Mustard and Johnson - The PawSox are moving to Worcester 8-18-2018

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Saturday, August 18th
Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson open the show discussing the recent news of the PawSox leaving Pawtucket and moving to Worcester. Is this a good move and do the people of Pawtucket agree?

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The creature. And that teacher from. Mustard and shots. The guy's sports. Sox packed season CN. And it is. Mustard and shots and Sports Radio WV. Do and I Saturday thing and other. Three hour tour all the way up to your old twelve known as we talk about another. Red Sox win last night. Another night another Red Sox win as I said fifth the key themes. Over 500 on schedule to win well over a hundred. Pretty much locking up the home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Including the first and second round of the American League post season. And they have the home field advantage of course if they make it to the World Series RE SPE CT and of course the race word means to me lot of respects. Tore a Red Sox he's CT and region that to you for 27 years and they still don't get it and a wreath of Franklin of course passed away a couple days ago. Ladies sold the queen of soul of a great Otis Redding song Larry's attempting to saying. I think reef is spinning in her grave right now. But what a performer Robinson. That he first met her and she was five years ago. Which is a gospel singer. They've been friends on that time her father I believe that fact quite the neighborhood he said the temptations for a couple of blocks the way the report props for a couple of blocks away yet and impressively. Even though she. Did not signed with Motown to correct she was not technically a Motown artists like Diana Ross and the supremes Mary wells are smokey and attempts of the Four Tops. It's she went to Atlantic records instead and not really meter mark beginning we have. Respect and think. And out Carole king's natural woman national treasure. And I I was thinking about you when she died a couple days ago and you were big. Aretha Franklin fan and she was a church going gal as well the other preacher yet written a vote up the start up that way Whitney's the church. It's a great way to. You know train pitchers locals where you wanna get a map great way to do it. So anyway I just respect her ovaries do that when somebody of noted. Reputation passes on front page of the New York Times tributes. All over the national. News. You know again one of the great artists of all time and you know when. Rolling Stone a few years ago picked the top. 100 rock and roll artists of all time they had Aretha Franklin in the top ten when she was that influential. You don't necessarily think of her as a rock and roll artist but the way she interpreted songs. Were it's very very influential and their a lot of Aretha flank Frank Luntz. Who have come out of the original. Hard to replicate but a great one he's no longer with us you don't agree when. Reps are front last night you know it's funny I have spoke out where one night copilot doubles triples this crazy stuff. You know in Jackie Bradley another circus catch in center field when house's new. But you know what I I believe it or not I really enjoyed the Phillies series more than a lot of these games have been playing of late. Because the Phillies ever really good team they have a calls who knows how to throw strikes. And you get a chance to really measure this team against a really good competition they split with the Phillies have but I I thought it was. Those games it's on foreign story to me well I think it's more realistic we are talking about this just last week it seems like you know every week we continue the conversation we had seven days earlier. And one of the things we did last week if you remember Larry can I know you remember every last thing we did. Are we looked at the schedule. And we tried do we anticipate some of the key series that the Red Sox would have between now and October. Not so veiled I haven't played epic play Cleveland. And all this you're gonna start this very week as a matter of fact you have four or Cleveland that'll be good that will be good surge that was one of the ones we point to. We point to the Astros in September. And even though all of their out of it as far as the division race is concerned the Yankees are still playoff team so I think particularly that series in Yankee Stadium. With a couple weeks left in the re in the regular here they need to get judged right I really do became the series in Fenway to close out the season is meaningless no one's going to be playing those games it's gonna be all. Pawtucket and deputy needs to get his timing back I cracked out to Massey had a great piece this morning about Bradley. And he says even if he gets hit or two. It virtually makes this team unbeatable because he. By the up at the bottom of the order if he gets a hit or two it sets up. That sin and the rest of the bumpers. That's a common there really raise Havoc it really if you could just get that one runner on first base Federer or are however you gotta do it. It does make a big people we've been saying that about Jackie Bradley for as long he's been worn red cent normally notice it more when he's he's hitting pretty good now. But you notice it more yap at the problem is you know he has wild swings aren't known and can be on fire. He can be very very cold. You know months later with a hey I've don't know with the hitting coaches I can't remember Brett. How they work with him whatever like when you finally get him going you got to try to focus on that and say. Okay this is what you need to do you shouldn't go through these along. It's all psychological periods of hitting instructors I don't think have the technical. On import the way up pitching coach does hitting instructors I think a psychologist. And I've seen enough of my own. Checkered baseball career or seen it was my kids checkered baseball career. It's psychological. I can I brought my kids to hitting coaches and all kinds of batting practice and everything else. When you step up to the plate in a real game of buybacks in the throwing balls and anger. Particularly the Major League level he has the talent to be decent here we saw that and when he came out of the gate was like on five iron in over 400 could. Hit everything in sight psychological change in baseball man as the flame throwers it's like kids. Nothing for got to throw ninety they alternate 95 mile off fast and autograph and hand quite a few of my guy around 98. Got that the fastball is not what gives. Jackie Bradley or anybody in the major we now have no problem other stuff for breaking ball yet and that's psychological. And he's you know for all his brilliance. As a senator fielder. You know. Ease of defensive player and if you get anything out of the bottom of the order that is big time bonus. End of the problem that the Red Sox will have and you saw that little bit with the Phillies and you can see it with the Astros. You might see it with the Indians this week as well. Is when you're playing good teams are the Red Sox going to be poll and up and down the line up will they give. Opposing pitching staff's problems from top to bottom where's it gonna all be concentrated. At the top of the order. And if they don't get those key runs like they didn't in the last two post seasons seven games one way and they're gonna have another early round. And you know everybody's excited about this team how can you not be 51 games over 500 in command. In the American League tonight show now on the way right period. What is the what are you to what whether you've been looking at the weather's good. In the worst summer for weather bug but yeah I think Brett right now they're at a place would be that when his little bit better for them in the games there. Not at this comfortable on this says he then. I think I I can does string Cortes even states in the ninth inning but took it may not be raining. But every every day. Thunderstorms are in the forecast which means it's hot it's sticky it's humid. I cannot remember. A summer you don't just whether I've been I've been brutal let's talk about what that's the weather the weather has been awful was will the worst Summers I can recall you know my best week was London London notoriously. Has bad weather last time I was there are 92 was 45 degrees and raining this time 75 degrees. No humidity clear sunny beautiful weather you come back to Boston. Every day it's like 85 degrees 90% humidity it I don't know if you've been outside much later this has been awful summer. Big big epic games and yet out but terrible summer as far as weather is concerned which they get the out patriots. Speed of hot and sticky night. On Thursday. At 37 to two whiny and as you know the game's played the first half and then after that it's a scribes aren't there. Brady looked great nineteen Fatone 672. The ads to touchdown you just evil prevail those statistics he moved well he still. Has a way. Certainly will not the fastest player on the field by probably the one of the slowest. But he has mastered the technique of the manager oh move moving around a little bit just enough and nice played over and moved to a frightened and extended the play long enough for him to get open and Brady's. Brady Brady Brady is not my problem the problem I'm having is with the backup quarterback situation Hoyer five for thirteen. At a touchdown but even that that was more on the receiver pat Cordero Paterson made nice to move when threatening and didn't see the second half a guy. But war is terror went five for thirteen he's now he's not going to be. Any you know I like a lot is the Phillies third string quarterback such foul when he threw for. They got 300 probably has three touchdowns. Healer career really good man I wish they can make a deal and give off a fifth round pick for him I really do when you're watching their game particularly in the first quarter or so we've nick foals at the Helm. You had to be thinking. Why couldn't he put in this performance and if they're in the Super Bowl everything that he wasn't the Super Bowl he was not well okay all right pilot problem pass rush pilot programs actually had a pass rush we have Brian Flores is not Manning the defense and he's got these guys like a bunch of crazed John gad guards out there and Darren Claiborne and particular. He's really good coming around the edge in terrific strip sack Yemen Favre comes back that's going to be a nice tandem the guy act and draft pick I'd pay much attention and before was badly. Outside linebacker but man he's he's really you know a lot of play makes a lot of nice place for them yeah interesting crushing blow for them we can wins and taking up is Isaiah it downwind. Out for the season with a Achilles injury there and but again. You know what I hate rain. Rain rain ousted baseball and I hate injuries in football and those are two things that you just can't get away from. You just can't it's just I'm. As much as you love football on any given Sunday. McCarron went down when they have broken collarbone ammunitions. It's the way the game is played in you've got to get injuries in your that's where you have to have depth. Well one of the things of course that is going to keep Tom Brady being Tom Brady is a solid. Offensive line. With the dates owner in New York now bomb you need to make sure that Tom Brady's going to be protected at that big kid over at left tackle was like 68. 380. And now they're looking for a right tackle they thought they had and and when they won't win over there probably use wobbled but there yup I don't know they'll have to get somebody because you gotta have a couple of back a couple of linemen back there but. And that he has seems to do the matter who you put back there he seems to. Develop these guys quickly to a point where they can be used. Receiving. Situation for them is still class and even even with that element. David I I really miss Simon relevant to you know it again is exhibition season. Where do you mind you watch the games where everybody was look at this you agree would require kidney answers Brady looked terrific. Brady's Brady and outplayed the first half was efficient. Was. Right on target right on time. As you said always able to. Elude the pass rush that first touchdown looked like he might have been. Sacked got away from that made the nice thrown at the end zone. And Tom Brady is going to make any offense look good no matter who's there we speculated last week about how he's gonna do it. We a watered down wide receiving corps particularly. We have palm. And will now for the first four games in the we've played the other night. He's gonna use james' way out of the backfield as he did in the game right now aren't looking any hazard at both the runner and receiver and again got the at eight sacks. Out of that game and Ian you don't know where it's gonna be effort if they get any type of action in terms of the pass rush. That'll help radio a lot it really don't think about Larry defense of for a change carrying the load reckon I now listen we're talking about a pre season game. Completely. An orderly meaningless because. On the other hand last week against that very same defense. Colt McCoy pretty much had his way. As a member of the Washington Redskins they were what marching up and down the field erupt seventeen nothing. Late in the second quarter net first pre season game in the second half count against the against the Super Bowl winning team that beat you. That nick falls just sat back he could read the entire Sunday edition of the New York Times. And the super ball he was under pressure under fire for the time that he last that he went out with a sprained shoulder after getting strip sacked. A look like a completely different team you like the fact they're more aggressive but it's only pre season if they can continue doing that. We don't seem to pass rush like that long time without an aberration where they actually Nabil sustain that. Throughout the regular season that's going to be requests next week's game Friday night will be. A measuring stick content with this team is that because you measure as you know the third. Exhibition game is usually. The game where they put a lot of the big boys in there well I myself pretty good example of that last night though. I mean Thursday night I mean that was a first spring game the first half first half yeah. And that's in in in you know the play a little bit longer in the third. Over the play next week anyway I mean you know they're playing Carolina. Master it's on the row the last two games are on the road palm in the fourth game is meaningless that's all. I'm guys are going to be. On the bubble may be make the team may be not the main story no arc I mean you know while map never plays in the passing the main story of the game. The other night. This is stupid helmet rule that is going to be. Eight disaster. When you gotta you gotta run a to point and you'd think pass interference was bad you're gonna run into parts of the game. At a critical moment. And they got a car that helmet play in you're gonna go crazy I think I don't know how to legislate that I will. I I you know I as listening to the big go yesterday you spent quite a bit of time and new afternoons locker Albrecht is now and it's always a good show though returning to his old remind you has come out object to I think that's gonna really help. Details show BO shows are ready good that when you put the Osce and want to leave that he. Add some credibility to be really good I think all the shows are very good. Are you go over giving all the the I'm just saying it's good to have DOC bet it is nice to have Nicky add but he wasn't on the afternoon show yesterday that in your money but I wasn't known I was I was just like you were mentioning Glenn taking back to run a lot of talk about it Glenn show because I want to focus on that enough we can focus on more I can't I'm not multi tasker and I Linear guy you know it's tough it is so for you end up and mark another former patriot player. A fellow named Christian Fauria was making the comment not in the midst of that. Discussion about the new helmet rule. In how difficult it is to call. And it pretty much went against the Eagles a couple times enabling the patriots to sustain drives in that first half. The spirit of the rule I think is correct. You have to get the helmet out of the game you have to get head injuries as best you can out of the game. And remember that we went through this a few years ago with the Experian leading with a helmet and I know. I understand I think their hearts are in the right place the question is the concept is good. The execution is at this point very shabby to say police how the other problem is it's also committed on both sides of the ball like if you're running back right here it's its you've been. Playing this way are your life you lower your head but for impact I think they've done a decent job over the last several years of this thing came up. You know I would say 67 years ago. They don't spear as much as they used it. They don't leave with a helmet as much and and people were complaining a member friendly Asean's very radio station how we gonna change this is the way they play football they're great athletes. They can find a way behavior modification is the key they can find a way to keep their head up shoulder first. They can go back to that old fashioned technique go back to a game in the 1960s. Weren't speed arrangement weren't meeting with their head. You can go to these guys are great athletes they can learn to do it and you don't as well as I do area. They may be thrown yellow flags all over the place in the pre season they're not gonna do it to that degree. In the end it in the regular season and they arranger problem if you're a player how are you gonna responded that. I do think they have the do something. And I do think the the pre season is the place to at least. Make some sort of an imprint on the east players that you. Half the that we think most about the way you played again that was so funny though I almost think. Is it has to be pretty blatant in you look you know it. Like you know there's certain pots of a game minute just Ike gets pulverized. With a helmet hit and that's that's when you really need to drop the hammer them. But I. So lack. On discussing it with his part was about socially the radio crew of the over the devastation I've been doing TV last couple games for the patriots. It was early in the game and eagle defender. I think we tackling James White came across and and a throw his body in front and that's it that's the standard. Tackle we've seen that for decades in the National Football League. They don't want you to do that anymore they want you tackle. In a more upright position leading the shoulder sort of almost like a cross body block as a tackle leading with a helmet that was the one that was. The most blatantly. Obvious. Om and that's gonna be difficult I think that's where players are gonna have to make an adjustment. And they know they can't leave with a helmet they know they can't spear they know they can't hit late. They have to be very careful with helmet to helmet going for the head and all that kind of stuff. But now at some of the things that they were doing that they thought were fundamental. Aspect. Of tackling they can't do anymore but believe me these guys are so good. They're gonna find a way around this they're gonna find a way to we just actually the patriots have been pretty good they have not I can't remember them getting penalized exactly at all right is so packed and Belichick said the best way to teach it is in the film room you get him in the film arm. And you go over the plate fifty you know that way there you've eaten in and use that when you're teaching moment comes wouldn't you rather protect these players I wanna see any no not really and truly nobody. If it's inflicted on fault people for tackler. And we go back to the Dow's Stanley days and stuff like that anything in the head is just really can be very dangerous and as much as we complain about the penalty does nothing worse. And that scene and a bunch of plays a standing around a circle on guys out on a stretcher apparently what they've always complaining about an arm and certainly a worthwhile complain apparently Al river rom they have officials and vice president who he called the broadcast and told to stop complaining. About the officials in the bad calls in the middle broadcaster. Little sensitive is the NFL listen I I and as I am sure there are a lot of fans out there and I heard it yesterday it's that easy complain it's easy to winding cat or walls book would say. About their. They're you know they're bureau feminized in the game once you put a skirt on illicit these guys are warriors they've literally put their lives on the line we know what. Head injuries now have. I've done to football on participation is weighed down at the youth level I'm telling you right now my son's plane middle school football. In Nellis you're struggling to get enough players to get a team together. There passes the game well that's different that's a different that's a different season where do I don't happen just telling you where where a lot of these kids are going now what they're going on for a crime Debbie you know most of the lacrosse players are. Football players it's a different season that they have a big. Big football follows a lot of the guys who play football play lacrosse which also can be a pretty dangerous game with a sticks and everything else. But football's numbers are down parents are worried about concussions. The NFL's worried about its image palm best of I was still you know. Bird art and sport you know afterwards went about that a target Dana barrels below to hear your gorgeous orchid basketball facility. Oman 38 and Easton and that are kind of clinics and teaching in every kind of thing that you can think about I think he's spot from that right in Easton. Get some of get a lot of the different towns to bring their players over Irish about Lotto like that music America. So that's the end that was at the other major story that hit just recently of of the it is the upon socks. And be moving to where there and I. That is that I had mixed emotion of that I remembered the the owner of the Mossad to Ben. In doing them via pay him what's then the owner of the rest of Rhode Island guide map Ben Monty now might want to thank and month and month I mean they got a late great Denmark rolling over right now I mean he risked everything in whatever venue they had down there I mean it's like rape play well if you've been down there re not only recently that it's you said is a big crack tomorrow or Mac goes down there Matt our intrepid producer in native of Johnston Rhode island's has spent some time and the topic of Russian rock goes. What's out. A shout and pass it Rocco just are that your alma mater Vera however if you came on the air and said that because nobody up here and you publish them here it is on the compact and he arm I heard. Your head is okay Padilla on Larry you have to ask you though. I play him again did you see him again now seriously there you gain your dollar all right let's not to a three hour. And he Hazmat suit is they. I can hear okay anyway he he mentioned that yes there's a big crack. In the foundation. And the core stadium not an expert and of course stayed you know wine going back to my kids. When they were in Boy Scouts and cub scout cub scouts are usually are tense out on the field yes and I spent god only knows the way he only knows what was going on out there wave too many nights in center field that McCoy stadium and they wouldn't turn the lights off. So they expected the parents to falsely would blazing lights arc lights. I don't will be playing in the movie and withstand a lot always had sand lot at ports and a lot on the big screen instead of feeling of it just like asleep like our camping trip where there's camping trip basically in the kids absolutely love that you know they they. Love going to be gaming get your hot dogging you got you sold you got to hang out with the pos socks. Mascot. And of course the parent wanted nothing to do with that Campo besides what can we took that camp outs I could not I think even pitch a tent I had to have one of the other father is helping it to ten that was that bad. And then my son's. Just want to be up ball might throw you know running around throwing the ball against the center field wall. And I'm trying to get like one hours sleep it was a disaster but a tea it was in retrospect fond memories. It will is in their mind or made that place a seventy hear from some people from. Down in that area though I don't know how the Europeans must be feeling betrayed. Fit for a thing of the shelling saying and then it is and it's like well I think it goes hand in hand remember one of Larry and company remembered talk to mr. Lucchino coming up at 11 o'clock. He'll tell you all about that new western deal but they tried to build. A new stadium in the waterfront area in Providence. And the state got skittish about it after the Curt Schilling fiasco and it wanna spend any more state money on this. The city is. Buying the stadium it's gonna be bears is gonna cross talk about the city of Worcester. Ninety million dollars they're gonna pay it back through the rent that the pos socks will be paying them pay off the ball on. The steak it's involved about 32 million dollars in infrastructure of the whole deals about a hundred. Billion dollars and its interest to go Larry's Connecticut combined. Talents which can Marie Smith who go camping out. So they're probably build somethings like a similar type Camden I don't know what I saw a picture of Columbia it looks like it's a smaller version 101000 seat stadium have a monster. I don't while I'm sure they're gonna do that or not they certainly don't have one at the socket. But in don't forget Janet Marie Smith and Larry is going on and on about this every time we've been out Amman over the years she was instrumental in the renovations over at Fenway. Felt like still they are because it can't Marie Smith of Iraqi. Can remember before Henry Lucchino and murder came here what was the or what was the rallying cry about Fenway Park Tara down. OKMR. Harrington John Harrington to pared down that wall. They wanted to and they wanted a new found like people on this radio and we're glad banging the drum about that you know the infrastructure was poor that everything was cracked. It was built in 1912. And had to go. Jeffrey Smith came in completely re imaginable park. Put in the monster seats renovated. But the senator feel that sent a field pavilion were once in awhile will do was show that was a laundromat for crying out loud. I. They've done agreed on under is with that they've done a great job commitments made the right field preparing you know pavilion at the right field not and that's all Janet charisma. But getting back though if Europe president of the packet in that area like the audience had down there. I run a feeling you feel betrayed you feel like is expected to be able or what because I thought that way for us. But that I council but manages eight but you know probe that's the business. At the San Diego challenges moving to LA is something I mean in Oakland moving to Vegas maybe it's business and I think you have to. Except the fact that this is business and this is how business is done but Larry if they were so. Much a part of the fabric of the community gonna do if they don't want to meet if this is what it's gonna cost. And people don't wanna pay out any more taxes amounting to support it where he's supposed to do right you pay for wanna privately built that's fine and I can understand that and we will not as we went through this we is Bob crap Bob Kraft the that the folks in south they wanna light manufacturing. And ultimately that was the best do this they make it through that with the with the gotten up this is you know he paid for it and the state provided infrastructure. The state provided infrastructure for Kraft on route one states could provide infrastructure for this new western ball park. Can be called pull apart by the waning after that great seltzer love their point seltzer. On made westar. So it's a win and obviously for the folks in Worcester. Big time Gosling gets on with their eyes cast down there I don't know this though. Hockey team relevant yeah yeah so I mean I don't know but I I am I'm trying to think both sides. As as a fan down there I am probably going to be trade well. I like right monologue we spent a lot of time in Providence we have relatives in province of just there a couple days are going to be visiting and federal hill with some my friends from Connecticut tonight as a matter of fact Matt you've been Massimo as. Which is a a new restaurant federal hill. He's not paying attention he said too busy in the already was really. Been a Massimo same training Bridget I'm sorry training is called train well explaining things that they're portraying these days all right thank you. I've not been amassed those nods are it's an arrest I guess it's it's on federal hill. And it's it's and it. What can't says it was the new orders came in 2017. So it's fairly new number two when trip advisor as far as best restaurants and probably were on the health and his dad relentlessly Cianci report he read did that goal that Providence area there. Well we did our history did they how well they had it at any given that he certainly did I like Providence and I'm I'm torn because they think of socket and how do you feel vote your resident on the do you fear kind of be trait like the ocean and a betrayal behind you of course she gonna feel betrayed. At the army to a lot down there on the other hand. They have an opportunity and you know certainly there will talk about this. On the on the shown a couple of hours they had an opportunity to keep it improper or else they to a record. Well I don't know what they're gonna do that maybe they'll keep it. Who knows what's gonna happen but we're gonna take a quick break we get some calls. And Larry is. A BC she knows inputs pocket. If you are. At all outraged by what was I guess at this point in inevitable departure given the fact that. The state did not want to pony up the funds but to build a stadium in Providence for the Paul saw from like to hear from you if you think that. You're from western you think this is it going to be a tremendous boon to the economy of Worcester into the city would like to hear from you as well. To overthrow on three topics on the table watching this money rents are so excited about kimbo got my gosh what an idea last night and the Red Sox again David Price going today you get sales going. Tomorrow I believe. It's just they've provided every degree of entertainment that you can imagine over there they really have and but he dummy and and and you'll forget young lady in the other room. And and talk about the patriot thing excited about them do you agree with me I'm still not comfortable with the backup quarterback situation I don't care where I thought you don't care Brady goes down if you are president yeah. Finding it's it's irrelevant anyway once they trading to drop below it's irrelevant it's all over now if your views are sudden felt the other night you change your mind you are really good all right 617779793. Sevens at telephone number talking some pos socks I had to list there's some Red Sox as well little patriots thrown in as well. It's mustard in johnsons were treated WEEI mustered just you know. In this Saturday sports stocks on. What do you lose wars Jack you write it. How does he do what. Connected Bradley junior high and away Iraq believe that extra bases. Talked about it on the man. Jackie Bradley junior and another one. How many Z gonna make out there he is. Maybe the greatest the greatest center fielder defensively. In the history of the Red Sox Fred Lynn made some great catches in his time. Certainly at the back to back it up but a lot corporal Chris Wright a couple of nice catches yeah he Coca colas could rattle the above everything is not kisses leaping ability big guy by any means. Is a range. Got tremendous. Great anticipation if you dubious center fielder that's the most important defensive position obviously in the outfield. You have to be able to position yourself you have to know the hitters obviously easier in center field you get a better idea of the pitches did you see the catcher's signals. And he just has at all he has the athletic skills he has the anticipation. A great package now we get and hit a little bit. At the bottom of the order to raise itemize every player on attainment was taken off his back let the guy do what he does and he except. What you get out of his opponents well then that is the question and as great as it's Arafat now is great as he has. If he doesn't hit in the post season. Which you know would be more of a likelihood of not. Com do you think about may be re arranging that outfield. Wouldn't been attendee there may be put smoky bets there. If the bad as could be a problem I have I have Nigerians in an earlier problem you know feels he's not a drill program. By any means. Average. Who'd they have they have been attending attendee and Betts yeah okay you know be a third guy yeah. Now I think about it and his other there's other options but I'm just saying if he doesn't. If he does not hit do you take a model lineup. A good news here when you play in the post season and probably a lot of people who can't hit. You won't be the only one right so let our talking about this to target about the part packet situation I think it's fascinating. On it always brings to mind they got to build a 101000 seat stadium down there which is nice but. The other problem is I want your weight and the stadium costs keep going up and up and not so I mean I always wanted to new stadium. I. When you are through the lobby. In the radio station there too far marine park seats. In here that your war pride in nations. It'll all those small little flu cozy now little little cozy but I tell you what I always wanted to ballpark in the ninety's when the Red Sox were struggling ballclub. Suddenly when Janet Marie Smith comes in renovate the stadium genius and the Red Sox. The suddenly your contender again perennial contender three World Series maybe on the way to a fourth. This clamoring for a new stadium. Immediately subsides. And at Baltimore it to me in other countries said I'm Matt liked the monster seats I think that's a great. The situation we we do you realize for the city itself it's such a to forest the track yes people from all over the world come to Boston. And how that dean must see like 1001 and a couple weeks ago. You have to go say to. I'm Winchester cathedral. War not Winchester cathedral was the other one. We're just Arabica not doing just about Winchester than what's the other one is because of the done you have to go to remember the name of that and when you go to saint Paul's cathedral for instance which was a beautiful. I cathedral built by Christopher Wren and sixteenth century big bend his vision and oversight position or is it working on they're working out of parliament etc. When you go to Boston. You might check out the old north church of freedom trail annual Daniel hall of Fenway Park is right at the top of that I list you know in that sounds great in its Q but when you watch that that. That's shot from center field man those people are crammed in the seats fight sausage you know outside beings and they're very few people are right now was the last time you heard anybody complaining. About Fenway Park. That that was a Tony you're goal is I don't yeah maybe people get smaller I don't know people know people recognize. That the historic aspect of it by far its fields along with Wrigley and I agree Wrigley anytime soon. But Gina Marie Smith made that ballpark. At least sustainable for the next couple decades who knows. And she's gonna put her magic touch I'm sure on the new ballpark and it's going to be fantastic but you know Larry before the break casts. Any putts pocket listeners of people veteran island who feel I have been there about B trade at all. By very just say now now on my pain and another dime toward any of avengers by the way I looked it up it's westerners 42 miles exactly 42 miles Lake Michigan take 146. From. Pataki is 146. It. Path to protect it mapped through 146 checked pretty much take 146. Throughput suck it out to western it's only 42 miles but I imagine. There's some loyalists down there McCord stadium who probably not follow the pos socks. Over westerners who got that story on the table. I'm Tom Brady playing. Pretty much Tom Brady football on Thursday night with the patriots victory easy victory over the Philadelphia Eagles gaining revenge wreaking. Revenge. Let's suitable on no one of these that obviously the physical qualities you have to happen as a quarterback. And knows the offense. The way Brady knows the patriot offense is such a bonus I mean. When he goes out of the line of scrimmage and looks over the field. He pretty much Knowles. The defense of what everybody wants to do what they can do we have the openings. You you can't beat dad that toward you know being an illegal all these years that's one quality that he has that you can't. You know. Teach right but my point going back to before your fan and you're concerned about it maybe broker or maybe not tossing and turning in and pan right you know during sleep the night she said you know where you don't worry about it because it's not a problem right now but I can you know OK let me ask you very different if he goes through an injury free season. Fee and have honey okay I only ask your question. How many. Games as Tom Brady in his eighteen years his nineteenth season. In eighteen years. I can tell you how many games he's missed because of an injury. Sixteen the 2008 season that sick you have a castle yeah. That set. Up and that he's been healthy. I know he's 41 years old I know he's he's got a break down eventually but did you see any signs of them on Thursday night no but as you know are you need. Is a slip up are there is anything like that you have credit you have to prepare. This fight win going down the as they went yeah Tamil you have to prepare and it's a very violent game. Than any given play you can lose a valuable player you have to write but. I think we said this really probably for the route. Tom Brady's career when she became Tom Brady. Bet if he goes down you're not gonna win anything anyway. And that's the that's the problem that third rock or trade presented you had the heir apparent you have a guy who's never lost the National Football League regular season game he's seven and oh. And you know if Brady went down if that was a concern this year. You know that drop was gonna step in and do just fine where he had the problem the other problem is that even if if if if he gets somebody. You gotta get him in some homes so you can really war equipment and get them. Accustomed to the offense and everything you can't just bomb somebody and Erin and you know injured you don't have them do you really believe. That bill ballots deck has some fought about finding. Another guy to our replaced Brian Moyer is number two on the depth chart I think if you are four or coach which he is I think you're constantly. Re evaluating. Your team you're constantly looking to see. How much depth you have is certain position. And I think that's something that you know it as a great coach I think you have to do that wreck but my feeling is Tom Brady plays as he did on Thursday night. Chris all is right with the world always right with the world everybody looks better. That that first team offense with Brian Hoyer at the Helm last week sluggish in the first half I'm just telling her from ballots are among the foam in Philly. You make such film I'd see if I can get why would Philly wanna do that now that. And I just Dallas sprained shoulder and these things keep happening right as I see her but here they Japan's car why couldn't do hopefuls playing that way in the Super Bowl. While yeah patriots find a way to get them out but there's been frozen as active as they are right now either aren't quick break coming up mustard and Johnson 617. 779. Get to your phone. 793. Seven's it's not a god load them up as the recently returned to the afternoon show Glen ward where I would say. We're gonna be hanging out here for three hours all the way to new Larry repeal coming up after the 11 o'clock hours Asia all right new reliably produce a Bridget you're. You know Larry you are a manner that of the 1950s that's all like Italian I think I'm looking at a lovely woman I know you don't get disinterested lawn furniture and in Bork's. I don't mind looking at lovely woman and thinking she is very pretty now the Chinese no longer here with the new obsession. How many six uncertainties Evans. After reading 120 miles Mary on any way to hang out in the studio for Muslims he could it was really pathetic Russo says no I act and the mafia Patrick Archer. That's when it must've been. Our bridges at the hound working with Matt we we'd hear from you at 617 patriots I read I was seven I Sox it's all right here on Sports Radio. You've got to moral monster named Johnson on us. And eighty soul queen of soul doing her version of Spanish Harlem personally have any king song from the 1960s. That was. 73 live rendition of Michael left us a couple days ago we are. Celebrating her life talking about. The Red Sox in the patriots in the pos socks in between 617779. 7937. Is the telephone number and we have been. BC she begging pleading down on our knees where. Are all but paw Sox fans. We expected maybe a little bit more of a reaction yesterday officially. Red Sox. Going to make it points out the Red Sox Red Sox do have a 10% stake. In that particular team pos socks are moving from McCoy stadium. A ballpark obviously even in need of replacement or renovation. Moving to what stirred. Which were a brand new ballpark. And your Kelly squared was to Worcester is an up and coming city second largest. City and all new wing one's self talk its loss is whiskers game will be talking Larry Lucchino about all that coming up. And the 11 o'clock hour some football we Jayson Cole Bleacher Report. Somewhere around 1030. Meanwhile let us talked to Eric in Rhode Island Erick you one of those paw Sox fans who were. Not happy with the latest announcement. Yes sir Brian. How can say. Politely ticked off. I'm Bob do you feel betrayed. Eric yet in what it is critical to our house speaker Mehdi LO she was the one that. Just told he can't deny it and I. And wanted to course trouble. And notes and I mean yes on the road on the Cole the truck at the bucket but I mean I'm not our ides. I'm upon driver it was D'Amato would now and I don't care. You know I'm not gonna goal. Three miles Coles would be in a more out of mind right and Bob not going to list I'm not giving them I'm on my money. Are in that city I mean you're gonna walk out here somewhere being a part to mean we're OK Margaret and. I'll wait and wait and Erica a lot of sacker Worcester I've been there. Very her pre safe city they've done something I have and I think probably yeah yeah. Brand fitter I'm about half an inside joke. It is in nor does it could have been near the port sort of been talk of social law not gonna be called blue socks which doesn't that are really have a ring where it. And it just you know it was again Curtis stupid politicians always looked broke back in their pocket and where baucus is the attention it's just. Well let me ask you this Eric Eric as a Rhode islander or what could the state have done. To. Keep the pos socks where they are released somewhere in Providence area. I'm they had a practical and when they question were we were gonna build a whole grain stadium. So why didn't you have all you ever scored an Bjorn union so all the union trainer. Now you have. You're you're what Alan. What Alan that is working here again money's been on the money here is that we do by the widespread. There's gonna be written. Are yet to be read what's the bombed 95 with the old eight excellent more productive on the building and builder rate they're so basically it's not even made a quarter mile. That was the protection project there were a couple of projects the original one that was set turned down by the state was one of prominence in this jacket on now. On the Blackstone river are not very far from a quarry is right now. Correct yeah note though the older one days oppose what made more sense could literally brought a highway up and plenty of talking. Palm so and the argument the one hour provisional wanna I wanna count how what when you have in beautiful downtown you know but pocket would have been. A new pattern either part in the garage which anyone who's ever been downtown Providence knows how talking years. It's outrageously you have apartment car garage and I don't agree and it then we Islam ten dollars so just put it out late. And I mean if someone abortion and I'm not an umpire expect page forty chip it out are you expect that you come into a bleaching. These are the pace without pock. I understand that and certainly your pain was it in the ticket the last time I was there was only about ten box at the crowd a little bit more expensive these days but it was our very affordable economical take. You can bring your entire family. It wasn't highway robbery. It was. I like my daughter say basal they've seen this in court you still see these big name guys named Eric I stay in Seoul. I followed the guys somewhat smooth talk about the divorce and you know. So right see them before they actually get up and there are in the marshland and you know. My daughter I mean I got fired daughters at age from ten to 26 of its human. There also you know is its literature that are affordable economical nice to get out get away and enjoy the night. Yeah absolutely Erik thanks for the call I appreciate it disgruntled. Pos socks fan and that's the problem. Is it team when you root for team wearing this is kind of it's a kind of a metaphysical question. Are you rooting for the team itself or you rooting for each geographical location. For instance of the Red Sox move somewhere else do you follow the Red Sox or else. Or you are you just loyal to label they moved to Springfield something that's the same state via C determined terrorist states in the difference here is this is an out of state wolf it's only 42 miles away but it's out of state. And even though you think of Rhode Island as being Massachusetts now and that's probably insulting to Rhode islanders and certain sense. There are a lot of people feel because it's out of state they'd move from say Pawtucket the Providence of talking to Korean stand on just for one war work or whatever yeah. I don't think the betrayal would be is intense but when you moving out of state. That changes everything. The about the patriots would jewel follow the patriots if they moved to Hartford as they almost didn't. Way back in 19992002. The problem is if you don't have anything else somebody supposed to do. What would you let me ask you that it's hard to go back twenty years and that was a real threat. Iran they came up with some phony baloney they did some land. A valuation make him out with some forty baloney toxic waste of the air Korea. As a hot at the heart and are people who move by the state you know time and wanted to advocate these satellite dishes and stuff so they can still follow the team a bit. If the patriots move would act to follow them at the same fervor right I guess though wreck if they had moved to Hartford I think that's a that's a good comparison going to Saint Louis that would have been acre compares and that's a completely different area of the country. But they would still have been in New England. They would the about an hour and a half from Foxboro. I wonder how fans we reacted to that in the other problem you have is is you have to ask the question like what or who has an obligation to why it. And if your fame and yeah European correct sides but that how much of an obligation to the red hearts have to. Indians like epic at some TAR for deal or something to move to another place much of an obligation via its it's own visit business writer people keep forgetting that well of course it's a business. It would be unfathomable. However. For the Red Sox or any of the four teams to even. Ponder back in the day however Bob Kraft because he couldn't get that stadium in South Boston light manufacturing was the wait ago. Really thought about before you put his own money and everything turned it was a happy ending and everything worked out for everybody. By staying in Foxboro bill into Latin patriot place and everything else. But you know he was seriously gonna go to Hartford it was a great ploy. The state did pony up the infrastructure he realized that he was certainly. With television revenue or being in own in the NFL he was going to have the capital build his own stadium ago and it ran into a lot of trouble definitely did me. He certainly did it differently as it brother. He's the broader front line John role as the governor who's ended up in jail for a couple things not the patriots fail. But he will word Bob Kraft down Hartford. And part of the problem was they were you know people got behind John roll and pop this is going to be great idea. And they were angry at Roland for allowing craft the pull all of the deal. So obviously that's a whole different kettle of fish that's up. NFL team but that was in the NFL team that we know today that was the team that was still looking for its identity its popularity and bring in our area don't get me that I was naked. Furious. But I think about the patriots hall of fame and they don't have Parcells. I still I let's not you know that. Bleeping joke right where you know why they don't joke right in man about the Green Bay game but I mean that's. It wasn't for him his team and you know I was trying to explain that to one of my son's the other talking about the history of the patriots and they both now been down we only ten minutes away from Gillette Stadium they seen me. Patriots hall of fame down there they've going through and see all the films Vinatieri kicking you don't have to recognize that but people forget if it weren't up for Parcells and Bledsoe coming in in 93 and craft coming in the end reunited for the war through the roof. Right remember well they didn't quite go through the bad just about yet it changed everything together whether or probably game most of the game for blacked out right. But that's a different deal the pos socks have been looking for a new home for quite some time if you you blame shelling of the listen there's a lot of things that when Schilling about I'm not gonna blame him for best. Did the state make a mistake in getting involved where is. What was that called 38 what matter O'Neal's 38 sturdy he has what was that like tagged a video game company dungeon and dragons can thank you gonna make baseball the game of baseball video games like listening and everybody existed at it the industry now state the state made huge mistake admiral Allen they were seduced and that's saying that hey if if you're Curt Schilling why would you take the money. They were seduced by the celebrity. Okay and they didn't think it through. And they breathlessly decided to give him all the money he wanted he was a World Series hero. Bloody sock and everything else why wouldn't do it was a mistake it was it was very myopic. Of the around one of legislature to do that. And there will keynote in this you want to partake in Austin doing it they should destruction that there is what you sent. They shouldn't be vulnerable and that my having a video studio news is here's the thing time and on Finneran. When he was in the in the house speaker that it was actually was speaker of the house ways yes speaker of the house. I recalled craft wanna fat ass millionaire thing. And there are a lot of patriot fans who were really angry because people were afraid the patriots were gonna first moved to Saint Louis or event Hartford. But you know what can rumors right orders should not. Take state money. Ownership build stadiums with private capital. Now I've talked Lucchino about that 11 o'clock and we're gonna break it down a little bit and see how it exactly works out of was why shouldn't a team pony up their own money yet exactly craft eventually did dad and dad they're asking you can hope there's an additive Fareed across right. But the other ones that are gonna benefit and right now. There is no team in this town. Or no building in this town it's owned by the city the city didn't pay for any office. Infrastructure yes but the building itself was not paid for the city and they've shown over the years of the last several decades. That would cities get involved. In public. Com sports facilities. Everybody's a loser they sell it as it's going to be a boom would economically. And it doesn't work that way usually the city takes about. The city refused to take a bath with craft the state refused to do it but now they have nothing. Talk about. I'm saying the concept. Right in the in the question that's the tradeoff right it but it's the state is really involved business it's the state money not so much the city is a city can afford to do but I'm saying it now you have nothing right. Talk more about this and our number two Larry Lucchino went eleven your calls. All morning long till 12 o'clock minutes James and Dickerson it's the new week and sensation. Dickerson and James James and Dickerson right here on Sports Radio WEEI.