Mustard an Johnson - Larry hates the trade of Jimmy G.

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Saturday, November 4th

Hour 2 and Craig and Larry are finishing up their thoughts on the trade of Jimmy G to the 49ers. Larry hates the trade and lets everyone know.


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Where the preacher I. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. You guys scored. Talk golf. And socks packs seasoned C. You guys Sports Radio. Some power numbered soon mustard and Johnson just warming the seat Ford she and see an odd that you will be flabbergasted or shocked surprised. And just knocked over by a feather. Because ladies and gentlemen unbelievable. Training will not be here she's in ice slam. Exploring. The many volcanoes and everything else and I guess we have word exactly. Join. WB EI has learned according to our reporter Matt morello. Trainee is looking at the tectonic risks of Iceland straddling America in Euro Asia why you what what are rephrase that please. Training is looking at the tectonic bristled Iceland straddling America and Europe Asia. Lot. A few opportunities you write that. Is that she wrote yes OK where it where you get this information from our Twitter account in her instant picture she's straddling Europe and Asia. Note the tectonic risks are halt all care. When you go over to the museum I don't know. So that Justin we'll keep you updated and exactly. The various in century I travels of one trying to figure you follow around you feel so boring inadequate I know I thought I'd like kind of an exciting life but if not next to treading by driving to Dorchester restaurant so she's she not she's not straddling the Europe and tectonic plates and no she's looking at the tech is straddling America and Europe got a catch wanna be clear on this 61 set up and 77 now right up Iceland and asked tag travel hash tag wanderlust hash tag is queen's so if you. So if you wanna follow the peregrine nation does that for a big word when attorney fees and Eric you can what do you check out a Twitter account Twitter instant answer she's all got to going on are excellent you wanna follow us for the next it is the high paying her for this. Most of this is a personal trip was a little holiday this is not much not covering Carolina for an BC or to any of that right is no chess matches between Bobby Fischer Boris bass beat. No this just purely a personal vacation little holiday. Haven't funds always filling in for trade out of America wants to now. Rob Bradford wrong whoa. Tom talent coming and rights of Brad foe into mossy coming your way at 11 o'clock in meanwhile calling in early wanted to make sure he gets all his points in on the galloping chicken. It's none other then. DNA from born. You know I is obliterated when she comes back as you can electorate and other ought to put out like certain Icelandic out terminology because I know is what sustained. And if you go to Spain you can't call to build civilian have to call it so yeah. It's happy. That. I have been having lax when he broke up with the potential to go. You is calling Cindy that door and Samuel but you can't really call them sit well yeah yeah yeah touting it ever shake. I'm worried that I'd been going around saying you know what to do any I'd been going around for years in Reykjavik in May be wrong and how right I don't huge and he's frustrated me she's gonna straighten me out. You know everybody about everything you know about the way that it didn't hit impression is that. I didn't like so what that loan something going on yeah I don't know. I'm sure that I am her than Harrison. NBA if you're listening. It felt like I should I hold no pleasure hurting your. And you know it Kirk is listening they listen to every last hour we saw. He loves me who you know I'm lucky to corrected. Anyway I'll let you crack me up about got a lot or about eight months ago you and David that you played well those two games you took over some. Yeah that's not that's not true. I didn't. Could help me out and that's what put on. Well I know you were very enthusiastic about Jimmy G as you have. Why don't let me Geneva that you played well those two guys. Our hot and hot I'll fine now I I think error Danny you think you thought everybody apart didn't you were so ecstatic you heard you were in his state of Ecstasy like no one's ever bend over Jimmy G and those for someone think of the trade Danny. Well Larry you have to look at it showed that as right long term it was pretty guy heir apparent. Short term it was insurance policy okay so we got they they basically traded value. For our insurance. Company you've got early gains with a backup quarterback I mean especially after they traded receptive. That was the last line of defense between talk radio or doubt in maybe get into a playoff or winning a playoff with a backup quarterback. Only got Gloria so don't worry about and. Well it would get I identity galloping chicken all right so what I'm devastated as you watch that age I couldn't believe it when I saw Atlanta they traded. Are pregnant and I don't for a number two pick or did you see that Danny yeah this. Sweet I actually saw a guy named Morse whose first name and only. And I had a second round I got nothing but it's got. That's about it what would it I don't see why not. Capital appreciation. He becomes the. I want my imminent threat Anglican franchise from what Danny wants your eyes that he wasn't a war why would you trade them last year before the draft yeah Larry's got this right because if they thought this was gonna happen nowadays that myopic to believe that suddenly. Something's gonna change eight games into the season. Captain first at bat they kept him as insurance. What about the sad. What do they kept the gruesome sorcerer's Brian Hoyer became available he could send them out this efforts this goes up you're telling. I'm saying that respected then the kids that if they get to play our game and winning why don't get to a Super Bowl and maybe winning miserable person I would like dom would go up. Wedeman who would you rather have who would you rather have percent or Gloria. Yeah O Karl who's making the decisions are there. You're talking to a guy that things that they didn't get enough of course that I hit that when they traded IP. They put a lot of in addition to apply got a spot doesn't even play on the team that he well I call at eight games by. Larry I agree with you wholeheartedly but you have to look at it from the standpoint like the baseball deadline right we've got a quiet now picnics until. Right there on an aside if they can't resign him at the end of it he can put back up our quarterback Monday. And crap is probably gonna say hey I'm afraid a much as a franchise to a 25 billion. Bytes or do I read a fiscal conservative when it comes to sports right. 141. Squad that won it yeah. Robert Danny Danny why are you giving us as revelations how right they know that's at the end of Larry area has been right he's a bang image from why my now are supposed to be of this the best franchise in the last twenty years you think that suddenly they stumbled on this discovered this revelation a's are not going to be able to all eyes are. And every hit franchise and just realize the trade deadlines coming up there were Jimmy G ally on loan. Like I just said that they bought eight games with a backup with a viable backup quarterback. They've brought. This is trying to do is trying to pass it Danny he was one of the best commodities in the league for I back up quarterback who could stop for a lot of teams. And you tell me they turn around him put themselves on a situation where the best they can get as an amateur open and Danny and. All the rumors that they could've got like seventeen number one pick you know that's always our. That upstate. You think you're gonna get a number one pick at the end of last year so you think they could get a number one pick for. I don't know I guess I don't guess. What the reports why Donna that's been confirmed at all there's been never any conservationists like cleats. You'd think the best they could've got for him even at the end of last year was an effort to pick. I don't know Larry I don't take against any intentional let me just get it dad. Is there a trick Iraq or it would have been okay. Where is percent as the backup. To to doubt what forget about getting under the seat in Woodbridge that would have been okay but again it will play out. Now we're under after that I know I have been Danny had did. Danny if you're not going to be able to keep the guy why not at least get something for the value in the draft. Games maybe they want us so you don't you don't think they talked to brought order try to talk him into signing a contract. When they realized they couldn't. Probably yeah they are after the big game. But that's a long time to write and I just I can't imagine this team of all there's success and then in a visionary on the sideline pretty much running the front office about portfolio would. Deep panicked and desperate to make a move at the last minute just doesn't fit the Seattle area harmful around. Let's go back to be out of this situation then. I believe that they got were they traded respect because adamantly Donny needed other receiver ducks got was to stop the whole thing that's why they traded was that to the with a gentleman go down that we're probably kept up. So what they get firm and baggage and thank you. Well let's say is your business to know that you you bring a guy in here and he's got one a two catches right in the other problem. So I had as our official indicated you wanna trade ankle are all in the CI is appreciation right. Of course guys save him. Well I don't what do pickup but it was set going into the decision it better than to pick up. I didn't know what. Oh my god I I have to say at least where does have some experience you know to get far with Boyer but at least these. He's logging what would you have done your you it would have been tough opponent sees what Brady not that it. No absolutely not at. Why are they really it dead center. Guys at some point you gotta take some chances and when you realize united they've assigned a rap allow. You trade on site you can get something firm DNA don't but I I I thought the patriots were doing the right thing when chapter was adamant about they're not gonna trade and I said I'm glad I did I said that's the right thing to do I just got a hold on that this guy. Now they make that decision get rid of that's why were Balkans are and Brady was talking about playing three or four more years like Danny Cranston you're next in Sports Radio to react the way again. Trying to make this quick and Aaron. Well at least we're Irish one. If you listen attracting Callahan incorporated we quit your relationship with don't check it here in Iraq before it that the question to. Belichick press conference this week when he said. The alert in view would be right to speculate about this mole but I'm an answer those questions now to be leaving the door open that is something wrong while unseen right. I am as he did it didn't. Right he doesn't even talk like that usually now. Exactly which means it's out of Kara if what he's doing. Three this is what I firmly believe happened. His quick no matter what and speaking of global Shia Belichick went with the panel radio out no matter what happens this year. Crap that you're not trading by Tommy Boy neighbor Elaine happens. And basically that would in Belichick was forced to make double cookie eat all one. That's credible you can speculate that the there's you know up. I Greg. And are looking at it do you think they kind of got master Brady. Does that give any to a contender something else and yet upbeat data. In the NFC they're knocking him to Denver somebody like that yeah. McCarron was gonna go a Cleveland second in the third. I mean what but how else do people need to know. You know outside it's so simple I mean I don't know why they currently people don't have. Why do you expect it pretty good than the one out did all that Belichick would have no problem that I'm not a. Yeah I think he's got a bigger problem I agree you Dan I think he's got a bigger problem and retrospect the way comported himself and a press conference earlier this week. If this is not a whole check decision I don't care what Peter and Foxboro says all his inside sources. You get for the day in court there's gonna ask him if he thought craft at any thing in this and I think he did say that this was of a Bob Kraft. Generated move 61777979372. FL a we go our buddy Lou Bennett at whichever loyalty. I don't want what it doubles or due to my point what time as the press conference where it does imposed or is that significant broadcast. They probably will. I'm guessing around to eat eat around ten or new and I'm guessing. We have no idea will get them I said I'm guess tanner knew when I say to OK good player usually get a tax credit. Whenever it has provided he has well. We have painted a picture not everybody but I think Captain America loved patriots. Has painted a picture that the patriots cannot succeed without on Brady. And they don't even wanna go down that road and search what happens after the Brady Brady has earned his squad but I still think. It's just too quick decision because. The fact of the 49ers cut him. And they don't want god hammered away what can also point getting them you're not gonna. Problem was ready to go he's been an assistant. But really for years he's not a dummy he's not like a regular rookie quarterback. We've all seen that and so is a look at all legitimate trade or. Or rubble I don't hear what it was like you had a backup quarterback you had a successful it took readings so it doesn't make any sense to me. To say well leaking some radio you'll take her salary cut. Every year ending grow lol maybe 44 million I think we've left to disinfect all that ready to take a salary cut a year. Might have helped craft made that decision. Mean the point. Yeah I mean. I don't mind I don't mind EU what you're saying my only issue is. Why would you wait until now. After the super boy why would you be having this discussion. I don't coffee and doughnuts and stuff roundtable right when you have that discussion at the end after the Super Bowl. How would you rate. That's my point but to me there's no discussion. You cannot trend this I mean there that I don't I mean I think. Really is going to be here for broke two more years and that's yet. I don't think you look at it but once you realize that Brady was adamant that he was playing and it wasn't going anywhere. Why would you make the deal any any and trade a rock below van why you critic got more form. Exactly right I mean exact but I don't hear my point is what you couldn't go out on collecting Grupo. Should have been untouchable I think crawl didn't realize they go check it never disputed belonged to this point. He knows what he's doing less code than bill let me make him. I I understand that I don't wanna pay out fifteen million for franchise quarterback who sit on the bench I don't I understand that I really don't I think Belichick thanks for call already Belichick made the case this is an ideal two more years for robbery tops we make the transition we have the future we can continue to win for another Idec Marty paid fifty million tour guys you think Bob Kraft can afford to pay. Trying to five million that's how clears got to pay a landscaper he's had all but things are on Kirkland house yeah Mike in Foxborough what's going on. They got back I think I can insert all your questions but all right do like take it out you a question which is. If the patriots where he know right now in crushing everybody do you think that they would treaty grapple. I don't want what Derosa doesn't ready you know and success I don't get it where were you coming from as one. So that there'd there'd be huge difference because of the patriots were eight note crushing everybody. Armed invader before that he started at the minute and opal well linked favorite to win the Super Bowl. What are the patriots all by oh they're all about winning simple bulls. They don't care about what's gonna happen for 508. Big you can not saying they don't care but the bottom line did. Who is gonna help the win more Super Bowls is it gradient the next 34 years are Iraq alone the next twelve years and I think they have a chance of winning wasn't able to bring you over the next three to four years. But I feel that confident renowned defense well I think you'll usually gets diluted wage is nobody in the NFC I'd like to see how philly's gonna do tomorrow there on national TV at 1 o'clock released around here 1 o'clock pretty big game. I don't really see a whole lot of obstacles in the AFC. And we Roger's going down on the and then see where the obstacles they are Philly I think you can win this year even though this is not been a stellar year it's not been an invincible years they're fortunate to be six in 20. I just don't know what they're a lot of. I want to address at the end and and what you have to remember is before the draft even happened the patriots meet all these unbelievable move. They haven't panned out but on paper they look to. Made molds. And a I'm laughing I'm agreeing with you they may admit it made a lot of Holmes yeah arm any amount worked out. I remember everyone but not. Not everyone but it didn't talk all the peak you to gonna go undefeated this season I mean now it hold do you leads Gilmore. Confederate. Carolina cornerback they've paid all that money to allow much of his excesses even issued until I want my. What happened did before the draft even happens before it anyone knew that these players weren't going to be that great before him until a gut. It injured but this season. Before hi Paula got knocked out for the season it looked like he only thing that could stop the patriots from winning another Super Bowl this year with the Brady injury. And I think that the that that Belichick had so much confidence that Brady went down. That grow up welcome step in and lead them to a suitable because the teen was so strong. Now it turns out that the defense isn't exactly is it to. Average and I think at this point and turning. Belichick realize that if Brady gets hurt if he gets knocked out for the rest of the season the peak we have no shot at winning simple. I I it's a good theory I am I you know I can buy that would because you think the Jimmy gee is certainly more than an adequate replacement in in ten years he could be a Tom Brady like quarterback. But not this team. Would this personnel is just not enough talent around a guy like Jimmy G and it defense all right rob not a bad theory like it 617779. 7937. A half hour ago Brad all is in the house know tectonic plates for him grandpa oh no volcano is no penis museums and tectonic plates he's right here and good old Brighton Massachusetts has rare undergoing this museum at 1 o'clock at Sports Radio. Weekend with mustard and shot six Sports Radio 93 point seven. You guys got it. We're always talked about but I couldn't have hurt and they give a anymore than he's given us and a 49ers to get a good player and to get a good person. And they did a great teammate. It would quarterback and Jimmy get a good coach. His career moving forward is that talented individual. What a great person a coach I've met with them weekly and again had a tremendous amount of respect for him. But as his career moves forward we have to look or teams both this year and beyond and that the federation we have it. Wow have you ever. Heard Belichick that effusive about anybody and they have to look beyond so that's where they've made a deal for a number two pick. I just I still I I I still. Scratching my head almost literally scratching my head. Trying to figure this out I haven't stopped scratching so saturated that percent. Tell the truth when you can understand percent might as he was seeing them more overall player agent not quite have the refined skills are well certainly not putting him on the level of grapple but I think that. The comeuppance this deal and people just roll over and taking kisses shoes in just more that's Belichick and Belichick we trust. Well on a day out of my right ballots checked but that doesn't mean everything the guy does in gorgeous my good friend. Went along with it or put into a Belichick and the patriots for what they did I don't. I didn't read Belichick's I mean now aboard his article what was the pretty much the timing that they weren't going to be able assign them so get our freedom and temperature and get form but that's fine but I graduated last minute. John Wall fan you're next up we're mustard and Johnson Magi and. All right thank taking my call I hope you remember me from last week we do. OK I am I am notes on your call. Grace and calm. And I enjoy you very much okra ignited much and basic Craig it's funny how you call me a racist. He disconnected me you did have a chance defend myself. I don't remember this call all my guess. My brain synapse is in Iowa firing the way these two what did you would you accuse me of last year jet last week John. I didn't accuse you recognize that I would secular political correctness Matt price spoke a minute call me a racist and you disconnected me immediately. I have no idea just re repeat what I said last week as I've I don't remember this at all. It's got a second part of political correctness that there's really can't say this you can't say that. Any example like what can't we say give me an example something we should be able to say well we can't was not about the Texas. Arm. Texas owner's comments about. Ahmed that in everything else it's gone along with a it would be healing for the football games and stuff like that and I found. Now you're you're you're disconnected comment racist because I think it's your insurer left wing solved by just ideology. And you know it's quite. I don't remember what you said John and I are. Honestly I can't respond to is an remember he's drawn to so many people he can't remember this right I get attacked like so many conservatives are just wanted to along why take an Auburn stand in line from the right. OK let but when it came down to you caught me a racist because I thought that just because. McNair had shattered. That you can't let the prison prison. Yeah and I say that I shouldn't be asylum. Well Michael he's got a point getting it from the of the asylum people have been additional shut I think we've gone in a really horrible direction. I mentioned Harvey Weinstein. That we've known about this for thirty years not some on the left I think they get to the left about we don't let nobody knows about it. What the level crucified this person perhaps slow chipped out then. But you're you're just talk about it and frankly. I thought I did yes your vote black and I'm not and neither do. But you know something I've experienced race racism firsthand myself. In an Irish person being brought up in a Protestant community. Okay. Which trust in what Protestant community were you brought up and John went I went all right. So that's and that's unfortunate. Or. And it's all okay in and certainly we would not endorse that kind of behavior and we certainly you would sympathize he's in that situation quarter. That's I don't know what it was simply what I wanted to tell you that you're pretty good picture of me as a racing cut me off and I want to let you know that I would brought up that you judge someone. By the their character or not the color the skin. I worked to support the whole worst I've got to do organic liver house you get a lot drugs are what the veterans won't kitchens. And every winter I make sure what was people have won't beat by a driver on. I don't wanna ask a question in your credentials were Johnny Weir okay John I don't need and now I'm sure you're wonderful person and I'm sure your fill with compassion I'm not doubting that. But I don't you see. Where the players are coming from particularly African American players are coming from witnesses the discussion last week after an earlier comment if. If you're not on the owner's daughter in the they should do it under load time and when you mentioned Colin cannot predict who wears pink slippers. And which they will really hurt you must think they got educated. To pay the bill is the as the architect of the modern day Google blog. That was highly doubt that you should do it on its own on all of them should. I you know why. Well you don't want no one's gonna pay attention John. To the cause if they do it on their own time that was the platform that was the appropriate platform. Platform that gives in the most exposure. We wouldn't let let let me put it this way okay black white. Already yup all of brought out the ball guide to what the flag what are experience. The flag means many things John too many people it doesn't necessarily mean just veterans I apologize to Matt on the other side of the glass. At the flag can mean many things to many people to Colin tapper neck it meant hypocrisy. We've liberty and justice for all he doesn't seem that John. As a black person in white America. That flag means many things to many people okay. And I knew you are correct Larry you know under bill. I'm gonna do the best thing what Jesus Christ would normally turn the other cheek because ignorance is bliss would Craig. Have a bit big guys. I thanks for calling while I always said if ignorance were blessed we'd be happy is people in the universe and your portrait where he has to wouldn't find time ago ago. Let's sit down to Georgia speaking of veterans Georgia yeah former military man big elephant yeah well it's happened George Allen however your name is now. Yet and yet by the way we used to have an air force base in I won a word from you gotta call what have you been there. I've been a couple apart back important European commonly would stop there ever refuel that I got. And a beautiful place. I wanted to three week lead. And read what trot all of us all the iron the value is Mason they've got a great that you want when they say thank you very selective quote Poland now. Trump card. I'd ever heard of until I was a teenager when you remember Boris basking vs Bobby Fischer this was like really warm and Cold War. And Bobby Fischer after losing the first couple of matches I guess he forfeited the first couple matches came back strong proving that once again the USA. Was superior to the big bad evil empire of the USSR. Well you know would be we quote down that great epic about ten years ago but that may be supposedly is going back again. Applying vision enough. At that kept well back so we'll see how that works trying to collaborate on. I have learned so much about Iceland and I never knew before this little trip for Trenton so I'm excited. Let them up you've got to tip on the crawl corporate Bob Cochran try to read squabble that. The only thing I would add to that problem but yet you the other option that people were thinking about why couldn't they wait until. The end of the year and protect entry like we did we. Back out for years ago. That that was a very lucky. Circumstance there where you had. The Kansas City Chiefs. Needed a quarterback and they had Scott Pioli may have been what a patriot so that would look friendly. Boy on the other end of a while you might say it was. If you don't lose when you tagging and trading are quarterback record there are a lot of money at all. You've got a book readers take an extension and reduce that number on it up there's a lot of things and how. That happened and that was kind of like the sacred bird and you might say that Kevin McHale bit change absolutely glued to work out you know ad and you can't think. You can't just assume that that scenario gonna repeat itself you know. Good time coming up who who. You can say Billy O'Brien out there but they don't need a quarterback. They do now but want to get at though all want to say Atlanta. But it would have been dropped but they don't need a quarterback so what when they gonna do really they waited until that point. And the keyword you just that is rated by would you wait so long at all. Well yet you know I think that previous caller makes a point you can grip but they'll prevail. But he'd bought. I have to see that would drop while in exchange for reduction pretty doubt yeah back back in the second. You can you can quit but that I think that's what he did it right you're wrong the only. I'm old now wondered you know you could have been wrong about that in trading percent. No trading drop below. Yeah I sank and more warm in the sport I mean you could got more problems right no doubt. But you want to pay that quite to have insurance policy against the forty year old I mean all the time is going to be radiate crumpled it every. We don't what we don't know what that's going to be about Serb even though I mean. So I've epic ballot that would make it let me keep the kid and just see how radiate I think he also knew. I think he knew what we were going to be. Because would you volunteer people. A sweetheart deal like playing in Mexico or something you always get a little puppet back big though I think they knew that we was gonna look at what we're. Without midseason bye week. Up before it was announced you know publicly don't check out but he knew that. So where are you really believe he looked he looked that far ahead so if he had to bring in a new back up quarterback that would give them the extra week to prepare. Well it would like to say it is that you bit of quietly and so these are we would. Season two of value Wayne Brady at sea were what age forty. Yeah that's good point and it's always desirable later in the year you get the bye week it's actually perfect at the eight week mark and patients had that in the past and that is absolutely thanks for the call they gal. Perfect place I'm going to call and what are we are coming back it's gonna get a little bit time to get re acclimated to Foxboro. This isn't hindsight for me I mean I wanted them to trade him last year after the super ball. Really for me when Sheppard came on said there's no way they penetrate them I was not happy about that. Does that fit you gotta get value I thought it was the right my future I I I still see the the Favre Rogers scenario playing out. Now it's not gonna happen obviously and you patriot fans who were envisioning like beyond Brady without Ron Borges don't think you're gonna happen. Watch Sports Radio. You we I got. I was slowing and himself Eric Clapton San Francisco baby blues snapped and never banging on the tambourine and got a lot of San Francisco music all the time here on the mustard and Johnson's show as we say good bye to Jimmy G 49ers and said. Then attack Iraq will be their back up quarterback. Come Sunday took him believe it I can't. You're still in the state of shock when you consider that they were so adamant that they would not treating him under any conditions. And then turn around and elegant number two pick him somebody's got some explaining to do I don't buy the argument that was just posited by a previous caller that. Eight games into it suddenly. A dollar check realized. How good Tom Brady still list and that you know I won't medium yeah insurance yet now that I think about it they might as well adjusted ship Jimmy G out anybody is the back up will do though and the other theory of course that we've heard as well. I'm this team just isn't talented enough to win when anybody but Tom Brady so if he does go down. He really doesn't matter who the backup as I was always under the impression I got the sense from listening to that Belichick. I'd news conference earlier in the week in her chunk of that a couple minutes ago. He really liked should make Iraq I think he wanted to say more but obviously couldn't and for one's you get the sense that the decision was not made the block did not stop. I don't go to see this is the problem when you don't. Park through things in give it DT that the probably haven't Dombrowski with the Ferrell firing. You leap you can talk about that the media written and our radio or you want but what if the information is not provided and you left to speculate that and that's what are we doing now right now and I think that's everybody's doing this is water cooler conversation. To the nth degree everybody's been talking about it we can't figure it out. These are very somewhere down in New York Girardi was like over the Yankees couple weeks ago. Yankee fans that's all they were talking about nothing patriot fans sending us to a low key your body was fine I'll that was a problem yeah that's not a very. He wasn't fired up and that's what they would that's the overall consensus is the opposite used to fire while he added that he was thought it was Corey he was way too fired up winners to a record on edge and that they're now they're looking for that communicate their low key. Alex Cora type advocate Dr. Phil. By the way if you are listening down there will can afford it's a new news conference for Alex scores of official introduction. To the Boston media returning for the first time it has Bruce's press conference. I don't know. Is La Russa being announced you'll get all the word from our rob Brad folk coming your way at 11 o'clock in for Trey. And you know where she is and I know we're John is he's in Gardner he's next on Sports Radio hey John want a job. I was gonna crack wise real quick story before you. Move on to the couple's situation. You're such Iraq on tour John please. My distances as large a left wing ramping scrape by Irish mother and father love consulting unit moved up to native consults. A father died while I took my mother to a lot of functions and so what. And to wrap it up I would just my mother was broken hearted. When the busing crisis sit in a lot of in my opinion latent racism was exposed and jump to before us and as I we talked about the tool plus it. She just didn't see when she was a young colonel could do when the whole nonwhite people insult me you know what I mean and that's only get to say about that. Circumstantial things with with the rap below it's been reported that diligent in the hammered out first round draft pick to be like second. His second draft except terrible. But he I mean you don't think he's got it encumbered by the mandates of the. Yeah the pay scales and different right. And it would if somebody else mentioned it was reported. That they had you know 91 round draft pick up the group route or whatever but that is another really. Nailed down and listen to that clip you guys played yeah almost almost sounds like bill. Affection and warmth towards Jimmy G guided him to. Send him somewhere where he felt he would do well on the road. I don't like when Harry shipped to ray Bork off the Colorado so it would ensure re. Playing for winner winning a Stanley Cup which he did the second year where avalanche. But if you guys figure out of all the time but what what's changed since the trade of respect. The only thing I can come up with an irony in how tough it. Is it bella checksum up I was gonna convince. Crafted. Bill great. Big Brady might decline in that time or. That I don't know because what has changed at that time. Important as Larry said we can only speculate we don't have definitive answers we don't have any. Real sources down Foxx were to give us some clarification here so all we can do. Is is is think about what scenarios did unfold there and I cannot believe. The ballots Shaq wouldn't want approves of the world that he could win it without Tom Brady. I wolf I was I was convinced would have looked at Belichick thought I thought this would be one time the craft was you know. Make a policy that we had trading tomboy anyway yeah good this year. And convinced of that and and while the how that factored into the timing of lawlessness. I'm not sure and quite get to teach write the question for the where it didn't vikings if somebody purposely miss name or what the book. Appropriate name for Iceland Greenland to ward off other people come into Iceland. Well I'm at the just the lowly English teacher not a western says teacher all have to bring out with the social studies department. Another is what they had when I go to a place called Iceland. All right thanks for the call John and all it will have to probe that I'm sure trying to he has that information should we get a contact have tried doing recently heard a restaurant right now why did this no homered Greenland should actually be called eyesight is my advice Iceland traversal Greenland and how what's the latest update on train she still straddling tectonic plates at that she's still looking at all OK very good so I give you the update on that meanwhile rob Brad followed Johnson mossy in the wings will take a couple more calls before we say goodbye. Mike and Connecticut you're next on Sports Radio WEEI. Morning Mike a huge gravel forbid you grab him for me please. There goes my is gone on my age I'm never to be never be heard from again market became you're next on Sports Radio what's going on mark. I get more doubts. Pay arm I didn't try it. I'll. You guys seem to be all of views and not what got an odd bought. There's no guarantee that they were actually off but are outraged they hash out there what patriots often are out he couldn't say yet they are. So we know they were up. Well Amanda let me ask you this do you think they won't pay it back then. Do you think they were offered more than a true. Probably problem from bottom to borrow. What it was I am born and I heard from somebody out yet he had. About the shark all they they have a membership card shark call. Which I quite you know they kept them out boot order accord until you don't pay. That they would just had a lot of gold ridge thought they would add up you know a big deal which ought to be Belichick got a bad. Let me ask this if you knew you were going to trade him would you have traded percent. I'll. Looking at now well our side yeah I don't know if you have any. Chance at all I mean obviously your chances of succeeding would drop all as an insurance policy much greater number sat. But a charge policy you're out there very you know eighteen jock out the scene bird. You know take any capital or that you got you got you bet they're great what outages are going. But even when even when you have percent at least had somebody who was in the system Frontline island he understood it this way he can you bring an envoy give back any of them mania for years. Why would you leave a habit so bear I don't understand that I'm let's go to our team in the car is next on Sports Radio HM. Our particular sentence in electric like a slaughter occur if I think the guy's name which normally it would ignorance is split state. First. What you experienced in Winchester as a white Irish Catholic with the white Protestants were not gracious. That's religious intolerance. Still not but not nearly the same as a black person will wake up and watch out if you recognize why. Torn by twelve can't hide from it anywhere you go to different form of discrimination dumb luck. We're still doesn't take away from Craig's arrogance full please strike give me some solace in the warm don't know what. Asked me to come over December are they patty was having in weighed on people and pass them mushrooms and cocktail hour hey you know last time you said that I got on the front person at the prisoners were angry and you know England is way and they greeted everybody at the front during Craig treats me whether I with a towel and I red jacket. More important different ignorance. That yes. Either one diet if you could not under. You all racial inequality. That trade African American in the country. That African Americans feel which wipe Israel. Yet they still don't think it should protest there which is your opinion what is currently. No question about 810 you said it best in much more articulately and eloquently than I did. Thanks for help me out on that so our army on critical moment calls for help you with a potty I I'm not gonna comment because I made a joke last week after that it'll like Fred Jack opposable smog when my friends Brothers and his office arms. Against me like I was joking about you being the waiter over anonymous person kinda missing so many sheets. Is anyone particular places that went to one of those to target. Bottom bomb and she try to be nice there. Rob rob forward for try to ease up and Iceland will get updates on tectonic shifts TDs museums and GO GO. GO something eruptions all those things from Iceland coming up. A throughout the next four hours states do for TNT this very special addition of TNT were robbed Brad from Philly had. Thanks to Matt on the other side of the glass to you next week by.