Mustard and Johnson - President Trump continues to bash NFL 7-21-18

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Saturday, July 21st
Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson take cals and react to Prsident Trump's recent tweets on how players who kneel for the national anthem should be punished.

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The creature. And that teacher from. Mustard and Johnson wanted to tell you. TI sports. Sox are packed season season. You guys we. Why is the mustard and Johnson show a three hour tour Larry Johnson officially in a state of Ecstasy on that mitigated euphoria tigers just birdied the fourth Paul. The men's taken down but it happened after the show was over so we didn't have to add you sitting here obsessed and fixated mesmerized. By. Serena and Wimbledon but of course now we have the British Open and tigers five strokes behind that day and you're going to be going in dying. And where it left date is on my board. You know I like them do you like I'd like Rory McIlroy news two strokes behind so were going to be. Kind of checking out the British Open which is my favorite only because I like watching golf in the morning for whatever reason I don't know. But unfortunately since tiger is now kind of in the hunt. You're gonna be sitting here for the next three hours -- Greg our like you obsessed like you why tiger unlike you I can multitask OK I want you count I can experts that I multitasking. Is a mirage it's illusion no one ever success the only that you multi tech talk experts have people who can't tour right on here he's such a brilliant broadcast professional he can watches dinky on television. And be so insightful dude you are on the radio you're amazing how do you do kind of had a tough week emotionally with the. The passing of sergeant Michael Chaz and irony incredible service in Weymouth and all the offices and everybody who was there and does he is wife and his kids I think I get very emotional just watching it and then the these there was a woman who is this it is sitting on a porch minding your own business and then she get. Shot and then of course yesterday the dark vote says seventeen deaths. Why anybody why would anybody take a bow out that kind of weather is beyond me even the owner of the vote just said that voted no business being out there in the law. If you're gonna duck boat before no I have not I have and and it's fun on the Charles River now exactly most treacherous. A cease. And moves very placid the day we went several years ago. And very bad decision out there in Branson Missouri to say the least see that water righteous. And when they when they said duck boat you know you'd think the duck boats how how much you know publish dying they're cute they're a lot of kids sonics owners get Donald and gold for you know those tunnel that's the you know on the love Disney aimed at that level. Right that's what you think oh yeah and meanwhile Red Sox last night. That was a very abrupt segue. Continue to play. Fantastic baseball I said at the beginning of the year where they were seventeen and two they would not play as well the rest of the season as they did the first nineteen games well once again I was wrong. Wrong. Both amazing when you can play two types of pace follow where you can Portland went up in your pretends product and then the next night Tehran and when one that nothing. David Price was superb. No other way you comported. And as long as he pitches you know anything close to that I think people evolve Meebo. Yeah and you know once again and we were only on once a week ago we try to get on. I'm more than once and we are gonna move or shift. I'm I'm you know I I've I wanna be moved to the afternoon and no I don't wanna be please don't move us I know they're moving the mid day in the afternoon Glenn's been trying to play after them. Yeah my body Bigelow made a complete Psycho yup he's he was in afternoon left exit and I was on vacation. In the airport coming back and I just called him a touch base Tivo was gone on you're on vacation Maria did I forget where I was at that time we talk when I left Seattle yeah that I identify it nice that you're kidding me. So join the club bingo I've been with them for our time number prior government he stuck it through and he did the the show weapon his house for Ireland and he's been to a lot in it and it was not fair. What he went through was not fair at all and we found out that the some of the jokes as they had their calling the shots is that not what the hell that we're doing it. So what does thing I Jim feels factory came back and got to ship righted now they they seem to be moving in a very good direction. Yeah should be happy you'll be able to get out or in that brought after Fred as much leading for the I want sure he's elated over the whole thing. He's not yeah I. Drive time let's face it morning drive an afternoon drive those of the two big big shots in at the station. But Ike is firing him might be very happy he's. Got a good gig. And she couldn't I'll call and tell how happy she dealer and under appreciated at this and anybody are eager to have work around the block and you could find plenty of reasons to be happy compared to some people out there. This way if someone gave us a regular weekday show mid days tended to I would do would be pretty -- wheels each people who I would probably go he kibo looking very good way the quite pleased about that proposition but that's not gonna happen grabbed and held onto war. Little show here every week I Gary's got room hi ally and key words that get in the -- I was out with some friends last night hadn't seen the couple for many many years and the guy thought weird bit we were last time I see her you got your panel now or something like that this however it is fair from Seattle now he's not nice to know we have a little bit more than an hour but not too much more than that today we have three so we're gonna take advantage. Are. On a customs. Odd time on the radio here told. Known. And once again it's for -- a much deserved I mean bush just works so ardently against an outrage I mean seriously she is more vacation days than she actually has appearances on this Ricky station unbelievable she and Tomas you both fall off and Greg Dickerson will be in with the ubiquitous Mark James coming up. At twelve noon today some rest and have a guy I think. Who has immense talent Greg Pickett and agreement Mark James I don't know Marco I think I think he has immense task have before there's a lot of them density going to tell how many pounds and are out of my thing he does and I just a moment well but Greg I've known for a long time. Always love a guy and think he's got tremendous talent and I think it shafted with his gig with the Celtics. That like a you know every but I just think Greg was the man and viewers that show about that one that won the championship and he's in the locker room right next to him there. Orange your pain on his well respected in loud and it was there's no reason for it for the him to get bounced so the theme so far today he's redemption Glen or Dwayne reed deemed to back in the afternoon show beginning in August 13 Greg Dickerson. Not to run a couple of stations got a bad deal over that NBC Boston he's back on the air. So it's all about redemption that is so great to everybody almost everybody at the stations on a diet plan so apparently he's illustrative and wait and Europe a little bit more spell on you finally you know nobody called me about it on any plan I had to just take it. Take it into my home self control and do a better job a personal responsibility and important. Character trait to the rubber door to show is that is that though I'm variety of things that talk about a murder and jump around and have something hit your fancy give us across 617. 7797. 93 sevens as well will be it will be one more time agrees and off we got matched a project met them I mean it is back he's awake this week I don't know he was thought marijuana jacket last week so he's back. Anything get arrested so we're proud of him. No actually happened was he was offered a better game he was gonna view engineer of the Red Sox game yeah which we just last week during the afternoon clocking you went up by exactly right and then he didn't even get the game yeah so we just abandon the show all together. This network Fordham in nineteen how. If you prefer the workforce and at any time that the guy last week was fantastic listening Kyle Petty was the other loses our panelists excellent although there are old keeping track of new thing going on the heels looked very good very very very yet and believe me that takes a almost miraculous. Job to do about it crested dailies utility. Red Sox games this this week at them for. Now that we're concerned about dale on edge that you ever like you can't you admit Pena hate to give anybody compliment around here god forbid will it shall we don't talk about next. I talk about whatever I feel like Harkin of all right what else are you elected is all yours are over perk up what else would you like to talk about that I want to talk about Donald Trump that you cannot probably have to go out again a problem down here as it is in Euro and rush errands spies in this one and now one. All kids that time and I'm so fed up. With this National Anthem story I'm where that if you wanna stand stain and if you wanna meal. Neo if you don't want to do anything. Stay in the present moment come out after it. Fine I am sick of talking about I'm sick here and about it by the way. And acacia you are not following Donald. United States and the leader of the free world this is that this is the tweet weary that he sent out yesterday actually about 617. Pia exactly 6:17. PM. Yesterday afternoon the NFL National Anthem debate is alive and well again can't believe it. Isn't it in contractor players must stand at attention hand on heart. The forty million dollar commissioner must now make a stand. First time kneeling out for game second time dealing. Out our salary this year no pay. We shouldn't be playing you should be there maybe you shouldn't be in the country. Well what do you call. Recently when in the last few months of last year didn't appealing to his have very hard court pace. Didn't refer to national. Nash National Anthem dealers in the NFL as. S obese but he didn't use the phrase that's so badly use little harsher term there that it Twitter with him is that one of the first things that maybe it was gone and snatch that thing away from him that's job. So. Like you're watching Griff Allen you know right in and by the way they're joked that she's responsible war. Himself 236. F bombs. In good felt himself not the whole movie yeah you'd just from Joseph panelists it was a there will be an understood it in you know the character and there and that was it appropriate for the care it let it go in and much as I hate profanity. I didn't mind it with the movie that they understood the context so no I'm just as far as I'm concerned. If you wanna come out if you wanna stand stand if you wanna neo Leo if you don't wanna do anything and our coaches don't know it is right but I'm watching the National Football League games. To see whose team in whose kneeling I wanna watch a football game but I think Arnold have evolved on this issue because I'm thinking Aaron about it first reared its head a couple years ago with Capra nick I think you were a little bit more on the fence about it I I don't think all right and I. I finally burst now the problem is that no progress says that when you think about it. No progress has been made whatsoever on either side first of all what do you protest. About OK they need to get at got a group of people together. To sit down at a table and figure out OK what the issue is that your protest thing in the end. Let's figure out is there anything that we can do to help push it along. It's an impossible situation to totally. Correct because you're always gonna have social injustice you're always gonna have to have. And then nots and the have nots. I tell you truth when I put my proposal would be I would take ownership. And I would take each player on every team and they would donate like three to 5% of the day annual paycheck every year. And I in new wherever they are from a back up the money go back to the community. To different areas where they're trying to. You know encourage. Higher education training working compensation sports I thought athletic buildings whatever. Dana barrels by the way as a bureau of four basketball. Building an Easton right on one no 138 feet past and every bit by the yet but. Seriously let's stop whining and protesting dobbs how big enough money building all these resorts are low volleys and get to that just about everybody including Russian oligarchs are much are you really has a lot of cash flow of and I hope I'm sure Ahmad weeping for him trust me but but I'm just saying though. I'm say the least I'm sick of hearing about it is because all people wanna do. Is protest. To protest. But let's just sit down and come up with a plan and have every player if you have that concerned about it and I would be pleased if you are. I will give Kapanen decrepit that he did donate lots of money and time time. Disarmingly he put his money where his mouth is but. Let every player donate a small percentage of a pay inmate owners. Is wow they have that little shin dig up the middle of no we air. Where billions of dollars are probably spend every year as they can rub each other's backs. Put some money on the table identified for either school or whatever you want. And donate that money and you could be at venue could do something about some during the. Offseason as you know the NFL instituted the new rule is if you want a protest. During the National Anthem stay in the locker room while the anthems being played. Meanwhile the dolphins had decided they have their own policy. Anybody protesting on the field for game suspension. NFL players' union didn't like that NFL. The powers that be didn't like that they got together and said four and now. There is no rule about the national press about why can't somebody come out and just in the chances of a question. What is it that your protesting why what is it started as police brutality there's certainly. Plenty of examples yes of police brutality particularly black victims in this country. That to me was a worthwhile protests have always been supportive. I've any kind you Larry as a black man in America you certainly understand we don't live in an equal society. Not a bit I've ever listen I'm against a violence of any sort like that against authority organs are police officers wielding. Authority act inappropriately. But what happened to as such in chestnut was an absolute disgrace communism you can you can look at both sides. My issue is. Why don't you sit down yet intelligent minds in this country allegedly. Why can't you sit down at a table. Analysts doubt some things and come out and let's face it money. EE you know you gotta hire staff. Get appropriate buildings in settings and stuff does that change in some of these things just to sit there and protest. But that's not doing anything any of an NFL player or whatever. Expects every Arab every you know somebody else to carry the freight in America put anything into it that doesn't work either it should be something everybody should want a dual. Little something. Right but I don't begrudge. Any player who believes. Being black or white in there were white players who were locking arms Neil Lane whether they're black teammates including. Bomb. The former patriot linebacker. Turner remembers name out Chris you know the lone actor actress Lana Padilla. And so I there're there're people who have acting very justify Italy. Concerns. About socialists is in this country fashion but. What do you what do you do an about what it what do you do whatever you don't just sit back and do nothing right I say are just let this thing I consciousness raising thing and I did not somebody with a brain in and you've got going down making forty million a year you get the NFL I sound like trop you go wait a minute so you got the NFL players association head you gotta. Doesn't have brew I intelligent people out there to say okay. Let's let's get a group of people together and end and you know named some issues and name some things about. How we can how to control my totally rigged things meanwhile. I never. A more conservative than that work turned off. By players kneeling before the game but most people take in the NFL on television. How many. Games do you watch where you check out you were actually. Care about whether a player is. Kneeling or standing during the Nagano and probably never said anything about it that I wouldn't even have given a second normally. And you know how they don't have a sports. All of my guys are when they do they is that the seventh inning. Now they do it before the game and and when I was a kid you don't see it though right blood and that's when you turn and when you if you tune in right at the beginning of the game yeah you'll see the players like this for instance the Red Sox are playing at Fenway you'll see them take the field. Daniel Eagles they take off their hats. And they're all standing staring at the market I'm glad I senate and I I missed that I have to make it and you certainly you know in the National Hockey League they always play the anthem is a Canadian and anybody that that yet you get iconic Canadian anthem well. Mom trying to think and basketball question did you see that before the game so is one to assume. That football is the only. Sport with a plays care. What are issues going on no and it has. Spread in a minor way to some of the other sports but. Why eight dismissed. An NFL player. Because. He's the only athlete of the four professional sports who is logic I don't have this draft thing it just curious why Namibia probably other sports have managed to avoid what it began again we have cavern neck yeah hours socially engaged right and that was contagious throughout the league which I thought was appropriate. And interestingly enough. It really wasn't much of an issue last year. It really that was it two years ago it all way yet from port keep it shot right honest with you right in the league policy was that the ultimate fence sitting on resolution OK if you really want to protest. We won't suspend it. Just don't come out for the National Anthem remember up until a few years ago. The National Anthem was played well before game time yeah pot. Remember why why did it it's become such a patriotic event national football games or not because because I know because the military. Was paying them hundreds of our newly released to dollar he's don't tell me that these patriotic we displays on the field we that was all those all paid Larry or by the armed services. So the NFL got into the patriotic game not for pure patriotism. Because. Once again it it lined their coffers Celanese democracies. Different. Military officials out with a decorated. All that was being all of that was being paid for the tape commercial by the military right. I got a phone quo we got a phone call from a very high yep. Individuals connected with with the National Football League who really kind of not big investment asked if we can stay away from that subject. I think the stuff that goes on. Behind this thing. Behind the scenes. A lot of things out there. That you would be just disgraced about that's why you should remove the root for your teams from afar might as well I don't I don't care anymore about again in I think does that let's last year he McGrady and ballot check in craft and all of them my. I love the patriots. But I am no longer it like I used to have a death grip on record O line patriots about anything else that was it because you're starting to see how the sausage is made and and I don't want you don't like I don't like Heston went yeah are picking up on the a government cancer that ought to we played. Now but that. That. Military thing can you imagine that the military matches out on the field and they do that and the style strikes in the plains and everything else and then you find out afterwards. They need from that course. And an end you don't find that this past I I completely disgusting I find it much more outrageous. Then a few conscience stricken NFL players pour. And dealer than it isn't. The Olympics in 1968 with Johnny Smith and John Huntsman via raising their fists above their head they need only a matter of fact in some places on Sunday Neal is a very good thing in any event. I do it here every democratic irregularly and ate it down your knees trying to perform an excessive. Numbers seriously. Why can't somebody step up they got a whole he can't do it now of the season ticket greatest. Right after the Sobel ball somebody should go doubts should have orchestrated and put together a committee players and a couple of bonus whatever. And they should try to resolve and come up with something to do because I agree I think that certain things should be done to address. Some of the travesty in this country and stuff in terms of what some people are going to I think be assured. Which we gonna do it like oh a week before training camp now this becomes an issue again yet announced a drafted out of Wales and outrebounded a ridiculous and I hate it. NN then Stephen Ross the owner of the dolphins he backtracked yesterday saying. Just equal. They sold their policy really hadn't said that any thing. Permanent that was just an idea we are now going around on it and his affairs committee is. You don't have to be the brightest bulb in the room to have a lot of money. There are a lot of people who were born into it there a lot of people late at certain breaks along the way of this of that. Because it and the more you are around some of the stuff. You realize that that a lot of people out there who want that on that bright who have a lot of money you're saying that money does not equal intelligence I don't think so how do you. Never did think that way man if that's the case I'm one of the smartest guys in the room to express themselves as a nice that's a good. So we've ever again there are 61777. And I tried to return seven. Ninety trees and rockets so the nationally at the debate is alive and well again quota on the sector according today that Tweeter in chief I'm sick of harkat OK I really am I'm fed up you in reason I'm sick of it. Is because you know OK you protest it I got back and I agree with you as something needs to be done. But now should be that time and OK now let's throw some solutions on the table just to keep protest and that's right when you see these. Of Benson and give them a comment on plea we have these people monitoring all over the place and protest and I don't mind the protests but then at some point. Let's talk about solutions. As the protest the protest were a second ago but. But Nickels for not doing that we're on a member a couple of years ago in Baltimore whenever ripper that city upon. Or freight rate goes up in the mast down there. Well guess why not they've tempered that so now they who cares nobody cares if you as a Mormon life yup you know once there the next franchise gave the players the option let the players do what he wants and this is just the wind doesn't mean I don't wanted to disappear I want solution right but the outrage will disappear. Just is when anybody protest when anybody resist the status quo initially it is going to be. I'll push back and he's gonna be outraged. But eventually people will evolve like you I think initially when talent Capra was nearly two years ago you were not wanted to supporters. And I think you have come to understand. That his cause was worthwhile but I am unending either side and Amman solutions side that's what I want yeah I'm sick and talked. I don't have problem at this country as you got a lot of people wanna run them miles. Am I want to name one name one person in this country wants to run as Julie ward where alone. Best. A six. 779793. About solutions that lets fix something. You get the patriots coming up now and now this is story out that Gregg Haddad resume his story that this still some friction between Belichick Brady. In Kraft yeah I saw that piece that was what what is the name of that pay per view would not paper view but paid subscription services Boston sports journal I think the name of it is I think it is and I don't even nodded and when he's excellent he's an excellent football writers used to work with Peter King and then Sports Illustrated you weren't there is friction between Belichick Brady in Harry -- right now. How what I what don't you read behind and we know anything unless I think on the craps the bed I. I believe at least from what I've read and what I've heard what you know the outside looking in weigh on the periphery. That there is still friction. And the question would be I don't doubt that there is a little triangulation. Going on between the three. And right now the odd man out is is always an odd man out triangulation your right your dollar check put two kids and the a ball in the though you won't hear from my whole day for a third kid out the sun was going to be pushed out hell breaks I have that and roommate situation like that Long Island. 22 people perfect add the third person someone becomes a pariah just is that story right in right now the pariah in Foxborough is. Kraft no not at all why not spell check spell checks on the outside my crashed the one who makes it usually goes the neighborhood to be the aperture and make that decision raft hands in the battle in this triangulation. BR Brady Belichick and Kraft but don't forget wrap the other guy did the trainer. Alex Guerrero yeah yeah you can't I don't know why relieving him all right he's part of the EU might be more of the quadra quadra seven triangulate whatever it sounds like Oracle's date if I could look at the Cairo Monday ally and it. And most recently got its opportunity and our logic Ramallah in the victory over race our way anyway. So much my point is that right now Belichick is the loser in this triangulation. No no question about it the loser right now the patriot fans they got Brady. Wore you out. Yet letting. Third inquire you tell me if something happens that Brady and he goes down you forget that what do you know that's you don't want your bullpen stud study in the draft you know the person who was most late and about their quarterback depth chart right now. I'm a patriots Tom Brady. Tom Brady loves the fact that Jimmy garrote below is hang out and end Jerramy however and I love Tom Brady Byrd this or that he's foolish thing. He's foolish and all he cares about is Tom Brady I don't care what you tell it's just that Tom Brady you've known over the US UV OK this front you must agree. Last year has been a revelation as far as Tom Brady's concern I think Brady's had a break out off season. And I think he says that how whether it and he's not just gonna be team player. He didn't go to the a voluntary. Practice that he got a Guerrero and Guerrero must not be around his feet and strawberries and things because he's busy freeway just don't eat strawberries are not east robbers just doesn't like strawberry he can't eat tomatoes right. Tomatoes on the right but he what can I screamed as he like Abbott count satellites but apparently he's may be indulging in a little too much of that on a catalyst in the paw she seemed on the beach scene with. He enjoys else unleashing grapple Osgood is on have a. Categories are all war. 61 soon that we you. There yet yeah I was struck that clearly not happy to get me into trouble for her you I'd lefties in Huntsville area you know I mean. Six months of resentment and enter an outlaw weapons of 93. Must do our jobs out quickly now Ottawa break is unfortunately not about you yeah. Mustard shots and in this switched off on us. You don't respect the flag if you don't like country or whatever it is. I think in many respects that's worse. Words cannot stand. That's works so they don't want to. Locker room subject and that is getting ready to play they run into the locker room that they come back out you know what. I doesn't. Man you know rural. Discussing in that infamous Montana rally last week where he was calling out of certain senator for Massachusetts as. Being Pocahontas. And that took some shots just about everybody including the NFL went and saw me get this straight so. Going into the locker room area is now worse than dealing yet in the tweet yesterday. First time Neil. One game suspension second titles and also our for the year were no path ahead let's send the whole thing is stupid I tore through that whole thing is foolish the whole presidency may not every out the whole issue. I think people have a right to protest and they've done that are ready for two years. Now let's sit down at a roundtable in and get some solutions but nobody wants to do that. Because when you get when you talk about doing solutions that means people have to give up something about this man always seems to have a solution for everything easy Andy from for. Yeah it's. I don't know the solution is the decision will achieve or. Are any day Indy in the allies there. A cause of Obama and so you can imagine as they about the ball. You mean nine now these out of the principal's office. And hang out with his buddy down there and Adam gays. And in addition of a viable right are available on the planet who dote upon the chickens he's unique in that. Open it all great trojans cut the sound of holding the locker room. And holding control a lot of confusion that category what sort of Jimmy Johnson. Or reform party you'll have to. A political support like certificates somebody's attention. But he's Jeanne good. It because I've because mark over. It doesn't normally have wow. Well and he has to owned two things this year and only if he wins. People will forget about it but leaving Butler round of the Super Bowl. In the Iraq hello and hagel properly or trade. Those two things that he's gonna have to own intently can prove otherwise yeah. Of course they are and it is as far as I'm concerned there's still the odds on favorite go back to the super ball. On but if your payment don't you wanna coupled Super Bowls would Brady now you get your money you don't have to worry as you get older veteran player now you know this is your probably your last stop. You really wanna have to deal with a Martin Nat like Belichick that's the different guy Harrison. Particularly beautiful little bit older voters to think that let Obama that he should. In my opinion these changes are made way. We have not had any major threat to listen don't almost a decade that. No we've gotten you more info in the military complex charitable work of god. You. We'll focus from Wilfork is Wilfork went from Miami. Wilfork was from Miami. Now that was. I know you're talking about him yes you bet they owe anything I looked like here you don't want Kellyanne we. And looked at as much as I I agree with I want you guys weren't. Yeah thank. As much as I agree with a lot of what you say about Belichick I still wanna see him coach about opera I still wanna see what kind can listen to him. Very course and didn't make the playoffs and had a release offs. Is there an element of Fargo and support that I picked up. A bit whether they look in your view you know what was security overload they had they had reported the prudential on the move which would. Although it would surely not Kosher. We should of food and put. All the local talk duplicate quote we are. Alicia if I want to accomplish little and I would be concerned about it going to Yankee portal. Well there's that there's the big issue and I I don't know this was discussed last like as I was out most of the night. There was a concern that perhaps the Red Sox would shuffle the rotation. So he would not face them. In a couple we will not be obvious that they pretty hard to do it's a four game series how do you how do you avoid the Yankees in that four game series. Which in theory yeah got to show up right at me really. They're going to abolish it but if little actually go to our clinic with a coffee. They got that kit that guy hand. Out in September. The guys in and here's the problem CIA MB ER he's. And as a lefty timbers or righty thanks strengthen their bullpen out. Considerably there's the right. And here's the problem the Red Sox as great as they're playing in the regular season we talked about last week they're exploiting a lot of bad teams Detroit is one of them they only you know one nothing game last night. But they continue to beat up on the teams they should be beating. Our day ready for prime time which is so does this mean you're gonna go. I thought wait a minute guys does this mean you gonna go through the season being measurable because you're worried about the play on and his about it but I think there's. And I don't tell you can't do if you showed he can't go to the municipal politics out of it. And Omar hoping to Eddie Roger and shall look forward. It in the music I just that kind of off the field. You know usually those drug agents say it. We're being as large well he got a bit. Let's get dropped you can kind of details how do you know I don't know if he'll be back. What are your doctor your doctor your doctor. Now here's the problem thank you in that line that you glamor in it dating there's the problem as you well and I'll tell ya right now everything's quiet on the David Price on it seems like he's taking the right approach he's resident who are she got is the better part of valor. But you don't know what's gonna happen. You know what you know what that prize is going to be at the bottom. You. Senior writer 6177797. 937. Is the telephone number we go to rob in Dorchester is next in Sports Radio Iraq Iran. As epidemic cholera appreciated thanks it's only. I'm a woman would. Of course it why can't people are deliberately come up with solutions yes. Well you know. Target epic. Minded people not want to come up with solutions. In other words people who are not committed to prop coming up with solutions to social and the not the people will board to come and get a table and talk about solutions with people who. Come up with. It is unfortunate back to the map. Okay are we do we do agree. That the players. Have identified the fact that there are some issues out there that they are very concerned about. And because the players work for the owners whether the owners like it or not. It's some point somebody's gonna have to sit down and try in come up with some some solutions. Somewhat opposing. In opposing perspective. That's where it doesn't. People want opposite it was urgent but often ideology. Having. Become good at that table and talk about them out. Where they're commonality. Here at our base and well coming up with the well. I tape weather men actually where that middle ground solution is pitching could change. Somebody's got it is set of both sides showed enough they in my house and arrogant and being protest thing. Don't you think now is about the time when you should get some reasonable people to a table. And stop talking about some solutions and people donating some money in building some programs and some training and an and the right. Are complete and take and are. Any PH out and with more of these. In order to move and urged. Importantly you're not there. Well you know what though I would agree with you except for the simple fact that you whether you whether we like it or not the change of hot. I don't care. Whether you like me and not I don't care whether you think that whether because I'm black you really get behind this Angel wanna have anything to do with me. The reality is I'm here and I'm working for you. And we are concerned enough about some issues. That you need to come to the table. Now if you wanna ever ever ever team and have some things get resolved. You'll need to come to the table with that Ohno who sold the team recently. Richardson knows somebody who is who Jerry Richardson ice people I mean this that when you liken him out when you look down on the field baby I'm black. And I work field. But I I I need you to come to the table because we have to me. Shoot yet or call rob thanks for the call 61 sort of grabbed 7797937. Quick break more your calls talking about well pat nationally at the controversy alive and well again thanks to the Twitter were. In chief is that a word I'm not sure Twitter at Twitter resort where Osama I thought that we have got a I will be back with the war and we don't read how right after this. Taking some. Muster and Johnson on sports freak. Well I think. The general public as a very strong view for. Respect for the flag is in that moment we have language and our policy that talks about standing at attention cuts off focused. And I think the general orbital we've clubs him and leak and will work for the players and Victor before announcement. Real problem without Roger Goodell was couple weeks after you made that statement Miami Dolphins decided to implement at least informally of their own plan which is if you don't stand. And your on the field or in the National Anthem. You'll be suspended by the team for four games well that caused the rural. NFL players association the powers that be. Including del in the NFL said no you can't do that and now they suspended the the new law altogether. And then put that one on hold. For the next several weeks as they try to come up with something that will keep all parties cents or if the problem. So then you say. You know. Everybody's got to c'mon stand in a plane national for Bali you're but he enlisting and then say okay. Obama will you he's not gonna go along with pilgrims saying that let's just say they did that much. Business as usual. Now is this got to if you want everybody to come out and stand and respect for the flag and National Anthem and I believe that. Which you've got to have something. They have identified a problem that they're concerned about the players and I agree with them. So many got to give them something are okay you'll agree with you have to this is mandatory that you stand for the national. Okay as an owner I am saying that I want my players are as a fan got. Are suddenly you go to a patriot imminent you don't go to Manning up and this home thing is their connections and all right and expensive we all know that. On but suddenly this thing is back in the news again and there is reason is another instance of police brutality and some of the patriot player maybe all the patriot players decide they're all going to Neil. Jury Gillette Stadium how do you feel about that. As a fan. I you know it is they have cap and make you got to give him. Credit and another it's not a popular thing to do but he has a ten defy the symbol. Back you cannot. Escape that you can't the flag represents. In the country the honor of the everything that that this country stands for so when he I don't use that as a symbol to identify which. There's no new to me there's no neutral opinion okay but for him. And Gary has their own interpretation the problem is those who disagree Capra nick and his followers. Shall we say. Everybody has a different interpretation of the problem was the push back in the outrage came from those who misinterpreted. The protest as being against our military and that's not what it wise. It was. Liberty and justice for all that is a very hollow phrase. And again on why am I speaking for you if you're black person in this country. I don't care what color you are back I think theory and well and on I'm on why liberty and justice has been served up to me on a silver platter for my entire life I am white privilege. I I understand that. And there are a lot of people who are associate we're very cool patriotic and white. Don't understand that this country does really not. Not include everybody this is not an all inclusive country where everybody has enjoys liberty and justice and that's what. Those NFL players predominantly black were protesting it wasn't we hate the military. We're against the right veteran ace picked out in symbol right but it's like the guy who. Couldn't get this mule across the street so anyone is trying can go to work for whacked him across the forehead as high as he couldn't summaries of what he do that for. He is although first you gotta get his attention right so. That's what I this brown as a way of getting our attention. Ma IE. Complaint is okay. Now you have our attention. What are we into about it right are we just can approach a Regis gonna protest the protest. Always gonna acknowledged there are some concerns out there and let's come to the table and let's thought identifying with some of these things. To take up to take a small step. Within our power. To help fix it and that's what you know and maybe I should know more about this that's what I don't know enough about. All our. Both parties sitting down our players who could are concerned I think sitting down I think you here are hearing to hear about it if they did right aren't let's get back to the phone 6177797937. Its mark in the car is next on mustard and morning mark. Oregon Verizon. Are twice let. It out. At that. Forums. Last. And so oh. Pressure on. Ought to stop it or. So it's. Like ought to. But it. Edges of steel last night the ball outs all. Other. Audit. Rodriguez it has though he's been there about five or six different teams as he always had this problem. No I mean he he's been a very steady pitcher wherever he's gone this is his fourth game that's what Tampa Detroit and particularly now the Red Sox. And on the day he's been real rock in the rotation everywhere he's gone but let's face it we all know this. Pitching in Boston's not the same as pitching in Toronto or Detroit. Even when Detroit was a team that was you know vying for an AL Penn it's not the same thing certainly not not nearly what you do in Tampa and at my juju you're blasters. Jon Lester is quote he said it's a 100%. More different how to pitch in Boston. Yeah an epic of all the pressure that Lester had delivering. A pennant and World Series to Chicago it's a whole different attitude out in the midwest. The so much intensity in this town. And David Price as we have seen. Doesn't always have the right personality for these pressure filled situations and mark this is the big question. After every great performers that David Price turns in the regular season you go yeah bot. Its luster that there I. It doesn't make its luster. Has Nokia stroll to first base so. It is strange. Are so good. Out. Stir it up their. Socks. But all yeah. Or August fastball. All. That got to stretch later this sock. It all straight balls ought. Have. Sort. I just don't know. That was clearly this kind of depressed about it just suck it back. All I know is all I know is retired he got the better he was two days' rest would not be the Yankees in game seven of the 2004 ALCS I remember Derek Lowe Walt threw well mark. I want to make a comment you wanna make a comment about the handsome. You are so we're I'd appreciate it comes up you. Support and know when a boy. What what are these. Expect more time work at all but it's still. Abduct. This whole count. Are all right now or default position. Not hurt probe police. I wish you a little more thought. And out talk. Don't understand now calm but you would have to admit statistically. The there are more. Bob Black percentage wise not numbers but per capita there are more black people who were killed. By police are trying to wire people are trying to write it you know it is funny it's a very different coat markets are very different counts subject to discuss. In light of the Chaz now. Funeral just took place this past week very very emotional right I understand how difficult it is and I certainly wouldn't want to be in that position I would want my boy used to be in that position and I'm sensitive to that. We need to come up with a solution that works for. Everybody in this country and that's the problem right now thank you for the clock Craig Crawford you we're gonna take a break it's 10 o'clock 607779. 793. Series just happy if you get to three hours today Obama and I sat up a bag Curtis thank you so much. How many a second thank you personally Iran who has more excited dale are you about what's going on and especially on this like Marvin Gaye what's gone on.