Mustard and Johnson - The Patriots are making moves 3-17-2018

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Saturday, March 17th

Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson open the show talking about the Patriots and all the moves they are making. They also touch upon Gronk and Brady and the issues in Foxboro.


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The creature. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. It sounds packed season season. Oh yeah a lot of hello losing a lot of good byes for your. New England Patriots we say goodbye to Danny Amendola Johnson data most see Malcolm Butler Deon Lewis. Nate so cold there. And how low would it Adrian Claiborne. Jeremy hill met Tobin Larry Johnson a lot of lows in good byes right on the edge in my C unbelievable well last week at this time. You were. Scolding the New England Patriots. For dragging their heels and resigning free agency to be free agent Nate sold there. You would have to keep sold you said I'm just this is not verbatim but it paraphrasing you are we prepare for how to add in things that I I say and I whole anybody listen to this show a couple of weeks ago we sat here in predicted. This very situation that the patriots would find themselves in. Now I have my issues without check man I'm still angry about Butler and I'm angry about drop below. But I am not going to jump all over him about the free agency situation because again people fail to understand. This is the way the league is designed. It's designed for little weaker teams like the jets in the browns to eventually. Build up their their inventory we huge salary cap on money and the better teams don't have as much. It's the consummate before it's the consummate team game. That when everybody in the patriots have been able to hold off the dogs for the longest time but when everybody decides they want to get paid. That's what you have. While you surprised it sold there one elsewhere as the president paid him that much money. What was your reaction when you heard that he was headed there Arthurs and are surprised yeah. See where we're used to this patriot. Adam. Loyalty be on money and every other kind of you know incentives that these plays can get. I do think there is some credibility. To what some of the players admin mumbling and about the fact that. I Belichick insists on treating plays the way he treats them. I still think the major factor is money in the face of the patriots have operated offered sold more than the giant thing needs to be year. But I don't think it helps any. That ballot check in is treated out of there with a Goodyear for Belichick last year not because they're lots of super ball protest Torre treats some of the players. Brady has indicated such pride in not coming out and saying it by by his endorsement. Of others who have come out and stated that they felt that they went appreciated. And I know that Nate sold there is not the second coming. Of the greatest left tackle in the history of the game we understand helmsman yells any of those yeah he's not in thank you for filling that thing is I didn't come trip certainly to my top guy he's he's at a lower tiers. He's about the but he's been solid. For seven seasons he has kept Tom Brady ascension the upright I don't Brady was hit a lot last year but pretty much in the play us particularly in the second half and any of those post season games. That offensive line kept Tom Brady. In the pocket kept them protected and enabled Tom Brady to have some very good gains particularly in the fourth quarter against Jacksonville in a great second half. In the Super Bowl against Philadelphia if Nate Solder is not there playing left tackle the whale left tackle should protect the blind side protecting the greatest quarterback in history. You know they're not competitive and be made an out in that Jacksonville game so. I understand that bella Jack probably thinks that. You do not have to pay a left tackle that kind of money sold is making more money than any offensive line and history of the game 35 million. Guaranteed. But you have to be worried and this is it's not just neat it's older it's the Amendola deciding to go. Elsewhere in my opinion is that tremendous. Underrated. Clutch player he's taken pay cuts the last couple years and I personally am ecstatic. That he finally get some money he went to Miami. I think idea asset that he Bart to the table that people just are for granite with punt returning. You just never worried about him back in catching a ball and catching it are returning yeah. Obviously injury factor. Any gonna get all the yearling and get hurt more. But one Danny Amendola was healthy and when the biggest game was on the line he always came up and they had a moment. Who groups who certainly but here's the problem that you know as well as I do and everybody says this. When you come off ACL it takes about a year of transition. To finally get back to where you're at is not gonna come back and be Julian gentlemen let's see what next year we'll Stewart Richard Sherman does. And he's had. So but that the bottom line active troop though for the NFL and you and I know we go to the schedule every. Yeah the entire schedule. I think this is great news for the NFL. Because finally you have some teams like Bridgewater going to lead to ads than any and all these teams. Who are finally getting not great but getting decent. Quarterbacks. I think it's going to be a battery competitive year for the NFL. For the patriots I find it interesting. Why he's in charge it as you talked about that picked up Minnesota last year. Minnesota had three quarterbacks in the depth chart Teddy bridge we're coming back from the ACL. Case keen on the back up Sam Bradford he gets hurt case Keenan takes him to the NFC championship game. Now every one of those. Every one of those quarterbacks is somewhere else it's unbelievable. I did the league is well on that yet the money that they're paying is outrageous but I do think I do feel. That most of it like a San Francisco or Cleveland on the jets so buffalo. I do with the these teams are better than they were not what that Cleveland got the number one on the night before. And they got about another four picks in the first four or five rounds. I think some of these teams if they. Hit right into right. That they are going to be better at some point in his I'm a patriot saying you do after realized Belichick has kept the ship afloat. A long. Time in it that the design of the system. What I want it to Philadelphia finally get back to that and to win the Super Bowl. Is that the design of the system. That the stronger teams eventually get weaker. And the weaker teams eventually start to get better that's the design of the system so right. I can't beat but so mad. It Belichick and the patriots ever ever have the salary cap money that does sign some of these guys. I do I am upset about losing Dion Lewis I thought you as the terrain you're more upset about Louis down Los assault Nagano I said I im quite cancer be upset about both okay. OK so which one is more detrimental. Obviously left certainly. Get Evelyn tech. I got a take Joseph and I think the I know they side directly Bowen I love that stat on him six and one game though he had eight and a half yup but six or more mourn game against Dallas as a marine was the culprit now one via. So I think it. You know this is this team as good as they were last year I don't think so. But that but we still have to wait and see what they come up in the draft. But even and then federal overwhelm you with interact pick depicting down near the bottom. And you know they still got to get a quarterback a backup quarterback and they need a left tackle. And they need another player on the front seven it has been. Starting with the Super Bowl it has been a very difficult. 303540. Days for the patriot tumultuous it has been tumultuous that's excellent word each in English teacher Rivera like Dallara aria. That was nice number and Asman it it they've been. Between the infighting between that article came out on crafted ballots checked in Guerrero in Iraq hello and who's on first. I this is in again. If they won the Super Bowl would people still be as critical now. Now I don't think so because Belichick in spite of all all the adversity found yet another way. Two win but she plays the way they lost I thought Butler going to Tennessee at federal hall that money handled it with class slot happy for him took the high road yeah. And I'm Deon Lewis when they were as well and I think players are just saying gave record bowl but this. Team forest and pick the patriot way you know stuff we've had a good right. We've had a good ride and they were in a division where they still should win. But I think even in Brady's case would you like to think what Brady's really thinking right now. Well I think Brady losing deals as a Dion Lewis and today Ayman dole Lauren. Solar older C today I'm just you know the red flags are all up we sold there and when that happens you. Understood the patriots certainly. Not the most spendthrift of team guys they can afford it you forget you're gonna put money aside fear draft class. They can afford it what is that for people understand correct it's always gonna play left tackle now we're almost out of you can't move can't in Albany and I heard you suffered to his seat to me that's the one position you can't move around you can play left guard and right guard you complain right tackle. And maybe another interior line position but the left tackle that is the elites spot on the offensive line. Walter Jones of all of agree Leigh Bruce Armstrong right Matt Light is to talk about patriot I thought man like the best season was his last season right it was a very end and the saw the the point about why it is he played all those seasons with Tom Brady. And if you play all those seasons or Tom Brady put up all those numbers it wasn't as if Tom Brady was the fleet is most mobile quarterback in the history of the game you better had a really. Solid. I'm confident consistent. Left tackle and that's what Matt Light was that's what Neitzel otherwise you cannot survive you can have Brady being Brady without that I don't see any. Current member. Of this offensive line making that transition and you rarely see about waddle. Don't know enough about it and heard all the time being facetious I don't you know you can't just more people around like that. Do you how would you rate ballot check or say this past season. Mom I can about a three. I'd say so I mean we didn't say India on the usual cliche about Belichick and you voted it many times. This might be bill Belichick's greatest coaching season ever. That this was not bill Belichick's greatest courts right track now while I think. Out of it true is as much as somebody wants to be barricaded in the elite. And not tell anybody anything. I think it is it was painful for him to be dragged into this Guerrero situation that's just that's still a mask. And if you watch Brady on some of these shows and like him promote the book and stuff. Brady's gonna come back to share any stove ought to be under our Guerrero or first training and and I got aren't going there as well he's got a tough situation there because you got your own medical staff you're paying. To treat these plays and guide them along and now all of a sudden Brady saying you know what. Guerrero worked for me. And how about grow on its response. To some of these departures leave very big free why such a philosophers and it yet but what does that mean now I mean if you really wanna look into that what that what does that really mean that means that everybody from Tom Brady and Ron right on down to the last player on that roster. Is chafing. As in I'm in Belichick. If that's that's part of being a football coach a great football coach has to be tough. You can't be a player's coach in the NFL survive very long you're not gonna be one of the great coaches in the history of any sport. Without being tough and there's players first time writer actually heard cracks in the wall. And I think that. It in the fact that Brady. Subtlety would come along and endorsed these tweets I I find fascinating I find fascinating but the crime Quinn. Andy and you wonder. If people. Seven it was free interest the other night comp I got every right turning to tell all right drug. But we're trying to aim making her triumphant. Read terms you feel awkward because of bad cold wash your shall overcome her physical ailments to be inspired the adrenaline will be surging through her body out there is many miles as she's but on the past month I each piece of pricey and even coming here by. Her show Thursday night was outstanding they had Troy Brown on. Troy Brown brings an element of valid. Nation to anything he says. Because he's him upon ourselves he's been on the ballot check and when he says something you really. Listen and they do on the show. And in Gary's re reading his is is is tax line. As the to a show. And player or somebody text into Weiler on the charity says I'm sitting here and I'm watching you. And any goes on to talk about the patriots and play is not being happy. I think that's interesting settlement is winding. But I do think there's a certain IDO lewis' press conference was very eerie. The fact he came on and broke down outside crying and just anyone to be someplace where he was appreciated. I found that strange I really get given the fact. That. He had a pretty big role when he was healthy. In his patriot offense and he was instrumental. In the teams certainly in the regular season success I wouldn't say that. Dion Lewis was not a big factor in the post season. And you asked me what he did the Super Bowl off the top my head I can't remember. But all Brady at 505 yards passing on the DL was is certainly capable of catching the ball out of the backfield he was not ID card that's not is not one of the net charge so yes but it. You know I I I just think. You know as I want you know Colin this morning ally here for you when he hear what you think about the team invalid check and our craft has been very quiet and on this but I I begged you. To at least accept the fact. That free agency. Favors teams with these huge amount. Of cap space where they have us 45 a Daytona 50025. Garrity prank yet that's a lot of money Leno. In of guys wanna leave because and because they wanna get paid. But see that's what happens in football mean in the past you got a guy like Ayman dole takes a pay cut after pay cut now all of a sudden guys are waking up and say hey look. I got five years I wanna get paid well. As I was trying to explain to my. Very crestfallen heart broken twelve year old outfielder about Danny Amendola and yes he was really more focused on kids are there more interest in the in the position players that skill position players. I would Danny Amendola wanna leave these on the you know one of the best teams in football said. Many want to remind him he's won twice right he's won he's got his rings get to got one against Seattle got one last year against Atlanta. He's gonna make what he's been taken cart after cart this is the last reason less downtime at the buffet table. To get paid and you'll understand that better than I listen I want the last meatball on the table if they're Malcolm Butler I mean obviously that's a no brainer and I'm amazed. How are willing Tennessee was the second though yeah. Think his season was that bad I keep hearing these people talking about it he. He's done last year and it was not how I think back about it wasn't an eighty buddy was in the C well certainly. And they both certainly Tennessee didn't think he had a bad CNET and that's Mike Vrabel that is a lot of money. And Vrabel certainly will watching from afar. Must've realized like the rest of us want the ball leap is going and the Super Bowl. You know Mike rate Vrabel is not a clone of Belichick that is the best. Kept secret though I still cannot believe. It despite all the reporters in awe of the fans and radio and talent everybody out there. Nobody can come up with a concrete reason why you would keep this man standing on the sidelines for the entire game. In fed bat I think ballot check needs to come under strong scrutiny I really do right. I mean the season's over I'll say you have to move on and I am willing to move on. But it bothers me. That he felt he didn't have to give any explanation to it that. He does what's best for the football team in I'm telling you I I don't think that's right but you know I think pick a rapper low when the draft comes in the year. Say they grapple officials say the sheriff was here in the burrow more than as are people have been quiet lately what Iraq allow you kind of move on and everything. Norton two we get up at draft time. And you see what some of these other teams have gotten for their quarterbacks in the light draft picks and moving up and down about fall in this from now when. And then you look at but ballot check ended up getting forgot about Iraq below. It makes no sense to me that ball in patriot nation should be upset about that. But as usual we can't get any explanations. Well we're we have and that's the first time 220 minutes to even mention Jimmy around he's a pilot. If you talk about this past season ending and in in me. Upset about the moves in the Super Bowl I mean that you can't win every year I understand that but I am upset about what went on behind the current. I really am. Well I think we. Had a pretty good glimpse. The guy that played Toto witness was set the wicker sham of ESP and he did pull back the curtain. And the wizard looked a little befuddled. I don't think that Tom Belichick and we talked about this ad infinitum does that's very gain more credibility is the is the end of course yeah. Anybody and there are people out there. You know apologist for the patriots could not believe it was real validity if or any credence at all that article and it turned out that wicker Shem was dead on had everything exactly right and you said. In all pretty much emanates from a rock for all going to San Francisco is Brady happy. He was happy never not important the last lap number I don't dark apartment but I think the last line of that article was once again Brady one. No really want Brady happy now now he's not. Because now you're getting into. I hate to use this word I'll say that whether you're pissing war right now between Belichick and Brady. I thought around the biggest night Munich and that the patriots is remember he wakes separate moaning and decides I wanna get paid. Right now we think he's like I mean he will get. He paid back load a lot of his his contract he will get paid eventually but we might make up 1 morning and just you know I want so I went and now well I don't know after this many years suddenly he's gonna agree one thing. That's enabled Bill Belichick act to be Belleville a check is that Brady has been solved flexible right now I doubt that I don't they have any money this year. I don't know. I'm not a cap biologist now we're playing already saying if you say Brady you know sacrifice and back giving fourteen male and back while the rest of it down the line. OK that's great and that's admirable that he can do that. But where is on the money going. Yeah it's not as if it would get the money this is a balance rosters not as if one player a lot Peyton Manning in Indianapolis or Denver's making all this money in your unable to fill in positions around them it's it's a pretty equitable payroll if you look at. We're about barks at rocks vastly underpaid at this point what its people argue he signed a contract right. Am but he's as you know what's who cares right and rocks still. I mean we expected to be back is no confirmation on that only rumor at this point. So it into every year you could say we come back if you were him. I probably wanna play one more year. Eight male. No that's the problem why would you wanna come back and be under pay homage to they don't have the I don't know I don't know and I went way way and they have. You can try to find a way how it. A down McCann so let's say if you wanted to get out why. Why why he wanted to I think he's overrated I when he came on the Brasco and I was salivating I would want to give up 45 draft picks for him. I thought he was going to be the next great. Bob Lilly type player that just an unbelievable. Defensive tackle and he he's he's never lived up to my X and as it's great is he might be individually. He's an athletic specimen and an individual talent he thinks he's better than he is but what has his team's. Detroit or Miami ever done nothing nothing in this monster contract Miami signed him to. And he just he did nothing for them nothing. Somebody to say well they were double and triple teaming him not a lot of games that I saw so I think. The patriots will be fine because they do as we know plainly eminently mediocre. ALC you gotta admit it buffalo. Ian. And the jets are getting better. You gotta get that we say that every year now vision now they finally get the cap money. In they have different people shopping for groceries. I'm not saying they gonna win the division but I think they've got to be better yeah yeah Buffalo's gonna give. The patriots a little bit of a Ron I mean they might be within shouting distance from all said and done at the end of the year for the patriots are guaranteed a playoff spot as we can sit here. And we can say the sky is falling visual effect of it at exactly and some may feel like your front seven I don't. I still don't I don't like I don't like my a offensive line now without the anchor. I don't like my front seven I don't know if the kid from Atlanta. Play one Claiborne thank you you know I don't look to see what his name was again. I mean seriously and get a lot you know patriots. For so long as we've been doing the show I say the same thing they want that you know they don't pass rusher you know the biggest winner this is. The guys how's the programs. Program gets your programs lot of movement in yet another player not a program. It is then a wild ride as far as free agencies concerning National Football League and does not validly let's have something obviously still. I think a lot of people think he does and we shall see I guess maybe around draft time maybe before that but I'm writing now write an article right now in terms of where the patriots game at their salary cap how much they have left and now. Don't forget they have to a lot for the draft class but. You know. If you're when your drafting everybody wants to get a quarterback but hey yeah yeah to go left tackle. So at this point and I think we can all say it hasn't Dan. The kind of offseason the beginning of an offseason if your patriot fan you wanna say. Certainly with solar gone Dion Lewis is gone Butler. Not getting in on in the Super Bowl he's gone. Lots of people leaving some people coming but. Not a good talent has access Tommy who's coming. Well right now according to do the patriot free agent tracker we have Adrian Claiborne Jeremy hill Matt Tobin now Phil. Had a great rookie year if you remember had a 12100 yards can catch the ball on the back feel a little bit but he got her last year only played seven games for Cincinnati. And me and now he's coming from Cincinnati or character at all. Burke countryside he did resign have now reached I love that I didn't want attitude that yeah and Brandon Bolden and Brandon King yet. Wow not this past that deadline and I asked her at all not exactly maybe there's more to come we shall talk about it with you. At 6177797937. Mustard and Johnson warm a seat for the triumphant return of tried eight. Coming up at 11 o'clock right here on Sports Radio. Watch Sports Radio. UPI dot com. One guy that we didn't think that we really discussing the end of his career I think since June about is Robert asking me you are so I just know some more cryptic have our house. And as we're doing the show I got a text from someone who is very tied into. Both camps gronkowski and Brady. You know like this stuff is really yeah. The guard stuff has really been delicate dance and part of this thing the title part than LeBron they said is that the planet players feel like. But they don't get respected enough and their and if they feel miserable about what's going on a lot of it does tie around Alex Guerrero. And the but the person did say to me is look. My feeling is rock plays next year and my feeling is not place pays plays and gets a race but that's well that's our. Apple. Is he gonna play or is he gonna pay. Who figured out my GRD from NBC sports Boston along with Dutch for any. Who will be back at 11 o'clock little average white band what the average or another still playing it down a twin gets and I really cut the cake according to Bob Matt our intrepid producer who his. Fondness for researching knows no bounds. We found out that they're playing down at twin I was at twin river casino. From river casino some went down and that sat down morality is the Lincoln Rhode Island because of music's the clearest Joseph when he ninth do fret Steve still have that steak house I believe they do they okay so you can generally been invited but then again it may be nicer line down Fred Steve's and check out the average white band is unbelievable well. Did you say Ford is unbelievable variable load their vote where you could pretty much say that I would do that and I don't know what you're going. You've always been a big fan I gotta get overseen by but he Steve deep only vote now at least I know he would you mean fund hang on so my favorite down and fight anyway where we're talking pro prop up Irish won last night that I gallant effort considering some of the troops are. Irving is still our heard Marcus mine is going to be out for wireless Sarah Kevin Durant Boston up a couple of ribs he's going to be a for a couple weeks then you have. Curry with his ankle said all kinds ankle injuries and the league has not been. It's great I love the NBA the NB numbers are sky high. On the interest is certainly there playoffs of these be interesting spot but now with Smart out again and the patriots patriots the Celtics played so much better when Smart returned after that. Incident with the picture tenacious defender he regularly batter that just don't shoot the borrow. Right now I think people understand now how important market Smart is through the team they saw the eleven game absence that sort of immediately came back page patron QBs and patriots Celtics were. A much better team now he's out what sixteen weeks could be back for the playoffs now aren't my glory Tiger Woods I think has called VoIP yeah I don't care about him the win and people are predicting a win the masters and care about that. You just want to be in the hunt just be competitive and I think it's. Great watching yesterday and and I'll be watching again how tantalizingly. Close was he last week. I just got by one stroke back I struck amply that you don't go like a man I don't. Even if you don't like him I want him in there because of the the competitive nature of him being in there. Is something to watch route but guess you don't appreciate all the other great golfers. That I really happy Jack Rory McIlroy was playing today he was and so on and there are a lot of great players and how well yeah I. I don't need most of them personally I don't need Tiger Woods. To make the PGA tour interest and I watch it every week I love the PGA I like a man I want and don't need anti in the galleries certainly appreciate him being out there as well if he can prove that he truly is a changed man and he's not narcissistic problem scenario who's to say any of us have changed I'm just saying that of any person. Who should change. After the quote incidents in 2009. And let's face Roddick let me ask your question how do you know he hasn't. I'm sick I'm. He isn't a B I think he had beautiful selling them around and I think income people say that he has changed that he's much friendly here with a tiger great review much friendly with the gallery I agree I agree with you more I hope he has show that he truly now I don't like at all I don't like the old tiger and I don't write in if that's the case then. Maybe what went around and onion interview him. I would love to have. I would love to get my here I would love to see if he really has turned the corner personality wise but you know again I would say this. It's my fault for believing that he was something other than him when he was Armitage was a very good golf let me tell you something a little man. Half these people out there is that we Adelaide in put on pedestals and everything if you sat down and that the emperor of course. You would like a mountain you shouldn't it's in our heroes yeah I say on an all right you've shown on keep your heroes and I think the worst thing to get there was and it was Twitter and people in in and getting involved in all these different means of communicating. I think it stinks I don't wanna know what LeBron thinking I don't wanna know what done it with some of these other people are thinking. Go out and play and let me admire you from a distance but that's what I lights for the tigers now what 67 strokes behind at the midway point of the Arnold Palmer down and FL labor you only watching this afternoon made the cut a right. Oh yeah it's always extra behind him so we can often kind yes that's our right now we're talking about the patriots because we. Pay by five they have a number one. Topic of conversation on this station if you wanna get phone calls you bring up the patriots and people will call I'm just questioning. Where they go from here Ahmad is critical on them is some people. Because I think a lot of this has to do with the salary cap and that's the way to cap functions and if you don't have the money. You Kia signed people you wanna sign the I understand I can understand Amendola. I'm going all right if I can understand why the patriots at least 33 years always been in the league for a long time I can understand that. I certainly understand Butler they've made the decision on a good one that you knew he was gone Dion Lewis he's a running back they can find somebody replaces good as Lois was. But the thing that really sticks a microphone patriot fan is sold because it is such an elite position. They devoted an entire movie to that position it's not liking in jest re arrange your offensive line I don't care how good offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia is well he has ever boy he is sixty to me you've got to find a way Larry I I just how the okay. So. My question you ask you pick they. Let's say you've got to find a way and it's what do you suppose you'd go to the draft that's all you can all you're doing is asking me question how should Maria I should go to the draft or in what's there and get I don't know but you get the best left tackle you can get up there and hopefully Dante can coach him up so this inmates older out there and I hopefully that okay you better hurry up and develop this kid because Tom Britt doesn't have that many years it is the other thing and the problem that is the other problem. You open. The coffers for the guy is gonna keep radio they. I don't care what you say well Tom Brady's got more Agile he's got more mobile I scored on tires I understand that Brady's a hypothetically but I think it's around if Brady's get around fourteen million year. Where the house on the money. We're always get my money again. I'm not a camp biologist I don't play whenever I'm asking just from what you know who's gotten the money I don't know I'm not getting over eight million so that's not that's not my point. Is this is my point that you were making forming you'll make it my point is somebody once said. You you put that money into what is an indispensable. Position. Left tackle we know we're not anybody can play that position it's not one of those things you just plug somebody in the blinds. That is the quarterback even made a movie on it blind side is there an echo in here. Seriously I just said this could well there are you listening to all I wasn't doesn't have budged while typical. Indiana's Reggie and Matt answered the phone and in Framingham your next first words radio WEEI. Yeah yeah. Yeah look I'm. Good morning. What makes it difficult to talk about it that was important but you know it's going to sit there. It's about defense science. And we should all would agree that the most difficult position the full. Actual what can you do only elephant is a lot of offered to talk or truck title. This guy will include top fifty particular opponent for the scrawled Pete don't you should. The bulk of you know I'm over which you commented appropriation while it can't play. And you know. Is such. Delicate position because you can know everything you have to know about being an offensive line I don't know what's up it's act it's a collective unit no you know unit works together better in the offensive line. We still have to separate the left tackle for the rest. Well OK okay yeah I'll forward there are very upload a little food inflation end up there no doubt about and a oh okay British hotel room in the you know that's at this point document bloodied afflicted and don't forget. Want you know a couple years ago. And you're right I. And you have to get right and don't forget they lost the pick last year with a brand eclipsed the. Argument for a solution. We are booked all children who go to movement is popular recording mode look at all. People we will control living in the moment. Is Mormon non Cincinnati aghast. Then. Everybody will be able to talk about it and certainly you know. And it. Those who thought it was cute who made the move on and to and with god. But position. Our offense little and a puddle or you actually. I'm actually shocked they let him go well emotionally you should I am gonna scream and say that again the question how. Are you chart. Are no pun intended. Who. The kitchen bullish about it. In particular problem look at urgently put a load usually includes national became the notebook from now. Think it's sort of old boot record. Once lectured about this all the made them better we'll look at what notre political material much by lieutenant. I think it's a little different log in Gideon at the last minute television. What I do think the patriots have a degree of arrogance where they don't rush. To get in is to get certain players they sit on the board in the patriots don't really move on and then they kind of pick up the scrap pieces after that major signings have been done. You can't even know about 45 teams that won him the benefit at all to shut up but it was fourteen million or whatever they do have leisure. I think it was okay. Thirty odd corners. Of if you follow honesty is to our east are gonna get you money. Yeah but do you know what is to rock or did for guaranteed money was like 65 or something. Well it shouldn't tell you it's football it's not the side for the better teams who have been more should teams will hold work. And how should people put into words. Employers don't they could certainly come by quicker and you are now you'll do window are we sure when you win these things. The that you didn't receive. Well they had that they've had an eighteen year went out. I'm actually switch its reform father who. Had been on these little thing illusionist route toward the approach towards. Local people on the lip and just actually marched into his ability to get the left a lot of people either. But you know you don't you don't have to amid all the capital of those. And don't forget sold there was a first round tech isn't it leaves after only. Lets not. Exactly so I mean yeah so they don't and you know and and Belichick apparently feels that. They do grow on trees because they could've they could've found a way. And the opportunity becoming an Oreo should do they. Profound listen they knew we was a free agent they knew we would have suitors yet for some reason. They led him though it wasn't as if they hustled to re signed this crap can U compete with 62 million before he is. You don't want. The coaches voted father forgot about the shirt. You have got to just say I'm asking tried to explain that to me because he keeps questioning why would it would it would look like to look like an expert in salary cap absolutely not but I'm not an expert in anything is my wife can tell you 617. 79. 7937. We have right mighty out my sister in law's daughter my nieces and it over the weekend so what is my wife wanna do. His her husband's coming in as well he's a handyman well at all in my report niece's husband is unfortunately been. Contract to do some work around some handyman work around house as I cannot do so we're doing a five our show today how. I would like I believe me I would like to I don't want anything to do with any of that stuff 617. 7797937. Is the telephone number Mike in Framingham your next of. Which remain I can why you're Taylor. You sit on publicly is to simulate it bothers you. Every you know what action that would tell us what you want. To earn your what was the can can. I don't think I saved by that may I said. They if your team and you have salary cap and you don't have any roam and all you can do is watch people go on assignment of the teams. All of a lot to. Earlier when you first got you talk what a player would play. Are we only you you take note of it. But you can't I am I don't look at the NBA look at what plays to get that for the market that demands that are these guys get his money. It would be on the Mickey wards were the clear and I want. It's encrypt the public that it was oil or waste players. Now is you know what's frustrating is. Eight and we can't be tried as patriots fan you really can't be frustrated because what happens is you you don't have the same cap from that you have before. Aaron a good luck Veronica. Really works. And it will be at their real well or rate which a lot less yeah ode to spread it it was a little more. But the thing I arguable because the last eight years of the sport's national. Nobody can that you can't that I know you're absolutely right you can't. So human line and everything about. What's going on I think the way the patriots season ended though. Left a sour taste in your mouth if you're faint and that's RO but I mean I do you can't you can't complain about the run this team has had over the years you you really can't. All right thank you Mike 6177797937. Quick break more your calls on the way mustard and Johnson told them right here in Sports Radio. Six. Shots in Sports Radio nine point seven WEEI and WEEI guy. Mustard Johnson. Sports Radio WEEI. Lots of departures. Some entrances. To great save your Qaeda. Danny Amendola Johnson back most seem Malcolm Butler Deon Lewis and the one that's gonna hurt most of all. Certainly is Nate solar headed off to the New York Giants and I think as Andy perceptible way. Said of the giants who won what 23 games last year will get to a better in a Hari. Certainly with Nate solar anchoring that offensive line that was the big Achilles heel. In the NFC east the NSC Larry seems to have. Well a lot of good teams a lot of depth in the NFC this is another saving grace for the patriots. Can always point to the AFC east is being eminently mediocre but the AFC in general the conference still. Not exactly a powerhouse conference yep Pittsburg in Jacksonville. After that you know the patriots still gonna get a pretty much a free ride into the postseason tab and Pittsburgh so having problems with their running back. Trying to negotiate a deal with him. Rodeo about siesta parliament the salary cap and everything's fine until people decide they wanna get paid. Art and patriots by the way we said 25 are actually fifteen under the salary cap now. Adjusted salary cap or a 180 either wondered 65 as far as the active salaries are concerned. Good out of Cranston, Rhode Island the home of Ralph was next on Sports Radio WEEI. Around. There's also local home of Olympia cope quality education state dinner engagement that the stadium but don't look at Russia decrease of every political life oaks. Give myself at a restaurant a few Mexico with her. I mean yeah it was fun cute data but I totally get the union guys structural which they have receivers can't just got everybody and. Now I know when I was in in no one's ruling that every understands he won his rings he took out drastic pay cuts over the last three or four years here it was time yup. Now running back is a real concern about well. I don't know what happened so they've played a galactic plea arrangement of play it would but also a lot of dirt people you know I if it is real I mean this team that really. This is a chicken chain is this guy could be great but. You know I have to put that you know what this is an opinion page show up at first it will anyone who praised as a potential for what date in history and weeks. You know he's going to every parent. And so what I understand I understand his son's doing pretty well round. And us. A Canada and everybody's got a whole wouldn't have to I just hope this can becomes this beautiful little what we shall never took trips. But arsenal football player and closure well I think that they'd match that money. At every turn Britney gets he gets hit a lot from the blind side. Every time that happened with the media. It would be you know what they should east now where the money he's not just just that would've been talked to him to come back to that that the key probably actual that joke. But don't you know and I know we disagree with you. I gotta tell you Kregg I just think that this guy is mentioned. That that is connect it was lucky to have him around. Was wrapped to his left I just don't think this guy is as everybody says if he's ever bit as people try to make cable to. I don't they grade was not a word I if I hears it and maybe I'm contradicting myself a little bit we know that as I said the left tackle you have to consider as different than the rest of the interior linemen okay we're gonna take the tight end out of it thankfully they do have a great blocking tight and if he comes back as and other Richard altogether. But there's something about that left tackle that you know is special. And as as I said dot they may be one of the great assisting coaches in the history of the NFL. But he's gonna he's not gonna find the left tackle a based on what he has right now. But you don't want and this team has some Biden seemed so. People leave book I always thought well it was a much bit lost it that they're not so there's going to be I like formal but dependable. Above all our is all was always a right tackle. He was never left I use a fill in occasionally here and there. He got hit a lot of critics from the looks like he got or last year but look. Yeah but you know what take a look at that when it mattered particularly against Jacksonville and the Eagles in the second half of those games. Brady was protected the strip sack was from the other side. But the thing about it if you could not treat him many wind kind of money especially with what Belichick saw what Ole Ole ball as far as getting good as clay is not. You know two weeks but the thing about it and I get right to him. What's going on with spell check I think that I expected shift and especially. A quarterback it's always been what what did this mean it is the greatest general the magical combination. Of the history of sports and low back but is this guy and beat up like buddy rich I need. He could've kept this team at least a little hat. You heard this Opel production. Or not playing. OK you know how to play you know less than you have not playing but I think he's he's upset a couple of the core. But again exam it nailed it Ralph Ralph you're absolutely right. Right if you're absolutely right and I appreciate the call I think it all emanates from rock wall. I think bill Belichick's dark side mr. Hyde. Has come out not that it wasn't there before. But it isn't going away anymore and I think that bella check has become a different. Person you think he's pouting yeah and I think it's it's it's trickled down to the rest of the team it also comes from a lot longer back to his desk. Crawled out lynch and just said look. You addressed now back up quarterback. I I just think that he feels and I don't know if it's a conscious thing or not that he's lost control of the team he doesn't control the team anymore. Kraft makes always running up the back scale of course and you know again I know that oh. Giving Brady of course but he kit meets Tom Brady can't break into anything he wants but he you you falling for this choir boy you know we're not anymore now I mean Tom Brady is the ultimate political and competitive animal. He doesn't on the field doesn't off the field and as a worker Sheehan said. In the end Tom Brady. One again if Kraft had to make a choice between I mean if he had to he did have the choice any picked Tom Brady because it is picking Bobo checked. Guess it still be on this team go rappel hurrah apple lawsuit on 77797937. Mariel in Ottawa Canada's next on Sports Radio. When are you Mario. What is going on hey what's happened was that the nose or. Well an act. You know what. I was looking I would extra bit I've really enjoyed. The show by the way I really enjoy listening to get him more. That patriots lost some really sticks in my craw and and that they know what it out first and foremost. What want anybody else coaching the team other than global check out salute when not block. Because not infallible and you look at some of the decisions. Is help when it's five titles. Gone to eight super doubles but you look at 2006. Not bringing Deion Branch back almost certainly can't ask cup championship here. You know a couple of years ago when we basically. Keeping it away home field advantage with loss to Philadelphia. Miami Heat that yet. That was a tough coaching here for him to you're absolutely right. And an inhuman and this year like I will never understand the the benching him out compartment like even if it was a performance decision. Or you know however you want to justify it. You know coming out of halftime when you're making adjustments. And Philadelphia's still torching you up and down fuel why not put the gun again. Right and in that's a great point and IA will never understand that I I don't care how many explanations Belichick gives it makes no sense he's supposed to be the master of the halftime adjustment you don't put. All I'm very solid two above average quarterback who just made. A lot of money on the open market. 62 million over four years you don't put him in the game and makes no sense. Come and the thing about not welcome Butler I don't understand is banging. But playing against Seattle. That play NN and other things that contributed to that play happening routers great block. You know Brady's. Come back in on clinic in Edwards with just over two minutes left to play. That one play just change the entire. Narrative on the dynasty they were on the verge of losing a third straight Super Bowl. And the talk coming out of that game had that happen would have been ten bill and Tom win another championship. For you to look they help a lot better then three temperate. Single you don't pay guys based on. What are going to do around my iPod Touch are I'm done in the announcement on bubbly and what your project them out to deal but. At the same time if anybody deserved a shot. In that plays Justin won the most. Crucial plays his old patriot dynasty and I I just don't understand you make birdie. You you don't want to stop being a good yeah bring you want extra possession and may be Butler makes a critical third down play it's how well dive for it you know where you don't get a first down or. Laura how deflection. Okay going to really quit on whether we admit where do we stand now we're at some point you gotta move ahead. Well it's hard to do that you have to I think very always very red by the way how to take your fans are up and Ottawa merry go. I think we got a few months Blix would a big patriots fan as well land. I've informed the team like osment surely let I was a tram back in the days where Steve Grogan and Tony is based. Tony's sent over Atlanta touchdown Tony aria. Am an alcohol the alcohol would call it what it is and it's been tremendous that would be great right generate seniors and I just what we know. You wanna wind morals. Or is it against Billy and I got to wait one more year. Our man it's tough being a patriot fan I'll tell you man got to get to 6617. 7797937. But he is right and all Malcolm Butler had to do was play in the second half I really do believe. And a lot of people share my thoughts maybe you do as well Butler plays patriots win. I don't think there's any question about it and I always thought I put up with irritating is not Summers to effectively didn't play but the fact that it's no explanation given. Too bad I just I do what's best for the team what the explanation is that he could no longer play in spite of the fact that he played in 97% of all the team's defensive snaps prior to that game. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense but I cause say not but this whole thing doesn't make a whole lot of zones yeah he's gone as well 617. 7797937. As the telephone number worn down one more to go mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio.