Mut at Night - Are the Celtics losing their edge?; Chris Mannix talks NBA playoffs, 4-20-18

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Friday, April 20th
Hour 2 - Gilroy flies solo and starts off talking about Terry Rozier and how his time with the Celtics came to be. He also talks to Chris Mannix who joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs.

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It's. Mud at night. One night. He wants to now. Here's Mike at night on Sports Radio W we. It is Sports Radio WEEI. Monday night Patrick feel like you would you guys up until Red Sox. Baseball comes your way at 9:20 this evening. As always the number to join me here 6177797937. You text the program at 37937. You found on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On who to the busy night in Boston sports and I would both the Celtics. And the Red Sox playing these late games that I will get into the Celtics off the top here thoughts and thoughts coming up a little bit later in the program will be joined by NBC sports Boston's Chris semantics coming up in about a half an hour on the program and then will be joined by Kenny Anderson former Celtic point guard coming up in the 8 o'clock hour. The talk about one guy. We'll talk about it right now as well as Terry. Rosier view not paying attention. You need to start paying attention to a teary rosy years doing. For the Boston Celtics his numbers through the first two games they're great and he's put up 23 points. In each of the celtics' first two games of this series against the bucks but more than that he he's played. With this edge and it's hard to define the edge that he plays with but I'll say this. When the Celtics made these wholesale changes last year and they say goodbye to guys like Jae Crowder and guys like Avery Bradley. Mike one big fear we actually get a hold late night show here in EI on this was that. The Celtics were losing some of their edge guys that you know really know how to bring it in the playoffs and guys that play with that extra intensity guys Lee Jae Crowder. Made their name in the NBA for playing like that. And I was a little bit scared that the Celtics were gonna have a guy like that on their roster it turns out they've got to. They've got two guys like that they're easier being one of them and Marcus Moore is being the other. In when you look at these two guys in you know if you had said six months ago. That the Celtics playoff chances. Getting out of the first round we're gonna ride with guys like Marcus Morris interior rosier nobody would have believed you. But the way this season has gone this is exactly where the Celtics are in right now. You'd be hard pressed to find a guy in the NBA a point guard in the NBA playing. Quite as well as Terry rosier has played pulled up military or as you would you guys here it's 6177797937. Because. When you look at. How the Celtics came to be and how terrorist you are got here. It's really it's it's quite a fascinating story because back when the Celtics drafted him into 4015 he wasn't there too hard. Remember the Celtics went through. All kinds of hell. When he came to these politics. And how many calls that we teach here over the years. Of people wanting to trade the Brooklyn picks for Jimmy Butler for Kauai Leonard for this guy for that I mean every single year. There was another Brooklyn pick. And another guy that was potentially available to the Celtics right. And that was he carried the day I mean if you or a Celtics talk show host you had three years of contact. Handed to you on a silver platter windows broke the ethics. Absolutely you did. But the one thing that the Celtics did was they really did a good job holding on to those picks. It seems like drafting correctly and and using their assets in the best way possible to mold this team. All of it could have been for not. Go back its 4015 re read the stories that came out about the 2015 draft. The Celtics were trying desperately. To trade up and including these Brooklyn picks. For justice Winslow and if you watched that he mean he's okay. But he's not a game changer rosier it's clearly a more advanced player at this stage of their careers the justice Winslow is he's been a bit of a bust for the heat. Yet he is the guy that the teams had sort of identified. And said you know what I'm gonna trade Brooklyn picks and at a tree pieces players what do what do right half duke because I want a move up slightly get just as wins it didn't work out. And the Celtics wound up with Terry rosy year and a lot of working out in the end for Danny Ainge and for the Celtics but. It's every wasn't their draft target justice Winslow was and he's not a guy that people had high expectations for. When the Celtics drafted him. His car was. Already on the Celtics go back to the draft sports what do people say about heroes here he was an athletic point guard defensive minded and shoot the ball. Those were the same exact things that were said. About mark is Smart. So you've already got a guy that's a defense first point guard your boss and you've got to develop that you got a room why go get another 11 of working out because here the Celtics are. Completely reliant upon tee every rosier. To continue to play at the level that he's played not just through these first two games by the way. He's been outstanding all season long and as the season has progressed he is got better and better and better and now win. Celtics had this injury situation if forgetting about Gordon Hayward you know just the Kyra you're being situation. That opened up starters minutes and a starting opportunity for rosier and rosier has capitalized. As well as anybody has ever capitalize on an opportunity that's been presented to them in the NBA I mean are telling you right now. Yet he's not going to overtake. Carrier via as the starter your next year that's not gonna happen. But he is going to be a starting point guard somewhere in the NBA in the not so distant future I don't know what's gonna happen here in Boston because in all likelihood it. The Celtics are going to extend. Carrier ring for Max dollars three or four years at some point next offseason assuming he's healthy. So let's work with the assumption. The carrier ring is gonna come back healthy. A euros a year after a performance like this if this continues this post season. I think next year he'll be a good soldier in and be willing to come off the bench or you know play that tool back up role backing up a point guard in the two guard. To get extended minutes but ultimately he's proven one thing here that he is a starting caliber point guard in a National Basketball Association. And while it's great right now for the Celtics at some point here they are going to read very difficult decisions to make what do you do would this get. I mean if you got to choose between Terry rosier. And mark is Smart and I think they do I think ultimately. That's the choice that Danny Ainge in the Celtics will have to make I am taking terror rosier ten times out of ten. A global markets Smart brings the Celtics again you talk about that edge that toughness. But I opened the segment Marcus mark brings all that stuff and all the intangibles that he brings to the game as well. But he can't keep everybody. Unfortunately. And the Celtics have got a big decision to make a mark is Smart not next year not two years from now they've got a big decision to make on Marcus mark this year. As soon as this playoff run is over whether or the Bucs come back and win four straight in this thing is over a week or ends at some point in late may whenever this season is over. The Celtics have gotten major. Financial decisions to make. What do you do would markets mark you let him walk. He's a restricted free agent so you do what they did with Helio lyric last year and sort of send them out say go get what you can for offers and you know lets you know. Ultimately I think some teams will be one team out there that is intrigued by markets arts talent. Where there technical overpaid and to a level that the Iranians is just unable or unwilling to go and I think having interior rosier your performing. At the level that he's performed at thus far in the post season. It really makes that decision. A very easy are relatively easy decision for Danny Ainge to make it a Sports Radio a WEEI. It is Monday night I am Patrick Gilroy. The number to join us your 6177797937. U takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter Matt Gilroy. On hoops at Gilroy. On hoops and I love this little. Total war of words that's happening right now between rosier. And Eric Bledsoe. Essentially terrorists here pretending that he didn't know Eric Bledsoe was after game one calling him Drew Bledsoe. Then after game two Eric Bledsoe saying that he has no idea who teary rosier is I like that late that. Terry is involved in something like this again. Going back to. That sort of edge that you have to have in the NBA playoffs. That edge that I think all winning organizations have a couple of guys that bring managed every does bring that. But you gotta love about. Terrorists a year as well is not just the edge in the production. It's the ability to step up when it matters most right any does it with such ease when you look it. Not just in this series but throughout the regular season if there's a big shot or big defensive stop that needs to be made. Terror as he is in the middle let's go back to their team a few months ago. Against the pacers in Indiana when terror is your stole the inbound pass went for the dump to win the game like that. Doesn't generally happen across the NBA with young guys. On a consistent level like it happened would rosier if it had been. Occasionally here and there right but for guys like rosier who get limited opportunities. In limited minutes for the majority of his career. For the first time. To get extended minutes and dependable playing time for him to step up the way that he has it's absolutely. Outstanding work by terrorists here and it's something that. I don't think you can sort of minimize here it's something you have to your Celtics and you look at say while. It's eye opening as a Celtics fan. And when you go back to you look it. The draft picks from 20152016. Who aren't there Terry rosier and they are Jalen brown and I took call after call after call. My former employer old radio station or people absolutely. Crushing Danny Ainge and wick prospect for those draft picks and I was one of them nobody knew. Who jeans and brown wants very few people knew who Jalen brown ones. And even those that knew who was thought that it was a major reach at the rate. Right but now he's playing as well as anybody right now he is then outstanding as well and you have the love. The way that he sort of rode into this leadership type role with the Celtics Aegean brown and he's a guy work out I'm telling you right now I think. I think it Jason paid in the they'd better natural scorer but I think that Jalen brown might have a higher ceiling. I really do because he's a little bit more athletic than Tatum. He's somebody that I think is a more natural more willing defender than Tatum. And I think ultimately here if we've learned one thing in the limited time that we've had in Boston wins Jalen brown. We've learned that he's not afraid to put in the work it. This the kid that was absolutely raw he defined what wrought is coming out of the draft and it just two short years he's not a finished product. But he's getting there. He's getting there he still needs to clean some things up with a turnovers. The ability to take somebody off the dribble he EU really loses control the ball sometimes with little frenetic out there but in general. In general he has become. 75%. Polished if he was 25% when he. Made his way into the NBA in just two years so really it's that he would he becomes the next year in the years that come. But on the Celtics and I am forced to make a move here and I got to give up beat him or brown. It's a it's a brutal decision to make it absolutely brutal you know wanna give up either one of them. But if you have to you know the majority of the fans are saying you gotta keep paid him. But I minicamp that not a heap rounds there's just something about him he likes to take the big shot he doesn't shy away from the moment. If he misses the big shot we'll come back in take it again the next day. And I just think that with his ceiling being so high. In the complement of players around the Celtics I don't wanna get rid of by the one of them. But ultimately if you have to do I think I'm gonna hold on to Jalen brown or to Sports Radio. WEEI is mud at night Ryan Patrick Gilroy the number to join me here is 6177797937. Detects the program at 37. 937 you found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On who Celtics and bucks tonight coming your way at 930. Talking about that with you guys Europe until about 91 in Red Sox baseball. On Sports Radio WEEI the one guy we haven't mentioned yet has been Al Horford. And again. Al Horford has played outstanding basketball thus far in this series. We're gonna learn a lot more about the Celtics we'll talk about it you guys tonight but we'll learn a lot more about this young Celtics team tonight. I think the first quarter of tonight's game is going to tell us all we need to know about the Celtics team this year. Because they're gonna get punched in the mouth I I firmly believe the first three or four minutes of this game Milwaukee goes their season is on the line. They're crowd's going to be into it. I'm sure they're PA guys gonna be obnoxious and loud and they're gonna do their thing and it's how this young Celtics team with limited playoff experience. Together hits back like how they absorb that blow but they're gonna get hit where they know they're gonna get. How'd they punch back. And relying on guys would very limited or no playoff experience guys like heroes a year limited experience guys like Jalen brown limited experience. Jason Tatum. Zero experience and of course a lot of experience a wealth of experience from Al Horford out of those guys use their experience that they have to their advantage. And absorb the blow that I I firmly believe they're gonna get because Milwaukee is a talented team. Of their team that a they had a Brad Stevens as a coach. They're a fifty win team they've got a tremendous amount of talent there they've got arguably. One of the best the best young player in the NBA. In at the Colombo right and that's it very interesting. Discussion to have we can do it some other night here but you know if you're starting a team tomorrow. I think you take out the Colombo but if your choices are you know if you consider eight you have to consider age in this discussion you know LeBron James given to rent. It that he Davis and at the Colombo I think I'm gonna take the Greek freak out though that foursome no. Do I take the next 1012 years. Of the Greek freak over the next three or 40. Prime LeBron for the next seven or eight of primed to rent. I think I do because the Greek freak is unlike really anybody that's in the NBA today at a Boettcher cornerstone piece then you're doing okay for yourself but that's your cornerstone piece. You should be able to put enough pieces are realm that night. To have a very good basketball team it's not a great basketball team unfortunately. One key component that's really missing with the books. Is there head coach I mean he is absolutely being outclassed and out coached. Brought by Brad Stevens and that's where if you looked at the series and we did this last week here on WEI. The to the series the two places that you could identify going into the series. Where the Celtics had the clear advantage where it affected the Celtics have Brad Stevens and it got one extra game at home. And we don't know the Celtics will need that additional home game just yet will find that out coming up. I don't know tonight. I think ultimately tonight even if the Celtics lose will learn something about them dependent on how they played tonight. On the road. In the playoffs it's gonna be fun and really it's a game that I'm looking forward to here because this is all found money for us if you heard rich chief talk about it on ever teeth. In the previous hour here you know going into the series. People's expectations were soul low and so limited because of the injury situation. I don't think anybody would have been too pissed off if the Celtics have lost the first round series or they do lose this first round series. I really don't because nobody expects a team to go into the NBA playoffs where veterans generally win games. Nobody expected this young Celtics team to go win. End really do all that much if they happen to win the first round series against the box that's great but now you've got Celtics fans after two games just 212. Getting greedy right and number one of them. I look at the Celtics team and I say okay they complete this way. If there are rosier can produce like this if Jalen brown can produce like this if this Celtics team can continue to depend on. Right depend on Al Horford yet they compete with the heat with the only. And if they do that then they're subtly in the conference finals so I don't wanna get ahead of myself here with the fan in me occasionally. Does get ahead of myself. Well when you look at what you've seen from this team through games one games too I mean do you guys disagree. Had York expectations change because I think they have to have changed. If you went into the playoffs. Knowing the Celtics were decimated just crushed with the injuries and then you watch team war games wanting games do and you saw how the Celtics. Faced adversity. You saw the Celtics came out in game two and really controlled that game from start to finish she saw how they overcame Chris Middleton hit hitting that three with point 05 seconds left. The tide that team up and and ultimately win in overtime. If those series of events have been at least giving you pause. That I am not quite sure what you're watching. Because for me my expectations changed drastically. And I am glad in this instance to say that I think I was wrong minute came on the air here we go and it's of the Celtics are gonna lose this thing in six or seven I just didn't see. A team that was so re line. On young players. Having the ability to win playoff series I just didn't because historically the wrote the history of the NBA. There aren't a lot of Constance but one constant. In this series so far. There's certainly a more veteran team and the Celtics. And the Celtics are rewriting the rules right now. They they're relying on young guys and their winning with young guys in the NBA playoffs it's exciting for me and for me I think. I've changed my expectations. Now I fully. I expect the Celtics to win this series I fully expected to compete with Philadelphia for the potential. To get two way conference final whether they beat Philadelphia not depends on. A tremendous number of factors that we're not there yet we can't get there yet Philadelphia's experience Philadelphia's health. The coaching situation that could be a fascinating coat coaching match up. Would brown. In Philadelphia. And Brad Stevens here. With the Celtics but I'm getting ahead of myself here but now suddenly I think the Celtics would have a chance to at least compete in that series whereas before I really didn't have any faith. Whatsoever to Sports Radio. WEEI it is Monday night we come back we'll take more your calls at 61777979378. Too much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. It is Monday night right here Sports Radio coming out. As always the number to join me here in 6177797937. U takes the program at 37937. Find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops act. Gilroy. On who Patrick Gilroy filling in for Mike and Ganske taking you guys all the way up until Red Sox baseball which comes your way right here. On the W yeah I Red Sox radio network at 920 until then we'll talk Celtics and patriots coming up in the 9 o'clock hour on the program and of course will be joined by Chris medics. From NBC sports Boston and Yahoo! Sports coming up in just a few minutes here in the program. And coming up in the 8 o'clock hour of former Celtic point guard. Kenny Anderson will join me here in the program as well it really wanted to get a point guards take. On this terrier this year Eric Bledsoe match appear because on paper. This is the matchup that clearly clearly should've been to the bucks advantage and it has not gone. That way until then we'll take more your phone calls at 617. 7797937. Out to the phones we go let's go to Rick Rick's in Providence richter first up here on mud at night. All right Rick you want to call us back and let's gonna go to Paul pulls in Westfield small you are first up on Monday night. Yes and slowing the red sauce and brought a product category this and woods on. Am I agree a 100% with your analysis I don't think anyone would stretching when nick that we could not get without tiring I did. Did mention though that. I'm gonna be maturing. Which certainly Europe is what they're bad they're good they are. That he's the first quarter we can handle them at home. This car the changing of the guard a transition in power and opportunity and timing would come into opportunity. And the rhetoric but Gilbert and certainly do and last time I didn't happen I don't see why would you be Milwaukee what those clips and ability we have. You know the coaching advantage is clearly and that that's a big advantage to the Celtics here it's obvious I mentioned it when I was here. We keep in the in the previous hour that even a casual NBA observer you don't have to be a dedicated diehard fan if you just watch the game you can sell. That Brad Stevens is coaching circles around the box right now but how long can that last in the NBA playoffs they'll wreck quality to this Little League where. Talent always wins out in here you get the Celtics were on paper they don't have as much talent as the bucks the. Yes sir I'm paper. But again this is the opportunity and the time you remember at some point Michael Jordan whether Michael Jordan everyone develops and matures in. Without the opportunity. Does not accept the information we have opportunity. The clintons and what they can do what impact you think the Red Sox would be the first team to get to a hundred runs ever consider what are we watched mr. wood that was a good group of Tampa the workings. And best of me too product through and just took the best team in the loop between scored 25 to three. I can tell me happier. Now it's been incredible it's been an awesome run here for the Boston sports scene with some Paula appreciate the phone call it's been incredible right between what you're getting from the Red Sox the Celtics. And the Bruins who are primed to move on to the second round tomorrow night when their match up. With the leaks seed got all these great things happening here right now what are those three stories the one that I was. Most excited about going into I'm gonna say going into march of course. Was the Celtics and then everything that happened with carrier ring being ruled out for the year really tempered my expectations in my excitement went out the window. Right of course it did his Celtics are losing their best player the one guy that could carry a team not only. To a victory but could carry a team forty series or two I didn't think that this team had any of those guys left on the roster. Maybe I was wrong I don't know I mean hopefully this is the case where I was wrong but through the first two games it's been absolutely outstanding and it's been. A formula for winning but you don't typically get in the NBA playoffs plenty of teams. A re able to win games on the backs of young players in the regular season. But it's the guys that are able to produce in the playoffs when everybody's watching when the games are on national TV when they matter more when the defense actually tries. Generally. That's sort of saved for veteran players that have been there before. This Celtics team they've done it for two games now. Would guys that have been there once before and that was a part time role last year when it comes to guys like terror easier and guys like Jalen brown here to talk about. All things Celtics of all things NBA from a NBC sports Boston and senior writer for Yahoo! Sports my good friend and yours Chris managed Chris thanks so much for taking a few minutes tonight. No problem married or I'm living the dream Chris you know sitting here and yeah I'd the Red Sox and hottest team in baseball they're coming up next at 920. Gonna go home and watch the Celtics hopefully. Go to three you know when their playoff series with the bucks and and what else can a guy asked for. I. Leak this at some point for me have been increasingly rely so they've got it that you need you want tomorrow. But the playoffs mean eight you know they've been exciting so if there was ever a time where you don't. You united to get the sleep that you need at least your adrenaline is sort of carry you through I assume because thus far it's been. Incredibly entertaining basketball I think across the board. Not in great in I was in the war would last night to work get another look at. Something people would offensively with playoff Rondo. Iran don't. Article first what Chicago last year when no beat ball in the first round I would have beaten off and London's side in to break. Out this year you know regains in pelican exceed your. The point this week blazers and audited by his Rondo continues to wreak your income level when the calendar technical. It's incredible but it's also very frustrating because for coaches for teams you know they want their point guard to show up 80% of the time during the regular season. And Rondo can't even give you that but then he's got this other level and and when you look at this this pelicans team annals look at him real quick because I think it it please into the Celtics the one guy that's been talked about. For years now is Anthony Davis writes so is what Rondo is doing with the team essentially taking Anthony Davis potentially off the board. Yeah I mean look I think the fact that the pelicans. That they didn't panic turtle after the markets cut the week. That that mean at the data cable Inkatha people look at that organization might be it. It almost laughable at this point they read and consider. Art moving at the gate as what they're looking at Google reported add onto that team because and Britney may have overpaid forum which is Rick you have got coming off an Achilles injury but they will. You know the cultural holiday under contract won't work. Nickel near you draw party last night in the contract that eaten. Bit it got that get the pieces there to beat a top fourteen of the west next seat they're not looking at the in this or any recent here. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is mud at night I am Patrick Gilroy filling in for Mike many of you this evening and alignment near right now from NBC sports Boston and Yahoo! Sports. Chris medics and Chris when you look specifically at the Celtics series or up to nothing. Against the bucks here they're really after these first two games what do you expect to see from Milwaukee come 930 tonight. I mean look at go play with energy every scene when they're in that situation come out pretty strong. On you know they're great up temple team or even better at home so. I expect their fast break point to be high at night but. It will be bought and survive that kind of early search. They should still win this game like that they're just out coaching out executing out hustling. Did the puck every way she performed on paper there's no reason Milwaukee should lose this year and a better team talent wise. That bought at the moment but in the Celtics just they play harder and neat neat. They have there's a better game plan going into the game so I expect that in. Chopra an attorney. They're great pop overnight and and I don't think that the note guys but Tony built the the world and Eric Bledsoe is gonna play markedly better readers so I don't want that. That first quarter to beat you up to big deficit but. Equality survived that I think it would. Going into this series they said here a week ago a BEI and I said the bucks are gonna win this thing in six or seven games and it was because I felt like the they had the two best players on the court at all times were members of the bucks not members of the Celtics and as you know Chris generally. In the it in the NBA it's the team with the most talented team with a better player the comes out ahead so. I mean really. How rare is it fourteen to be leaning on guys late they're heroes here. Who was picked in what 2015 a guy like Jalen brown Pickens 116 how rare is it to lean on guys would this. Little experience that are this young and come out ahead in come out winning playoff games. I think it's rare. Top and it can't think of it seemed that that acuity right now Philadelphia certainly knew of young players. That they're waiting on those guys are known to them anyway Erica transcended future top five players. In the NBA intimidate and beat what. What about the here's why but balked at that went from. Job. It coats and not to continue to work you know bang the drum for Brett he got plenty people let him do that but. You know it acts and the Celtics in the coaching. Mean it took or you can be gone in a week to win you know they eat it sort of dessert because I don't think that the buck to meet any kind of adjustments. We're ought to do and here's where so they argue you know coming up with great key player after great game plan and being effective. All all the route though. And the the thing the young players with his team is one of the reasons they're playing this well now it because Powell even kinda active power them. They're they're first couple of your eagle at the conference finals last year with the help and apple lost cause we got the injury to like tea. You brought out the airplane twenty minutes per game and accurate I think that. You'll bill that would carpet what that he's been in this series look at him implicated. Want. I looked over and so there during the regular season when he goes on that in. India first happened eaten ever going to come out because Brett would never pull him out and cut out. He accomplished the struggle early in the playoffs you're gonna remain in all bit. It's kind of happening because you're at the matchup the ball happening because our team has been developed and constructed over the last two years. You've been. At times critical and at times not so critical book of by Al Horford over the course of this just this one year Chris and and you look at the things that you said this year I mean at one week you wrote a glowing piece about him the next week you were difficult on him so looking at what Al Horford given this team thus far through two games are we pleased that is it okay to be a fan of Al Horford at this time of the year. Oh yeah I mean look you know. Regardless of what does that line has spurred per dollar of income call Al Horford played very well. You know. If you watch these games mean doctors getting the ball in. And being told to go but he seems like Milwaukee's only offered game plan. He could get yon assembled what it Motrin. He just can't stop anybody in the league is got a couple Westbrook I think outward to record a offensively you dirtier by. How will be the first to admit that you know what do hockey sucks like yet been good there at times. You know occurring this year. Yeah the intangibles stuff I yet but you know at some point you've got up and put up numbers numbers but they're worried early march. Up they were pretty low in. You know what people were would be defending outlet outlet spot in the locker room. The first guy they have not played well at this point though you know like you went back are stretched right now. I think he's playing very good apple app take on. One of the cop guide the leak it again. He often times one on one while still producing off but that the war. You could ever be asked what to do. So it sounds to me like you've got the Celtics winning the series now mean they're 35 and oh when they're when they're up 20 in the series so let's make the wild assumption here Chris and they move on. It and they get their choice of holds going to be Philadelphia or the heat what it comes out of that series it looks like it'll be Philly for me to the Celtics have a shot to make conference final here. They've got a shot. Bowl matchups would be typical for different reasons Miami back to one he might think you may be don't have a coat and can't. Air portrait that is one of the best in and correct could be chess match. With him and Bret Stephens and it with barely a part out what to overcome that have been incredibly have a team now. I'm not bad that the your over yet outlook Miami might be resilient bunch cricket blown up like 2728. In game one they come back and win game two I think it's still got. In a coup in left either but how one. It going to be home at either one of those teams could become quite a while and yet the second round and lose I opened that right now. Listen Christopher gets out of here real quick got coli Leonard you know we all know the drama that's gone on with him this season into the post season here right now the spurs. Down 30 in their series looks like they'll be done in the next day or two here so going into the spurs off season here. It's an 88 you've got no choice if you're the spurs you've got us say goodbye to acquire Leonard. The Celtics ultimately got to be in for an opportunity to its potentially treat this guy. I think one thing disperse after the side. You know in the next few weeks these are they prepared to make light latter super Max saw because that they may cool wise to Mac stopper. You know when I talked to other team. They pick these kind of coli turn it down actors. Real money that the oft repeated phrase that I hear you take the money to banditry later in the year you can't get that money back from another team. In a potential trade expert at the popular view that if they don't. They're gonna have to put them on the market I think in that sense in that situation rather that than the situation on the wreck irreconcilable now. He you're the lakers you predicts. Often we get a lot for me be absolutely. Will make an offer some type or Kauai Leonard they still like we're talking at Decatur. Apple app that anybody else. Oscar before I I put coli Leonard in all the same category intricate. Patterns a a terrible year but it got a couple of years removed from the final that BP. He's 26 years old he's probably the best two way player in the leak right now. I'll eat it your intranet it would get an open exceeded that can last five years yet widely twenties I read may twenty. Gordon Hayward may twenty and then whatever jumped out to left. That the lack I think ball will make it competitive offer at all. You picnic why letters so that exceed Jason did in dealing on the limits. No nobody saw it live and let you know and I like that the summit in the scouts organization yadier exit. A lot. And yet collateral and how to right click on any or are you by the acts. Wanna it will recoup a spectacle be it at the view. The eco that he is gonna be tough call ought to decide. How deep into the well of that as you know. You get wild and get a part of it you gotta get a pretty cruel and agreement not agreement are pretty strong work co why can't they want to be bought it got one your luck has contract. And the last thing what happened is that you walk into the year you all the we're not. All right from Yahoo! Sports of from NBC sports Voss he's Chris managed you guys can catch Chris tonight. And NBC sports Boston what he does have going on over there Chris. 830 pregame and our all it worked at it look a little bit at some of the stuff we talk or Al Horford on how. And I don't depend on it you know putting up numbers secret record a couple of times that we would have a great job at it heading in I agree with. Which some of the it doubtful the team's heart vs. Spurs he couldn't remember that you're out they depend are. I'll I'll try to lob saint red that. Great stuff crystal doctor awesome. There goes Chris medics from NBC sports Boston and senior writer for Yahoo! Sports. I am Patrick Gilroy and this is money at night when we come back or your phone calls 6177797937. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. It is what I figured. Sports Radio ads WTI Patrick Gilroy. Sitting in for my finance fetus evenings as always the number to join me here 617. 7797937. Detects the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on who is continuing with our our Celtics conversation. The start the program tonight at the Celtics look to go up three zip against the Milwaukee Bucks tip off coming your way at 930 tonight and look. This is a situation that I didn't think the Celtics would find themselves in I am pleasantly surprised him curiously here we you guys have to say because. I did talk to a tremendous number of fans at the airport this week Ed because as you guys know and the candy man a travel for a living. And when I was there were talking about the Celtics and and you know fans it's seemingly come around here like. They jumped off the bandwagon win because every Irving got hurt everybody jumped way off right. And I think people have started jumping back on because. The Celtics set the tone for this many many many months ago. Nobody could have predicted the manner in a way in which this team was able to overcome the loss of Gordon Hayward. Mean he went down five minutes into the season and a week later they real lost sixteen straight wins nobody could have predicted that sort of resiliency from this basketball team. But we sorry we got we got a team that was worthy of winning 55 games this year may be more if they were healthy. Throughout the entirety of the season no question more probably a sixty win team if they were healthy. So I think when Irving went down. That the common thought here and I don't blame anybody because I was leading the way would this thought process was. You know they overcame the loss of one all star how many teams can overcome the loss of two. But so far and I and I know it's only the box. But the Bucs are playoff team with more talent right now on their roster that I think the Celtics at least in their starting five than the Celtics have. Any team wins are to become bowl I think is he's got to have the advantage because he's that good you heard Chris medics say in the previous segment it's a top five player. In the NBA he's a cornerstone piece yet the Celtics here they are there to win though. And I felt and heard optimism from Celtics fans that not only could this team. Eliminate the box but they could have a real chance at returning to a conference final. And what in accomplishment. As that would be for this basketball team to reach the heights it be reached last year. Being this decimated. By injuries and curious to hear you guys have to say it's 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go. Let's go to rich rich is in Providence Richard next appear on mud at night. Patrick yes sir about that earlier that's attends an amendment. If I make this. I have a question quick about Zander Bogart's what is he expected back. Well right now that the update is that he's progressing nicely and he's gonna be back sooner than later and that's from court today. Are good so it will continue to keep you guys updated at Viet we get any more word tonight leading up to our team time in about an hour and twenty minutes. Yeah out they don't question back to know and right now there's really no need to you know that if the Red Sox were reeling if they were struggling you might be inclined to rush him back but because. So that that sort of absorb the blow and continued to win there is no rush. That's what. Concerning the Celtics and you know the that lakers ticket doesn't you know look like that's going to happen so what have what. But takes place from there at that two week at Sacramento's. First round pick and when he nineteen and so what happened. Yet that's correct so Soto it'll deferring go back to Sacramento and the Celtics and I believe a look at up but I believe there is. A bit of lottery protection there as well and all of its top three your top two but I believe there is some sort of protection there a look at up in the break rich. Okay thank you and if a man I'll also ask about the quiet Leonard and Anthony Davis if you you know were to pick. One or the other to be on the Celtics which what we do it choose. So it's a good question and I am not quite. As high and why Leonard as Chris medics was Chris manic said that he and Anthony Davis are sort of a coin flip. I'm on a big anti Davis guy and always gonna a long injury history but I also think that he's a franchise altering talent rich where. Why Leonard. But you could replicate. What he does I think a little bit easier than you can replicate what a guy like it that he Davis does. It is Leonard and a seven footer as well. No he he's 6768. With a long wingspan he plays much more about you know the small forward shooting guard the power forward combo you don't mean that that do that new breed of player in the NBA that you know have rich with guys like Jason Tatum like Jalen brown that new breed of player that I think. The the warriors have done such a great job. Well building there dominant franchise around when you've got five guys on the floor the can all score the basketball but when dream on green is your fifth option. Then you doing something right he'd go step back and shoot threes he's one of the better passing big men in the NBA he's only six puts out. And that really surprised people but that's that's how volleys he plays much bigger than that but he's only six foot said the and there was a running joke in the last year's offseason. Around Brad Stevens that if he could have a team point guard through center of all guys between. You know 6668. That would be ideal for him and the way that he wants the place so I think. For the Celtics the Anemia they may be more intrigued. With Kauai Leonard as a team. Then they are with Anthony Davis because he fits the mould that this team is trying to play and I would Chris medics by the way if there's an opportunity. I don't care if it costs you Jason Tatum word Steven Brown appears an opportunity to get. Why Leonard here you gotta do you absolutely have to I don't care what this team accomplishes this year in the playoffs it's all gravy at this point. It absolutely is because you're not getting a total view of what this team is so. It's fun it's enjoyable and I hope that lasts as long as it possibly can't but let's not be naive enough to think that you know this team's gonna chance that play into June no way no chance. And let's not be naive enough to think that this team goes into next year. As a favorite to win a championship there in the discussion there are top 314. Absolutely when healthy next year. Danny Ainge is looking to kick open a championship window that last 567 years and isn't. At risk of being blown up because of players aged like he was in the back half of the new Big Three era every year was oil is Kevin Garnett coming back next year's Ray Allen coming back how effective will Paul Pierce beat. He doesn't want that conversation and with wide Leonard you don't get that conversation. You know picking up a 31 year old Ray Allen coming off double ankle surgery and that worked out for the Celtics ten years ago. But that's not what you're getting and quite polite yes he had an injury this year but he's young he's 26 years old. He's somebody with championship experience he used a consensus top ten player in the NBA going into this season. And if he truly is on the table and I was pleasantly surprised and very intrigued by what Chris medics had to say he because he is as connected to the Celtics as anybody is out there and he said definitively. That it's cool wise available the Celtics will be yen. On why Leonard doesn't know they'll get him but they know that he will be in the Celtics will be in. On Kauai Leonard I find that. A fascinating point coming from somebody as connected as Chris medics. Because he's not a dream team he's not meet just trying to fill three hours on the radio and be entertaining. He is giving us. A real piece of news there that he had the Celtics will be in. On Kauai Leonard if and when he's available so that's gonna be a very interesting discussion and very interesting situation that the Celtics team finds themselves in at some point here. In this offseason and for the spurs the offseason is going to be here sooner than later. Because what has been just a very tumultuous year. For San Antonio was about to come to an end. They're down three nothing in their playoff series. They're coach is now obviously taking some time away after the loss of his wife. So that is a team in a bit of turmoil and for the spurs to be in turmoil is something it's as rare as the patriots being in turmoil. And the patriots have a bit of turmoil right now so I guess that happens occasionally. But they have been the standard and the staple of excellence in the NBA. For nearly two decades. And this year it just it wasn't the same he could only. Overcome the losses of great players for so long you when you look at that spurs roster it's been decimated. Between age and injury you know guys that work. Nice big players for the spurs in years past it and emails he's now thrust into a starting role or is gonna put up. You know 1518 points a night to give the spurs a shot to win like that's not a recipe for winning in the NBA. And yet it got some nice pieces like LaMarcus Aldridge but ultimately that's a team that needs. In insertion of youth enthusiasm young talent. Maybe some additional draft picks so they can kick open a new window for the next ten years. And I think that's where Danny's comes in the play. He's got the young talent he's got the draft picks and he's got the contracts in place. To potentially trade for a guy like why letter it's going to be a fascinating offseason. If you're a Celtics. They won't be wholesale changes like there was last year. With this team only brought back for players that's not going to happen. However there is an opportunity there is a chance that one of the guys that could come back here. Is a multi time all star a consensus top ten player and I feel a little bit more optimistic about those odds about those chances. After talking to Chris meant it because of how definitively. He answered the question is yes. The Celtics will be yet he's talked to people in the organization and the Celtics will be in on Kauai Leonard if and when he becomes available at a Sports Radio. WEEI it is mud at night I am Patrick Gilroy number to join me here is 6177797. 937 coming up in the 8 o'clock hour will be joined by Kenny Anderson coming up in about a half an hour former Celtic point guard multi time all star. Somebody that I really wanted to get his feeling. On it Terry rosier and what he's seeing from Tim. Rosie has been and how ray or it is by the way. For a guy that rosier who doesn't have the track record doesn't have a history doesn't have the experience of a guy like Eric Bledsoe. Right Eric Bledsoe should be a clear. Advantage a clear edge for this bucks team and he has not been Rosie or shut him down. Mentally and physically this has been rose year's world and Eric Bledsoe is just living it it's Sports Radio W yeah.