Mustard and Johnson - Remembering Gil Santos and Red Sox are Red-Hot - 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Hour 1. The guys pay their respects to the legendary Patriots broadcaster Gil Santos and talk about how everything is going right for the Red Sox right now. 


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It's mustard and Johnson on the intelligently. Pat seasons and you guys work. Austin Johnson and I can say this on this fine Saturday yes the sun is out the temperatures are climbing gonna get all the whipping up. Larry told Bonnie 55 to sixty degrees. Spring may actually be here has been officially here for about a month or so exactly a month but man oh man the longest winter history may. I've before we get really got going with the show as we usually do I do want to take note. Of the passing of Gil Santos. Incredible talent and in any even more incredible person as a good friend of mine. I loved him and geno doing the broadcast what I loved about that has won the team did well you would know. And when they weren't playing that well they would tell it like it is they really would and they were. Enjoyable to listen to over the years. And again and guilt or sometime money Scripps networks and stuff into the celtics' game which cozy up and just extremely talented individual. We love him and we miss him and our prayers go out to. His family yeah. A Gil as you probably know by now died on his eightieth birthday in his 57. Anniversary he had some health issues as you know when he was doing the games back about fifteen years ago. Seemed to have. Put that behind him but. Eighty you know tell you that the older you get eighty years old look and a hell of a lot younger and I think that tag Gil. Certainly. Was a guy that was robust on the air. Great call very precise in the way he called the game had a great sense of humor had that great baritone voice as you mentioned Larry. Quit and find a better person to know great broadcaster. But maybe even a better person. And I love that sound. That we have from the so Bobo. Okay. Okay. That was actually his second favorite calls you read the article yesterday Chad Finn peace in the glow that was the second Super Bowl against Carolina the 48 yarder. Was is favored his of course that was the first patriots Super Bowl right a couple of years a couple of years earlier against the ran we also had I think is the last to. Cole. And so the patriots season has come to a close here the AFC championship game. And whether it has come to a close by 36 years of broadcasting patriots football sorry don't have one more game for you what did I don't. And so that's going to be I was hoping you don't finish it up with a Super Bowl. Buck going to be that way so. In him. Walking away from the microphone and in return as the voice of the patriot so we'll just say this one play. The fans it was a very kind to me over the years of conflict. Bob Kraft and his family the Obama shook his staff his players thanked them for being so cooperative can be in blue are broadcast to hold the season. And do all the previous patriots coaches and players and owners make you very much for allowing me to be the voice of the patriots for 36 wonderful years. I enjoyed every bit of other. I hope the next go doesn't do enjoys it as much as I have a few realizes it is a privilege and not a job. Let's go to take your vital scored leave Baltimore Ravens 48. The patriots thirteen that is it from fox borrow for God's elect Marco Polo Roger Holden Douglas Vincent. Mike very Wayne Mohler Jim Walton Josh Geary this is still settles thanking you all for 36 wonderful years. Now let's go to Garrett and way in the CBS. Are you ruined it. 2013. That was January of the game they lost to the ravens AFC championship game. Over at Gillette Stadium and think about Gil as I always said this and I said this on here many times. Gil I think was. The best radio play by play guy in the history of Boston's sports he was Smoot. As I said he was precise route the call had the great pipes had that great sense of humor. Understood how to work with apart you mentioned the cruise I loved watching. Those guys do the away games in the 1980s and channel 56 more amazed to call. Bob Cousy morneau may. And Coors was excellent I thought Gil knew exactly how to get the best out of coups -- did it with geno for all these years on the radio. And he was a guy that never went. Have a network and I never could understand it because he had that network quality sound. In a local broadcast he could do Celtics he could do the patriots he was a great morning update guy and that on the station down there were a little bit. He could do at all and he was as we said before just a terrific generous congenial sort. Who was friends and everybody. So I Packers incompetent. To the family I also monarch knowledge. I proportions passing. We got the Soviet party affiliation she was a wonderful woman who get a lot of great things tick in the educational field. And we also want to wish praise of confidence. To the bush family accidentally. I'm a note of congratulations. I want a really poor. My note Curtiss candy in the DNC's programming for don't know they're going after Kevin Cullen in the Boston Globe. You're such size and you know I can't help yourself now for his met while first album do you do you see somebody go after somebody like that and and you actually see it come here for wish him. But they were relentless going after him for some a lot of fabrication that he was putting and his pregnant when you're telling me that I globe columnist on the metro page that's a shock could ever indulge in fabrication. Fabulous and concoctions. I know that I said yesterday I knew the global owners John and I William Taylor and Davis Taylor. And managing candidate Tom when chip and they would roll over in their graves if they'd they'd the globe had such high incredible standards and even when the uncle thing broken Patricia Smith. And now it wouldn't tolerate that they really would so. Anyway I wanna congratulate the NC for for their relentless pursuit of a story that but rumors celebrating the fifth anniversary of a marathon bombings. That this came out to the surface again and they went after it always it always boggles my mind. Why someone established good reputation excellent writer highly awarded Kevin Collin why he would need. Two going that direction and there's no absolutely no reason he is. Long ago established himself as a top notch columnists in one of the best papers in Americus and would Barnicle Sanwa Patricia spent twenty years ago. Why they need to go that extra step. Always always boggles my ball particularly nowadays with the the past ten years or so with the advent of the Internet Molly of think global and everything else out there you've got to be easy. To to do that without a Q whether it's a term paper of faces so whatever it is that you're doing. You that you just have to be crazy if you can you can you know that your teacher you can check on these things in minutes and that story if it in and of itself stands on its own you don't need to enhance that story. By cleaning you're in a place that you are not human rights especially something of that magnitude people dying don't understand at all anyway so anyway I went a Castro but congratulations to them as well on a job well done. Meanwhile let's Charlotte's web by the have you beckon us again thank exports parents from last week and I was supposed to be out again this week. I was supposed to take little tracked down a DC my son and I went out to Ohio and upstate New York last weekend. And we're gonna go down to see American university in the northwest section the district as they say down there but we decided that Miami of Ohio. The alma mater of one Ben Roethlisberger. Of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I it will be that the collegiate destination of our son and argue of the campus and you absolutely very beautiful national destitution and congratulations to union sun. And I'm hoping as many productive years there meanwhile let's talk about the Red Sox this is ridiculous there's seventeen into. They've won eight in a row they've lost two games though you're the best start in 31. Years not since the brewers have 87. As any team been seventeen into only seven teams in the history of modern baseball since 19100. Have accomplished this feat. It's like every night no matter who the opponent. Like the angels one set tomorrow or the a's were not particularly great doesn't matter who they're playing. Good bet in between. This team is just on a Rampage well I think it normally you know you don't really give that much credit to the man Irish manager and stuff normally give everything to the managing your time while you normally you go to the players but he Corey has a way about him he's transparent if he screws up becomes not how you. The way he seems to deal with the players and letting guys know ahead of time you're playing and I plan whenever he just has a man arisen about him that the teams lose. They seem to be having fun. I'm walking Betts is just hearing the cover off the ball JD Martinez's. Is everything that he was advertised to be. I'd like moral and ally he's a great kind of bring in. Not to spell out Handley went pretty well last idea and it in Jackie Bradley had a nice three run homer stroke. There will motoring along. You know we haven't really gotten into them too much or too excited about them because this schedule that they played in Florida or another on the left calls but when they come back home again. I think you're gonna find the interest level tests of their glamorize this or deployment come back home again Tampa Tampa now that little boy in a series with Tampa. As far as the way to let me ask you beyond our outlets that in focus here let's stay in one I guess or are we only got two hours right we're gonna focus on one thing okay this is this book out there are back in Seattle broke my aunt at the control and now focus on your trip to and or everybody right here about I summed it up in one very concise sentence but I would like to talk a little bit about the Red Sox with something historic it's going on. And you proclaimed. At the beginning of the season. I'm just not into baseball. How can you not be as a Red Sox fan Red Sox fan. But you have to take note of what's going on here you do this I agree and wounded. The problem is futile the problem is that they are going James that's so late it's hard to stay out. Two to watch them by now but my point is on talk about last night's game. Or or the three before that all of you shies stayed up doing work that way and and I will call you while on a little bit later I know what you're doing when my doing them are of course you want on a little bit later when you mean that I don't know when doing my when setting themselves up to fails and nothing now you're doing anything to avoid draft. I know you all. That transparent yeah yeah. But I mean I I really believe. That wanna team is off on seventeen and two run. They've won eight in a row. They'd won nine in a row earlier in the year it's it's just it it it really is it defies description we please turn off your phone. Out rule number one Larry Johnson how many years you've been there when they showed 22 years to 123 went up early days of my turn off your telephone for a charger score on me. All right. But as you said this guy. Makes all the difference in the world you go back. To 2013. And the the new manager made a huge difference and that team. The Boston Marathon bombing I think at little inspiration of that year as well that was a major factor. In the Red Sox success. And in it we all remember poppy five years ago this is our belief in team and everything else. But boy what if there was ever a time. War. Alex Cora is now and think about where he started that first game against Tampa. Where he mismanaged the bullpen gave up four runs in the eighth inning and everybody was all over Alex core he's way over his sad what is he is a bench coach can be a manager. He's absolutely the right person for the right team and you were talking about Milwaukee debts if there was ever a guy who needed Alex Cora. It was smoky depths and he's proven. This team is just you know gave me one thing they haven't done well in the first nineteen games while what I like is that is the fact that he's. They have a philosophy of hitting now. Much more aggressive. My our aggressive guy and forget about trying to wait out a pitch count our crap you just go out there and if you see a pitcher like you golfer in and that was what regulate what a difference bright different and you were talking about moral one the ability for Cora to juggle his lineup get people's days off. You think of one it'll last night's game was Judy Martinez only eat for twelve. Spraying the ball all over the park against the angels he sits Morlon placed first base. Doesn't make any difference it's the three run I should say the Grand Slam. And the Red Sox for wanna win again so do anything lacking again is that playing on the left coast so it's it's Tyler to keep up on the games unless you like to stay up late but it congratulations to them. Yeah absolutely. Killing it absolutely killings hit a problem as we're all this success. How he possibly match this is gonna be the best baseball but you can't play better and right now this the best baseball. They're going to play. All year long they're not gonna have another seventeen in two run. So. The question will be once people settle in and start to notice this team. In a way it's. It only goes downhill from here while the thing is is it depends I mean you you got to look at the manager Rick Francona you'll look at the style of play and if the elusive they haven't fun. And their productive in if they considered to get the pitching that they are getting. Forced founders I mean that's that would allow what they hitting where that's a great combination well everything's working negating the starting pitching there. Their bats around fire bullpen seems to know what it's it's doing. All phases of the game and quarry just seems to be pushing all the right buttons for the most important thing is as you said. He is set a particular tone it is a strategy at the plate but it's an overall psychological. Emotional tone the John Ferrell. Lost this team on the last couple years no question about it. And these guys are liberated. Alex Cora is the perfect for like get out of jail for got out of jail yet and if you don't that's that's what you do when you change managers you usually. Hire the guy it's opposite the personality that you fired they did that New York to less success. Yankees are treading water 99500. Well back. In the a at least at seven map back in loss at Toronto last night's help. Red Sox rolling and I think the Yankees are not doing. Is what the Red Sox are not starting pitching and starting pitching is spectacular for the Red Sox in his band. Absolutely abysmal for the Yankees and you have a seven and a half game bulge between those two teams to run of playing good baseball. But I don't think anybody at the start of the year nineteen games in. Would it ever imagine already would you predicted that the Red Sox on on April 21. Would the seven and a half games ahead of the Yankees style that is the way they're playing and if you also noticed their different hitting heroes every night that's the point. You know via it is one guy catching fire every night somebody different is it is hitting so the only thing is as I said. It's almost too good to be true because you know. You can't do this for a 162. Games inevitably. There are going to be some valleys we have seen nothing peaks so far the valleys are gonna come. And that's when you're gonna see how good this team is and how good Alex Cora is right now let's just basket with his glory and are prevalent. Or is it for what it is running come back home and ride that wave baby. Yeah I'd take effect Tek about not riding the wave the Celtics last last night but all around it this way that otherwise they fell off the surfboard. There's no doubt they I think they wiped out may be. Between and it's a pro quo in a row in the unit to Provo. The Greek freak. I just over the referred arrogant and it. Anyway. Error I am in pretty hot it down on the south too much I mean let's face it that you las carrier ring in. And you know that they're not the same team that he you know what on the road and got pounded pretty good. Nobody hit when he last night all around 161412. Like that that it's bound to happen so. They're Stewart actor rather beat them in Cleveland from LeBron and I got my bags packed army at the end of the bench. He hears and knows support at all game was awful well the big debate on ES. PM before the game last night have a great double header with the south plane in the nightcap before the cavs and Indiana the debate on the panel with peers and now some of the other guys. Was is this the worst. I cavs supporting crew in bronze thirteen years in the playoffs I'm not sure it is the worst they didn't think it was that first appearance in the finals with a got blown out by the spurs four zip. A mate might have been the worst supporting lineup but. There's seventeen point lead last night Larry I know and squad and I love LeBron you love LeBron LeBron did not have a good third quarter. An educated to the right choice in dining capital allowed kept right turnovers it's it's too bad that. Kite re went down and of course Hayward went down the start of the year because we did this cavaliers team not looking like it's inevitably headed to the finals as it has. Over the last few years Celtics had a chance to stop think they have enough forces of all the injuries I don't think we either I don't think so I think it's basically bonus time it's all gravy now if they get out of the Milwaukee series. Then they play Philadelphia Philadelphia and has the horses Bob Philadelphia if they can ever get Marco falls through develop any sort of an offense anything to contribute right. Like fifteen of our game is something they are rumor really Fonda why loves him but this is all I've always said this I always love April. When you're teams are winning and in the playoffs we have the Celtics in the playoffs you have the Bruins about the closed the door. On the police and the Red Sox off to their best start since 1946. Larry that was a very good year you gotta love Austin Raza is now off. I love him so I think of the way he plays roof from the other night that take them ahead two to one. They're playing it. Right. Hockey is well. You know so I mean it's it's it's a good time from Boston sports him at the Celtics I think I can understand that I don't think people would be. On them they might be if they lose to Milwaukee I think don't and now they got they got their get out of jail card for it is there's no question that anything the Celtics do. In Eastern Conference playoffs is totally. Bonus time how you gonna complain. If the Celtics. Don't get to the finals they they don't have their two most important players the two guys they were relying on the start of the year obviously it will be on Hayward. Well Kyra read how is that possible. To Tyree gave them two things the ball handler in north in the scoring. He gave them two things that you really need to have. Exceptional but you know but all of that you status of Byron you've done it very well thank you the story of the week continues to be the patriots it continues to be the key the what the heck is going on down and Brady missed the volunteers can't work out session that they had some say he wants more money. Clark did not show up for that. They seem to be squabbling back and forth over some issues and I think the timing could not be wars my goodness she got the NFL draft coming up next week. And you got to go to the table and you got to figure out you know we're gonna draft or any tight end I needed draft require backward or what do I need to Joseph. And these guys are going back and forth in I think we're craft. I think when Nate decided to get Iraq polo out of town. They gave Brady all the leverage in the world a horse Brady's team all questioned out Robertson human nature Cora polo and traded him. I doubt they gave Brady all the leverage in the world. I like Brady I really do like among a lot these are good. But I don't understand. What's going on with his career world thing in the training and the trainers and and where it is Belichick million dollars I don't like the way Belichick does things I'll be the first the pot a thing I've it was a big black guy I don't like the way he does things. But at the same time east over coach in somebody has the call the shots down there but it is apparent and the more things happen or don't happen. Down in Foxborough. The more that set the wicker sham article. Continues to as we tried to rip it apart well there are a lot of people who wanted to claim there was a lot of fabrication ally Kevin Cullen. That was dead on. Exactly. What was going on down there and I remember the last line of that article. Once again. Reading one. Treaty is weaning down there garden and it looks as if Belichick is. Losing and he's arrogant he's even making plans to set up the zone passing camp. Is contacting some of the players he's gonna have a passing camp right and there's obviously a major rift between. The two guys that are. Responsible for all the success that happened over there for the last two decades say here's the problem. Brady has our leverage. We knew traded Barack below. You gave Brady all the leverage exactly what you want it yeah exactly so either you do it his way hero thing I want right there and all the money in the it's not about the money or anything like that I want. But I think that's unfair. To craft if Kraft brokered that deal inside it would Brady Anderson the ballot check rookie got to get rid of Grupo we can have here I was unfair aircraft. I think it's unfair to craft I said that when he cited with Brady. And and they had to get Iraq pullout on a town and you gave Brady all the leverage Ryan now ballots checked his stock. In the middle he's got no. Other quarterback in Brady or you can't count on. And eight gave up and got out and but the draft coming next week that's a crappy never pick at number two picked again. For the guy who's out there with the 49ers. And it won't tell me what leverage rob Belichick has right now. Two weeks ago via our went on my college visit yeah you were very high and what the patriots did they made the trade they have now 21 I don't and that's all right I want to catch what I three and 31 like that trend -- right now I'd have more positive out but I still I have been adamant and very consistent I hated the Iraq below deal but the last hey talked about I senate like their brand in court steal the idea I mean I can I don't think he even distant figure right. I can credit that that. OK okay so you war but I you know looking forward you were much more enthusiastic. And optimistic. About the upcoming draft after that right and I do like back to number one picks I do like I think he got some large they are. Developed by now the question is what they waited a draft and try to combine two picks and move out. Both from a to get a quiet man is that. Well again as that screwed up and again get rid of a guy that I should I had an out they'd rather active figuring out whether they need to draft another quarterback well five days away from the draft and I think the story remains the same. Are the patriots a franchise of the hearing now. Or are they a franchise of the long game and other words are they gonna draft a quarterback is there any error parent. To Brady or he's just gonna try to take advantage of these next couple years. Do you think bella checks are going to be around after two more years Josh McDaniel would not have come back in the eleventh hour from Indianapolis. If he weren't guaranteed. That he's going to be the head coach very unusual thing I try to do them well well in the first round picks apiece I don't know if you'll still be on the board but does it Clinton Nelson. Amount of pain music guide now about 64330. He's the closest thing I've been listening to John Hannah. He really is that good he is Spanish companies and guys regard that's the problem and you know probably think I'm struggling NCs admirals somebody else out to left tackle Eric Watson talked about Celtics. I was very your brain on some of the graphics and who do you what do you think the giants and talk about opportunities yeah I got some really good draft suggestion get an author and he talked about it when it's on in the count we have a lot of discussions of the NFL draft the last one day about the birds and the bees admittedly -- one knows when you jewel lake instead of 61 cent of that song from 65. Anywhere to take a quick break mustered the jets are back together again right here it's forgery. Sunnis must mean Johnson Sports Radio now. Point seven tell. Lance. I want to. He's got all the numbers over the Red Sox fan and bronze alarming. How active they are in the position. To do that right. They have hit home runs they have. Pitch they've. Did everything he could possibly ask this team on route to a seventy. Twos start eight in a row again at nine in a row. After that first loss in the year we hit it that are awful ladies are driving me crazy getting incredible tax what do you like some recent reports of injury getting the information you do and some big investigation is something yet working on big stories as we're doing the show yeah. And about how I covered the marathon the half I think the last six or seven. 77979837. Is the telephone number as we are want to do little any Andy from Framingham. Take that lead off position today hasn't gone any any. Alone can't do more India and note gentlemen and can graduate and ergo under a shell of a stunning new. Critical oh culture. Yeah the real coach Paul Brown of course went there although it I was not yet but I was stunned to learn unfortunately. And it's really not. I just a word about the academics. Roethlisberger had one below was wonderfully test of any quarterback over the last twenty. Just of effectiveness you know it's. It will ultimately got. And we'll talk about throughout. What would obviously commuters should core I appreciate the change out of through the club well. The good thing in my opinion the garbage settle everything down and a lot about. In addition the younger players returned to direct our majority Martinez. It was not a here last year they do not have Pope during the middle and a great approach. Right well I mean you have that guy in the middle and he just knows how to hit the base wage and you know I hate to use the old Dan Duquette line. He's a professional. Hitter. Just in Ramallah build political and social political if you don't go away to baby bull. What a party you know I'd another Padilla fusion blown away is quite what I've ever played and what are you can't judge everybody could. But eventually I think it'll probably make a move on talk about the Yankees should shortcut which says it doesn't turn around. Remember what I said doubt in IN ST and its arms stating I'm practicing my comments by saying obviously winning. Makes it a lot easier. But they hour now by collectively they seem to be a very likable and here we go again like bull equal ice and be swinging OK I prefaced Michael while they what did they win the division last year they were scrapped as they win the division last year yes they did but they were not likable Serb that is true well I think because. There are a lot of big you know what the reason they went likable I think the pricing issue completely overwhelmed everything else despite the 93 wins. OK what goes through you but you could double to center of such. The great thing about him in my estimation is that people between employees and equality movement that he panicked approach seventy there was no hope we're. All absolutely not great point the only other thing about him if he is the small broadcast but the presence yet he wasn't a busy broadcast he knew exactly and you could MTV to allow radio guys can't do TV. Wouldn't you could put him anywhere earlier apple which could put an event. That's a story since you mentioned. I was a young play by play guy back in the early eighties as working for a dinky Long Island station 1000 watt am station. We happen to have saint John's basketball. Just lost his name Chris Wallace fresh here is on Patrick you were both freshmen would they lose if the coach yet we was there a great guy. Anyway we ended up you wanna game at Providence. That year 8182. And I had no engineer I edit an analyst and I couldn't get whatever I forgot the technical stuff is I couldn't get the broadcast on the year. And lo and behold. Who is doing the game for the friars but Gil Santos. This deal signals the patriot play by play guy. Yet I wing of their party. Anyway here's the deal. It wasn't surprising that he did everything he could. To help me get on the year here I am some 24 year old nobody from a thousand watt radio station having no idea how about you know hit the buttons there are or get the wires to work or whatever. And you took the time did you get an idea. Yeah we got here I was established guy up a veteran of big star in the Boston market he did nothing and only I was in Boston is ten years a total class act did not have to do that. Have been more helpful. Are quite quickly go to where Kabul people regarding the I think the police turned water into online minister that we can usually order it from Notre Dame you mention are likely to replace him with 243 period and are quick little click certain expert concluded. You mean called cult had Miller the kids from UCLA. Like you are technical they can't. They're not want to through up so I don't know I don't want them down and we'll likely get electrocuted connect. The point though they're trying to there. I know we're looking at Concord democratically elected you mentioned. Oklahoma street who pelican unemployable. He could well otherwise I would. Are you got baker mayfield see him down there. Now are days things lawns nominee Sarah. Lot of liquid dribbled do there are little traction more comfortable go putt fifteen our little click here political political forward program that not a big likability question I will be my only alternative have a lot of well I think it will put total on the shelf and let the world know we're to judge would do if if all it. I know what I do they go pass rush they grew a running back has under the condition. Alluded joy of playing professional ball over military camp the where shall show. I take advantage of that on broccoli in the best running back and that come along in the last five years man you watch that kid in open field in traffic yeah although running backs as you well I know while never go that high and certainly in the modern game OK here's trivia question for you later on when to give view what's on my call screen you can have to figure route. Cool this caller is here's the here's what the that the messages next to the callers. It's all about. I'm not before this I. Acts come back to earth gee I wonder who this could it be somebody from Malden what it could this be John from Malden. Hey how ya what it's a shock judge John is proclaiming that the Red Sox have nowhere to go but down now they how many homers this these have now taken graduation he hit one last night. Yeah he's he's he's hitting a robust 180 right now. Like you know what credit you what they EP gold and 2004. Red Sox. You know what they are in the 2018. Yankee. Debt. And they're waiting in the weeds. Outlet actually play 500 ball for three months you remember I do that yeah yeah then they work. For all the talent they had Pedro Schilling would have a they want stuck in neutral fact half. Of that and I see. It wasn't until they traded Nomar they got hot mid August and they had a brilliant final six weeks. We're down three nothing to somebody in the in jail so I asked. Yeah I forget who that long but in fact it would be lost game three like nineteen and 91980. But who's counting. Yeah how they run and awaits tickets on land down streak for less than face. Are you are going ask you this job because I think I know a little bit about where your coming from on this topic how does it feel to watch the Red Sox go off to a seventeen and to start. Where everything and I mean everything. Is working to perfection. All of that is not what what's fair that complain about I mean let's not really stands perspective let's apply. From my point it is it is very long season. I just I'm watching MLB initial in the rose from 87. Indian police shackles on the team and he said big finish based at the same the reps are pretty much and they didn't win the division. They finished that season 91 and seventy. Yet they lost to Detroit traded big comeback in the month of us September 1 Activision. Which is two wins last Red Sox have won the last two years so we all know how long seasons had been. The exact number a few years ago the Red Sox loss. On a roll and then one other mineral. Okay now that doesn't make any sense but that your show you what I was in Egypt in Major League. Meanwhile your team you're starting pitching is absolutely. God awful at this. Always great it's not that. I mean in 99. Okay I'll speak up eight. I seen the numbers as far as starting pitching numbers there at the bottom of Major League Baseball and all the important numbers for starting pitcher. Yup that that it did not they're not that went fantastic but the indictment. If you seen some of the of the teams' records. I mean at the six and thirteen all towards six and what scenes the royals four at fourteen in the White Sox four and twelve. Now that's gonna help the Red Sox seek a really good right. It can't read it yet but John don't forget the Red Sox are doing a lot of this without phone that's. Larry hit it just could not also does everything it's I mean everything's going right I mean even last night. Where did you come over to the light lunch delivered to the right side. You know salt and for all going to write their own actual games ahead of the blue jays. Boy or thirteen and fought centrist by the Dolan who so certainly don't look like pulled got. And if you want president I forgot all about this I was looking up some numbers this morning he is yankees in 03 years of course they had the arm bone. Home run to beat the Red Sox in the ALCS they were seventeen and three. Red Sox almost overtook him at the end of the year so. Obviously April does not make a season but the Red Sox are certainly off to restore stark. And and popular sport this is historical see if there. If they turnout could be the eighth before tigers and I'm Lou will. Well they have a chance the tigers were 24 and four and they won that division and dominated baseball they won that thing going away. It and Craig let me take you back in 1990. In the Orange, California angels played Seattle a one game playoff. And the and the Yankees. We were doing many things finished that season. Like 34 and five. So wait a minute when I see Kenny Griffey rounding third he's coming home. That's gonna break highlight it. Mark yeah. Say I wanna say Gil Santos I love him when he did the gains were bought. On television was great yup he was fantastic I thought it was the greatest local guy and bingo. A year I say that earlier ice I've always said the same thing I said howdy Gil. Not get hired by one of the major networks to do either play by play for any sport particularly basketball football. He was the best local guy and it just say local. Super guy at all so it's fair test that stuff job. All right guys. Not to talk to you later 61777979. Precise to say that all the time how. What all these network positions available. How does Gil Santos with a great pipes. The great talent a great sense of humor everything you would need to be an effective and excellent. Network announcer doing national guess how that happens when if he ever got offered I think even he would've had to. I think its holdings I asked him this once I asked him that questions every time Osama always have the same thing I think he did one or two. Regional network games for the NFL at one point but it just never. Came together form but he was. A dominant broadcaster ironically enough. The years he wasn't doing the patriots is will we then went when the old WEEI the old news W we had number John Carlson sure yet. Carlson was OK but he wasn't deal. And it took a long Ohio that some patriot dale did some over the old WH DH the elderly job yeah debt and got what he did some depth. I don't remember dowdy at dowdy got a dowdy at a couple years and remember Doughty had long since left NBC try to make a little bit of a comeback. It was last year to deal was very good. But the we is only one Gil Santos when it soccer star quality that rhetoric I come in and after Santos debt and the guy's got a good job but he's not no one is Gil Santos and sadly of course he left us just couple days ago on his eightieth birthday. 6177797937. As the telephone number. Mustard and Johnson here eleven right here in Sports Radio. Watch Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI Ed WEEI dot com. Why. The late great skills Santos going on. The greatest field goal. In history the patriots made the greatest field goal and has a live national football and I on her way yeah beyond just go replica of life and if you read Chad since he's yesterday he'll always felt that the first Super Bowl the other two that he called were special but the first Super Bowl. And the snow ball game of course enabled the patriots to get beyond. The Oakland raiders have a little help from mom and little rule called tuck rule every anybody who's honest about it out of the patriot fan and not that great they got robbed on that as well as you know the military field goal came as a result of the reversal that I took the ball away from the Oakland Raiders that's a paid back to the shirt him roughing the passer. Call was made years before. A term and then drive right the infamous band is rightfully think admitted many years later that he. Did blow the call. And the tuck rule no longer exists but it certainly worked for the patriots Adam Vinatieri. And Gil Santa remembering Gil Santos talking about somewhat more positive things today like the Red Sox seventeen. And two. Start best since 87 Major League Baseball brewers that year brewers incidentally. Did not win the division they were in the same division as the Red Sox that year the American League east tigers won it. But the best starts since what 31 years ago on a roll question is. How do you keep it up you're not gonna be seven to seventeen into the next nineteen games but how do you play. The kind of baseball the Red Sox are playing throughout a 162 game schedule. Very difficult. But they certainly based on what we've seen so far have the talent to do at the other thing ever really money from people on low atop. The draft is next Thursday and you don't get that involved in it but I do think that it's it's a pivotal point but there. Patriots have been screwed up the last couple years with their draft so I think it's interesting issue when they have to ones and a couple of two's and you're moving on and I'd be very curious to see I thought thanks so much naming players does any good because you most of us don't know we have these people I would you see the patriots according to the Washington Post. For the second straight year have the easiest schedule and in the national football well one thing I fine and you know I've been following a draft for a long time. I find it's is one of the more fascinating draft where you gonna have at least six quarterbacks taken in the forest around. I think in terms of the Lee working the way it's supposed to work. I think it could be a very interesting year I think some of those sisters of the poor hoping getting knocked around for years. Other jets in the browns in the bills and the like I think you're gonna get better while they're gonna get better and I usually bring your retires somehow but I think when you read this Castro. Here's the problem we know how important quarterback is quarterbacks most important individual position in in the entire. For sport you know team sports arena. We know that it can make hit it it it enormous difference between an also ran in Super Bowl contender. If they don't get one. And that's the problem when are they going to get lost you don't get it now when you win again and again coming dios intimate to get a first round alright you're not gonna get in the top ten doesn't look like that's gonna happen over the next so are you a pass the top five you know Ahmad Jackson you've got that kid Rudolf. Mason Rudolph yeah sounds like a golfer from the 1960s. So it. So I mean we eat we ego from where we're we're attacked a picked you go for Wright is is you don't it was a one rumor out there yesterday as as a pathetic this team can be that the browns are gonna take a two quarterbacks for their first two number one picks. Because they weren't sure about which guided takes on a graphic it to take bad on tool forces them one. I was in Cleveland a week ago today I was in Cleveland right Cleveland at the rock and roll hall okay how was. It's pretty good I you know it's my son loved it is these big music guy a lot of paraphernalia a lot of Qatar is a lot of instruments a lot of outfits and albums in commemoration is pretty good. And and I think Cleveland is on the way up it's certainly no longer than mistake on the lake as it was maybe in the seventies and eighties. Downtowns not bad. That Jake is right on the agency that LeBron. Pitcher on the gas is a building that was so it's would you drive in you come over the bridge and you look to your left you see the Jake Progressive Field now the Cleveland Indians play. Quicken Loans Arena right next door and then what are your left. In entire bill building this big pain LeBron the barn. Absolutely amazing and some wideout he is synonymous. With the Cleveland no question about that but at Cleveland about to go down to one against Indiana after losing last night. Let's go to the phone 617 below my. South this happened. 7937. Julie's on the cape and she's next on Sports Radio actually. Any idea on how you. OK you said. When I'm a little tight lipped that it is day starts at an easy answer. Quit it was pretty gentle man. A wonderful voices aren't yeah yeah particular. The great deals and tell. Us. A great station they had countless songs they had day I did they had some very of some our size ten and dominated the ratings for years and years and years and and people forget people outside the market. Who know Gil from doing the patriots and maybe the Celtics. You know each and every morning at 4:5 o'clock when he'd wake up and you do have a date the update that for years and years and years and never lost that game. Companies continue to that's what the other guy ignorant that he was that it was just. Three Adam died in jumped on right to him and the attitude at the moment let's go I'm I'm sure they're they're standing by the luck you know. No question about it and they were all giants. I am a great station for many years and even always eighty years old I just get the feeling Juli thanks and thanks for the call. They left this too early I don't know why he's eighty but let let a full life but. You always feel as if now they could have been more the acknowledgment celebration of Elton John the other night they had a special on parent one might favorite absolutely pay for it. Entertain is is Lady Gaga. And she's thing that's on and that's what's tip line and that which saw. The world is. How much more likable the world. At their great great line. And when you think about Santos and some of those guys over the years how likeable the world was because it up. Great talent likable guy that's what made deals specials 61777979371. Down we still got an hour ago. Try and Tomas and a back today to have back today wow are there are straight up some draft shark. Draft talk. What do the patriots do four of the 2018 draft. Just five count them five days away we're gonna get into that get into anything else on your mind 617. 7797937. It's mustard and Johnson's which radio interview yeah.