Mut at Night - Aqib Talib traded to the Rams - 3-8-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, March 8th

Villani and Drellich break down the news that Aqib Talib has been traded to the Rams.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. EI. Second hour not a nice sounds much bloody end relic hanging out at you would till 10 o'clock taking your calls 6177797937. Lucy birds Baikonur. Maiden voyage producing the show tonight doing a great job forests however I key to leave. Not coming to New England Patriots according to the NFL network. He is headed to Los Angeles to join the rams in exchange for a fifth round pick. And if we're looking at the I have free agent market because you asked Evan about who is available. You were the best quarterbacks available they wanna go that route with somebody opposites to find Gilmore to be the should. And have something akin to you what they had in 2014. To Rel Revis and Brandon brown. Your number one quarterback on the free agent market this year is a guy the rams no longer need. Attorney Johnson. And he'd been franchise tag the last couple years. Hitting the open market right now couple years ago I you would have been really excited about that kind of an addition Dow ends. Upgrade Malcolm Boller cap probably. He's probably upgrade on Butler for last year which you want Sherman more. Julie you Sherman a year. That's the thing you're you're the one talking about it and you are wrong but you're the one talking about this year this year this year. One year proof that for Richard Sherman anti white he's gonna do that kind of a deal coming up the Achilles. He's not gonna go to market through that in the jets and do that could possibly three to win fine but does he have to take that kind of deal of we're talking about the market being limited in this way. And we're speaking so highly and he really gonna have to pick and he is young enough where if he takes that kind of deal and does prove it batters and big one waiting for payoff so instead of getting the and saw Revis doing now Revis certainly didn't end up being work money. By you had a guy who was around the same age for the reais to 2930 somewhere along those lines but it prominent player promised the decade. And gets the one year prove to deal in New England proves that. Wins a championship is part of the Super Bowl winning team and goes outside the big deal that ends up poppy market that's in beside but that's that's not the patriot that we haven't told. The people what each. Great ones with the future right fifth round pick that entrance to the breaking news solves. It's there man. They're as. You like Cheney and Phillips auto. Fifth Adam Schechter reports that the return to. The rams news. Yeah return to the Brock loses a fifth round pick which does not seem like much to repeat that I know I'm talking about they keep their draft picks and everything else but here football Purdue man which you know. Top of the show you what you want them to do no trade whatsoever and you're sick or from over fifth round pick could be passed. And we'll get a report in five minutes it says they tried depleted but for some reason I feel I actually after every trade and to grapple a trade is like the obvious example. By the sultan trade goes by. Where draft picks are the return compensation. And I come away from it saying oh yeah now that sounds about right normally it's some version of that's it that's all like I was worth. A second. Yeah seven and it's one of those if you're right it's weird to me to being a baseball guy. Where number one trading pits but it just is it that hold the valuation of the picks is not. Add up intuitively. Yeah it does to the football walks out there but it does it always does sound stretch it if there's a report that says the patriots beat that or were you know I mean. Let's let's say they couldn't beat it what if they were in in the discussions were already realistically are for seven. And they won't what are they looking for or is it just kind of call the bluff CAF. The key was I usually get relief but there is such a market developing for him or multiple teams involved. It would strain credulity especially at the fifth round pick ends up being compensation. That one of those teams wasn't going to actually say okay rippled trigger again wouldn't you rather trade into the rams in the pats I think that does come into play whether people want to acknowledge and I don't know that the with a bad a deal but. You think your secretly talking away in the other conference that I have to worry about what bill did. The build of Jimmy problem but to really think that was a that was it that was the reason that if the overloaded comparable. I ticket I think it had no I don't think that the only reason and we've I think it felt adding an up a more like when he deployed. Jimmy rot Loni good situated because Tom Brady to hold bill where tree Jimmie now with that yes San Francisco one and there you have what are you asking a question the answer would be good for my legacy if Jimmy around blows out in the Bay Area Alex Guerrero. I had enough of Jimmy drop oil and that's what happened he saw all the way went everybody knows that if it's back incentive somewhere re torpedoed his own value to peace kept winning. And next thing you know the pick and the B 43. I think Virginia's he can now go to and exercised its facility where he's not locked. Doesn't show opens doors to be able let's get it got out there and cal presently yoga with feelings they're Francisco bills that guilt it's there's there's that big performance it's too and all these guys go to Alka. We're dating ourselves out of old college at sixteen. To me immediately pilots and fifteen years. Certainly get better the market Peters out in key to leave cell. Odd they're set a quarterback you don't need to remain Johnson's that's named that there would be. Least according to the Yahoo! Sports rankings their free agent tracker the number two quarterback on the market. Color yet how can I thought sort you know that that shows you that paints the picture right there is patriots fans as much as. Everybody just about everybody wanted to see him in the Super Bowl you also know the kind of year that Malcolm Butler hat. He is the second best quarterback on the market right. What does the year that he had really paint its true value going forward. That this is another football baseball distinction. The that'll be the rate at which these guys fall in an awful lot of public favor a pilot did not was not the guy he was previously. But he's so young and up that he would be sneaky old I mean for a guy that's he created what he favors times when he sat. Two years under term. Not quite the track record Richard term of course. But the bottom right of when he exercised 28 but it's just as surprised at just turn when he eighty jets had a birthday. They use that'll put to say that to see his value so diminished I think would be. A mistake your pats fan and he who have signed he goes and signs let's say with the jets. I wouldn't go out he's he's not can be factories that could be anything to pretend they're still very well may be a lot left in the tank. Maybe a lot left under a new coach and a new system where he's. Valued and use in something like the super ball perhaps. To be time to use a melodious stretch I've. Little bit more here from. Adam chapter keep the league wanted to play for Wade Phillips in LA or. Bill Belichick in New England idea playing elsewhere was not something he found desirable. This help dictate the trades of the rams that sort of builds on the idea that maybe the patriots wanted him. I'm saying the Broncos rather wanted him to be somewhere other in the patriot taking give us two choices one on the rams have to worry about at all. One of owns the patriots who obviously the only team you have to worry about a one of the few. In the AFC. That's sort of fuel that fire a little bit rate there. Wouldn't it. Even joked about. About the possibility of coming back you were even thing of the possible without possibility. Just hear me out OK second senate Bill Belichick is this great coach. Couldn't he find a way to get beyond what couldn't you. Kiss and make up essentially. Just like bill will someday to do with Eric Mangini and move that. Because because of which side both sides I think on both sides. And and they had frayed relationship is no doubt anyone that last year he won but I don't I don't think the money yet yet I first of all the relationship is braided apple. Right eighty he wanted to payday heating get it and not only did he not get it but besides that on Gilmore who for five games into the season was looking like a eight I there was going to be a waste the eleven million dollars they were paying he got much better but he went on one corner it's better. I do more is going to be is the number I talked about 00 yeah however again both sides he will be the guy the market's terrible. The market and what he did the 21 of the few places he could said that today it would go the other would be LA that's obviously not the case anymore by. There's nobody out and Patrick Robinson. Yeah. Coming off the dude he's got to us Mark Warner is that a number one I think he's a nickel. That's probably your third or fourth best quarterback the telemarketing and the other movie needs to make a city get Sherman. Is a safety in the draft you need to go out and get in and. Out of who's out there for an end we get. Not Bennett. Eatery Claiborne. A mean I just that. You know if they did is it there's nobody did that big disrupting force that feels like something else you look for the draft. But you also look any reason probably have to address quarterback in the draft yell surprise after dressed tight end the draft even if Robert 'cause he's back to meet a year to year situation and is it a lease. You have every September I worry about renewing it's a quarter if you if there's a quarterback you like fine I don't think you have to. You certainly take a veteran back up for this year you can even have two veteran backups. You have a veteran back his lawyer Brian we are to conscious of you but you need a third quarterback. Against you can draft in the for the sake of a pitcher gonna create if you're drafting someone you know you're gonna create a circus around that person because they are everyone will soon. The be replacement for Tom ill patients who built well let's say they have a problem. Right but it duke it. Unless you actually believe that about this guy that you're drafting. I I would say wait until you you have that guy. A would you were directors for the sake objecting quarter just to have another body because the circus that will follow it. I'm I'm the the last guys who distractions matter that it that the these thing I hear flip flopped. Now this I do think this would be it would be for the second he gets picked. It is gonna be a lot and I don't know how you matter of you wanna force that on yourself. Unnecessarily. If he's your guy he's your guy but don't make everybody speculated that him being a guy if he's not sure. Well ultimately rephrase that I think it through the patriots quarterback is an area you're looking very closely at this year we may not have been. In past seasons and he's special and yet grapple and the outage Kobe percent to buy. This is an area where you're looking for your guy and give it close. And they they gathers this might be our guys at least somebody we really like eighty fault somebody falls back to pick they're using that one pick in that using higher open entrapped to take. I don't know his leg their kids from mountain. The small college nobody ever heard of the day like before the next can be a problem gloves the patriots editing out the back and I take that guy. And that's one picking out using a defensive line and not just sat back you wanted to run defense and there's no options out there don't you Archie if you're not sure he's your guy is a short you can be well and then I'm also curious who's who's making this decision. Because who has a more vested interest in the patriots coaching staff about the quarterback out score. I'll just became. Not out or not vote his second one and one day OK one and one but Josh McDaniels he's the guy who first of all probably wants them to take quarterback bees. Being looked at as a coach in waiting here and if I'm him. I want a lot of input on who that guys could be that Dakota which also scares me from the patriots fans perspective because again TNT. He's the guy they hitched his wagon to and I'm sure a lot of conversation. With bill just well it's still bills call. A 100% I'll pay bills can go right let's hear about it about as well. Mind the way behind you tell me what quarterback Q when he did of 180 Indianapolis we heard it's because he's gonna Belcher it's gonna show him the world. We heard that shining that doesn't at the shimmering. When did he pick I think we're envisioning. A tonne per into the they write about who is Bill Belichick act actually listening to me he can clarified that he. We talked about players we think he does listen to his coaches. I don't think Bill Belichick sits in a room just makes all the choices and nobody knows about it that dirt there can be an extreme perception that's. Coming off that story but at the same time. A choice like I don't if bill wants someone else I think either take it pillage auction differing opinion you think Josh and his wife. Now Shaun Hill I'm wondering though. It is that they collaborative decision how much has Josh McDaniels went yet I mean you you mentioned electric a conversation. Like he's running it by him always have a Congress's yeah but I think it's got to be more than that this time. I mean if he is going to be coaching this guy. If we're looking at him they code on the way more than that normally get tickets you'd think it would I have no idea IA and and maybe it's just reacting off Tommy currents I don't always. I telling bill bella check. That nothing necessarily wrong but just weighing in in a meaningful. Substantial way. That that might not the coach off of his predetermined opinion or the direction he's going in. By default by necessity I believe these guys have accomplished if if if there were no conversations. Mcdaniels patrician he's got to be unhappy. There's got to be more than were realized I'm not taking merit away from current towards the current is touching on a good point of Wendy's bill almighty become. Too big for his britches essentially. When did you lose that self awareness that I'm I'm doing the wrong thing and you can argue that's what the Malcolm Butler decision was. We might never know I really wish we would. He did current clarified the fact that you talk to players listen. And that the drug nail went on on NBC's or ponson on a quick slant podcast. It talked about the fact that in your coordinators. And players are both so busy planning a lot of times that. Maybe those feedback channels aren't there but that's not necessarily unique to bill. But now you know your week to week when you are so. We we saw the thirty foot birdie with what we're built a coordinator you're just you're just sitting there pouring over everything that is your life and in that. Small room giant state. You have to believe again and based on the decision to Josh we Daniels made the despite a little bit different. That he still going to be coordinator but now he's. The coach in waiting and now you get may be more of a window into what is involved in being a head coach the patriots mcdaniels better head coach before. So a good idea how it works clearly liked is Bill Belichick to sort of bring him along to hear doc this organization to me to be does. The best situation is handing it off with a quarterback in place Saturday Brady I mean it's it's even if if bella check last two more seasons. Realistically how many years will the next coach get out of Brady if he's even still playing and wants the played a 45 become ought. But we know that that's not what the word out and we know that the difference in showing the ropes and being. Handed the group's. 6177797937. She plastic thing and he can compete at kids he would only playing in front if I'm looking in your direction on what might Larry Bird I didn't know peripheral vision of what you want and that's where we're part of it is a spotlight there's a stoplight red yellow green enabled ought to stop what looks like or Lucy broader take our our first time producer. The American Flag Day 2% and he had told us we have to go to over to her patriotic stoplight expert Jerry Kelly are at greatest pitchers 61777979837. So the reports are. That a key to leave is on his way to Los Angeles not on his way to New England Patriots. Will not be siding to Lieber treating four to leave Richard Sherman still out there potentially on the market the Seahawks cut him loose. Is that a guy he wanted to see end up in Foxboro 617779793. Several gets on your thoughts next. Recapping that day in sports with Mike my nasty it's Monday night on Sports Radio tell. Yeah. I've been busy night here Sports Radio WB the actress migrate from that out with the after the break tonight that I Corp. I think football operation that alma I didn't think Halloween costume. These Hollywood Hills these Hollywood nights or next year I don't know people bossy or whatever happens in California. I think people operation now that's my thought must give glasses I Angeles. Classes. The last short hair argument glasses and hair you're saying I'm a little feminine. Yes definitely. And it's a new Yorker. That's how you describe New Yorkers classes short haired defendant. I don't know that's how I rolled it very little of the fight you know etiquette and all that takes that I think The New Yorker fight me. To me exactly by the way of the Red Sox beat the Yankees division adherents now. He not. But tomorrow but it probably won't lie I can do an atmosphere because they think you got I am I doing them if they it was a blizzard be out on heaven and hell is that it's a you know I was playing as psychological game with the jets is that Tom Jackson on ESPN. Number that I'm here to help. The team and city I just played a psychological game my job is to support the Red Sox and I believe the best we can do that this year is. Let them know that the expectations. On them to win tickets on the Yankees I didn't hear anything that he underdogs at ball didn't Brian cash because Keeneland and could. Yes Brian Cashman had a point in his career where he doesn't care what he did he thought felt Chideya and it is fantastic. He'll he'll say anything. And you got to give them credit you he had that weird stalker situation. Yeah worked for George Steinbrenner he left the twenty year click or really incredible career. Will be at all being career I would absolutely think it's just a little sick but what are the best quote ever got was from him he's just. He gets it gets the meaty descriptive was the quote. I'll upload up now we will tease that equate Brian Cashman. Portland's got I don't like that what if the Red Sox were to somehow. All of them performed at the 2016 level and everybody stay healthy. I think they actually have a better team I think there's a shot held. And so well but who's more likely to take a step back from where they were in when he said yes I mean the Yankees are definitely that theater and judged by not teaching girls and might get JD Martina is every bit the hitter than what's there addicts while. The Roberts yeah. Number I won't argue that day I I've repeated that line myself with with. Station next unnamed person at NBC sports boss and I will occasionally I I did fight back. That Martinez who is in truly elite hitter and people don't realize that we don't know exactly what to do this first year. In Boston but you look at over the last four years is oh yes 936. To call stand snipers. Now Bryce Harper plays thirty set. Or point out I everything outdoorsman yeah thirties. And Obi Peter exactly the same team Martinez better hitter for average. Stating it's more home runs and legal back and forth on some of the numbers here but she's a more complete hitter. And at that neither one is much defence was that line. I think it's closer than people think it is closer than people think because the Yankees people look to guys and yank all three day. Driving the elite Sanchez and then the two as they were described to me back co worker New York's ask watches the they have. In the middle of the lineup that's a big oh by the way he had changes you're here the entire dynamic your line up at two of those guys look forget it. Erin judge is like a lot of power players streaky. And he benched for two months of the year and agree to the other four he was a monster including the last month of the regular seasons I give a ton of credit for that. But he's a guy that's been prone to long stretches and they're set up eyes now wide open look at the infield mean. That's that's his tiger hidden on it which is that you don't know what you do and at third base against his crew and literary Everett. Brain injury editors Chris treasury net actress and as for how quietly he. And second basic up on each race who's under you've seen much in hand but he's like five to. I covered him one point. Little little guy and the Yankees in these final player like that. Yeah but they always illegal Labor Day while labor Tories is coming up at sampling and I don't believe that he's on the cusp of this moment Miguel Angel. And Hart and art and art. It's almost election in two for the Yankees so he's played first base. Burke Greg bird but he said it was such derision. That's what I wanna thank Greg bird he's. 180 hitter out well. A very formidable lineup and ultimately a better I think the birth had a great ability our request if the reflect again they perform up to it. Like so anti when he start think about everything going he really arts. But I also don't know if all I know everything won't go right now so don't know the games to open up insurance. In the bullpen. Been saying. Just bring in a veteran starter like Kyle Kendrick who did not do well or from the culture Doug Fister. There's got to be guys out there and we know there guys up their free agent just to give their rotations and back. Stephen writes not to be ready for opening day and Carter Rodriguez can be ready for opening day. Price as the magic elbow conglomerate. Or it might also be magic still. You can't just don't play out of college prices doubled snow and their unique and special. The form to Pomeroy it. You start nobody has the starters they love but you look at the Astros for example by the waist of the bottom line and then writes I'm not comparing either team to the Astros Houston's team to beat the American. It's part of the conversation. That you agree sort of the Red Sox I just ask nicely throughout I asked it produced through the jumping off point in this conversation and meeting binary question Red Sox yankees bullpen is significantly better routes you really notable pens going to be. Both guys you add. And the power dirt their bullpen Roberts and can't lean green. Each liberals jobs that and I still there peaceful that he brought them all there rock they'll never set up inland again. I still marvel. Is another guy everybody. Let's talk about the last night with sweet Lou. Loney and a it and say. This idea that to the same mistake people made with bets in an attendee. I opened it and so much with bats and Bogart's. Going in to 2070 about the young agree you're gonna get better. Slow roll and others. This wait and see but he gives you he wasn't supposed to be up as quick as he was the promoted to triple acting like out of necessity use up in the major. If he can easily revert back. I wouldn't batted fifth is the question I Danson got asked at one point hadn't thought about 67. Somewhere in there about it ninth. Exactly how our lineup. Fine whatever. I'm more worried about about taking the pressure off the and I think that's important question knows who's in the middle you're in if that is hitting leadoff. That's been a lot of muscle while he's in line let's not do this can only do the Stanley at number three. Now I Orleans. I I think I'd rather JD your Bassett put JD. Deeper arguably second. Put him leave with you and those guys for all the great here's the top and more bats the way it works as I'm not it's not one of those guys it's reality all they get the hits the number two hitter is is the guy who gets the most of that but they hit Stanton. Second I was number two leader get more at the number one here. How can they not Ed Ed Ed worst tie let me. Claire he gets more at bats while also having the benefit of that person that that I've had somebody on base in front that's the ideal. You're the only happens one time all right. The leadoff hitter to get the lead up every time well but let's let's rich guys are. I'll listen let me let's say you batted him first and you were using your logic that later in the game it doesn't matter what you still have the 89 guys who were likely to get on an 89 hitter or one hit my nine guys Rafael devers. As you just would lie what a night I put it out and you don't. Doesn't ignite give Gordon knew Rachel and being raped it's a start that the tortoises ritual metals beat patriots. That turn. I'd I'd no like I have no idea I'd. This Twitter proteins lately sector seems very. Seriously big Tom Brady and that desperate and he's very very competent about it. And the bullpen Parsons met. Yeah we like him if he stays healthy then. At one of those guys that Barbara you'd don't know yet. Actually that's the case the ball and stuff I don't I'm getting at the Yankee ball and idea power arms but very consistent at times last year I don't know. Following on car unpaid learn from their fine. Just a random thing with a and you're right there's volatility in all I think there's more volatility bullpen than any other but that still modern diesel better position. Still better armed and prove I'm truly proven wrong I think the emigrating yes on potential here. Thank the Red Sox have potential for a held a lot more depth in their lineup the top of that rotation. I will take over anybody. Just about anybody the American League rotation. It and politicians not. Why are we looking over sabathia grade ten aka Severino. It's not a bit of strength and rotation Jordan and everybody and tournament everything. That is not a weakness of the Yankees. I just think it's a better straight for the reds correct. And Paul both of these teams first of all we're getting back to the old days where it's the Red Sox the Yankees and and were the other three teams the American League east. The other three aren't clots like I'm waiting Rihanna you know Dan Duquette they are close it's likely the last your data kept in and Buck Showalter in Baltimore and it's time. Buck Showalter especially many shadows gone and it's a good time to sort and just reshuffled McEntire the joke Buck Showalter was last year with that stuff about the flu and the reds gaffe. He he tried to stare me down and media session I was one of I was writing I felt him questions Showalter. Price and in there eventually OK there's a common denominator. Also there and all of these issues I don't know if you leave a rare Orioles. Dust up created. Problems for me because I've is that the point you're right lose feel I had to ask a question tonight did an important questions. Mean I care Buck Showalter might be patrols through community. If that's all he was do you pretend that he wasn't pull out the Red Sox are talking about being sick when he clearly clearly what's. Why would he should get called out the right. To it I need all the reps I asked them. And with Pedroia. There's nobody was getting any clarity on what the heck happened with that not me it's them and Pedroia to not like that question right. Which that in terms setup what their price that you tried to play some golf David Price that didn't work out yes thank you want Arctic price gulf and I feel really good golfer. Stupid is he just loved it the people think my old man loves golf I believe loves golf and be really I don't know really good call for. Right yes I believe price. Is can't. Put a number on its game I don't know what it was pretty get himself around the round of course pleased with some which are people that that's his other passion also means now. What what's that Charles Barkley played golf the tiger does me Charles Barkley at golf it's all about you know and then they'll meet your general. The story golf connector now man I wish it was his who would have been Boland is a region wants plays in golf this year some didn't get to due to out there to. You've been able bodied. Probably golf and got into the station. I did a show with them. I don't know a year ago so sure. I I don't criticize the one point Mexico it is a good job in the year it won't use willing to be critical. And a lot of patriots meteor. Are not as readily willing to be critic again what is there to be critical of about last game up until that last game what is there to be critical of your refer to a conversation earlier that was frustrating for me because that as the default position for Sony Pictures that because one pitcher to me. It's accepting the company line. Because of the past that's not the way our job works out of work by the latest tweets from Super Bowl Sunday of 2016 as the pats fan. Not sure who to root for in parentheses other than beyoncé. Rachel matter. From about that aren't there and thank you very much to body. For middle crude oil whatever on network. I'd like to be paid like racial matter or Peyton Manning apparently the heat get out of ten million restock but now we'll get to Beckham was but the fact that he sold his. We'll talk about white collar criminal Peyton Manning coming up next a lot he angelic with a sports hernia WB yeah. He's too much at night on sports. Yeah. We. Boom. Haven't throughout the last few. Which Peyton Manning storyline treats more. These Peyton Manning storyline of reportedly he's gonna get ten million dollars or ESPN wants to give him ten million dollars it's it's in and. Fox and Fox's bidding war. For Peyton Manning services put up in the broadcast Booth or the fact Peyton Manning apparently sold 31 Denver area Papa John's stores last week days. Before the NFL dropped Papa John's. As its official pizza sponsor and we don't know if there'd be any sort of for legal pursuit there but it certainly sounds. Fishy smell securities fraud may be Victor insider trading wouldn't you. I just get repealed is here HGH stuff food you're gonna. Yeah man went away quickly you know he's all of oh dismissive of it there's a lawsuit going on our Ryan Howard ranks him and sued. And that things playing out in federal court again where they'll file that but sit out here there's still yeah basically detonations. So that they still playing out. It probably I don't think it was involved I have to go back and and and watch again does that lend more credence to it though if you're Peyton Manning you felt that everybody get two other guys are pursuing. When hop on board acting. Not entirely sure that he hasn't but on every surety that well in the story I read about it didn't mention him at all and I would have to imagine that he would find it to be into the story if he were actually plaintiff in this thing. I don't allies did I just. Core Lazio's my guess is those zeros on something. That's my dad I'm out here is really good at this kind of stuff they've they've they've done some really good investigative piece. Your Beecher a big dead serious Al-Jazeera America did and it's a great report on a lot of people dismiss that I guess well they dismiss it spurred reasons and had nothing do with equality report correct and I I guess the quality reporting that our member in the situation could have been better but you'll who have particular tea garden and the undercover chemical in cooperation with. Well and I thought they were. Look you look around at the narration can do better awareness week two of the top dramatic wears a baseball player again popped for each age we're just short of the there if you can run well here there'll and the boys dead then our whole football nothing the one's body in baseball and football anymore yeah. I just don't just go to skill guys guise of B five system for the bus crapping in baseball to win it last time a big game player popped mainly due Gordon. And it'll be lawyers called bell added at that I've I've known Chris twenty years alumni in common big name player he was for a month. First came. Oh yeah and that that run the blue jays hat. Is that the twins reliever Brad I know that that run with Toronto that was big I knew we get to Chris Paul belzer and I think you'd get to him before air I cheating on him because he was that the free agent camp that that the players association we can also we can get him on the in the gulf forced into it. Caught called I'll bet against tiger how do you know Crisco for recruiting classes yeah they're you're friends yet. Would you talk played on the same Little League team I was second baseman he's the choice I don't touch with Crisco we turned a lot of gesture. Well yes sure. Text from time to time again conversation what's up dude I can did you ask him why he got popped for. Yeah he says he dean says seed not a good idea I want to believe some of these people denied. But whatever but he denies that which is almost down to a man. But probably not it's impossible for me to be unbiased meet with that guy known as the other was that a boxer in the day youth of the tainted beef. Ali now I I read something about that a fighter newscasts on the about the beef but down in Manning go to jail. White collar criminal event. It's just how do you think it's pitches it's really suspicious. How do you not realize that you're suspicious is it worth the money you saved at that moment in time. Not a few minutes and federal prison it's not right. The suspicion you created I just and he's Smart businessman clearly. If on the US attorney Colorado out at least. Turning over gum I'm making a few phone calls. That's alms. Looks a little shady I make it a couple in love going after big name people are all absolutely Kennedy's press conference. That they would hold for that all man that would be that would be fantastic from their point of view. 61777979370. And New Hampshire wants to weigh in on Manning and Papa John's beat him. And yet I don't know do you. Not too bad I'm just confused as to why you think it securities fraud and the guys sold assets or stores use franchise the other. I don't know if you understand what securities fraud as. Yes securities fraud is the wrong term insider trading entered something along those lines I don't know maybe that is a better way to go about it. It's so insider trading is relative to somebody that has information about that publicly trade knocked. Is Upjohn publicly is Papa John's publicly traded I had no idea yes. It isn't about what he sold it ends sell shares. Of corporate sold stores sort videos which is completely. Unrelated to insider trading securities. The you know the big man he's going to prison. No you're no fun whatsoever and no fun at all what I do I I have tried these earlier I was just appalled by yet so silly so. Let me ask you question them Tim and thank you for the in to enlighten me if you get a inside information. You can do whatever you want if you won't. All the projects that you you. It's a different things insider information is relative to say publicly traded stock. Someplace and security in that sense whereas this is independently owned. This under that name but all of the assets that business operations those are independent franchisees. So he's not using insider creation he's just straighten out. And so. If you had unloaded on court stalk a couple days before this absolutely he'd get in trouble but in this situation not a. I'd so all I look I'll take your word for on the interpretation. But this seems like of a highly technical distinction that if if indeed is the case. It's an unfortunate distinction that. Would be. That you that you could not but we're fortunate for him a fortune prepay your audience. Although I would imagine anybody that's gonna either. Hand all of what was it 2130 won't Johns locations don't go got to remember. Or pay the price for all those assets. And they're not buying stock they're buying those individual locations in the equipment and such that Abu look. The stock as a regular pattern and it looked at. Its but the French is that you are buying it is the success of the the viability is directly related to the stock the stock plummet. You're business is in trouble. The your own war for your business is in trouble. So that's incorrect so now that they expect corporate stock on that and you own corporate stock you're gonna lose money. If the corporate stock plummet but you own a location. That asks. Not a direct impact on your ability set makes it just depends how many pizzas self. Right exactly you're essentially paint jobs corporate. Upbeat to be able to use their name to use there. National advertising campaign but it's not our on court he didn't sell any shares are stalker like aegis salts. Sport well. I just really wanted to believe the Peyton Manning be like a criminal. I would suggest that he's not he's. Number eighty sit on. Brady's not funny at all really sorry hide outs that's true that's like saying I'm the guy. That but. It. You may very well be I I I tell you attend you keep you seem like you know what you're talking about obviously try to take some charges we could trump up against Peyton Manning will reconvene at some point. Is it illegal to have a laser rocket arm. Didn't the end of his career some. After surgery. Ally AA Baghdad could be yet to keep thinking about ten will figure out of the THE HX orderly poured water on our whole Peyton Manning well equipped. Intellectual disconnect there. For me with with the idea that again on a tactical level that I understand the point he's making that this is right I I thought he owned a piece of the company. Like 88 piece of the franchise but he he just don't stores feels like a nice little workarounds that. The value of this that the the value of the restaurant. Is tied to that of the name into the corporate. In my opinion Papa John's what I would have to imagine that those I mean had you vigilant to malign a heady sold those. Let me out of its August just like the I had these are really that's it if you're right if you try to sell those franchises three days later. After they've been dropped as he corporate sponsor the and I don't know what their stock is down in the last day yourself and I crisis this is not goods right. But with those franchises to abuse value but that's because now they're not tied in with the with the unit that close. So we're saying that he should go to person it's okay that's. Six what 77797937. I'll tell backs more phone calls coming at 9 o'clock hour we're here till ten who's currently nights like you weren't. Patrick story coming up 10 o'clock bawdy drought with a told.