Mut at Night - Celtics Game 3 against the Bucks; Could Popovich retire?, 4-20-18

Mut at Night
Friday, April 20th
Hour 1 - Keefe is joined by Patrick Gilroy to kick off the show and they discuss the Celtics’ playoff chances ahead of Game 3 against the Bucks. They also wonder if Gregg Popovich will retire from coaching the Spurs following the death of his wife.

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On night. He wants to now here's why it at night on Sports Radio W we. Never thought I'd. Without breaking news you can repeat it after Kilroy here tonight at karaoke and I have been an agreement. It's an undefeated they would use this is the best spot on Friday and I can't imagine anywhere else he would rather be at so either till seven Patrick here all of the Red Sox. Pregame the sixteen and two Red Sox of officers of the a's tonight they'll be nine to when he with a pregame the season debut. Of drew Palmer antsy of the Red Sox Roland you have the Bruins bouncing back and take me 31 series lead they can close things out off tomorrow against the Maple Leafs. And the Boston Celtics who Patrick a league a lot of people listeners Tyree got hurt said all right while the Bruins are good the Red Sox ago patriots drama is always good. But the way they've played the first two games particularly game to where they. Just took it to the box I think all of a sudden there's a little bit more hope that this team. Is not going to be a one and oh yeah you know my fear going into the series was they were gonna lose this thing and six or seven games. Generally any you've been doing this a long time keep you know as well as I do teams with the best player generally win the series. At what the Celtics are doing right now is so against the grain it's not it's not the usual. I'm still not a 100% confident that guys like terrorists a year in in Jalen brown Jason Tait and even Al Horford. To continue to play a high level but he played the garden but I guess that's the beauty of home coordinate pale one of my concerns was after game one that. Was that they wanna game where rosy year round Tatum and Horford all played really well yeah. And they won that game in overtime at home to a man they got they got their work cut out form in the series and then game two will. Jason Tatum the Don Chu wells are really a non factor on the offensive and and yet they dominated that game in Milwaukee. Might have the two best players in the series. But that the gap after that seems enormous they might they probably do but any you have to look at a guy like Eric Bledsoe and say what's I don't know what's wrong with him he is better than us I did too I thought he was one of the ten best point guards in the NBA and it's it's a rich league right now it is at Davis he's a position but he is an incredibly talent to score and he's not shown up yet I expect him to show up mean he's at home if the bucks are gonna show up for a game. It's tonight you better be tonight and so the Greek freak has been as good as advertised greatly he would. We all know who's the best player in the series he's. Maybe the second best player in the conference and he has been really good and we aching where you shoot thirteen of seventeen from the field scored thirty points. Chris Middleton is a is that as good of a second score on team as there is in the least well about it the warriors got a putback at the end at analytical but I mean he's at what point per game guy and he's not the team's leading score that's pretty impressive. But Jabbar Parker has been an invisible John Henson who doesn't solace gonna play tonight has done nothing Tony smells done nothing. And the one that does stand out as Bledsoe late. He should have at the very least had a push at the point guard. Spotted matchup he should want it Buddy Hackett should be at the very least get pushed and rosier as dominant rosier is bad in the most surprising player. For me anyway 22 game and he hears it a larger bigger picture question that we probably can't get to tonight but every time I look at rosier. I wonder when the wheels are gonna follow up and they don't fallout he continues to get better. And better and better to meet right now Keith he looks far too talented to be a backup point guard at something's gonna have to give here with terror is here in the Celtics in the coming years and I wonder if it's gonna happen sooner than later because of the Celtics. Decision they've got to make on market Smart I can't see where we're both guys come back don't hear it though to think Smart this is that for him. Like it hopefully comes back and it sounds like he will end you know either at the start next series or this somehow Milwaukee is able to force a game seven. Maybe Marcus mart is back. But I just think there's going to be one team out there that offers them way more money than the the southern journal wanna match I was convinced of that up until. The the second half of this year he had via the incident in LA report he did so we had that yes he's got this going on right now I think his values they can hit. In the NBA's had a bit of a correction here too with the salaries yesterday less Evan Turner deal 75 million turner fifty million particularly a limit those days might be gone. So he can be had. For one or two year deal on the cheap and I think any it will bring him back. But it came blows them away there's no chance yeah rosier meanwhile so he's got a year or or two I guess with the re you know do a restricted creator ever right now and another year after next year so they have his rights. But he has been great point three points apiece in the first two games of the series. And been dominant and they there is no real bench anymore for the Celtics they basically play seven guys are sick of all the guys get in the game but. The top 45 got tough for guys on the team are are pushing forty minutes and that the overtime but they're pushing thirty plus minutes and at this point. They've been able to do it and one of the reasons why I think is Brad Stevens never really had to. Go overboard on minutes you can kill those guys all season to get them in the certain CD or anything like that where we've seen other teams. You know obviously what Thibodeau doesn't Minnesota is is one thing LeBron James insisted on playing every game and so many minutes. Greek freak plays a thousand minutes but the Celtics. They are kind of preparing themselves for the post season all along they were an. You have to credit Brad Stevens for doing that because I think what he's done better than a lot of other coaches is he's really good at the basics to hear he's been Italy for four years now they've won more games each and every year that he's been here this year with all the injuries but he's also got some playoff experience yet I think that certainly came into play with the way that he managed. The minutes for these guys especially. The minutes of guys like Al Horford on one end of the spectrum entering is it what 3132 ish and then on the other end of the spectrum Jason Tait. Because even hit the wall one point you're deceased yap every and offers an injury or what it was right you is used bad for a stretch and then bounced back yet the Celtics had a great job of managing his minutes and getting him. Back in time to be it to contribute in the playoffs does the expectation change based off of two games because I have losing the first round so my expectation is already changed that. Are the probably beat the box but when you look around the rest of the Eastern Conference. Can you get greedy in McKinney get carried away and sterile this team right now looks pretty good they're gonna add markers Smart back. Could they beat Philadelphia in the next round yet so I am getting a little degree tonight's who had an losing to the bucks but now the Celtics are. 35 and oh historically when there at two games to none yet those you would like to assume that he'll win this series. And when you look at their potential matchup in the next series it's that heat or the sixers not the one of those teams. Scare me to deputy Phillies one of these teams much like. You know the the 0102 Celtics where they're riding a wave right now yeah they're they're very talented there's no doubt about Assad Bill Simmons odds quarter compare I think to the 95 magic don't like our Dave do you think there a year too early debates have so much talent than maybe you can win out and they look great in game one they get and be back in game three but. Game two they lose at home to that he rented Dwyane Wade scored twenty points off the bench so. I mean seven game series with against the sixers. I don't know I don't know you can't ruled the Celtics out of out and this is a league though where are generally the rule with promised that teams have to sort of graduate to the next level. And the sixers haven't done that yet but again you that you get the Celtics right now winning against the grain and conventionally too so who knows what's gonna happen here. But again you know it worked Cleveland even Cleveland the mess that they are right now yet if they were the inevitable matchup in the next round I wouldn't feel so confident but it's not right up front all worked out perfectly in that regard obviously not having carrier ring was worst case scenario bought. They were the two seed for Toronto and Cleveland will likely mean the second round dig it Indiana. Pretty do you think they're gonna win that series. What we've Cleveland yeah so. I think we'll know more after tonight because I keep on waiting for Cleveland to look like Cleveland for eight the Arab to have that atom but I mean the broad alone. I think should still be able to beat Indiana but he had to play. I think it was forty. Six minutes of the 46 minutes and 46 point where it's points and they want by three at home against the pacers after losing pretty convincingly in game one the pacers are balanced team the welcome team they've got some talent there there's no doubt about that. And I think that their team that's supremely competent to get much I love how the Celtics picked up. Marcus Moore is because he's got a bit of an edge. I like the pick up the blitz Stevenson back to the pacers because he brings that edge he does he need that attitude especially in the playoffs by the abroad and you know he does not have the cast of characters around him as he has before you know in the last eight years this is clearly his worst team. So Eastern Conference is up for grabs and get a pretzel so frustrated with the Celtics don't have their full team that they did. I think it would be in the NBA finals but because they don't I think everybody is kind of jumbled together and it's Toronto the team that nobody ever talks about. Are they the favorite should they be the favorite or the or is that still the brawn and look I think that they should be the favorite they had the best. Regular season in the Eastern Conference they're they're loaded up and down. But insults until really breaks through and makes a conference final and compete nobody's gonna believe in them if they've got all their talent and that talent gone to waste each and every year the same thing. Over and over over you know until they prove us wrong. That's where the fate is going to be it's not to be in Toronto. Now if the Celtics next year of their entire team back now obviously other. Teams can change in the you know what you're trades and free agency and everything else but barring any kind of shocking development like when Kevin Durant went to the the warriors. If it's pretty much status quo. They're the best team in the Eastern Conference or yes or no wonder what happens if LeBron goes to Philly and the one spot I think yet the Broncos the New York finally could be you or if he stays in clean vote I don't think he'll do I think Cabrera in Cleveland and if he goes out west greats affiliate of what you would maybe be the one time aren't let's see what they are because they they would have obviously more talent yeah absolutely so that that that's the one thing that scares me he's still even at his age he's the best player in the league and he's still the one guy that can truly change the dynamic of a team overnight I mean if -- lottery team right now when you add LeBron James. Instantly your favorite to go conference final right now. Gone back to the Celtics are there are on the road tonight last year they have some issues on the road in the playoffs. Although this is a very different team I mean you have four guys back a harmless parts you will have three guys back from last year three important guys in browned and rosier and and Horford. Do you do you anticipate that being an issue form again I'd I'd really I don't because when you look at Gallic Horford and all of his experience in the playoffs both with the hawks and the Celtics he's not gonna get nervous on the road matter of fact he he. Relishes opportunities like this yeah on the road and look Jalen brown had a lot of experience in last year's playoffs that's when he really started to make a name for himself and establish himself as a consistent. Score game inning game out so I think that that's really help them to. The first five or ten minutes of tonight's game is gonna tell. As a big store. You know how the Celtics overcome. The emotion that's gonna be in that arena tonight because let's not forget Milwaukee is a good basketball markets are they they they've got an America and the credit dedicated group of bands. And that place is gonna be emotional and loud and how can this young Celtics team that's get. Almost no experience really and when you look at how they respond to that but I feel pretty confident for one reason or other that this team is gonna be able to hit Reese. On well yeah they've done really well they got a balanced scoring attack and obviously Jim Brown a thirty in game two which which jumped out CE of the coaching mismatch of them century where this is not it's not it really fair in that regard. But watching Jalen brown might dictate with game two was just imagining him. In a starting lineup with higher re serving it was Gordon Hayward is big of disguise your third score in fourth the panel is going on Tatum. What do position your end. Do you think Jill brown is gonna be a multiple time all star or is that too loft and its lofty but I was just gonna ask you are you a team guy around Tatum. You I'd definitely take a guy in and brown has won me over I didn't like the brown pick at the time assure you of that is late. Go to the draft if you like somebody when they're bad you make excuses form any item Bremer and if you don't like America out but I don't I got to see but your expectation was the Celtics were drafting Chris Dunn and flipping and Virginia Butler right well a lot of people thought that arrived on the scene at that time wanted to mall mar your body heal I wanted to shooter OK I want somebody else may bring in Jill brown but -- got another guy can't choose how he's taught himself to shoot or they've they've helped teach him to issue short so he's a lot better now. But I just looked out of and you when he compared to. Guys like Jimmy Butler or Paul George what their early career stats were and then make your three and four how would just clicked it became you know 25 and five wherever they are. He seems to be on that path. So but I did choose between Taylor brown who's gonna make moral searching I. I would say today so late it the Celtics are locked in a discussion with the spurs for collide it you can give up one of the I'd give up around a so so here. I don't I don't think so because they think the browns a little bit more dynamic I think Tatum to more gifted natural score. Yes I think so yeah but I think. All around game including a defense and athleticism he did that the not in my opinion the Jalen brown and I love the fact. That this was a guy the one knock on him was that we couldn't shoot the ball that was he played out right they said he was Hoover intelligent a great athlete great defender but he couldn't shoot so in two years in the league he's become a very reliable three point shooter. So yeah yeah you gotta give a guy like that that's a work ethic a lot of credit and you have to factor that into you projection of what he's going to be in the future. If he's able to put that working now yes you EB into year end and so that is sort of like the the silver lining of not having Irving and Hayward which would be fifty points a game between the two you remove that and now brown and Tatum have to get those shots and so they get that confident may be even a year to earlier. The they would have though how they had to defer to those other guys so. That has been made the one thing you can say is the positive all the injured the thinkpad well you look to god ya don't look at this team right now and you add those two guys in let's assume they come back and come back. Healthy and is that as advertised for next year and let's assume that Tatum and brown continue on this trajectory. Then you become a similarly in Eastern Conference version of the warriors were one through five everybody can score the basketball. Yeah I mean you got coming up get our and they got it yet but this is why is there but yet you look at you know Al Horford. Is your fifth option for a ciller the warriors having for among green being their fifth option so that that's true and are supposed to when they you know. Take out. Token starting Sadr and bring in you know Iguodala and guys have definitely that's they have they have power or or JaVale McGee got her out of Yale you're got that. Yeah it's it's similar it's on par and it would be. And others of a million you know acquire Leonard and Anthony Davis trade rumors but. Doubt be great but they're guys that they would have would be good enough without you any. Ainge has assembled the right team it's just unfortunately two fifths of those guys are or unavailable right now yeah. 61777. I 7937. To get to the Bruins the Red Sox as well or start with the Celtics is they played game three tonight. Against the Milwaukee Bucks it is never mud at night. Rich Keefe Patrick Gilroy Sports Radio WE yeah recapping that day in sports with Mike Mike nasty it's Monday night. Yeah. Never much at night rolls odds portrait is WEEI rich keep till seven Patrick Gilroy alongside he'll be here taking up so Red Sox pregame socks and a is the pom rants. Making his first start of the year for the sixteen and two Red Sox. Which is ridiculous Perry you know what to say about the road idea of he criticized the Red Sox eat where Audi Audi Sports Radio the Red Sox right now it's very difficult this does it not like a one minute but the Red Sox got to be lucky because the Bruins and Celtics success they could sort of ease their way that is why you thought yeah you would even hear about them until June but now they've been incredible people are paying attention the you know the Chris Sale starts are always must watch and we'll keep pets is off to a crazy start so. They've been a ton of fun to watch but all three of the teams are playing really well right now aim at the NFL draft next weeks and that's a pretty good time. A telephone 61777579237. We'll start with Scott in Connecticut what's going on Scott. Hey tiger doing the right. On I want action talk while Celtics did that and collide. On the aren't doing knock it off anything. For quiet and I think literally pitch island. It's quite honored and I think that chase and made them. Could be almost Seward. Tracing the gritty east. Terrible player. Ice ice stand pat and I would I. I don't wanna have anything you would get rid of those guys. Once every come back and laughed and laughed you could you like well or bird and markets Smart and trap that. Two to grab quietly on court well quiet down and the hell away from any of that. Aren't Scott thanks for the phone call to acquire Leonard I guess the first question would have to be. Are you healthy and are you gonna play where what's going on within I don't it's all health or not. Get the default the stuff of when how Popovich has been responding to some houses that get talked as people might. They're all the sudden a huge disconnect the guy who's been on the team or. It's eight years seven years I think he's only six or seven years including a finals MVP and you know two years ago he might have been a top. Three player in the NBA like he's an incredible player. And all of a sudden it's like he's hurt he's not hurt the team wants to meet them he's not meeting with a team. Popovich has no idea what he's gonna play or not it's a very bizarre situation and I think that the injury really scared him and and you know he's going into his free agency year so he wants to come back next year have one great year and get paid and ID he was not willing to risk the potential of signing this Megan Max deal. It became that too early and came back and played this year and he knew that the spurs got to rely more heavily this year than ever before he he his usage rate was gonna be obscene it became actively this year so I think why I was looking up number one it's a bad move I guess sides because that's what scares me away I mean the player or get your getting quiet loner from two years ago. Which I guess you know he would be available are greatly great players are available for any reason is that in so. If he's not gonna resigning with the spurs or whatever else. Because I was when he hit those calls and the like a Jalen brown. Could be quite honored and pocketbook Weiler is quite honored were like out rap I would rather just have. Him but there's so much mystery around why he's not playing and would he be able to be a fit here now Max Kellerman. Who you know we go to for all the hottest of hot of course I believe he had. Quite a letter to the Celtics and he said without giving up Tatum or brown and the answer was Gordon Hayward. Which I said I don't know if the spurs would even do that yet but if you could just swap those two. The pilot is a better player but like I just don't think that's realistic Arabic the spurs at Cigna arguments are eager young guys. Bright and look the Celtics just signed. It just signed into what a four year deal Kweisi does last year you know it does it doesn't Nicolaus and that's what next element does correct in the details about the database which government is such them out. But I guess acquire Larry and will he be on the spurs' next year no probably not right away they got to find some sort of trail probably be. You know young players and picks galore and build your party crazy train and there's two things in play here there first it is you know there's been no talk about Popovic potentially retiring but with the death of his wife and the spurs really bombing out early this year if he were to walk away and there's a chance that cool light sticks around I think it again but the main. Argument between the two those two guys right there one that he's got to go and right now if Brady balance exactly just like Brady noted it's got to be polite and be equal like guy -- it ice -- but at the constitute the brownie do we. In a heartbeat yet like in a heart beast 26 years I'm gonna knock on Jalen brown like ethics thing I would also give a Jill brown for Anthony Davis not a knock on him there's like 1020 player out so Tate on the there's a smaller group of players I would trade for. But those who does the nonetheless. Brown made the list grows a little bit but still. That's more. That's actually giving those guys more credit deep meaning. The spurs would want them or the pelicans would want them now Republicans are winning playoff games now and so maybe it seems like that's more unlikely that. But they whatever giver to him. But those guys would have to be included if you're ever gonna pull off a victory like that when you look at the NBA right now and look at recent trades. Of guys that have got a bit of baggage to a one year left in their contract look at it like it got to the markets cousins. There's not much going back in return now terrible for so they're the immediate opportunity here for Danny to sell high on say a rosier in back loaded with a bunch of picks because the Celtics still own the clippers pick it and it got the kings picked the lakers but they've got a budget fix coming up nobody talks about them. Because they're not the Brooklyn picks but they're healed and there's a present that Hud the Paul George Strait was bad at the time that turns out they get an all star and a curled the ball again another solid player sabonis but at first like that that's really the trade but. They obviously knew that are released hoping that old people turn into the player that he is now chart. Let's go to what the enemy who is calling specifically for Patrick this probably is not good at that and it when he got Danny. Danny. Danny did eight Danny Danny. It is not right to go the good news is that he'll be at 9 o'clock that vehicle 9 o'clock this nugget because you can call back stay on the line or. Or whatever let's go to fraud you lol he joins us that's it's a Friday. Looked all around and Pete I don't know I mean I enter all very nice yes sir what's what's the word that I. I think about it I wouldn't. LeBron was talking about a pop in his life and everything wouldn't Ronald quicker this hurt right. And then lightly certain that these. And what I'd bet you a little. We're having me Larry may I wish we had carrier. Hayward by. They had been on clay additional habits Alec that we we don't ask you're a Democrat lite maybe in order to meet their work. Cool I come there are good we yet. Co Larry curry current law on an album period in the all right. You know what frog you might be onto something here's the thing with the in the NBA if you mention a big player's name and say he might go somewhere you can't laugh it off because these guys move all the time they don't these great players. That have moved teams you know whether to rant LeBron a couple of times like this sort right there those are 20 they're the two best players in the league and they have changed teams. Recently so guys will will get moved you know whether it's Carmelo a couple of times James Harden had to get treated like all these guys Chris Paul. They will move team Kevin Garnett Ray Allen Kevin and those two guys also that that they've locally here moved up at that your idea of LeBron going to be young spurs I wouldn't rule that out I wouldn't know it makes a lot of sensible question why is gone you free up some money LeBron goes there and that's a better supporting cast and it's a great head coach so. How would rule that out I don't know if that makes it easier for the Celtics to get quite wondered if so that'd be tough to do is tough to pull that off. It's not gonna be easy for the Celtics but you know this the one thing about the Celtics you can't rule out bit Dem going down to chasing down any one of these guys you look at the team that they had last year. 53 wins it bring back four players. Regardless of what this team does in the post season if an opportunity presents itself to any additional one thing he's not gonna be scared to pull the trigger and maybe say goodbye to a player that. People around here never thought was even on the table celtics' future looks really bright but the president could be a lot brighter than certainly I expected it could they still make a -- To the NBA finals 61777. I 797 he laughed at but the Eastern Conference Sox catcher Chris I think there may be that they can sort by or that and it's more your phone calls here coming up and is never mud at night Sports Radio WEEI. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Game ripped the Celtics and hawks is tonight Celtics. The really gun thing I was. Now the series is not over Patrick it's not over and and we were talking in the break about. The await Celtics where there are too low tonight are here they go on the way to the title and then against the bad at. Eight Seahawks team. It's two to go back to the gardeners at what is what is going on and then. They lose that it may have to go seven against them they ultimately you know spank them in game seven but. They couldn't win on the road until the conference championship game so our converse finals so. We'll see what happens with the Celtics. But there's just something about the balks. I don't know is good is out of the crew Bo is as good as Middleton is. Everybody else seems to it stink and like I just don't think they're gonna have the adjustments that David I think it would redeem you know three or four out on us and they sweep of all sudden but. It just doesn't look like this is the team that is going to be able to turn around and win four of the next five game if you're the bucks though Heidi you convinced. Unthinkable to stick around the on this contract. The say he likes Milwaukee he says all the remedy does Hillary but I mean Heidi exactly that they both of Parker. Part of that would a lot of injuries obviously via in the last year use its point point per game guy yet but not this season but lack the previous year. He's I think he's could be sucked so it is terrible on the lab he's really really bad play out but. He's a good player Middleton is a good player they treat for blood so what follows a good player so it doesn't seem like they're just sitting back late. Wouldn't you say up until this season. His surrounding cast in Milwaukee is better than what New Orleans did for Anthony Davis but until they went around our cousins. At that drew holiday until they went out got Rondo and Ron does who's planted around Ivan noted last play of it that's that's true but I think like Milwaukee's at least tried to help them out. They have they've certainly got more talent around him but to your point when he seduced something just about Milwaukee look at that team and I think the sort of say it like this but. They're sort of like a loser built IT at a particular people aren't really attracted to that team they don't have. I could coach speak to go to a better coach than not that the coach is the be all and doll and we saw a tie Lou wouldn't title but the culture too much yet this negotiate that up until Jason Kidd. Apollo is worth a shot about to not work for them there you know the Joseph prompt the Mets and I've got that's not if he's being out coach and it's it's obvious even if you're not a a basketball junkie like you and I if you just a casual observer do you see that marginal it if it's two different is it's drastic like. That the coaching difference between Brad Stevens now what they're thrown out there Milwaukee ignited a close. About the phones we Austin and Springfield south Austin. Spoke. We are tonight council cannot yours so tried to. You know get a better place let's go to was publicly confident on station but let's go to Mike North problems with the might. Well I had you know with regard to those drastic. I say what that meant perspective and the Avalon there common I think Danny unless he's completely blown away at every intention of keeping them. Because that big goal but the salary cap. As a given the luxury tax an area that's where the drastic golden because I allowed to draft. A good NBA ready player in the middle you you can't a guy to three million dollars a year at first. As opposed to going out even trying to get somebody at the am Ali will you run a lot more money. Mike you're right because I had a conversation the other night here about this particular Celtics team next year and how they. When he championship and stay within the cap regulations that cap rules and it's pretty simple you've got three Max guys but then you're gonna get. Great but fringe all star tight production from two guys on rookie deals that's how that's how the math works that's they make it work him and championship. Yeah I mean you look at it like just two of the guys have talked quite Leonard and I yacht that they are all like number fifty X the track. So even superstars and all down that level. So I'm I'm not only to look at bird I could contribute and help keep under. Under the under the the south Charlotte ultimately put it this way at least keep electric. Within it within reach. Oh it manageable but he also actually. It be traded away you're just saying good by any chance of bringing in yet another star. Yeah I mean there's definitely a basic call Mike there's definitely a chance of getting a really good player in the middle the first round but you can flip that same argument say. Yeah yeah honest was picked in the middle of first round so is Kelly Olympic. Who'd be Celtics identified I had out of your honest right Saudi you can there's plenty of hits and misses rosier was the sixteenth pick in the draft. And that is looked like a hit now area nebulous slow developing but it looks like a guy that has been a very useful NBA player. Most other guys are coming back like their rosters pretty much all back next year. I think obviously Marcus smartly to lose Aron panes of his freeagent endowed Greg Monroe. You haven't even guys like Marcus Moore seven of the year and his deal less of so for the most part you're right. I did 90% of the team is gonna come back next year I think this is going to be much more of a tweaking type offseason Purdue means that an overhaul like it was last here again. In less a guy like why Leonard or are they gave us who has not gonna be available now via because the pelicans are gonna go to the second round so he's gonna be happy. How rights you know it let's one of these truly game changing type of guys becomes available than I don't see Danny doing anything drastic in the for us. Are so handicap and it before I get out here rules handicap the Eastern Conference now that you've seen two games. Or three Donna just two for everybody in the on the Eastern Conference out of things. What would you or. Which TV because most likely to come out of the east indeed a look at top four or weren't the Celtics reckons there let's see you gotta go feel leak Cleveland's. Boston and this is gonna make a lot of sense maybe Toronto. Yeah brought forth that your order on a fourth I agree that both of the four teams of the four teams that's at all with their first round series for shore. I think if I had to bet money on it. It's still hard for me to bet against the brawn but it's much I hate on the edge wins all the time. He's never lost the first round series fact he's never been down all ones and authority to change but he bounced back it's 11 in that series. The pacers are gonna make it tough for a by think Cleveland wins. So I think LeBron really lucked out with the carrier being injury it sort of shaped up for him now to get back to the finals for an eighth straight year jumping 73 years the finals. It seems not as good but the Eastern Conference is not great. Philly is the most intriguing of the group yet they just schedule well indeed back there up to one against the Miami Heat. So can he invent Simmons. Get that team it's a fun team to watch to what I would do it they got shooters that they guide guide Alex Simmons orchestrated the whole thing. It's so that team may be. Maybe second avenue of what you have an outcry put Toronto ahead of the Celtics. But the Celtics a week ago I would said no shock now after watching on the seems play of the day had a chance. I put the thing with Toronto for me it's an I think their history the further the in the playoffs they history's gonna weigh on their shoulders more and more and more they're a team that is feeling the pressure this is the year but this like if they don't get to the finals this year than they're never go. We got we didn't just write the way it's why don't former auto beat the Celtics had in years coming up. Are at 7 o'clock would be a coming up what Chris medics from. NBC sports boss to come up around 730 than former Celtic point guard NBA all star Kenny Anderson will join me around 820 heavy hitters Stanton Irish guys aren't taking it too well Lucy for producing this this first hour go nowhere Patrick Gilroy. Has you up until Red Sox pregame I'll be back on Monday. Dale chief whip Greg Dickerson on Sports Radio WE yeah.