Mut at Night - Is Boston the toughest city for athletes? - 3-8-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, March 8th

Villani and Drellich kick off the second hour with a discussion about whether or not Boston is the toughest city for athletes.



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He's much at night on Sports Radio. We EI. Please violent. Back then. And his belief eating grin on your faith and I feel like there's something wrong you know like David Wright won the bite me yes I wanna play your own 703 smug look like carrier and self satisfied hers. That's and I'm sure that means just you you Sparky Imus I guess that's you please yourself in a in a manner and it's way to early in Russia to go there. I don't bug until awhile Evan to relic NBC sports Crystal on the of of what many things to motivate The Herald normally The Herald lot 360 ESP NW the idea demanded town crier unit we've got a big date on the glass yes we do lose seabirds and honored international women's day. Is making her debut solo debut. Produced showed. In an eight in it. And so far it's been Wallace there's not in a single mistake you need to keep that up of the three hours. Pitched the perfect game you very first that she did almost forget to do something I don't know if you haven't then like five mistakes are now we're doing fine I didn't hear any of those so therefore those mistakes did not happen. And the thing that dead it was forgotten last hour that was ross' c.'s fault. Well around that islands had no idea what. Now I know it is nobody he had the the Steve lap as they nobody knew except for I think Keefe. And prosecute. I am the producer house they'll think I'm pretty sure one of my first morneau of the morning show appearances and here. When I was yelling about how nice the coverages of radian and too nice that I was criticizing one here now. I was I don't know we need to clear the area like that. I don't think Dallas on my. You adds I O line at the end of the story that bothered me. Operated that's okay we would have to go back and did not account via. Won't dig it out and they WEEI dot com mark Katz you're fired up about something though today have to do with the whole Boston. Being a tough sports town narrative he sent me an angry that I halfway through the dead because I over and over and over I've been stumping for this for a while we just keep here in Austin the worst price talked about it. Recently out of the worst you mean for athletes to play. As the fans the media the pressure worse medium market and then you've got the story that was. Up for the Boston today maybe came yesterday in Philly. Word Desi well Burton for utility guy right now and nobody Lou we're the only time. Matched feeling just wore into the Philly and severity salute. Worse and it was just another example of me of why we we think Boston is the worst again. Telling why what made this place so much worse than a place like Billy. We've got a guy like Ralph Byrd who just went off on the town when we saw the Philly fans reacted. After the super bull when you've got New York the Philip tabloid newspapers that. Really had hard hitting back page of The Herald I don't think they moved away from doing those kind of grabbing headline well yeah or even sell the post his own Baghdad doesn't mind getting sued. Who's a lot richer today than anybody you don't care that is solid today and they did you guys pretty the daily news isn't pulling any punches. Gather they're going the other way now and are joined safer ground. Typically if you go hard left the hard right. You talk about political Agatha dying more politically probably I don't think definitely especially in Manhattan. Yes in that gets in New York City and on the East Coast if your on to talk about the sports page. The if you all the time he's back pages like well damn well that that's you know harsh. It and if it into it and amusing and and and slightly impressive for me. Works standpoint. Like I'm so these people think Boston is the worst town. If you've been somewhere else is because you turn a lot of these radio stations we have a couple of shock jock with a couple people were really good. In a very big audiences it getting under people's it. Excellence and that's what's different in this market is that is what we're doing right now. Not Oscars were clearly not that good right but the people who are good that it's separate themselves but the market hole. The Philly fans are different local Boston fans in terms of insanity and stupidity. I like this is itself. Perpetuating narrative we keep talking not so talked him and the athletes here if you talk about and then they go yeah this topic there is some element of these buying into the narrative that we always talk about even if it's not true. If if they talked about enough that's got at some point feature but there are some app. Leaks though can't. He handle for whatever reason and how much of the David Price is one of those guys meet based on the first two years he sounds different bases in just based on. From what you guys have said the way you people been down for Myers they say he's different he sounds. Look like he's more positive turning over a new leaf and all of that. But he's got it has been able to handle it. Here in Boston Carl Crawford was a guide to couldn't handle it here in Boston there are those big dollar guys that have come here and for whatever reason. They've not been able to hack it they haven't quite been able to figure it out and maybe David Price would have worked. As the Yankees. You know signing a long term deal there may be David Price would of worked as a Philly. If you want to sign a long term deal there but it's not like this reputation of Boston is completely without their nose. Without merit but it it's getting taken to too far and extreme because it's something that we talk about now constantly because it's been a recent. Event with price. And in your right with Crawford that's also recent history but we're at a point for me with a narrative is getting beyond the reality. Where you're actually paying attention. And in you kind of discern between what is top in this market and what isn't yes there are some talk radio host in this market. That's true but to sit there or go this is the absolute artist market to be in. Its title town USA in my arguing that not arguing the passion of the fans here. But when you have people like that you Rel are saying quote they were trash. Talking about the refinance protect until this podcast starred. He went on podcast and have been over with podcaster was. I wonder if he now regrets it but he he just took it to them. If you getting booed before he even walked out there when they're announcing the lineups with guys getting booed. And that's how much I don't know if you can match you really say Billy's works in new York and works from Boston. It's probably those three markets but to try to sit there and gulp that one has to be negatively works I think it's different ways the writing marketing New York Topper. I think columnist here you mentioned radio it's couple times and we know we're talking about with Abbott who. It's a tough columnist here. Like push on without a book I Barkley gets after. Again it's I love everything jumped Mossad. I did everything he doesn't like. These you love that last he's an hour downpour RT. You love the those guys I guess they're perceived as tough choices that add Ron Borges in there as well. And granted on Friday's reason we haven't seen in a couple of weeks yet but. I kubert even though that it's not how Todd you can always get that you can only every you know it may well but here's the thing you can get so tough when everybody's winning all the time like. How many may mean the Malcolm Butler situation up until then. How many tough criticisms were you can you Levy until bell check out sounding ridiculous I mean. You get to a point of even if you wanna be that contrary an even if you wanna be negative even if you wanna buy and sell on the means that criticizing. The patriots or Tom Brady or you're free you're you're kind of reaching when you're going to well it was trainer pinned. Well I figured out. I'm tired or water or or you know the week this is kid goodnight or whatever the Vietnam host but that's would you get I mean that's where some of the negativity comes from BK is. There's only so much you can do without sounding insane the team is winning a true and some before going into that point to graduate from Boston I'm sure are you agreeing with me then. That the idea that this is so top. It's not really accurate. Passengers and you're saying that BP at somebody and somebody who relies grew up here it was tougher. Before all the success I mean that's on the an obvious statement to open new it was much tougher before all of that I put the fans in that category too. The same could be said for some Philadelphia and I remember going to. I Ian Gold Phillies game and in just being around that city a little bit in college because we go down a lot and played Villanova. And just being around fans before the Phillies won the World Series obviously before the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Yeah it's just a sense of hopelessness. It's surrounded their teams. Like even if they were winning even if something looked like it was going well. Eventually it was going to turn the other way and that was sort of the overwhelming negativity that you got from from Philly fans and Red Sox the end he's the Red Sox in particular because that was sort of a long suffering franchise. There was always this idea of hope of next year was going to be better but eventually they would crush UN and break your hearts and until 2004 that narrative change so it has changed and I've heard of you know the notion that Red Sox fans of Boston sports fans in general will sigh after how can you not do with this level of championships. How how can you my. That's that's wonderful but let's call it what it is I think knowledge. Let's stop every time. There's a new free agent signing. Perpetuated an air also topped the opposite opposite talks what it appears that aptly says that topic here than anywhere else told you don't know nick maybe this is where I'm where we're parsing words a little bit. To sit atop the list means out of how many were there twenty cities are so that have 53 team you have multiple teams of taking its free market. Oh I don't I'm just looking at everybody and take in the scene Antonio's Milwaukee's out of the mix here for a moment but. It's it is the toughest. I don't you can see it anymore I think he could but to still say Teague to Parse that warns it will as this. One of the toughest or in the top three top and so when somebody like price can't handle it. Or chose sides not able to handle public Carl Crawford to notably can't handle it. You do see you do acknowledge it is different here than it is elsewhere of course you're in Houston it's different here than it was a huge. Okay all those people or were vicious but when they were independent team out pretty critical down there. I was. Believe it or not it and Borges of Houston's I am yes well yes but. Should take a different got an economic wreckage of my. Beat him I think I article I was. You're you're you're just you're really turn abatement. It but it was not in criticizing the baseball team. The phantom and they love the team but it was more of a football town anyway relative to these tough market that's on talk about the whole circle back to the point dismayed about the patriots. And I get very annoyed by this to this. Well you're just digging for something if you if you offer any criticism of how much they want. If it's the Belichick problem. On a larger scale. Just because the guy is one does not mean you do not ask questions does not mean you cannot have a discussion. About what might at this moment in time be going well even if you don't know for sure. This idea that we're precluding it from being critical are examining the patriots. Because they've won so much that they somehow earned some right to just be dismissed and taken at their work. I've always been bothered by that and that has existed here there are people who say it. While nobody gonna question at least one I talked about this last night with the real deal Q. It it's. It's mind boggling to me that people would just go. Yeah he's he's tired he can bet coach Belichick he's artist I'm not gonna question no that's the job if you're in the meeting your question I don't care what he did last year. The question that now. It is isn't that a large part of that out the window with the Butler decision I mean I don't there's still some realized I know they're still Saddam Hussein eight no matter like. Bought the they basically put it on Butler. And say he must've done something so egregious that. There's no possible way he could put about there my favorite argument on the pro patriots out of capital last Scott was six we tip and spent about. 43 years since the patriots and Eagles played in the Super Bowl and it's been barely a month my favorite one has been. I do you know Butler when given up more big place there are none left to give up. They didn't have any laps they gave the ball away they no longer had big plays in the they're they were all given so. You've gotten a little bit it. But you've also got her I took some calls earlier this week in just based on and it's a horrible way to do you into NASCAR's Twitter patriots Twitter can be fun too. And I saw a lot of that sentiment but I've always knows the game but that's the uptick in at the you don't go until varsity tied to move on from Belichick that is admittedly the extreme Frey was to get a new coach yes. And that's the extreme fringe and that to me it's insane at the if you look at the dumpster fire that the rest of the league is what it comes to aid coaches. Now hold on to this guy as long as humanly possible especially when the guy waiting in the wings is the one who trusted his franchise to Tim Tebow the first time he got shot at a but more so these people were saying. I demanded explanation which that goes away from. The narrative that you talking about whatever bill does in bill we trust and doesn't matter will see you Sunday at one Woolsey it the next game and we trust that he's going to be able to figured out in the N. Now you're seeing a pretty large swath of patriots fans at the very least. Want an explanation. About a decision that they feel concertina Super Bowl may have cost the team's super explanation. Ever gonna is gonna come before next season our fans and media got to stop asking only from Butler right isn't Boller the only guy. Yes we're all obviously assuming he signs elsewhere that the ultimate Belichick moved in greenback after it had I know you always gonna sign elsewhere. If he decides to open up about a virus new team. I wouldn't feel all that wild about it any crossing sports here it would be somewhat akin sick when Isiah Thomas did when he went to Cleveland. And all the sudden it was all about Austin and how we left Boston and how things soured in Boston acutely the Celtics did that he was never really able to acclimate. With these new team and that ended up being a disaster but for Cleveland but also it's disaster for Isiah Thomas financially Constance open Max contract. So I don't know Butler goes down that road. But that's the only shot he only other shot how's Patricia who is clearly not going to do. What's he got a huge. You think part of his problem was used talking too much in terms of what happened. On the court I think he was mentally half of him was back here in Boston are still thinking about being back I don't I think that he physically wasn't right. I think that bad scheme fits in with Cleveland I think there's a multiple. A lot of things going on here yup all dominant guys blame LeBron James you're gonna be asking for a little bit of trouble here and even the Bryan Tyreke. If you don't carry ball dominant but rates in a phenomenal player even they had their issues but I think part of what Thomas was he he never quite. Moved on from Boston. Here's my problem with that were punishing. What Isiah Thomas did when he left was open up more than most guys and what I think he opened up. Were feeling it most anyone would happen. What you would expect a normal person in his situation to be going through privately the differences he was willing to share publicly and maybe it bothered him more. That it did with others but. From our perspective from immediate respect and I want that and I and I don't. You know without real evidence of his head being. If you look you're you can speculate on that all you want a divorce I don't I don't think. I don't think his plan to use going out there on the court thinking about boss I just don't see that is having really had an impact it pretty. That they need to literally when you look at it outweighs anything ever distracting that we talked about. You know according quote distractions they teams have are they everything good about it when he's standing in the batter's box like wild act tough question I had to answer from haven't relic in the pre. I mean when they're out there playing. I don't know that he thought that's going through their head but if you're whole heart and soul is not into a job especially one that is the competitive especially one where you're going up against the best in the world what you do every single night I think that that. I think that eventually has a eight interval impact on the weep but it. What I'm contending is that we don't have evidence of the harmful not being in it we just had evidence of him being willing to share how he was feeling. That anybody else would you feel I don't think Isaiah with putting for supper Chua Kong. That's weird that's a line that doesn't make sense the I think you'd be open and just circling back though that you think there's a chance at Malcolm Butler. Actually will open up and give patriots fans sort of the the answer the closure baby is the right word that there are looking forced to what happened he tells new team. And right whoever it is that an act it's gonna come up. Yeah I think so you're not gonna come out. I think if you if there was disciplinary as a lot of the suspect. Although we don't know for sure of course that he would be Stratford implicated himself if he did do something. That might be a borderline criminal act who else right who knows what what it could be that would lead to such a situation. If there was something deep like I'd be surprised that he said listen guys this is right. That got out where. He wants an out there even the night of who caught up with the Mike Reese somebody leaving somebody quick yes but even then he said you know that it happened gave up on the right. Even that night you could tell he beat he wanted to explain what happened immediate as a symbol they just gave up on me it's hard to believe that. But if there was something more play. I'd be surprised at the conference and my guess is it Indian national reporter at some point. Out some pressure after the guy that's a temperate every sign. Show doesn't break those stories. That's more the Segway actually and the he's hitting his sources are agents his sources are eighty animal. Oh sure but if it's that. You each get to know this too when you see different reporters like. Some guys are fantastic for. He's not a Yahoo! anymore but they quote yelled you looked at Yahoo! and you wanted. Who's gonna be drafted who's gonna be traded where there were boats had before I think the players do themselves sometimes you just added for everybody but you would look to. Lake some of the guys like Pique dame all the guys who were doing the Yahoo! investigation now in the FBI. That would be more of their domain now Marc Stein's doing a lot of that with ESPN it's what the guys kind of have their different pod that doesn't feel like each after pod to me. I'm happy that. Speaking anymore in the infinitely so I'm unhappy that it finally turning. On the major programs and I think to the actual structure because for too long I went to school. I think that. Actual report jumping at university in asphalt in young cover most of it a bearcats he go bearcats he if he owned that store from start to finish. And it resulted in like a million dollar state investigation a top law firm the program got blown up if this story here about heart wasn't nearly like appetite about the academic standards and whether things change and a new coach and what. A lot of these stories where college basketball team scuffled you've had these infractions are. Shame on this school. Thirty dash into the story. Where is the actual systemic. Evaluation where is the takedown of the system that is allowing and posturing that's the true big picture stuff and I think we're getting more that the the kind of reporting on the breaking of the rules of the corrupt organization. Cindy was silly. Oh after the organization. Look at how stupid the framework is within the framework encourages what happened opinion that doesn't mean tapping into wasn't a story. Or any other school that has done something like Binghamton is in the store course story but the real story it's structure if the framework. Think big and applause and I haven't I'm glad I think we're getting there. LeBron James of the yeah I'm gonna make headlines the NCAA is corrupt. That's appropriate I think LeBron of course of the tremendous amounts of experience dealing first hint at the NCAA having skipped college and how much money do you think it will figure that we are being a 250000. Under grand that was her on generate. Art what he thinks Arizona somebody offered him back as you know. I'm surprised you don't hear more so I don't think anybody opportunity because no matter what I mean without the one and done rule now the question would be if the one and done existed. And LeBron had to go to college or go to Europe or whatever but it's a wanna go to college. Then where would you start the bidding for back guy knowing that EA probably win nationals tied. At that point you're here if you're a good program. If you're even seats hot. Forty program and this guy came into the NBA games dominant right way and was in a finals couple years later so if you're even a top 3040 program. You're betting on winning a national title may be putting yourself your coach a longtime coach putting yourself up healthy and what's that ward that would have been questions. Well how surprised we we don't hear more often comes up in bits and pieces. About the specific bidding wars like this that some ex athlete. Who who benefited from and maybe that's why they don't wanna do what they don't betray the people that. They felt that took care of them. But we are those stories could you know it's if it's rampant it has to be. It can IV I would be stunned at these really small one off situation where the ex college athletes say. They don't want to reveal what their own school gave them they wants pretend that. Their school gave them. Nothing but they have all these offers I'll be curious to know what they were offered elsewhere. Because they have to be. Yet. Seem like there's no money truly opponents silence with all of its excellence and end and with so many athletes you think at some point somebody would break. And I'd I am and maybe I'm wrong it's an old enough but I haven't seen people eliminate too much so where do you think Malcolm was again. Jack's I think that's a way to G-8 ETS. I'd like like like he. Before oil there if if he goes off story lines a fantastic judge judge should sign him they should get Richard Sherman. Anybody who could who who can stick in the patriots crawl you want that rivalry of of that existed and because it doesn't exist right now. So if you make the AFC east interesting. An image even as the jets rattling from Rex Ryan was there there was. A bit of a fire to it because he came in with a market accused the ratings and everything else in the bombast that. He likely backed up I mean he. Loves how can you not enjoy it character like that gets their people out shut up I don't want to hear from you about. Mean I want the column poke I have what you guys will go out there say something Nixon I'll make an interest to make it back page headline. That's actually interest which is what Rex Ryan that. I think that he got herald's back page headlines into the new owner of the interest. That will be entries and that would that the thing with the jets. Even if you watch a third and thirty bill bill writes yes. Even the ending theme it it it's still clear that the jets linger over both other wanted to go in the locker that and I and I get a kick out of that that that that for all the bill Belichick's been through that it's still a sore point that that's that's a good storyline it's a good rivalry. Because of how much it matters to belch. How much you hate that he won't even. That you sold them for giving me Angie. Wouldn't that be the number thirty not franchise still opt for obvious reasons hasn't forgiven him and I well it you know and meiji about a year ago this was basically saying I'm sort of what I did I don't like at all you didn't Eric Mangini did. Nothing wrong. Iraq nothing to polity just talk about the coney island college basketball acting his team's interests. Here's the head coach of the jets he did the right to a hundred. 1000% the right thing. Isn't the question to go back to your sport though is in this and labeling your sport is baseball and the putt but things technical baseball here. Isn't this sort of the you try to keep that stuff a little bit in house unless they make it so lobbyists and I'm courts and to get the Michael Pineda pine tar thing. If you didn't have a draped across his neck. If he hadn't bathed in a prior to taking the mountains and that's not protecting the John Barrow handles that way. I mean essentially you're doing it in such an overweight you're making a fool of me and I have no choice. Whatsoever except to handle it this way they that's the problem people are born into it means you're a warning I believe the war the NFL put a warning. Everybody a memo there was an equipment held to a company took an initial step but the higher the entire thing with something everybody could see. And would know to look for an eight city camera without the open to beat how many cameras are there and an apple stadium nobody knew this is one that you look like a fool because. Anybody any schmuck watching the game could see. The pine tar. I don't that's the best comparison I would say this if you get traded from Teddy bears all. For this reason that we don't think that that that that's. It doesn't have a great effect right all the guys use it because of the it's really for grip batters might even prefer it. Because they'd rather I know where they're throwing the ball on not coming to ten yes there. But if you get traded from team that season you know that team signs I got to believe there's some you know you know what they're doing over there you know other game planning. And I don't know if every player would do it. But I'm sure some go over say okay this is what they're thinking these are unaware attacking you. I got up and I don't think. I was very disappointed that Mangini thought he did something wrong but he did. He did top. The rat he's he wraps and he deserves to be hated here until the end of time. 6177797937. I stayed nice and focus in about 43 topics in twenty minutes that did not expect to get to Eric Mangini. I think it we get silly not to like 745 I figured that was probably a bottom of the hour techtag. You mentioned liking personalities. Could there be one coming to the New England Patriots get into that next gets on your phone call to his while 61777979837. Kyle talk to Lucy. Where you don't talk to us bloody drought Sports Radio WEEI it's. Always a secret. With the month at night on Sports Radio WEEI. This birds are the ones cheers ladies and gentlemen out. The governor and move that you choose missed a lot of Jon Fogarty with your allies your shows and love. I election on the producing works that you get to choose ever reach a corner silently yeah that is all how you get to choose him all the hip not optical. It's usually a lot of times producer the last that we wanted to hear the whatever you want. And it has yet shouldn't care I had to go back there but. Also far. It calls were coming in at 6177797937. We've got a long with the callers would one jump in the Q what are to a lines talk to Lucy on. Gets humor in night I was think it may be bringing back the in honor of international women's data techsters. At times that are trademarks that's how you started three years ago is it almost to that day march 12. You remember that date the first night here in tatters it was making my and me. And patio. And president he'll he'll gain as the days the fact that you are producing today is not. Somehow tied into international women's right that's pure coincidence that might be how they plan that I don't know I don't know whether it's strange was a press release put out month. Sure what that was about maybe that was reflected on those national women's then spent the whole day reflecting that's an opinion nights are your not supposed to show up to work is that. I don't have been war in this kind of thought I thought that was part of the thing like you do now it's your right the day that strike was to Cilic now places and burn down without women and how they can't survive to this place you know when survival now means but right now wouldn't I can't open it. On the air that's so at the moment you would prove the point two spots Alou seabirds producing tonight Chris Maloney ever drought with you so. Clearly with Malcolm Butler gone the patriots are gonna need some sort of an upgrade anything. A quarterback the anybody's quarterback in in the secondary probably safeties well. So some names that have popped up one is Aqib Talib. And with keyed to leave it looks as though he's still under contract in the Broncos. Are entertaining trade opera's right now there have been conversations involving the patriots according to reports are coming out of Denver. And to lead seemed to wanna come back to the patriots he is according to the reports his preference is to be released. So we can sign with a team of his choice and that team B New England we're here for a year and a half. The other name that's particularly intriguing is Richard chairman. And their dueling columns on WEEI dot com news Ryan Hannibal is team to leave these Johnson mossy whose team Sherman. In you're talking a few minutes ago Evan about loving. The guy who'll be outspoken they guide all sort of feed the media beast does it work in Richard Sherman definitely fits into that can't. An immediate peace I just from life in perspective but I quit tomorrow who I want what makes the game exciting it's it's the human connection. That's what I keep going back to the authenticity and so we have guys who show themselves and show that character lecturer and I'd wanna watch and it. Is there a potential conflict on Bill Belichick may be but. I would prefer to see him here at I just. Media or not it's not about I think media tool to get to gets concerned with what is good for them he would be good for us but. Just from a personal enjoyment standpoint I'd wanna watch for torture her fans to do fans want. Whatever Bill Belichick once they all think like the color that they want to see something different new and exciting. Well here tonight you get your one of these I mean EU UEDT yes oh absolutely if all of our options. Lot to dolls the other battle you're you're looking acted on Malcolm Butler you're looking at the suitable. You're looking at relying a lot on the Eric rose of the world war trying to draft somebody get them in right away I want. Chairman of for different reasons. I like Richard Sherman for the patriots for pure football reasons a guy who especially becomes senior after getting released. He's coming off the Achilles injury which is the first real injury he's had this guy's got not gone out there every Sunday until this past season. It becomes in any one year. I had to Rel Revis asked. Rubin kinda deal. With a chance to win a championship. I mean that just feels too perfect you'll feel much like 4014 okay. You do that do you feel like you're secondary is where it needs to be that you can't just say our defense upgrade we are good to go here people if you go out and get one of these aging quarterbacks and and it's twenty. Just coming off what was the surgery that cute. On instead cute to surgery usually you resigned track and you go I'm good secondary to the gulf but let's go get another and I think they'll probably. The right draft a safety. Billy the draft a safety for a few years have that they needed that big. Disruptive it depends a blind force they tried a few times to draft on defense. I'd like to see them and this is may be another reason why I'd rather you not go to trade route has. E*Trade a pick here pick there and if that in that indicate experts believe look at these last several drafts they just haven't drafted enough and when the I do believe that there is he talent to evaluating in in targeting the right guys don't question about that. Also part of the NFL draft and we CDs just it's a numbers game it's like a really talented photographer who takes a hundred frames of the same three seconds some of them are gonna be good. And when you draft a lot. In can evaluate pretty well the patriots have they've hit on some big drafts but it's been awhile since they've gone down. We're really worried about that though we use your job not in the future at that point of this is kind of the ultimate win now situation. What why are you concerned that if one of these draft draft picks and the next Jimmy rock. Well and that's the next town where they were worried about the next Jimmy grapple with a traded. The first in Ankara that I think this is about the now with this Fuzzy it up at the last Jimmy droplets it. With the with Neitzel to potentially. You direct your dollars there. At the possible risk of not having enough to go out and do much. Which are secondary or defense overall I think the price actually I think the price drafted tackle by disorder powering where they're gonna be in that travel there go. While they drafted need to draft its older and is thought Matt Light on the roster. So it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that he'd crafty guy in and get him sort it revved up and ready to be a bigger part of drop until one year from now. But I would have to imagine you're over a year from now minds that the you've got to protector 41 year old quarterback this upcoming season I think I let it left tackle Estonia the roster this year I'm saying keep both of them this year. I think eighty depth in the offensive line so longer resign easel. Yes possible risk of limiting what you can do it other positions on defense they get 43 million cap space right so I mean you've got the only you have a solid year. Get somebody to work with. But his market is probably gonna drive the price more than your comfortable with what's gonna happen with rock can't you see how it starts to narrow pretty quickly. It's paperbacks older if they make rod Cappy we shall unless I miss something last three hours. Draft Mark Jackson he could still put in my corner that's the right there and cry to still be professional wrestler and an up and not mine. But it does a gig back the original question. Do you think. I mean you you seem to say OK adding to leave it doesn't solve all the problems I think anybody would agree with that or adding Richard Sherman doesn't solve all the problems but certainly help. And it's certainly a route to go out. I would feel much more comfortable the reason I like Sherman and people stand on Twitter he's not a great scheme they compared to lead to Lee played you know play consistent here sleep is also hurt quite a bit. Richard Sherman is. Eddie is very chlorine competitor and he nobody could say anything other than that. About Richard Germany drives you nuts when he's not in your uniform on your side of the field but this is a guy with a competitor. And yeah he doesn't quite play the the flexible scheme that the patriots like with the sort of moved guys around he's more just put me on the left side and leave me there. But when you have deficiencies in your defense elsewhere if you could have a guide shuts down half the field. That makes everybody better you know that take you know I know everybody back now. I'm well and rolled the dice on that he's Ben that for his entire on three year olds coming out of the injury and I'm cool I feel confident about the dice. There waited dice it this guy's healthy that's what he's going to be your questions help I admit. That I ballots that the question with himself but 29 years old given what he and he's been every bit the player Darrell Revis has been through records as. I wanna understand I don't know if we can possibly ascertain it is. Is there a plan to be in on every. Possible contributor on defense the patriots are they talking every team that every guy that they might be able to add or do they have a prayer list where they're targeting guys right now. Where is there either so for hierarchy or they just going for our whatever comes up this is how we have to operate I think that's something. I'd love to see your propose some sense of reporting on that might be too hard to get that out of them but. Do they really want these guys is there someone else out there that we're not talking about that they're targeting with they just take them because there there and available. Are they the plan or they what's in front that's on him well. I mean the Indy combination of both win when it's veteran guys and they're tied to the patriots the usually ten piece of substance to it now roll tide about to leave. Is to leave the room report well at least it there's interest on we don't want to leave side of things and it seems as though the patriots are one of the teams that interest dating. Dealing with the Broncos or may be waiting to see if Denver just let's go and then. You can sign him for whatever the and that's apparently Ricky to lead once wants his release of the time with anybody come to doing so could you get all of which one apple. I can't imagine the price would be now now you're talking now forget about him on money and ask audiences forget about Nate soldier at that point forget about. Maybe being too kind to Rob Gronkowski. If that is what it in a lot of it is gonna depend on the price I mean I'm sort of asking this in the context of all things being equal. I would rather have Richard term younger on balance of his career healthier and in arguably a better player. Yeah the scheme fit and things like that figured out in a figure out if he is he healthy player he's taking away half the field all the. It's a new passports get better I don't know where your pass rush gets better your blueprint right now. Resigns older Mick rock camp began back here I don't and stolen and Tyler sure it's fully and money and it cropped. I think it the company reach everybody wants oil which is which is its multiple things just dislike yourself that issues. I'm sure that the percentage of and that worries about. I'm sure that the percentage of them that want to be paid better because the sacrificing. Because you're such a bit. These I don't understand why we constantly have to try to separate. I think everybody wants to do which is money or you just wanna be be in the traveling circus of the WW. Yet it can be a little bit of everything. I think BD culmination of the health. Think it in and I agree with you I think there's it it's new ones right is are just a nuance guy I think what I try to sell that is your new life that tear I don't know of anybody buys your business card basically I'm I'm manager elected to pick up one department and drove and I consultant who wants that's what I addicts I don't I just sit at the bar alone. At about a lot of new I don't go to the bar alone yeah I thought I'd that is in court all alone Diaz is sad scene you would. Yes you probably would be another at a bar we did was farm literally right into each. Night. And a member apart I don't really remember much of that at all honesty Diaz a long evening. Questionable decisions made but anyways. We're talking about its older and older the plan help you land dealt with Rob Gronkowski. You've got the injury risk. In the concussion is one thing that also back surgeries in the the other surgeries that's a lot of trauma on the bot. Even furry body that is healthy is he is in relatively young that's still a beauty to your body to take over the years end. Unlike some players who retire and they kind of look around late. Now what I wanted him he's got something he's got something he can fall back into in an Indy notion that. Well he's not gonna make as much in WW we hear you that it is gonna make. Playing the patriots will obviously do it in Florida. Exactly but it app you'll make it tallies and an 89 bucks an hour worker for the police had beauty and he still could make a seven figure income be Smart with his money. There's really damn good living for it to be to be at. That's the key word here and I don't feel like a lot of people are talking about that but when we see you look rockets do whatever might be. If it's health related it it's really about leverage. I again I think it's a combination of all those factors he's being Smart. He's we portray mrs. dole. Odd funny Rob Gronkowski look he's drinking again and hang out dates and partying. And he's as a Bagger rocks up top and any kind of has its character he plays it up a bit. Oh what he's doing right now is evidence of a Smart person who's looking at himself properly as they business that is what he is he good business man. To quote Poodle Gigi. And I just don't know for word now urging that well enough in the narrative of Rob Gronkowski. He's not a dummy and this year this shows you right now he's not a dot. The fact that he's taken all the stuff and that he's not just accepting whatever the patriots given. That. Any number these factors we have flex well on him. By the way I'm not convinced that unit it is part about money here who says the patriots that will play ball. There would have they're comfortable with him walking. Many are easy and then made and all of them yet all the we're all 500. All of them well in that first drive in the third quarter did it 68 yard is higher use the entire op that's okay. I understand that if you're doing rosenhaus and you wanna negotiate you sit down you pop I don't know why under the VHS dynamited to VHS to pop the VHS into the VCR you played actor. Here it is this is my negotiations I don't get you to the the pitchers and became aware of that guy ivory I think they're a barrier of the fact that he's essentially your place that there is not in other like. And the value. He would bring. Is war whatever money and the getting paid but the patriots might also be thinking in terms of yet he was pretty healthy this past your very healthy this past year and a concussion missed half the game he was suspended for one. But that is not then be typical Rob Gronkowski store. Now he's older now we has had a second concussion that we know about at least it's been documented by the NFL. Are they likely to give back guy in longer investment. Or a bigger investment up front are you comfortable or worse I'm comfortable doing it because because of the caliber of player I am but I think I'm not I don't know that they are. It depends on again it depends on that nuance and and what was he can go and I'll talk. A long term deal again and all this this is about this year with this team I don't care how bad that contract and looking. He would be a it would be unfortunate if you were to get hurt if you are but he's not gonna get hurt you know why why he's working now without scorer secured in the concussion he B twelve babies. And for some reason this bothers the patriots. We believe Tom currency that was that was the current report that I like why aren't wicker champ ESPN a few different people had theories well that Ron's life. Odds for Sally Connie yes. My thought Michael might excellent coworker at NBC sports boss yet this exact who's done great work lately and appreciate the fact of when. He reports about the potential cracks the patriots. People seem to listen in a way they don't win it's the end of it and we understand why media outlets and with the Caspian but I'm glad that people do listen. When. Reliable good reporters I I think quick fashion. I understand that story was not perfect but the demonization of quicker and that. Any demonization of anything ESPN does about the patriots don't report stuff. They're capable of writing you story about the patriots that is not tainted by I don't think somebody sitting there bristle gone. We can get these guys today it's just not dignitary stroking a mustache again where you at the cap from. Inspector gadget. And that cartoon yeah or James Bond that kind of thing. Like inspector inspector schedule was better Bristol got a lot more to worry about right now which makes that whole idea of them paying Peyton Manning ten million dollars a year to see that I. I did would you I never in my life. Tuned in to a game because of the person broadcasting. I mean maybe to admit it the one exception to that would be. Some like Mac basketball game that I never would watch anyway but a buddy of mine's got the call or something cycle but offer few minutes I can say he's even inside the aired. In a nice job that I don't have in Manhattan gain your killing it back kind of thing other than that I've never tuned in. Four I mean I guess they think they peak in. Generate an audience generating interest but. Even as they rave reviews Tony Romo got early years it. Tuning in for Tony Romo really here's my question. The sporting news used to be very important. Emma and had got to deliver real time Ken Rosenthal. A river writing into him an email mailbag question that he eventually answered on the second email and it radiating. They sporting news radio huge. They are not huge anymore and packed I don't really know what they do outside of aggregate I believe they are the ones who reported that both ESPN and fox. Are considering paying Peyton Manning ten million dollars a year broadcast and again that the origin of the report. Makes me able suspicions what what we are also the sporting news getting media coverage like this from an a by the way a report like that. Reeks of an agent. Oh by the way the two most major out without their one pay up I got ten million dollars a year. Even agents like that out you're an agent or words somebody tell you like take off looking in now. My guy to the Yankees or something is once it's floated and it becomes true than people are talking about it I had got that college coaches do that and say. About margins sleep you're talking about me a little bit kitten. Get the I don't a job or something like that monoline Mon I doughnuts and. Like if you know I do if you're doing the job well. When someone presents something to use the possibility. He inspected a little bit you don't wanna go I ages run with it depends a little hope for the best. And well you're horrible on how how we talk apparently there. Outlets such as they're doing good work or there were you know on both of them we get we get statement Harold and a minute but yes there are times side when someone tried to push something on me. And remember something. Else scout might say hey you know this day QB if it. And then I would check with someone to say with the team. And Al though that's not happening in and a day later. You know there actually I remember this with the ethnic cute cute it's generally speaking. I believe somewhat at one point before they sign Moreland the previous tar. That something to me like hit it through on what you know XYZ. And I I checked around on American candidate and not true that a day later it's more elements. So I did you have to you have to be here I was wondering when lose who's gonna flash that things were Whaley for break that's what we have such a producer amounts of as a test of the test and she passed flying colors not that I mean ten minutes ago probably in the time to do it but you know. Still passing grade or not more loose talk right after the. It's much that night on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. I wouldn't say that's Fisher routinely segments for the top of the hour. Wait wait wait wait wait we knew we need to break him. We have a breaking news and. We do down. We'll root of thirty seconds to find I would find it okay. The passed the first test so we should I should awarded to the brave act we not give the broom ball club and there's another sassy thing on her own for the first time that's another test we were testing her by going ten minutes over about time we should almost fifteen but yeah now in there is breaking news there really is breaking news right wanna give you sound first and and somebody will probably disciplined for not delivering some people immediately. Then again it's patriots news. Kind of via its related to she still important to define. I really affair. If you want to bail if the political signal that yet is gonna be some sort it actually gets up I break the news breaking news. Aqib Talib is a end. As Nazi Saint Louis but then on Saint Louis and more in Los Angeles ram. What was the deal the deal you Rappaport we did doubts that he has been traded. Had that we appear moment ago doesn't matter he's a rams coroner it was scary for the Patriot Act it is their gloves the rams and Broncos have finalized the deal sent quarterback and keep the lead to Los Angeles sources tell me in and also James Palmer. Of the NFL network's the two of them collaborating on this scoop I had to perform do not see and while Rappaport and yes you James bomber. I do not see any compensation or anything like that yet and shall see that at some point. As to exactly what's going back to Denver but yet Sherman busters equity chairman Eric cardboard cut out of Mike Haynes. Who's really want your options that become available you know the free agency landscape and that I do. Not that good that not somebody asked how many times we see the patriots go out god I noted that Erica available. It has got to be somebody else by trade. That we're not think it. I just I was gonna come to I bet that's what again it comes back to impact immediate somebody that the mild upgrade don't want Malcolm Butler was last year to me that's the black enough I mean even for all of the hand wringing about Butler in the super ball well deserved. It was great anti Boller a great season. It was a lockdown cornerback he wasn't what he'd been in the past the Pro Bowl caliber guy. Sherman's better than a Sherman again is the ability to make everybody on your team better to play that. That complimentary defense than phrase that wild to pour around down their retaining our great pass rush but. You get out it would block for so long as Germans take out half the field and recovering well. Our front 45 whoever's gonna get home the impact corner market is the small you've this mean how many teams appear on any impact corners are there any game. That's a good question but it may be we're talking about somebody below that that tops year and I got to believe that Sherman at this point. You would assume that he would be if you're looking and his number two quarter. That's what we're talking about a talk a number one I guess potentially could play up to Germany and term the number one becomes the new if he comes basketball's for a but it if you put Sherman insofar Gilmore. I and Gilmore guy yet Ford gave you and you have your one and why is he does and get he was fine in the Super Bowl. But in the deep and still couldn't stop anybody. I don't think that the elite tomorrow at that incredible play in the AFC champs you can do more good. No guilt or is good that he you'd be playing the FC title game he was good he was. The best they horrendous slot by far in the Super Bowls in close line Arkansas until. I'm not knocking Stephon Gilmore they don't know what I'm saying they need more. I think Richard Sherman comes here then just by default it's maybe a one and wanted to Revis and router situation. For 2014 which by the way is the last time the patriots had a secondary worried. And then you can add the depth guys that he could find that next Malcolm Butler you can get somebody. Who can add some depth and it began well I think they'll make the price draft a safety. Even get more depth and in the defensive backfield quality depth as opposed to the debt the had in the Super Bowl is just who's gonna give up the next big play. We're gonna dive really deep after go to break. You. I seem to apply just as much on you are right we will take quick break it acts of your thoughts in the text like 37937. On the phone 6177797937. Belie the image relic with UT to leave as a ran. You want Richard Sherman in New England the only option left Sports Radio W media.