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Saturday, November 18th

Hour 1 and things are crazy. The preacher and the teacher respond to Kirk and Callahan's attacks, talk Celtics win streak, and preview Patriots in Mexico City.


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Why don't we hear. And that teacher from. And mustard and shots. Things socks packs season season. TI Sports Radio. My children got the call and we'll get back pages once you guys tell me how much he must have. 61777. Nobody's asking nicely and it. Jerry Jerry and you'll be with me with that there's a high wind picked this site with you with that everything felt. You guys that must Johnson shook off the air. Starting this Saturday called right at 617779793. Said it should mustard and Johnson. God it's five hate me they take falsity of the sound of me. I want them gone starting Saturday mail David at kitty a marketing or write it shows are Obama's office to my office. And that's not it. Well despite the efforts. Like curt may hand and thousands of listeners about where our front I badges don't work we can't get the velvet I don't know how we got through while I was sure I was all nervous walking across the street from the parking lot into the building at that these security guards maybe people escorting this out maybe Kirk. Would be protests in the show in the hallway outside the studio. I was a little nervous coming in today but apparently. A despite popular demand mustard and Johnson. Still lives on sports hitting him WEEI this week. Believe it or not you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna laugh at this. I was and you mean I was not even aware apparently. Kirk went off on a loss on Monday morning in response to our show. Of course we were discussing the whole Michael Felger. Brouhaha from the week before. We've Roy Halladay in the plane situation and Annika in other discussion as it always does extended into the war between the two radio stations and what shows we like it which shows we didn't. And apparently Kirk as Kirk is want to do. Took a little umbrage at a few of our comments and I did not realize that Monday when you listen to this live yeah it was a referendum on our show. But I love Kirk and I really do I know it doesn't bother me you know he really does and I'm sorry Kirk made if you return intent as it is so good friend like Goran which it sometime have a bite and Ewing Jerry you guys are good guys we don't care we were basically it wasn't about to the show it was about the philosophy behind. What people like about radio show's in high you develop it and I determine what style you want. They made a determination. About a year ago it did you know. Little less sports and a little more topical on things going on in the new who's in it turned out to be a tremendous success. Them and they they rotate the the third chair. And it it's quite as successful. And I agree but he said about you and it's a beauty is now they placed in general as underachieving. Individual at the state you know I love that you should be taking feels factories right now not. I love that people accuse someone of being an under achiever and quite candidly that's not the first time I've heard that you're kidding yeah my honeymoon that was the first time but the I thought I could lie to you yeah yeah yeah million that were brought there we're gonna get home your question would be an exciting I don't bad to be request irons are going to firm for tripe I'm going for the through the hat trick as they it's not gonna get married his time and now it's a hole. How can you be under achiever like you have any control over this you in this business Larry no matter what you achieved. You're success is going to be determined by somebody else. And there is at well I know relief role not I think what you find out seriously that it it. Some of these horrible sleazy. Gutter type stories coming out lately on these produces and actors and everybody else out there. Com. Is a price to pay. For certain people to be what they wanna be and they get to success from it. Not everybody some people honestly work at very that very talented and it works for them. But I think in this business you have to make up your mind what kind of person you wanna be my kind of show you wanna try to have and you people who don't like it of any of they don't and that's why that site into an ending on a Mac did they pronounce their names correctly. They say mustard and Johnson to basic right and Larry right now what you got the call it Boca back the pages someone you guys tell me Hamachi Muster got. They pronounce their names correctly that's all I guess I'm gonna I think I thank you I was glad my wife wasn't listening could she tell you about that yet where aid to seriously I. I love those guys out of the show and that's that's my comment about that led this this is my question is how could I possibly miss this don't read you from a half an hour right person not one person came up to me and said anything it is great mustard like Larry Craig to but I would say if Craig mustard. 1%. Of the deaths when desire whom I too weak to be success in this business unit's success this business. In in your comment he's actually yeah. Thought I could argue that. So as you end up settling on being a schoolteacher at Wellesley you don't want it at a much earlier insulting teachers or the town of Wellesley your ball I'm not sure Larry Johnson now the the town of Wellesley is up in arms against you now know I love the way people put teaching down low sometimes they say when you can't do such and such teach Adam and his. I don't understand that IE in yet everybody's lined up at the door. They get their kids into good quality school with good teachers why is that because they shape your mind they spend more to. As much time more time with the your kids the YouTube were not the most respected profession out there let's put it that way a lot of people scoff at what we do they think we have. Banker's hours out at 23011. Weeks off during the year two straight months of nothing but fun and sun in the summer months so I can understand that but. Listen we love Kirk we love Callahan we love the show. I'm trying to figure out why it wasn't with him Monday mortars don't like we used to come on Saturday as Fernando he was exceptionally talented he was coming on that is by himself and sit here and just to show himself and very very interest in topical so any guy that thinks while my guitar gently weeps as the best Beatles song which I agree with Kirk. And thanks to Bruce Springsteen is god on earth. Which I agree with Kirk he can't be now McNamee with The Beatles. While my guitar gently weeps Matt we'll dial that up now that up from a familiar with that is not a Lennon McCartney yeah it's George Harrison song. It comes army which skin tight from the Ohio players now us on our another I don't usually put those two songs together at that time. For whatever reason and this is on the white album and The Beatles were very divided Jerry Jones yes this is a Jerry Jones said nothing to do with the production of its album. Any kind of an interesting. To remove one of the sports night and unpalatable or while my guitar and why is this is he still sleeping. By the way that god is playing guitar. On this is not George Harrison was weak it's ours for The Beatles but a friend of his you might have heard of before. Name is Eric Clapton. Yeah for her now I cried there Matt. Me and. This is in the fields. Now right now he seven point seven yeah this is that is not the various neighbors and conversion rates are great summer I'm beginning to agree with Kirk right about that green now that while my guitar gently pain is probably the top of a very impressive with The Beatles song that's all he can we move on to sports let's move on okay Larry let's talk sports. You have sporting MacKenzie when you get. Your interest as forty McCain I started a jump out. I don't have actually really interesting week of sports too much controversial and light by a tea. The page's performance the other night against Denver it was quite impressive to me am I know that quarterbacks stinks Denver's in the light but still. I was taught in I was told lead. Impressed by how this day and patriots adapted. Having a lot of a wideout the user running backs in ages the offense has moved up and down the field than they do but they wanted to do and it. Special teams with our night that by five that was just a great performance by them well. You know my mother calls me out. Two days later. She's cry I saw something in the game I have never seen before. I think but the kicker. It's on you've never seen a kickoff return for a touch before. If she'd never receive my bridge I'd missed the member but right when he was going to the hole. A record block by a patriot place just sprang it sprang open and it was great. Then you move on to the I don't know what the heck is on the Celtics I just I just have no. Explanation the person that way Korea quickly dismissed two weeks ago winning streak hats too early. Orally to make any kind of speculation. Or. Rob projecting the future about his team's gonna do that Kirk that was you oh that was you. And I don't I don't jump I try to get I tried to get in the conversation a couple of weeks ago and you just refused or rejected it. You wanna talk about something else I've got what it was probably your honeymoon and now I. I agree to a certain extent it's still orally to get overly excited about some of these teams. IE mummies. Now their coach is just phenomenal and now this team has bought into what he's selling. Am and Haywood went down there their goals this season and now I'm Tatum just stepped in the nineteen year old six foot eight right kid. Not only does he have a shot. But he can drive to the basket and he's not hesitant about plane Sunday. And brown was just exceptionally. The only complaining all of us and Celtic nation man. It's at least in my uses up shooting Ali's well one of were shooters we know that he had glass in front of they both its interest in the air they're different kinds of offensive players Rondo related the first time he came back to the garden. We was in the sacrament uniform he treated it was it was treated Sacramento as polls puzzles and later area and Sacramento was first. And every who knows mavericks and stars mavericks' first. And every came back it was all kinds of three pointers put on an offensive show. In river market Smart nag gain the these Celtics won in Cleveland remember that game. Game number three market Smart had some huge. Shots in the fourth quarter backing in the playoffs against Cleveland. So he show flashes but now obviously all I like it in the game I think he's tenacious I think he makes him. Amazing plays on defense jumping in making steals and like it. Some of his shots legalize it because I thought but we have seen the reason why they've won fourteen straight games acting on Thursday night. Wasn't as spectacular. And it wasn't closure grind it out. Defensive orient behind twice right get back in the game. Just kind of gut it out grind it out play great defense. And the whole Golden State in 88 points. Thirty points under the league average that's ridiculous the bright pick up was when Durant missed that corner shot right into the game pot. Think about the trend here what team has given Golden State more trouble than any other team levee there broke the streak last year remember. It'd break and actually where they'd lost the double overtime on the very next night I was couple years ago. The year that Golden State had that streak became era Friday night. One of the more entertaining regular season danger gonna say. And the Celtics had an an act game. Warriors finally one that came in double overtime if you remember and the very next night I think was against Milwaukee. That streak was was broken that was it that was two years ago I was they had some ambiguity it was December of fifteen that was the year they went into the finals and lost in the cavaliers they've won 73 games. In the regular season that year and ended up losing the cavaliers but over the years last year if you remember. Celtics went out to Oakland and the stayed out there. They have got a real good job. It before Tina Brown of shutting down that back court. Look how bad curry on those terrible brightly and which is about and that's an. Been a trend every time the Celtics. They find a way in the market's march 1 of those reasons they find a way to shut down stuff and Corey. And and Thompson I think they are the key in India meet its common Rasner he really does some of this new teammate and yet and I have to look back now is that reflective say the guy was right I mean a every player they replaced as better I think these the dam on in the middle make that type announced that thief. It is. It's ice was at tight sex if there's somebody this morning column the driver at all reportedly is at its company nicknamed the big guy right about that. Hired a guy. I think those two guys to meet and made all the difference in the world if bangers. Okay shooters. And they all war afraid to play the kinda game he wants to play he's no longer a force to be defy. In the in the middle trying to be the the enforcer in the rebound these guys do it I'm serious they are and you don't notice them much because the other style as well. I am pleasantly surprised how well these guys play unit in intimately and of course during the regular season. In the midst of this fourteen game winning streak a deep bench is oh so important things you tighten up rotations tighten up you wanna be eight or nine Max. In any kind of playoff scenario the question is this way you were. Probably a little reticent and reluctant couple weeks ago to put some sort of NBA finals stand. On the Boston Celtics but are they now. Certainly record wise they are is this team can we make that projection can week jumping ahead on late may. Cleveland vs the Celtics Eastern Conference finals is this the year of the selfless in a breakthrough we get to the final say the reason I don't like to do. And I know what you're doing it it's a good topic to. Court or because people get her people were now on the team you're looking at today when they go look like a couple of months from you don't know so. It's an interesting I take one thing it is team stays intact the way. And they go up against Cleveland I think they'll give Cleveland in the fighting though life it depends how Isiah looks. When he finally comes and that's the big X-Factor just don't know what I see is gonna do because LeBron needs now I mean the easy and monster game last night but you can't expect him a quote every night into an amnesty and they have some. Good players on the team and yet they don't seem to give them the support he needs to see obviously. Missed Tyree Irvin like nobody's business and it's pretty obvious and you know curry struggled a bit those first two games the wondering. Maybe this guy really isn't it. To view leader we have seen in the fourteen game winning streak just the opposite and as a guy like the way he's playing now even better to me he's not. He doesn't have to be in the ally he can beat them Maine right and he's what ever. The team need right and you know Glenn was talking about this yesterday and I didn't I did escalate Michel yet do you like you show. You know I really get a chance to do without literally from schools have listened to the show was excellent. And they were just talking about you know that this this new Celtic team rotated brown out there. Playing in the whole team is jelling as one collective unit England's point was well taken in today's. Game. This idea of a point guard running the show just isn't really valid anymore the whole team. Move the ball the whole team when he's and it ends wars in five or stories that says it doesn't matter anyway everybody's right get a handle right and where that duking in the Netherlands by way they had this. It plain bad news the white kids I don't remember his you're disappointed now man was he shooting threes. Re great game this is going on very very key EG very Smart very intelligent very intelligent valleys could anticipate what was going on the court yeah it wasn't that four yeah it was very very importantly they're barely jump record great advocates secrets of a piece of paper but he was real real overcame all those athletic. Liabilities and somehow or another over the shear forces intelligence. And the thing that's in the west this little flip over Kazaa and organic. I'm John you're right up front we're talking about everything Soviet on talk about the patriots call about the patriots got about the something you know I I do feel bad about the Bruins I think this town deserves to have conversation about them they are one of the big four. I chipped out though they're not there I know it and I don't the only controversy they have right now is which goalie deal like that. Who cut to open is being out there you're guaranteed by The Who to turn off his microphone please review crowd anywhere or not we locker room where I'm guessing and talking Bruins on my radios and ensure radios they had our backward in this development on the weekend I'll be out here and win that Everett the merger by the way speaking to try effect he's ever been fired twice from his station I'm going for the actor with a new ownership group using your phone Gloria listen every time ownership change and has changed his radio station I get the boots I was trying to make it nice to as a slip over to. The fact that the one thing about history about this Celtics team and by the way the ratings and cohort gee I wonder why I don't get Albert they app. This Celtics team. Is very very likable. Many controversies. Nobody I'd acting an idiot or anything it is very. Very likable team when you think about it and on the roster. There are very likable and likable last year by either will or waiting I know waiting waiting Olazabal all over in law when a man who where of the divisional Washington based while American League. Which division currently. East this three divisions and I just beneath him to ease the Red Sox won okay within likable. No they were not on it but there were winning right. Yes but they went likeable caddie here that's that's got it Barry it's all you have to play the expectations game. The expectation. For the Red Sox going into this season this past season. Was they were going to win the division. Going away OK and they met that expectation but it wasn't going away and struggled. And Gator prices situation he's extremely unlikable and claim the price of Pretoria made them unlikable right. So my point now on the road starts as a recovering. Physically the Celtics are why I don't know I don't say that I don't steam. I'm saying Chris about what you when it really moral ice dancing. Not covering major stay on the slope when you're not an op which isn't a nose in there is conversation want a second talking about the Celtics the weapons which I think how you do that you think they should they focus on one thing get mustered just. It's. No I'm serious I think it. Frist about across the bow low to get him and secondly. What you gonna have to give up teach him are so it and the point I'm making go I may comparison the same neighborhood. Is what makes our growth and ever know what makes the Celtics oh. Likable and when you're in you go to the other teams that we have year patriots likable I think people really who like. Ballot Jack I think we product Wear them because he's he's a genius he is superb coach. But I think the Celtics between the coach. Change in the roster their business idea likable like ability first the ball. Means when it right the second thing is if you're young. OK you have an. Got into the mountain top yet potential and upside is everything with that team. And I hear this the other day. Hate to say record this particular and it mattered in the bedroom parted like in my. Anyway. Okay. I heard yet a hundred a Mike Mike so it's no longer exists by the weather last show was yesterday wasn't really their last show after eighteen years now why did they thought up. Mike was and Mike Greenberg that. The a feminine within one era they form a number ten he is that he's the one. He has his own he's gonna get his own show on ES PM. It's all right guess it's a morning show as we have NE SPN's Sean went NE SPN outside or casting on ESPN two in the radio show was on inquiries put it because for some reason on I am not sure it was my Greenberg who initiated or ESP and management wanted it but I think they're making a big mistake but again they didn't make any kind of ratings impact. Here even though there were on our AM station Iran's satellite that'd make a big ratings impact in Boston I think we're there they're big and a small towns that don't have local. Morning shows like court and Callahan is that he would Jameel hill right anyway her best Celtics are. The youngest team of all the contenders in the NBA their average age Cleveland and Washington yet is only 24. Years old. I'm Kimberly that Al Horford is not wired 31. Yes Kyra he's what 26 rows here vacant Tatum definitely have an eighteen year old 120 year old playing on a regular basis. And you have to think. Yeah what's gonna happen and with Golden State recent southern when last year they won a couple years before that this is a dynasty no one's gonna unseat them. Celtics are pretty good position right now I'm yet to be convinced I still have I still have to see it to believe it that they can get by. LeBron. I tell you what else I think it but they can Golden State run you about laughed but almond tea and I think there's a lot of lot of truth to it. Most people like authority. They like somebody running the show. And the the play is the team whatever. Kind of far into in line and they respect your coach manager whatever. And I think people like that I think one of the demise of the Red Sox was. That that people felt that they really didn't. Respect for arrow and that they really didn't follow along. Pretty much for what he was trying to do whatever I think that they're matured Brad Stevens does. I don't know I probably doesn't know what it what he says to him or whatever but he he has the genuine respect spot. If if Brad Stevens were to walk into this room. We is bill bell attack. Was a bill will check and Brad Stevens walked into the arms sat down. Which coach do you think immediately say this guy has total command of his team no one. Is going to step out of line with this guy in charge is Brad Stevens a Bill Belichick. I think both see I don't CT I think the thing about Stevens is he younger or. So he hasn't had tying to really. Fill out so to speak at great. Resume he hasn't won anything yet well nearly an hour as of now on the pro level but I think it's residential silent little yacht but I'm saying you can't compare resonate like his point is my point is leadership comes. In different sizes. And and different packages and Brad Stevens thank you on the surface at the equipment on the service using a mild mannered guy. Very accessible to the media. Friendly get that mid western nice kind of personality from Indiana. A kind of like training. I always try to coming in today now. She's been home all my son unlike unlike the Celtics her winning streak which is one she got there last week that was rather than relics are correct Bradford drought great sound and look forward to go to mossy again. Ever since Kevin's bases demise in in Hollywood rolled the mosque these no longer. Hanging out the I had Saturday they'll have LA confidential in my recording cry gonna do very much and number LA confidential I can't no but do I take it out of my curriculum or not. It's Basie big enough of that movie mom I think you know entity is seriously he's that good bad example. Brilliant actor prize and many. Great works. And I think it's it's a lesson in life I think you take an exit ramp for a second and you talk to the kids and you just say no matter how would you run no matter how big you no matter. How much money you have or whatever you still are still certain moral laws. Did you have to respect and if you don't. And a camera to money you have it'll catch up with you now it's certainly has and he's good he's a good to point out that Torre doesn't make them a bad bad actor anything about the decisions he made while Lotta people things are coming back to haunt them no question about it 6177797. 937. We are all over the place so far little Celtics from Thursday night Seles what to make it fifteen tonight in Atlanta. Patriots look to keep rolling in May eco city did you see this stadium man. Got Bob why offenses up and everything I'm saying to myself I heck they do is go down that we had even gotten into go down yet will do it after. And. Yeah he's building and six runs on arkansas' Stefan behind so I weighed on confidence and our boys out I haven't heard anybody give the guy any credit or anything for doing that. Should you be given credit for that yes. Did they deserved to be extricated from that situation. Listen if you watch that much of that movie. Made it something when the guy was caught with some drugs in his bag had expressed on anthem Turkish prison yeah something yeah. Understand how we do with him on the guy out of time if he does suck right web which at least him credit for that. Of course Lamar ball has stepped into the fray and ball said Friday that president trump. Didn't play as substantial role in getting reasonably basketball players including his son only Angel ball back the United States who'll. Well that's because he had done our jobs. One of the personalities the air. What was he over the air force don't tell me nothing ever when he wants to make it seem like he helped out. That's CO I don't mean on that fight that fight you every driving. And you stop for a second to let somebody go by pullout from another story count and they pull out in the lower right that's in never give you a waiver thank you indicate when that happens insidious out there and if I'd known that gives second ago that person never would've pulled out yeah that happens all the time that is part of the traffic protocol. Are always smile. And we give a little pain and let me thank you are okay thank you very much Larry Johnson that little to pay kids out there there were all over the place you're talking about Stanton we're talking about the patriots play the raiders were talking about the celtics' streak that's going on right now in you know what excites you what what are you interested in right now Jerry Jones and the commissioner again rated go at a certain. Lots of things that talked about so little time we only have what ninety minutes and so we have to say goodbye make way for what shows coming eleven now. A lot of Radford grad and Evan drone like Andre he called. He called crime Jerry Jones caught craft a name I've heard used about your Lola. Seriously the 37 mustard and Johnson underachieving or wait 11 o'clock at Sports Radio stations. Anxious. I'm a world is this team won thirteen straight man. I'm sitting there watching it and I want to play probably five. They would not be favored in Eastern Conference. Not enough about it talk about Cleveland I'm not sure they can beat Toronto or Washington but this team right here they put 03 or anybody's laws. Listen they want particularly to supplement. What they would not be Cleveland. It would not be Toronto. And how much you say it was. Sir Charles and. Being prematurely. Assess it this celtics' future. They are down big at halftime that was the TNT broadcast and we love. Around mound of sound. First of are you watching a team that's adjusting. Say it from the beginning of the first game they lost one of their best players. So everybody has that changed roles and afterward jazz from the young kids have to play more. So right now I'm I'm I'm surprised that one but they have once Arafat because there are adjusting right learning and it's that it's you know it is this naive to say this. Maybe I am a little naive and I I shouldn't be at this age who have watched as well that's a achievers are naive this is another underachieving statement without our tourism yeah. There. And watching his team fifty years hate to say that but I have. And may be believer not sounds crazy. Is he going down actually good thing for the Celtics does that sound nuts. Not in a sense that brown. And Tatum are getting valuable minutes that they would not be getting otherwise. So if you look at it that way you could say that. I feel what I'd rather have it would would they are one. And again it's all speculation we have no we haven't read anything they would play really aim meaningful minutes with them so we don't know what kind of an effect what role he would play I know he would give them another. I is that markets mile hiking upshot you'd have Haywood right the only worry I have this right somewhat concur with sir Charles. Is because you had young players like brown and Tatum you know as well as at browns going through or because he's he's he's now second year player. But you know that teams can hit that proverbial rookie wall somewhere he hit the wall in the first half run as right the overwhelmed exactly what you would you be if you guys Golden State your name to a result lowly ranked. And you know in the first that they look terrible they play great defense in the second half clawed back in the game got a tied by the fourth quarter and grounded out. Basically just hitting free throws it sounds that are almost say that Golden State lost the game I think so our goal state was Atlanta or in the super ball. The difference is that the Celtics took advantage of it. Played out to the level they were playing out in eventually won the game right but I get the Celtics all the credit in the world for. You have to get good I was so did you find the clicker you'll be able click on some calls the system inside information pay no attention to that man behind the microphone. Where are we gonna start here what are start where our boy a were Alfie down there in Cranston RI what's happened ralphie boy good morning round. Morning good morning guys thanks for the kind you know. Markets like that yes if you go public markets about it to be issued to what you whatever you don't pick it shouldn't play it's what you eat Italy Brett. The content that's valuable for. So every single import than he's ever in the fourth quarter. You see little little things people try to help the things he does know of what leadership that's what's so potential took it very over the so could that he has. Craig yes Maine. Yeah. It's 1966. Was my first year of course that was the championship the year that was reds last year as head coach you know markets remind you we have. Or all those vehicles reduces fat girl. W think about the offensive play they get your right to a lot of defensive numbers are out you know he reminds me of mark is not Casey Jones I was gonna say tc error. I was an updated to seven Asia and doctor Don Cheney ya got budget. Com. And remember read out back they asked the Monday when Casey Jones when he asked him and they -- on average in the east has our final has whenever he's on the for the score goals Ross Russell had a great line now Russell of the great line in the eighties after Casey won another championship with bird and Russell's line was winning seems to follow Casey around fast. You don't. You make should go back that we saw salt knows he has. We saw the transition from worst to first which was Bert Bert comes on the war horrible you almost and it worked for. And that was amazing. But the the different part of this amazing things at that king was horrible they had pictures completely transform. What would indicate it was actually amazed because he took a cool but what two and division last year variables with two titles. It would strip between games Eddie taught that I can look at the teen. Yeah I don't like here in and I hope it's gonna be a championship and so equally well in any. When people say they looked at winning a defense cost him much bigger taller at. The rebounding the girls as you're gonna feel good. Rosie really is missing a quick cheetah vision show Angola and much leeway there because. They wrestle every type was and a basic. Show me a big thing draft and what we see happening here is Christine is underrated because people don't. Right its expectations they did not realize what they have but you still seem a little pessimistic Ralph you don't think it's gonna happen this year. Well it's. That's what you think it let's let's face our our typical morning had a all the states that little lynch oh what this has to the meetings and being with the guys Tuesday. They resort want to selfish player in hilarious and likable would likable because they're winning. These type of people that ask us to does not want talk on this it's just that these kind of carry guns they you know. The likable. I think you're right I really don't and I think that. Again. We mention you UConn playing BC tonight on TV and atoms and legitimate. I find that I have to adjust my sports schedules to but the Celtics Adori. So I was point 730 that's the difference TC at seven at Fenway they've done it before it evidence they don't name. That's the difference with me now which ornament where it went in the south of buying then I determine my my schedule and our ratings I think the ratings are up like a hundred priests. I mean it's the ratings are astoundingly better. It's astounding but. People caught on almost immediately. And what is it may be because the the ratings for the Red Sox the ratings. And the feeling any we talked about it earlier. Red Sox didn't generate a lot of goodwill this year. The Bruins or are they want and but they didn't but they want I I I Wear the must see the rate I'm he has explained that there is ratings debt op Bruins let's face it complete afterthought they're irrelevant. On no one cares in a fourteen town the number 43. Arm. Seriously no one cares about the Bruins. And I want to I want to write and we ago I want to while guard Larry that's very nice little show all the management yeah writing off Iowa causeway street is that they have writing off one of the main one of the big fortune I just want Larry everybody understand it Leary is it writing off the Bruins that's great. I feel so much better now. But let's Maggie got in my those cuts are going to be OK okay all right Larry I'm gonna call you tonight at 1030 I went to see if you're there. When a puck drops out in San Jose as the Bruins take out their arch rival the San Jose shark out my biggest problem is they don't have enough anymore so I mean the whole sport just doesn't appeal to me as much Joseph forward looking to take revenge on his former team is he still points hopeful that accused the lizard orchids. Number I get rejected the Red Sox in the Celtics though I think that's an interest in comparison. As of people say winning is everything what the Red Sox won the its expectations is of the game Larry okay you have a you have. A high priced whiny. Pitcher. The expectation as you have a talented team that went to the playoffs and lost in three straight games. We expected them to take care for division that we didn't have a lot of respect for yankees weren't supposed to be. Much competition in the division the other teams were also rans as well. So there was nothing exciting about we spent. Months talking every time on Christmas at Fenway be like this year as long as Emma they are I don't say and I love San Kenny don't get me wrong I like going there. But I'll be happy to see my spot. If trainees there that week or two mossy trying to upgrade every year it out. And anybody to take I think do you think you'll make a big move by them. When they make a big stage you know and make a big tirade they like this right and then right around Christmas but in my book but the the problem with a Red Sox right now in spite of all those championships in three poppies go on. The upside doesn't seem to be that great. Celtics are all upside and together they would Chris Leo's Chris dale a phenomenon I love him but we know we can't picture the policy not just that he doesn't want it see he doesn't want to run. Be a leader for a speech he just wants to go out to his job know what the Celtics are in the American League days this year the Yankees. The Yankees it was Celtics got young one incoming I can tell he does it damage as the Yankees. They don't have the scramble around trying to put our and off it together for Stanton. When they've got judge now they've already got discussion but the but think about the excitement that surrounds the Celtics is. Pretty much tantamount to what it is in New York for the Yankees they're both open coming teams. Yankee fans were satisfied. They should've been quoted taken their care business one game and using could go on the World Series. But that was totally unexpected and you know even if they do lose to Cleveland. In the ambulance that while LeBron still. He's not past his prime is still difficult to be whining and ugly for a believes rightly so you're you're not really as much as you love this team you're not putting any pressure on them or you. To have them when the Yankees can't say they write down right now they're not gonna play it down there's no way to know you don't like it. But I love going the the that the people over the of who put together the entertainment venue aside from the game. I like that no ways I love the video was I learned just wanna get on Jumbotron and I loved I loved it was named after the and I had this. I love that you take your kids it's an absolute. It's unfortunate you miss most is it that we you know what TV in the commercials and liked by. Isn't there is an absolute night of entertainment they wanna great games ever sort took my oldest they are few years ago Jason Kidd had a shot at the end of the game his plan for Dallas Dallas. Beat the Celtics in the regular season by two with a three point shot at the buzzer went on to win the NBA championship that year but that game in the middle of the year was like early February. Absolute fantastic great atmosphere. Up it's a kid friendly place fantastic it's that was for a long time. Yeah he has a Dave rose jet that they really do it right absolutely 6177797937. Quick break more your calls coming up would mustard and Johnson. Watch Sports Radio now. Yeah. It's. Day as bad as we share. They felt the they made those runs. The games. Consider a great game plan it's fun atmosphere and some remember absolutely and again. The plan at least one more time out and all square later in the regular season and wouldn't that be something that Golden State and the Celtics ended up. In the NBA finals I I don't think the Celtics could win that finals but I think they'd give the warriors just like they did policy we we don't know because it depends how quickly. Of the young guys mature. And as we said where will they be right now I'm dolls I grew even with the differences it's fun is no pressure right. Just plain wrong and you know we're fine these young kids develop. And you know losing anything now perhaps we now welcome Florida you're next on sports radio and every reactor running woke. What we're doing my friends. Good you know like that you're Bret Stephens a lot of credit didn't get a lot of credit for what he did was carrier ring because when he first came here we thought it was going to be a disruption to the team so whatever he's doing required to buy into Bret Stephens. Formula argument for that. Because as you know carry when he was in Cleveland. Didn't play any defense at all no look at them. You know he's he's incredible and I. You know I keep on here and actually will this team. Continue to play hard differential in well will they last saw you know we week good enough to get happy in the month of November and say well. We diplomacy I think it's great a lot of people's. Nationally adult salt actually think. Look at Charles Barkley he can't go with 76. In the early seventies on the soccer slate against. Are we believe it was 76 rubles the other chip on the shoulder. Like I don't like being the underdog in that nobody really nationally is keeping this team a chance. I think euros spot on with the guide through. To the coach and Irving because I think the winner Frist came Harris at our brother. This is is going to be a mean guy and he's gonna be a pain in the neck as we offer an inning and each. He loves that the thing with him is he levs genius. He loves being around a coach who really Knowles. What he's talking about don't forget thank the what you do really really well on GC doesn't apparently of respect. We debt Isaac Newton. Doesn't believe gravity on now and everybody's got applause. I think it's something that you do very very well and some with substitute guy comes and in his teaching a seminar to the teachers usually kids are thrilled you content now nor to the teachers. You can talent two minutes of this guy knows astle a tie Iraq and about he had an author and just give that Matthew quickly wrote the book a silver linings playbook your receipt that was Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper noted Robert De Niro is and it was a fellow Philly football for the fast nobody was very good author as if you're a former teacher. And I listen to him speak in front of an audience of teachers and students. It talked about his teaching days of this guy. Would have been an amazing teach you could tell right away right away right away personality. Intelligence linking to an area that's often and two matches saying this practice and what Patrick is exactly believe we've had playing though and I think I don't know how critical flu was with Cleveland I mean a lot of people say LeBron with the coach fare. But I think one when Erving came here under under Stephens and aegis you know as the guy knows what he's talking about yeah if you're gonna make him a better all around player right I think the great thing about earlier making his. Awkward comparison between right now the two successful coaches spell check. And Stephens is they're both teachers they may go about it a little bit differently other personalities for public consumption are different. But ultimately I think they're both teachers and they command respect because they know their respective games. In an Al. And I still and I do and I think there's a whole different ballot check that were part of a guy have an hour god yeah. Who when he's teaching and and and relating to the players and stuff he could not treat the players the way he treats the media are a big problem I would wanna play for announcer there are moments where he wasn't the most popular coach around. Let's say let's go to you and I'm trying to work this silly machine here Kelly in Amherst your next on Sports Radio morning Kelly what's up Kelly. Morning a lot of shots so far. Rick good outlook at a public but felt that. But you would mention about people would allow and don't wait yes. I think that when you get to be a quota which you choose sound like Ecuador. You have to be able to do the night people not get the recognition but it wasn't the right thing to do in it or about it they way it or not that's what brought you at. He let me that they don't waste and others. Well listen it's not gonna make my day. Clinton certainly make it a little nicer that's off because I appreciate when people do that. Yes yes but maintain that it in western mass. If you think that people I think they wanna be nicer for summary will be there are a lot of people whatever out there I don't know. And so people are we even people on in times that are not traditional ways somebody on signs that they're trying to be nice. I want to let it out there anybody who incidents. Rules of the road please spread way let's just stick with the right of way you know be nice about it. You'd be shocked Kelly how little people know about right of way. Up who has the right way and four way stop for instance. Opera right away and left turn for instance people don't understand a lot of these rules of the road it's amazing. Yet but not so good that Cuba that. You know all you're lucky Kelly because I don't believe I don't know a lot about western mass have we been out there many many times you guys don't have a lot of roller result western mass via. We have a couple real grateful we we don't have almost any of these or at least not and so when people do get folic that it has met Mariah is a public hundreds of people though. Our own. I feel Sar for people just come into Massachusetts from outside the area I'm from Connecticut we never rotary in Connecticut the Disney or it's called roundabout route well that's that's the yes on that the GPS unit that GPS polls at around about yeah of either really I don't use GPS. You were around my knowledge yes Johnny Anderson and leave 1971. From the fragile album. Anyway Cali what's on your mind about the Celtics. About the Celtics let thought is that from a pump and a little bit on the about Gordon Hayward saying but I do think that it's a pretty big you know you know if you went on about but I don't think it in the oval fourteen of our but I don't think it thinking that they're gonna go to the championship that they're even necessary gonna be in the final. Element based. It over the last couple years I mean I don't know workers at a streak and of course they want but. We did win that year the year they had the straight they didn't win the NBA championship. So they don't get it quite warm and I think they thought streets and then nothing really athletic. Well let streak you're a clear nobody that's well. I all involve the Celtics one and nineteen game when it. In the eighties did win a championship as well. The lakers had the the record 33 they won the championship in the heat win Miami when LeBron was still there it did 27 in a row. They won the championship so can go either way. Yeah yeah so anyway there's less great note though that. And we have a bit before you go let me answer this are you more bombed out over Haywood going down or around Andelman going down. Who are more the opposite in the past and be honest with Hayward went and I said all right featured all the late eighties and then Richard drop below well I don't navigator in the very well I can't let it via. Featured spent a lot about retirement Brock looked to it's not speak or whatever when he traded at or upload and Hayward has done their. I still I still don't like it and I am going on record for saying that I don't like it and you know Belichick and nobody wants without any real explanation but I think it was a bad move all teams thriving nonetheless despite those injuries top of the hour we still have a one hour ago it's mustard and Johnson our number two coming up on Sports Radio WEEI.