Mut at Night - Belichick only wants to coach "his type of guys" - 3-12-18

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Monday, March 12th
Villani and Hannable use the last hour of the show to continue to talk about the Patriots. They discuss the biggest positions of need for the team, and how Bill Belichick, at this point in his career, only seems willing to coach, or add to the roster, players that adhere to a specific set of traits.

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He's much at night on Sports Radio you. We. Always trying to WPI dot com media. Meet. WE EIY. 360 ESPN yet demanded town crier. Yes in three. ESPN three accurate account that in and yes you know but all all of those things. And of the occasional vodka martini and lost either. Since. Good way to wrap up weekend as far as I'm concerned. Ryan we started talking now a little bit that the team building aspect of the patriots and you identified. What you think the biggest needs especially in the defense side of the ball on offense clearly bringing back pizza older a high priority for the patriots left tackle. We'll see what happens Danny Amendola Rob Gronkowski etc. You look at the free agent market here though and I am underwhelmed. To say the least are their names that you're looking outside and they sold outside the patriots own guys. That might be likely. Landing spots for New England in and targets to spend their 21 million dollars cap. Space stuff that like you mentioned that level last part of the twenty mom nine dollars and cascades you can't really go low. And sign some of the you know multiple all of the top name free agents to because you know of the money to do so so I think it's in the case of where the patriots have allowed that first wave. A free agency signings pass. And reevaluate see who's left to use seeking what money. An angle from mayors I don't think a lot of these you know big names that a lot of fans you don't want to cut to come to New England are gonna happen just you know for a whereas before. So you got the big guys like media Julius Peppers is thirty years old that coming off an injury and and now Adrian Claiborne point nine years old enough career high nine knapsack and Atlanta. But he's trying to a lot of money any nine apps act as if they Claiborne as affiliate attic and Larry the idea to keep to leave your rookie to lead. Immediate few days ago and that was a thing they could still possibly happen. I liked the idea about it. Oh what to do to make this year ranked eleventh yet they were they're never gonna I mean I love million dollar and on and it seemed like an athletic they're. Return wasn't at a rate exactly. Gearing you were looking to get free agency. Now there's another viable option he wanted to go to one of two places one of them was Los Angeles and a world to take on the money could take on the bodies were just. Is never gonna happen and dire piloting a guy like maybe Alex Okafor from the saints. He is 27 years olds coming off an occasion jury of those that type of guys not coming off injuries. That's that's what they're looking at though he had guys that are guys that at a lot of teams passed on just because the haters don't have enough money to spend they can't go you know toe to toe with the weather team might the 49ers avatar accounts face you know Bedford they they just can't do that so. There now if they you know they again guys that at linebacker and neither Brad am from the Eagles maybe. And he's spry one of the best outside linebackers on the market. So it's prior to come with a cost but he could her progress for multi years down the road so he's an option. Preston brown from the bill's theory expressed that he wants flavor of the patriots and he led the NFL tackles last year still moderately big name. So your point and open it it's there's not guys that blow you away and that's the the big scheme here is me a lot of you know role players have to speak Isaac and you know do you know one thing pretty solidly as opposed superstar. Well and it also sets up an interesting conversation becomes the draft rights okay you'll dress some of these things through the draft in. They have added some picks act feel better about at least the number of draft picks they have relative to the past couple years. By you've got these sort of balancing act of OK got 41 year old quarterback and he window with Brady however long you'd think he might play got to acknowledge it probably just a couple of seasons here it's the it's narrowing. So you wanna win now you wanna address these needs now. But Brady's 41. The draft quarter. I think Rob Gronkowski even if he comes back this year may not be back the year after that the draft tight end. It's good question I mean if these are the types of sorted things the balance between okay. Addressing the immediate needs but also having an eye towards the viability of the franchise beyond next season. Yeah I think the one thing about this track compared to other grasses they need to find. Players that can make impacts this season. A solid last year are they drafted players you're looking down the road and actually didn't really pan out what they expected but they went to that draft. Sort of with an eye on in 2018201922. Money. Where this year they have to look at 2018 being defined defensive players like a big impact this year especially in the front seven I think they they needed guide beckoned. After the passer than they need a guy Beckham played solve linebacker spot any impact players now that's what makes this this year's draft. Maybe more stressful in a way and then pastor and how many times have we said they need an edge rusher indeed pass rusher and they had Chandler Jones well the biggest thing is he's the other surrendered to Foxborough police on his utter emotional leader our these these players go. And you have the teachers to you know say what you want about moving unfortunately drown them out really am not gonna knock them from for what they did but. Other teams keep guys like to monitor on. I knock. Ice ax and got last year here a lot of sex fifteen comedic but he's seven at the fox from police the. He surrendered. But my camera away from the me surrendered they announced until it's all attempts at a larger plan I think there are guys have done worse. Per share I think it's it's. Big point I think Belichick wants the coach guys he wants the coach I think that. Jim Jones falls into the Jamie Collins category. The knuckleballer category of disguising his idea that's the Urban Meyer quote quote from the Tommy kerns pieces from a year or two ago when Myers said this. That's an interesting dynamic to what it comes to Belichick does that impact you the types of guys that he goes after that why there's a phone call rich insured. Maybe I want it necessary say it's all that I don't personally I think Sharon necessary fit the scheme the patriots have they have that big cornerback but it ended assurance high and I understand you're assuming some things here because like. Is seemingly everybody else he's coming up Achilles injury that was the the thing to do this past year. In two surgeries and I get all that. But at his best. Is Richard Sherman it every scheme. He's the guy that takes away half the field he fits every scheme and he also helps. In the front 718 Nikkei get home Saudi 2014 if you could cover really well. Work the way they had two pretty big physical quarterbacks but if you and cover really well on the back end. It starts the matter a lot less. If you don't have that elite pass rusher because eventually somebody's gonna get home yet if money wasn't a factor in health wasn't a factor of course. Richard term would help any defense but we look at the other needs the teachers have to fill this offseason and ultimately what what Richard Sherman got from the 49ers. Alan the patriots to have taken on a second half plain dark I just don't think with the other needs they have on the Rosser. And the way to money needs to go to other places that they have taken on her to turn may be it's. Folly to even ask this. Beacon is why would I turned down guaranteed money. What do you make the offered Sherman on a one year prove it deal and he's the athlete they. Buys into himself like a lot of guys do in Sherman certainly has more confidence than most I think we can safely say. You doable one year Pruitt he'll come to the patriots. Do we Darrelle Revis did essentially. At about the same age and then parlay that into a bigger contract a year from now someplace else. Yet is that a possibility we don't know they're made a phone call but I but. But so you're saying you'd have felt better that report came out in the patriot I would like a phone call to be well. I don't like this trend but I don't like the idea they make any phone calls on grapple what he wants second round do you find it take I don't like this trend I don't like that idea. Oh culture why not. And in May be it. Probably I be willing to bet 95% he just takes the more money in San Francisco no problem at that could beat. Godspeed good luck I ask you believe Jeff Ira that he actually want a player Tom Brady and the patriots you're right you never know if you try and from a money standpoint again if you're in an athlete sometimes they don't think of the just the money in front of the in the guaranteed dollars always because if they're looking out insane like get more money. If I just come to New England. Do it again we're Revis did one year proof that deal I will prove it because I'm betting on myself unhealthy. ID two Achilles injuries right yet that's the carols and the other one back at CNET. But anyway. Work past all of that. Prove it and that I get my big contract with 29 B thirty. He's still one big contract reflected in at that point I think that was the least where the (%expletive) But on the flip side to thank you mentioned before maybe even maybe Belichick's side and as I got eaten wanna bring in this offseason with all the that the all the stuff that happened last year and not -- situation in the Super Bowl. Maybe Richard Herman's not a guy you wanna have come into the slot firm. When disorder in your diet strongest and have a very outspoken player like Sharon came from my organization like the Seahawks. That is very loose coming in here or Belichick likes sort of the opposite. And mites are rubble some Brothers with news of the younger player isn't Martellus Bennett an outspoken guy to. Yeah but he a little bit different Martellus Bennett was more out that would not footballs that nobody can say oh sure without spoke when non football stuff to be chairman. You can never say that Sherman's not a competitor like you couldn't say that Richard Sherman is the kind of guy this year I CTO. If he defensive version TO Terrell Owens. Can be a pain in the ass at times. He risked his career basically in the in the Super Bowl you couldn't say that back I didn't want you know in its ears overt what people were saying about Tony Romo like they were to sit on Michael Bennet to get so if he had it he's more outspoken and anybody union au prince oppose that I don't know up by Nasser Bible then Michael bat and that dramatic turn there lights in your sources telling him. Patriot I just like the dramatic turn it I don't ended in July to shoot down your theory looking ready guy and he did that he could've just. The looked in this direction away from you and still shot dad nice visual acuity and I don't speak and I had I like to acknowledge it. That's fair enough all right six led 777979837. Carter and cell phone once talked about the patriots and Rob Gronkowski low Carter. I paid out too well. Let's simply gotten past like reforma and we'll doctors they were out there actually invented and guys like of course I understand that activate it while the ball security and most at all. You're talking about ought to be about the future but then the power that is the next twenty eclipse where. I don't remember exactly work work that we it was about. Yeah it was about legacy or something you'd like but you don't whatever you like it was there anyone else you've got all of that you don't well. And I don't think it like a variety. The equity about a career football like. Gonna go to WW. Dot router rout. To lose her title fight like get a you walk all you play them all like good. But it wasn't just one tweet there's are sent off this or female. There are most book cryptic tweets from grunt 'cause if if there was just one tweet. And yeah sure they can make a case of media was blowing things are reported but it's been multiple occurrences since. It. A bit and here's I think I I care less about the tweets. Gronkowski not only after the Super Bowl lead and subsequent opportunities where he is and either. On Twitter or speaking publicly are ready agents speak publicly Foreman Drew Rosenhaus. They've had multiple opportunities to shoot this down now would you DeRozan has not do that he flat out old. Michael Lombardi that account did not arms or Mike Florio that he had not made a decision and that there was no timetable for that decision so. It's not just the tweets and mean there is more substance to this it seems pretty clear that. Rob Gronkowski future while I do believe yes he will be back next year is not as solidified his one might think coming up the season that he did. Yeah I do understand definitely big in could've came out. Flat out that won't be yeah. Dad. What you're doing it that it wants that article you're there. I think I'm kind of more like I am a little bit disruptive and I'm really happy about. And I don't eat it. I always afraid every year. Eight bastards that takes so I feel like maybe this is out there that if there are people from now. You're happy that Rob Gronkowski is not. Fully on board play next year. No no I am activities in the spotlight as potentially not playing next year more than that perhaps Brady would have been in the spotlight. About. All of it well ought. If this wasn't a big story. A gate agents and the attention away from I don't think that story line is going to be out there though much of Brady could he just won the MVP. And he just put together herculean effort in the Super Bowl and nearly single handedly won it with the defense on making singles stops there are no signs of flipping dispatched here Edna the the cliff is that's still far away anything you'd still going uphill was stolen -- at this point. As far as Broncos. And yet since few times at the Dixie a combination of things I take everybody at their word I do believe that Rob Gronkowski is not made up his mind I think that with the patriots in a precarious spot though for two reasons number one. As we've talked about a lot here this evening precarious. Like that we're against. Beat the limited cap space. And how much do you want to not only how much Steve do you wanna play ball in terms of more money but how he wanted to. Extend Rob Gronkowski contract to think he might be gone in a year they used inviting dead money. But at the same time. He can't afford not to have in it be there have to be one of two things that are Robert cows ski. Blocks away from the game of football or plays the patriots uniform he's not a guy you can let go someplace else. So the pats are a tough spot and also in terms of the team building aspect long term view draft tight end. I take grunting his word here but he has put the patch on the spot. That's residents say mean the timing is it's getting to a point where we're in the middle are negotiate that tampering period disregarded. So if Robert house he's gonna leave the patriots and not play the bomb next year when he said that the tight end position and B Lee Johnston. Maybe second in order of of deeds on the team. So I think that's. Implements the patriots as source saying you know the need tied and maybe a fifth or sixth right now but it Broncos doesn't play next year it's you know want her to. Well it goes from being adept option you know a debt addition to. Possibly got played air that's taking your dolls they're going after a player like you said that that's gonna have to come and play right away as opposed the guy's a depth guy that's in case of found its heart yet pre classic case of emergency 61777979837. Dual patriots team building. A ball stocks and tiger we talked OJ. People buying that OJ accomplice man I just do not get it whatsoever and we'll talk to you coming up half hour ago we got late nights and I tech. Eller and big bad and valor coming your way at the top of the hour baloney an animal with until that. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Then. Leaned. What a nice sound money is on the afternoon showed today he's going to be back though tomorrow and Wednesday to be reared back to back much but here. It's no smoke doesn't change plants I had no idea as it could easily get through this now put it this way I know I'm not gonna. The targets. I im going to be home about so I don't live very far away it's about forty minutes from now be in my house and action and leave. I except unfortunately shovel into a little bit of that until idea leave the house Wednesday. It's going to be hibernation situation to go to the supermarket to stock up I did not stock up I am just going with the food that I have. And I hadn't had done this this ran before. I don't understand the rush. To the super Molly maybe to pick up a few things that I get it if a lot of people are going picking up a few things creates this this mad rush. But I see people walking out of there with baskets of bottled water like they're going to be home bound for weeks. That's the stuff I don't understand. Rob hub will deliver tomorrow night. Tomorrow night. You can do what I've been doing for the past few minutes I ski enter a menu and grow about find a you know brio placed his jet at embryo before it did not get me one I decided I wanted one and you'll be good to go that'll be that'll be available Pete tomorrow night. Do you think then people lost power for a few days find the the unity homebound. He didn't go to it diner you can go to the supermarket and buy some food beauty bad day like this'll be available Q tomorrow. Wednesday morning the absolutely I'm with you and I never understood it I don't understand it while people say it's the blizzard of 78 which you and I. Not at around four but. These states that. But that was forty years ago they we have better ability to forecast these things predict weather patterns double that figure it. The storm's eye catching anybody by surprise. Everly back to work on Wednesday so. In a hearing and covering Wednesday morning 10 AM I'll be in court. We'll go on usually does so I'd I don't understand it's not it dot stock apparently the UGU not a stock up cutting and you know strictly as a grocery shop again again now how does it doesn't really seem like to you realized that lead stereotype there text like their week 37937. I text here asks are there any guys an actual talent that bill is really to coach. Fair question what it does does he want how much do you do you believe in natter Urban Meyer. The idea that Belichick is once be around guys that he wants me around. This one's career I sort of believe I think you look at the guys now locker room that are have been around for multiple years you know you look at guys like. Dumb according Gerard Hartmann Patrick Chong Danny Amendola chilly and autumn and to an extent guys that. That just just Charles tort every day and grind and play. And not guys that you know like the extra stuff like duties long press conferences and and you know are active on social media. They'll just like the guys disrupts every day. Work hard. And get down the field. I think that. As time has gone on he's realized that he can sort of pick and choose guys the coaches and paint and coach coach players up so to speak if they buy into. His formula. And I think that's I think there is having to that or he does want a coach guys that he wants a coach so not somebody who would do like 86 part documentary series and so from the. You know there is there's I think there's some point readers have choices and Brady Brady is currently getting I disagree with the text earlier about nobody's bigger the game Brady's big in the game. Brady's bigger than the team. There and that's a lot there's always going to be one or two guys that are acceptable to the to the rule a dink rock falls into the category two years only Bill Belichick is wild about him it and wrestle mania correct any was never in any injury risk or anything like that as long as they don't pay on the bottles in position to hurt themselves aren't the team. I think in the offseason is a little bit different. But oh Brady was cliff diving out once and a poster read or write yes I would dangerous thing that was you know approve down at fox for of them might not have been. Best thing for him to do in bill Belichick's eyes at least I'm fine with it that live like man I had no problem with that whatsoever I don't know on this guy any more than any other fan does. You wanna go jump off cliff risk your own DO injury career at your wife and do it do it no issue whatsoever. If this. Idea of Bill Belichick only when you coach guys around it's taken to the extreme. I worry that thing you miss out on guys I worry did you make up all caught Richard chairman. If it's possible I think that there Belichick is seen sort of his system in the way he approaches things work for so long. That that may be that that is the case were you might not call. A player that that has a lot of talent is because of of what he's perceived as a guy off the field and wanna coach. And another thing I Fred who product person might have been my charity out for your last night talking that. Belichick style. Is sort out dated in the sense where is if say if Belichick. Prop himself into. The Steelers right now he couldn't act the way he acts just because of the of how. Abnormal it is in today's and I felt whereas the more of like the players coaches like Doug Peterson. Mike Tomlin that sort of it is what that the main. Traits so to speak for coaches the NFL is. Yeah I guess public side that is those guys are remake Tom and it is an exception to this but a lot of those guys lastly two years. Yeah you know and Belichick a lot of it is still tied to Brady in the quarterback and things like that by. With the turnover rate that exists right now I'm not sure that wicked any. Active coaching system velocity and say yet that's the way to do it. Because most of them to within three or four years and a lot of it's tied to bad quarterback play have I get that tip. The whole players' coach staying it's. He can run the 88 yeah never shelf life I mean it's Seattle's a great example of that. He Carol's got that ultimate guide certainly work that a lot of success but it feels like the shelf life. We hit it expired at the same thing to be said even crossing over sports and baseball. And Terry Francona was he player's guy he got to a point towards the end where the players may be had a little bit too much power a little bit too much autonomy and freedom. Within that clubhouse so I think there's a shelf life. Two yeah. That's that's fair I think that you Belichick obviously is he severed the role with with how long. His success has lasted here I think that is you know way of doing things has a proven. Maybe not better than than you know having fun so to speak and being says here is the better way to go. But I just think overall. He soared you have to look at. How the rest the league is going and how. The players are coming into the league are now and name IP less apt to sort of be able to be coached by a play a guy like belly check and maybe is. Notify more in line with what the Doug Peterson and you know of the Mike Tomlin and the Pete Carroll's maybe that's because of the atmosphere that is created a lot of college college programs. Players are used to attack hard coaching speak. Techsters weighing in here a few different things one. Dino and sack artisan like the downplaying of the storm preparations his last dormant last par four days. Couldn't open the refrigerator or the freezer. So we would not lose food and once on the stock you probably when I mean that's that's in stopping entitled the bag. Nice bright that's fine and the second part I completely agree with you know grab hub and Sacco Maine well also the growth of probably about you know twelve hours after the storm is going out of the matter. Day in and get it really do. If you're really remote place OK that's fine that equity different things you might actually be cut off for a week. There buy it again I'm seeing these people in Greater Boston. We and all have lobster tail and Martinis every idea is a load up on that's an extra lobster just to make sure as prepared. A couple extra bottles of vodka again just to be ready to hunkered down so died they did do believe that little bit of storm preparation only the essentials. Only the essentials and night and that's a filet Summers hotel while so. I know exactly what I do you prepare properly for a storm without a nice asparagus coach users and I don't know how. I had. How to do it. They had done a blizzard of 78 it would have been a much more pleasant experience I another text here about the gronkowski situation in the questions. Cuban reporter asked a stupid question ten seconds after Super Bowl loss in which grants that he was they can take it earlier be counted the answer I love to see Rob Gronkowski curler. But again it's not just about. The separate all your grunting answer it's about how did you guys find out about something like it was a stupid question my dollar a reported. Earlier that day and I think what event. We're gonna babble what do criminal not pressed not to expect that the last time we are talking to them and rental price April. Yeah and again multiple opportunities since the Super Bowl Drew Rosenhaus could it. Poured cold water on its entire. Body what I might do well Marty Florio we are one of the mikes. Into our Roger and the sell on Bill Belichick hello Roger. Our guys just thought all about old chuck want to see what you think about it. How about a few at least the patriots and goes off to the Naval Academy which actually years turns their program and terrific program. They're often back when we get an impressive then they'll mullah chuckles often becomes secretary of any. If our trump can become president. I'm sure Belichick can become secretary of the minute halt nuclear. Make all the real happy how I won't let you guys talk. I don't know Roger I think that'll far that he's sick and is I think he's more closer to Eric calling it a career and he's playing a lot of golf as opposed to turning the naval program around well let Eddie dealing navy situation might come into play is the ferry over to Nantucket. And then. Six or 87 rings river seine at this point it's one more ring than he's one right. So he's won seven rang silly tape or the defensive coordinator ones that count. Ankara is just the Super Bowl ones I think are now set OK so it's sad and so but has I was seven. He's won five with the patriots he's got to with the giants so it's the number he's one not the number he's one plus one. You know it takes to look at the defensive coordinator of cases that it is just the numbers okay that's. I don't believe he owns right they immediately looking at that next one or something like that but he's just changing its go to motivates us open is a game that they think you did a lot that's like two minutes on politics boat named I don't think we need to do but. That's going to be the only navy that he had dot two I also don't buy into the idea right bodies going with their sees. Belichick goes in coaches some place else in the NFL it goes back to the giants. Even with the sentimentality he clearly from the two bills EC still has the giants. At his age I don't buy into that why we wanna start a new body wanna start over I know I just don't get that. It's it's not what he wants Daley's closer to the end of his career than be the beginning while you want but dollars and ten. And turning. Organization around work rather than just cap it off. With you know greatness like you're doing. Let's go to Steve McCardell bella tackle Steve. It didn't go bankrupt or productive. Likewise. Okay. Geared liquid Che. You know listening to publish stories treatable all those bubbles. The article came out about Egypt. And and not very. Waited two players now being dissatisfied. I got to believe. It may be here. In light it was sold out a telecheck. You know an 888 Q the patriot way is key MI out shut and then they get to this simple all. And maybe they wouldn't one Butler on the you know what made the players feeling. It sharply and so these fourteen in the biggest year. And it kind of ultrasound. And could have been anyone of us. And you can even look at some of the moves that he made. You'll get religion politics don't think anyone got any real resolution on that. And and many other players by I really think and let you don't know when it what you. Well look is Stephen and thanks the call I I don't discount it I don't let so with the JD Collins thing. Is it like he's been any great shakes and who left the patriots but. The whole narrative and I thought percolate a little bit on Twitter which is always the best way to get most reasoned rational patriots analysis. Patriots Twitter is always rational. But I Saudi idea of well we want an explanation we deserve an explanation for what happened in the suitable. We don't deserve an expert as fans and media now I I think I think the players there. Exactly whether and that doesn't that's thirty to may be made public I think that in their as it exit meetings there or whatever hey that Steve's point collar c.'s point yet. I think that's fair I think that Belichick also recognizes the situation of just exactly what he did. And maybe there were some players that didn't really fully grasp what was happening. And he can explain to them I think that that is fair that the players do deserve to know why. One of their their second best cornerback was active in that plane on the game but that's fair. I would feel that way and maybe that conversation thirty happened we don't know maybe happen at the exit meetings maybe it happened. And at some point that night right after the Super Bowl maybe it was understood before the Super Bowl depending on the US. Was McCrory said they are all week Eric row made it seem like it caught everybody by surprise so. They weren't on the same page in that regard in talking about it after the back to maybe happen that night it does not beat public. The the I always the Odyssey. You're entitled to a game that featured title to tell them too well played game. How they manage it beyond that you could have your opinion on it but not necessarily entitled to an explanation on the decisions they make. That's Bill Belichick at any coach at. No no issue with that whatsoever. But those players to be deserve an explanation if you wanna hold that locker room in the same way and not have that feeling Steve was talking about the call. I think that conversation maybe it did happen. But he needs to either had happened nor happen at some point between now and taxis I think Belichick also has an open my communication or if a player. On the team last year wanted to know exactly what happened. His door were would be open and that in those days sponsor ball for an eagle on their again explanation I think Belichick always. Very clear and upfront with his players and that if a player on the team really was upset about what happened and want in an explanation he be willing to give it. Texas they can use JD Collins the last two W great. Of course he's anybody who has rights and they said he does anybody with what they had at the linebacker this is literally name any player in your rights our wrap things up on the other side he's right Hannibal on Chris baloney we got then Mallard and said take over WEEI late night or get your ready for. The snow we get in the latest version of tomorrow right here in Sports Radio W media. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. The final few minutes here we're wrap things up rang animal's been chomping at the dead. To give us some college basketball takes the LA two minutes here but he got. Virginia solid team like added number one secret to call a light on the go pocket it can go off I would never brag you'd you'd. Syracuse near Syracuse guy yet final four days not deserve to get that incorrect in odds are the huge wins over Iona. Buffalo. Boston cop another loss to Boston some. Big points. There's a big huge wins are accused picnic ills the economic gales that they'd be guy on same spot no velocity. And definitely deserve to be in though no question about it playing game go to Ohio navy how do you feel the blame game as I love the first war. And I love it for small conference teams especially I was the Vermont play by play guy in 2012. Won the America east went to the first four. Who is that guy at the three. This is a viable force quite well and I was in college I went out badly educated I was at Syracuse everything everything college and that happens. But doesn't well after that. But Vermont won in 2012. Went to the first four plot to Dayton Ohio beat Lamar coached by Pat Knight body aches kid. And then went to U Greensboro, North Carolina and got Pete did soundly not embarrassed but lost like twenty games UNC. Fun full week tournament experience get the media day in Dayton it's better now. Because you have actual youthful possibly couple quadrant of teams. I'd show up there as opposed to back in the day when it was 65 teams you said these two random schools nobody heard of the choking Dayton player random game. Now expect. Multiple gain some of the big conference schools are there and like the fact. I would actually make it just bubble teams playing out I would if you win your conference you should getting NG getting into the field of 64. These teams are gonna win national championships cell. If the got the teams that you know make the first four is that really considered an NC park parents you're not in the for sixty if you win it is if it where it is if you win it not only that you get a full turn in share. Much money that the America east in ages from Vermont beating Lamar. Good point in it'd sixteen on sixteen match up I mean that was huge says a big windfall for the conference. Hundreds of thousands of dollars but one that victory you beat Lamar so. In that sense it is but you're right you lose like you were bright and Evans are looked at me when he'll build their brackets you have. Know who's it gonna be Syracuse slash Arizona State yet it just seems weird so that to me. You're not early in the polls 64 unless your name is it is on that bracket buyers that Syracuse will be Arizona State and knock out TCU. In the 611 that surprised that happens and they're gonna beat Michigan and right after that then duke goes down they in Kansas. Is getting beat in the elite eight keys goes to the final four knocks out Villanova that two threes on the really and then game beats Virginia Beach here you're beloved cavaliers. To win the NC dot that's why in my bracket looks like and our viewers to fill them that's my bracket looks like that's the only. Line that I pulled out here he's our economy out of the negative attention yankees fans get with the media people about that went to see you use and expand Syracuse fans are fantastic wonderful. Attractive people. Whether they're in the media or not. And I stand by that I. Each. Risk taker part again. Pioneers gets knocked it down here in the Northeast Conference out of Ryan Hannibal on Twitter at Ryan Hannibal give follow there anything big he can plug on WEEI dot com that you get up there are coming up. Free agency stuff all week a jacket and a beat pride big week you know breaking down all the building all the guys patriots. Thought I'd probably do it again so we'll have welcomed sounds good team building it right Hannibal on WEEI dot com jets drier fantastic job is always give him while one would you what the hell. I'm Chris Fulani kidding aside with the bottled water and everything stays safe from the storm tomorrow don't go out with absolutely have to do we need to hunker down. And waited all allowed shovel out and open this will be the last one to bed Mallard comes your way next of late night C a.