. Well I mean it when he when he ought to Miami has got his mistake years I don't think he tried to escape its own terms are strong. Do you arrest that certain play any and that he's got a Tom Brady guy I I think they should about Iraq amid tight game but. But you know they had chances to win one game down the stretch to get a whole field and they didn't so I ripped it guy but you know I'll just say it's. You know when they witness saw Brady went boom it's Belichick's fault. I think I'll check gets his share of credit are so why I'm look I'm I'm focusing maybe you're not as obsessed by mrs. I am Larry doesn't seem to be there but this sold to me think and maybe it was inevitable he's gonna go what what the patriots try to find a way. To keep him here to they really believe they have a replacement. Got to get sixteen or what is. Carjacked sixteen million a year. I ya highest paid offensive line and his I know that's not patriot like blocked. Are but I do it I wouldn't be shocked if it one year with the judge you resize well Beckett retired like here after they let it golf. Which means he was right about Megan's Mankins missed out on his way out. And not let. They traded him and there was a read it was a personality issue as well it was both of personality usually. I get put up football. No. I. Bet not gonna do with diet check it can't meet that got you know that I wouldn't that downside of his career. And in general what you could say that. Most of the people who have left the wing one bella check was vast majority of he was right about the does that mean that solar is gonna be on the open left tackle I don't. Last week I wanted to sign I I really gotten numb I'm disappointed that he left and right. But how they gonna sign them they only got some his salary cap room or find a way. How great what do you rabobank. Okay these guys are getting paid a lot more money than we are everybody's got a lot warmer when we got to figure this out. Are you understand now why telecheck like last year Belichick went awfully good. I'm an end and I I heard more than nineteen it'll cost to this station and others that I have ever heard before my life including most avid. Nobody complained about last year as Nazis and at all to appreciate it and and I opted to the first game of the season. Now on the air it was one of the worst GM jobs in the history about the footballer. So. But I I don't think people of that wild about the front seven last year do you. Going into the sea after I won't admit they went olive Belichick has tried it both ways and ironically it not the beauty Ali didn't. I won't know what it really is Thomas came into a constant the first round of the playoffs. Or not. But he's Turkey turned out to be stiff yeah that was not a great free agent side disable I think one thing though I think this thing would Brady and Belichick -- needs to be watched closely. Belichick comes out the other day about Brady's hand injury and he says are commodities as a buzz not attack. I would be. Talking about you're a lot of backing you got I. You don't let this Tom Brady got kids. I'm telling you punching Boise had done more to destroy this game that anybody else. Yeah how about it so he has nothing to do them. He's given since the other players now left the left anyways but not deleted would Ankara because they lost that saying they did when it. States now this following did what I can't believe this. This guy the what might. Even mcdaniels came back. He was on the way to union bank the only because Tommy Boy why didn't they wanted to give. There was no way he was gonna listen. A lot why wouldn't be shocked my. You know something if I doubt check out split apart everybody they screwed so why don't get so why why let him in the red white Brady I'd probably. Why haven't yeah the contract is somewhat. He's gonna punch doesn't. Guarantee you create it I don't stop saying he did that take pot because I think. It doesn't take pick out that it was sounding board of deploying a lot to pop. It is back loaded. So what is organ great result when he's organs do what you sell against. What do you sell organs brain before you don't like is nice greens. I know we pick up a second job would he be twelve OK but she is Mike putt dead. About what why aren't so why use that against him. Use that against him. Because he'd eat into the pockets right now you'll see that what was the coaching anymore but you've got it on in nickel. I mean this is stupid she's got a lot of him. 'cause he's been playing hasn't still hasn't as he's still playing Wednesday. Anyway. Playing at his age. And no I didn't know him yeah that's. But he didn't talk that maybe in a time distance and didn't let one of the crowd on that and yes I am. As important topic. Generally and so quick I grabbed this very conspicuously. I got the best. Okay how does Brady's took it up the back is as fast as he does. Yeah well yeah they had to build a new senate stitch. Now he's got an asteroid. And Danny Danny he's got a NASCAR they are gonna check out that's on angle thanks a lot but let's go to our friend in Providence is next on Sports Radio WEEI what's going on Fred. Brad. That's what you guys are happy that you know stock complain guards I wanted to just coaches. And well the best coach in the best quarterback out well I just want to keep this complaint. In Iraq. If you read be happy shall we wait a minute scratch your we'd be happy. Fred should we be happy about that trade. Because or outlook gonna go to San Francisco and be successful in every one policy not. Well how they went out of there when the last five games. Not not not what we're up well well look I think what are they doing before that it. I don't know what that means you don't know they are losing. Yet a book but I guarantee you brought to you can't afford it earns number twelve this year. They have a shot they're gonna be a bubble team. I think they have a very good so I think that the 49ers could be players. In the NFC west and I think they would I would not be shocked at all they got one of those wild card spots. I would the diocese voted does a lot of good teams in the hands say eighth inning and have to play very well but as well so far in late I don't expect to go undefeated next year he's not gonna go sixteen and now. In San Francisco but the guy still hasn't lost the game. As a professional football player. I think Barack loans over read it. Opel Pete and we're gonna see this year. So how do you explain what he's done so far. It they won five games. Well I'll say well I sleazy he's got out. Somebody's got to hike on the ball Brad they completely. Transformed. When Jimmy grapple came on the field or. Right in whatever he has. He he he's he's obviously an athletic quarterback. He's still young he's only 25 he played under the greatest quarterback in history Clinton of the greatest coach he brings a lot of talent. Okay and mental and physical. I think I think Belichick and Brady. That is that so a lot more cars in Iraq. All that what I haven't gotten Fred there's been a lot of Jimmy rock below is cold backed up Tom Brady over the last two decades not one of them played the wake of Rob Lowe did I'd be looking for a back up quite high I think you are the I don't just mean you for I don't mean you can usually. I'm glad to have what I mean. If you think the Jimmy for a couple did not have a tremendous. Impact and we'll continue. I don't think you don't watch much football are dealing EST six I think Jimmy grapple is overrated he's not he's not done planning can't just yet. The guy is a winner of the eggs in the dark right exactly like that he's going to cable Oki was unbelievable. So I'll abbate is the atlas of the guys not gonna look win every single game plays in the NFL. But the 49ers are going to be interest in team that's what you said at the very top of the show the NFL's got a lot this all these quarterback also Minnesota quarterbacks or elsewhere. The NFL is stacked particularly enjoy yourself we must agree on at that I think the scheduling I can't wait for the games I think they're going to be found my interest in this year right and remember coaching changes and some of the quarterback citing sure that we warrants should start and. You know as much as you don't like it all the movement in the NBA went to rant went to Golden State that's interest in people lot of that kind of stuff. They love to see great players in new situations. You can see why a lot of great players but certainly to be grapple has a chance to be. A very effective. And a winner. I'm not dissimilar to Tom Brady password and says LeBron and after Lou. His coach. They're arguing on the sidelines well you know that a big trade were for about two or three games but they've certainly come back down early and Isaiah incitement Randall on the lakers lots of right let's just get our well they get along in Nam. Insulting him. But questions they can be healthy enough to get out of the east that will be. Something on our minds come April meanwhile we're talking about the patriots and what's been happening without Red Sox coming happened a couple of waits David Price had a very impressive outing. Spring training you can what do you do vary if dean can't nobody can no one cares. You know and again say that by now but there you know here's the problem the Red Sox they this is not a problem it's a good thing they're playoff team. It would be stunning beyond belief. That the Red Sox don't make the playoffs with two wild cards in the American way I tried I tried watching game in the game. And an in office you know get and I mean I get into some of the series once the season began worst of coaching soccer right but as we will know with David Price a lot of these Red Sox players of one of the post season twice in a -- first time that's happened it'll ever. I'm not ever but since the and since no other early twentieth century where they've actually won back to back. Titles and corner of the playoffs and everything else they got to win some games in the post season before they can prove anything. Right now it's operate your right sorry to say it. Celtics we'll see in the playoffs come around the Bruins been doing quite nicely about it but the playoffs these teams that did destined for the playoffs then you can get excited about it. Right now it's patriots patriots patriots free agency then a couple of would she got the draft coming up. And forty coming up at 11 o'clock for the first time since before the Olympics or you're it you're human love returning I am just a I think counting the days of an Eckstein off the days on the calendar. In anticipation. Of the triumphant return. Training acres there on this radio station happens today T minus 31 minutes and counting right here on Sports Radio WEEI. Watch Sports Radio 93 point seven. It WEEI dot com. And it's just a full frontal assault and anyone who tries to divine. That's not what it seems to me it's just whistled past the graveyard every chance these guys get these guys being breeding ground Kerry primarily to say it's. Guys are not happy that I won't let you go socially so that two week. Happy yes that told us guys could eat a sandwich for eighteen years now all want. It's like he's slightly over problem with. Through that sandwiched. A muddy. And it's a tepid. Even Larry with the one of those kind of sandwiches and a tomato half half half baked not bad. That was Tommy current Phil Perry and wanted to podcasts are really oh really gory meanwhile. Meanwhile NFL network insider Ian Rapoport reports Larry as is breaking news or not the patriots. Have re sign not Nate solar known not Dion Lewis. Not being handed below or Malcolm Butler but Patrick Chung has been re signed a short term. Contract extension had a very good year last year but I solid very solid unfortunately was put in and a position that he really. Did not defend very well which was he had to play the slot receiver as strong safety not one of Patrick Sharp songs strong suits and that did not work out too well as we know. Since the pages give up 41 points. In the Super Bowl interesting going back to current and so Perry for a minute or go back to those sandwiches do you think it brings some. Sandwich isn't here you Ingraham I've only. Do you think is that my ten happiness with some of the players. Thank. You haven't heard anything but this was a crack in the wall that we've when it Weaver we all know the dollar check wasn't exactly the people's choice to begin with. But when you lose. And when you have lost control the football team are starting with a guru up or problem before that and Alex Guerrero. And that does unfortunately trickle down to the rest of the team and Murray moves to Super Bowl is Brady happy or Apple's gone absolutely. He's he's ecstatic he's not gonna say that you'll never uttered the words you'll save the right things as he always does these quite the politician when it comes to a public speaking. But you have what about the ship be thinking about it thank you Michael Richardson what is it all references and 1982 New Jersey Nets at. And this might be that that's funny you say that because I I was thinking of that line and for those of us the world we're not around in 1982 there was an infamous line uttered by. Pretty good guard from New Jersey Nets back in the day to ship beefing Michael Ray Richardson. And you know that that ship has not only been sinking and it's been. You know it's been a battleship. Tested against all comers all U boats all submarines all all my heart so I was is the first time regaining any utterance. It is at all. About this team. As they walk us because a they lost the Super Bowl beating lost the future. They have this big wedge known as Alex career was driven. Team asunder. You've had Bob crap vs bill bella Jack you have Brady vs Bill Belichick act and it's you know the most scrutinized team. I'm not only in New England probably America they either you'll love or hate them but everybody pays attention illusion defensive coordinator. I can add a coach judge might be leaving now so here you have to you know I I think. As far as the coaching ranks are concerned we did see Dante's return made a difference. But a lot of these guys. Is is. Patricia is absence going to really. Play into what happens the patriots in the coming years the I don't know now because I don't I note freedom I'll check a bit. Mean we freedom upbeat that he couldn't didn't have to just demand the the defense he had that Patricia. Right so he obviously had to keep an eye on a but it wasn't his mean right but I think we are standard dole likes proteges. Mcdaniels is a protege Patricia is a protege. He's not gonna bring in some veteran defensive coordinator we know that now. He's not gonna bring in veteran offensive coordinator. Bill is still going to be of a culture I don't care who as the titles with the offensive assistants who the defense of assistance. Bill is going to be the coach of the national revelation we don't have but I'm always worried about that I'm worried about personnel I'm worried about I'm still. You you seem to be whistling past the graveyard wind may. So yeah oh yeah no I'm not cried when he wanted to go I said that they couldn't. Pony up that kind of money are let's get back to the phone with you you let that don't have any solution to that op. I don't because the patriots apparently don't either thank you are at first intelligent thing you've said today in me and we've been digging for a lot of parents sounds as if your. Relying on the old he knows more than I don't know an arm on I don't know I don't know now I'm saying you look at you know what it's like you've auto. That the Mac and MacIntyre story you like some particular computer is something. You look on your pat and see how much money you have in there if you don't have a left and you can't get it. It's as simple as that was a wonderful analogy I would I really brought Alan Foreman because I've been yeah I I was confused about this whole thing but now you've made it so plain and so what he's supposed to do if you don't have the money. Atlanta hasn't spent that much this year Philadelphia hasn't spent that much a lot of Philadelphia still controls the backup quarterback. As a chip yeah I I just don't buy into an and I will quote the guy across the street the cap this crap is one NFL philosopher. Once stated many times over. And you can find a way. I have to get around that if you think you need patriots apparently don't think they need -- there maybe it is a left well there you in the campus crap guy can tell me how we're able to find a way dike like YOK so when you heard that old it was last week Larry you were baking the patriots to find a way to keep them now seems like you completely done one a united thinking all right well I didn't really could recite anything in January did you think it giants are gonna spend that kind of had that much money on him. Now this is a team that if you pay attention and they're on TV a lot the giants had a huge issue with there offensive while they've been TC quite a back to stop throwing interception what that would however I think they're the two were tied together if Tom Brady had that offensive line he would be Tom Brady believe me. There's all is going to help arsenal law. And apparently they've. Anticipated that was gonna happen and they don't seem to have a problem 6177797937. That's our number Mike and taught your next on Sports Radio. Yeah good morning wanted to guys I a couple of things about Butler all right but my in his own words admitted that he had eight that week of practice. You know cause of the rule whatever us. Just just you got all the other was that weird with Belichick's father and everything else just as we got that he said he had a bad week practice at the span of acne. He's on a bench is crying he is an abortion wreck. Does it help you think that Bill Belichick was gonna put that guy in the deep. But wait a minute. Maybe the emotional wreck came when he found out he wasn't playing well obviously just was told it was not playing right. That's stuck at the point I'm talking at that point she was crying. You know because that it would saying why did Belichick sit for one quarter or half and then put a bit. They just and that put it meant that it was an fumbled the ball back. We're gonna play I emotional wreck because he would have my can hold us back at 800 are reckoned it was implying that he was such an emotional wreck why was he allowed the played virtually every defensive snap in the prior two games. Why was he the starting. Cornerback for the last three or four years why was he able to make one of the single greatest plays in Super Bowl history because he's an emotional wreck. The Bill Belichick just discovered that in the Super Bowl. No we're talking about that particular time. OK at that. Do you really hard when he when he found out right when he found out it was a Mike when he found out he wasn't playing Mike do you really believe that Patrick Sean should have been should Wear whether he should show. Also you rather have pat what are Keyshawn. Playing which came first the emotional breakdown of the fact that he said in op client now he was told he wasn't gonna play. And an end here's a guy that the you have to be an emotional player to play in the national focus and baseball we have to keep an even keel. Emotions matter and one of the reasons why Malcolm Butler was an excellent. Cornerback and it was. Able to make big plays throughout his tenure with the New England because he is emotional. And he channeled that emotions very effectively suddenly Belichick thinks in the Super Bowl he can't. He handled the emotions he's been a big games throughout his career. Makes no sense at all. I think you really do you owe me one more question my do you really believe that Malcolm Butler staying on the sidelines was beneficial to the patriots. Like that it was. I think I'm not a big Malcolm Butler got I don't I don't. Was he is he better than mcdonalds and data mostly did you like about them bad mouth is he Ben and Shawn got a covering on slot receiver. He made a mistake on my field he'd like to take it. Is at a place. Oh really that's why Tom Brady came to his defense immediately because Malcolm Butler was blaming other players. That is the ultimate bill bella Jack apology. Are you gotta be kidding me. He's too emotional he's point he was a good teammate he was a popular teammate did bella check level apparently not. Was he. But not to use Butler in the second half when you obviously have no way answers defensively at all. Four Eagles team that scores 41 point there was notable point in that game Butler wouldn't have been useful c'mon. And then you don't have any explanation afterwards as to why you didn't use them Glenn in Natick you're next on Sports Radio WEEI. It market it as. I. A commitment that's not wanting to about the design and Larry talk what is ultimately. But it never been more obvious than this year and get out into the crappy for several years of rolling over. 304059. Dollar in salary cap space right now they have what 8200 dollar cap space is the other. All these wide receivers being overpaid cornerback the department of linemen. On a ticket on the more parishioners here than maybe in previous years. You know what they want to spread you out there once said they said if you took all the money in the world. And pile that up. In new York and then senator of New York one huge pile and you equally distributed it. To every person in the world they said in five years it would end up back where it is now. So what are. Control the money. Or to control the money. None also another was even some of these tee times they have offers of money they're spending. If you don't spend it correctly what difference does it make. Right now Adrian I think that this is the highlight outbreak of the pundit and over the years. Regarding the offensive line. In the got a lot clearly it would look at all those guys back Butler I think we if we can I think he's cute but they'll find a way to get around that holder and obviously the guy that. Of the Reagan yeah luckily they just thrown out there and get somebody adjacent accordingly and mentioned his name is a good pick up. Academic problems I think he's very good what incentive epic they'll figure out a way to replicate his performance this past year at least. But older you know obviously it is a big concern I get the only good thing is that the gut the opera the planet are you figure that collapsed. Whatever two or three years ago that is. I might get that they'll probably try to figure a way to delete it and Albert almost that militiamen and hopefully Nagy. Replicate most of what's holder did last year clearly would have looked at come back and I think you could probably manipulated the cap enough to give them. Arm but they. Whatever I agree with the guy I just think that you could find a way if you're that keen they must think his successors somewhere and if it's free agent Edwards in the draft or it's on the team. It just seems hard for me to understand who that guy is at this point. Well one last thing on current lack but he did say that although there are certainly issues we've. Brady and Belichick and perhaps gronkowski in the heat he said he was told by people inside again obviously. Come from the source or that don't assume that permeated throughout the fees. All the other guys in the team feeling the same way and I wish that probably would just sit down AMOCO. I thought they did it that we always. You'll not know what to do what I play and it's pretty Kraft and Belichick did that on a perhaps gone because unity and I'll check you out and hammered out by you know. One other cannot harm. You know everyone's part of what they met at the end with his wife and of course the previous one I think he would get in a side of the our productive patriots stadium. And I don't of course I parted and he'd be twelve what two minutes away from the state in what. It's in it's it takes your place. Right now. I. Quick Guerrero and if it's all about it's all about visuals it's it's exciting it's piece of cinema he's making cinema magic I guess. There are not the other accurate vote that but it did seem like a little awkward. Here to get this or that he'd probably get it done you know I don't know. What about web yeah about what if you're getting paid and you're on the medical staff in you don't agree you and you have a different way you want to treat the injuries what are you supposed to go. And guitars thank you. That would understand anything that happened in inhabit it so you know. I think you know Arthur has been a part of the organizational and all the old ones so it's not like a new. God it's close but clearly it is like you sit as some traction where the current staff has seen things in the same thing you can protest or are you have. And then you throw and then you throw in the Tug of war we're Jimmy gee thanks for her called gland and that's where becomes a huge orchestra were too rural too is he's too big now. He's too big. These died when Greg Brady six point 77797937. We saw about ten minutes to go before training makes her grand return. More your telephone calls on the way on Sports Radio WEEI six. Shots Sports Radio. Point seven WEEI. WEEI guy. Is mustard and Johnson waning moments the return of trap me and reunited. TNT. Come around 11 o'clock stay tuned right here on Sports Radio meanwhile let's get back to the phones and say hello to Mike in the car at my right. Mike hello Mike. Paul why hey. OKC a Mike let's go to John in New Bedford instead he was going on John. Hey what's going on Dallas happening I didn't wanna charge based on welcome ball and it actually. Last call it whistle while you are of course you would emotionally at all accurate or not. Pretty much at all ever happen without quite honestly wasn't not only what it would start I was told wanted to. Tony. Now what Shia want to play or that took his place in the game. Eric run well Eric how old so accurate the first half when it was apparent. Arab we're always get earned every turn. Why I didn't make up Butler and my she'll end up. Is that catch up and went on there was something turtle bit I don't know what it was we may never now you know wait you know Belichick isn't. I just think that it's something personal went on and he embellish stubborn to a fault. Where why how come nobody knows knows the reason now. Only know the reason no one stating that it eventually Butler will say some. Well I wouldn't of the media people we get these great football reporters and the like why wouldn't somebody saying anything nobody knows anything. I don't you know they keep everything in how they're pretty you know other players are. Pretty pretty good about not. Not saying anything I mean look at the past you know La. West baucus set something up bench for a little while I don't tart game he expressed here is that we would mean. I think it's almost like. Like a culture out. I don't wanna be here by a lack of a better word Geithner straight talk because well the repercussion from bill and run like god dictate. I think he doesn't go the wrong thing right carnage. He took some hits this year of Arctic and really what. My. Yeah I agree Cameron keeps indicating currently I hate that don't allow parent keeps indicating that there is some. Some unrest. Fine but then easily we've been hearing both that there they're eating a lot of bleach sandwiches down there and I don't like hip and is on rest the other hand there are players as a reported last night and NBC sports the other players who say. It's the good ship lollipop so I can't figure out a house divided cannot stand little what we had all kinds of cliches don't we it's and is the only answer your next on sports Reagan idea. I hit our guy let's Abbott and Dennis Russian press time crawl on and admonition to you guys have been around percent or years a large in the patriots. When I look at. The you and me both brother. Yeah my idea areas. Why some people leaving as I think is Arnold hit the wall. Where they are your told do your job follow me I'm unemployed join a winning position mission now. I think they lost all credibility. That much. Man not got to go get their money. When they look when they went they lose credibility with him using. This year we can. When he when he lasted Super Bowl form and don't want our guys I can't believe you sit back arching her words and Latin bistro bar. When's he gonna do well what he's done is usually. I know you wanna get on the get another coach. When you're gonna need at least right now I'd like reach back. The delegate question regulatory Alabama born guy that's. Are you said that's right you should know it's not easy to get a really good coach. Your question no I use a coach Wright school girl shot ball. By it not been auditing coaching gross beliefs. Why you you're gonna be artists front. And let them believe you and average in his no crying inside ball. Well that need it but he bought our respect and apply it and I think that's why now they're going to take the money. I think they still respect them they probably still fear him but they certainly seen. A vulnerable side and that's certainly been going on for several months and at its peak unfortunately or it's he's getting hit as favorable he's taken a hit. Hey thanks JJ and our friend Matt on the other side of the glass trainees necks with Tomas AT&T back together again back and better than ever we'll see you next week at 9 o'clock every weekend everybody by.