Mustard & Johnson - Finally, an answer to the question of who is more important: Belichick or Brady

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Saturday, September 15th
Hour 2. The guys think they have finally found an answer to who is more important to the franchise: Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.

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The creature. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. TI sports. Sox past seasons. Our numbers are mustard and Johnson and just warming up the seat for our genes and Dickerson on the new rule weekends sensation a ratings going through the roof Larry Johnson. We're James and Dickerson. Four. Catch this four hours and twenty minutes at four hours and twenty minutes on the like that. Three hours and twenty minutes throughout Brad all of us were coming in the ubiquitous rob Bradford I think I I I. Was monitoring the commercials as I was due I don't miss any of the commercials. On our program I think Bradford. Ayman did every single commercial it sure sounds sounded like it. And it's not just gold's anymore. Everybody's lining up all sponsors throughout England. Are lining up Larry. Are wanting robs dorsett tones on their commercial Lou baloney it is quite a few commercials also on the station who lot of magical world relive Papa. Actually I think his his his finest hour is when he and who's the guy from sales GM from sales they do believe it to beaver. Satire that is a good battle like that when. That would that was my favorite. But anyway if if you're commercial sponsor out there and you look for rob to lend his voice I think is rates are going higher and higher and higher it's almost impossible to get robbed the duo I agree yeah I believe we. Next thing you know you know because we had dead Jim Cutler for years and years still with us doing all the you know the teacher in the preachers and who's got the they order wrong calls at the preacher and teacher. And of course he's on MSNBC. All kinds of national commercials are longtime announcer Jim color and rob Bradford is going to be. Threaten right out of the area ripe for for announcer voice supremacy no question about it 67779. 7937. Show in New Bedford you're next on Sports Radio I don't Joseph. War followed them dual please all day Yahoo!. Actually are too quick pig or she has one of the patriot legal question years I was out. It took success in Paris and Tom Brady or is it because it'll Belcher. I and I think their. With this'll aperture shifting with the other history oh. Ward is moving on even just in the struggle. I think it's kind of an answer because when they left Belichick's been left with great. When he goes somewhere that it hadn't are reliable quarterback. And a cap personal use are all financial help hopefully it is important traditional look. But the quarterback is the one thing that it's not it's not convert it on my personal opinion medium homer. That guy is just unbelievable 41 years old king Mo won the first game against arguably one of the top three. Maybe you're stretching it fly you coaches in the league right now and you cook. In it was pretty impressive. There. Was no question I always thought staff it was one of the better quarterbacks he's with the Detroit Lions in the I couldn't believe how bad do you look last week it. Don't jump in right boats effort not to cut you off no but I heard that the only person no person per statistic that's would be O coordinator. That little. Billy Joel's something Bob. I don't even know listening to him a page each of my other quick question I was yeah. What is it you know it is a good actor Patricia. It certainly was not an auspicious debut I don't look at for Patricia. You know losing to the jet just going to be a good team jets can behind I thought I'd love to out in aren't looking very good. Patricia I think is not ready eats it does not and I wanted to judges on what he's not ready how much even if he does and the problem is he doesn't look like a head coach I know that is totally superficial businesses superficial and shallow but. He just doesn't comport himself. And in the problem in as analog hatred for players and it's about Patricia. He was a war over their hands. Bill is much more able to simplify and communicate what he's long he's the period than who assistant that offensive coordinator. They say it has simplified defense so you're getting much better results as far as flying around there. And when it comes about a one word answers so that you published in the Palestinian return punt that's that I went on every question he who is. How real do you take as Chicago Bears going to be because of my personal opinion. It's much of this can be serviceable adequate and Aaron stretched adequate either do you have to be great. If you got to turn over the ball he can complete some eighteen yard pass and let them rushing attack Howard Cohen Q they're saying. I'd heard top five. Well the 123 for 36 last week. I thought they shut him down in the fourth squad and they got way too conservative play that terrible day it was a four a terrible food for thought yeah they had every Arab surname than many opportunities for that came away all the news it was a first down a couple of third one's a watch the end of that game. Now I Joseph I think you're the first person and I've been doing this for. 28. Ears now and be we've ever had a bears question. She hit the first nurse asked about the bears. You know why are actually aren't we unload 34 year old they have who loves to play that in a video game yeah RA in Whitney. League roster changed that game I just do it shot to play would achieve. And I'd be all the players obviously it's a video game but they all had a different overall I'll play the game according to their overalls. It assumes even even I wonder if. Kelly a match should make a big in his first half was exceptionally well he's got wind and I think in the second half. I can't buy he's gonna make a young but he is gonna make a big difference. Adrian Ramos and safety position that to running back judge Allan Robertson why don't they get a rookie. Why Gabriel. Robertson gave Rio and then they got Howard coming out of the backfield but. They can't if you if you got that they got it believe me it just doesn't work that often where you sit on your quarterback. You gotta let the guy go home plate and I I was are furious because I wanted to appears to win by the way Joseph as you and Larry were chatting amen and I we're doing some odd investigative research and we found out that. I'm ballot check is 56 and 72 without the services have number twelve as is quarterback not. So what are you yet much has it all doesn't it. Under Andre yeah yeah yeah. He's fourteen games under 500 we know his debut would Bledsoe in 2005. And eleven. I he only had one winning season. In Cleveland with the any basically when he replaced. Bernie. So. How grossly Brady's been a godsend to Bill Belichick congress doesn't hurt any either I mean that. That pass. Brady threw into coverage to crime is ridiculous. If anybody else has thrown that except Rogers Embree you would have been furious but he. He fitted in the yeah I mean would Mike McCarthy still the whole thing. Head coach's clipboard. And if Aaron Rodgers were not his. Quarterback I mean it all goes hand in it every every great coach. From Lombardi on down. Has had a quarterback that is then. More than competent maybe Bart Starr isn't you know the greatest of all time but certainly want he may winner he stayed out of the way and you know you get it tailored dollar write. Outlined pointing. Yet Donnelly I mean he had some great great players no question about it 617. I shouldn't doubt. A voice dialing McDowell how your Maxima G Max McGee had a big game he's lying always is that I used to hate them carefully there's Errol de L. We remember a mall in detail what was exceptional running back as ever since 8215. Pounds. I was a giants fan giants fan in every year where they have the playoffs the giants would get beat. By the Packers I hated the Packers. And but I respect the mountain no question about it but those numbers are startling we've heard them before. Was Bill Belichick just learning on the job and his Cleveland days had he not become a fully formed head coach or is it. Just sheer coincidence that his city the draft that touchdown Tommy Tommy hard Dell and Palestinian effort that was an atom and emerald green and and replacing burning costar Vinny Testaverde they did beat Bill Parcells and you Bledsoe in the playoffs for from a player aspect in the 94 early 95 season but not a lot of success in Cleveland not a lot of success in his first year in New England. Then along came Tommy 6177797937. Stephen port Smith you're next on Sports Radio morning Steve. Quote a good morning now. These. Forty minutes on. Ice as. There are. Yeah. Had. Retaken honesty we do tomorrow. Not. Idle. And check out our IQ and you've got my act and that our month as that my library are Jack not just got it wrong. Thought that's what I'd like yeah yeah yeah. While on there. Are well I set out. Oh and at that Jack Berkman double height. Aaron there a lot of that out tomorrow if I look for it a lot lower than you in other arc plot. Now and I hit it on a. Well I don't know they're gonna dominate I think you're gonna find a way to win I don't there's going to be easy easy you I'm map it out I think it's going to be difficult only you are on the rural gap on the road very tough defense will Brady find a way late in the game we see so many times before why wouldn't happen again but. I don't think it's gonna be in it won't be out laugher as Ned Martin used to say back in the Red Sox games lo these many years ago I figure maybe a little overconfident on that square Steve. I would salad salad that until lap or are there there it went by Alpert and point and it is stock market. Yeah a close game that it very well a lot act and now I want. Sean underwear it you're you're not are. You and why are. It's not there quite yet you're not you know I got a unique in what we're still a major clout. And that without that are not met might not only part might. Seem like the parent might. Don't on the next year but not that I'm not yet at a Pallet of the operating especially if it. All right Steve I'm sure patriot fans feel so much better about that now. Go to my time whenever where has he been over the last. A few months or heard from Tom a long time and of course I can't get the button Amos you're gonna have to. Every week I just rocked and I can. I can't believe that from ever cause of what I know you're kind of odd cut them off you know what will have to settle for second best. You're next on Sports Radio WEEI. Either way Craig. Not come. Back this morning you reset button and good shot eagle rock now he did not. Absolutely I'd never anybody the you have 37 for organ because of the bargain but it that the burn off quickly you'd done a lot of nervous not all most article anyway. It's a concert daylight would talk about right all the time great like we do I'll get. A life. There right OK I'm. Now Larry and butter when it's completely done so there won't end up go to and you with the browns. Talk about all wet it will go without Tom Brady I'd just taken the talk radio. Cord. At least thirteen and six okay throwing outlets are. Our our right throwing outlets will even give you that that five and level take that eleven and five season from 2000 Al. He's thirteen and sex. No he's where he's thirteen insects and that's. And what they want and I'm. OK what about that five and eleven season Bledsoe. You're throwing now when. All we're so glad so so hardly bad William politically. Analysts say wait a minute you mean the same Drew Bledsoe that went to was super bowl of. Bill Parcells. Who who all was eleven and five and 94 with Bill Parcells won seven in a row. Other debt debt went to the playoffs and I went to the second round with Carol. Drew Bledsoe. Had so much more success with Parcells and Pete Carroll yet built that check comes along. And suddenly they're five and eleven. I'm wondering maybe that was bill Belichick's fault. At a function of just you know an anomaly year. Calling it but yeah. I asked or is connected that way okay. You know you say this every week it got argued it would prominent Edward Brady right. So. You're somewhat of a war why. That not to be crossed our goal on different to be Brady's fought it probably. In the quantity twice when he shouted. I don't think you can put a point told life and they can't now I don't think you can't I think really I don't we don't eat out there and if they scored 24 points tomorrow that's not at our praise from an Indian we've had this discussion many times it's. I'm gonna get can I answer that question okay. I will give you the point totals fourteen and seventeen what to gaze in my talking about. The giants games fourteen and seventeen and Brady was under criticism by a lot of people floored not generating Ford no not generating. And Roger do you remember that remember the pass rush you lose on that. Since then they can see this is that you're playing right into his hands. And don't forget that one. Against you not to go last year when he walked. Morning walk OK and then Jack and what it took to orange white march and I did not like it's not what part of I would talk. And the defense shut out. They jumped out large circle are probably got it right yeah. And all Larry where did incredibly well that's one total. Okay want to blame the defense camp last year forty want to enjoy about gotcha and indeed. Our. Global torch that I don't that probably what I want to know. Can. I. One shot. I don't know about. The ball to uncomfortable I do I. Did you like the I did you like the offensive weapons he has now. So we're about how. I. Go. Yeah I think he's he's done that throughout his career. He's done a derogatory. Fashion or not. Yeah he won last week what do what about last week and you like. The change of course is an. Just. Caught that it. Okay that's I'm Craig must quit yeah. I'm gonna take responsible for that I don't know if I used that phrase but you have to admit that Brady has had. A inordinate impact on the success of the patriots in his nineteen years on the eighteenth Hamas. Correct we're not we're not even ugly not you got what it. Let me into I would not want personality that you have to take let us out when he came in and our viewers biggest critic you are attacking Bledsoe from the beginning. Only I wouldn't Brady got to be getting so. But what stood pitcher we know it's all. We're told it won't do it once you have put your arm off. Okay what went wrong with the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Bryant Bryant can't put them over the top well and always got through it Danny most times it's that's what the quadrant you know that. I was thinking boy it was. About it undeclared war that could you imagine site. What we respect our right to whom we see time and time again. Luckily they go what jocular and evidently. Went out and out tuchman live. In the sort of. That one sequence where they where they were down on the thirty yard line it's 45 yard finally whose kick a field only win the game they got overly aggressive there. But. Conservative right. And anybody that. I call on I guess we're not that I'm not so in the last year. Effort it would take to get the ramp and you'll want the ball right. Beat the crap out of the we have got a lead and then I want the white. The grand about it I would probably woke up. It was passing that's why did you call the way in regulation. Our ballot check and who actually executed after Belichick made that decision by the way who is the quarterback. But I don't let the brain what the retarded and how he how he was a great. You know born all wired package that didn't get out of court I want I would English king. Ali we've ever meet that really are they get to blame for anything. Well let's hurry he Ellis and guard Danny I can't see him Daniel would you rather have anyway that we've had this discussion we can continue next week when Dan calls back. Larry this segment is paid for and sponsored by sports information traders once against time to bring in John price our resident handicapping expert from sports. Information traders dot com John is is on giving us the view from Vegas on college and pro football and show you how to treat sports wagering. As a business using his analysis and expertise go to sports information traders dot com. Or call 8664412711. To see why Forbes magazine writes John as one of the top sports wagering experts in the country. Now we welcome John the program John what are the big games this week. Well personal it's great to be on the Q and I love the energy you have quite a show there I think the action. I'm listening to the argument on both sides Ian Belichick and then when I pull it altogether and to sort of a pot I say to myself. You have to be happy and basically listen to what you're arguing about your about. Two of the greatest at their craft of all time coming together and bringing. Multiple titles to New England I mean it's a beautiful face I've heard many arguments over coaches vs quarterbacks and franchises that are winning. But the New England Patriots are they're the toast of the NFL they're always gonna be there always can have a chance to. To get anywhere from from five states Super Bowls or Tom Brady retires so this is a beautiful and I only wish every argument was about. Two winners like. A first world problem John in the NFL that's a we have. It is it is then listen when he. Like it's headed straight to the armored Eli and other so much energy in Boston right now Red Sox. Chugging on tour to play it's the patriots. Doing their thing as usual they're playing. The Jacksonville Jaguars this week in the jaguar and they know they can beat the patriots they felt what they should've won last year when this slide open. It opened an outcome which means that basically they were getting a little bit at an advantage to the patriots didn't. Las Vegas gets three points to the home teams in the NFL so. Patriots right now or minus three so that everybody has been a New England to go in their win that game you know last week and WD ER. I was talking about. The importance of Brady finding its targets this year because obviously with settlement having moved on. And with everything that's taken place you always what do identify. Who you're gonna throw the football too I said he needed a draw to at least six guys not named gronkowski. And connected with eight different players last week. So not only did they get out there with a solid win against use them. But every once touching the football and it's leading to really great guards Jackson bills got a phenomenal defense we know that. Listen I market a wager on this game. Blake portals as a guide at least throw the football would give them a chance to win I'm still not convinced that needs talk show where the quarterbacks are in the NFL. So right Europe take patriots. My history over the jaguars will that be an easy way and no chance it's going to be talks. It's going to be close the jaguars are looking at it as a revenge game even though experts stakes. I'm taken the patriots. Might history over the jaguars couldn't tell you this. I'm not wagering on the game I'm wagering on other games and anchor. Ever order calls at 866 or 412711. Or go to sports information traders dot com. When you make a small deposit on the season or 50% up on the entire season. That you can get around where. Your best game. SK them. Let's see problem. I let the Texans this week I really do you know the titans. Are seen it's got quarterbacking issues and they've got offensive line issues. Right now at the moment Marcus Perry it'll probably would be scratched from the line certain yet if they were not in the predicament that they're at last week in Miami. The titans' loss of the Balkans they lost marry older they lost their two offensive tackles. And there they're team that it's sitting ducks right now the reason that marionette hasn't been scratched yet. Is because he has more mobility. Then Blaine Gabbert does and injury that Dario has but he elbows so he can still get outside the pocket but this just didn't. When you lose your right and left tackle the same week. It is going to be hard to keep their pass rush out there are they used in this corner take care of business this week that latitude minus two. While they can Texans minus two over that over the titans or. Are you listening John price featured and Yahoo! finance column and 8664412711. When his company do the work for you. And you can call right now get on board. Would this season 100 games college and for all all the way through the Super Bowl excellent customer service top notch analysis and information as you just heard. 8664412711. Go to sports information traders back. I'm right you're. In with mustard and shots Sports Radio 93 point seven. EEye guys tell. This stuff was there obviously. Founded changeup or slider wrong. We've put undue pressure on him. One when he and let of with a base it on them I was doing today and this is the voice is one of the best in the but it it you can see it he's a good job. Throw the game later on to slow down the the running game. Credited him in and adjustments and thus what the good ones do I know everybody knows them and you can run an ambush. To the image conscious effort of slowing us down. And competitive it is a good job. They went before game winning streak Ellison regards three hits over seven innings masterful. And rights act was enough. Pretty good pitcher Jake if Iran covenant that. Signed today in the afternoon gets after it right now I have to or that they play that they played the 805 last. Weak against the Astros so it's going to be 113 start and for sale probably get about sixty pictures are so uninteresting. Show down there did roms ER array we just checking. One point 71. Is way up walks to innings pitched point 95 is that what it is and Ayman. Point 95 down while that is pretty amazing and even though the win loss record is not exactly stellar. We're numbers like that he's probably headed to Cy Young territory should be an interest in game as funny because I'd. Really you know this this whole red sox' season now pretty much locked up for awhile. September total crook cruise control really doesn't matter who wins and losses the last it was sort of a a point if you wanna see what's in regard is gonna do if you don't season to go we don't see the nationally the Mets are pretty it's your team back on the post season. You wanna see those guys you wanna see senator when CD-ROM. And of course sale coming back after the one inning appearance against Toronto on Tuesday. You'll probably see three or four when you expect. On tomorrow afternoon where you would think you know something you would think so right and the big concern now and and it's been really this for several weeks now may be all summer is. Yeah the Red Sox have decent starting pitching. David Price is having the best season he's had with the Red Sox curse alien like to believe will be rested and ready to go. But you know the bullpen. A big question mark in the I'm concerned about what's going on behind the green duo. And beyond the green door that sounds somewhat dirty for some reason not ally when he a favorite movie. Marilyn chambers there and rest in peace Tom from ever your job boards radio WEEI. I'm guys July. Well let's just put it this way as many great things have happened it turns out medically I have more in common with you guys then I really want out so you but it. I'm not an overall we're all sorry to hear that what does that mean I know what he means tell us every year it can. Just you know truck stayed issue but again everything's so well unfortunately I've seen what doctors meticulously the rest of my life. But everything's going good every bit positive but does so I saw you know my grandchildren around them officiating games for awhile I was. That might actually be bad news to some high school kids around but that's another story. Is not funny though how you get to a point your life where you almost closed three timing yet you graying cagey guy. They'll life in front of viewed as just enjoy it of a sudden used outbreak the warranty wears off after after. Yeah that's very bad it is that way to play very good way to play it. Well I got please keep in touch with us on that we have. Oil well. Like that's fine you'd like but there's a couple of things what they know what to pick up on the terms of about. One just piggyback what did it for a second because. Its body and but trust me I'm not that I'm not up Belichick spam in terms what is in terms of Belichick the man by the terms of Belichick the coach yeah. I just quickly wrote down some different coaches that we probably ought to consider greatest coaches of all time good. I tip that the question I think really becomes especially today in the NFL when you see all these young quarterbacks. Is that you know look flake that chicken or the egg which came sources like Bill Walsh. If Joseph Montana was on the patriots back when I find it very hard to believe that Joseph Montana would have been as successful was. I agree without I think he had an NI I I kind of framed it the in the other direction. And I thought all great coaches need great quarterbacks what are great quarterbacks developed by great coach right now. And it's funny because. You know you think gov Bill Parcells always said the greatest coaches Joseph Gibbs if they butted him winning three different Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. Let's say that not exactly guys although I think Doug Williams made him the first pick overall in the draft but. We're not by him he was used a throwaway it was a tight out there and four touchdowns in the Super Bowl now. Iceland Williams and rip and that may not exactly did all making a trip that can happen any time tomorrow. Well Heisman was basically adjourn and started his career in the Canadian football is a great college aren't right right always liked him up and you know I mean he had a couple very productive years they probably should won two Super Bowls generally got blown out by the raiders but that was a highly productive team that second year thighs and was at the Helm. Heidi it was written they blew the bills right on the water. In this in that second bills super balls so. Yeah gives did he could go back relatives say he it was a perfect example and you know I think about group coming back after all these years gives tried to repeat his success. Yeah yeah yeah we're about to ask yeah. Although it's funny Greg what I didn't realize when he came back I believe they actually made the playoffs one of NGOs. Did they really all I remembers that 07 season he just gets spanked by the patriots when they put a fifty spot up on the board member gives upset about it. Fact I believe Belichick there was something about that this shot. About Belichick with the Redskins epic was whipped up giants probably. That he that he enjoyed giving them up beating like a little. Bit. Difficult game. Well you think about Tom back in the days in the patriots were god awful the NFC east was solved. Mode at a ridiculous. Went to run he wanted to run its. Apple at this basically that's so the ball went from adapt. Jack yet the cowboys giants and Redskins all and in the Eagles didn't get to a Super Bowl that they were top flight team so you know he's. Right you know the interesting point that you bring out the law also is aside from the coaching staff. The offensive coordinator just has such a significant role. In these quarterbacks and how they develop and what they're doing and I'm looking at Stanford last week who was just harmful. Again like this is Leah I've really happy to Belichick credit because I think. Kids day is so important I personally if I own or rent a team. I think the way Indiana fellas I think you really need an offensive mind somewhat respect head coach of the court are usually it's going to be the head coach. And that's we got. I hate to say it's one game but. And act. I don't want anybody else but I saw the luck when Detroit went out of it hi Patricia because again. Craig. I think that you know I hate the political play of what you did but apple one he just doesn't look like get it. Not shallow of me I understand that it. Probably why. I hate remember art show how just how desperate was Charlie Weis memory had a gastric bypass this figured he would not get hired. And less he lost weight. Hey but I do on the other hand I remember I was down New York in the early eighties. When this this defensive coordinator named Bill Parcells took over yeah Arthur Ray Perkins and that first year they were 312 and want and people made fun of his looks he's this guy he's got a big bulge under his belt. Raided via coach on these ads on the sidelines. How Craig when he shouted Diane is here and doing stuff like that he's he's. Perfectly know what that's like. Yeah I want the same delicate touch and I admit I don't know about anybody else. But you're right it's like my dad that whatever I. 110 game. And took me. I don't know they've been watching the play also the last X number of years. Whitney is bad. Thank I'm sorry he's gonna put the odds. I just believe they have like. Every close to 0%. Chance of winning best I mean. One of these guys of the payment and the different talk erupt. It's just kidding I mean when you play against he went right and I I think that just. Set off the alarm that they have absolutely no clue what to do. They really Joan what happened idea what's happening Cali I don't beat me and I had such high hopes for this guy. What happened to Kelly let me keep getting handed. X number of years he's had a couple out. Streets. Other than that if this is Kelly that's what the problem is you guys outlook. And that's a problem if I had an open no nothing magic it's gonna happen not to get. Change right in town knew that changes and try and we. Are well I don't know they have no chance I wouldn't put it that 0% eight it's not as. You know. You may be Cleveland but maybe not but the problem is of course as I said this earlier. What is your emotional experience with those two teams losing to ball in the last two post season so that's. We move but most of being completely dominated. All of a sudden. You've got different price pitching well let me get the feeling he's good at what it's like seven innings giving up one run in public for the final scores there have been 61. Cleveland though you. Well yeah and look at what they've done in the regular season last two series against Cleveland and Houston they've they're one game under 500 against the. Just it just stopped. It's thanks but I mean that's the way it'd that is one guy I don't look at just remember that the dog roast you said with good with what we've got yeah. By the way thanks for the call time we're here for comment Igawa that's okay please we we are thinking about you we've we have played experience in that department and our our thoughts are certainly going to be with you. I saw a stat just the other day Larry one and five males in their lifetime. Will come up we have some sort of cancer diagnosis this story. It 20% chance in the numbers are probably gonna rise and infielder zero over I know you don't wanna do it right now I gotta get another appointment myself but he got a colonoscopy. You know you gotta go gotta hold check out even I the world hey I can't stand it. But the only thing you have going for you was early absolutely. No question about it things hopefully will work out for times he seems that everything under control. And we wish him good luck nice to hear from for the first time in awhile 6177797. 937. Is the telephone number we have another segment to go love to hear from you Dickerson and James on the way right here on sports race. Sunnis mustard and Johnson Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI at WEEI guy. This mustard and Johnson. Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox. And Max upload such an ancient rivalry. Red Sox trying to get some revenge for that 86 World Series lost now it doesn't quite work that way Mets that come out on top last night. Stellar performance from no lesson that guard we'll CD-ROM we've against sale on Sunday. Second game. The pitcher Rick Marcelo. On the mound for the Red Sox eleven all four at 320 and a Red Sox. Our radio network as we are want to do we have and need to begin the program but John came through rely heavily consistently enough he's been our closer for several weeks now John. John all yours and giving you the ball bloody good morning or you just flowed over the plate you know mind coming out of the bullpen do you. Not at all you like to walk for the bullpen would you prefer one of those are all that's called car crash. I'm gonna go forth second sidebar and move on quickly but it'll be old book above matter from my wonderful pianist I believe yeah. Craig Larry we're from different galaxies these days but what did you do with the way it is and we can all I felt much. That's the way in the world and you're not bring it down by gender I believe you bring it down by colors red and blue I think right. Political sphere. Yeah the good part in the bank you're speaking of my big levee system there executive taken down the old ball he had left week it was a nice loans and other parts brokered time had by all. It warms will be in gloom and doom about the rats are. In addition to them legitimate open concerns. What happened to walk rock and a number of times in the last month and a half but with a really shut down a number pad. It's almost like if you can work around Milwaukee and Martinez yeah yeah yeah everybody else gets shut down. In all the old actual ball good pitching vs good hitting I mean it was advertised we've seen this in baseball. Playoff history where you can have a dynamo. Lineup but they get shut down by good pitching and some of these teams Cleveland who's been you know there's some pretty good but it felt. Are you as that Johnny was pessimistic as our previous caller Tom from Everett as he gives them 0%. Chance to work and a play off series. By the way I don't know Tom at all he sounds like a real good guy Tom Coburn tackles Zune is agreeing with. I'm. To see what Donaldson to Wisconsin got a home on the other night for the Indians. Either promote that. They could get pot and haven't looked you don't run together. You know. Hey guys document in the Boston Marathon. I said yes I can run in the Boston Marathon. Have a much better chance of getting caught together and get the little momentum going and did you have to run. Run or I have a chance to drugs. Probable man is John and you pointed out I think many people who were worried and they are legion in this area is that good pitching in the playoffs you can see a lot of great pitching. And unique timely hitting you don't need explosive things so much as timely hitting. I have the Red Sox have been fantastic and late innings this year you can't. Can't argue that said that I am facing a much better both thank you yeah you're playing against teams who know how to throw a strike right. I mean somebody plays lately have been hardball dropping pop pops and the like I mean they're not gonna be facing teams like that. At second base and try to get a couple of role play different. It's just a little water complete. And a wonderful if you look at about the 150 games but would put it whatever it is how many of those puppets of that have been have an opinion on nine to six. As opposed to. You know some of the game and shut down but like I say that the the optimist in me says they can get by they can get. Either you know I don't like mr. price personally but I wish him well continue pitching like this. Hopefully Chris Hill Chris Hill and get it all back on track. Think you're right accurate and again going back to that that term first rule problem you know in the John price came as a boy I love this argument Isabella checkered are Brady what do. What do luxury. Debate to have it's the same thing there at section 101 games. And yet everything is firing on all cylinders except that one cylinder. Middle relief and if you can find that middle relief pitcher that you can count on in the seventh or eighth inning against Cleveland Houston and the Yankees or even Oakland. We're going to be a lot more optimistic John we're outing here marked changes in my house thanks for the call. Dickerson should be here eventually Larry. We can do the rest of the weekend I'm gonna watch football football in more football all right I'm gonna try and find the Bruins in China right thinking of going into third 2:30 in the morning. All. I'll be right there yeah you're Meebo thanks to even come day on the other side backlash job excellent job Matt Vogt will be back next week. OK okay. Kicking him under the bus. Royals tomorrow wasn't. The Ramones got sums plane into drew laughs it was doubt. Or what boy done great dour outlook your Max McGee Max McGee.