Mut & Keefe give their thoughts and predictions on the 2017-18 Boston Celtics

Mut at Night
Tuesday, October 17th

Mut and Rich Keefe are talking about the Celtics ahead of the NBA season opening up tonight witht he Celtics facing off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game rife with storylines to talk about. Kyrie Irving's return to Cleveland after requesting and being granted a trade, Gordon Hayward, the big free agent acquisition, and more. 


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Now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. It's all that celtics' opening night Bradford some moron and farcical sports under five as a whole list of crap hits you between now. And 10 o'clock here on Monday night we'll start with some real world news which I. Where I see an important New Hampshire you familiar with this town as a and BOR and TO when saying Sanborn ten New Hampshire. Known. The studying north its its north conquered it looks like at least in the map I've never I've heard with helmets as some were named to that. Some are born on from thunder is a done Barton hit you are from I'm from them Barton. But Sanborn a kid that sounds like they found ours and born I figured I I guess maybe you were sort of near the yeah looks north. This had a two point one magnitude earthquake while half hour ago. That's will close for two point one should bounce when when does this what does this mean. We should be scared out earthquakes is that now on the list that day to worry about besides I would add to the North Korea. Bomb besides the media rates are canes now this. Is there again natural disaster going to be a god Zola type creature. Even bigger one of these little mini earthquakes and they all aged. It was an earthquake compound and are gonna not a couple of years ago there was one around here that they said I missed it through but I think there was one around here a year ago in the sand like an earthquake survivor. No like who and I you know. Water the senate and Hampshire earthquake and I survive you know it's ideal he sure made up bumper sticker. Right next year this car climbed Mount Washington. A very good Tex coming in right away nearly coney and Lakewood at the sake of its key Erie area is not too far just north the Concord in the middle of the lakes region where's beach area that's leave New Hampshire and that's a little. That's that seems pretty significant I don't know enough about the scale are supposed you don't want to perky yacht but Turkey for twenty minutes in news showed that 830 cracking in bridge water that's close that would also that six what's scarier a couple wild turkeys or a magnitude two point one or quit it's more likely gonna cause harm to you. I'd Turkey I'd say the equipment that's here because here's what here's what we can do we can kill the turkeys. Yahoo! under my life since kill you can kill the turkeys. You can plot committed put him in April Woodard I prior appointment smoker and let's have a Thanksgiving party earthquake you can't kill as far as us I think got 1012 Turkey's bearing down matches just because you can kill that doesn't mean you're going to and they could cause harm to you know. York hits and on these are these are bad birds there long term I am more concerned about a two point one magnitude earthquake in San board New Hampshire. Him. That would be welter of of this thinks of the look at for another key for madness here it's up or to raise madness but this feels and now you're quite the wrestler some share your big fan of his war of there are. Earthquake title with a natural disaster last I watch out wrestling there was a guide to earthquake idiotic typhoon there yeah they were the natural disaster as it attacks the move beyond. We'll keep you up any further earthquakes or aftershocks you'll hear here first are on WEEI between now. And tacked on if you're listening in Sanborn maybe it was the bonds or will check in when we raising calls for an earthquake survivors tonight yeah deceive their doing OK there in. Sanborn New Hampshire hopefully I'm saying that correct. I'll will be here until 10 o'clock golly any earthquakes in the Boston area at 617779. 7937. The phone number you heard the voice of rob Bradford the open he will be here at 8 o'clock when it all the major topics. I wanna start a basketball because I'd of people driving home tonight. That I don't know I think I feel this way may be disagreement calls disagree. I feel locally the Celtics are not a big of the dot as big of a story line. As they are nationally. Heading into opening night of the NBA tonight literally four teams playing tonight in the major stayed this is the beginning of it. You working as one of those teams want your new players on the cover of a very popular video game now. And they on ESPN is story after story after story about the Celtics and Irving and the brawn and the cavs in the NBA. And I don't know why I feel like. It's a bigger story on the four letter network and it is here in our backyard might not read. What not to be right I do feel like the season as snuck up on there's such a crazy offseason not just the Irving trade but signing Gordon Hayward trading the number one overall pick it you know swapping out eleven of the fifteen players on the roster is a crazy offseason. And they're starting early there it is the season users are on Halloween or November 1 and here we are middle of October booming get a game. Part of it is the biggest storyline with the team. Is about a guy who has never played a game with the team yet I don't know that is there anything to do with it I mean I still remember you go back 07. When Garnett and Allen showed up and that was as exciting a time as the was to start a basketball season. There though I am pumped about this season and this team in particular I think they. I don't think they're better than cats but I think they really close that gap from the year ago. Some fired up about it but maybe you're right that maybe. Locally you're still cut up the patriots the Red Sox just came and the manager may be more worried about that lately are they are in Vegas an ace one of the website sent out the odds today they're the third favored to win the NBA finals yet it's tied with the spurs and though the warriors are one of the biggest. Under lays in the history of sports gambling bit they may as well when it but there and five to eight favorite. To win the NBA finals that is insane and after that the cavaliers to. And the Celtics three eagle that the better teams the Western Conference and you're right there are other debt in the spurs are right there in the mix. Op Houston both teams are at great shots to win. The differences that. Those few gonna bash each other all your along the Western Conference. Vegas is looking at like OK can pick one of these two teams to its whose most likely get to the semifinal it's warriors won and welcome vowed to east. It's cavs and Celtics battling in the east of those two. Are to win three. I'll I don't think a lot you'll give them a chance to win I know. According to one of the biggest books the most money bet. To win the NBA finals in their in their futures bets is on the Celtics which is crazy. Because there are other teams that even at odds aren't as good spurs included I would die before arrived at the Celtics when the NBA finals but. I just don't they don't feel like the third favorite to win an NBA final here locally in Boston yeah they don't least to me but I get I think that's. We're talking about what the number one favorite is such a monumental favorite it almost doesn't matter what the rankings are an on Mosul a team that they don't have a great chance of winning the whole thing. But because there's only two. Great teams in the Eastern Conference. That that's whether it be ranked higher rate and he decided because. Even if you like the founder arts and now you think they're going to be able to beat the spurs and then the warriors and and the cavs set in one of those teams besides the warriors. It's gonna have to go on some sort of insane rock. You don't have to appeal these teams so that's why I think the money's coming in that way the Celtics got the third best team in the east. Maybe Milwaukee made its gas well late in good Olympic out of three of fourteen right so that's by the Celtics are getting. That kind of number although even what it's all along even when I'm Darryl I wouldn't at all Walter. It's here to second there's the the third choice they're they're could Saturday ain't a longshot even because the warriors is such a significant favorite to win this year is they help you they're probably going to win that. Maybe that is part that's what's out there actual get tonight is. Why should get excited about a team. That's going up against the to jar not the NBA finals write an angle so law so far away a lot with no and I heard I think you once said this today and and maybe other people grew cue on this that. You're as excited as this season is any scenes in 2000 so yeah obsolete there's postings you sort of knew what you had further than six here Ron where you're going after a pierce Garnett and Allen. But after that first year you're OK you can police he saw that team and are sold outside of it is you decide that there's you were there were horrible. And he's glad he's Brad Stevens yours who have gotten better each year but there are still sort of that. That underdog that kind of thing out over achieving team and I have legitimate star power for the first time in awhile so and I think opening up with the cavs to it's it's perfect. They get the cavs on Tuesday night they get the NBA spot of the that the Boston Celtics. We'll couple years ago works on the socket where they can do are the picks they made these trade they're trying get that number one pick they never even really. Took a guy number one they had number one and traded out of it and they find themselves a couple years later. In a one of the five or six big marquee games of the year in the NBA regular season opening night when only four teams play to the two best teams in the east the two best teams in the west. And obviously Christmas Day in a couple of days. Those the big gays in the NBA. Right and these these Saturday night prime time gains are doing now and I will get the board has been the NBA. Unlike Major League Baseball they listen their fan base there making changes to try to make their sport and their game. Better some of things they're doing with the games and make that your players play. And space in the mount the NBA gets added the NBA's going in the right direction and I feel like. The nature be a bigger story as for the expectations of this team. I urge you guys debating today in May we see dale static they're win tonight or lose tonight honestly. I find it. Impossible to look like the first two months of the season it's a here's the record should be. Right here's what happened tonight we never see this team play more heat you know the bronze first off those slows. Rif now I have no clue on the wrong got to ask how many wins if without the regular season but I think the expectation should be if you're a Celtic fan. This seems to be back in the Eastern Conference final and barring a big injury or boring. A seismic shift not earthquake and knows Sam Borden sand is that sand burdensome summits Sandberg ten earned. Sandberg like born Ayman I'm gonna go Sanborn until further notice. Our now seismic earthquake there but let's say. I can't account for the injuries that can't council abroad saying hey I'm Dan Gilbert. If you'll get it one more player at the deadline I might stay next year week Greg nudge nudge Nagle makes a huge trade Ellis and the very super not just the super team but he super super team. Barring any of that. They should be back in the Eastern Conference final and should be playing the cavaliers in all I'd say a competitive that's the key seven game series I know what 67 months away. The based on your roster based on the overhaul. They should be in the final seven games decent conference and not being. Doors blown. Not competitive for that here well that's why expect via ST I think that's fair I think every year under Brad Stevens they have improved in so what's the next thing to do to improve upon last year. And it's not a simple as just our diet gets in the NBA files it's me again next step. Now the gap in between you know what happened last year and a competitive. Series that well there is a big now that five game sweep I a year ago I picked the Celtics as a mistake I say that duck right now that I'm out of the dumb prediction is that's about the that is again Leo why actually laws they they were down twenty plus and every single parking additive in the series in those hard logging into a game five in particular just. What are you would hear what is that like you didn't belong on the same floor as them so they can even lose in five games again. But if you lose three of those games by you know five points or less you know you win again impressively that now all of a sudden okay. You your matched up now you're you're more on the same level as the Cleveland Cavaliers which they certainly wanna and I can't even compare that series now if it did the team is so different. Then they were a year ago you can't sable this happens now that the dip altered different it's a completely. Different roster. Ryan made the consolidates all knew this public literally brought back four guys and it brought back just Al Horford in the starting lineup. And and the cavs. They're more familiar faces but still they now have to work in. Isaiah. If he gets healthy or when he gets healthy. Jerk rose Dwyane Wade lake just because. Wade's friends with a broad who knows I was gonna gel all those other guys so both teams are gonna have a lot a lot of adjustments to make. That's why. You know I still think they'll finish 12 in some way in the east but now they may not have the open crazy win totals because both teams are going to be trying to figure things out. I also think from a basketball expectation but that's not my expectation for them from a season long he's Eastern Conference final keep it competitive will be your expectations here as well 617. 77979837. The Celtics are a major storyline nationally. Tonight we'll see a bigger they are it from a local story line. Re just they basketball standpoint. They should be a lot more fun to watch this year and I say that because there were times the last couple years where offensively which they were sold bad. It became so repetitive here was an offensive series like 456. About possessions in a row. Dribble dribble journal shot clock winds down find Isiah Thomas he jacks up three goes to basket. Like consistently. That was the office they'd sold few. Offensive skill players and now you ask factory Irving you have Gordon Hayward on the same offensive court with a very good pick and roll player and Al Horford. And a guy Jason Tatum who who who the hell knows but was drafted because. He's an offensive minded player they'd done the defense thing is that we need more offense could call Danny Ainge. This should be from just an offensive aesthetic Lee appeasing standpoint. A really fun team to watch night in night. And it's should I should limbs are down the contract year Marcus Morris who is hitting threes you can average than he had ever out of out of Marcus mark. I you know I was definitely entertain though vial last year's team that they played at a pretty good pace not offensive and when Isaiah Thomas a loan was mosque launched a teacher in the fourth quarter and two are was even do that tonight. King king at fort king of that T shirts and everything month it was amazing Marion burn those shirts because LeBron might out of touch the ball the fourth quarter this year but. That was at least very exciting and it's they played at a any terrible pace like this with either scored in the hundreds every night wasn't Utah Jazz. But this is a different type of thing but it's great is Thomas was last year over wrought Kyra Irving is in better player. Court heroic while. Poll although they hit the breaking news on a party. Yeah. People wait all day for this news. Is touching go for a long time. LeBron James will play tonight. For the Cleveland Cavaliers warrior. This guy's tie loose says LeBron will play while upgraded from questionable to probable last couple of minutes. And I don't people waiting he's severely hurt. LeBron it's not like it to make about himself he's not about making. In the center of attention he's probably really hurt that's Incredibles. What I like about this is now there's no broad changes will play tonight. If they lose or he struggles there's no enemy no excuses or you know while ago I probably should even have played earlier that. Act that you think I just not that are none of that this guy never makes an excuse your final Celtics won 22 cavs 101 and a bronze personally. You guys you could see out there really happened tonight and I wanted to give the fans something and they came out here to the Q but I just I probably shouldn't have played a volley wouldn't have played if there was a lot like the outs in wanna be there for them it's a new team on to gel. You know we win as a team. And we certainly lose as a team if you got that off of the year you just get injured early. And go try to make we did you without Dwyane Wade an awful prom is the worse just the there was no doubt IKEA and does this is zero doubt. He will play Vegas new laws they don't like Vegas that I think it was off the boards and there were odd that there are four point favorites all all dialogue. A recent south three and a half who I think that three outnumber guys gone out there. So I didn't I don't rupture a year take a flashy sell the team though a couple of thousand I was were able they jokes are wondering all day. Will this guy who man who can play up anything will he play in the opening nights and gutsy performance higher NBA watching. Yeah I think he's gonna. I think he's gonna play my tie Lou is made that if so they'll tip off about ninety minutes will start Celtics and your expectations for this team may be a Rami do you feel like rich does that. You're excited about I just don't feel as I watched maybe I wanna different circles but I feel like. Nationally for on ESPN a whether it's Rachel Nichols whether it's Stephen A Smith wetter weather ESPN AM PM to six. That's all the talk about as the Celtics and the NBA. Not the same run here locally 6177797937. Is your phone number I you jump in on that else wanna play free at some point. Meeting at this our next hour Isiah Thomas going off again. On the 88 and finally Danny Ainge today with. Dale holly Keefe Nestle response slot responding it'd been weeks where Isaiah Thomas all all I got a trade Isiah Thomas. I despite a second guys or trade in his career OK so this cut happens in this league. This attitude of the state the celtics' old Venus grandiose a goodbye and he'd been pissed off an angry. Finally detainees fired back with you guys wanna play some of that will start with the the Celtics in youth 617. 77979237. Is the phone number I'll see an earthquake survivor. Up there on the board from New Hampshire delve that two point one. Magnitude earthquake today in San Borden. We'll take his call first double talk to you it's much at night Sports Radio W media. Art exhibition season is not. We Olivier also. It's hard to know I'm excited about our like our team. But the morale like the fact that these guys hit it on our roster right now. Really excited to be about the update it. And I think it's that go along way and it ate it enables you to be able to fight is itself I have been. And have yet been improving each and every day and I'm excited about this group of guys that I don't know where we are quite a bit. You know open up I eat smarter I aired. You could pit and we'll have a little bet better idea of where we are after you burst your game. First debate to tonight in Cleveland a national stage for your Boston Celtics who become the first team in NBA history your turn four or fewer starters. The season after leading a conference in wins that according to Elias sports there about nine minutes away from tip there in Cleveland a LeBron James will play tonight according to tie wrong blew a surprise to absolutely nobody. At three questionable Bada boom week. On the CP play in this scheme of course he was going to place waited until 630 to make it official we start there the expectations on this Celtic team and are they bigger story locally here is they are nationally because there are one of the darling teams. That people or talking about 61777979237. The phone ever Mike's nor province first up. With mud and keep like it evening. Yet it would. You know at the dark this season I'm looking forward to a I think that they're going to be fine overall. The guys that they brought back from the guys they got about keeping long term anyways. I. I take it one of them is really interesting is there a lot of talk in the starting lineup especially the stick with Tatum did that basically beat. Airing the last two number three takes what we all stars. You know so that don't normally do they talk about young teens in this that the third youngest team in the league extra 'cause. The young teens it they they're the guys that they are lined up the course star players are the young players and they might have some young guys old guys. But it stated overall yield. Add talent level that he'd a rob young guy. What fifteenth it's completely flip flop almost anything else I've ever seen or you haven't seen that all the monies get paid to establish. L all star caliber players and just one more bang now. I'd look at Florida on Saturday in the future. With the salary cap it or not the most solid global luxury tax to be so so brutal the fact that Danny as you know the corporate pick. As the man respect and as either the Laker Rick war you know Sacramento's expected to be huge and all of a role for rechargeable. Obstacle one or. Because even a gold free agent to even get a decent player not get paid ten million dollar a year and and you could pay two million dollars a year for our state upperclassmen coming out you know can be a rotation player. Dan Nobel have troubled young players and Jalen brown Jason Tatum in the restarting lineup tonight Woolsey is the caller said how long that sticks the marks Morse come back here at some point he may find himself. In the lineup but it Tatum plays well. I get the impression of him every opportunity can only start of play a lot of minutes. For this team this year yet it has the means response to this afternoon that there's more opportunity for Tatum this year than there was for brown. Lashed at different set up that he never set up I think the way the roster constructed and also the fact that Boris is out at least in the early going that just creates more playing time. And I think Tatum to probably a better prospect than brown none other both the third overall pick. But brown was drafted in a year where it if delegates who player draft that a drop off. And a lot of people thought they with the Celtics reached on brown a little bit and then last year. Ainge pass said that you know he would have taken him number one so I think you other ball number three and I was also the better draft. Tatum might be the better player the more ready player coming in Italy anyway we drafted Jalen brown and his. Major talent VS most people that follow all this stuff or clothes tonight it was that he was of a freakish athlete need to play right away defensively in the NBA Jason Tait and skill set. Is office like you saw that immediately and not in any way shape or form trying to project a player's summer league plays or stats or numbers into. What's gonna happen beginning tonight. But if you watched any minute of Jason Tatum. He's a polished offensive player like UK dated there is a something about in the Jalen brown doesn't have right now and his team a desperately needed that they got they got Hayward may. That that the fact that you know if they just got Heyward this year there would have been a better offensive team and it's. On radar and hate of he's not all radars at the white guy as being very ordered it is an average to point to point five points a game probably. And there's so much attention both on and off the court on on carrier ring and understandably so. But court they were legitimately and all are our top one Nina player in the league. And it's like he said such an afterthought if you're thinking OK this guy's gonna come in and Hayworth can take the pressure off. Isiah Thomas offence at least a in other double teaming Isiah make it very tough the at the basket. Who was take a lot of shots the team it two years ago with Evan Turner he was the guy in charge of it. You know it was a bunch of different guys lash Shubert Avery Bradley was get the ball a lot at the end of shock clocks Od. On the offense would break down sell. Gay Irvin I didn't get Hayward. Any adjacent in this era for the entire time ever since they hired Brad Stevens that was our he's really taking some of these players and turning him into something you know bugger you know of that contract Evan Turner was able to sign after playing under Bret Stephens. So what happens at the as real town what happens if you give all NBA talent how good could those guys potentially beat. And we're gonna chances to see at the season let's talk to let Jack who's in Becket mass stuff out there on the pike talking about the Celtics this year hijacked. I guys you could arm so you know ultimately going to act out. We're going to be a much better team annals Carroll said there he had questions about whether or not we really improved this year. But I think if you look at what we have now with our winks and I think rebound and put on makeup or. Any loss that we might yield books and cards from losing Bradley. Column in it and Crowder. So also don't this year we've got. Or quality guys jacking you are on the floor where last year we had two quality guys Eric Chiu. So we have a lot more options and I don't think that out. Are going to be able to you know they get to what would they can just trip looking me double my question Kirk. And basically shot down. Like that it Lester what do you guys stick. It's a good point Jack I mean that's the thing with the super teams and Arab the solidly since those super team of probably closer three legitimate all stars and got some. Of a common place orders are super team the no one else's well I group the Miami Heat Houston might be the second the. With just those guys poll Paul with Paul Enid Oklahoma City. We think yet is something you're sisters are back here is that I think if you have three legitimate all stars and when the Miami Heat first formed up thousands super team. LeBron wade and bosh stiff three puts in the conversations Oklahoma City wins Westbrook Georgia mellow shore that's the super team and even they're not in that Donald nobody had no reason they'll stately put my whole point is. You're right if you wanna double or triple team carrier being greats they have plenty of other guys that can make you pay whereas last year. Now Avery Bradley asked to shoulder some of the offense or even Horford or. Marcus Smart at times Linux in that wasn't arrogant downwards now you certainly have more options. And obviously whatever team you see tonight is not the Isiah Thomas out counts I mean that they. They they're gonna feel I surely gonna feel like with Isiah Thomas and LeBron and Kevin Love. That team you're pretty damn hard defend who wants all those guys are healthy in the spring. Those are three offensive forces and eight and glove is already guys given the Celtics absolute fits on the last couple years this is not a sell the story but. It's gonna signal what's going to be very long year for the Chicago Bulls this in the headline from Yahoo! Sports. It's nick Lowe Mirotic corrects quote yeah dare touch hospitalized after practice altercation with he might teammate Bobby portraits. Or a point about who we think. Who's waitress but outwardly there's bulls forward Mirotic Bobby up port is engaged in physical altercation practice Tuesday. The resulted in Mirotic being hospitalized inside right in definitely. Mirotic has taken of the hospital after their shopping altercation practice ended with the alleged cheap shot from port it's. The Mirotic his face league sources told the vertical. Our Mirotic undergoing tests expected to be up for the foreseeable. Future. League sources said. I love spotted forests I want them to draft by a report of a lightly sat and feels like average all over 00 wanna bipartisan. Beat that meritage now it's a cheap shot to Mirotic his face. These upper foreseeable that's a believable coming off thirty so bad Michael's decision here or 47 million dollar deal for the 26 year old he thinks are the worst you mentally and that's before he saw one of their players punched out a starter. And he's India now Iowa is hospitalized. How how hard how big of a cheap shot ardea to get hit. If you're 66. Had ample source was fatally shot did you take. To be hospitalized zap of the broadening it probably drilled his colleagues. And ice dollar jar jar dolls played knocked about and I bet that my is my guess who my guess is he got knocked out in the majors. For precautionary reasons took him to a hospital. Maybe as a broken or phone is ease it's outs for the foreseeable future on hope that's not that the orbital bone maybe a concussion. If I would be all for a long time. Concussions are being sort of they do now if that happens or your played you have to do you cut Portis or do you just say don't do that again. He sure we are thrilled today that he's he's as early twenties right did did rosier dress a couple years ago yeah he's like towards him. There's going to be is thirty city they cut a 22 year old I I don't know what kind of message you wanna send. It's GE's north SO shows flashes number in the playoffs last year did that monster game against the Celtics and then he was tight disappeared they like on the rest. It is a nice player. So holly had here we go to get ultimately gets cut I wanted to John Ramirez did you want Bobby gadget in your base so yeah I was very worked out well. Here goes body banging on both. 61777979837. Is your phone number starting with the Celtics big tip offs over an hour from now to take on the cavaliers expectations. For the Celtic team and a other place here in Boston which they get an opportunity to jump public couple notches. A given the youth of the town this team will get that in your calls its Mott at night's Sports Radio W yeah. They've got here comes loaded five minutes after the hubble's story practice a couple of body Fortis. The growth of Nicole and even. In Buffalo, New York that I can I can never set first game. Mirotic I've gotten like so it's almost it would Mirotic suffered a fractured bone in his face. League sources tell ESP. So welcome to Chicago where you basketball scene all the alone but he got there before it started David and a car on the Celtics as they kick off their season tonight in Cleveland. Against LeBron James and the cavs needed. Good evening guys now you know I must call security guys have to go the opposite I think that's what. Makes good ratings that. I would jump the gun here I think we're reporting the carriage and trying to be harsh if you well we haven't seen a lot of and you play it imam or. Are we better get some time I think where they were all excited I'm excited at all wanna watch again deny and deny it got a dollar a lot about some of these play. Acting sort of too premature. To who. To support Obama I pedestal by how good they are going to beat this is Boston. This justice Celtics it's a definite about it so I think we had that Q. Easy political. What are aware what street ease up on what's your expectation David for the steam and if work if my expectation of Eastern Conference finals and competitive series at the cats is too much. Where you expected to be when the chips. Fall here at the end of the season. I do expect him to do well they're efficient are they going to be any. In certain situations. Yet to be out it is I don't think so I think it's going to be a big. Appointment we're gonna say yeah I'd just this feeling about it it just me my opinion and I just have a feeling that. Some of these guys until we're all about apple all of the level that we're expecting the way we want it. Yeah I thought. David B you might be onto something I and I I know the caller mentioned this earlier that the trade issue went down the first that for hours after it happened they require carrier ring. You know Brian Scalabrine went on NBC sports Boston's are approved with the deal and said Osgood defensively. Oddly lost too much from last year and they're not going to be as good as they were at least in year one. I look at that offensive talent and and maybe get caught up and it. I think they're going to be better when that means that one extra regular season winner two X rated he wins or. Hell I've tour three wall of winds fuel the regular season rich but a better run the post season more competitive. Five game series are seven games series whenever he's in Cleveland. That is my expectation for this team in a five game series they are much more quick now to handle pretty much any team thrown their way. Once the playoffs start I think a lot more talent and sigh all you out bank on that in the long or after the 82 games that they're going to be better quickly he said. To win it in the playoffs and maybe get justice far that's gonna look differently they were the rocket V. Yuck I doubt that they're gonna lose a first round series or look at the bulls they have McDonald's the polls. That Rondo gets hurt they're able that the move on to the next round and then they get absolutely worked in the conference finals against him a lot more competitive. This time they're better team on paper they're better team offensively and they have the lead dog I we are bitches named really that much the carrier ring. He I did the guys as advertised I think last year we talked about Celtics and cavaliers the reason why my prediction was so stupid. Celtics beat the cavaliers is that cavs had the best 2 players in the eastern conference on the roster. LeBron James and carrier I really think at least in this next two or three year window you can make the argument Irving is the second best player to LeBron. Other young players up and coming on not not in the count Easter conference individually agree fracas is a thoughtful and I would I would still think Irving over here right now and if you acquired act guy. Yeah I think it's okay to see your expectations are similar to what you saw last year Eastern Conference final competitive and he's that he's a killer. You'd think he's gonna score fifty tonight which is your idea mine lies that. He's you know he's at the is that wanted to wanna spread the ball they'll like get his guys won't everybody's hot or they were you an idea that this is your revenge game. Even though you're the one who wanted to out of their personal revenge game. We're gonna feed you a little bit it's now on there Reggie does that does he may score thirty. He may score 3550s. Ask colliding in well a couple fifty point games this year yeah I no doubt about that because offensively. And you'll see it beginning tonight for those who. This opens gonna watch that for the first time in awhile. He gets them the rim like Isiah Thomas was. But he's more athletic and he better. Around organizers of a couple times re conflicts where your whole league what do you like myself that I oyster company finals last tree goes from the foul line extended. To the open at the ran. In Hispanic vote out I'd mental sack that's the crazy out of Haiti just get that I think he does even better than Westbrook where he goes so fast that the basket that you think you did this thing it's gonna go flying off the backboard or something he's too out of control. And I just lays it in. And it's an and one more you have of winning and you have Irving for fifty practice here on board yes there ago it's a four get out of here she did eyesight you just petered out at during one of the commercial breaks you're the you do the door podcast SW we -- account yes. It says tonight is. Horror movies thirty through eleven were two of top fifty top fifty or movies all time it's a three part series but thanks for asking that first part fifty and 31 a lot of puck was released last week only once a week. Thirty or eleven tonight and then next week top ten. Get it right around Halloween again with or don't that's a lot well organized podcast. Does everything to all fifty get their tricky skits there are three of us that that it we all ranked our top fifty that we combine the lists. You take elects its a lot of work but we think iPod over how that is our that is alternate door pot pies with that's a lot of work we are as Roberts C took its like fantasy rankings youth UN Matthew Berry and and Nate whatever his name is that by your ratings together any capacity average it out who are the ones that you letting your list that did not make the tough fifty of those Leo may also receive audible let's see if they get talked about it we throw them at the end wrote that the ads you know one thing we did mess. Absolutely. Boy that's a store told by the way he's the national. Thought you aren't that's rich keep he'll be at the where we got that Dumars are work work work at the causeway tomorrow across street from the garden league yet to be home opener one of the huge. List of events for tomorrow there at the causeway. Portnoy is on at nine while bar stool stuff planned route will get deport or this hour and and John SPX is WEEI return. With a big big guys at 11 AM must listen tomorrow 6177797937. The phone number of a we'll get back in the Celtics at some point I'm sure rob Bradford joins now from now bought I have to come back and talk you guys. About Colin Capra nick there was a league meeting today. That the NFL the NFL PA are trumpeting one calling cap critic wasn't there to be at a that was his story talk about. Turns out it isn't because the rumors are now leaking about Roger Goodell in this meeting and they are. Awesome if you are anti gay Dell if you're anti NFL people like I have these meetings are all about a bunch of PR crap. And really not get anything done at you're gonna wanna hear the details from inside the meeting we'll have those for you next.