Mustard and Johnson - The Red Sox loss to the Yankees was disappointing

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Saturday, August 12th

Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson recap and take calls on the awful loss by the Red Sox to the Yankees where they blew the lead in the 8th inning.


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Why don't we cheered. And that teacher from. And mustard and shots. TI sports. Yeah Sox pats season season. Yes and tell you the ice which really. Exactly yeah well it's. Gloria. It comes up it's. Just. The ball it was one to the Rangers won it. It's. And they got him. No it is going to vote at that time. The flood wall center field. You Ellsbury will be Jackie. It's. The Red Sox five the board in the. We're forced to throw strikes and Eduardo such good day's front and it was just in the he has. The height of the ball answer we'll post a definite to tell. He's back and play time to read it. After dozens of flights that chest that there is probably not alone by executive order wasn't position. There's all the heart burn the horrors Marlon Brando would say in Apocalypse Now apocalypse. If the Red Sox in the eighth inning last night in the Bronx three nothing lead Larry Johnson. And the lead in the AL east looked like it was going to be incurred increased to five and a half games Steele later yankees' worry about next year Wear them but. Somehow or another it all fell apart. In that horrible. Eighth inning and the Yankees we got a little life in the AL east yankees sent eleven. Batters to the plate in the eighth inning. And that of when John Ferrell I really I don't get I don't have as many problems with him. As most people opted to put us to guard once and while he's just got to say. It was a bad place it was a bad base running play or whatever I don't. Whenever you take a chance like that well here's the issue that is one now. And you're already in scoring position. You've just quarter Ron you have a very shaky closer. On the other side alone seek peace. And start with him I would have stayed at second base and stayed in scoring position instead of chanting that face as you get your home yet and an N if he had not. And obviously is still one out maybe one of the next two batters gets a base hit then you tie the game. I thought it was unnecessary. I know you can be a little aggressive Red Sox ten to be aggressive I did see this and this is what would be very disturbing to Red Sox fans. That Nunez is part of a larger problem of the Red Sox this year now in there and commanded the division second best record in the American League. It shows that they are aggressive on the base pass or rather do that the meals station to station days back in the late eighties and early ninety's when Wade Boggs. Was at the top of the order. But they have been caught on the base paths now. 65. Times various ways. Base running mistakes may be over aggressiveness last night was a galling example of that. And I hit a again I don't think it and Aaron Hicks didn't help Manning went to bat with phenom. But I think it all comes down to we've been raving about the reds are bullpen. Of late. You know if you can get to the seventh inning themselves and you pretty much else that you bring in Europe you Cali Ian yeah. Read in some of the other players and and you go to our Kimbrough in the ninth and murals that well. Obviously that didn't happen eat right up an upper good performance he went seven innings actually six. Barnes had the hold on the seventh. And so you can't blame the army to come out in this after the sixty app that well. Six score was sent 107. Pitches I think what you don't want the bullpen has been terrific they've won eight in a row at least until last night took command of the division when everybody thought the Yankees had seized it. After the all star after the all star break and trade deadline July 31. So I mean you could sit here and pushed the old Bobble bell panic button. And look at this thing very pessimistic Lee and them blame John Ferrell for maybe not pulling the trigger on Craig Kimbrel. When things were getting out of hand in the eighth inning where you mean by that you would have run Kimberlin they don't want to prop this I that's a debate is such a debate. And Ferrell rationalized as he did with the cream that's that was the ultimate rat rationalizations there. That the reason why can't Craig Kimbrel is pitching so well this year is he's not being stretched. Into. Four routes or five outs now. John Ferrell does it isn't for one inning that apron study using human mind do you have any any right if that's from the critical but right now you know as well as I do. That when you war are the quote unquote closer in the Tony La Russa aero that's gone on now really for about thirty years since Dennis sector's way. Became a hall of fame pitcher. That if you're the closer. You come in in the ninth inning we believe. We have the bases empty this idea that you're gonna come man. And become the old Riley fingers. Fired man to put out that blaze. Is not gonna happen in the modern age show you real that as well as anybody else. But that would agree Brett say is saying Maggie you only use your clothes on a perfect conditions absolutely and that's the way it's been forever well. It to me if I Needham. If it's starting to follow up an army and I need him in the eighth numbering and amenity right and I worry about that ninth on the ninth comes up in it in if I'm watching that game last and I'm a Red Sox and on the Yankee fan so I was enjoying what happened I'll be quite honest with you. And I was saying to myself. I hope he doesn't bring in general on the situation. Stick with us at my age I'm not asking camera to go to winning yet I'm saying bring him in the eighth instead of an and I think if that's on the fight is for you and I know that's but what waited I don't ever done about the room service Preston okay -- he was changing a whole lot of second so you're gonna bring him and this is right might disagree yet. You're gonna bring him in the heat banning. If you're in trouble okay well that's my point yes yeah okay and so was the game here's my point. Is the game this game we had to your rival your ancient rival and your closest competitor. In the division. Is that game. That important they've won eight in a row their bullpen has been terrific as you just said. Do you panic and say we are desperate for this win even though we want big hero to win the game captain of our right but. You have a four and a half game lead at the moment I espionage that are right I'm just trying to graduate you either you're trying to limit games they are right let me ask your best you're watching the game last night. Okay Gigi you think to yourself. That perhaps John Ferrell should Obama Kimbrel. Did at any moment today after Addison reed yeah I sat on that point the game was falling apart. On empire right out right I know. I'm by the way he went on the last retired mark does anybody really care about the games anymore they had 4600509. Last night so I think that getting answers people care when the games matter. And I think this was a that you it was. Tens game I've daddy were idea pitched very well early protecting the lead and I'm going as far as he went. Hours at the end of the war to answer your question directly no it's not the end of the world but as a fame and if you work I am rooting that the refs are to doing everything they can to win a game right did you think. They John Ferrell. Did everything. He could have done. 21 that to win now and last I did it is debate to come back criticize him for it I'm really not but. Where the would you have brought. Timbaland is the question yet and I guess that is in his explanation was in math you can cue that up because Ferrell does have an explanation for why Campbell didn't account man. Again let's let's not delude ourselves into believing that we're back in 1970 sixers 77 arena earlier that when when the a's were. Dominating. The American League in all of baseball rally finger come on in the sixth inning the seventh inning or Goose Gossage. Remember that AL playoff game against the Red Sox at Fenway October 2 78 this the last four innings in relief of rock on get injury. In that game week where not deluded into believing that's gonna happen now problems. Yeah you know not looking to have to go to have a craving spots there's a reason why actions here so we can avoid you know those one plus innings who's fought for for Craig I am. We've seen and experienced one of those to him over the course of a full season so. We feel very good about the strength of our bullpen and the ability to go to multiple guys and respond to them. He didn't work tonight. So it was a disastrous. John Ferrell didn't deny that now dance right now you know. We set back afterwards and you analyzed it and you say the other problem that they continue to have a let's face it other than him these two run bomb. I'm nobody it's not that they're really not getting the kind of production they want they have eight players under 300. Nobody's hitting so. Naturally I want you got to ride it to only. Lead without you know some ramifications. If somebody wakes the Yankees up which they did right and I think. You had a chance last night particularly going into the eighth inning to put the Yankees are way as far as the division was concerned. Making huge statement. And you know you have your race in the whole literally and figuratively. On Sunday night with Chris Sale pitching. So if you go when you have a three nothing lead in the eighth inning. You're on the weights on ninth straight win. And you're looking at the Yankees in your rear view mirror you're making a statement in the Bronx. They they the crowd is dispirited. The Yankees have not played well since July 31 one allegedly they'd won the division according to all these so called baseball experts. We've all their trades and everything else Sonny gray by the way now all went to. In his two Yankee appearances. Things are not working so well about the has gone on video right Chapman has been an ultra shaky and was last night again. Coming out of the bullpen I'm Charlie's not the nicest person in the world while he was suspended thirty games by actually baseball a couple of hours ago domestic violence right there right. So. Again. Addison reed. Coughed up the game Joseph Kelly coughed up the game long run is it. Completely disastrous is an Apocalypse Now it's not now but if you're talking about trying to bury this team and put them in your rearview window then you give that. You give them a little bit of hope. That's our were saying but I am more concerned about you know getting some of these guys to wake up a little bit Kitna smoky vets and Bradley and a the rest of the gang up is that hitting their hitting has been woeful well you can't complain hey listen they won. 888 games. But I went out. And get right back in the race in they would see what I read anybody's doing that I mean nobody's you know not ripping got you Red Sox tickets or anything yet nobody's doing that you just. You're in ally in the game itself and you're saying it was a truly great opportunity for them to. Stop putting some distance between. His team and really discouraged them. And it's one that ended it to game the got a break right and whether or not the Yankees will be able I take advantage of the momentum they gained. In the eighth inning or not certainly difficult you gotta believe right sexual least win one if daddy Yankee Stadium with one. That's great Chris Sale pitching on Sunday Tuesday with a Red Sox is a combination of some of the yankees' batting pitching is an Arafat. But the Red Sox not really hitting that well either now and pom rants by the way I don't wanna I certainly don't want to. Dismissed pom rants is what five and always last eight starts pitching from at this baseball seats and how many lenses -- -- -- wins he has he's won five of his last may start he's been exception and you know -- price down and trying to deal with everything he has to deal with that's a distraction you don't have to worry about pom rants. I'm filling in very nicely is that number two guy. They have a shot. At least when he wanted to games that you really need if he gets swept. Then your concern. If you lose two out of three not bad you only fall one game as far as the standings are concerned if he gets swept suddenly the Yankees are right back in it. And that is an issue in other what I like though is I do like the fact. That. By the Yankees winning last night they did bring interest. Back. A little bit in terms of the rivalry between these two so you're more interested in a conflict in the Julia Rahman yes then you are I the Red Sox halting and whacked I want on the keeper clause. I'll I knocked coach Roy. Bordick if they have a lot about seven or eight quote here I am very right win streak for the Red Sox I and they are done that one which is so pompous you Red Sox and it starts to win last night you Red Sox fans are so pompous in smog. And condescending. He's you've won three championships. Other other eight or nine and another woman and a I'd I'd wanna expressed some kiddies some sympathy. Goes. Poor yankees that undermanned scrappy bunch can't even sell out any more of him that's kind of a sad story in the Bronx. So we're giving them a little life scripting. You are you are things that some charitable I appreciate that unions I think that because Missouri or expect he's going back back I'm Ellie yes. So you would rather see this we are. Rant I would compare and you money you want a really interesting final size recently due by the way if you if you wanna interest of course this is three out of four weekends. Red Sox and yankees are squaring off like a Major League Baseball did with the scheduling. To get this week. In the Bronx next week. At Fenway and then in two weeks after that you're back in the Bronx again so eight more games how many. Eight the board games. With the at the Yankees coming up in you know what that will pretty much tell you where the Red Sox are going to be as far as the division is concerned because the Yankees generally. If you look at they look at the numbers match you can compile those numbers they had. They were either winning or tying every series they play with a Red Sox are far they had an edge number games played going in. And they certainly improve that record last night with a big eighth inning rally so. You know I don't think Red Sox fans are waking up on Saturday morning listening and they show and thinking in all of the the sky is falling. Well actually if you read the news this guy may be falling but as far as the aliases concerned. I think we're gonna be okay if your Red Sox fan looking at it he still have a solid lead in the division. Three gains in the loss column as John from wall there will no doubt point out when he calls and and plenty of time. To right the ship after they wobbly. Very tumultuous. Eighth inning in the Bronx last night so any thoughts on the patriots before we go to break. Yeah I think the an exhibition games of exhibition games let's face it. Many is that very few unease Irish play you know all these guys will be driving a camp next week I'm. So I don't look at it that way but I trying to pick out little things that aren't are proper what was terrific I authority. He moves around well he make in the right reads. Circus. Pass lucky in a way that capital that down but nonetheless. Deny any of people criticizing him because they don't like to break he found bound nowhere where he needs to work on following you don't wanna set that how I didn't know eyesight mouth falling down last year the last three billion pounds and he got it nailed with a dirty play Alfonzo or whatever nailed them. A couple of quick things though these morons who are calling in criticizing these people for taking a photograph for Roger Goodell I'd take one with a minute minute weather like here. It's over OK it's over the Brady. Controversy is over the patriots ended up winning that because they won the Super Bowl so it's all. Right now bull mole on the vendetta that people have or she does it is a need for vengeance we we live in and in a vengeful society. Where we all want somehow or another to get somebody back for something but it's over and it's obsession. You want a Super Bowl you were three and one. Brady was a great in the second half of that late in the game because he did take four games off the way are here. That might have been there by the time they hit the Super Bowl was not in evidence everything worked out patriot fans. You're absolutely right now. On the other hand. Why would be dealt what was encode Dell's nice sneak and then he needs repetition sweetie. Furtively. Come in without much fanfare while we wait why wouldn't he wait till September set I don't know what the opener like what are you going into the pre season game against the Jacksonville jet was meaningless B wanted to see the planes. I have no idea I know this much I activity came down heavy handed that was. What you Ezekiel Elliott situation with six game suspension. I thought that was period I'm. I just think that it again what do you Anke fans gonna do now they gonna hate Jeter now because he's he's. They invested and in the Miami team where I don't get what's at another way it went so you're not supposed to take a pitcher would go down because he's the enemy. So how can Jeter and hall of Famer. Go to another team and invest in that team now he's been trying wrote I came up I would tell you your Yankee fan. And Derek Jeter border piece of the Boston Red Sox. Then there would be an orgasm and seriously hurt questions folks. I'm just trying to Marlins gear say there's something wrong with people out there. It wanted to dictate every little thing that everybody does with their life I think it's ridiculous brought. If he asked me to pause for far right calls for a minute essay about a million eating out or I mean really yeah they you know why ridiculous patriots in light. If you're a fan of Boston sports you have no reason be angry. About anything you have dominated the professional sports scene for fifteen years beginning in 2002. When Vinatieri at the forty yard field goal against the rams in Super Bowl in New Orleans. It's been nothing but blue skies and you are a very good basket but I mean got a good hockey team. I'm really Troutman I don't know how good a hockey organize it that competitive I'm not saying it is Stanley Cup. How they don't know how they do and I was in wake up I always mention how they do and Ottawa OK they took Ottawa to that of a maxed out there and look rather ended up doing. When they entered the they ended up going out to the finals. Or almost to the final number I'm just a shame I mean I'm saying that we're not fortunate we have not the word tribes of the Europe not a problem nothing out we got the practice facility right down the street from you what it on the street like two buildings older buildings are the Celtics like right on top of us we got the Bruins about fifty yards aren't that people need to get over it might come as you don't have any problems and you know liked you better worry about. Three people pausing for a photo and you know can you still see these anti gay Dale Bumpers stickers everywhere but got it you know you don't want your patriot fan would give a good analogy it's like he's stupid people who still stand up at Fenway Park to in the wave. Is go time is done by the way haven't been Fenway and then I. Are the Yankees suck. Chad instill and have them show their breath back I'm going on the fifteenth and taken my son Bryson sometime associate producer here WEEI. To a game on Tuesday night he insisted he had to go to one Fenway games' legacy the cardinals. Will National League action about them when we were down their. When relevant and they produced on Emery was that. While many years I don't your memory does that gap and Manny suggested during the break you stroll around the pocket you see the is that the bleachers for around march batting practice. It's a great place to go right now great place so. As well I don't know what people somewhat tight all well don't like to wait a rapper was following an you know criticizing guess what's impressed that won't be on the team. That was wrong with people. Let's just sit back and relax and enjoy it as well. Exhibition games. What especially now back in the day. Back in those those those depression days. Three Brady when all believe me I go back there when and things were much darker than they are now. I would look forward to the pre season just because you wanted to see if the patriots who were gonna have some semblance of a chance of actually competing. When their real C season began. But this year especially coming off a Super Bowl. You know that the odds on favorite to win again they should get back to the Super Bowl they should win again. Based on their talent and their offseason SO we and everything else you with your son and you doubt that stadium and mildly FM Pietrus has had you wanna get a pitcher good television or. I would want one I wouldn't care about one. So would you say no. To say thanks but no thanks I would get angry about it we just say thanks but no thanks graphic is a trying to make a statement I don't can have my picture taken with. The NFL commissioner. I brought let's face it I'm not as angry as you would be necessarily I'm an angry anymore help you work for I want to ensure we're very angry very angry. I just think he's the clots he's way over his head. He's incompetent he's out of his depth but enough about the problem talking about the NFL coach Jerry Jones got his comeuppance though the sudden it rises the best thing since sliced bread. Now let's see how we feels about it now that it's not right well that's going to be outs like let me ask you this just from purely from a patriot perspective yeah. Do you feel a little better about the Brady suspension based on what happened yesterday was he Kelly now. I I think what you been up in arms if he only wanted to games who. He Kelly. I would be up in arms over it I would say hey you know. I think he did learn his lesson now I think he he was suspended. We know what's gonna happen via some of the players there too light on the suspensions than if you have to go back and right into it again it makes you look bad so like I thinking I think it's for the good move for them I think they need to clamp down on this crap. They really Jolie plays can't be opted to whatever they feel like doing. I'm Rick we're we're very few consequences too I agree with them totally on that again is he my favorite person now. But I don't hate them anymore is much as I did do in the Brady hearings. That's right that's it so Roger Goodell who planes. Got a super ball came. And Brady is still quarterbacking the team but I tell you lot cowboys. Played so well in the regular season last year. You know surprising that 12 combination two rookies a quarterback. And running back I think it deck press got got a little bit of the difficulty out there he elevates not let it wait that was a rookie you can have these people. Out the Edelman heavenly feel like doing without worrying about any consequence and meanwhile patriot fans trembling in their boots because Jay Cutler. Is now a member of the AFC. East watch out Jay Cutler back in uniform just when you thought. He's gonna start his broadcast career five hours and was surprised at that buffalo trade yesterday Watkins I mean Lockett is terrific wide receiver so that there at this stockpiling draft picks so we know the direction they're going it. And sometimes that's what you need to do you need to do is wave the flag. When Arco I don't wanna stay in the middle of the pack. Let's rebuild get some good draft picks single from it anyway with Sox and patriots are stocks of Red Sox are. John Ferrell have lifted either Joseph Kelly or Addison reed. And put in Craig Kimbrel in the eight inning at a car show in the Bronx or call 617. 7797937. Mustard and Johnson were gonna make it all the way to 11 o'clock right here on Sports Radio W media so anxious. It's. Been able not there. Okay. He goes to go to hell Greg has fought. And that's a reason why have a sincere so we can avoid dead animals one plus innings. Fought for for current limit is song. Oh. I hold the harder. The horror pock. Let's hitting the Red Sox. In the eighth inning last night and Tony and I'll be honest and thorough seriously if that's right you got that idea. Affect about read. And you got to use them pretty you know and I mean that that's right you got here right and you can that he doesn't do the job you can't blame Farrell had a blame that they participate right and you know John Ferrell has been spared the Red Sox fan them wrath of most of the year this year I mean. We know the John Ferrell isn't the second coming of Joseph Maddon or Casey Stengel or anybody in between. What he's done a satisfying job. You know they put together a good club personnel wise. In every department they're better than the Yankees. They just let one get away allowing the price situation on him. Why would you blame the price situation on him while taking the stand called on the play around and just saying you know you can't do that crap from now I'm lucky I'll let that the again you know we but he was stuck in the middle I don't I know two things about the modern manager of the modern manager's job. Is to manageable Penn. And keep everybody happy and you have specific. Roles and slots for the bullpen. OK and you never in the post Tony La Russa error. Ever. Okay that's the cardinals and you know effort no pun intended you never bring in. The closure. Before the ninth inning especially in a regular season game now. We did that have post season implications last night because it's the Yankees do you get desperate do you stretch amount to four outs. I don't do that I'm just saying that I play every game that went right I mean that's that's announced they are saying basically. You're saying. We're gonna talk show here okay have an opinion you're saying that Ferrell. Should have brought Kimberlin I would rademan talk you out when the game slipping away in and I got my best guy on the and I Graham and art but I'm not critical about it I just that I would have. Brought him were you in the moment saying that as you watch it again now. Right now. I've you what you are doing beyond just a lie like you do what you just let it wash over you it's just the that Anderson might yet my mantra today for everybody out there. It's not the end eager to hear what is it not in the world may not be that you get that's outrageous rhetoric today got that little limited over the it was his bombs. That went back. I'm not worried about them my god is bigger than anybody is I can't touch. A toenail without check it gone for a so much worried about it of gun or allows it to happen Soviet thank you chip from animal house serious at all and how's about that you take it pitches our camera company and are Luke in Florida what's going on and will come I yeah. I want to jump on before you from. Restrict here and missed them all. It's inevitable unfortunately. Or wool what. It's like we're looking out. According to strokes but yet you have not decorated anyways and I would have gone the other way. Regis show any sign specialty. Last night 26 innings. I think you know 107 pitches yeah around there and they usually that's you know one on sevens about the limit at 110 is the ideal number of these days you know that. See if everybody did damage got that look if everybody had done their job and we wouldn't be complaining about it at all. But it means you can make saying I wrestled Barmes funds comes in 123. So wanted to promote their community. I mean. You that you play and the Yankees. And I think Craig at this point every game no matter what matters. When you play the Yankees are being chorus so much respect. So you're getting guys out there who's not shown any succeeds. Maybe you started from the seventh inning he gives up or are all right but especially when judge in the Gary change it was up and I would Glen Campbell. Say one of the things that I never could understand and I never will. When you're watching a baseball game in your bring a guy and in Heathrow smoke and it's just 123. Right around the plate inside outside it he gets the job done. Then they take him out bring somebody else and for the next inning. If the guy isn't it grew and he has that happening why Whitney you use them for the next inning because Larry if that's the ways they do wit are now you know who says so I know there's nothing written a Luke thanks for the call makes a good thing there. The problem is again I keep on saying it over and over and all over what Russa invented. Modern bullpen management is doing now. The greatest managers of all time where OK is he demanding now no older and you move on okay but how did Dennis actors Lee become Dennis sectors I understand that alright I had this. I understand there are just on you. There are certain instances when I don't agree with that right I think. The John Ferrell is managing for. 162. Game you have to any understanding Kimbrel has been infinitely better what was Campbell's problem last year. He really got worn down yet as the C and Arnold but I'll tell knocking the Kimbrel decision I said I would have brought him I'm not knocking it is much as the people that he did bring in. Who didn't get the job done in also I think you cannot. You know or omit the Red Sox a lack of hitting their right of art route basking in that aforementioned glory that. Is John and mauled and everything is right with the world renowned and a blind squirrel finds it not for the Yankees got a little life there they are they're off life support at least for awhile. Yeah yeah. I'm still left and I'd use statement a little while ago the Red Sox have still have a commanding lead in the division. Oh wait a minute how many games back in the loss column of the Yankees now Jon that's your that's your job here at this show. Right that would be married we don't do GP OK. GB is out the window hit Nolasco who. Lost yeah I went separately you know meets today Corey was gonna say twelve hours later when it's too little lost well you gonna tell me they still haven't come ending. They will because Chris Sale was pitching on Sunday night in all the Red Sox. All the how much are you tell me how many. I'll take a look. We did have enough off day the game before last sale price is phenomenal yeah. And the big thing you have to watch out for pre sale is his history is second half's are not hi yah it not as good as first task but. I'll take Chris Sale and he's a guy at the other night now. Right but that the Red Sox at plate and gains with the Yankees they've only scoring two runs a game. This fact will keep the Yankees in the game against that guy like. So what does the record that what is the yankees' record against the Red Sox in those ten games. And seven improvement would tell me about the starting pitching John. How are they doing and I know sabathia just went on the. Mean you're right now it's being in the eighth and simple glow a little bit on these two guys and bad pitches that it's you know I wanted to you operation again. Thought Jews who fought victory in seven YouTube dot racially yet to throw back at the end guide to Atlantic game so. Doesn't look like that trip and that that signings. Went for a while for them does that not yeah. I. We heard what all the baseball Cognos and the out there on July 31. Proclaimed. Including you John I didn't yank. Thank you were you were coordinating the Yankees as this year is. AL east division champion. Did Saudi praised what Owens who when he endowment for the sunny now we're cloudy very quickly we'll go into a. Bad that we got to find a way to see sale and come Monday it bought and we'd signed. Rainy days and Mondays are always they'll get you down my audit. Human a lot of column great you can you can always do I can't wait. It was a good sports radio and you'll hear totally different take about what's going on yeah they look what's happening would judge. He had sent exceed all blows or whatever you call it. They've gone back to the old yankees before this year when nobody can hit nobody can. Try and run. The pitching he's given up way too many home runs early in these games to tyranny and where does that and that there are only did yesterday. It's called my. And that may hang around a little bit and don't get out much but. These guys have given up early playing from behind way to walk. A day wanting the fans to shower not bad 46000. May Allah I. What we're excited about the young guys that went much more. Ukrainians are much more excited about the Yankees the Red Sox means are about this first place mean. I don't know why that is maybe a front line this would. I don't think while I think you just the incident I don't think Yankee fans anticipated the team doing this well. Yeah it's all about expectations John are Red Sox Red Sox. Record that would. Get rid of these beat this debt money and he's dead guys in not that we got rid of all that they're the future looks bright. All right you're 73 against the Red Sox first ten games in the final eight you have to win at least. Probably five of those games. Maybe even six Q school behind I don't care of the loss column of the regular standings the Yankees still have a lot of work to do. They have they have three and a half. You are signaling that everything else these same that's not how you look at it you'll and that it is. As as it all means to win the same amount of gains will be yankees have to beat the Red Sox Bobble but it's always got to go. Is when the next and then played better. OK let's. I find ourselves behind the Yankees when they play again and they don't have to win five out of eight. Loan so they out all right I guess John as though throwing down the old gauntlet I don't blame them I didn't expect the Yankees to be in the hunt. You think they're in the hunt now I think I think John makes one point that I think is is significant is it's all about expectations. Red Sox fans after that sweep of the hands in the indians'. When all the optimism and momentum going into the post season thought they should have done better. And this year coming in certainly got to be excited about sale tremendous acquisition great trade from from their brows ski. And I still think that's the reason why Red Sox fans should feel pretty good about themselves. They have legitimate stopper he's pitching. In game three of this series it's your ace in the hole Palmer is that they pom rants has been pitching very very well. I yankees' rotation as John said put together with spit and go and that's just about it. I still think I'd really believe this. That the Red Sox have the better team. Over these last six weeks yankees have got their number in head to head showdown is no question about that they're gonna have to continue to do that. In order to make this race you wanna ago it's not quite a race yet I don't I don't quite convinced it's a ratio. Red Sox obviously need at least win one of these games. In the final two in the Brock 617779. 7937. We're talking about the horrible eighth inning last night Red Sox blowing a three nothing lead yankees. A life. Going in today's game at 405 we'll have a four at 32 wanting. We'll also talk of them patriots stark acknowledgment just an exhibition and that is anybody really got a call and talk about the pace to I don't care what you think it grapple I mean what did you think of he's showing some fire I mean that. He I thought he played very well. You know there's some negatives to also. Cyrus Jones that month and we know as he can chase the receiver down the field I I just it's really hard for me. To have the desire in the energy to analyze and his vision not really true for par threes I love football. A pre season game of a team that's gonna go fourteen into out worry I wanna watch the some of the rookies that wanna see what some of these kids do. I thought that I thought Kyle did exceptionally well. I thought how most of that big tight and at seven reset by the way attorneys all night fans and even refer to retired and is the small tight. Did you harass them that not that big topic tight and now this kid played a great I don't they're gonna do with their roster Graham. Yeah I thought they may have a unit that can actually salads and players people talk about you know whether percent will make the team I mean he's got to bring his ball Don hello but he throws low high. But at least he's throwing it to the right people and and make it that make him a good reads. They'll be down in West Virginia here this week they're going to be skirmishing with but the Texans and complain and said the night. An excellent all right so why would you take it really Wyatt about that Larry it's pre season argued how long he's been says we watch any game. Yeah I remember Dallas is playing tonight. You gonna watch that game summit the first corner now are when you get after the first quarter and now are Carol you tweet out exactly what you see in that first quarter and many are Fatah and congress let him on four today they're forced him plenty Taiwanese yup and you can you can tweet out all the important things that you're gonna glean. From that cowboys patriots I wrote that I liked it to the back and play is any other team I don't care or take a break more your calls coming up mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. Oh. Watch Sports Radio 93 point seven. It WEEI dot com. You know is. You know I've really got to know we've heard everything and close situations as a jobs. They didn't make the president wanted to end nosy as I was a good ballclub. But it means it's going on to something pitches. Found some. And into the open up some room for two months. Joseph Kelly giving up a couple of bloopers. To well feel him and he didn't exactly smashed the ball and at home run pop up. Down maligned typical Yankee left field short porch count a home run when we seen over the years. In the bullpen simply didn't do his job it's a job Joseph Kelly and as the read before that. And of course were pondering as we always do as. Consummate second guess yours when you have a great reliever like Craig Kimbrel. Sitting in the bullpen in the ninth thing do you bring in man. Because it is the Yankees and the Yankees have had the Red Sox number in the near the second place team in the AL east you wanna get that momentum. Continuing and when nine in a row and everything else we've talked about 61. I feel they got them on our own rhythm right now and as one amassed about buy equipment just for retreat about the phone number. Certainly opera story guys and Korea's of comfort to picnic Pearson's. Passed a rate that's last week remember Muppets are accused remember when he was here for our Mac great guy patriots got word enthusiasm this guy he was terrific. I got in on a little bit back in the day we've these shows that unionized did you shows from various malls. Back when Dick MacPherson as they head coach in ninety when he gets sick of you remember. And was hospitalized in his next year. So we really only. A coach one year in the house the following year that was the best. Six and and those who DD is that you know relatives electric music run out on the field that the number that in Korea Lisa Guerrero and in your Millon NAFTA big big overtime win against Minnesota at every event Houdini and economic -- simply made running on the field but no time left public market while that was in the -- unfortunately against Denver I was they are my friend you I was there so the game might have a mansion and shot artist of my good buddy Gwendolyn when he was feeling good yesterday and kidney stones he's. This at a thank giving birth to a baby because the pain is excruciating and he came into the show because of my average for present nine them Brazilian I don't understand is to make it fun environment having a poll. On how Greg good to show was or wasn't yesterday any of the guys suffering with kidney stones and find that funny you know I'm noticing a lack of empathy on this radio station Houston are you kidding I I don't know I just over seven establishment. Is he expects that it will hold things up hey speaking of lack of empathy for Red Sox fans. Here are you do in the the 2 step this morning in celebration. Other a whole another momentous Yankee victory over the right side. Tonight's win but you know I've tried beating Cuba this whole season night. It's all gravy to me as far as I'm concerned. All it's all gravy so they're getting old mount they didn't expect to be here they are now easier taking that low expectations. Strategy here I guess. Well I've been an investment. It's let's be straight that I think we're texting when the division because they do pick of the better team however. It's just nice that competitive. That's. Curable I am saying my. You know it's funny all this August 2 guessing a barrel last night until like 58. Sale is crohn's and against the Yankees have a great game. And he is that I don't know how many pitches. Two outs in the heat he bring in Campbell. Kimbo has this long against a scary judge probably like 1250 pitches where the heck out they did what happens hardly the whole and so. Be careful what you wish for you got to get a player you got to play one week. Good point thanks for reminding you about that game okay. So that's why he was required to do it see jobless things in a batter for the first time like I don't know a thousand attaching every year yeah. I mean and to correct my fringe on the ball inside because effects pitched pretty well and he's done pretty well the other ones. There that they OK I said it goes as far as depicting took them this year but unfortunately you have a young team. And she really Italy is gonna catch up to some players you know they need to make adjustments here and judge does not mean that just in jets of these other guys have not it justice but they're still in the race. So are you celebrating. Over on the football side that Zeke Elliott is out of the division for six games. Well you'd be and that side yes they had to cut that is that. Spectacular view of. That's their opener against against the giants and Dallas I got to Sunday night and an idea of a shocker. If it's. You know at eighteen I got a couple good weapons as you can bring in a grand Marshal assigned drafted tight in the the first round. It all comes down to their lines like if they have a good life. I don't know what do Ari there's very vague but for the last couple years they've had a good idea in mind that why did a number and that's not why I did not anticipate that we be analyzing New York Giants. What ball line play big Al that in Georgia is next on sports radio and. Now. Aboard though I'm part comically big. Well I'm a little complicated delegate added extra work in the consent what might not little. That would you know that would not be accurate I am a large human being you. Yeah all right what's gonna. Well couple banquet or you can now that it. Saturday morning after winning Yankee Stadium because all the Yankee fans in the way crawl out of the woodwork all three of ya gotta get some more read. Wait wait actually caught it from about our. Home Malcolm Mitchell alchemy at home now yep and we're just quote enough to Jacksonville. That I actually saw the local broadcast. Out of Jack built on Thursday. Game they must have been elated over that big jags win over the past on her fired up you know and look at a time like yeah. What I think of my doctor said that you'd like to look at acute. And we get out there. You and I mean it get off that. The only time he catch the ball at the end zone. In pro football. I don't know we had five catches. I think you have Grady and also that kid down Hollister the tide and I thought that it exceptional game. Yeah I'm Heidi how do you know you know I mean you don't know in if you're your your football and big L you'll page pats fan. In case you're transplant down you must love being down in Georgia last February. What were actually pretty long ways away from Atlanta so. Yeah I didn't I would out of out of all out zone you don't when it comes anything with a Atlanta sports world right halfway between Tampa. And Atlanta. Now can you get the games can you get the games coming out. Walk on all your own satellite you can get them yeah. What we have. What kind of a tricky area it would media were sort of half way. Tampa Bay market and halfway Jacksonville market and pal happy you know could go either way so. Don't get somebody and that was what your fellows I think it was 2004 arbor part of your force that's why your. But I think what 2004. Brady was so popular around the country and we're letting these local affiliate pick and choose what game they want it. That CBS affiliate out of Tallahassee which we yet here. The Jacksonville jags. Sixteen well that's and that's probably because the jags never sold out so those jet skis are blacked out my guess. That bad had a lot to do what it also. The fighting always seem to work out where the patriots were on you know but uniter something at a lot of different you know if I'm used to need to work out. I don't pay any any let me ask you this with the -- of force background what do you think of this not over North Korea. Well he needs to be careful like yet but I you know what I'm not a big tall fan but I think he's handling it exactly right you'd be and the bad cop. And then the diplomat will be the good cop that you do the good cop bad cop. I hope you're right they gal I hope you're right I like your name great gal. Specially the big part I like you name a we keep in touch for the western media. Absolutely can I make one final point about your fell slightly. Real quick where I know we've got to move on but listen. What I agree what you got let's not overdo it would on Roger Goodell if you needed to open your problem workflow rock. Ruled out. I. Don't you know that you know be picked Georgia at the suspect that's what that's what it up happening unique situation. He we've got to walk right now. Oh wait until and how we want we want a super ball yacht. That's that some. So that aren't are now letting -- -- you know what they say thanks now living well and winning Super -- is the best revenge patriots got all that 617 engine is best -- winning pass 61777. Any other revenge quotes we can come up with before we take a break six I don't ever get the phone number it's you know one of the best I've ever heard was not as good as you now going I want you -- policy don't remember what would you like to give the phone number -- before we take about mackerel what 7779793. Cents.