Mut at Night - Al Horford is above average - 3-8-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, March 8th

Keefe and Tomase start their fifth hour of the day and think Al Horford is above average, even though his stats are sometimes below average.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio got a we EI. Here we are afraid. Show but at night. Never thought I receive job loss. Chris along and take over at 7 o'clock here fourth rated WEEI you can join us at 61777979237. You sick of the Al Horford clock yet as the all of a sudden the last week or so. These Celtics topic about either you're a Smart NBA fan. Anything he's great or you know nothing about the NBA and you question Al Horford at times yes so this is one that is definitely started to bother me. It you're allowed to note that Al Horford has played like crap recently placed and you're allowed to note that. Yes he's a good player does a lot of good things he's probably not worth a Max. I think those are fair right. That date if you say that you are not betraying a complete and utter lack of understanding of basketball yes I think you can say that they need more out of him. And that's what it's Ben and I and I feel like the Al Horford defenders who also paint themselves as basketball geniuses. Feel as though. This guy is eight yards and she opened the box score what he does is great it you can't question in the when he has three points five rebounds or his five points five rebounds or five points two rebounds. Those are three of the last six games of the game since the all star break or is averaging eight points. And then they twisted and what you think using B 2010 no no I didn't and now he's going to be 2010. But I think he can be more. Then what he is then they also spit it I think they'd Tinto group of people defender Tyrone Robinson went all Simmons specifically tweeting it you know attacking Maloney in a sense of well there's one called an average out. And whatever is the Joker than nick Annika stock of the good name as the average and always either but he's above average player but some nights his stats do look pretty average. And then you hear about the new once the new year ball all of his other stuff going on. But what's crazy is. Nobody the best of my knowledge says that he socks and nobody says I wish they didn't have. And yet if this this huge defense how. Well you know if you knew basketball if you watch basketball you would understand the importance of Al Horford got an energetic I think most people watch get a he's good I I like him fine. But he's not as good as as what they're making an out to be. And Mike look back at the oh loss to the rockets and it's right on yet and so all right we're not talking about I'm diving and criticize him for the open threes that he missed on the stretch where apple their offensive guys miss some times. But how about where there's a loose ball. Which I think he had lost I had turned her over and it goes down and he gets it and then he just passes it's a no one and it goes the other way and ends a paean fast break. For the rockets. All right where the intangibles right yeah demo what a hard fought game rated errors that's what they say rather than while a couple of big misses those things for twelve in the game. And in the last couple of minutes also that that costly turnover yes and yet another terror to right where he tried to hit somebody sort of back door it was not a good pass and it's like would be you know what's going on here. And though it's fair to criticize the way Al Horford is played now I'm not saying Sox but I'm also not saying that he's like is untouchable. Ease that he's a foundational piece at a championship team and I like to see an upgrade I'd like to see an upgrade on Al Horford. For what they were when they signed him huge signing Branyan kind of a historic signing. Oh team also nodded and overstating or anybody had a problem sign thrilled thrilled with the signing. But their worries are if they're gonna make that that next step. Either he has to be better or need to get court here or back which is I think a fair thing to say also now Tatum brown are gonna have to be really really go there the speed up. Their their improvement. Now NBC sports Boston has been obviously they have the Celtics games. They're very defensive of Al Horford including the host of the pre and post game show Kyle Draper. And the thing that upsets me the most is this guy's been disrespect you by those guys who aren't in the know think about it. He's been a five time all star I know people sell all star doesn't mean anything strike he hasn't been voted girl's or the coaches. The players the media do the people that really know but they are the ones that could out. More from New Jersey there's there's a guy whose Jersey are racing the ban has recently who. He didn't get voted in by the fans as and also I think he was one of the greatest players in this franchise's history so that to me is a moot point. Al Horford Paul Pierce now and so I. Al Horford has struggled the last six games so let's talk about what he was an all star with the hawks. Yes Annie and everything yet and you know what he was great in the playoffs last bloody does that again known okay right on this looking in his game lied and I don't wanna sounds like a lot night. Plus minus it is noted is that it's just the little snapshot yeah doesn't tell the whole story obviously. But I'm looking in nine of his last like fifteen games he's zero or negative enable won a bunch of those games or not. You know doubted different senator gonna defend if you know basketball better than everybody that's fine difference that the talent wise. You know he's he's this great player for the for the south yet but he's good at an ad but I just think it's sort of points to the level of lately he's been exhibiting for why you know yet it's just been sub par. He's been sub par Furl so this is really get this is the Twitter account Boston sports in follow notes just in right and that's an area of doubt it ran out and out of identity in on the go on the handle. But they a couple of days ago it was on the fifth states weed out Al Horford splits. Any computer to tell you the new wants the show opened the box score leadership. Love love those that they does a super important. Now in games in which he scores fifteen or more points. The Celtics are sixteen and four. The 800 winning percentage. If he scores fourteen or less. Their 23 and sixteen. To 590 winning percentage and no points is that's like archaic stat radar and points average in the area. But clearly when he plays well. The team plays well when he plays when he scoring the team wins more also a fun fact from the team when he does not play. They're five and now. Whatever you'd go through and pick out and and I'm I'm I'm honestly that priority. Decent I don't know enough about that but I think which also point that out a lot of rebounds if Al Horford has eight or more rebounds. The team is 24 and seven. The 774 winning percentage as few as seven or less rebounds. They're fifteen and thirteen. The 536 and that makes sense because when they lose they get killed on the board the across on the glass and so Al Horford. Should be your best rebounder but it we're we're looking at this title like rebounding as its intangibles. I. I prefer something in there as well. Let me sum that now ice greens or you away passes you know something getting in the passing lanes gases sort of a defensive stance that the one that I love is like. You know offense runs in the events aren't so when people tell me I don't know anything about basketball for saying occasionally Al Horford does not play to his contract. I wanna tell those people salmula what does that mean when you says that the op Eds runs. I wonder if if you if you don't criticize Horford or do you say how good he is. Is it just so you can. Sounds like you know basketball to other people in the last ball got undergo double bass while watching Tom of basketball. I like Al Horford. But I think there's room for improvement any frustrates me when he has gains rate goes eaten for you but you should get more than that and I know that had a contract is. What it is and you had to sign and that's what he's gonna get the wizards would give a tumor somebody else would give her too long and I am glad they signed him but in every sport you organ associate the contract with a player you just are these maggots when he Millon dollars. In two years he'd be making thirty million dollars any might be your fifth best player. You hope. That they think we as part of Natalie who you do all that he that he is on the than one last that from Boston sports and vote to sort of piggybacking off those two. If games in which he has. Fifteen and eight. So fifteen or more points in it more rebounds in the same demons is probably the game you're talking about when you say I don't need him to iron to 201015 and eight is 515 and eight every that's a big drop off from the guys that you know. Like Tim Duncan with a career twenty and ten guy like that that's their big time. Achievement and eager to point 1015. And eight is that nice step back and when he does that he's done it thirteen times this year. They've won twelve of those games. If I shocker it when he plays well and you look at Iraq is tiring play as well I'm gonna say every night but I retired just about every single night. Maybe sometimes as a shooter as well as others but almost everything right he plays well. And then you get a good brown gamer good Tatum and it kind of comes and goes Horford. Should be more consistent and I don't think you're an idiot or you don't watch basketball if you save. Yeah he should be more consistent principles that day you know what he is he's sort of taken over for market Smart. Markets Smart was the guy in the last couple years if you yeah wrap the dollar to report but all I guess I would if you mentioned. You know that he shoots 2.5 percent on threes might as you sheets of many threes and easy 25%. You don't know basket bodied. No no actually I like a lot it is things he does I recognize. That in crunch time he's on the floor I recognize that when they beat Golden State he's on the floor at the end for a reason I get all that. I think it's fair to ask him why guy who shoots 25% on threes take seven game I think that's a fairly high costs out there yet and that's but that's the same kind of thing that gets met with. Yeah you don't know anything about basketball right okay and expect that that's that's up to the two shots on the conversation but there's no. We can't talk about Al Horford is you just think he stinks because you don't think he's been great all the time and yet he's the pro and I think both those average out even though it started as a joke below yeah he played out you have to Wear it like he's he's out but there's a measure of truth to like Horford is not consistently. And Max contract players not consistently fifteen and eight. Now we are thirteen games and series done. Like I've noticed he's eight he's thirteen and 737. Welcome him he's under thirteen points in seven and a half rebound so I mean he's pretty good that he was the last guy selected in the all star played radical right. For a reason he was the worst also worked all star got that kind of sums Al Horford is the worst I'll start with the trailer is still absolutely the all star. Are we have more from NBC sports Bosnian a stroke lately talking about Horford. Can you ever live up to the contract. They have they have wow I mean his numbers are never gonna justify his contract and never gonna justifies impact on winning and that latter point winning is what Al Horford has always been about but I will say this he's had stretches that recently where he's just hasn't played very good basketball I mean there's no if ands or buts about that Al has even acknowledge that and embraced every -- but the one thing that we always come back Duval and this is why. I find myself having to defend more often and I want to this impacts when he is all impact when he's always say if that's what he wants to do that is what he's calling in the NBA is. And he doesn't work at a live at a rate that frankly is better than most player. Aren't so he so try to act. Being a little Republicans are negative and all but being. Pretty clear we saga about Al Horford say yet these aren't the stats that you NASA associate with him Max contract player and buddy buddy impacts winning and yet the Celtics had a conference finals last year. He himself is on at the conference finals twice so if you're gonna use winning as a big barometer. He's never even bend to the finals let alone won the finals and a stand he's been in the Eastern Conference with LeBron James and every time. The hawks the power play abroad they would get swept out. But if you're include winning as as this thing. Don't you. The jets have won something and yes I mean I'm just looking at the hawks records when he was there so the year before he gets drafted they went thirty games they go thirteen 2630 doesn't win totals before extracted yeah. Rookie year 37 wins and 47 and fifty threes there OK this guy takes the plow shares into winning thing then their back down 44404438. In the of the huge sixty win season. Than 48 Denny's in Boston and epoxy got a lot worse obviously twenty and 45 now but. So I understand that like Atlanta was a always kind of a tough vote but never an elite team now and that's sort of sums up or effort like it kind of does like he's the Atlanta Hawks of players like if he's your best or second pass best player you're going to the playoffs but then you're gonna get smacked around the best yet but the bottom line is and again. So he's made the playoffs every year he's been in the week which is that's a great stat I bet that's a nice thing to have going for. And on a team by the way they had made the plant some tenure right to an abortive daytime drop account put it together they have some good players are great players but there are put together but this is. This is Al Horford playoff history. Out the first round out the second round out a second round out the second round out the first out the first out the first. Conference finals or slept out. And then. Last year ghosts of the conference finals would would be yet with the Celtics now he he lost the second round two years ago remember he beats. The Celtics are they about matchup against the season and he was he there are already all weirder is terrible I feel like he had one good game but I know that was the same Millsap with that and yet that crazy game or I wanna game yet on what corporate points corporate it was really bad. Yeah eight I wanna say he had a game where he was if not scoreless pretty close to yeah but it was one of the games they won by like thirties and it didn't matter yet. Let's start to all of this is actually a great point I think why he's acting criticize all that much let bill in Malden on Al Gore for forty up L. Alibaba chatter around that shot you're in. Pretty. Heavy I like believed in him. Yeah and every time I'd seen him speak electorally knows that and that's all we get him. You know forward should achievable bought. I would start in the port act. And acting like David Price I'd be concerned. He doesn't Wear. Ten tonight. I think that were is really helped them build thanks for the call he does he says all the right things he seems like a really good guy but hasn't said before. And the the deal Keith portion of the show yes we don't know anybody that we don't we don't know these athletes but. From what were able to seat he seems like a really good guy. And he doesn't make excuses. You know he says he's got to be better so. How we get a spirit that or is like David Price or Clay Buchholz or some of these other guys would find ways. You know put the blame some Morales sort you know certainly not where all of it wears Horford. Kinda has so. That's why the he doesn't really get a ton of criticism certainly from the guys that that cover the team on a daily base yeah I mean I've covered if only a few handful Celtics games since he's been here is there for the Cleveland series last year busting Cleveland. And Horford. The more you talked to on the more he reminds you of somebody like Jeter who I'm Derek Alexander and a I said Derek Jeter. Answered questions every single day. Never lost to school never really said anything inflammatory here frankly interesting throw but he was always very you know friendly approachable polite whenever. Horford kinda has a similar vibe a little more. Like a real person and Jeter who you know well as you've you're talking to a god it points that felt like yeah who was you know you're beneath his time a little bit right let. I'm but north it's got a little bit of that tube where he's very well spoken he's very measured he doesn't lose his cool and so he any is good to the media so that might help. My thing with him is go back to the playoffs last year he was really good. He was really good to light work when any event when they needed and now he got you know overwhelm against Cleveland like the rest of them but up until that point he was probably. Fifteen or sixteen points and eight rebounds exactly that sort of magic lineup are talking about and fifty an innate. He was that guy more nights than not and they went to the conference finals so he answered the bell when it mattered. We talked about the winning player thing is he winning player he yet he showed it last year when those games matter yeah I mean he ended up for the the plows which were great you know eighteen games forming averaged fifteen points. And six and a half rebounds. But I would guess I'd like you'd better elements offered against Cleveland when they yet however I would imagine that they did he also wrote five assists those of the big things we heard a lot last year was. You know just how how many assists they always say that one of the best assist man for senators like OK you kind of distracting from him. Having a career low rebounds last year that it got to Erica pushed the summer yes I had so hairy his three Cleveland series number sixteen point seven and half rebound successes so that's yet. Pretty solid night at night and I'll add that absolutely and that's I think that's all people are looking for but it turns into what all or nothing and it's. Like Al Horford game I think the conversation is more nuanced yes they get shouldn't be either. He sucks and you don't a basketball or he's the best in Europe Oswalt genius yet again is not the assistant that's the bottom line calls on not consistent. And you would like your highest paid player yet he's your eyes spade and insular areas you would like him to be more consistent. 6177797937. Tom Thibodeau. Talked about Horford value of that plus your your phone calls coming up it is never moderate night Keith answer mossy Sports Radio W media. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. And. It. Never thought I'd roll bar is risky Johnson mossy Sports Radio WEEI. I feel like never Monday night needs its own logo and every hit on the website at pace nevermind it nice to be listed as its own ship is about half the time. In for the line six over seven model called the belong to show it either so there's a lot of times were mutt is. Working other ships let's say yes and it's not yet I was like what it's not like mine is not working he notes more than anybody and and you. Right monologues people are not final five are certainly that is a lot of times I'd like this with our. Fifth hours a little rough and agents and every day is known as I look at 545 I was like wow okay home no no stretch it was not a poster sold me on the Soledad felt like when I would run a mile high school back to actually do the old mile run day you have to do it for whatever and you never inside the gym it's ironic that the 2.3 lap he had a I think it's not a track somewhere and I don't allow I would rather do I sell outs we have lost track yet to buy the latest I feel like him just running on a corner the whole time and just cornering all the time. And Iran are logged. It's what's the point. Tom Thibodeau the coach of the administrative rule to see that there are rows back Maria was passed away. Derek are you lied their days as good payroll like well it's a gas via. That's that's an area you know if you can if you could play anymore but anyway Tom Thibodeau. Explained Al Horford the value to the Celtics. The most important over. The way. You know look it's and that's what makes them who you loans. Do you watch that was. You know. Please repeat. That's rich green it's sort. Of that's what's twenty. And he can't underestimate. Of the yellow shirt it's fortunately the team. The most important thing service. And so our enemies laugh but he said set good screeners thirty million dollar a year screens. Had to Perkins was a good team defender and set good screens. Not the same pastor he was set moving screens near miss at least once again that it look at that whatever may and you do that as well. But. Yeah I mean that's kind of the point and so we have to go and I and it and trustee Tom Thibodeau knows. Everything about basketball but he he is a basketball genius and so find that at that's how he feels bought. So a guy who set good screens we can't really criticize executive a little more like thirty million dollars is set for for hard screen that's Greene Roland pick and pop yeah they got an endless and I mean I recognized. Or for its value defensively days Aaron Spelling manor yes and he is a great passive for big minutes and handle the ball. All that stuff is important I know they have the stat last year when Horford is on the Florida Isiah. Because of light the threat that he closed in the picked general. And the screens that he sent Isiah is three point percentage was X number yeah Broadway but it was. Higher with corporate on the floor and it's like okay that's kind of a cool intangible thing you wouldn't necessarily. Put those two things together. But again it's just it's going to be more instances that consist of attacks in that average Al did win two national championships in college of Florida that would not have happened without them. Our that's true however ring I mean night but my point is so Al Horford is being dubbed this great winner and again we. Making the playoffs every year is it quite an accomplishment that's really doing a lot of guys can say that and so that is good. What are we saying is when is that it would just make the playoffs is winning and if you are countless college days to call Carmelo Anthony one of the biggest NBA losers get up. He won every year he was in college John he had on the international front at every area was there doubt he won a title and then he also made the playoffs a bunch you won in Denver he turned that around about the playoffs he might have the record prize scoring average team. He had yo ya right he could use twenty some opening game is. Anybody ever call him a winner now in other games are different for every freaks out how much you give us in the game I understand he doesn't pass is much I get it. But my point is if you're gonna go back to college says that he won and then simply say playoff appearances count 2000. The NBA is is fable all the sports are did you win a title or did you not. Charles Barkley is Charles park due to great winners this Karl Malone the first winners the point guard Carl Malone you're the good hitters stock in you wing these guys are all amazing players and they play in a lot of playoff games. Those guys all played in the finals. And we still say the losers. Al Horford every amid the finals and now he's at his winning moniker I now end and Carmelo this is my favorite Carmela standalone would you guess his lifetime assists as per game at all. Theory yet. Three per game like a guy you know who had the ball in his hands on yeah adds let's hope they got a blank I shot three assists a game he's averaged forty shots how to point it's point five of that first career when he four point three that's at first but we're pretty good idea that's Larry that's editor was 24 for it thinks of us. Right there but the other side argument the one I was getting to win win by freshman get drafted and was gonna win a couple of years went by. Colonel Anthony shows up beast when he gain it would mean you don't you know we have 21 points a game at age nineteen and as you would have been a soft towards their UC's averaged 21 points. At the argument here in the and to Jim Brown wouldn't give my five year I don't try and AJ browns have a good year but other port flasher when he wasn't a wasn't all his fault he was implying a lot and saying why not these guys used the third pick Carlos the third pick. Throw throw out their umbrella averaged 29 game as a 22 year old that's all openness. He lead the league that year and now he he led the league once but it was awareness CNET year yeah yes. Let's go to Peter in JP he joins us next what's going on Peter. Technical Olympic U guys aren't noted and I think is it opened up to it at number registered been and there are. Tennis site and they're averaging ten rebound came out playing or are created in regard he's gonna hear you know by the other thing that has been controversial. Peace and playing with a ball hard hit a decent but 120 shot game it. We're being by the Mexican 21 point. I mean he couldn't get my short game. Debit carrier wasn't taking the shots do you think Al would also and stuff score and now what I you know aren't our great question are. Arctic territory are dumb idea about our admin for those guys leaving for Horford and he's never band and he had one year worry averaged over eighteen dollars and Ellis is high. Easy more than sixty the 141 career god every comment about a. Are carries taken eighteen shots a game he's down almost two shots from last year with Cleveland do you watch the games and feel like parachutes so much as I don't feel I want to market. A big enemy he. The way you play. Really you know likes high east policy at the top of my carrier. I thought we got out ordered up animate that's fine. Irish aren't aren't the real. Point here. Yeah I mean are we doing here. I listen I've watched you have to hear rosier the carrier that I would be so I don't spend a census and I would just say this is slated to having watched -- are it was possible. He's the he's on the most entertaining players in the league yet either it is a true top ten player in the league and there's a separate category of most on the watch in my top five yeah. But he what he does or on the basket is particular and he does it without really leave in the ground that's now that's the amazing thing to me it's all. None of it how many times you doubt that I know he dunked once early in the air. He's probably done two I would yes I don't less than five times he just like spins the ball off the backboard and goes in almost every time Iran footed one here oddly does that mean you could do you could probably do 101000 words on just his little bag of tricks yes you around the hoop I don't think Al Horford wants a lot more shots and I think yeah okay he's at ten point three shot attempts per game. Tons of medium a couple of more I mean for his career he's averaging eleven. That's what I mean it's right there he goes he's not a selfish player he's always outside now and I don't think anybody nobody's asking for per when he points now are you asking for maybe. A couple more rebounds than last year you were his numbers are up this year and regardless of Tyson regardless of Munro now regardless of Aaron chains. He can still get rebounds part of his game is the last couple years and even as last year Atlanta. He's our issued a lot more threes and so he does play. Further away from the basket and that's ultimately he's gone to an analogue tends to be guarding some and this year so what I will say that he should get even more credit for. Is look at the matchups. They've thrown about what Benson and he's guarding the only Greek re really good and plays them well so that I think he deserves a lot of credit for that's why again it's gone so far overblown with nobody is running about a town now they even SharePoint Rick could you upgrade there they could but it's. Not a long list of players that you can upgrade now and and and really if you're upgrading on hold for Horford it means you are taking that last step yet to being a match yet. Title contender that's the last athlete of Gordon Hayward worse worse here. The feeling that or for would still averaged twelve or thirteen points a game is now here's would be exactly the city exact same and it wouldn't you wouldn't. Be as upset about it whereas there are a lot of nights where's that where's that second score coming from like how about maybe he'll look more consistently it's him. If you had Hayward you'd he getting a lot less criticism English headline you shouldn't forget too so he hits the little. Baby hook going to be the rockets in the weird double charged game you know my partner earlier yeah I'd. He hits the following at the buzzer against the blazers right so I mean he's had big shot sir and that that matters when when the playoffs come. And the ball's in his hand in times ran an out you actually have some profit and some of the best screens and I guess I mean of all the time I think is at the end of the game I'm watching the screener did shock us and I don't care as a Mac how to how to act agonize about process his. 6177797937. Guys that were to jump aboard. To mossy I'll wrap things up in the crystallize will be taken over at the top of the hour here sports rated WB yeah it's. Too much at night on Sports Radio. We EI. Solid couple minutes of this portions. Never much advice to keep jobs mossy Chris block average relative in the house as well for. 7 o'clock your Sports Radio WEEI. Posted at five hour mark to mossy how you feel on. I'm stating I'm wearing now I don't know about it. 'cause try to into mossy on the weekends that's a standard for our program yes I actually honestly it's serves anywhere from two to 42 or like drew an hour and 45 to four over the league and we have enzymes that VCR Red Sox game you know have a B eleven to 1250. O show yeah and you know you do trending news that the show might not stats eleven and bridal it's our contend at 1250 home base hour forty minutes but that's that's my speech I was not about program far. Our slow on the tool different so tonight there's Bruins and there is Celtics they're both on tonight news or two teams that are both. Very entertaining. And attic day you know. Brewer is more a cup contender to name in the celtics' only because the golds at war that's a bit is is simple as that in hockey you sent the game you'd be getting needn't win. Yeah and those that they have the talent to do some damage him as a good trade deadline moves me got a goaltender who I know some people question in the playoffs but overall numbers there are good he's now a bomb he stands a good guy he's a great goalie. And then. Hopefully get Bergeron back marsh and is one of the best players in the league so there there are pretty good spot. What do you think about the that Selig is there. There's not room for two are clearly is but you think people sort of pick one. Or. Are there a lot of fans of both. Yes so when I was growing up I watched them blow I was the Celtics fan list possesses the bad bigger basket or examining you announced. But I watch the Bruins all the time this is like been nearly notes Bruins like pork gone back to those are area. Now I if I'm being totally honest I watch the Bruins a handful of times and I watch him as much more solid that's his death and and liked the idea of which one would people rather talk about I just feel like there at the casual sports fan. Knows more about the Celtics in the Bruins and part of it is because the Celtics had carrier ring it's the best one of the best players in the NBA yet the Bruins. You can say Brad marsh and is like that. Or Bergeron and those are they're great players but they're not they're not carrier. Well I think also when you look at you really you can follow. Five guys early and lastly you can file Irving and you know Horford you know Taylor brown and then you're undergo light. If you watch every game you know more guys but it's easier to sort of be a fringe bass will player probably. That in the NHL where even though there's the standout guys like kind of mentioned they have so many guys in the guys figured constantly change and out there and it it's a little bit trickier I do think. That ball teams are a situation where had the other one been bad this year there would have stalled some fans they would they would take him Wear them because. I guess they both play an entertaining style. They have a team that is is bowl I say built for now in the future but you know you can get on board right now would Celtics. And they should be good for awhile in that same feeling even though we didn't have a a year ago the Bruins we have it now because. The guys that are in their primer playing really well the guys that are in their early twenties are playing really well so say it was the Celtics team from. We'll have four years ago when they were they are tanking yet if it was if that was the case. I think everybody be tuning into the Bruins and they would be on they'd have a the of the band wagon would be overflowing come playoff time because. While the Celtics would be out and they are inundated their tanking games anyway you're just hoping that they would lose. And then here you go yeah of the Bruins that may have a deeper on some sort of just a few years ago yes so I was just looking up some stats. Although I think we all know the Celtics are second in the east this time Tirana. Do you know where the Bruins ire and it in the east conference conference. Third second. Well I mean well they are it and I got I'm just going by points today pointed us in winners at the whole whenever but they're right there the second highest points. Like if I ask you who's a leading scorer in the NBA. James Harden would guess James Harden who's the leading scorer in the NH who dropped. Yes and acute future out now is the leading scorer in the and it's now. Guy if you start to go down the next guys. I I'll be honest I barely know even know who execute future is that bossier he's out of logs in or don't and I'm just be honest at the right comic casual hockey what better a lot of people like that gets into the hole and how that through these are marketed and I mean I think I think. In Boston I think there's a much more 5050 split nationally at the India in the NBA ratings. For the finals compared to the cup final is much different. But local I think I think it's pretty split between the two. Yeah I mean another one the leading assist man in the NHL. Used to play for the brutally Wheeler Blake wield it like where did that come for a he's a monster you look at look at some of the idea when you look at the top ten scorers I think Blake Wheeler and Phil Kessler. Yet though right over us off. It's Alex Reagan's and that's one means. Someone like the use of the so yeah yeah yeah seventh and ninth yet but it gives us credit like if you ask me the top and scores in the NBA I couldn't name them in order. But you get the idea you'll drink every day I'd give you curry I'd certainly give you hardened. You go Anthony Davis you go rest Westbrook right you can name the idea. If you told me a name yet shell of the top 25 score dug yourself thousand dollars yeah I feel like. Crosby Crosby and Ovechkin is ready mentally healthy I have no I in LA convention a better year than Crosby vote yes involved consecutively but it just like these these names I think for the average fan DA I probably right. Spring to mind like they do for. And that is gonna put a bow on this five hour programs lost the job well done thanks Lucy for producing this hour she does a three more with the Lonnie. It would draw coming out so thanks for film and today you got to control talks in next we still on the top three of your standing Jeff I got to top out five times not three tomorrow would become the top four and heart will be out there's could daily Keith. Starting at 2 o'clock Sports Radio that he media.