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Saturday, November 18th

Hour 2, Craig and Larry discuss the Celtics and their win streak. The conversation moves to Jerry jones and his comments towards Robert Kraft.


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Look who's here. And that teacher from. It's mustard and Johnson. You guys scored. Talk all things socks packs season's team. EI Sports Radio network it. Well I tried to end the show as best they could Erica went to management asks for the termination of mustard and Johnson. Loads of callers. Actor or Kirk sentiments unfortunately for them we are still we're here for at least another ourselves. Maybe our last hour you never know in this business stands to be a little fragile little volatile. It is mustard and Johnson our number two. And trainee will not be and I know this shocks the radio world ladies and generally audiences probably just been knocked down with a feather damn. Larry can you believe trays not going to be working today. Traveling lady but we're not relaxed but that was she's she's single. She's an unfunny and she has the show also a life she's single all right I thought she had a show at 11 o'clock every Saturday but apparently in Omaha Omaha when I went out last time we checked map map on ways back from his own hiatus. Abandoned his radio station on Saturday Matt or you last week. Comic con com columnist comma con the Rhode Island comic convention. So you're there with a bunch like nerds. Yes you uncles I'm nervous. A lot of DC comics and Marvel Comics and Shrek he's an all that kind of stuff all of that yet bunch of other people do not only to marvel and DC please actors from all over the place where I'm begging you tell me. You didn't get dressed up for this. Just like Spock. You kidding me no matter who punctured on an silent as to Spock. Well. That is the bag now what celebs were there. The big names relate to keys and cash and stranger things in the walking. And I shows and was there those they want to show worth their while. Hurt himself next Generation X. Patrick Stewart in his ninety's now. And then now he's only seven he's pleased Patrick Stewart checked him out he's like 7778. He looks a lot Shatner is 86 years old. It's hard to believe he looks great for six years old forces with him obviously that would be star break is wrong on Iran dismissed. I should 6 point 7 I am Leo filed 77 I had that's what does this one Star Trek queries by contract okay it must block lineman needs of the many outweigh the needs of the war on live long and prost live long and prosper letter need more from the west side west standings from west and actually was. Rented an enemy Cambridge came later but west and which is no longer there was written down for all those ridiculous height you know that if you lived here you'd be home by now that whole area that was OSS signed him yet it was a -- that those of the apartments that tests a plane and unfortunately the great area right now you're killing and I know what's at the rate he's just got her right now have a way of doing that I ultimately I am really in under achiever when it comes to break in between now let's head over here on a gardener. Where I'd John I'm sure was amused by all this lovely digression what's going on John. Scotty beam me up even that's got emea. Point boyish ally right. You could have been content I could have been well pleasure instead Allen one way ticket to a bowl of Bill Clinton line. Larry issue looked out farm and I shall not be running out he was an urgent my brother's job by helping him. And quite yet believe me you'd it was your choice as it was called we call leverage. It's always me it's always the what what it doubt attack the lefty John that they always do. Well what happens is an opportunity now and I know now you go after the stronger one instance they figured crisis they won the document I'm just really. I I was sure that I was gonna get my walking papers handed to me directly you know like people give subpoenas out you know you think they did a deluge is wrapping an email most. Most of them wanted to get that so Johnny jet to listen to the show on Monday that or their parents are hands you know you're laughing about how they rip Greg. I am so you say you call John no doubt you called in made a DNA defense of this show. One and a half seconds on this but I would like to tussle with the boys and mix it up but I'm not. Afforded that privilege but let's move on from back. What a minute they deem and you tonight from that show. I tell you told. I'm where you you know I think I I'd. Quick satellite. Ours is not about that and what what is the even if you're not a fan does the licensing I like kind of brought up I don't know I really don't know what did you what did you say what did you do do you not comport itself with the utmost respect the united down on your knees which is it your breath isn't what one might just take on the topic the other yes he is once the move right along so hard to separate. I was also able to buckle way to watch a good basketball game between two of the best teams in the league right. When I become emperor of the world I am erasing the three point line from all basketball club. The game stinks now all of this people love up and down and placed enough 25 foot it's. Market's slide too darn Cheney all the different things. 54 to revive percentage shot instead of the oil hit an open fifteen footer occasionally been open for that market's modest flown up from 25. In mid range jumper is dead statistically. That you know John it just works his way Matthew's not my strong suit but if you're 40% shooter from three point land. That equals being 50% shooter from inside the arc. I do skating I really hated I've been a high. But the truth the game and way to get John. I hate it why I hate it to tell you this since Chris Ford at the very first one in 1979. I don't the it's been a long time and Rudy eight Jun 38 years three point. Reporters in the NBA. I wish it to remain adamant novelty you know political up and the game you know. Saying it was just stunning a couple of times I mean look at bird average something like thirty years but the not normal but. Byrd did not I don't think he ever he Everett thirty year I'd be surprised 34 per game for an amendment. Or Temps don't let as far as great shooters he wasn't one that three point shooting contest. In the eighties and course we remember that classic. Definitely contest and was going to be the second place. But in the in in it really in his career. He certainly did not to use your phrase hoist them mop. As as they do these there's no question about it where it does John all right take it easy. With Johnny so you know he's a polite when the seas he comports himself without a problem and apparently banned from the Kuerten Callahan show kind of surprised more occurred has been an it is Kirk brown we should get him back we're gonna pick it for John we're gonna protests Mike in Maine you're next on Sports Radio. Want Helmand night that it. Picnic in the call it what it after the market situation. And I think it is just tremendous defender tremendous rebounder most confident where to get him on the floor in the NBA. What can make comparisons change in case he. Com not the same position now in fraud section and its way back the difference between markets when he's playing now await those guys get. They were on the floor. What ever there on floor they understood. Completely Hayward the fifth option at that time. I don't think market and won't that right now walked Cairo will have a possible theory. Now he's young kitten partially accurate he just watch certain percent. Of the lost or changed. They decided. Nazis and knocked and so I played in addition prison job possibly. And I think he's the knows that the way to is that the addition. I want to I think someone might have in mind that he's got a little or some steps. To make himself you know more. Yeah good point and we've also seen we talked about it last hours some flashes of that that Cleveland game game 3 in the Eastern Conference finals he has the ability once in awhile just on a consistent shooter. And you're right I'll I like that idea if you go way back in apparently you do Mike. Casey was certainly not a guy that ever thought about shooting the basketball wasn't a great shooter Cheney. Really was beyond fifteen feet wasn't really gonna do it for either but they understood the rules a little better but I do think it comes down to what the game is about now. And you know I think Brad Stevens has given the green light I don't think Brad Stevens would be Brad Stevens that he didn't say each one of those guys on the Ford any given time. Is able to shoot the basketball if you're open shoot eight overture I I guarantee that Stevens is allowing him to do that. Thought I had no doubt any kid if he let the data carrier radar that that was all due. You are gonna play. On the opposite point. He got no problem a LaMarcus slot that I don't want you taking the ball to your attention from what they talk and try to create he shot. But I seem to that a number of times and I just can't let the slope. As a party that doesn't I've seen and I don't think once in all the time but actually an adult output times where east and Bobby ranks second. Time on the clock inside you would create his own offense in that direction and keep yeah you do doctors to what. You do sit there watching and you say why do you keep should wasting my shots than not going and bright and you know we had this discussion we're Rondo thanks for call Mike good observations. And you east ass quote can't keep practicing get better in my contention was no I think once you're. At that point in your career at the NBA. The shooter that you see is the shooting and get the rest of the way. Now on that I senator that I think Magic Johnson became them instill in children a better should pursue our only shot you beat grown glee show you how to elect that can ball. The lakers who shot his crippled. Right but magic did other things magic ability nine hours of discussion about shooting given up tonight and Jason Kidd became a better shooter a little bit better you know he reinvented himself we're talking about earlier when he hit that three pointer against the Selz and eleven in the regular season. He was not an outside shooter and down the stretch when he wasn't the consummate point guard anymore. He became a guy they could hit from long range. Occasionally. Avery Bradley thought became a better. What ever happened here for Bradley became a better. Shorter. When he was you know he established himself as a good defensive player and got better. As a shooter as general law I don't think that that's any plays became all Oscar Robinson or anything I'm just saying Vegas you it in most cases you can get a little better. Absolutely by the way WEEI Celtic coverage brought to you by JB LB officials sound. Jason Tatum the Boston Celtics. And in the NBA he Jerome and stitch or at long time no here we're. You bid man. All those. Little actor and step by step. Yeah you guys remember that The Three Stooges. And welcome. I I I had looking at me thank you I don't know what you're talking I don't know I think and had no way Niagara Falls. You know it Craig's an honest job as a guy who vial got from that's another knock on him another guy from under achievement I think I'll trump call me the key word is no wasn't around from Jerry Jones who can tell the difference these days that's for Jerry Jones called me the T word for not liking this the original what did he went anyway. Are par Simonyi is yeah it's at a Jerry to rob a store nobody. While I credit and I'm gonna goes into that little word yet. It will get these out to moderate support what the word is but. Not where students on the continent. Into possible build knowledge actually. Yes I do sociable friendly kind all that kind of stuff US and liquid you know Libya that's not a big award tribunals that word. A lot of credit card got I would I would very proud and actually cannot do there glossy whereas that you know. So what what do you make a lot stringent policy. When I think about them I think I vulgar coaches get the right people for the right time for the right job so I think I don't right people for the right time number Syria is not voted into even if you wanted to change Belichick who's to say you would be as successful as he is now. I don't like it. I wish she were a little more glib with some of the things that he does that they think Iraq below deal was a disaster. And if it was anybody else they would have demanded a pound of flesh to find out what the heck happened but he doesn't really has to do that don't you think don't we talk about this couple weeks ago don't you think that that was actually. Maybe Bob Kraft decision. And that was. For once out of Belichick's hands I can't believe Belichick made that well okay what in my all I complain about that as he can do whatever he wants to do with his team. But why would you wait until amounted to why would you do it months ago. Before the draft so you could've gotten something battle for a minute number two and by the way he still has not. Played a single down. From forty on the Friday night as man burn baby burn let them lose let them I wouldn't put him out there memos they've got a week I offensive line. Let them lose look at the giants too by the way can you wanted to get out yeah. Hey vitally should be rooting for the giants and their Kansas city's taken a visit to the meadowlands on Sunday ticket I do you put money on that one. All I wouldn't be surprised just how hot on to cloud my thinking give you good deal now I mean. Hey they got barest. By the 49ers out there that was just absolutely no jealousy that team just deteriorate the way they have though why Denver on a Denver Denver's got in Denver you can understand their Z as the quarterback always UH yeah that's how the team go to Denver went into Philadelphia couple weeks ago with the best statistic defense. In the national football we gave up 48 points to give up forty plus the patriots the other night. They are just completely if you want to know the definition of a team quitting that was that the other night right agenda right and as Brian James Challenger Diane says that those two teams were just. Study in notion is it saved as having we have the patriots so it's kind of hide when I made this comment by. I think for the most by this is this is not been a good year for the NFL. Until we hear a lot of disappointment a lot of injuries to key players. A lot of teams just a place that right and I sense right now the patriots are the favorites to win Super Bowl says they're gonna win the six liberal right now where Philadelphia is I got to die and I do not buy and went on I do not buy. Any team right now. Our Pittsburgh right now I believed they still have the edge in the home field they're tied the same record while they're actually a half game ahead if they want on Thursday night. If it comes down to tie breakers now they're gonna play each other so I guess it's kind of a moot point you donate word yet you really don't need to determine this until after they play each other. Arm but right now I think Pittsburgh might have the edge in the tiebreaker but it really comes down to the head to head. There's no team in the AFC that I think Kansas City plays to sell a patriots well. But right now there are deemed behind and they wouldn't have home field is Pittsburgh at the edge. OK right now but it's gonna come down head to head and I wouldn't I don't care where the game is where it's paper Pittsburgh or Foxboro. I would put my money. I'm Tom Brady against the Steelers you know you Brady has owned the Steelers you don't vampire power and running out on the field tackling Dion Lewis house. That was a long time ago believable very obscure reference at Wellesley you're next on sports radio and every. Yeah ally yeah. Guys. If I want. Then you're pragmatist for a quick and accurate I think. That the only way they actually don't when the two purple is if they lose to. The Steelers. And then. Find them by themselves at the plate at Kansas City. For the AFC championship games like that deal in it possibly be. And it and that being out only at Kansas City. I can't imagine that she's coming in twice. In beating the patriots in a Belichick Brady era as that ever happened I I can even them I can even fathom. I think about Pittsburgh it's scary is they have two of the best. I'm offensive plays in football Levon bow in and Mario brown mean it just from non I don't try and I would I would not if you were. Looking at a team that could possibly topple. The patriots I would not be Pittsburgh I think you're right did I think the chiefs the only. Tina that would stand in the way in it would have to be in case they got. Yeah I agree so they'll Greg I wanted to call in and then you went Kirk was giving her time on Monday I wanted to call and say hey. Before. Saturday Craig got me through many of snowstorms during the midday it was favorite sports. Games. Your favorite board games. And nine hours. Eddie and the more stock in I snorted and I have to work in extra shift I did like nine straight hours knowledge there was sort of a board games now how could they possibly say it was under achiever with a show like that. We're getting Kirk you're getting ammunition for a a. I think he's gonna podcasts though Greg I think that would be great Larry was not that was really get I think Soviet. I thought that I like OK I tell you honestly I like curt RP or whatever are once showtime has over on the stock. I like I I had a great time with him. We could become very. Did you confirm we don't know price is right now with Eisenhower it was my question trying to convert I just wanted to. Offer some idea years that a different than what I hear him express Ireland I mean nobody challenges them talk but I term contact with the Benedict Arnold WEEI brings you on the podcast and you know couple months later is calling your dismissal unbelievable we're kind of way this. Guy's mind works is adds a lot like tomorrow I like him he was asked if he was he's begging management to fire you last week I like them. Pretty Johnson mr. upbeat the glass is always. Half full is that there are cheap entry in the radio. The figure like completely exempt from this you know I'm Leon they show was acutely personal attack ahead how many I have that I need nine capital program such as this. Happens it happens it. Okay you about a number of big boy matter of fact the army bore no worker Jerry Jones yeah. Actually I think that we may go over and over Obama moment about what was it like now they're chefs appeared shocked just like now let's in great about it I political majority myself six months. Michelle Obama sit back and just read the paper well George you're big don't resent that and work of a difference when he three years. In with mustard Johnson Sports Radio 93 point seven. EI dot com. It has mustard and Johnson. So 11 o'clock if you're headed toward a rotary or as they say on GPS around about make sure you observe all the rules of the road you know the rules of the road are. Around about the rotary Larry if you can get off your phone for a second what we're watching is great are any sign obviously you give people the right away that's the number one rule. As they emerge cheeky you yield you give people right away right visit yeah it's instant. People get lost on those around about breweries and that is one of those. Quirks of rivals are close look very very very difficult right anyway oh. We have talked a lot about the Celtics this morning of course going for number fifteen tonight and in Atlanta. Feeling that. It's got to end some time. I don't know how best that I am I hope it does now because I don't like. These these kind of things can get quirky like a long streak and all of that stuff the pressure mounts and stuff yeah I want them to have a regular season right now worry too much about his status threes one right more than nine lose one thing that that kind of stuff I mean I don't these strange keep building in the heart too much pressure as we said you know lakers won 33 year old won the championship 7172. He won 27 Perot won the championship back in thirteen but. Golden State had that long on the was almost out but the Celtics got two years ago they won 73 but could not beat the cats. In the championship around that year so you never know with the streaks meanwhile Larry I'm interested. To hear your reaction to that Jerry Jones clipped. Which one they had surfaced. Yesterday apparently was published a mob blast the website I'm not aware of and it shows Jones sending will wishes. To a bride to be at a party. It was reportedly. Shot at the Warwick Melrose hotel. In Dallas. And this would Jones said to this bride to be about three or four years ago Jennifer. Congratulations on the wedding the wedding. You know his little light room. I'd say if he is a comedian has an ain't somebody thinks it's funny yeah and Jones walking and laughing as the camera was pointing toward. An African American male. What's your response to that is that something that you should be offended by if you're black person or anybody else. I think everybody has a different conversation on the lights are off in this case the video camera was on that doesn't enemy. I I think we're to a point where we knew we'd. Too sensitive about weed too many things it's to a point where. You're afraid to talk anymore they're afraid to tell a joke you're free to express yourself. I find anything offensive by that. So are you don't think that our Gerri will get into any. Hot water. Who he's apologized I thought the comment by the Houston Texans on it was a little more offensive about the the president is running the I'm the president. The prisoners running the the inmates running the prison yeah I thought that was a little deeper writers of suggesting people's positions but he even that. I'm just not that offended by too many things anymore I think you've got to get to a point. We're you. You develop your own standing Jerome moral choices in life. And you realize by now that like there's a place of structuring in stone called Alex's and people on there all the time. Is that still there yes yes it believe they only model that oh really yeah do it no that wouldn't you you can see our. Right in the interior Matt I don't we're young girls in and I Bridget Bridget the midget. Is it tonight chocolate yeah surprisingly well into our data out of the half and Mark O'Meara and over there now seriously in his one guy. I assume he's a Christian but he stands up front and across like every day or whatever and just stands out front of that protest by. Even then I I you can't stop people from doing other things if they wanted to one find it doesn't. Bother you physically or otherwise I think that's the world we're living in today there's a lot of things out there it is very offensive. But that's the world reliving it. Spot as you de Janeiro owner I think you have the higher position you have a life though if there is more over responsibility. The things it felt profound last week there is. A responsibility. For things that you say you think you don't sight should you be held responsible for. A clip that apparently was shot in 2013. On a phone that's what four years ago. Apparently. If you see the video and again I'm speculating here looks like Jerry's had a couple allied nations before. He made the comment he probably thought it was funny he also had a couple drinks and not only that he had a couple of drinks. And should you be held responsible for something that's out of somebody else's camera Seattle my caddie that I I really don't I don't like the fact that people are gonna Roman cameras now and that. You isn't it it's it's a topic I mean if you're naturally your own or. And have a you have to be a complete. ID groped or something. You've got to be complete. It is do we feel and say whatever you wanna say union is not going to be a consequence. Big or George Orwell was right he was off a few years but Big Brother is watching his when he should say that it's not Big Brother. In the modern world it's little brother is watching them because you never know it's not that one camera. It's it's not the Telus screens like it is in 1984. It's all those I phones that can get here at any catcher Clint suggested that get the quotes that you saying can on this. Get you on camera bitter it's is it's terrible and that's the where were living and and you that a you'd better adjust to what arouse more and more your name is gonna appear in the news of course the the upshot of this is that the league right now the rest of the owners Roger Goodell. Are fighting with the Jones because Jones. Wants the mandate for all players to stand for the National Anthem he has a conservative clientele down here in Dallas. Who demand that his players in the rest of the players in the National Football League. Stand for the National Anthem. And of course you know that he doesn't want to do Al's contract extended he's the one or just doesn't want that to happen fifty million dollars a year. Private plane in life insurance for life. A thumping at not a bad little deal at the sense though as it it it it if you had to. Take sides this a binary choice. Between Jerry Jones and Roger dealt. The garage Japan act like. Driving for clip for immensely you know. Or other ones yeah right I mean if if you really if you were told you have one door or on. Is Jerry Jones you decide within them. And door number two. Is Roger Goodell attorneys say is they are doing about three passively while in a quarter I think also the irony of this whole thing is this. I'm not a good go things at all but the Ireland of now. Is if if it Jerry Jones to work himself into a lather when the reality is when Kraft was going through this thing with Brady and if placate. The team planned all along when it. Now he's crying foul well meanwhile the keel Alley meanwhile ESP and just published today feature story. On Jerry's. Little argument with the National Football League in most especially. Adele and it is as you know he's calling Bob Kraft EP. Will opt for how he handled the late game. And he's not gonna do what what he said it says I'm gonna come you were everything I have recently and now like not like crap too it was a he worried I'm coming at you with everything. How does craft. In the back. Of your patriot fan and if your patrons and let's face it most of the people listening to the show right now. Absolutely despise Roger Goodell. But if you had to pick. On Jerry Jones over Roger Dow boy that would be that let me let me make this point now if I offend some people but those of the breaks. I don't think craft handled himself that well with that the placate that nobody backed I did so you sound like you go Jerry I am it would that particular comment you all but said I am content craft was a page out of the way. Hey you got them a cat but I don't you didn't get my way you announce your friends are we not it would on this fire and brimstone and everything that he was gonna do oh. And then when he got out there it Roger after a few minutes behind the current economic policy and apologized but just kind of back our own thing I think a lot of patriot fans were upset about the battle status in the long Enron who got the last laugh. The patriots to find the ball crept up a half he accepted the Lombardi seek testing and something in my little for an. Did you win the game. But if you got a lot of patriots fans on the online right now you win big game. But I don't think a lot of patriot fans are still satisfied with the way that was handled say listen I'm no big thing Roger I think he's way out of his depth. Eighties. How he sees nothing more he's only doing what they went into game and for heads of here. A million dollars of all these perks is aptly ridiculous. You were Ike could be the commissioner of the National Football League and do what he's doing especially right now what Israelis invited to a report that are you gonna do right it is really hard to sympathize with Roger Goodell is really hard on the other hand to side with Jerry Jones that one if that is the proverbial rock and a hard place that they have to do is they will not invest the money wisely they continue to spend all this money and they get the TV money and revenue and everything else and you've got this that spending some serious money. Gets some very strong in the league needs an extension in. It of some inspector or arm FBI as some of around each unit. Of people who could go in and investigate these things. You laugh and I say this but nip it in the bud quickly yet but not seriously get your party that guy is guilty of Phillies on May make an awful lot of moves south. You've got to really come down heavy and I. I'm in suspend somebody for a year or whatever if their route to at least know if you really believe I think this is where Jones thanks and again he's you know catering to people like you don't wanna punish right what he's catering to a very different clientele. On that I would be I mean it's certainly Texas. Is a conservative. News today giving them for highway and in in many to Dallas Cowboys fan. Your fans feel the same way I just don't believe that people are not watching. The NFL games this year because they can't stand seeing players kneeled in the national and I think that's up out of it. I honestly think that it's over in the men and number one reason is that could have been that good this year but come on one hand the number of games. Now if you are not a patriot fee and did you think that game the other night was a great game Selena. And that's what's happening right. And you nailed that one of the few times and I am wrong as you nailed it. Bit a lot of the qualities I play is our right there when you have you know you talk about how much we love this up and calming. On sky's the limit Celtic team Shawn Watson is like the you know the NFL version right now. Of the Celtics used it's gone to him and forget it it's all over it every day teammates all of our days got all these prime time games. And in Aaron Rodgers is in there you can forget about them as well and you know one as good as the immediately they see the other problem obviously sixteen games right and it's you don't want. We dirty we are all or in game tan. On tomorrow Mexico City is that ten gain for the patriots is only six games left and obviously probably going to be three or four of those at least three in the post season. And a product you win another Super Bowl but the season's almost over in it has not been good I think it too clever for their own language in the plane on these games in London and I eagle on what you see the stadium that they're dead they're playing and got a of these Bob why offenses and it's like a sport like it playing in the what was that movie would Burt Reynolds about the pro longest yard as as of yet. Is that why what what is the point going to ask him quite a softball game prison once did you really did wanna keep you if he did ask me staples arena I'm sure shank redemption yet absorb more of your area was not there unfortunately it's yet to hit him in the film a film thing canister it's a it was a fun experience has put it that way is hard to crawl. As you drop your wallet who's released my. At least the slopes excellence. 77 nines and I see this. It's about yet hey Ed in Connecticut as an expense or harder what's going on bad bad. Good guys it's not most of the broad Dona surprise he bit you're given Jerry Jones pat. I mean we're we're seeing. But that statement I mean I realize that maybe you're not spend it. Nobody in May two with a medium anybody's spot with a black girl. They play with a black a black guy. You know when people show you would have argued should add that to choke the lady there. Your question government and are. There any sound sound and well. And certainly he. Cheating with a black woman at work she. Went. Ed is it. Ed do you really think fell seriously do you think you'll realize the conversation and goes on off the air what half these people. He just got cart that's our everybody that conversation out there. But it showed how he thinks. Media player that a team can he can't win without them. But. 1 I am not playing right now we're fairly you know the racial budget that is bearing up here and I. I think a lot of people have racial bias you just don't happen a year it. Yeah. Does struggle. I mean that when I didn't follow where I didn't follow over and say. Guards I can't take this I didn't follow bullet that. I thought I think if you if you want another short of the if you know the truth of the matter at I think thinker of the craft comment was more offensive. Which would that he said it allied jones' tarts and a good Melanie says I'm gonna come out you. With everything I've got he says am I gonna come out do you like Kraft who is a I found that more offensive. But I didn't either one showed the way he thinks and showed that he basically it despicable person. But I found it more offensive because he actually names somebody he brought somebody else into the rain who really didn't need to be a man. All right Dana thank you thank all let's go to market in Braintree what's up Martha. Hey now I'm not yeah. I'm good. Hey look look at I. What that yeah I found you know and then I I'll her comment about crowd or a you know they have their comedy I don't record comment the wedding I say I could agree or hey. All of our sensitivity and political correctness and you know taking pictures and videos of people went on using it for five years later in light. You know post it on some lighter whatever it getting it. I think it's terrible. All right. On its own merits though Martha there's no question about it this probably part of the smear campaigning NFL's very happy to have that out because their traffic look Jerry Jones look as bad as possible. He can do that on his own thank you very much he did that ESPN interview so. You don't. Want to take it I'm into current reports that I and I love the patriot. And you know only bigger fan but he actual core apple crap in order a dollar and know you want right. OK I eat out but our area. Ticket pregnant they're saying it's. Uncontrollable. I I don't like. I don't equity backed by you know why I don't feel like all right all right I I can't go against. And horrible for the. But I don't I don't I don't thing I don't I don't like what he called. Him. But I. Am out of that you know but I don't think the patriots you know that the placate situation by the all the vigor that that that that that they could have now. It's it's really as this are you picking your poison between those two guys we in New England Patriots fans absolutely abhor. Roger Goodell but who could possibly. Hitched their wagon Jerry jayhawk since I see them rough like this month not much of a choice now there ain't no choice they are 6177797937. Final segment. We're. Awaiting. What he's already doing show prep he's ready to roll at the prime time around you will be hurt. A for the next but I minutes so I'll get us back in his presence during one of the enough so that it takes you inside I was playing four mighty Long Island radio stations softball team W. GB beaten 12:40 AM. Big 1001. Signal we covered Merrick massive. And for some reason this happened it was a medium security prison I don't remember the name of it somewhere in Long Island. And the team went to play all the inmates were in the stands while we played a team that was composed of inmates. And anybody show you around they did not show me the inside of the facility now they would play and I softball field I remember making a very good catch in left field and having a double what we got clocked they watched. The WG BB softball as anybody for a and we are gonna allow them to win and let me say that if it was anybody from there were very friendly it's amazing how I'm right there were just friendly baseball friendly you know you know. In. When he got to a third base if that's too. This is what sounded tickets. With that number again. Number I didn't feel I was at 0861. 7797937. Forever. I think it is now and in great gonna tell us about home plate when he impressed and they say I'm an under achiever. Switched. Shots. Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI waning moments of our show training shockingly astonishingly enough I'm flabbergasted I'm dumbfounded at least half that. She's not here again Brad fulfilling in other big chair he's going to be the hostess with the most is coming up at 11 o'clock. Evans relic will be joining him lots of good conversation coming your way meanwhile Stephen Connecticut is next on Sports Radio WEEI hey Steve. I'm really happy. Couple I broke quick. The public elaborate on the correct yeah they are yeah. You'd think bill feature. It because double or brought a lot. All this stuff so Brian said. Are you remarked anyway. But it'll Cabrera and are you driving. Update. The other guy Cabrera. Yeah I don't you think I'm being cleared away from Egypt and years ago at 31 Olmert. Can you be next poppy I don't a lot of models the swallow but I know these tribal let him go or not. Get that much or even somebody like that that's all you need the middle part like. See the thing about Alex. Oh. Yeah see that they about Ortiz it's so interesting is incredible power on all star ability. In it was a it was a good guy right. I mean you think that you could bring people in and they might have ability but have they got to be a pain in the all right that's scheduled for us we have every right over Carl from the morning show that probably side. We may or may not be back next week meanwhile rob breath. It's match thanks to Matt back from comic con back at the controls. You can be must Saudi or mr. Scott. Will be out. We're back next week perhaps you gotta go back to the president wanted to listen while my guitar gently weeps for you George Harrison of the beatles' white album and a feather was your wife sweeping have a good weekend everybody.