Mustard and Johnson - Rob Bradford joins the show to explain the Hanley move 5-26-2018

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Saturday, May 26th
Hour 2. Mustard and Johnson are joined in studio by Rob Bradford who tries to explain the Red Sox moving Hanley Ramirez.

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The crew here. And that teacher from. Yeah mustard and shots. You guys sports. Tax season and see. Welcome to our membership mustard Johnson. Working our way inexorably toward 11 o'clock trainee and Tomas see live from Fenway. We've kind of been splitting the discussion between Handley. And the Celtics and Red Sox of course in a move that I don't think anybody anticipated Larry in spite of he's what 230. Average just six home runs and thirty RBIs very hot start to the season's cooled off considerably. A lot of people figured that Hanley Ramirez would be gone by the end of may. We anticipate that he'd be back next year with a vesting option everything else but. Kind of early to pull the trigger on Hanley whilst I don't predicated that the return of Pretoria and they had to make a roster move there other things that could've done. But they just decided to get rid of him which I don't understand. I really don't understand on the road if you don't wanna pay him for next year but there's certain different ways you could have done that well problem of rob Bradford will be clarifying. I'm sure I'd describe Cora made his decision. And eight. Roster moves he's initiating roster moves according to your. Dave Dombrowski who said the vesting option in the 22 million dollars or we kick in and a fifth contract year next year 2019. Had absolutely. Nothing to do with the we just needed more at bats from its moral but the problem is aside from China scenes stuff that. There's really nobody with any venom it goes after. These teams anymore when they do some of the things that they do we're talking about it off the air about how many Greek on this on this story around and not that many. They just they don't go after these teams are well I will say this did you hear that news conference live yesterday. No no it was not about 3 o'clock we have. And the first question posed was by Johnny Miller and Johnny Miller my man yeah he listens the show Johnny love the question. And Johnny have you could see he could see the you could almost sense in field with sarcasm and Johnny Miller was ways. Are you Rick do you mean to say there's no financial aspect of this decision at all and dom Brusca says no there's nothing financial about Hamas. Supposed to believe that we that stupid we're gonna believe that Alex Cora initiated this decision in a perfect world you'd like to believe. That the manager and the general manager are on the same page they're working together. In concert how high do you think that decision came I don't think it's John Henry this time you don't I don't think you wanna pull the trigger now. Why don't you wanna do it now why did the radio on the do it then. I don't know it just it doesn't make any sense to me at all and I can't buy at face value. This notion. That niche more moral when it's so instrumental in indispensable. You just have to give them an Adams wants the bad guy like him aren't their of the mosaic that's why I had my of their other moves you could have made right did you need to keep swipe card 125 five man roster is that essential at this point. I just I am just afraid if your Red Sox fans. With the one guy who has performed. In the post season. Am on a team that's won one game. In the post season the last couple years despite back to back AL east championships the one guy who's come through one guy who's played well against the Yankees still. Forget about the post season for second. You really wanna be a wild card team. Having to play the other wildcard team and a one and done elimination scenario. You don't want that where I mean who's the other guy Nunez was that they act kind of putting amounted. Two we could designated. You know for you know right in the early unable to perform list for he's been banged up and you know again the party line was while we wouldn't want Hanley to be sitting. Because he's not a person that really responds well. To not getting his at bats I think Eddie. Player they're proud magic in the same way changes. And if you don't DH him which is what Hanley does. We had to play them you put him in the outfield. And not they want to make golf among the best don't feels remotely to and into okay what. It I think. If you have to move them around well let's face an act if it to me if if you want and I understand it you know he has such a I'm Jacqueline high hitter in JBJ but. Is as much as you love his offense is it a defense is it really worth. Having this anemic offensive player at the plate four times as saying they had other options run I'm on right. I would have liked it dumping. Bradley he's. They have other option well they have it's a very good problem I have it's a team Layden with talent. We understand that Judy Martinez has been a tremendous acquisition. He's been everything that fans will hope for and more. Because there are skeptics loud you wouldn't think this guy was worth was a 2223. Million dollars a year. Coming out of the National League but he has responded well. He's made Handley. At least for the moment dispensable. But I'm just wondering. I just wanted to know how. Internally. Like to the players to locate core of the same way. After this we'll debate the question is do they really believe it was scorers. Move. I mean that's what Dave Dombrowski told the media yesterday. Do the players. Also have that same perspective. At BRL if he's not his move. He just went along with it that's my kind of play that well on a problem I think the players understand how baseball franchises run and we all know now in the modern age of baseball these decisions are made by the general manager the manager really doesn't have a say so. And maybe this is dumb browse mode where it's coming out saying this is his say so do you. Now I'm just don't know what he's saying right I mean it would be nice if they're working in tandem and they were making a decision. That they felt was best for the team in concert but that's usually not the way these. Working relationships and dynamic scale are we're talked to Brad from the bottom of the hour meanwhile. This agent ever top your next on Sports Radio WEEI. Craig Larry hey hey Tom I hope you well. Well long time no hear everywhere you then. They're out on various lacrosse field then Jason by three grandchildren around and at plus what that idiotic station you work only have you guys are two hours ago. I lightly to that but that Larry. And magic wand and all seriousness. If this came as a way and Celtics uniforms. How much of this plan I mean. I think it certainly gave the Phillies series. How much entertainment value has been they've been in this playoffs. I think considering who they hour in the end that wait a minute wait a minute and Greg in the young opponent about a week it I don't want to wait a minute did you. It's it's how much but hey network just answer the question isn't did you. Expect them to be with a piano. But. What I'm I'm trying to understand why you won't yet put it this play out has been one that don't want people. That's his watch and yet have you watched Houston Rockets. It's a lot job. Instead it torture that the Marines whatever they used down enough and why should help people out who watched the Houston rocket. I just I heard you were hot and well it's an awkward all issued the top of the key. Issue and yeah and then. I mean the night you spent did not scroll up for the first six minutes of the game. Yet they still won one now and now they're down twelve nothing in the first six minutes much. Britain is safe when you start defense all these teams don't which is like fallout three pointers they even got when they don't back. And the defense is just now and never looked at some Wally pick get three. A guy Harden is just for me aesthetically I just cannot stand it as any kind of basketball purist view enjoy the game you know. I I cannot even explain. That I as a basketball player. There was a point where he missed eighteen straight worries. And the whole time he knows any time you go people talk about LeBron. Time people thought about it if it doesn't go in the reps call filed. It is yes. It is like the worst thing you can plot could. Yeah I was saying this is defensible Ron superstars again beginning calls for time immemorial and it is. Yeah right to say listen I. Right now I don't understand and I get asked about Handley like we're. I have to. But they say yep. That would be something with mere thought anybody named Ramirez. Yeah I just. Could not ever stand any of them being on the Red Sox but happy for. This gentleman has been good number but yet not all yeah. You got off to a historic dot. The other sixteen until at one point I do recall yeah. I'm. And they knew that. Yeah that's a good point that's something we haven't brought up in not only are you getting ready your third hitter who was 591. Against the Astros last year. Your target this. Our team scuffling in the in the middle of the bottom of the division they're on fire is still playing great baseball six out of the last seven. How is Hannah Lee preventing all this success from happening. And it and it just it's cut at hand to talk about break the trust that Florida. Poorer is interviewed about supply hut not duplicate sample mudslides that usually says catcher. Yeah actually you know what I hate to bring up something that is a long time ago once in the National League you guys probably don't remember this I was down at the in New York covering it. The Mets and that 86 season we don't want really talked about these six seasons so much that 108 games in the regular season remember that your time so obviously remember the World Series and all the disasters that are out here right but they were the dominant team in the league all year they got rid of their highest paid player. George Foster number George Foster sent tire data they sign in three or four years earlier. I didn't quite live up to the expectations. For the 1980s he was making a lot of money. And they just condom it was like for late may early June. And they went on a 108 games and unfortunately they did win the World Series that your services similar mold. I don't know. Who went can't let someone must have gone in to replace him that was. Ali was clean zone we leave as early but I mean Lee was really was journeyman players that are out there but the question for the day Tom is decorum mate who made the call. Larry. I. This month a second yeah there's no no no I mean to pop rock and Judas saying. You know we have to kick everything into consideration. And you just from the (%expletive) too so that bad thing option had. Nothing to do it right in Johnny Miller that was the very first question was asked and was immediately dismissed the call that perjury in a court of law type of. Out of that attack it I don't believe I mean. Well again you know how to beat up on because we're back to you ought not always the globe. I mean you know you used to Larry how many people you know criticize the team. Paying. That could pop up. Yet in harm's way I mean to talk that surprised they didn't do what much better than I thought they would do what you saw it JP Martinez. He's probably more than what was appetite that never expected. Not a lot of people thought they were wasting their money at a guy like that he. Big Sur and has so my god this is just the reaction to understand that there is no way that's gonna work. He did an unbelievable but. She got I don't know but if this were a patriot. I would be positive it was something else to this story where they can't even when an inside look at it all. I'm like yeah Miami's I want you know if you're not gonna play me on let me give out but he's been playing. This makes no sense at all in the big game today. And you never know when to eat because this guy is capable of doing some very good things that at the pat. At the plate and you never know Tom thanks for the call John good your hand he's gonna hit a hot streak he had a hot streak against the Astros wasn't enough. Two win in the series but you need that bad. In the post season or even a wildcard scenario. I I just think they are flirting with disaster right now one. WEEI let's try today. What's going envoy Yitzhak. Barry so conspiracy there. In the Al okay. So you will you will ultimately. So you get it the XY. There's right now not only do we have a liability in center field. We all spotlight ability at third base. Granted I know that it is young. 21 years old right Ali recently it would eleven errors. And the Sox and now it's time to open percentage music through 33. Correct. So. Mike there he is here to showcase why. Right you gotta give you gotta get rated GB. And you battle liability at third base they critical and shot. That's the only thing I can make lighters they got to block the shot what does that why would you give me the JBJ. I he's going to be out pearl went from a shot. Now here. Very does not want apartment JB Jack you wanna fine anyway I have defense and it's just not enough. Oh yeah I mean it's specially in the AM at least you get the the Yankees are just a wrecking crew. You're gonna need some offense and you're gonna need it in the post season two against the Astros and the Yankees. I don't think you can count I had I management and our offense ferret out. That makes sense from AJ thanks for the call 6177797937. We'll take one more before we go to the break it's the eve. In Waltham what's happens aid. Good morning gentlemen you know it back is somewhat on the table and you guys really need to be more than two hours but. I wanna start what they have their rears you know there's many I've watched baseball for many years and very few things surprised me well what when I saw that he was. DF eight yesterday I was shocked. I mean. You know and basically came out there that's okay. You decided lucky blocked hold a new roster instead of Taylor here's your three hitter you or clutch postseason hitter York Yankee killer. Because you have a lot of pay 22 million yard in the general manager who's been doing it forever and he's saying that core a rookie manager mean this decision are you kidding. Yeah do you like imaginary more walking and Ryan cash from his office in other Stanton guy he's not gonna hear is have 59 home runs this year he's. Really just kind of he's albatross in the lineup what we can get rid of him designated for assignment so we get more at bats for you name it it doesn't make any sense at all. That's what the head scratch your head this is all about money that probably for a team that already has. On eating a couple contact already sent because CO and possible bit of all let down what each one more wide out you know we we have the highest payroll. Hard fought and by about funny five million and dead money at least and at least they got rid of Allen Craig's contract at this point hit the highest paid. But a minor league player in the history of the game. It can't carry essentially three catches okay Swire I mean they make this guy out to be like he's a rookie beat out. If you hadn't made a bye now okay it's a rookie he gave up okay. It makes a play right now they did that resulted in the play a setup because recollect it should be more enraged about this. Then that I'm hearing out of the public know they had a big deal he's been up bomb all right well you'd be your only policies and there. And and it's what you made in light of the of the day it is our leases. So well we telepathy fate he's about the in the playoff you know really the war I don't know do you BJ at the white guys just. I don't know if you could put Bennett Kent young center field okay. You could have put. You won't he can play center field anybody complained. Yeah okay hey yeah like coroner's. With this decision. I've got no about it but if you are getting that club mostly at record your scratch your head right now elect you just took a big bat out of a lineup. At why did you do that Chris covered for somebody and you know what I'm sorry John Henry has to be involved. In my ass right now I'm Craig hasn't thanks I don't. Yeah I don't yeah I gotta I changed my mind about yeah we're jumps on our Dombrowski made this decision and zone out thanks for costing we're gonna get all the answers to this gonna unravel this entire. I dig my known as they Hanley Ramirez. Riddle coming up that by 1030 so right after the break rob Bradford in the house that we're in a day. Talking to him by telephone but he's gonna be lied in the studio with a all the answers. Coming up right here on Sports Radio WEEI. What's unique shots in a row. Rock in this Saturday sports talk on. Baseball the one that I talked doubts about. Yesterday house or. We were prepared to if you go on a different direction with our move he called me Alice as I've got a thought or you. We're doing these. This is a move I would like to make. I recommend make it ultimately comes from my final decision but he said. I really wanna play Mitch Moreland more. He's a good player he's played very well for us. I don't think that and leaves a person that sets. And one on the bench well. It gives us an opportunity to people XY are also being a position like that gets more playing time and social justice something that and recommend is doing. David Brownstein meeting meeting yesterday you heard it here live on Sports Radio WEEI so rob Brad follow. You believe anything that double B says and that means cattle you have to kind of pick through it and I believe that apart there was important when when he said. Was when he that I don't think Hanley wood handle this well. Saying on the branch city an event because this is the two for me this is the crux of the matter number one they evaluated in the evaluated him he wasn't gonna get. Batter he wasn't gonna get like he was in April all right that's fair that's your valuation. But the biggest thing is is that normally you would let a guy try to work it out through June may be in July figured out. I and I wrote this I go back to Manny or manners and I'm not comparing and Ramirez and him and Marist is at the same last name. It is because I didn't these guys when you're talking about options whether it's vesting options or player options are team options. They get consumed by them. And they knew that this was gonna be around the corner with him in there whom they know it. Al Gore was right in the middle of the alien mirrors and in the mirror mirror stuff only 2008. How many plate appearances. As. Different areas have today. He had just under two on 200 Batman and yet I mean with. These outpaced fret about notice and I think about he was cruising through April and this or even a conversation it was. He's got to get his plate appearances but that's okay because you really humanities saying he's better than ever doing that he'd be twelve bands and Bob about. And he he was really really good but that is kind of fell off a cliff. But doesn't because he falls off the cliff and may you're allowed to have a bad month we know he's capable as you just said rob. Why couldn't he bounced back with a good June bridge Hawaii got a lot of games left against the Yankees in the regular season those games really do. Yeah I don't so this comes back my point which is. You're right normally you would say this play this out this if you bounces back. But the minute you drop back on plate appearances. That any hint of it yeah. These guy isn't there had obsessed with it startling him the it's a toilet the Pedro in 2003. If for whatever reason they become obsessed with it and it takes a hard turn you guys remember that men need to go Ing awful it was awful but it was great up until the end of day. And then you start thinking about the the contract extension wasn't gonna get it for the next two years Jack McCormick thing. I remember talking a moment the all star game in July and he starts ripping the ownership group. And so did this became off the rails aren't I think that it would go that far off the rails of heavily but when they talk about this stuff. Whitman in regards to him weak and he would accept the role that's not in the browse to ink horrible said this. We don't think that he would really view this type of guy who would accept this were role. What they're saying is we are we are nipping this in the bud right now because we know that if he's a pinch hitter if he's a platoon player. And you have that option that vesting option 497 plate appearances. Is knocked it into. Oh well for the clubhouse or I don't buy that. But I cannot buy that Alex Cora I knew she at all this it almost at the way Dombrowski paints it. It's as if Cora came to him as if impressed he had not a fought in the world about Hanley Ramirez is out vesting option or anything it is. Bizarre Bianca is they go through that Saturday they go through all these scenarios. Leading at this this and come out of nowhere and we all public fly arms can be that guy. They thought Blake's wife heart was going to be a guided basically admitted that yesterday. Blake's wife Hart thought he was going to be the guy but they go through all scenarios where there's unions on the DL Jackie Bradley being sent down Brock Coles being sent down. And at some point him is this scenario must been brought up now. The brush you paint it as oh my goodness we got this call from Alex how are a similar ban in public that's now and by the way then you send about as the number two hitter. In number three hitter which you've been doing the entire time he's an amount. So yeah if it's out of nowhere in its contrast having Sharma kind of put this in one of his stories. Was talking to executive of them protecting themselves about a grievance from the players' association. Because what that does not you can't discount that because when there asked is the the option have anything to do with this. In a cell known of course that they can't even hit. That it does. Because that will lead to agree degrees from the players' association. By doing this by saying the miniature has assessed the situation and said. For the betterment of the roster because of performance we are putting days I've got the million dollar question to score to this day. Really is a good plays man he really seems to Poland did well with all the players. Out of the players' analyst. I'd I think they're fine weather by I think it's. It's a surprise and so you the first instance you look at was reaction the club hours yesterday via. And then how they respond on the field. You know both of five I was in the clubhouse yesterday it was you know they were joking around Pedroia back every they're all happy they're on high five and I think talking some guys there was shock. The result Mike and is this happened now will say this. There are guys who hit we may be were closer than others like the Latin American guys the Christian baskets of the world. How does that affect them but. You have to remember these guys are ya mean these guys former. These guys really does a lot of them are just happy to be there but do they still sykora as a player I guess I got it back. Yeah well I think Vick court a big part of this is core. You know. Staking his claim to be politically correct rights it says say this is ID and pay you might not like this like Blake's wife heart. You're like the fat you don't like the fact that a player and he said this you're gonna hate me. But I am doing this for the roster he's that is yesterday I'm doing good for Ross this is my roster this however want my roster. And he's not worried about sort of the clubhouse dynamic. I will say this like with federal last year I thought this is where you got a lot of trouble. Try to placating a lot of corners that clubhouse and David Price situation. And you can't do that you just can't do that you have to say these guys they were probably the plates white Hart has a problem Christian Vasquez has a problem. Then they have to go in there to say hey you know what why did you do this I'll explain it in and you've gone. You can't try to placate everybody is John Henry in this at all I used to sign off on me in the money. Think about Zoellick. I got my dad and a number of things the origin are that this is not now. Now I mean I don't. I vintage John Henry's in Liverpool the race here and this is there it is. I don't think John Henry is saying hey here the scenarios that we mentioned. When Pedroia comes back here's the roster moves now he by he has to sign off on having another fifteen million dollars worth of debt money. Which as we know is adding up but what if challenged in we're still have a general manager of people would say this has John Henry's name all over. Well there with the Larry they'll let you know you know Ryan Miller that was our that was it always blame Larry what what that was the weird up that was part of the problem now hold dynamic rich who is making which strategy right and yeah. And and this is the first time this is sort of happened. With the browser you because we're left who was making the decision. Alice core I you know young when he says that we. Yesterday. And say I made the browsed he was surprised doused chorus surface as people are saying look it he's throwing now scorer in the bus that was out court's decision. While I look at it this way it's still the browse these decisions it is different from the Lucchino and and charity or is it because of the rust at the end of the day yesterday still say go to black city. And I think that's up tremendous improvement from what it used to be known shall we all know it issued no. If it is it even if they're browse keys blaming coral fort quote unquote blaming at least you know. It's his decision not Larry's not John Henry's and not Tom Warner is not somewhere else it's. In the baseball operation it's not necessarily motivated by the ownership. Yeah and and you have to. If you look at this whether they did this did it this way with course sane is you know this is I'm the one surfaces because of protecting yourself against agreements. Or you can look at it this way. I know last year with the federal them browse the dynamic it was bad toward. And players were saying here yet pal players are saying that they could hear arguments in behind closed doors and so forth and so on. Well at least this shows that maybe he's listening to his manager little bit more than he was last year but I still cannot envision. The scenario where coral would actually initiate this. In his second month the seed that comfortable Debra I I think so I mean I like knowing. In the you know I've known out for a long time and that's sort of the personality and honestly I thought that that what where they might hit a ball on the road would that dynamic. When I hear about the federal Dombrowski to browse key thing you know getting into Ferrell. Like I know that Alice has a strong personalities strong strong opinions so when he says I think that we should do this. That doesn't surprise me you know I'm like I don't necessarily buy that this is came out of nowhere right because they've been talking mrs. been on the radar for weeks where you know with the inevitable repair work with Pedroia coming back. If somebody has got an idea of what it's like how weird is this guys. You have that flight back last two nights ago. The flight back from Tampa. In place Wyatt Blake slide hard is on the flight and the entire time you minister I'm expecting when I get off the flight. Either be called into the office or get the phone call. Basically what happening here. And to your point Larry you knew something was gonna happen and we hit pared down the option right als Corwin on and dale and keep. Says it wasn't going to be Jackie Bradley and it was going to be unions on the DL that left us with slide her because Rocco wasn't getting sent out where light. Does that only one solution Eaton place why are down until he's in any way Lee's name never came up there would be no possibility anybody we're brought up hamburgers and go because because. I think that if you said this to me a week ago I would discount it. Though the reason is. Normally when you have a player were so good in April. That you been hitting second or third the entire time I think he's either second or third all six games this year. And you have you have state claimed this guy the importance of this guy. That you would have done something you would ease back on him a little bit you would've done would give him a couple days. Off thing viewers and just say simulators simulate it but I but it Ruth you've been booed but I come back to my initial point. That's why I think that you cannot discount. What they knew was coming around the corner which was. The happy go lucky Hanley which we we wish you all love with a megaphone and ads in the TB twelve bands and everything else. Wasn't going to be that are gonna say hard you know right hand turn and armory has anybody talked saintly. Since being Marco. Nine that you put civilian is now. But I'll tell you got married you have access to I do not have access to Iran. You know. No axe right right is that the Georgia have access to both the plane ride home because some players I don't have access to our. Is yes it can have access to everybody. I don't always have access to everyone around here pretty well I think since I was seven got to understand it's awareness so what is your body the laser show gonna get back in the lineup today thanks yeah. One of him so yet so he's. So Dustin Pedroia air of 2018. Begins today rob Bradford will be over there thank I don't know yeah I know it's good to see you guys -- smiling for good as CEO line happy to have them and you guys got its audit its own period in which you went in yeah I like the clothing if you go to school to think the club and off and off turnovers I don't know gossip. Apparently going to be back lots of calls to get to between now on 11 o'clock try to mossy live from the fans. Will be back right after. Some eastern shots sports. And the way in May just when about them the way it. He plays defense. And news out of of this here I'm it was a good players last year to put this team but his numbers. So first aired because of the injury that it job I did feel that the rules were about to change. You sodium matches against. One of the business lefties in the big leagues now two balls the other way in the news he went about lefties. He seems like is hearts and in the zone. You'll I think it's a small sample size but he's been gone for awhile we we felt that it was gonna improve our defense it is. Of those where we were going when there. Outscored explaining the release of Hanley Ramirez more at bats from Mitch Moreland whether or not it came from Alex Cora initiated by. Gave them brows ski or somewhere else that is the situation we've been talking about a review. I hear it or uranium I think the appeal with the players. Association. Does have an element in the game you could see the closer you get the 497 man or watching like Har. It makes sure Hillary doesn't get her yeah that was the one question I forgot to ask Bradford I want to him get innings I was interrupted constantly by your withering cross examination of Bradford from people wanna hear it. My question would be so why OK sold the players association filed aggrieved aren't so well what. What impact does that have I mean what is that. What does that mean for the Red Sox is that they take away from their successes come on acuity aggravation probably all right 6177797937. We go to to all morning. And rage Warner. It's Sony. And they're going all right yeah. Based or rescission act like. You know it in the system. Our World Series aspirations. And let it slip and there's fault and almost. Won't you won't. Want this guy on the war all our fault while. So. What small plot swap. All. Well on all popular vote and walked. I sort of won or want us all about it as well what is wrong oh okay. Or those who shop or else. We're. Options Portland's one student cute little watch and I. We wanted to call and the other side. So Obama's happens to Russian law or four point almost. All the core. That's the point is quite yeah right is it that that's what. Yeah we have a little bit of an issue that's what usually get between dirty. So that is not a waste all persons. It took down the court 97. Hanging over his head however have to do it some of those orthodox. Enormous importance and it wont wont market it up it's all one tortured but you're outlook and and if you shop at all. This is all. Over all about sports that's all sorts of. Yeah I still don't yeah I I still envoy thanks for the call Tony I can move on lot of calls to get I still can't believe yes sitting down makes sense that's plausible. Temporarily. But think he's gonna be such a albatross such as toxic element now that he's not playing every day. This guy completely rip this team apart. That I cannot buy. In any shape way or form Tom Springfield you're next on Sports Radio ready kayak. Yeah hey guys so loved one may have first what is says don't seem like to browse it one of the just and the sharing an era. You this is really the last. Me urging kind of screwed up what like Andy. Yeah there's obviously roster that really M Natalie choate LE AM. Also other treated some free agency. All report so the future is like you know now we have. Dead ball out here now and our credit now. Yeah apprentice on chess or got a steal right Decker steel still down there I think Craig is no longer with a socket. So well. I I was looking at the the move and they're really let what they had stretch just like everyone else that. If you think about it really does come down to. In my opinion Moreland insult or. Ramirez or are late slide hard but if they were Garrett a slight heart are. They really wanna be getting what is true value or so. Partisan. Where's it wears his position. Ramirez are sorry that. So what are not. Ali. This leather Whisenhunt. I can catch and now he's going to be a first baseman DH IV is in that mix now they're gonna give him more at bats he's gonna share that role little bit more whip Don Moore won and obviously with Handley doing the same thing. Too many chefs spoil the broth I guess thanks for the call Tom it's Matt in Wilmington is next on Sports Radio WEEI. I can't get it and I handily beat Japan and we know that and at lesser betrayed valued the lakes are what you claim as the hitting catcher. First major EH you can really get more trade keep them down the road that Italy at all all the baggage and Nick Price tag and now you get a chance to. Quite Moreland and see if he can actually play the position to be consistent as he has been so far. And if not. You'd be shocked to go to make a deal at the deadline to to replace him or do whatever you have to do what it. More you Kennedy helped or grimace of reaganite deal. All this is where it breaks my heart that bat but he can I get now coming up blatant it'll hot streak going I don't look at this guy. He's young cheap and you can claim and reported a. Right now he's at one right now he's at 133. Right but now what. We're gonna play you. Where is gonna play for us. You can catch. He can get a chance they are at first base and he MPH. Do they have that much to they have that much confidence in his catching. But find out. And about find out yet you know if you could indicate a salesman as dumb as it currently. Kick the ball. Well that's what it has I think he's definitely selling us a door guards there Paulie in Maine you're next on Sports Radio WEEI. No I don't know I was slot as Obama made that big occasion may have. You know this is it's all yeah. Maliciously and probably isn't that others straight known last week that's all right let's. Always from Dedham met Matt. Paulie from Dedham. Cuba and an ice Satan got right now outside the garage OK quickly here's the deal why they get out. I love America more than usual so it's a news about it or looked quite so they're not gonna get point two million that's number one issue to be an up or are you. Stay in the lineup. Is that actually shares also get a pilot of that so we get date that's not why he's supportable on Ajax okay Melancon so there are certain example when I'm absolutely certain example block that guy had been at least we know one why I don't put. Because seat next to me it won't. They're great they've been through a slide out because they're not sold. Our question to ask guests are easy and this halo is good about 12 o'clock just has decided project. Democrat this year is this all about. That's why we have all our slide out these these are not smile but walked eighteen bases in the debate kings finished the guy who was our government our kinky Dada was sent them out. Yeah I'm acts. Yeah he's he's getting easier thing about it. It's an. Easy thing about I. Our thanks for the call Paul I wanted to squeeze a couple more in before the top of the hour making way for turning into mossy market Peabody is next in Sports Radio MI. And Larry Craig my favorite here that will beautiful out any day of the week. Who let me say. The self. If they played Golden State and they happen miracle happens then they happen to be called state which you say that's the biggest upset me. In the history as bullets with the jets and colts may have cut called second in the first Super Bowl. I'll that would you know it's funny because the Celtics is much as you think it might be an upset sort of without Tyree there the Celtics no matter who the roster risen with a combination of players are. And Brad Stevens zero always plays Golden's I am not theories why wouldn't say that mark is because I don't think Golden State is as you know there that they haven't looked good the last couple games obviously. They were on their way to one dominating the rockets in last couple games a lot of chinks in the armor. I'm not really sure that I'm sold so much on Golden State as being a great team. The Celtics you'll let Larry is much as I don't think they would win and I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Mike Aiken can you're going to be the Chapman of this radio program today. Fire away Mike. Eight are tall and. And Lou Lou but. I enjoyed. Torrent is already at age 21. He is a major impact players based. Are you thanking Theo gonna send little Jeff about the Chicago. But back quite. They trick shot and hornets and got. While they had to pay formed a comeback by the deal would give the gill figured Torres is absolutely brilliant no question about an hour. Next to the Milt Pappas for Frank Robinson. And Baltimore and Cincinnati and hit. Derrick Low paid by the way is that does that make sense the you have a little baseball perspective. That the Mets getting rid George Foster and 86 very similar to handle it may affect. Gap may not affect. There's been book all of the court the greatest rip off all I think you guys who rebuilt copies of Fred Robbins. Well yeah for people with certain age yes. Whether they're very attack Derrick Low deal wasn't too bad either. And dot cricket came on the radio I take you gotta be kidding me. Well it dot cricket on the radio in 1965. And which are not citizens by six consecutive said. You're trading it. Milt Pappas brag Robinson and I couldn't believe it. And Don Ricky gave you that announcement. WOR. You know what guess who also worked WOR for many years yours truly. That was I used to pay them with a car hey guys what's wrong with this picture. Morning sports for thirty years has done Ricky. Twenty years he was replaced by Charley Steiner and I replaced Charlie Steiner was wrong without pitcher creek east diner in Boston who I. People always golf. The Red Sox have good play you guys to make it my point they've got hit cases on that team. Well it's going to be a fight to the finish my hit over the head case. Larry I I'm tired and ultimately less. Okay they've got a lot of guys don't worry about themselves not the team. Yeah you guys Sonny gray going today that's all Italian agent now. All right thanks Mike thanks Mike car earlier next time going to be great summary yankees and Red Sox battling it out for first place of where that wild card showdown. Thanks to Matt on the other side of the glass we will see you next week at nine stay tuned for treading into mossy live from Fenway and Sports Radio by.