Mut at Night - Butler's big contract - 3-13-18

Mut at Night
Tuesday, March 13th

Mut is joined by Rob Bradford, who is far away from the snow, in sunny Ft. Myers Florida. The two talk about the flurry of news going on in NFL free agency, and specifically the contract Malcolm Butler just signed with the Tennessee Titans. Mut and Bradford argue over whether the Titans overpaid or not, and what Butler's departure means for the Patriots.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. We PI. Our two a lot of nights Sports Radio WEEI NFL free agency itself really under way already it's the the the topic here. Tonight with the Bruins in action this is the only place to react to get the news the rumors all of it as it happens at 617. 77979. B 37 if your phone never hearing very snowy. Right now asking the studio hope that you are out about tonight squabbling. Taking care snow removal of whatever you're doing you are safe for you why are we know rob Bradford is always say we think. I he's in a much warmer localities that jetBlue ballpark in forty joins us here tonight on the program rob beauty. Good evening the wind is blowing out the right field and confirmed a wow I'm not a round thousand hourly you might via home yes. A slight breeze through right now. Keeping. Went eventually come home your family your thought coming home later this week I heard you guys talk well you did okay Alia. We'll think of the apt it's great we love the apple multiple listing on the out tonight yeah via. And yes fired yes talk about he might gambling and endeavored moment. You didn't write though even their fur is it over a month yeah I know it's been over a month that there might run it was only for a month and the return. So yes. By and coming on later this week rejoice rejoice Bradford household. Rejoice and coming home you are enjoyed the last couple days there in Florida and down my guess is as someone go back mind. I'd like on Banco it really little bit. When we write we go back for Tampa or go back natural spring training before I go back for the last five days of spring training again another broadcast to do in the you'll drive on your idea mind. You are things I gave you Eric keeps the company if you blow moment. You worked very hard but you're insane. I'm a year on you buy your book you you look great right now. We have that going for you would end his NFL stuff in a second I'll give you a chance that to give your famous line about post seasons and off seasons of saw brown special solar raw and I'd give all all will get out of the way here to second fifth. Can you confirm 11 rumored that I had Johnson mossy is suggested a pop as on the airs is off the so as part of your new lifestyle you're cooking a lot more for yourself can confirm that. Launches. Has the good a couple of occasions where you left the none. On win and left your rental unit there that now have eight seats of us he said that in and nice eyes all incredible that when he said you left the so won multiple times and what happens I think it happens if if it's still hot the light stays on. So actually it turned it off so just to clarify that a knock him burning houses down. I turned it off at the white suit on it was still hot when it while it's hot okay that makes when I was kicking my delicious delicious mushrooms. In bean sprouts asparagus. I'm not stopping there. With mustard. With olive oil with with Saudi pace and with a little francs read hi all men all the writers are jealous me. I believe that I would say they're jealous not of men numbers the food is much but how you looked you looked great policy in the picture is he a person. You've dropped a lot of low weight during what would like a vacation time essentially for authority who thought that. Not I Rihanna is not me and I would have believed you fail but it played out you wanted readers. Part of me did yes can I say that I wanna party you to fail and and have to crawl back and say. I got to try something else but it works for you and I'm a proud of you for sticking with that my guess that this is now a lifestyle change for good for a Brad. You were my motivation told you many. I've I tried to be you would you like you're famous line about postings and off okay well first off you bouquets and you look at these dual hotel things are no I did not elevate that to me awhile to get here but if you if you leave that early on was not a big deal. OK everyone is okay ever what. All the essential employees that need to be here right now are here. Dugard we have to keep the ball rolling. So I will I will do a media Coppola here because. When the Malcolm Boller leading up to the Super Bowl I was like this through the story let's do this story. If Malcolm Butler plays really really well he has the most to gain. Because financially if you have a good Super Bowl you're gonna get paid well he didn't yup bands and immediately I thought I was gonna cost it money well. Obviously that didn't happen. And and I think what it speaks to. Is that desperation of some teams I mean we've seen it time and and my howling. The desperation of themes this eight K we just get the potential is so huge. And the NFL. It means that carries so much current San. I agree with you rob but. It's not potential withdraw with what Malcolm Butler two years old this year. Two years ago he was voted as one of the top two quarterbacks newer or top four quarterbacks in the league not mobile. But all pros up and down this year. But iced I still think you look at the last couple years and he's been one of the handful better quarterbacks the entire league that's not. Potential that's results from the in the second half of the year with about a quarter Stephon you're right it's okay so and so let's say you're more with it. Signal and call a corner so you would have that eighteen take the final. 68 gains the season burst the last three where he's been Pro Bowl or all pro I know what I guess the good sighting by Tennessee. Well I like Malcolm Butler also went if you look at Malcolm Barr we can take his most recent results. And that does take the whole entire year it was not his best year with probably its worst year since he became regular. So if you take that the free agent year. In your say that your what you're talking about mark is the potential that its potential was built off the years that you were talking about it I would say it's. Not that's not your year due to use the wrong word rob potentials a guy who's never proven it before. Malcolm Butler is already proven it now believes that yeah it's not he's not he's going to be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL I want you slot corner he's struggled this year it's T drug he struggled this year yes you what not they're not that big this past year you're right. But the two years prior. He was right there so most say that's not that that's not potentially using the wrong word. Mud when you go into a free agent you're you're judged. In and I barely usually off the year that you're coming off of Kansas. If you have a baseball player who hit thirty home runs. And then sort through straight years and that also and he hits. And in the freeagent along here you don't say oh you know what he's one of the best home run hitters because even though you're at home runs yet. Yes you do if he's in his prime and he has a back class of doing absolutely do. Absolutely you and you ask you right now even to sing I saw last year from from Gilmore Butler. Who I'd rather have Gilmore forty million dollars guaranteed or Butler thirty. I would take Malcolm bulk rob and I see those last six weeks I saw Butler do it for three or four years here and aggressive. Always gotten never injured player didn't miss a game what the last three years only missed games because he's benched. By the head coach and a Super Bowl there is something to that you wanna pay players were going to play these games and he played essentially all them. And there's a value on Butler yet rob that she walk your saying I am not receive as were guys overpay for potential or are we weekdays. Because if you're saying don't always come and opera really really good year for buffalo. It usually does get paid when they come up Ricky was not Lowell you say that a given Howard did this game again when you looked at pro football focus he was in the sixties. The year prior Butler was better than him ranked better by analysts have got our our depth and pro football. Real nose. I will say this Malcolm Butler if I would love to have Malcolm Butler to stay with the majors eased. Everything that you want it I hated the fact that he was benched for other reasons that we are the picture all I'm saying mine is that. In the NFL more than probably any idol lead. It's big you're gonna get paid off of potential you just opt in we consider what the older you are more than baseball a moral and baseball the way the contracts are set up. It's difficult because your PC indentured servant. For four or five years then you prove it get paid if you are you of the sub par year you and to free agent years in baseball office sub par you're no matter what you've done. You're not gonna get paid is much for the preview I just. I don't think you're saying sub par year he was up and down I just don't know lol. Compared to compare it to them into it will to what other free agents they'll be not a terribly its other years. Debbie you're also comparing him to the other guys in the market they think that he what the up and down year. He's still the best quarterback in the market back I always get paid. Even in baseball you accept it the best of late I'd go back and or was John Lackey great the year before I get paid by the Red Sox. A place you always cooked it also came came up a post season axles that your be dead right about that but Butler which you would say about Malcolm Butler. In the two games in the post he's put a 100% of the snaps and was good in those games not great but a Gilmore is better. But he was still good and healthy people are blaming him. For that Super Bowl I don't think anyone is blaming him not playing at least right now on something Butler did this feels like. A coaching decision that backfired. Directly in the face of the coach in the franchise why things are holding out against him. You know I think that it and we look at how much you get paid less and we can say we every action every time I was down here. Talk some with the Marlins and we're talking about signing they made. You know Jarrod Saltalamacchia is that the owner light them right so they give you the three year deal the donor yeah right the owner likes these guys so they give the deal. I do believe that Vrabel and all these other guys that tight ends. Probably studied film of Malcolm Butler really liked what they saw it did their research and signed him absolutely. Absolutely so. I think that they would take aways here is that. We we're still left for going. What happened in this. Well I think it it's now it's it's now magnified because we've said this couple days ago when the reports came up robbed at Detroit was interest of the game Matt Patricia. Would not Matt Patricia would not sign Malcolm Butler. If he thought what happened or were in around a Super Bowl rumors at this crazy thing that happened or fighter whatever was so egregious. That he felt like he's not beyond it not pass I can't sign that guy I would say the same thing tonight. About the Tennessee Titans as head coach is Mike Vrabel whose GM is John Robinson who was an assistant and was basically GM and waiting. In New England took over the Tennessee Titans to run that franchise those guys still talk to people. At Foxboro at Gillette Stadium in what Butler did it was so crazy. And like beyond the pale but he owed to foresee plan the Super Bowl I don't believe that the Tennessee titan with those two guys in charge are signing now combine. Yeah this big this this signing you do Detroit's I would be worse but deciding just as bad I miss it makes Bill Belichick what I agree. It does. From a financial standpoint or couple years ago. They gamble he wasn't worth seven million dollars a year which is their best offer and he said no way get more in turns out he was right. Information from a did not play in the Super Bowl standpoint. I it just it it it it. It more mostly bad football decision by the head coach and not some crazy thing that happened. I mean I get about what they ought to you know you can say guys hold up more money. But I look at the fact is that you said he wasn't a good player he wasn't a better player than Eric grow. Or some of these other guys you he wasn't again. Well I mean you're. We're not go through this again but did you would you wouldn't play in a 100% of the snaps in the two playoff games I ride the ride right so so this this this. Advances the conversation I would also love. Does he would Detroit's offer one that didn't make an offer to. Because this one thing rookie part to a woman maybe maybe even Patricia you can make the case of make churches do an favorite so forth and so on. But if they made an opportune moment that was along this line then that this advance the conversation even more about wiring in the verbal. 6177797937. As the phone number with the Bruins play tonight this at the spot to react to crazy day and NFL free agency. I say to your point rob I'll come Butler. This is the it's it's it's not it's the most impact for the guys that have left so far has been a couple get the other guy her second. It is less surprising. That is Danny and a dole I don't know anybody who was suggesting the Malcolm Butler was going to be back especially at the being benched the suitable. There are plenty of people were canceling Danny Amendola and as another guy's gonna take a pay cut again come back play with Brady lights lit Brady's part of that TB twelve group went out to Montana. A course silly back he gets eight billion dollars guaranteed four million bucks next year that's up off one point seven he made. Good for him to go to the money say as Malcolm Butler. This one's gonna surprise patriots fans more and it's a bother patriots fans more because so many people said it is to be back no big deal of course we've. Actually yeah a little bit of a blind side and the exit Malcolm Butler wasn't real probably knew this we knew we definitely news happened. I look at this well I don't know what the caller is habits I don't know what you've been saying but. I have no prominence they insulate him handle. I don't see it's it's funny for its financial thing rob I completely agree if they looked at it and said no we golf we get a handle on coming back Horry pagan to do you do. Will bring Kenny Britt we would believe this receiving corps OK this money. I get it if that ends up at the patriots in this has not been reported yet but if it ends up that the patriots were interest and an M a dole at that same money. Any looked at the culture here Horry looked at the the future here at the same sort of feelings that that Tom Brady had his wife that. At the end it TB twelve hour Tom vs by episode six that would be the concern but financially it was just money. I would view this is that that's not no big deal but no problem the patriots letting go four million dollar. Scenarios. And yes I I I do because that the player. Because because he got he he got a it's on a three year deal he got a one year deal with a team option so it's not a it's it's good money for him MacKey Q1 174 is that is a big big big big big bump for 32 year old. Wide receiver was probably signing his lack significant contract of his career so. If he agreed to a one year with a team option. Or the patriots got to be in the mix somewhere he's taken less money before. What was the reason now other than just money. He decided not to just take the pay cut again and try to make it work out here to win with insulin. It be feeling the same way that. Brady and crawl might be feeling or and and set wicker sham wrote about this team feeling during the course of these your dad be the bigger picture concern. I liked that I like that thinking reaches the spices things up a little bit but I look at this as the prototypical patriots move up get out maybe a little too early rather than a lot in late. Sports. Do you like Julian Phillips auto plants we get the breaking news here my. We've heard from your producer he's on route oh great. But it's yet he's on his way around about work and do this I don't wanna bet I mean. Right seven there on me. NBC Boston cancel their whole lives oh didn't really. That they're running blues she's a Clinton reruns right now away radio show where I have to wait wait a second. Malcolm Butler signs with Tennessee. Danny Amendola goes to Miami a crazy day NFL free agency. NBC sports also punting and their replays are now. The other hand they get to 9 o'clock show. Would we have no ignored because the guy says it's Boston sports tonight right now but it's not it's replays of ready to step anguish. It and they punted on live TV on one of the craziest night. Agency since jets come and at least I mean the city cancer in virtually every time in the heat on. Now know thanks. You know wanted to and no interest and a no excuses for this terrible decision well he didn't go shall the sworn. They've already talk that language that he can't he can't flood Kirk and Cali and I heard this song I'd I'd I'd be here by saw the tweets of it I saw I don't agreed had. They suggested Taylor might join them I don't need with saline and say. It was gonna be at my boss when a man I want to be fair it's not a tech it's not a ten wade decision if and my bosses said tonight Kay gonna run BC tonight stay home. I would be home right now with the kids I I moto would come in here but they told a commander. So like commenced a while to get to hang on rather talk to their producer or executive producer and say. Really no show tonight while I am not. Anyway the other ordinances have always nightmare anymore. Maybe language and he'd say you know get on this soapbox and they say no no no let's they're not not that I'm not counting and say that. Maybe. Maybe you'll know Osasuna in part because none are usually you're setting yourself this decision is inexcusable. Like you gotta. You talk about necessary personnel necessary personnel. Right quick find out taste your gut connection. Can we found out the 2 and a 9 o'clock show tonight. Yes working on the he's Jason is very good behind the scenes of Lil gossip he knows Lotta people around this building a big advocate dealing technical difficulties but it's off. I don't know it's a coincidence that there's no right now. We can probably ascertain from their Twitter account what they're doing they it was a big news night they'd be promoting it. See what you. And this white car and did 88 it's like carded a personal today because there's no Comcast and why else. I mean poll leaks cameras can we aren't we are legitimately the only place in Boston talk about this tonight the other station as the Bruins. And their re playing an afternoon talk show. On NBC sports Boston this Boston right is not the boy and this is not Manchester is about Burlington Vermont. This is Boston and butler's gone and and a dole is gone. What happened in Boston sports media always so we got rob Bradford on folks can I open a ball a dark ballpark the yap about this. A forward thinking we are we knew this storm was coming I was gonna come home it's no don't know stay. Because we need you to break down and it felt free agency from an empty ball and you're a great job of that so far if you are driving around tonight if you were doing snow removal of fury plow guy or gal should say that. We wanna hear from you on Butler and we'll get and the goalie at a second's world 6177797937. The phone number other patriot fans. In panic mode image in the though the micro version of this work couple moves have been gone their way I'd say okay let's wait and see. Bigger picture it you're tying it into. Gorloks not happy and Brady's not happy and lose in the Super Bowl because Butler in play and wicker sham and current. Been a critic pretty crappy five weeks if your patriots began 617779. 7937. Your reaction with your phone calls coming up a lot at night rob Bradford joins us here on Sports Radio WE yeah it's much. At night on sports. They're capable. A great thing about the they didn't feel comfortable I don't know it's. Come out there and what happened found out I'm restricted free agent. It's like they did. I'll not play in the Super Bowl did not affect the big payday for Malcolm Butler it's Monday night's Sports Radio W we yelled get that second I'll give rob Bradford credit. For Reagan and Jerry tang with name which led us to do the work and in fact we have confirmed that. There's some sources that there will be no live programming tonight. Over at NBC sports Boston they're gonna go at the replay of the radio show this afternoon than a Celtics rebroadcast tonight aren't. Not sure what game you're getting but being told to be Celtics rebroadcast. Of a game tonight so Malcolm Butler just heard his voice he's now off Tennessee. The any other goals in Miami but they see here is cooking up some. So off. I study 0:41 point I am. I'm still here or is it to that time they have a forty point oh no 880 I've he scored forty I think on the Celtics. We didn't. Yes I think so I Todd Dan was there for Todd Todd. Absolutely Ellison bring back any offspring back Artis Gilmore I don't care or bring about rob Bradford he's in Florida work here this the only place now I can say that with with a zero. Issued trust and the only place tonight. On talk god in NFL free agency is the Bruins are playing and Comcast is pumping a programming at 617779. 7937. Glad Ross much known argued did that very well. Tom gutless that Malcolm Boller clip and there was couple take away from that I don't remember it. Number one Mike Reese is suddenly say I agree with you real quick great. I'm number two how well you handle it holy mackerel I mean he is secrets gripped how you should do that. It was everything music listener I was supporting my team gets a distant played well enough but I could've changed that game and then the punctuated drop in the miss Cleo. I mean that was so well executed. And he gets paid to now is contract is awfully similar to. Would Gilmore and up getting here Gilmore got five and 6540. Million dollars guaranteed Butler got five men. This exile or over sixty to thirty million dollars guaranteed. So what forever reason Robin it will may be that the Butler story now will come out wide in play in the Super Bowl. There's a story as to why dated like the players here they had a chance they did knuckleball here for four years they paid him five million bucks with the biggest bargain. In the NFL for years. They never want to commit to him long term. And that to me is significant story well what did they see in the player. That said okay let's go out and signed basically his compliment. Two more money last offseason let Boller play this file. Hello I always rice due I'd agree to do. Could've changed that game people if I mean miss Cleo has been around for awhile ago yes truck it was clear long time now as relevant when crime Butler when he played you columns covering the team. Just I was basically a reference like someone may call to miss Cleo asked about maybe how's the crime games and upright he ends up. But might have done that if he ends up getting euros play with Logan Ryan is former teammate. He got three and thirty now Butler goes and teams up there. They play the patriots next year and the Dole's template the patriots twice. Lot of reunion games next year on the patriots get to be while they've actually nothing they re signed brain emboldened. And they made a trade for somebody gain Shelton. Like I don't think most patriot fans knew that. 6177797937. The phone number Bob's in a car getting your reaction to this fourth day of nine in full day yet the first. Interlude in a free agency in the NFL bobbitt's wanna. They gestured strep knock you got to plot. Are too worried about this. But great cultural these sort whose uncle used to say that particular should be your players of their players should be just or your players. I think Bill Belichick just that coach you want is guys to average while your Big Brother really. I mean I think you can't just work so all at eighteen under contract create our our vehicle was all senator roster Yucca. Because you're the best quarterback of all time Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob division tiebreaker. When I would say the bigger parties you have the best quarterback ball on. The time he is allowed them. He is allowed them Bob to have a talent drain over the years and let guys like Malcolm about Malcolm Butler Deion Branch and Richard Seymour gul you can do that yes you're right if you're good coach but more importantly. When you have a quarterback who the last part of his career has gotten better. And playing in his late thirties is Betty played as late twenties you're allowed that freedom so you don't works for a certain period of time but at some point. You know that carriage turns back into a pumpkin and you Tom Brady's not Tom Brady. Let me ask that guys that Bob Bob let me ask you guys this if welcome Butler plays that game plays like this a play let me FC championship game. Are always yelling and screaming about Malcolm Butler going anywhere signs contract. Sure you know I I want it no I'm not run cushion robotic lab we've beyond. We aren't we are here's the answer to that we are today do you instantly win the game rob then yes less people care tonight that you right now this confirms you and you agree. In signing in Tennessee and Bob thanks for the call. This the signing a Tennessee I don't think people are bitching about. Malcolm ball I don't want you to take the that the last couple hours now people calling and a bitch about Malcolm Boller but it's the wrong. It's the affirming that he signed in Tennessee that would ever happen here could not have been as crazy wide held that he now plans to. That's my that's that's what would be to have forgotten even if they win or lose it doesn't matter if you just days. If he plays that game we all know that you get on we all know that some team it's probably gonna be perceived to be overpaying for and so. It is not a conversation. But you're absolutely right why we are talking about it why ever would get all riled up as it all my goodness. Someone paid that much money for a guy that Bill Belichick and think with good that the plane it's Super Bowl. That's the conversation. Yeah and the other one here today is probably again we've got more reaction to. The Butler for the ball remove what it means 6177797937. The more surprising move is. A Danny Amendola and a reading from Ben bowl this afternoon. I yours are the headlines but he's probably on to something here Tom Brady can't be pleased loses best clutch receiver. He writes about one guy was in happy with the way things are going so far. That is Tom Brady's bowl writes the patriots lost one of Brady's favorite targets Wednesday receiver Danny Amendola. Agree to a deal at the Miami Dolphins a league source confirmed two year deal worth eight million dollars guaranteed the numbers are accurate. Represents significant pay increase for him a dole who made one point seven million dollars last year and six million dollars over the last years combined. On they could also lose Neitzel there at left tackle taxes and giant three assisted their. Brady's start tied and Rob Gronkowski. Is also upset and now he sees other tight ends getting money like Trey Burton today rob. Got eight million dollars per year thirty million dollars or four that means he's making eight in free agency. Robert Cal's he's making nine so and bulls could be all the guys in the morning tomorrow for a couple hours beginning at 7 o'clock. On. This is gotta be annoying and a real record level for Brady says. You'll all the Guerrero stuff lose the Super Bowl play well in the loss the for 500 yards and not when the game. And now the after Matt no Lamine dole assault is not done yet. And crawled is criminally underpaid you want the other tenants in the NFL. Idol I think that's completely overstated. I think Tom Brady was probably upset when Wes Welker left. They got Danny Amendola. I who's this guy he knew this happens it's happened probably read different waves upon Brady's career and he probably upset initially. The grunt thing is to meet. That's the tipping point. It did this sold her in the imminent all of that stuff happens. But the grunt thing to me is it because I think it's also hiding Guerrero. I would guess I'd really out of percent yet so that that's the one that might stick in Brady's crop more than the others yet and if. You're dealing with only. Beak of slow you lose them handle his Topper receivers three receivers were gronkowski. Emma dole and ailments they take one of those three. The other guy is he he's not confirming coming back in of one's reported that he works ITV twelve now. Andy is more likely is gonna come back I believe added that TB twelve we've learned last couple months here. It can be a lifestyle thing. And the board these tight ends like Trey Burton are getting close Rob Gronkowski money. The less I think he's going to be will wanna come back at that deal and and and next year for one year and nine million bucks I thought going into that the free agency period rob. The only way graves was gonna be back was on some sort of reset the weather was more guarantee money or the with the last year which is built into his contract making sentence. In that sense of making more money. I feel even. More strongly about that now give one other tight ends are making giving out under pay eighty years and given how apparel in happy was the Guerrero thing. That they're gonna have to redo his deal so we whether it's sold or M until well or Butler Deon Lewis Rex Burkhead. I think Ross got to get a. A new deal with the plan that dealers are solely with you I am wholly with you and I think that all of us to do by the way. Oh yeah. This is this goes back that conversation about. You know having to having to placate guys they they placate from Britain in more than anywhere because he's deserved it. Well you should placate Rob Gronkowski more than an anybody but Tom Brady because you'd he deserved to. And starting with that press conference after the Super Bowl. This little leverage supplies that to me that's what this was all about the growth and probably had something to do it but to me this is about money. Edit score yes but I do think that if he. If he was OK rob at the ways being trade treaty here and he wasn't having to. You know jump through hoops to work with a guy they got a healthy this year for the first time a long time played the entire year for the concussion. If he wasn't getting geared jeers from the training staff when he showed up one train a certain way. I think it becomes easier. To play in your thirties at nine million dollars per year. If you're content with the situation was when you add that in an in your right I wish I could argue and say it's not it's more about ray or the money. But the money seem significant especially when you consider. What other tight ends are now getting paid just got to keep a wary as think fourth highest paid tight end. In the NFL I Nancy would you be grams do money is I got a three year deal with Green Bay today he's probably had a ground to. On. But the other guys we're now close to it's the stratosphere he's now he's at a close to your being far away the highest paid tight end he's the best tight end. And so you're probably right but I I do think the can't overstate. The comfort level the guy. Who worked a certain way all last year leading and training camp showed up at training camp was essentially told the training staff sorry you can't train now. Anymore mutt what is that's got to put this contacts. If they said okay we're gonna make you the highest paid tight and but you have to do James Harrison might enhance do you work out move then then he says gates' idea to you later how's Guerrero. I think that growth has something to do with a but of course it does he is that isn't healthy you have what is what is this what is more you how much what percentage is money what percent is currently went out of his way to do is big sword marked the angels in the playoffs about how his body felt and and and I know I had TB twelve I know that and just and that I understand I mean ask the question again. What percentage isn't money what percentages Guerrero. 6040. Times I'll go 82. Money Guerrero on your mind. Lee is no way it's guy. It never stay healthy ever he loves the TV twelve guy he's been too easy is it that made of the watercress he gets the now all let's show her the energy this guy has us. 61777979237. In the fawn over reacting to a crazy day and a panel NFL pre to the patriots were not busy there. Former players were the wrestle he was very very very visible get to with your calls but at night rolls on with rob Bradford Sports Radio WEEI. More mocked at night on Sports Radio we. But it night's Sports Radio WE ER right up until 9 o'clock then Mallard will take over an app like your phone calls throughout at 617779. 7937. We know it's not a great night the hop on a phone could probably outside shoveling your waiting to shovel or you were outside plowing. It has been a rough rough and of winter here not the rob Brad would know he's been. Fort Myers and sometime in January dal and this week for three or four days and he goes right back out to Fort Myers the home of the most boring. Red Sox for training Gould nice. That you know in the united united excited about the calls them. No we try to spice up Torre I don't know what is it yes I heard you wolf one of the of the date try to spice it up we had great broadcast Aqua is on for a couple of innings it was I did not here record you both funny you don't pull the good parts. Not I didn't hear it I heard you should've. I heard you guys talking about the Orioles and guys who were numbered zero -- putting on putting letters and you struggle he said maybe he wore in honor of the could remember it would signal number zero which highlights. He's can always SA Robert Parish error every doubles there and it's at that work out for you and and then you did suggest that the players should. Meet you you know you're on the air people can hear when you city short letters on the. They show that I said I'd out of him I don't know if it was on the air off the exhibition would be easy easy. What is the other teams sleep in the bowl. There it is. Now the exit Thelma and it is your your on the are now saying this I saw the lead in the league he's the ex FL style. The demographic down. Outfits and it's been an awesome spring trip out. Well I admit the broadcast but good from informing news standpoint robbins' dog yeah I agree not to run news android but I'll say this is weird start Arctic front right animal bought this yeah. That the baseball stuff it's get read more this spring training and at least for track and remember I don't know why. But it justice and and maybe it's give the patriots thing it you know on a deal with the agents right now. I don't know I don't know but it is made it must be my awesome right I don't know I would say it's probably your awesome year awesome right agree that the patriots thing that somebody's gonna right. That's right Campbell or jobs here Alex maybe. All next 24 hours is going to be. Because that did that is 22 patriot news things here this afternoon they lose Malcolm Butler he's going to Tennessee not a surprise. They lose Danny Amendola he's going to Miami we're taking your reaction on that at 61777979837. Nate sold their. Because Polly rather most important free agent left tackle for Tom Brady wants to be here. The I don't periscope he did he wants to be here and in the patriots are slow playing him. Andy Houston now the giants are voltage states are not done yet but then there and it. This v.'s first choice to be here but it's ready waiting for to come back with some sort of contract one of those two teams try to match it you could see there. You also have. The news tonight from the thick insiders. Who is basically that did Miami dull aren't eroding our patriots Jesse. At least to be there he's gone on to do it Dickey now. Because they're player by player or went with. Out to San Diego on a much of the dolphins guy we have we both though Starr at the things we shored do around with the beginning of those guys apps lunatics great guy but there in saint. On day the report there from the insiders was that the reason the page did not offer the money that Danny Amendola. Is because they are pretty trying to lock down Ndamukong Suh to a multiyear contract and I say it's a good stored right because on its face. If you said the patent patriot fans OK you lost Butler and am a dole but he signed a player with a name recognition of Ndamukong Suh. It would go over like a slam dunk see we got the better player we spent differently. Impact defensive guy no big deal. But because most patriot fans have grown to hate Ndamukong Suh. I don't think it's at the same sort of buzz. That normally would because I do think there's a real dislike of the player it sounds crazy to say but is thirty playing Detroit and then. He recently playing with the Miami Dolphins in the division of being worried about the cheap shots he got on Brady. I think there will be a little bit of backlash of the player opiate of the Covert but it's not going to be. The whole run PR wise that he a big name like Ndamukong Suh normally would be off. Personal. Press why don't buy the whole thing yeah and though the spend a big big chunk of money on them player. But your point I totally disagree. When they went if if if he came here. And everywhere would be celebrating yet the safer Sackett. You know he's a dirty player and what he's doing but still. You know we we know your past transgressions. But once you get to the patriots. All is okay you will be OK and you're not a dirty player you his play on the edge and that's okay. How that works might rigid muscles like that to a certain extent will not he was never considered the dirty play or not a dirty player let him play he was put down there was like a hot dog he was never disliked by patriot fans in play in the have been notably the Republicans to. On you're talking about a. 88 player that. Bold and nationally isn't that the lines and now Miami has done things where when you were doing who were in that Heath Evans did this will play a sound for you next hour. He ripped the guy ended Nicole Lee Evans was he would never play for Bill Belichick and the patriots you wrote this on trying to say you wrote. Last week about the sensitivity of sports fan I thought it was a good call I thought was a good read I think it's the week Alec Lee's summit dummy. So I'd like basic things you talked about the sensitivity a patriot fan I also think that speaks to. They're feeling about the patriot way and out patriots play a certain way and Donna can sue. Doesn't play like that Robbie plays sort like the anti patriot way that Leavitt impact on the fan base if they sign this guy. I do think that once a guy gets here that people forget the avid selective memory and they don't holding it may not pulling for yet another ones Chad Johnson. But Chad Johnson you know your write much but it cannot it is it isn't enough is that icy layer and run is not make it did not end as disliked but not in the division. But my point is if you get a guy. If we're patriots fans usually if you get a guy that can help your team win. Then you'd think they overlook a lot. And I figured that would be the case here that get a little uncomfortable initially. But still if he was good and he dominated the help them win it wouldn't be saying I can't believe he's stuck on that guy kicked out. No and at that I agree it would you get to the season rob I'm talking about. The immediate buzz for signing a player of that name value right only sign that guy you know. We are buying ourselves some time with the fan base look we did we sign a player who everybody in the league knows this is not. The the kidney trader fourthly we gotta go look up and down or lose first round pick who's this guy. Every every one is a cat even casual football fans know that players and well with the patriots ever played fan base. They don't they don't do a lot but in the aftermath of losing it go Rob Lowe and Malcolm ball or Danny Amendola. It's been a pretty rough stretch for about it and a night as saying that they admit that they would it. Which would do it just to do that but normally a byproduct rob and it may be disagrees telling you do. A byproduct to sign a player of that name recognition. Is the fan base that backs awful but it's been a rough five weeks of the patriot I'm just saying if they sign a player. My guess is if we took phone calls on tonight and we asked what he's gonna down markets to more people than you think. Would say I don't want that type of player on my team. Here's his now is another example of woods Adrian Peterson over the we were on with the computers and all that some of them out. He visited the patriots and and a lot of people say you know what people that call daily green Peterson. How could you want that guy but I'll stand by and I was afraid it appeared to Peterson came and was scored touchdowns. Like he was for Minnesota. That patriots fans would want it would be like all we have to avert our eyes and we can't we can't see these guys that's once the games start rob I'm agreeing with you on double the initial react yes I'm pretty big names he doesn't need to win an argument with Peterson over the exact same thing people around here. Know what he did to his children they know what he's involved with their taxes. They know what he stands for. When it comes with parenting anyway got pushed back on that I would have been right there front center. They run and it's an even isn't even weaker argument to say that outside the season because with sue. Because you're saying that because they lost the Super Bowl because they have these other guys after the for the first time for the first time in bill Belichick's Rashean. There arraigned he is going to placate the fans he's going to do things because they feel that the fans on the senate Democrats byproduct they would not get the bonus of and his assignment down a concern. Well I don't think so yeah I don't you think are understood but do you see do you think the fan base would be uniformly in favor. Of spending this money not on Neitzel the or Malcolm ball lower Danny Amendola. Spending that money and Ndamukong who know what I'm trying to wait your argument of some no no no. I don't I think if they wind up in favor because of the players' ability in position. I don't think that they would be saying oh how dare you you do this if if you with the most dominant players. Person at a position that they desperately mean needed which they meet someone at quarterback right now they need it potentially meet someone at left tackle. But if they did that was a perception that they were getting the best player at that position a guy who kicked in. People and installed done people they would say you know what what he becomes a patriot of changes in ways that all will be you and the patriots by the way. I'll come back to it. Doesn't matter if they won lost what has happened they will never change there ways in terms of who they sign of who they don't don't don't side while I did nothing to do. That's one of the reports today or rebukes you say that but they have in the past rob. Going back to Christian Peter have not wanted to sign players and so what they bring in I mean Peterson for work out that. They admitted that they eventually did not sign it rob Weiss they don't big that you you bring him for a workout you're trusting what they can get him again the cut today by Arizona's of the players the players available again. From a character standpoint. Heaven the patriots is a front office always sort of stood. Against signing a certain certain type of player you don't agree that they've Corey tell avoided it all again that was a awhile ago. And I want ID and Donna consume one has more on the field and off the field so you're probably right there wouldn't be adverse to that. But the fan base. Likes a player of that nature way Ndamukong Suh would not fall into that category so we'll all find out my guess is the borders are writing about the next couple days. If the patriots are it's that we get your reaction on as well 617. 7797937. Rob Bradford is in beautiful Fort Myers where beautiful brightness. As its nose starts to wind down here in New England it's Mott at night's online and then now it till midnight the only place in Boston. Thought NFL free agency right here on a snowy Tuesday Sports Radio WEE.