Mustard and Johnson - Red Sox vs Yankees; Frank from Glocester calls in

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Saturday, December 16th

Final hour of Mustard and Johnson and they are discussing the Red Sox and the Yankees. The Yankees have made some big moves this offseason, should the Sox be doing the Same? Old friend Frank from Glocester calls in with an epic call.


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Well look who's here. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. You guys scored. Things socks packs seasoned C. You guys Sports Radio. Our number two of a very very very special edition of from Austin Johnson showed him a little switch or rule we Brad fall into mossy they handled the Christmas at Fenway. Did a great job down there interviewing Alex Cora and not double. We're back in Scotts in the studio here at 2 o'clock and it's blocked and Raymer. Taking you to NFL football that much anticipated showdown you like the bears or lions today. All right alliance figure was revised yet lions and tigers and bears. Are off line. Like the lines in this game to be watching a largely solid gold and hate. Public opinion accord. Stanton their quarterback who know who's equipped artfully. Which is named mats Matthew. That Stafford thing that got it I forgot I know I again. Why were supposed to be a good team but may have fizzled out with college route you don't know you know etc. are racist you may agree I am you don't like black coaches that's your problem that our problem. Capital One's that are currently doing well about like Tom what do you think him. He's OK. He seems to get them there but then they don't know what to do once they get especially when they see the patriots. Thursday when he runs out on the field and kicker out Larry that was like three or four years ago I it's something you don't forget the big problem and I do thank Glen for me for bringing it up. The Steelers insist. Com on playing that zone defense. That the plane from last twenty years. And it just doesn't work against Tom Brady might work or even Henry Drew Bledsoe back in 1997 that they I'm in dollars it genius it found that opening that then waiting bradys and find them quickly. Did work last week end of Vegas hooker that three headed fabricated and they get right white picket that Lewis pick a running back. Hand them so that they can also canoes for wide receivers are trying to pin you down here which is not easy to do. I you can't get off me or fire a year older tough. About that's despite a matter of us got on H and I worked for the second and went on a second yeah go ahead. Finally I finally get into that trying to get on top Birmingham a little while we're here. A file again -- kinds of Myanmar's Tarkanian who have been torn something he has. So I am asking you about your feelings about the picture I drew it up quickly now I don't like you are there so the Steelers and the patriots who play tomorrow and I a year all over the all over the map but now we are all over the map announced I was the only sober I have I don't focus. For some reason you don't wanna focus today you're not taking the show seriously I guess this is even moved out of your regular time -- right -- am I acting and you know if I miss Saudi Arabia movements around Manama where incorrigible. Larry Johnson. So how do you feel of can you please answer the question can you name the Steelers backup quarterback. And I yell out the guy played last year what was nanny played against the patriots last year Robert Golden and now it he played remember last year that's who they have a list of them are there because the guy that played last year. Was the quarterback. For the page and Roethlisberger was injured last year when the pats were in Pittsburgh lashing the plane twice in Rome Pittsburgh. And I forgot that guy's name but he was the quarterback at some moments for the patriots were able to handle Oprah was a match Lee Jeter owns abbey was Landry Jones you know opens up the point them out a good series but it does bring up your point again which is which was. Your best point twenty something years. Is the NFL. Is based featured. Leak pornographic at least not knocking this guy is off. The games just not I'm not that appealing and I know patriot fans are looking at this whole thing from their own and they should be their own parochial view is anybody would. But I'm a fan of the game and I like to sit back and watch on a Sunday have known when the patriots are playing or not I wanna watch the stars. And when I was so one thing about the league that you actually could that back in March and neutral game in injury not this year however. And for instance back in the day even the bears and lions I would have been interest it and why. Posted teams are going south is nothing new analyst wanna see from this keep lie which I'm not really that excited about Stafford said he silence promise I can make these teams of that drafting about it now that we know that I on the other hand if my wife and kids are not back they have to pay a little visit to the in laws I will not be included in that today. If they don't come back in time I'll be wise those of black and most of the way and I'm tickle a mature twelve and I yeah I can understand you know going right yes hi we have black in laws that's on try to figure how you doing that enough. The look into my genealogy you know and how we view that was that it was 23 were they call that thing that that that he's taking DNA 23 in me dec com. That commercial 23 and me out to check that out that you have you done that yet I have not usually kick it probably shows where he got some saw Ancestry.Com and says there's Ancestry.Com has 23 in me doubt incest or your ancestors 17 thank you Thomas Jefferson. Let's go to our quickly now let's go to yeah. And I'd I'd wish this thing went war. And in France Italy and it was from this nonsense please. Don't on guys how are let's go and god it's all right current unit equipment in use today that Tom Brady reasonable sensible plan road AFC champion. Yeah I did a well a one in Pittsburgh I know that right. I said the last decade if you look back since his first playoff loss in Denver in in 2005. Remember he's three and two against Manning in the playoffs all the losses came on the road. In AFC championship games you want the patriots playing. At home you don't want him on the road I don't care where it is you want on their home. Right in the front of Miami you're not beating anything. There's a real good chance that the loser tomorrow's game is going to be playing wildcard weekend. Could Jacksonville automatically become the number two and see if they were on the table. Now who are they playing I don't they have used him on the schedule they have Tennessee on the schedule not sure the road to an act of Jackson being. Walked into your room or next weekend. There in San Francisco. I can't wait to watch that. Exactly be on T they won't benefit much of DirecTV is inclusion planes differences are Jacksonville. That's I image you redeemed not and I think that's going to be his greatest task but I think at the big game. In the loop or tomorrow's game could definitely get that walk. Are you Dan we ask you this are you seriously. Concerned should somehow or another the patriots in an open wildcard weekend. Oh yeah they would yup that's awaiting come back at the marketing at the top if they lose tomorrow they don't get the top seed that's it's over now. No matter what happens the rest of the year. Control of their company. Team to Steelers and patriots are the. What don't fit McKernan said interment is no way the patriots can lose tomorrow. Is it is no way but history tells us. They're going to win while his history playing tomorrow Larry what else can only base it arguably you come up with it sound like everybody operatives mass every year the beginning of the year you hold the schedule. OK let's see how many games that teams can. Does anybody know you've got injuries you've got all kind of listen they're conscious turn off the transmitter matches turn off the show now where won't even speculated that allow you to make a lot of certainly weren't so Dan I. What what is your feeling about tomorrow. Are you gotta go go prove why do you watch him operate him once you scold him you gotta Garnett with a history you get different people in my view that now he got brown got relevant router of their last it's what can. Make it sound like it's like I was murdered right up. Last year we didn't but over the last dec media is fumbling and stumbling Dan Dan we'll please educate this guy is really off his game he's got his. Old saying is this is the third road game right in a row right now at the patriots are not playing their best football they've banged up. So if they were ever going to lose this is probably Pittsburgh at CNET. In the problem but that was out trials and my little midget friend over here is he doesn't realize rooting for the patriots of course I am. But you've got to look at the roster you've got to look at. Who's playing and who's not playing you just can't throw a bunch and then as Tom Brady playing yes as you plan lesson last week yes he was thinking was Rob Gronkowski is Rob Gronkowski playing this week yes okay. Is playing last week he was not okay thank you for. Your you'll make it my alma and I always say well everybody what cross examination that I do think you know out what do debater and that mastered the art of forensics yeah I'm just sick you are wasted on my own petard. Stephen Wolf they have your next that's boards regularly. And an appetite hasty was today on. Let's go to our guys are you gonna say. And other radio does prolong so there are two guys that look at my clock is beyond them at all. Now yeah I'm getting all kinds of Texas from people what happened to you well Ali you know we monetary reasons feisty fuel and Mike from Camden and Rankin and John from wall then. I'd been banned from all Christmas at Fenway shows from here on out. Unfortunately the guys have stepped up today to direct a pretty big blow. He got older they picked big. Remote and Jenkins that's right you know they figured it was even worth our time to go over there. I mean that they had. Yeah no question about it and I did our job I can't get over Stanton I don't care how you cut it anarchy or what can what's your favorite team whatever. That was an unbelievable. Move by the warehouse where I'd been hearing. Some people who are not an emirate was that I affect the guy that just ended a thirty year career down the dial is the little skeptical about that deal nor does it right about princesses says it's guilty in the old Lily you already have some pretty good players and a team why would you add another. Big bat we have several big well what Milosevic under Willie McGee yeah that. Yeah. Troy State. Just outside it would not yet but yeah I thought I had a little bit into the eight years. And it now appears that you'd say 6%. Average annual value of those students contract after the body in etc. it's 22 million. To live our difference. And this guy posted here. The India might have been out there right act like Red Sox as much they have depth and see these kittens. Now. She works are you eating they know particularly older guys. It shocked. Save that question. And I will go listen to all week long back question has never been. In two to my satisfaction. Why anyone to come here. Maybe some of those navy's actions that we are reading about the globe for the last several days are reality celebrity's heads Stanton is near camp. On. The granite state guarded no you don't you don't think god has somebody golf. I had my boy is she had a no trade clause he probably had zeroed in it. He wanted to play war yet possible to watch him why not wait in line. Hit it right on the low I don't know it's easier city it is a better. I spent my eight or what every ten years bases and he's tired a little. Now want to. Just certainly a big you are now. But yeah well. Right see I as far as I'm concerned just press conference and I was disappointed there was nobody here from Boston who would ask my question but you know I would say this and I think you're exactly on target Steve if he came here. Let's see the favorites. I've to win the well cost you hit me and I still think you're the favorite I still think they're just as good as the Yankees remember this routine it's still on the division the last two years yankees aren't finished yet they're gonna target pitching and my. It's sort it out but so. Senior UN com. Outscored and it was nice law that you got some. Idiot like air force they talked about music in the bowels. And of course it's like I like music you know that is lost. Ellis. To jump up I would say oh by the way your music. What happened the boss. Pat Beck what. But there's no one. Yeah how far those were not aware apparently. There was somebody playing music on the boss in Houston who is a very loud very loud he took exception to that and there was a little off brouhaha. On a team that was ahead of the World Series and I would have an interest and hear his comment. I don't know we didn't have the opportunity we were stripped of that our team ended our donate it corps as a matter of fact course specifically said he want mustard and Johnson anywhere near the program Christmas at Fenway because he was afraid that we would. Asked that very near Kennedy Balch first. What he says they're not bad debts and I'm glad to have six or can't anybody else six point 77797937. Did you hear Farrell gotta yeah I got an give Simon some agencies for media work play by play. So he's probably gonna started to play by play now but he's got an analysis and handles it very well spoken and Nancy were to be very good as a matter of fact Marvin and Randolph is next on sports room. I didn't Iran about some arm saws or open a restaurant watching you are right about. Tomlin went into that game last year should never play alone against Byrd doubles horrible. Yeah it's a degree that ballot shouldn't doubt was hurt your played one down and you could point to that point where you think you're right we have to petition. Historic district governor really play we got to shoot the plane and we have now re. I read them harder and hold on second catching will try and we we we were Steelers Donna what's going. And caused a minister. College a lot I shared and we all take inside that and what I'm not gonna be dug in still hears. Here's where I would be a little nervous as a steeler fan haven history Brady just seems to shred any kind of zone defense. That Mike Tomlin company wanna put in front of. Agree which you agree it would but you don't dictate. They take on the play but what Miami did out to hit those little guys off to a Miami it don't I don't go idle last week slow them out. That's what he noted Al crock I agree that you. What do children down. You have to be built Cutler and lions all reported run a route you can't agree kill you. And the other thing out and have a you know losing your you know middle linebacker share a year he was all right Chris back for sure is back that's where he's playing now he's back now. I. I went into that announcement from my god I chase is coming back that's myself maybe I'm maybe I misread that it's my fought a lot of thought by the was back Matt looked appropriately. On science and sound. Priorities Marvin Shays of flying they way it turned it on often less than that shall we are ambitious they're playing this week. No he is an OK my bad I thought he wants that president anymore accurate information come right here and there is the price Samardo how do you assess as other the. That it says okay assets and says you are right about history but history can retain I think this guy decided what you said it. They're decode distill out there and do you don't do it found out that one game to prove it to go up a preacher. Just ripped it up so many years it's time to come out and do it at home. So everything yeah tomorrow depending do you got to keep your eye on is. I'm Cameron Heyward he's gotten nines taxis that air check about. Path for Russia. But I agree with you are just trait common don't put him and that all judged it it just killed it what stone out of it only gets ready. He went in the playoffs is great called. Haven't. I think he motivates you not like Bill Powell was going to be rumpled college. He will duplicate what a critical stimulus. I think sometimes it does that make change it when you should. He right play at the plane back to kick him out and put somebody else that sometimes he just let him do what they steaks and got into a mile or. Yeah I don't think he's very I don't think he's heck of a clock management party's very valid branch and the biggest problem Marvin the biggest probably gonna have tomorrow is you can't dig a hole for yourself like you have against a lot of teams and. And what did a paycheck somewhat check in early. We cannot. Know we get offers a welcome to catch up to great score a lot but even worries me because I saw last week ensued it was meant big camera street. About thirty points in the ring and stood Randal wrote stylus and Hillary and all over last week. And a horrible right and I are or. Yup and a eight it's going to be a great game it's gonna it's really be most decisive game in the AFC always hear Steelers do win they act find a way to prevail which I don't think they're going to their web traffic Dion Lewis and the patients gonna have to go on the road for the AFC championship game if things work out according to chalk 617779. 7937. Half hour to go its blockade Raymer coming up at 21 Sports Radio. Want Sports Radio 93 point seven. It WEEI dot com. As diverse sources ever described characterized the relationship between Belichick and Brady TU and and what do they say. I think the negotiations are reacting debt. I don't hit an issue listen that he did their mission that matters this year. On the outs Guerrero on the Jimmy garrote all one ever relationship ghost or different street it is in. On and false and ups and downs. And I sort of way to practice day I just know that that Guerrero but he has been an issue at some point and it's come up that got the first arms and brought attention. And there are. The other quarter Belichick's not into articles from the app probably not ethics panel expects. That's Turkey Callahan talking out of chapter ESPN about the some watts. Ling relationship between the coach. And the player who brought together a great team and won five Super Bowls agrees tandem football history but. Things aren't necessarily cope ascetic these days where no well rotation up does that Starks would not that it needed to go up anybody. We he was adamant that they would not trade. Iraq below during that time period and they didn't. In this and you have a miracle on line one you've got to take that call you've got to take them one. In leave them alone and let them talk. We want you wanna take a yes go ahead and can't see if you can to a big boy you're welcome aboard did you read the article. Hey. You're Ron Martin Johnson no way this looks blue silk a small. Are stuck. Front so gosh don't find many fronts were brought you again. I don't know I think you need to back to earth with the clearances but I'm I don't already know hundreds no I've run by Margaret. I've got a shot you every once a week yeah you have to get your tooth fixed. I don't want it did so what I don't know what's triggered this call and let her from her. Sorry I'm already gotten very little although I know ball all the sports the major sports. Not in the senate and I was tired of all I made that prediction. The Yankees went on to engage. Yankees won a federation. Yankee slugger wants every. A lot of them not only yards and a comedian looked at Q Maggie meg meg this is a great day. Yes and so while. Hey don't panic don't hang up I got to ask you something. I am listed as a report finally coming out of the Providence journal that some of the ladies at the foxy lady filing against and I thought. We have grabbed it from me hanging out eight during spring training Montgomery taking a lunch again. No I don't want to let our problem and I wanna see you eaten steak with us for our results for the record frank how many wins for the yanks in the regularly sees a 110 you said. I'm very hot red giant games. That one could ever won the World Series and it got which at that time or unplug Obama's all out on the armed I don't know about what this. I'm angry and yeah hey hey thank you don't hate who's gonna win. OK who's gonna win tomorrow. Sort of there you go you're 99%. Right I don't put my money I thought you want to unlock value on the bench right now. Q do you. Where you against that in early you know. Sorry yeah hey are you gonna get a lap dance. You know what I think I don't know what I want you hasn't it that's our officers it's thing you do good church there is an insurance. God your mind isn't a business thing things as range and that's where I found you Ralph and France and you're next on a carrier WEEI. Are you guys you can go to an Italian and Ralph. It isn't on this leg. It really love what I am very you know I need you running around on the squad that element listened to the radio I'm distressed calling around on us you see those who. What though I do what I do well you shall I just don't panic panic or a virtual what you know she is right boats are out. But do we do the thing. We'll on the criminal defense investigator aggressive I I do that with a question Richard you are an integration business. I'd buy a lot of real data that do a lot of stuff in Obama's excuse you miss me when I feel good guys. If you look at it forty knuckle come out yet like cute guys Churchill. You know and I I value every day at this. Yeah you just reload is loaded. I a great way. To do it did you write mean Craig and you will. On yeah now that so what's on your mind Ralph as we quickly get out your personal life. If it is fascinating stuff bought it just a lot of OK listen I don't try to find out of reverend as well enough. It is I think it really is quite papers showed just their choice at all that great and I look at according to but anyway. You know this rich acting I really have to ploy Dombrowski and not changed jumping continue to want. You have to change yet what are we gonna do it can keep Martinez has borrowers quote and Q content that's really who would you didn't care. Can't dig quoted him you know he can't play a look at it to you appreciate this guy or worse once. What you're thinking too much wrapped and the public contract and that's not all at the site of a big free agent for cook. Here's create you know the other problem is used to that handily. In the handling is tying it is that he's causing a trap percent 22 and a half perhaps that you don't if you bring at a guy like Martinez junior DH are we gonna brilliantly. Yeah and certainly not book what how local people looking this as an entry okay so that weren't done. I think it'll be where you think it's just rumbles and if he is horrible thought that we go to London Italy at first we want to play. Petroleum ignited the comeback potential you know I was he's gonna be touched at the start yet Uga. Looking good little prospect but they couldn't averaged two shortstop woke up. But you've got a cool some miracle on the play at third base are shut that is quite double date trip which. Triple A you only please bookings in the seven there was quite a bit in regulation cut them. Really do what would you what would you deal with him merge into him. For a great harassment. Chemical department Cabrera who took it easy to replacement usually make good frustration. If you're not gonna do little details that true little delicacy debate. Welcome you'll kimchi you'll have enough quality looks too can call 21 double to give Padilla was focused so much. That the replacement could be listed that this Wiki so much that they're patient and have now. Put that as a person surely play at the end you're handling DH I have a good natured. That's what you see that even let you can't depend on initial hearts and our hearts our church. This guy is leaning all the pork and you just gotta hope that he's got to fit together in guys. Why they have not sank. Aniston beat. If you if you know if you want a total keeping him there. Eight democratic it'll say you can't hit a spectacle that I struggle to look. Want to bring this guy you actually have the flexibility to some tensions camper litigate that I can look. It never happened off the relief pitchers if they came back this week. And kicked out will I will head the title that every single person that's which had a bad dealership get to what they did. Their pitching they get Portland police in personal have to keep it short and. Well you gotta believe at four sells guided by definition despite breathing he's going to be better than last year you've got to believe that price will be healthier and that's why I think is as much as Yankee fans. Want to believe. That Stanton puts them over the top of the division I'm not convinced yet as I think prices got a big time redemption year I think he saw traces of that. In the post season and those released stands and just because I read about his attitude. Well hopefully Corky and fix that by the way just to straighten out that music story. I guess the real story not the one you heard from hate. Was wasn't Cora was taking exception apparently one of the team broadcast or dresses that and that's a word that time it used to use it was going through a horrible time with her Kara canes and the storm they hadn't played play as we're trying to get a hold of loved ones Emma. Like him they had his music blasting and stuff and I guess that you just couldn't hear anybody and they you know from the obamas took the music down a record defended it may actually got into a little tussle and then AJ has the manager record got into a little tussle but I certainly at little tussle I don't think it's a little. There was a public shouting match you know quote unquote importing an article get used to that kind of behavior on mine I just screaming my kids all the time and a screen back and a and I think it's good therapy you're right it's involves a great time 6177797937. Jonathan Malden. Apparently you don't wanna talk yankees they this year pretty much resigned to the fact the Yankees will allow in the division your mortgages in the pats and Steelers today John. While I'm gonna talk football were real quick Craig. Yankee fans don't think that it puts us over the top. We know who we don't we will over the top without him great. Right the X. You even even poison the water is John like A-Rod did to the Yankees and all four of five or six years to recover. Well it could be the only reason the Red Sox won the division last year was that ridiculous record they posted an extra inning game. If you works. Like fifteen threes on the night out yeah. It like that if you if so wasn't that. Crazy you lost the division not what's happened forget about it okay port Stella when these are the. Who's gonna start with a starting pitcher's job. Audible Red Sox and yankees up we always say I might point out last time I checked starting pitching still matters John. Not on making almost made it Zack Greinke I don't know what you're gonna sit Zack Greinke in New York are you kidding it's still not done yet Craig carton on. Zack Greinke you know does not have the mental composure to deal with the New York. I'm just say it not done we'll have to wait and see so what kind of team they put out there for the spat in five listed on. It. Yeah right I wanna you know I think the Steelers are gonna win tomorrow. I just think that they see why why well because if finding a way to win Larry they may not be the better change. But big play two games now against Cincinnati that was sort of a block. Let me play the ravens that's all we've talked he. He knows they're they're two rivals obviously our division yup. Really tough game with dal to the ravens face still on the way to win. This still finding a way to win most of big guys healthy except shoot the air. I just think. I I think they're gonna find a way to pull this one outlaw. Now. With that being said if they play the same kind of defense they did against the rape. Which was let Joseph Flacco throw over the middle of the field eighteen yards and plopped. Joseph Flacco phonies in a time machine back in the 20122013. Season for crying out loud. But but they release date they helped at all by playing in the well they. Well in the Steelers ten to do that at one time dictate the ball that great zone defense used to recap Vick and and it doesn't against the patriots that's for sure didn't last week against the ravens. Right I you know I guess. Like you said history on the patriots side. Tom Brady's record against the Steelers is incredible. Whether it's home or away he copped the mop I just paint I think this deal wasn't gonna find a way to pull this game outlaws. Well if I'm very nervous about it I think the patriots have a no name defense right now and I think that. You know. Steelers have the Big Three on offense now it appears. All indications are based don't we saw last week he wanted to do recent history. Yeah I think Pittsburgh may they've they've shown an ability that had the wherewithal the resilience and perseverance all that stuff to pull games out takings or 180. Patriots lost to Miami they look like a train wreck last week. How could that that team. Possibly pick up the pieces six days later they played a money nights we got a short week of preparation how are they gonna do it because it's the Steelers in it really doesn't matter. Or the coaches are what the defense is. It always seems to work out. The patriots beat the Steelers I don't see I was going to be eight or ten Morris from Greg Myers in right here and he's never wrong I'm not the only person who thinks this Arafat the oddsmakers put those more rational and objective to have. I think it's got out of Reno at the turn up the three the last Leinart is our home field yeah so. People looking at the history working with the patriots have done pretty much eviscerate it the Steelers. Particularly on offense. Against the Steelers defense and you see more of the same despite what happened last week to both teams 6177797937. Closing moments and it's Bakken Roemer to. Right here on Sports Radio stations. Anxious sports. Platform gosh fine humidity I would watch I hear you again. Aren't aren't you and it's coming back to earth with the clearances tomorrow I'm I don't already know hundreds no I've run Guatemala that reads. I'm not apply here at least once a week. If you believe that I got a bridge to sell you in the East River and you are allowed back five miles a week maybe running around the foxy lady perhaps he's five miles a day didn't agency's five miles away he said five miles today growing energy here about Brady. Posting this thing in its agreement Thursday night. This whole black poet named Douglas malady you heard about that no. And camaraderie the whole home but get this was that this is what he posted on Thursday night. The tree that never had to fight for sun and sky an airy light what stood out in the open plane in always got a share of rain. Never became a force king but lived and died. A scruffy thing. The man who never had to toil to gain and farm his patch of soil who never had to win his share of sun and sky and elated there. Never became a man I'm manly man but lived and died. As he began. Good timber does not grow with these the stronger within this 200 trees the furthest guys they're great length the more they stormed the more the strength. By setting cold ice rain and snow and freezing men in good timbers row where the thickest lies the force growth we find a patriarchs of both. And they know counsel with the stars whose broken branches showbiz stars of many wins and much of strife. This is a common law of life. No money is heat and cool cool water wandering lost last week on the first Alex Guerrero was upset about that but what is that all about. Is totally bizarre worked at ultra penny Douglas Malaga I have no idea who that is. Why Brady decided to send that out and mr. Graham to his many followers RO. On Thursday night I guess it says he's gonna remain tough in spite of all the adversity he's gonna be resilient he's gonna be perseverance. And he's gonna move on to Pittsburgh. We're moving on the Pittsburg as the the byline for that format 61777979837. Blair may your next on Sports Radio WEEI. More on guys blame. Where. Yeah so let's scrap heap. And it plays a champion merry Merry Christmas trees. In New Year's. Right back that you can't amen. Think stinks stinks so appreciated. Yes so long delays still. Pat and the patriots are they treat them less to lose you. I think it's going to be really get it but I think it's gonna go Steelers way. Sorry diversity of because. This dealers have they really get wide receiver out like yeah I'd stand around guy right. He's got 99 catches. Nine touchdowns. Some people talking about in any detail use out of the backfield and and bells as a great running back you can also catch a ball out now. But no on paper they got the victory the victory were not available last year the full compliment when the pictures played in the Pittsburgh last year patriots won pretty handily. On paper it looks is that it's for the better team but the history Blair says patriots know modifying a win. Every time they play the Steelers whether it's a Gillette or the Heinz Field. Yeah and they won their conference are ready and there are eleven to and the pats aren't. 103 yet. Yeah one game behind. One game behind them and and went to mosque home so that's why that's why assailant if there were tied eleventh into evidence do and our friends. Yeah I would in a bit different sort I would say that patched it went right now this stewardess or anyone in our conference. While they won the conference they've won their conference they won the division. The AFC north and if they. Win tomorrow Steelers are the patriots they're gonna have a two game lead two and a half game lead because it's two games to go it be two up on the patriots in the conference with the tiebreaker in I'll be all she wrote as far as any home feel the patriots want. We know the patriots need that game badly. They cannot lose it Larry. And expect to go to the Super Bowl considered really over the last ten years they have not found a way to get to the Super Bowl without a home game. In the AFC championship game so that's not gonna have planes unknown new planes that certainly would be a tough trip. If they Ellis play on the road right baron at a home field advantage makes all the difference it really does any Quincy your. Teens yeah. They got aren't but India. Odd that. Question about a previous caller mentioned it then at that they make it up and Ellie. I about it. A lot but. That didn't. Get. Well that's try to act even even John from all that was hesitant. About declaring by the Yankees are gonna end up because they still have some work to do with their pitching staff. But I like the guns and yeah I mean. I mean absolutely staggering entry Akron down like right now. Yet and I not Jordan Montgomery Eric you open it up or you are last year didn't seem policies. Yeah it out and work. An Eric EUR Garrett called. And that. See the problem but I'm browsed he is the first time we've heard a wire where immigrants are taxes and where we can't afford to go to we don't wanna go to. The luxury tax and then they got the young kids coming up we're gonna get some nice raises. So they've got somewhere to Dubai some of the earliest signings that they made that backfired on CN Deval on the light that hurt them and now it's coming back. Well it certainly has become. A two team division I I think the separation like the old days view the Yankees and Red Sox in the rest of the Orioles and Tampa. And in the end and the like he's pretty much obvious and it's going to be those two teams battling out I would not give up on the Red Sox yankees. Obviously have a leg up right now we stand by. It's going to be interest thing I hate you if I'm Red Sox fan I'm not concede that the vision whatsoever. Well baucus and house it's time for us to say goodbye. On the way bock. Big question is a very important question askew. I know the inside what was was the question. What alama money invested and I heard you guys talking about this Ali horse I've really why not us in nationals was dailies hypertension zarrella block a word about your pension and you're talking about it. Some pepper selling general to last night wow. Three hits and misses a three hanky interview whether Emily Rooney and pat Purcell your employer what they say from of the the imminent imminent but the imminent sailed perhaps not the demise of the box paper the blogging about the pension. Should talk about difficult was that it to declare strategies. Yes and he talked about his early days in 1994 back in your. Daisy young lad is a columnist actor getting hit hard tonight five I missed him by one year buck can't tell you that right he got the paper that war in Iraq and restaurants big moves was to hire me but the more important question can. We'll go right by that. What are you watching that 1946 classic directed by Frank Capra star Jimmy Stewart. I'll probably watch I actually watched it at my niece's house in I couldn't find it so I bought it on there you know you can blast remain Barrasso played how's the quality and I bought it on the Internet yeah I'm a pretty quality. Opera and does not on the flat screen versions yet but with the quality to do all qualities everything. But if you provide eye EYE a song streaming is not as good as you know what's not screaming it's on cable it's on the the there aren't any different I think if you take the next hour an hour Larry Larry spent like five years already now TV didn't know that didn't over the HD channels personal story that that means Charlie peers. Dave Collins. And I think might have been Jeff Oregon he sort of the national all in a bar one about 25 years ago and among the four of us. We were able to do the entire screenplay that's when the flight including Dave Collins who is that it does get votes it's wonderfully Dave Collins I guess newfound respect topic didn't happen respecting with that you needed more. Wow. Mark and I used to take the train down to the national we did. Those are the days I'm a member did you watch it's a wonderful life on the ticket out it was doomed address was 66665. Avenue and edit them a building now owned by jam -- first and I announced an essay that's when Yahoo! expects that crown jewel of auto pretty significant cell block and Reamer in the house sleazy general take you all the way up to that exciting showdown between the lions in the bearers at 425 it is a reminds everybody might have been kind of market. I don't think Alex has ever seen it. It's more polite knock out and you'll allow him on your on a podcasts other elite this is unbelievable. The things you have to put up with the slings and arrows pocket river coming up thanks to Matt on the other so I was seeing back or regular time 9 o'clock next week we think by.