Mut at Night - Are the Patriots in trouble? - 3-13-18

Mut at Night
Tuesday, March 13th

Mut and Bradfo use their final hour together to continue talking about NFL free agency, and how its already had a large negative impact on the Patriots. They wonder if this all comes back to reports of disufunction an disagreement withing the Pats organization, and if that is the case, is it yet another sign that the dynasty is coming to a close.


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It's much that night. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. An hour ago here on blood at night's Sports Radio WEEI event now being near nice they can all your phone calls. On a crazy day of the NFL until midnight we'll do it as well here rob at 617779. 7937. Europe very busy man in Fort Myers my guess is you're not. Watching anything new on Netflix or and he added the TV out which you can watch it shows that you've. Wanted to right now just so busy down there that's all right busy day care can't do anything but one thing that I do do I always yeah I like the US HBO. I like HBO yes of course I watched it's over now the crash of crash. Keith Holmes I watched season one I've not been indices into yet OK okay. Some forced I will suggest to you in the audience imagine it's a couple days ago it was all of Kirk. And I finish it over the weekend I binge the rest of it when you eventually get home in a couple of busload days during the baseball season. The new documentary out on Netflix call fled town it's eight episodes. It's on the flip police department dealing in the aftermath the water crisis they had their but also. With the reality of having fewer than a hundred police officers. For a town the size of Flint and as the dated issues they deal with. I think you would enjoy it in the audience would enjoy it Netflix went town. Eight episodes now on the episodes on more than 4540 minutes it's a quick watch and it's a good watch I'm so sorry that you watch hero. At its peak I watched. Three in a row. Three that's three out of silicon it's was was 4535. And forty. I don't like it was too it was of this was Sunday. The kids were I think it's applicable mapping which is unbelievable QL opponent on a Sunday yes I give my children melatonin right exactly we did but for referring to critics forget the Benadryl that what got drew we do dads can write to us it's so I went hands is always twenty years in jail it's as we've got an outrage. That's well worth these all that we had always that. Yet at a daycare lady be illegal daycare issue wanted to go to gym tan laundry and put the kids asleep there yes yes. Flint town Netflix your welcome I you don't you don't you I will. I will do it. From making a murdered that you see I did very good yet so I did six hours ago. Six hour we traveling or six hours on the things I was just like it escapes that's awesome and stuff on I I've done. I applied upwards of 34 hours at times. I have to go back and so it stranger things and oil watch at least three of those general those released an hour. I'm Hala back and look allows gone through the with a wire the first time I know for a fact it was 45 hours I watched the wire easily. Like that before if you feel bad for few minutes afterwards what if they like elsewhere and do my day. It's raining out it's doling out the kids are asleep their advocates are at a birthday parties that could. You your kids around the house already so. Here's do what you want you here. It's either would do without right now it's either been to watch stuff in my house come out of Florida Vermont either or you know that's life. You know so no new signings and last at two minutes old the most recent signing is another quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. I gets a one year deal to go to the jets so they are now go with Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater. Wolf as one year veteran quarterbacks and my guess is rob we will still. Draft a quarterback that trap but they're they're putting itself and the spot or they can take a drag and drop the quarterback this year he doesn't add that the plated all. And they can have two veterans that can mend the ship here for see what was the money what was ammonium Brit toward you know no money yet we know it's a one year ten million dollar deal. For Josh McCown we know it's a one year twenty million dollar deal for Sam Bradford. We know it's a three year 28 million dollars per year deal for Kirk cousins. All guaranteed. And this is the other part out of today's BO stop the tap with the patriots who talked about Butler with talked about in a dole up at the tight end Trey Burton. Affects Rob Gronkowski. Current writes about it tonight and he's right. Drew Brees just got to hometown discount he's getting 27 million dollars guaranteed over two years fifty billion dollars total in two seasons. With all the quarterbacks I just said. The guy you have here I hope he's mad about it or not. He's been extremely underpaid and it was evidenced by the amount quarterback when he got passed around. Insane insane money so I don't know I don't know how Tom Brady plays this. But I know he's got a two year deal that he's both society here at some point or sign a new deal. My guess is he getting get a better deal we thought it was gonna get based on what threes Radford. Kirk cousins Judy go Koppel low Josh McCown. All got the last couple. Weeks does this feel more uncomfortable than other first weeks of bars you know around this time in this. And it felt free happy happens I remember during the Welker. One where the signing Amendola right away but still there was that feeling that oh my goodness this fall apart in mental isn't going to be your place in. Is this most uncomfortable this. It's that type of feeling at this fight I'm a year. At the risk of being wrongfully the tenth time probably predict in this rob yes it feels different because of what happened to. At the end of the regular cells Guerrero tries to no one's business well art or that the patriots weren't trying to. You kick him off the the reservation here. Because of the current story because the wicker shams story because of the end of commerce is time episode six like maybe we overstated it and talking about yesterday but it was. Rob was really really ominous to watch that last 62 seconds with just Alan Brady essentially. Saying the players have been appreciated enough fun and if you is in Brady's own words you don't like you do when you better go find something else to do like given the year he just had. And now volleys quarterbacks are making this sort of money will get to smother money stuff feared a second that that feels pretty ominous to may rise overall with the Davis. You know I'll put through too much stock America you get away from and you hit April and you start wanna play Yamon. I just looked at from a remote teen perspective. Of yeah Brady praised. But is gonna get his money he's gonna sign craft is gonna take care of home but this goes back to Rockwell OK you're gonna take carry your guy Tom Brady. To take care of your other guy Rob Gronkowski and then work from there we understand mutt. They can replace guys that can replace older in Butler in these other guys but there's certain guys I can't see. Three or play some. All the rights to guys minutes frustrations is pretty girl yes in those ones those guys pretty simple meeting even well even Welker with a guy. Who people thought all my goodness you can't replace I was one album I'd it added that did you really yet. I thought that he viewed as is the best slot receiver ever saw the plays he made I didn't think that the captaincy balls necessarily l.'s fault that puts some of that number radiant body good too much crap for that. And body king a replacement turns out they did elements been putting as good if not better than what it's a little while to do it right. Mean I mean Amendola was obviously hurt so out of the gate well here's here's the weird. Stress right now and the tension. Is that we know. It. Do you bully wicker sham story and up in currents are enough to believe that there was some tanks between Brady and Belichick during the year yes okay. So if you believe that they haven't met yet since then. You had that weird ending to that video the other day which I think Brady wants keep playing that he won against message across I agree that right you know right good point he's the editor that thing he's allowed to end it so we get a that's across they did some feeling bill. So after all that and your Brady Andy of course what a play again next year. There's twenties or re for courier beat twenty million dollars in cap space. No obvious successor to Nate sold on the roster Robert tells you mulling retirement latches most productive running back Dion Lewis. On the open market as well. Where will the patriots priorities lie when it comes spreading around the money the birdies help them save over the years. That would be to be distressed that tension the frustration. On the quarterback the team not only. And I saved you all this money not only am I making. Forty million dollars the next two years in case he has making 36. That I mean that's a scary one today. Are your what we're hiding and spend this money may Wear or who are you gonna bring back to make sure the final well for Brady be he thinks it's a field built four more years of this. But you know maybe it's really two or three years of it I gotta make sure were in contention where you do that twenty million bucks there's some stress they're to me of our guys underpaid. And now watching the patriots slow play the rest of his money around three NC theirs where you said it does feel different that's why it feels different to me this time. That you feels different for me is that the grown. Because because these other guys that eat if they kept grunt but. They still have a good enough offensive team we can agree yes. It did wrong cattlemen get that that steadier still pretty good yes yeah yeah yeah I mean what there will need help I'll give me Brady being a big part of that. They need they need help linebackers in the and you find another quarterback and I would be more concerned about the defense if craw came back if you know grant was coming back. Then I would be OK but but that's why he feels a need to even me and I do think it is. I guess all the Brady stuff like at the pump vs time I get to oust Cabrera get the Gisele pushing him out of the football. But I just think that we're gonna get warning for this wouldn't get enough warning for Tom Brady to know what's going on with grunt we don't know what's going on. Why I think with Brady for his future rob I don't think we now know what's going night I was somebody who thought he complained to his 45 because it was good for. His brand it was really good for TB twelve that's what he's committed to. After his playing days are over. Well watching in that video and know what happened this year ladies say you go wrong sort the issue. I would say Brady long term now and how much longer he's gonna want to keep doing this if he's not having fun. And not being appreciated. That who's to say that next year the year after. Okay I'm not gonna stretch this thing out I'm ready to go right into. My second career of commerce of TB twelve that's to me you significant don't know what the that the end is is as hot as Carr wrote. The yen feels much much closer. That I expected it to be after Super Bowl season and and you in the soup ruled. The best point that you made denied it was about the editing of Tom burst. Because you we can't forget that this isn't just oh you caught him at that moment. Everything that is shown is filtered through Tom Brady. And while I can say. That was is still still a month after the season whatever. It still he had a good chance three weeks is think about that change it if you want absolutely you know I oblivion I'm with the Indian. It so the editing this is. It's I'll come back though like with the things with the Bruins the Bruins want to get their message out about others say it apps and that first episode behind the beat. They did it they edited that way. Throughout the Roberts is time wildly entertaining awesome job. I'm glad they did it but also everything in that was done with the reason in four with a purpose so that point by human. Yet I would look at. I would look at the comments by the producer Gotham Chopra who spoke to USA today in the aftermath. And essentially said like OK I thought I knew what Tom was gonna end this house reflective on this season a book imported next season. But there's some this before it aired. There's surprise and it's gonna surprise some people. He's a 1000% right now when it's so easy for him to give that deed that Boyle played answers about you know. Of those double what would football means to hand and what he learned this year in moving on to next year he did not do that and there's a message there that. You know I I heard some people you know saying on the air today go Glenn was talking while it's overstated and how close the season was you're forgetting like you just said rob Wright keep the editing tactic that he was able to use their and the fact that. We we learn from the beginning of this thing. That his wife just wanna play anymore his wife employed. When Michael's right here right so players are gonna come out and say if cells were making the rounds and trying to get Tom Brady's quick. One right after the other the C. Add that into the other stuff there at the end and that to me is a significant I get he's saying about Krakow ski. But that means is significant now going forward because now I the ADD or get this coming out. You and I both agree that hymns that Malcolm but we're signing in Tennessee. Is about look for Bill Belichick correct yes I'll say other bad look. Jimmy drop all for a second round pick basin the amount of money these quarterbacks got that it will go through that what you guys at 617779. 7937. Other half hour and a bad now rising national perspective here on WEEI. He is going to go all NFL as my feeling title and now there's nobody better to do this. Are with this audience this evening and WEEI late night he'll do it at nine will do it until then here on Sports Radio to be we yeah. It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. He. Lot of nice Sports Radio WEEI help those who were out about. Snow removal. They're using the shovel the snow blower got the app cranked up your out their wallet tonight to somewhere here in Massachusetts across men with thank you guys but we urge you to. Please be aware that those of us were driving home are very thankful. For what you guys have done the roads are rob is slow coming in today but the roads were. Pretty damn clear for other blizzard like day here and win so we thank those folks because so without them both. What you get here tonight and he immediately run as you know you get yet rob Bradford offer full four hours in the eyes the end and mean on the ball mark that's what you yet. Everybody wants. Piped in some sound of media and Lehman played. Some Ian will Fleming here yay you did I. The thing I bet that they don't thing you did where you played yourself and then talk it was a little weird. OK so can I defend myself over the short nagged I heard I'd like Indian magazine found in us an alliance front. I work that was a double shift as they call the business. I was trying to figure out as I went along it in and nobody at the poll that the first ten minutes but if he gets powered through that show it was actually really really huge. So just next time just power through you that your you're in the spot now he never Yunel lauded Mick when you do bad show and I I can say when why do bad I saw it I just a minute and a first ten minutes was it was a little choice and that was it the rest of the show with the it's a bad ten minutes residential awesome. Nine NC awesome I said it was pretty good we had pitcher nick and it goes through its text messages it was. There was nothing going on as good show pitcher nick I'm very supportive. Of the but at night program all he's evil but very supportive vote would text messages from pitcher to be yet to look you know this whole story and try to build on here I've not heard that story now all in really quickly we went out and so he he was smitten. By the hostess at the restaurant. Doubted that well either you know you know put up or shut up silly walks out on his way out it then piece of paper and a plan. He grabbed the piece of paper and write down his numbers as names that you know if you wanna call me whatever. So that night we were on the air and then as it unfolded she got in touch with him. So by the time that tunic was on the airwaves we can go through we could do it dramatic reading of its act meant text messages. And what we found out ways. Great game initially. Great game to lead that the number and the name are my goodness. But as it transpires as the tax chain went on. Not some of the ever won a date with this girl now know who now know he says he's too sweet he didn't in one distinct he was in town you know. You know one on a one off so what say things and not three or visit the tire thing but isn't the goal. We lead the number it's again touch these in the gold one off. They I would think so but at some excuse making to me yeah this is well you've read the tax in and it ended when the wind no response from her and you know it is an affairs to him. The it was about it and tax change so good for him forget that conversation started and all of us sports writers live vicariously through young buck like. Way to go pitcher nick yesterday you know and now he's the huge fan of mud so he definitely is where he story. He can keep paean yes span for Bradford to be a fan in my world good. As Ford Jimmy garrote alone he is not the biggest story today the biggest stories today or Malcolm Butler reportedly agreed to a five year deal. With the Tennessee Titans at eighteen by the way you're patriot ties so. Suggest something crazy happening would Butler that. Nobody ever with the patriots who wanna sign him again are so crazy that deathly did not happen. He's gone there for five years. Danny and a dole after playing for one point seven million dollars last year he gets a two year eight million dollar deal. Or two years at least eight million dollars guaranteed potentially. Going forward the next couple years with the Miami Dolphins. Go rot little bow ties and at today's events because of what the patriots got in return for him at the trade deadline and I thought the time rob. That the second round pick was like most people nowhere near enough in return for Jimmy probably did you agree with battery. You guys can't well I I get one can I not only agreed with that but then when the AG McCarron news came out. I was. I was I am I have no regard for second in the third segment rays are there because because they admit it immediately much. You read these guys circle the wagons a no no no no no there was no first round pick last year that was all ridiculous that was never gonna happen and second round that's good enough. OK if you eat if you believe. That there was no first round pick last year then if you can if they could get a second and third for a lesser player that was the defense for that I. I would agree so then you add in the following last couple of things we know drop below by now. Has gotten a five year 137. And a half million dollar deal 41 that guaranteed. Our readers from Tommy currents piece today Matt Stafford and Derek Karr will also outpaced Drew Brees. Who just judgments without result the topped Drew Brees got a two year deal worth 50000027. Guaranteed. He's not even the highest paid quarterback per annual compensation that's Jimmy drop blows current rights Stafford and Carl B next. Andrew Luck is right there a reason 24 million. Those guys drop below Stafford and car have never won a playoff game Locke is three and three in playoff games eccentric. Late earlier today Sam Bradford never had anything in the NFL it's twenty million dollars to go to Arizona. Case Keenan gets two years and 36 billion dollars to go to Denver. Josh McCown gets one year ten million bucks Teddy Bridgewater is got a one year deal work waiting for the compensation on that. Every quarterback worth his salt. Got a deal essentially. Before free agency officially start these are the top quarterbacks that were available top five or six guys they are all signed headlined by Kirk cousins. Who got 28 million dollars in the year. All guaranteed. All that being said. How did you believe at that point that a grappled one or the second round pick global as quarterback got paid today or or be. You could've found a way to convince the ownership. Okay wanna keep Brady let's whole Lotta Jimmy gee we can play this out free agency we can put us on the trade market is we will franchise tag him. And will get a better return at that point and my guess is. They would have based on what these quarterbacks got paid today let's play it. Play this game as it's a lot of fun yes. Of the quarterbacks all these quarterbacks flurry of quarterbacks who signed switched teams and everything else which ones would you rather happening to me drop. I'd rather Drew Brees. Yes it's weird about we got lucky a lot of money to OK okay other quarterbacks who change as he switched it switched teams nobody. Okay cousins. Keen on. Macau own. Bring all these guys a I would put behind problem it's a war we're talking about we're all right off five or sixth quarterback change five or six teams. I think at least 66 teams needed quarterbacks need starting corner of the anabolic the bill still only won the bills yes the edit the the they're the one team it's still need one of the teams that need quarterbacks. So with the wit and I'll figure alone in this week that notion that you have the best guy. And you have a flurry of team this isn't JB Martinez where you have no market for for this guy I mean they have a market. Four teams in need this quarterback and you have the best one and you'll get a second round pick that's where it doesn't add up for me. You play that it right because that. Your 1000% right and it's it looks I didn't big whatever look worse. Because you at the 43 pick for this player. But when you see what the other teams financially. Overpaying for quarterbacks let's say your franchise tag drop below. So some team wouldn't give you releases second round pick for the one year. A grapple hobbled this that the fact that if they'd be able signed to long term extension. That would giving you more. And say you you could have this extra chip here. Now these teams in and out on the 49ers are one of those teams they would still be in the market for a quarterbacks maybe you're able big trade with them. Even after the fact so not only have you watched Butler it and dole walk away today garrote McGraw pulls off the rosters of those three players. You return as a second round pick pick number 43 and eventually Dell sides and guys and lots of talent back. But I would argue it's a pretty significant talent drain here rob go back to trade deadline. Of all the guys that have left between Rob Lowe and Butler inanimate dole it's assumed the L Lewis is gone. We'll see about inmates older EC's most likely to come back. Those are all guys those for all the top party your. Free alt opt for. Yeah the party and our partners now ousted top ten players and your groceries. They might be lost the mobile returns at the trumpet etc. Yes yes it's. It's not good student. It's done the Grupo thing in but you're on the air with a drop of thing went down right. I was yes right. In the initial reaction. I don't know what you are there for a couple of whether you were taught we we we were talking. I'm in one when I was him but so. When that happens there was this sense the circle the wagons mentality about what they get expert to meeker hello. And in the idea that oh you know it is just took what we just made a call and we took whatever again OK you know they went know what they're doing. It looks worse now that whole thing looks terrible. It's terrible and in. It and for the patriots that what do you start getting some answers would think it just don't add up. You know. I mean I I guess I get it that we don't have all the information we don't meet all the information. But still there's so many things just aren't adding up whether it's whether it's the Butler thing whether it's gronkowski. Whether it's the Jimmy droplet trade. This isn't pareto Guerrero right on its well there's a lot of our stuff or organization. If an organization with not winning like the patriots. People would be met with the jets this was happening what would be going on while magic. If Brady was not still Brady right there was a there are slippage from Tom Brady you weren't so convinced rob but the AFC so mediocre. But the patriots are showing up next year. Wouldn't guarantee them a spot in the late the conference while I think that is. That reality of the conference in the sixty need success the patriots almost year in year route. That is buy you a little bit it's time without that success forget about it Al about that the the expected success again next year. There and you're in the NFC we had teams like San Francisco on the up and yet teams like the rams and teams like Philadelphia. It be a much different story around here. Actually by the way it will be we're not there yet. But this has been by far the most push back and I've seen on Bill Belichick were coaching decision that the Malcolm bought one specifically now new ad in the a a very slow start to free agency where other teams are making moves and getting better and you're sitting here watching your guys sign elsewhere. That's gonna add up a little bit added the DD calls that crazy lunatic fringe calls from people. On sports talk radio saying get rid of bella bella checked and they are crazy when they say that. That numbers increase the last couple weeks. Whatever that's because back to the current workers and stuff right. Beware these are things fall apart Tripoli on another not fall apart looking over there one the divisional round they won the AFC championship during the Super Bowl in enough fallen apart. So what if the the assistant coaches are moving on. But it does feel like it does feel different right now. And in in you have to keep coming back to those articles 61777979837. He's rob Bradford were with you forgot more minutes and end up our guide then Mal would join you right here at nine. Recapping a crazy day in the NFL here on Sports Radio WEE. It's always a secret. With the month at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Not just him and school foreigners. Start clinical that the there. All that's outbreaks Dara exclamation. We're hearing so much now. In its. Owner. I'm guessing that was you playing out this exchange between pitcher nick and the hostess at blu sushi. I confirm he's. That this could. I get a text from my. Richard Nixon robs explaining his very poorly so he's not happy with the way explained. Whatever happened down there for Mars. He's claiming he would do. So at some point on a very slow fifth again a Red Sox view Red Sox when like nine to one. It's a light middle of July. Pitcher and exit the game with the U will all have you guys in Red Sox review. And we'll pick through all this stuff animal oh it will get and we'll get ready get the exact answer what happened rod nick can explain why he could not seal the deal. With a wager some hooters and know we'll go from there where you are now. What B I'll Wear that red sex review. On it I assume cell beside Adobe doing a lot of Fridays in the morning but based on the schedule giving given for. The first three months of the year yelled be a lot of Red Sox review are going to be. 36. Our on don't think sigh I've heard Kirk. I heard the video much of their show today with the kids home from school but. I heard him say we're gonna miss mutt he's gonna with a two to six show. I can tell you recent conversations I've had I yup I'm fine work when those guys. That there's startle interest from I think their point and the point of a manager put me on that show that's your question again outside Adobe doing some work with them. But a given a schedule I was handed. I don't know how much I got a lot of Red Sox baseball in April may June. So I don't know how much Judith six I'll be doing some good decisions we made. Down the road but no I I had my expectation is two weeks from almighty god. Two weeks from Thursday. Your hole on it I'm back to Red Sox baseball most of the time and and Fridays and villains with. Curtain Gallic and I think that's the plan and I'll watch a lot of push and pull between the the hometown baseball team in in some very popular radiation. Push it might as Nancy right in the middle listen ignore a win win this much talent rob. And you come this affordably today everybody. Then you're going to be you wanted to negative reports. That's what. You that your leveraging your short day you travel a lot more than IDs you are much more equipped in those driving in and which was before the Butler news broken him a Dolan he's broke. I did not acted the show would be tonight so I would I knew you travel more than I have. So I think eventually I am I am quite frankly I'm never gonna lead to New England area. I'm going to be here forever my family's here my wife's family's here my kids could go off to school somewhere I go visit her or go check that out but. I don't gonna be doing the person for life like that of the closest thing I'll do is retire to. Upstate New York potentially at some point that's still it's not it's not they decide to go back I'm not free of winter OK so. If you order retire somewhere given all places you've gone. Where is the non winter spot where is the eighth not gonna snow here ever ever ever ever ever. John Dennis retirement type place that rob Bradford would pick if given the choice because mine is a really dumb. I I went to Arizona I wouldn't do with the West Coast through this too far away from everything no the clock is great to be get up and it's yeah you saw Mosul bargains are all it's beautiful yes and then US tries to entrap that's the one thing I could never ever deal would have you been out there and dealt with the traffic. I've been out to California once at San Diego for accent examples in Diego's OK it was all since it was it was studios. Awesome yes. But once again it's sort of away from where all the roots are. Stay in the East Coast of probably just like he kind of where my parents are added down in Pompano Beach to Fort Lauderdale area I will say this about Florida though. You get sick of it after awhile does not allied that the great thing about New England that keeps you on your toes. If Florida doesn't keep you on your. Like why would die and I know I I like the speed of New England I liked the fact that we live life any faster pace here when you when I go to San Diego into long ones they go to other places on vacation to visit other towns. It's just a different speed that people are not as an in this sense the self a lot. That is not as. There's not that get up and go mentality slot with O. And so you know for its not I can't do floor that time at a Florida I've not enjoyed Florida April forever reason. Like I think I would go to when I went somewhere that's fair just retire and do they are Kenny Chesney. Saint Lucia Bahamas island life and just say forget it you guys wanna come visit me come visit me in my little. You know one bedroom okay that that's fine like come vacation it's firebombs and wanted to get away from winter. I don't get off the hospital together. That's fair that's fair I would much like I would Smartphones that sort of the political dialogue tremendous job tonight really did yeoman work. We're gonna make room for bad malice we'll talk the other thanks. That is rob Bradford WEEI dot com bandit now or is coming up if you're out plowing. Snow removal shovel whatever malice got the midnight on a crazy day in the NFL and like us he's taking your phone calls 617779. Seven ID through seventies Cali guy. This Sunday can explain will California's good place to retire at some point. Thank you Andy and Jason and jet good job tonight through the show. We are back tomorrow a regular spot at six we've John to mossy on mud at night Sports Radio WEE IC.