Mustard & Johnson - Can you trust the Red Sox rotation and the bullpen come the postseason? 7-14-18

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Saturday, July 14th
Hour 1: Craig and Larry start the show talking about the Red Sox, who are on a historic pace through 96 games. Boston is taking care of everyone this season, but can you trust the bullpen and the rotation come postseason time?

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The creature. And that teacher. And mustard and shots. Sox are packed season soon. You guys. Ball botched the first graph by paralysis. On your hands of the pitcher street want out of the ballgame metadata as the day he. Red Sox went straight baseball to the Toronto Blue Jays out this Friday night thirteen to seven. But they keep. The three and a half game lead over the Yankees who also lost that the American League east again the finals Toronto thirteen. And the Red Sox sent. Well if you're a trusted deck a full react yesterday was not for you Friday the thirteenth on the thirteenth Red Sox gave up thirteen runs. Of course everybody knows Larry you being the Greek scholar that you are tryst could Decker phobia means. Fear. A visitor number B thirteen Marino into their moments in January they did OK though marine only didn't want gunman on Super Bowl didn't win one will want a couple but the guy that wore number sex. In the green white 111 I believe that was his arch rivals so maybe thirteen didn't work out so well. Our Red Sox finally lost the game after sweeping three series and winning the first game of the Toronto series it had to come to when and what. These guys are just absolutely. Astounding. What they have done in spite of last night's loss. They have just. Pummeled these mediocre teams. The American League and have a three and a half game lead over the Yankees well I think it was two recovering from the of these the other night when. Bet. These epic and Texas was that starts a visual experience the way I am. The place erupted I mean. I've never seen it 32 count. In the end and the whole place was everybody was standing. They were they were as actors they would say potty time they were they were anticipating. In event and they got one. And he hit a Grand Slam and it was a tremendous. Effort on his part. I that'll last night again. They had won ten straight so you really can't market team pay anything like that smoke had two losses. Against them but my biggest problem but the last night's game and will continue to haunt me. Into we get to the play and that is. Other than sales. Mean the racquets on bad sales intended for corporate sells 114 price 106. You write the eleven and three I mean there's not a bad that way. But other than rice and other than sale I really don't have the confidence. In their starting rotation that one would like to have. So the Red Sox have won. Eight or more games in a row three times before the all star break no team has ever won. This many games before the all star is a tremendous okay they just managed to ten game winning streak. And you are raining on the Red Sox parade Larry Johnson. How are you saying that we should not count our proverbial chicken as saying that renewed talk about the trade deadline. In different needs via the thing about it you're you're number one or two worry I think you top three starters. You re you leave should be able for the most part to be able if you're comfortable. Or project. Like a six inning 33 run game you should be able to get that out of them and I'd I think fit. When this team takes the field but there's doubters that that it. A couple of them you know priced it managed to do our right away he was losing two and nothing amendment court bets came up with a big hit. But you still I don't do you still have that much confidence in price when he takes the mound. Well this is the problem that I have and I I I'm mocking you but I tend to agree with you last week I thought the Red Sox even when not two game lead in they stretched it out two and half in spite of the tank game went it's still. Close of the Yankees but there right now there in the driver's seat in the air you know they've proven to be. A slightly better team than the Yankees of all you have to put the three superstar teams and I marketed discount Cleveland as well never. Underestimate the Indians. I'm but the Red Sox right now are the class of believe the problem has and you're absolutely right. I put my money. Houston's starting rotation. And their success against the Red Sox and last year's post season. Right now over the Red Sox prevailing against the Astros and I think the reason is you just beyond sale. And how many post season wins says Chris Sale recorded the only one none none none roster that won game lost the game was. Was fairly impressive in relief but lost that opening game. Four sell all of a couple years ago when he won the cy Larry remember what he did when he opened up the series against the Indians and got pounded in Cleveland. David Price we know about his trials and travails as a starting pitchers so. You're absolutely right. I don't wanna throw cold water run that's not and I should at least celebrated team. That's won what 66. Games. Before the all star break phenomenal this 36 games over 500 what are you kidding they're on pace to win like a 111112. Games. The team and Red Sox history with the most wins is won all five that would be the 1912. Team the year they opened up Fenway Park. And they did win the World Series. And smoky Joseph wood was there are starting pitcher won 34 games that your if you remember of it I mean we are very wary of course that we do a couple live shows from Fenway right before those two World Series and I miss frank yeah roster he was an eyewitness to these thing but you know in an in I'm looking and Alex beer has a great column today and actually competent you know basically a article. In the globe talking about and pondering based on the head line. Is this the best Red Sox team ever were talking about. A team in up. Vick could win more games probably will win if they if they continue to do what they're doing it seems like they're destined do that because I looked at the schedule and we talked about this last week how mediocre. July was as far as their opponents are concerned. And they're taking advantage they're beating up on bad teams. That's work great team which is going back to shyness she's beside a week ago that made some people uncomfortable but he was right. There's about five really good teams and everybody else's way tomato cans right and you know and and spear points out that the best team that we've seen over the last 20/20 five years that 908214. Wins. Went on to win the World Series. They were fourteen and one against both the rays and the Marlins that your. Eighteen and three against Kansas City an eighteen to three against Detroit that's what you do. You pummel the bad teams you pound the man to submission make no mistake about it and that's what they did to Texas they did it too. Should be a much better team in Washington. Obligated to Kansas City. They know how to beat teams that are mediocre and they put him away. And that's what you have to do the problem list in this is it misses were I think there's some credence to you were concerned. Yeah that's not gonna happen and could be pummeling the Astros. They certainly. Have been able to beat the Yankees when their plane at Fenway but then they get ripped that Yankee Stadium. So you know for all of this excitement. And you're right that was one of the great at bats ever it would have been even more exciting headed in the ninth inning instead of Fort Benning. But a thirteen epic at bat to pitch at that. Anyway back in that pitched by the way that happ threw always them that was a great catch up graph that was a great pitch to. I think also what made that. Exceptional was the way. That's. Reacted to it I don't know why you know what edict came down from who owe them aren't high whenever that. Is baseball players they get like golfers and you just don't get that enthused about anything you just go through the game. And I think people love that they. That's what that's what I like I like the I'm an emotional person I like he emotion passion I like to recognize the moment. And and he did and I think that's what how to make that such a climactic. Event. But I think you summed it up as I mean I think this is a phenomenal red sarge team I think they're gonna we're going well over a hundred wins well unless they going to complete slump in the second half via our housing data you know I don't see you at bats and Martinez have been unbelievable what they hitting. However. We and you get to the playoffs. I right now. You tell me who you feel comfortable out there on the mound I like the way they've hit on sale. This year he's pitched 129 innings he's. Then not you know draining him owl like they were doing last year so I think he's he should be fine the mighty good to be honest I game. He's been phenomenal but. Other than other than sailed tell me who could take amount that you feel comfortable with while David Price right now is the number two man in your rotation the user come to go to him now. Now we know back when he gave up that home run the other night at there I'm sure. Everybody's at this and our brother here we go again to his credit he he got out of it looney got to win then I'm happy for burn out. I don't know about confident I. The problem in spite of at all. And in out pages running roughshod over these awful teams in the American League and you could say. In baseball lets the big problem we've touched upon the last couple was shows. Their really isn't a whole lot of competition outside the Big Three you can have that cortisol say there are fourteens. In the American League. All of which could beat any team. In a World Series showdown from the nationally you tell me who the best team in the national he's at the Dodgers on my boss I'm not buying the Braves here. The Phillies are running media the other teams that are emerging the cubs possibly but they're not playing great baseball right now. The National League doesn't offer to me. The greatness from top to bottom. That the Red Sox. Astros and yankees in that water. Offer and then you throw in Cleveland so yeah you're right this is a dominant team on paper they do winning on the field. And I am continuing to read this Alex beer apiece in the air in the globe which is an excellent one of course Alex got his started WEEI. Dot com he's continue to be brilliant at the calls. And we just read this wicked this is interest on. The Red Sox and attempt teams since the introduction of a league championship series and 69 to start the week about the start the season with a record that we 6530. Of the first 97 reached the World Series 31. All nine teams won at least a hundred games for the five teams opened with a record of at least 6629. Including last used Dodgers. Did reach the World Series so. Those numbers bode well. Statistically the likelihood that they're gonna go to the World Series is good when I. Tell me who else is gonna take the ball. In the rotation. The beginning with Chris Sale and even that rotation. Doesn't have a whole lot of post season wins under its belt now starting. It's not once certainly can make the point however that when you look at the at the Yankees evidence of any you know. Outs about the is six and four Sonny gray six and seven he had a decent outing the other night for change tonight it's evident to. You know it is a countdown to the trust factor like I'm not saying every time you go out on the field they're going to be Nolan Ryan. But the trust factor is key and you trust this category out and give you a decent six innings. That's become a new standard now used to be complete game forget that. If you can get six innings. And three runs the last. Then you're doing pretty good as you are these teams have good lineup that's what's so interesting you know judge in Stanton and the like I mean a bit. Yankees loaded in that department but I mean overall when you just concentrating on the Red Sox. Yeah I liked it came alive but I do you do wonder. From game to game or cut other than Seau what kind of pitching you gotta get right and I'll say that I saw was a perfect example of that yesterday right. And he's eminently capable. Of looking very good on one start and then and another start. Looking like he's just throwing batting practice we need to get out of the third English you have seven hits eight runs four marks. Only had two gays. Any given to home and the problem is we seem implode in the post season. We've seen Chris Sale being. Less than invincible in the post season we know about David Garrard at least for sale they're trying something it did not make Evan a guy go eighty innings and I you know and at that they've cut that back them and the big problem what is sales historic problem. Which you know was well as I do is he doesn't pitch well. In the last month of the season that armed tires for all his greatness. Price can't win in the post season Iran untested he's coming off a great performance in his last outing will he continue that this afternoon. But again what experience is he rod have the you can trust them in a post season game new. Evident three. And 99 inning now I'd like him as a pitcher Brian and Lisa and I seasoned guy you know you don't have funny to the all star game it's almost like it if it becomes an interruption. I'd rather not have sales pitch in that game. You know any mean we knew when you take you're really good players. I'd rather than get some bad attendee he's had some time off January. Death in the family back. I'd rather than get some rest and stay home and you know it is it their yards that game becomes an interruption. That some of these players who I want to get some rest. And keep it together I don't want Chris Sale their pitching batting. But they make use of many right down but you know I. Funny how that used to be such a badge of honor to have a Red Sox player. Not only be in the all star game but perform well now it's yet it's an exhibition tilt. Red Sox have others much more important things on their mind like keeping the Yankees today. And I'm getting primed for the post season as the yankees' training camp out there are three and a half they lost last night typically so I said this last week in you know I wasn't basing it I'm excited about baseball right now. On what it's been out of recurrent theme for you all. On season more about the other night certainly gave us everything that you were applaud for you know but is that enough. Is that what a Red Sox fan in the 21 century wants. A Red Sox fan that has. I enjoyed three World Series. On the on its way to another. Post season berth is a fourth inning thirteen pitch at bat. Is that gonna define the Red Sox season. Now extreme carries me yeah the problem as it as it didn't pit bull wasn't Nixon who had debt. Ten foul. Follow. Firewalls and then hit a home run meant was against Roger I think. Yes I'm being funny you know I don't know where we did indeed find out I sent only Roger Clemens yet I don't know if that was I don't know was long after Abbott trot had a because project it was on a pair like remembered Tron and the big home run late in Red Sox Yankee game yet in the regular season Yankee Stadium. That beat it then Pedro be Roger like 21 or two zips along like that was epic. Regular season showdown between Pedro or Roger and trot want it in the ninth inning top of the ninety Yankee Stadium the home on an album around pitches that was. But trot always feared well against. Roger. We're going to be the ratings I think it's funny that could have normally less than it was on drugs Sam Kennedy a line and just. Congratulate him I think he's done a great job over in my opinion and I'm serious and let's subject you are such amounts of hobbies I really think he's that he's that he's one of the best he's on the very nice landlords very nice certainly is up. And down and they've been bang in the place out over the SI mean I don't. You can't ask for anything more than that I don't expect him to win every game they're playing. It's yes. The number three guy the oppose Salo. I ages I was disappointed. In his performance more so because of trying to find a few people I can trust right but are weighing dean to nit picky about this are we well liked. Not during the regular season but I think when it comes to the playoffs and as you know Oreo. Short series and you're out. You gotta be able to rely on a couple of people wrecked and we know that you know there were 37000. Last night the places he pointed out ct article has been banged out each and every night it's at. It's a rite of summer to go to Fenway Park for anyway haven't yet no matter how good or bad Red Sox team this is nothing like going to Fenway Park. In the summertime and so many tourists make that a destination location of course it. You know for all the Camden yards and Jakes and all the other retro parks out there still a tremendous experience to go to the original one went over the Iran. Jersey street. On so it's an event no matter how good fifteen minutes. And I guess my biggest problem today and sees it whose wrong what judge you're problem and actually I'm not exactly that's how you're no problems I don't know even from a normal size six footer. It's tight. And the other problem is that last game I went to it was like in a row over last. I am I exaggerating and I got up and down and I've been fifteen times. Because people had to get up and go get a beer or go to the C Frist they go get a three year. Then a couple of minutes later they got to go to the bathroom. So in I don't know what you can do about that there's nothing you can do about that you're gonna have a beard Larry it's inevitable you're going to be out an addict Camden new can't fight and Adam and can't imagine they have in the more space in terms of yes they invite yes they do so like you don't have to get out Pacific system I've always said this we've been Sandefur over the 25 years 2627. Years that Camden yards from around think they opened up in 92. Bomb that has it has the beauty of Fenway the classic. Architecture of the ballparks like Fenway around its field you name it. But of all the modern conveniences. Wider aisles more convenient. Concessions stand you you would. I I suggest. Than I used to go down in Maryland area I do I cannot believe you have never ban never been to Camden yards isn't it now go to practice and get down there and check out a game I was robot out of retirement is now ago where the Orioles are playing well it's funny that he's available via the Red Sox and yankees in the got all Red Sox and Yankee fans when those two teams come to town but it is that's a great take. Right down though the waterfront the out there Baltimore harbor on some great restaurants down there I do think what's happening though does. Very interesting look at the Philadelphia 76ers and the like. Is I think in baseball some of these teams. I don't think it's that they're trying to lose. But even would Baltimore I don't sense of panic down they would Duquette and company in Showalter. I think it's just a listen. You've got to build through the draft. You gotta finish flow seeing get some good draft picks. May TV a couple of free agent signings and that's the way you gotta do it inning and I I think that's what you're seeing. Which some of these young teams have stopped the comeback is that is it is this time to do that. Well that I don't know how are you can do it. But the problem with that is that and again I go back to dance card or my loved it and stuff anyway but. You know they don't have that many like I can I can I don't know how many plays you could name in the hasta game. They don't have that many marquee players now but who cares about the all star game anymore into it there's the point out is the point it is his statement about the game itself. -- you know they've been predicting baseballs to him for a long time and we've had this conversation I think as recently as Lazio the commission and then you just go oh well and you don't give a damn well I think that we're living in a bubble here Larry where baseball is alive and well you know as well as I do if the Red Sox are playing well baseball's number one I don't care how good the patriots are you tired when you just take a position from here because from here. I agree with you Brooke army here I mean what's to complain about 66 wins it I mean you got it. That's one of the best pitchers in the end to investigators. There's nothing to complain about announced I'm not even complain. I'm just saying when you assess the whole situation. A crossbow Lee. It I think I feel thing pianist Shaughnessy had beaten him but right but no one picked at IIG as he always does this is no question about it. Baseball has mediocrity problem on its hands. I don't do you think I don't disagree with that that is what it how you gonna get anybody around here to care about that. Yeah all we care about we live in a little provincial world we care about one thing beating the Yankees after that nothing else matters cares about what's going on the National League National League is. Eroded in the long run again you otherwise you gotta keep spending over the lecture tax you got bet coming up against some of the younger players coming up we're gonna wanna get their big pay day. It in my hugest keeps spending to themselves well again the Yankees have done that I have done a really good job but that is far from where they stand. They've got a pretty good farm system they have their payroll is under control. Yup and they've. Certainly righted the ship as far as excess. Payroll is concerned that bloat is no longer. A part but you have right now. A classic and I think this is shaping up to be a classic season. The Yankees come in at the end of the month. I actually the beginning of August Albion one and some gonna miss the series. Palm but that should be interesting at Fenway and they have two more series after that one Yankee Stadium and they end the season. We talked about this before last three games of the season. September 28 through the thirtieth. Fenway Park Boston. So they are gonna have to get this studded performance out of CC and and tonight here's the here's the irony of this and I've been saying it all year and probably contradicting myself for Delta's new. Mom I say the Red Sox had the edge because of the starting pitching in the regular season. I'd rather have to knock in CC on the mound in the post season long Severino than anything Red Sox out. Are for whatever reason Red Sox numbers starting rotation numbers look very good the regular season. That we go right we circled back to what you started we have about 25 minutes ago can you trust this rotation. And this bullpen. In a tight series against either the Yankees Astros or Cleveland that's the problem for all this jubilation. The reality of the post season indicates they may not have all of that. In the pitching department. And they may find themselves once again like last year. On the outside looking in averages for post season game 617779. 7937. Do you share our concern wanna hear from you you know what last week buried. We did not hear from Mary one Yankee fan not not one. On Yankee scum. Called our our show hey. I mean it was a prisoner and Osiris we can hear from any other people. They usually pollute the show and I one of them yankees are a tough situation right now they're playing Cleveland so technically or theoretically Cleveland Toronto but the Red Sox have take except for last night they've taking care of business against the teams are supposed to be and beating teams on the road like Washington is a feather in their cap you're supposed to beat Texas is supposed to. To rip Kansas City is supposed to take care of Toronto. With the other team may be before that there was some other teammates. They he had knocked around pretty easily you're supposed to do that that's all grizzly don't have it rack question as. They're not gonna have those teams around in the postseason sorry there is some cause for concern. You're on July 14 Bastille day in France and that's a big day for you Larry. 6177797937. It's mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. So anxious Sports Radio. Point seven. Yeah I got. Wings have written down right field side. And that ball is gone a line drive home run just inside the past people it is 826. Toronto. Yeah he was erratic and four walks. Listens to him I knew there was an underlying. We know it is gonna happen you know the amount. I'm one of those and we turned a page. It is turned. What the fourth time the fourth game. Tough to also break QB Alex Cora on the trials and tribulations. Of warm and Rick were so last night did you make it out of it. Third inning before he is in the old. Book for itself gesture at 63 lead. In that game but not for long and their ten game winning streak is no longer fight in the thirteenth. Not so lucky for the Red Sox and we are talking about the number thirteen figuring prominently in last night thirteen seven Toronto win. That thirteen. Pitch at bat the night before in the fourth inning that resulted in the smoky that's Grand Slam. Was not the highlight of the year so far I think if I were to that in Grand Slam and I agree review where's your where's it later in the in the game but I take it. Thought it was one of those games that you'd think if you knew nothing about the game. And some one set all did you hear about Hokies Grand Slam last night you would think it was a late inning late inning but no it was the fourth inning still filing thirteen picks and a 32 count I knew that was that was drama right no question about how they time are ranked sixth once a Grammy by the way I love after I love him but I Aggies average I knew that they were doing over the Arab armies feeling OK probably health related and you know I always -- always good to hear the accuracy Aaron is a fresh round CNN did it and the only true vision event and it's what you sank. What do you center's Verizon had the Remington taking shots at my at my old friend Steve Lyons and now I just think revenues just said that you grabbed me by Afghan attitude is that why implication analysts and you're out you'd take it wherever you you're implying you didn't say it directly be you think Steve Lyons is a better broadcast affiliates Jason does affect people are you shampoo. You know I general partner would just like. Our late in the great cause ever during a Dennis and Callahan Show on the line and guys as whenever you guys I've worked in The Three Stooges and then they geo is on. And that are currently I was referring to is Tara. Our former partner Dick Raddatz was the dead ringer. War she helped and eating champ separated them. He he didn't quite it didn't quite see the resemblance to you know draw people think about you and I go on record as saying oh forget that. You're very very very good to him you really were. You were very good day in my isn't great I don't know why he's such danger otherwise yeah who have view it very good with him Blair in Maine and it's next on sports radio Liberty Media blacked good morning. Duke Morton you guys stop them or are you so. There's so it is what it wouldn't insult. That's not to make the play ouch well. What you can say that about the whole league's league though I mean there's quite a few people that that team's not that where the so you buy are right she should be beating all of them. I. So so what are you telling me you're telling me the Red Sox had no business losing last night's game two of our sub 500 team. All. Then I had a tough one because thirteen to seven I don't got to hurt of losing the blue jays when they're 21 games out. Average in our dough and I think Corey answer it do what a delight he is where the guy just comes on terrorism truth and you just have a zoologist and have it. And I think that you eat it because the human beings. They going to go through stretches where they'd just not going to perform that well. Now and listen it's baseball if you could lose on any given night they play a 162. Games. Each game is. By definition doing the math about 10%. Of a football game so if you lose a a baseball game on any given night. Who cares I mean you can lose to Toronto you can even look you're going to split the series is not gonna be disastrous what you have to do. Is generally in the Red Sox have been very very accomplished at this. Generally. Beating all the tomato cans and that you know that tomato camera America a bum of the month club that was the the term that's used for all the Joseph louis' again we were there ringside for all those Joseph Lewis fights. In the thirties forties and early fifties. Every every opponent that Joseph Louis fought except for Billy Conn. Seem to be a ball. Yeah and that you know. Sometimes you can't blame the dubbed the champion of the if you fight whoever comes along and had a string of bombs and that's from to have all you can do is beat the team and funny even the Red Sox have done that exceedingly well and I might add. Much better then their main rival has. John from all then you're next on Sports Radio. Well first of all Craig honestly I'm watching. We saw mine actually great match I try not to attract much of a now is unbelievable hey folks pay attention to those guys in the radio goal watching Dallas Djokovic you go mart and target the same time. You know if you like watching a tennis I mean it's mine only model I. It is amazing you know unhappy that Djokovic is back he's been in a slump the last two or three years. I don't want to be in doubt is in Dallas my favorite but it is a great match gone. Right and back to the Yankees in the Red Sox. You know the red sexual lookalike. They're gonna be tough. Yeah I get. Is could this be John from more than white flag way. We beat. Us. You know the usual swagger. And bravado or. Where does all that you don't evident now to John and I'm finished right now of the Yankees are playing one of the better team definitely. And that's what we're talking about that you know. Elect Larry that that the Red Sox have bill what you're supposed to do electric said the 98 yankees mopped up on the crap and that's what the Red Sox would do when I mean. They've won ten straight. And it took a team scored thirteen runs that beat them in all saw comedy context. Right buddy goes back still vote to my initial concern. When you're talking playoffs. Which rotation do you trust the most. Yup well Craig made a good point and I would I would look at it this way. What does the Red Sox of the team that has the play the one game up and Chris Sale was an available. Physically yankees are in the air I would have probably cannot go. See or so. See here's the difference in and ask you heard me say this as much as I think the Red Sox rotation is better in the regular season I'll take anyone of those three guys anyone of those eight overs say even the sale who's done nothing in the post season easily had one opportunity under you know I understand that. But see she's been there before is answered the bell severing of a second time through we answered the bell to rocket that great game against Houston was a game five. In the in the ALCS. On these guys have been in the post season and they have performed. When the lights were shining the brightest. And Jon and is Sonny gray back. I wouldn't I cannot attack on account of Sonny gray did do anything you gotta be kidding good decent outing than his last night. What that answer was that the Baltimore. Orioles were worst team in based. Well and the Yankees couldn't sweep that just got through saying you gotta you gotta take who's in line. Well yeah but you know what Larry they got to get the three guys are just mentioned. Domingo or mud at a bad game last night but given this other guy will wise ago it taken if they can get some seasoning. Those guys can pitch better than Sonny gray and that's five that's five is right there yes. They I used are you satisfied with stand. Absolutely. The guys that I would get 23 home. He's almost so it's a baby may be yeah I cabinet great yeah this thing is is that. Here's here's the issue here's what you got right now you got the he got the combination in the Bronx. And you got the combination of Boston. And right now the combination of Boston is edging out the combination in the boxes of was that. Well early RB. The Yankees you know it was the offense it was just tearing it up on the offenses a little quiet it down in the Red Sox offense is taken no I don't think it's their pitching. I mean every game erupts or not the Iraq five more runs in the early in the. Like your only hope John is the scenario that I was. Painting earlier is that the red tech can't do that against the elite teams compost season time. I I agree and also I would say you know what this ten game winning streak that the Red Sox just reeled off. They are all week who had in the walks call. All I know the loss column would be coming up John you are so predictable. I never liked him in the loss column lead was like about three or four or what happened to that big Yankee lead. It was all yeah it's all and the Yankees have calmed down a little in the wreck bit want to demonstrate Craig. Any time you were intense. Not pretty tough act out they were always the last time less and less than mussina hitter like monkey bets. That his slice. In the wrist. And mark this guy's able to produce not just what power he went three for four last night. He's seven and MVP season the heat imaging the Martinez. I mean its past six years. It just overall I think he'll wind up. Israeli productive so. Listen Larry I think this is one of the worst seasons. I've ever seen for Red Sox Iranians Rick which total. You're oblivious to this team this year where the great. 105. Innings and I've ever seen different irons just like other blogs say they are watching Exelixis he. I'm have a great time this year with baseball. It's almost like John it's almost like that if there's nothing to complain about. Then you don't call and you don't. Although that bill I'd I'd I don't hear it I don't hear it in the people's voices Larry it in my outlook this I just don't care. It's just like okay. Say what do you prestigious job for the playoffs. Without John you can understand that all great for you have to. From Albany are who pretend that they were on the NY at all. Got a John. Three years in the Yankees were the better team Red Sox you always herder from Yankee fans myself included. Let's just get to the post season forget this regular season nonsense let's see what happens in the post season I think Red Sox fans. Do that for a couple of reasons one is they know they're gonna get to the post season anyway they're playing a lot of mediocre teams it's inevitable they're gonna be there. And there are afraid I think there's still a lot of suspicion. That they're gonna fall like they did the last couple years with bad starting pitching when it comes supplier. Well the back deck that we happen but when Glenn Beck orient slam Bible keep bats. Belichick he asked what was like hey you know what maybe we opt for real. And the Yankees had a moment like that this year a couple of walk across from things like dampened that was. Walker may have. Winning streak for a while this dished out at night in Oregon went audience now. Bright you know it's funny though earlier when I said that the Red Sox would not play better than their seventeen to start well they just did play better than there's you know they had then. Out of this world and for the Yankees to be only I guess three and a half behind two in the loss column is John always wants to point out. With the reds I figure I I think John Franco I don't think people are that I don't know I mean there at the ballpark you're banging on the ballpark. But I don't hear a deal. This radio station anyway not on this show and again we know that right listen all week what we've got to hear what it feels talk radio Larry negativity. As your favorite basketball. Coach once said the negativity in this town may suck for coaches. It's great for talk radio host and it's just not happening this what's not to like about this team yeah. It's the only way you can point is is is price of price of las the other night and you would. Right you'd get pets today right and we you know predictably you know embarrassed himself Yankee Stadium couple weeks ago and the problem as this is where I think there's little reluctance to be completely on board. Is is you know. That it could all go up in smoke just because you might win a 110 games and that's possible. Help he'll probably end up like a 10405. Something like that. But you can be a hundred win team. And lose the World Series or even moves before them and look what happened to Seattle 2001. They got rid of Griffey and A-Rod 116. We live on Ichiro each rose the MVP. They lost the Yankees in the ALC guess it all possible activity exodus so thank you Rick. 61777979837. Harder on any negativity restaurant when he said that yet and what are the daughter where what do you ask the way maitre. Table for one OK there you go I guess these days it is just table for one for pour Rick. 617. So misunderstood 617779. Deficit stories 79837. Is our telephone number more your telephone calls coming up it's mustard and Johnson's eleven. Sports Radio nine point seven. WEEI dot com. Should get it you don't think that the audience how big your pissed off because the audience will like Iraq it is the Arabic I think yeah there's a great team a lot of fun to elect her because of fighting Martinez hit another bomb yet when he borrowed 77 RBIs. But for the season start. Both a big year but directory wins have they got to go up to a lot stuck in the seventy it to would you hear the community doing. What you don't want. The argument that we're having endless discussion echoed throughout the week live the mid day show. I do think is the way we see you need to show me in the post season philosophy going on a lot of Red Sox since I thought we don't do this we don't do that when we won't do that but the Celtics where we. Bomb while the regular season and don't and wanted to tell if you're just enjoy the game's worse the young players develop a mean is. Isn't that if you're a baseball purist isn't that enough. Two large plays five cents he went old guys who endeavors since when I had cannot have more to the Red Sox since 1966. You even longer. Since one and really since 67 has any Red Sox fan wanted to set. I watched the development. Of these players in marvel I think I'm so scared or why they bang and out the at the failure because baseball is king when the Red Sox are good. They're the they're the most. The of the most popular team in town. Maybe they're not quite as popular as the patriots I don't know do you think get the most popular team in town right now I'd putt well right now they are because the patriots are no start running right right I mean it's yeah. Patriots might have taken over the town for good with this all the Super Bowls and Brady and everything out I think it's altitude coming up on the outside right now you think that that it is a huge gap. Between. Good to winner teams and football baseball. This is my theory and again it's not scientifically proven I am not oh only anecdotal. He's favorite word from Quincy only anecdotal evidence you have baseball fans and football fans they're going to be if your Red Sox fan your patriots. But you're not if you're Celtic being not necessarily a Bruins fan said I think the Bruins in the Celtic fans split in the winter. So I think the Celtics for all their success. In their history in there you know there's certainly on the way up now. Probably will go to the finals how could they not go to the finals next year. With the dilution of the eastern LeBron going LA. But I still don't think they have. The numbers. The Celtics or the Bruins have the numbers that the Red Sox and patriots. I disagree without a heck Haifa now I think it will be. Interesting I mean we don't get the ratings and he has all right them but I think it will be interesting to. Through look at the ratings and and to intercede to saudis seem to do and I've read starts the other night. Ratings went through the roof of that who bet game. I did yeah. And what you saw the ratings somewhere some Yasser restart and that was written about it is definitely well I mean if you if you think about it. We why would they go through the roof for backing when people suddenly say I don't have to be in there for this I don't know can I watched a replay of it and net and end it was just what you said it was just just ordinary. Okay kids let's gather around the to loop and watch smoking in the fourth thing and against the Toronto Blue Jays the arch rival on the daily said I'm sure the numbers. Had been good all season long my guess. But again going back to what little was saying we're gland in the mid mid day guys. There's still this suspicion this fear. This anxiety. It's all gonna go up and a puff of smoke. If they take on the Astros or even the Yankees or even Cleveland. In the first or second round in light up your theory is so severe for people are kind of hasn't had to TARP. Throw themselves and totally exactly let's check out column from Falmouth who is next on Sports Radio WE outcry talent. I'd like they would call them and that that I would go out there about. There and I think there want to talk of baseball I'm certain guidelines that want to betray the old generation but the reason I think it was just. It could be young Richard dump where it talks will Crocs. Ought to vote based on what a crock across across like to put across. And late debate on the on the sow doubt in Cuba playing baseball you don't only get all of baseball I don't go to that but they're not as great. But you know I I don't like kitten like in the he walked around but across. Well you think about it next to lacrosse across was not around for me at all when I was a kid. And we didn't have a and I wish we did I didn't see lacrosse until I went to college on the prep school kids reply and it and it's if you're if you're a high school kid or even younger yeah what a choice in the spring between lacrosse and baseball to me is no choice at all. That's exactly spent it on talk about weight what else that are with a white baseball loop on this and that couldn't declared likened it to. Like we're we're cocktail luckily our ballot box with twelve week at play and it would have made it. Now why you hit it right in your opinion might as Democrats get marks are here. Yeah it's a kids were you know what they are you know just like soccer the kids play soccer until they're eighteen and they watch football kids play lacrosse 'til they're eighteen then they watch maybe watch baseball maybe not as much as the transition from soccer for applause. It won't beat out late you late ten years is pretty Egypt what all across aren't they go watch it when these kids get older. One might wonder that this fire will cost we're watching it every game we'll prospect we weren't quite get what ought to baseball news we're watching all those playoff game it will cost. Let me ask you this you might know what more than I do I know that they had the the national championships in her lap how were those attending woke what kind of crowd today Geithner. I don't know I don't know I think it rain that we can be actually ultra right right here do you like do you like grounds. Do you like it looked across obviously does. I love it might sound like the odd because here's. The other problem here's the other problem Colin not only is is baseball slow pace. But it's a sport we all know this based on failure. It's a sport that pretty much you fail. 70% of the time at play. That's good that's a good player. You know I've watched that it might nibble well I want outlet like in piazza got mostly weather over. Or at the I. And the other problem as it's now the slow pace of the game it's all the commercials in between the innings people. Have they are a lot of other places for entertainment these days yet the sport world the entertainment world with streaming TV and and all that other kind of stuff it's hard to sit through a baseball game but again. This the wrong place to be having this discussion. You're trying to Warren TV though if you read the game itself is about to sit there. Wow. I think when you're at the game your captive audience you're there now and I go once a year my son says dad I wanna go to a Red Sox game. Any convinces me to go. It's it's we take in the festivities we take in the pop in the circumstances the atmosphere the aura you know the smell of the popcorn in the stale beer or not. And that everything else that goes well that. The baseball game is almost secondary to the event itself so I think he can do that for one to two games can you sustain it watching television was in the radio for a 162. Probably not peer in the car you're next in Sports Radio WEEI. Peter. Yeah I don't want you know I think I got a divert the excitement of baseball. You know they're usually is some special moment 2000 or would. Bear attacked and you know the pitcher confrontations. Late June 13 at a big moment I don't make the move keep their moment. Is yet that bag galvanizing moment but this team. You know I think we're smarter audience on. And you know we're not there's no there's no social media hype and junk collectors and football. We're just into the game and this is a historic scenes and it set so many. Person and you know JD and there's so many incredible things I'm quietly I'm not yell onscreen anchors. But I am quietly enjoying an incredible season. I'm checking stats all the time and checking records check in standings and I think a lot of parents are our tune it and but. You know that play out as a player option and this is really released unseat and I think people really know. Anybody can win player you just never know who's hot who's not. And right in and does come down to as the best pitching and as we talked about the top of the show can you trust anybody be on sale. In any post season scenario. In this rotation. Read our pitching is a worker cards that we got guys were trying to get all these we got. Guys are trying to figure it out and we've seen you know something so. I think that partial wage I'm not worried about are just one seat you know the good baseball that we're seeing and you know rejoice and other expect we'd love to see them. You know back and helping out. Right and he's been obviously not a factor at all so far this is not this is an awesome team is no question about it there there's so many positives. And we're not sitting here trying to destroy a the Red Sox or trying to poison what's been a great season together there are concerned as you can say about the team this year over last year is last year had a good team but. This year at the team's likable. I think they're very likable guy you know what I usually don't likable as winning winning grandstand that oh there's still light like you're using people's personalities winning last year yes they work out within likable but not to this degree I learned that defense threat can not take place every time I have to do six once it happens sentence of your rest blockade. Could be dangerous 617 today yes 79. 79837. Is telephone number mustard and Johnson our tennis match is still going now do you think of people out there are excited at a court that three hour tennis match it's wandered three hours and I that they started yesterday is still playing. It's the men's semifinals are referring to McDowell and Djokovic will give you an update on that come back with our number two though it's mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WE.