Mut at Night - Celtics this year vs. last year - 2-22-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, February 22nd

Mut and Keefe respond to comments made by FS1 host Nick Wright, where he argues that this years version of the Boston Celtics are actually worse than last years team. Both guys completely disagree, and explain why Wright is so wrong.


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In the ninth inning ninth inning only you are allowed to send out to the plate as your first three hitters. That's something you're just saying this. Something different I would not forget that baseball slows down consideration we'll start but I thought nobody wins. Ali show I sort of appreciate my own self involved did you ever think that maybe there's more to life. And being really really. Really ridiculously good looking. Gentlemen we. We are dealing with someone here who. Has absolutely no life now here's my. Night on Sports Radio telling me. We're pretty WEP average people long rich are you good Mario I heard the voices Evans relic there in the open you'll join us just after 8 o'clock beautiful Fort Myers the resurgence. Evans relic here on his radio station couple morning show spots this week baseball's back a couple of nights and that's exactly what it is it's a cyclical things seasonal thing. Race for hope springs eternal and so does have a drought there on his back he's back in our lives and any heart says combine it had to think hard current kind of a paid way hired guys like CLA there they what's better the baseball live crew's back to putt the drill than a couple hours and we will I get into some of what. Richard dale talked about today and if you don't we walk in and you see. Now I see 12345. Full lines of people it was a talker who still want talk about rule changes yeah. I can't do up top collateral I can't do it because what it it's. I know of one a day of the people that on hold right now people that listening to Daylon rich had these great baseball ideas and specifically. Reaction to be rich Eisen rule OK which is any three batters who want their start in the ninth inning when you're trailing. We will do that an hour from now. Side I do right now at a time I've done this I'll break it up a little bit if I do it now we end up doing if like three of the four hours of the show that is a drought like. He's a drip he does as no hobbies he can't do anything else all I can do which relic tonight is in fact baseball. So I I thank you folks from what I know about that selfless warriors game I'm gonna do this at 7 o'clock tonight I promise and all these woods felt as well thought to angelic about. Just the pace of play and David Price a bunch of double and an hour from now. We will dig back in this but I just I may be and it's by a listening habits but they listened to the ideal Holley show. I couldn't take anymore. Because people wanna take if we want getting guys that on our our device and now I here call referencing let's play gave the ball I feel OK that's enough did you like the movie basketball I yes I did like about Bob Costas was sneaky sneaky good Kostis was in that spot is so we will you can tell these nice very nice people jet that we will do this an hour from now I promised that one hole for an hour. They can't Mon my to end here in the first hour is that it. Owner percent rich your present rich people the top where these two favorite things in the world to talk about. The Celtics and nick right now on I almost open what this last night he had a doozy before I read this before the Brady stuff we had it in Q4 last night but this was nick Wright yesterday and he showed talking about. The Boston Celtics last year burst of the Boston Celtics this year they're gonna be going here tomorrow second half is gonna start. There I think they are still in my mind. They other team that should not Easter company different in Cleveland I can read the Washington I committed to Ronald out I may be proven wrong. By the Celtics should assuming they get home court throughout special against Cleveland they should come on the east. I'm nick right suggest they might not be as good this year as they were a year ago as he said get as yesterday morning on his TV show. But the energy Crowder who again shot. The same percentage state and shooting this year average the same point actually average more or not you won't know they're not he's not the same type of player I know I could get attacked the rim and what I know is this I know that Jason Tatum will one day be far better than Jae Crowder who will be the driving Jae Crowder last year the best servers career. Is better equipped right now im sorry tell what happened to the self what went wrong. What they are I'll tell you exactly they are the same. They are to me a lesser version slightly lesser version of the team they were last year they're a team that guess what looked at this lineup and said. The only way we can really compete. Is it for a championship is if we had a Gordon Hayward like getting high or very well what we keep doing with the Celtics to me is looking at. Not what Jalen brown will be. What Jason Taylor will be what are your being eased in saying well that's obviously they're an improved team. As opposed saying OK but Jason data was taking them in shape Crowder Andre Carter was also last year jail round Satan imminent Avery Bradley and Amer Bradley was really good last year. He's taking the meant Isiah Thomas at Isiah Thomas was second team all NBA last year like. I just that I have no evidence that the. Do you mentioned this team could have lost the bulls in the first round. This could lose in the first round this. Year. One thing. So there's a lot and I I have mackerel and that you heard that I am I the highlights that I'd read the highlands of that I did not know you I read about the Tatum Crowder comparison and I didn't know how guys are all slightly lesser version down of last year's team so I have my thoughts on this by bigger these YouTube favorite things in the world. The Celtics and nick right yes I old I will divert you rich keep weekend the first lobby in response that will get your phone calls on this maybe. Maybe nick Wright is Allison and their Celtic fans out there look at this team in view it as a slightly lesser version. Of last year's team 61777979837. The floor is yours riske first thing I was as he's wrong I think he got oil up out of high death rate anti Christian. I think he's wrong. I think he is like so many guys. A LeBron guy he's evil loves LeBron each terrorism the broad measure so how can carrier ring possibly make them better because. LeBron made retiree and Harry wouldn't want anything without LeBron he's the guy how dear you leave LeBron is gonna go there and right now his team the better record how can that possibly be. So to not understand that carrier ring. Is a upgrade over Isaiah Thomas and I always feel that were were piling on Isiah Thomas about the case it just carry Irving is better so it is it is. Is better and Tatum and brown what they're going to be in the future yet that that is an important part of it but right now I'll take those guys right now. Over Crowder and Bradley he's remote. Where did record here is an offer them to compete for title but he Gordon Hayward yeah okay. One was wrong when that what do I think would suggest whether they're not really title contender because Gordon Hayward is for either and they recognize so they they aren't the penalty ignore it's they article state warriors but I still think they can win the Eastern Conference and everybody that is watched the team. Knows that they are better than last year. Everybody does it. Maybe not and why many of wants and I'm I'm not sure because. It's just a better team you can't take. The crowd or stats the tape of that in the Isiah stats in the carries that and say. Pretty similar so it's obvious that's the same team actually you know what. It figures that furthered its a little bit worse that's wrong there there are a better team their their definitely better suited for the future but even in the present they are a better team. So in my initial take was. I shouldn't believe the numbers that close but it turns out that hate him Crowder is pretty close and it turns out that you know Isiah Thomas scoring wise had better numbers. But then eat your right. Who was only looking at basketball reference because I think so there are there are last I checked thirty teams in the NBA as the summit to keep Brad Stevens out of it he was not in a coach and the other team his own team should. If you asked the 29 other coaches in the NBA. What team they'd rather face in a seven game playoff series. 2929. Would say. I'd rather face the team last year and it's pretty simple why because this team right now is much more dynamic offensively. Then they were a year ago. Still maintaining one of the better defensive rankings. In all the NBA and I get that date sucked down the stretch I have my only defense of them. And how they played and the all star break is I've seen really really good teams in my lifetime in the NBA BQ we all have at this point. Where they just put it in. For a bigger go back to first year in those days in the all star break they're ready shut down the ready for vacation. And it's not a knock on them because I see other good teams do is that when concerning long term. But going it's that last week of the regular season last week the first half of the season which they work. One or two defensively. In the NBA we knew their teams that one or two. And offensively. Every time they have the ball this year I don't care what the numbers and the swamp. This is just the eye test when you watch them play they are more dynamic and there are more dynamic team offensively this year. Having to have reset the entire offense and you came into this season he's been entire training camp. The coach and an entire cup what six weeks eight weeks whatever is these guys. Explain it's going to be Kyra read Gordon Hayward. And Al Horford you took take short out at this nine minute mark of game one she had to reset the entire thing and snow. They are better equipped offensively. With Tyree Irving at the point guard and Jason Tatum on the wing. And the other pieces they have here than they were a year ago this is witnesses too simplistic to look at the numbers. You have to look at this team. From in and holly said matchup and it's a roll my eyes. But they present a much tougher matchup than lash yourself with a big bowl R&D as good offensively as they were yeah flasher and they're better off its edges are to me a lesser importance slightly lesser version. Of the team they were last year. Now that they're they're not and I think you know Jason Tatum is a guy that even if points per game is similar to that OJ Crowder. They're just so differently take Crowder is very edgy Crocker he doubted I got I think I'll take cropped up like a target of a good year for him when he was he was finally on the perfectly said he had a good year here for him he was there is not a more overrated player yet. May he was sorry he was this underrated that he that became overall to the point where he's back and I know you're took off from three I took calls you when you say something very you think you say something Smart like. Of course our trade Jake out of for Kevin Love and the phone lines light up how stupid you are a NATO routers that the glue guy plays defense and the intensity. He didn't shoot the three that well and by the end the glue guy stuff related matter heat he became your right. Vastly overrated he it is also last year. You because you really awesome last year but that's and I and any racially antagonistic crowd this year. No no no reason is there nobody just to be prepared you know nobody talked historically great day here click print ads. And clean east sucked in Cleveland he's actually been all right would you tons a couple of games but. I've projected knock is that they proud are you please repeat it motivated now I don't know he was terrible Cleveland. That's that's the thing is there was more of day. There's a lower ceiling on last year he also last year last year's team was was far under the Forbes story. Isiah Thomas was it was incredible to see him. You know be second team all NBA and to finish in the top five the MVP in some of the playoff performances that he had four got hurt it was off the charts spot. You're like hey this is gonna come to an end and it's gonna come to an end badly they're gonna get whacked by Cleveland no evidence. That's they have felt some people did pick the Celtics beat Cleveland know beaten I'd made. Orman well my agree you informant and and where they're well within an out. Mike so much anybody on this roster don't don't ask Michael a great place. Itself but this team a jolly picked its man. That he did Tom Brady speaking as a apps like I want your thoughts. But I again of other stats might look similar regulate Tatum stats and brown has watch I. Hey that's a thing and then it just the the ceiling now is so much higher at and I'm talking about which doesn't eighteen but it's an obvious statement to say. Tatum is gonna be better than Crowder in three years yet no kidding he is also right now. And so is the team and big accord they were back then even more so but even if it's just. This current roster. You'll definitely take it head to head over the last UC and I. Jae Crowder last year the bastard whose career is equipped right now in such as Atlantis. Right now. I think we saw pretty closely this year that crowd was terrible Crowder was that they could not wait to get him out of Cleveland. And that as a guy Getty heat heat that that makes sense repeated not really watching the games in eagle back the narratives of last year. But he's already Jae Crowder and make a lot of people bid that I think what do you eat it a fighting get this that the reaction muted richer right. He's also vastly under rating carrier that's the other part of this year's team. Because for as good as Isiah thomas'. And it's fun of a story as he was here in town. He is not in the elite level superstar. The carrier ring as we talked about a little bit Monday when I was in for dale about the all star weekend. UN budget takes about different something happened might only take the time hot it was. That the deal leaked NBA players Russell Westbrook will brawn James Kevin Durant all the best Paul George all the best players in the world. They all love carrier and I I don't think. For what this war. That the U they had the same reaction had the same reaction to Isaiah Thompson Isiah has been a late bloomer. And I think the some of them he doesn't belong in the club club of the best players in the world. They although carrier ring does when you have that guy just that difference alone it was the same roster and you swapped out Isiah Thomas and a carrier ring. I would still take this Celtic team over last year's team because carrier is that much of a difference and you've got to be a LeBron suck up or dole not to recognize. The second team all in the last year or in this case both. You can be both they'll. I however don't report and that's that's what he has. Yet carried just gives you that different element where he is true. Superstar as so many times in the NBA the best player in the series. Is gonna win that now. Sometimes a team can overcome or maybe you know the best player has terrible teammates and maybe they they can't get done but for the most part. You want that best player and now with tire re. You're gonna have that in most series in the Eastern Conference outside of LeBron James obviously and so you put yourself in a better chance that he did even without a day and that in the storybook season that he had last year. Isiah just user Barack parry. If you better chance where CAV especially adding nick writes that there are some for the cup they can loose Chicago in the first round for example I I think because they have carrier they almost lost the first from last year I think that. It is lows this. Yeah it is oh what is it less likely to happen this year specifically nick. Because a carrier ring when you have that a league level player and he is a notch above I don't know he's gonna be second team. All NBA guard this year but he is a notch above whatever you think Isiah thomas'. Those teams don't lose the first round especially in aid in 2018. And he's Philly the first round right as it stands right now. Philly good young players they were not lose a seven you know after it was all this. Yeah you and I ask Elizabeth this yeah you'd be because of carrier ring and that's yours and I Eric. The the young players like Tatum and Jalen brown who good Tatum specifically who is shooting is gone sell big time the last five or six weeks he had the finger injury. And it's been an issue he's got to be better here in the second half and any sort of playoff run Jalen brown has agreed to be a player that he's been. On other things have you happen. But to start a second to start a conversation Celtics and and look at this team. And suggests there it's a slightly worse personal last year's team. And look at the numbers to do it. Is a fatally flawed argument in a seven game series they are a much tougher matchup I'd bet you 29 of the twenty other coaches. Which city exact same thing and a I give you asked the best. Players that might play along the way like I got a broad US or John Wall or our our skies and dry there we have to Poland led by Isiah Thomas. Or team led by carrier ring they are all conditions are ordered all I love them if nick Wright is just. More looking at their last four games because they did not look very good going into all of us all ridiculous five office. You get smoked by Cleveland getting smoked by Toronto some babies he's looking at that bought. You know they've played almost sixty games so if you're looking at the entire season. Yelled and they're on pace for more winds are features of a pattern up there on pace for more wins but they were a year ago. It's just it's it's a better team when a better chance of getting into the finals and. And look I may change by to hear if they come out of the all star break next week or so it's like the last week heading in. That'd you'll be able to raise your eyebrows little bits of what is going on here but I think that was an end of the first half. All star break lol this team my expectation is they come out of the box. Against Detroit and they play well. And date date sort of reset themselves here beginning in the second half because they. It was just so out of character of those final couple weeks in in guys like Bill Simmons were saying I saw this coming forever I didn't. I do not see that wall coming in was shows so shocking rich that the lack of defense specifically. That the return of Marcus Smart should automatically help that tomorrow night he's gonna play against the pistons and just a chance to go get through that all star break. Pass to help them. They're not nowhere near as bad as opposed by no I don't think there there although Brad Stevens was one guy that even during their winning streak was saying hey we're not as good as this. Guided that he meant they were as bad as they were hurt since the Cleveland and Toronto. But he did he is the one guy who actually has the kind of preparing people to the fact that your maybe we are the best team just for awhile about Toronto is passed them by. But for while they're the number 1 PM Eastern Conference and I think Brad Stevens of sand. It's not it's not that good doesn't mean it's out. Better than last year to make it is but maybe days in Iraq of insane pace and you know there are sixteen and two to begin the year he sent our route. In our of this are you folks are from nick right you heard from losses get your thoughts about we are full ovals right now we'll come back at yourself with goals at 617779. 7937. As the phone number we will get to the wacky rule change the baseball next hour. Evans relic in the 8 o'clock hour Thursday mud at night keep it here it's Montag. Which we keep on Sports Radio WEEI. They are to me a lesser version slightly lesser version. Of the team they were last year that he could've lost the bulls in the first round. This the losing first round this. Year. This is right on he show on fox sports one talking Celtics were reacting to a tonight I'd. So rich and I definitely disagree. With this premise is a slight leads. And boy he do you really. Give a hard hard take on this but he slightly lesser version. This year Celtic team to lash yourself the team were not buying able CB guys buy it 617779. 79837. Carrier ring talk to ESPN. In an interview that aired yesterday. Talked about the newness of being Celtic the adjustment of being a Celtic had a big chance coming here Babe Ruth said he swings big may not miss. May not miss they made all Ron who knows I'm glad ticket chance a what I wanted to do with in my career and so far it's it's worked out really well. If you're Celtic fan odd days in the cape at 617779793. Step we start seaside it. Eight catalog outlets and they're all personal net right all police know right now without. What about what can on this felt the pain yeah let's look at all plays they lost. Oh let that. Bradley. I say Eric crowd you tell me right now Christine but the guy that replaced from where. I'm not better team expressing what I read when we spoke at the band and regain slows down in the playoffs he can take. Two guys off the dribble I logged Isiah but that was not a game. Not definitely wasn't and you mention the guys there I of the of the four. If you get have won back iPod behavior probably for me at this point because you know the relies much on market Smart defensively. To shut teams down the other guys there. You got a great return for carrier to me get like you carry every series they come as no one's re doing that deal Jake product always vastly overrated. And Kelley Lynn nick was a if the matchup was you good at. He might. Yeah I probably less than especially as Jesse much better other markets more securely collect. You would definitely rather err and pains and Amir Johnson yet so even at that these miners spots they are upgrades. And so it's also a year two of Jalen brown to jail Brown's better Terry rosier better so they're both better versions of themselves. Since I about the new guys are inquiry and Marcus Moore us and Jason Tatum. You're swapping those guys out for Isaiah. Jae Crowder Avery Bradley all all they got those moves. The few guys that were on the team last year like Smart rosier brown are also all better than they were a year ago she also. Think we're nick Wright does get a twisted his when he talks about this team recognized they had to get gored here to win a championship yeah I think we're didn't recognize those job of that data that it was used to but he wrong with that he blew up the entire team I mean he took a team that got these are out of finals last year and and and nick Wright is simply that it is simply matching the Gordon Hayward part. It was the entire freaking roster you went through how many players. They swapped out and not on four yeah that's sick they kept their toys that guess what looked like this at the way we can compete. Is it or championship is if we Gorton agency that dog and as I know that our grade I noticed that yeah now that it's a great example of nick Wright is not watching the big games he just looking directly at the box scores because the team itself. Is completely blown up from a year ago but he says that's what the eighties and he thing this team couldn't win without court you are what are they saying about last year's team. It probably shocked they got the first well he already did the plane afterwards played out wanna get concede that he's actually saying that he's saying that's Danny Ainge thought which I disagree with the 88 spot forget Gordon Hayward. He had a reset. The entire no that's my point RE PO I saw how bad did he think last year's team was. If he didn't already age not nearly 888 of their last year's team please change obviously didn't like. He kept for guys take was also last year. Eddie got hurt them had no problem right now about the author realizes they are LC a later so yeah court. If he doesn't think. If it did differ arguments and nick Wright thinks that this Celtics team as the title contender but fine like that's the wolves or warriors again. What do you think flash is seamless. You can lash or should the title contender can they never only work. This you can have a conversation with this one you can say hey I think they can be Cleveland I think they can make it to the NBA finals last year. That was nuts if you other on the NBA finals it was proven to be very very wrong. 6177797937. Nick in Connecticut hi nick. Or not goes what's up man. And Oakmont since all the talk about they're. The right. Although governor who has won all the wrong. But the ball as well as what we're in the east and I'm not even the Celtics. The terms. With all those trades they made everybody's got back on the bandwagon because they want to pre games they've played eight quarters. There's no. There's no robbery in the senate that doesn't work east and Ronald. Always has great record this season and then chokes in the playoffs. Content just ridiculously cheap I mean if you if you don't think that off without a tool. Just by adding. Carrier ring not a legend Gordon Hayward even always hurt. That's got a better team right there. What's it's a better team nick I would say and the ceiling is higher for this he might even if you still think Cleveland. Is the best team because they have LeBron thanks for the call. I think you'll probably say that you expect the series to go longer than five games. Write your day yet this year any idea even if you think can I get it LeBron the best player in the world brokers they are you want to fault him. I'd I don't blame the EU in the NBA you've been a lot of money in your lifetime batting the best player in the league every single year C wanna do that find I think those people also say. Get a Celtics have a better shot to make any series. They're dated a year ago that the opposite of what nick Wright is essentially saying which is this year is burdens they slightly worse personal pressures. Yeah I just don't client note definitely not and as for the is a fool's gold last year and again it was fought out wanna take any away from you know the enjoyment of last season but it was. There worker when the whole thing and they weren't gonna get out of the east even though they had the best record in the regular season. Discernible via apparel as the fun story how long as it's gonna last words this year are prepared this is that they really have something yes and elect the other part of it now. If nick Wright hit if he's a solid this point is. We are looking ahead in projecting a little bit with the steam. That I will agreement I do better than last year but I also think my view of this team yet they're going to be is definitely jaded by the fact that Jalen brown your three next year. Jason Tatum year to. Work record Heyward comes back to play. I admit when I look at this team that that's right give gained the credit for you know testicles side of watermelons. For being able reset this team because he came out in the other and would not just they'd better team this year in my mind. But a better team long term to eighteen that went to the Eastern Conference finals a year ago and I don't think. And I don't think a lot of GMs or or our team president rich. Would have had the ability or the guts to do what he did was essentially on a team that got that far and yeah I will not that good at semen out many wins how do you say or get rid of just about everybody including the guy who was the the face of the franchise I'd dance in Chicopee on the Celtics at 6177797937. Hi Dan. I have got to go to our I was watching Jamie Lee Curtis bands and true lies so hard to replace the blue. You agreed never apologized for that doesn't have yeah. I know what I mean like really a lot bombed but no I was just there wasn't a lightly and yeah. But that they would let nick Wright saying wiped it says to me it's mechanically because. I'm not the world's biggest NBA and I while college basketball but I'm a box and sport and sliced a golf course I want that gene Munster wrote on. They were exciting and you know by everybody who ever again just. Varied in the Eastern Conference finals in a minute and they got so bad that one on gamers like hey you never know that note as a result. But I mean this year. With or without coordinating what I mean that was so tragic beginning of the year by well you without him they are I mean. Don't competitors that I don't see I don't care what where they finish liken it you know and the integrity don't sort of point but like it just. They are so much bigger competitors this year network last year I think. Yet it did immediately that the team last year over achieved but that that team and it was a nice story this team is. You know evil without Gordon Hayward as the caller said that they're going to be in the mix somewhere. Obviously it helps long term thinking about could LeBron not be here NC think about this team right now with Gordon Hayward back on the guys are talking about. A year later now bronze on the Western Conference that's nice to think about as well but I I. Apply the minority I think a seven game series because local bronze gonna be differing late games potentially two guys like Rodney hood and Jordan Clarkson. That put the Celtics and an excellent spot if for the home team in a death sentence yours yeah absolutely every day. So the cavs are worse than they were a year ago they got better since the deadline for the still worse they'll get there or what much further down the Celtics for at that yet there there are they they were. They made a lot of bad offseason moves in men. They really putter altogether and actually there was an article if you hold your house you were great article one hour and all came together the deadline day nick how many. Different conversations that he had it all these different guys now they almost got the hundred Jordan and they almost in and got nothing and then the next thing you know. They get Clarkson in Nantz including George Hill it's completely remake their team I cows and New Hampshire collier on WEEI. Saying I think should they call will sometimes. Just a couple of things on the east great comment first of all I think he's obstinacy Jack asks. Routinely even extras ridiculously. This trying to get attention obviously the I'm a LeBron guy always there's into the leak but on the Celtics for air. So I've given that either seen this year primarily because of that he worked injury. I really don't think that the Celtics have shot the eastern crown this year however. We were Vicki to suggest. This year Celtics squad is slightly worse than last year's squad that's just after nine especially looking at them defensively. Improved dramatically defensively this year so I think that you are watched. But one thing that I will say they'll I think Greg may have got right what what did you like you're right. Okay is the possibility. That the felt this could lose in the first round if they end up matching up. There because I think that'd be terrible matchup for them just position why you got beat in the middle who's gonna to carry him. Or hurt me I don't think so. Sentiment is also a nightmare match. However I see only possible first round match your result problems. If they're not what anybody else in the first round expert and cap in the Eastern Conference finals and I expect spoke soaked some. You compete for title next year a league title. The reason that you just mentioned they were coming back into being and so urgent and being here is dirtier I think the senior credit the great content I just hope it can happen. So you did comment lines is they could lose the first try they get matched up said that you see in the 76 of the seven C which the current matchup right now you would get billion that first round. Who would you pick the sixers for the upset he just saying it might happen. I think it would still that Boston probably you know be in my input speaking. But I wouldn't feel great about it and it wouldn't surprise me one bit of that series went seven billion talked. A complete team and these certain absolute monster he already won a 45 significantly if not three. And sentenced to the complete package and no future for eight. But he hasn't really shown that he asked if he's great penetrating ish in the all he could keep their reach out to the rim. I just I have. You know just. Lump in my throat when it comes an actor with the sixers so we can avoid that first round matchup. That's an experience I'll. It's as Kyle thanks for the call that that experience of last year. Should carry through and a first round match I'm not knocking the the need to trust the process sixers OK another guy. Is gone their trust the process hit he doesn't it let's do this play house but the experience of this team. Having been there and know what's different team. Led by carrier ring this time around. Note that should be enough yet to get through Philadelphia there and for Harry's played three straight finals you know even aired Ames's wanna title he'll Horford and all these guys are on the team last year. Played the conference finals I don't think Philly. Definitely a vivid very bright future obviously I don't think pensive and to be ready for the playoffs. Take care of them. It went four times they against the Celtics I don't think it only happened 6177797. ID 370 is your phone are blocking back one of their NBA note today this one these stories the comes out. And it comes out about the NBA on a gay word Galen and and rich spend hours talking about the major people's gonna fix itself the issues that make the game more fun. The NBA ratings are kicking ass I mean and and it's happen now for a couple years and the earned the first half numbers. Are better than most people probably expected for all the sports and about issues and the NFL's one of them. The NBA's on the uptick in their other leagues around. That other Major League sports prior L the other three ones the NHL baseball and and dollar saying. Okay what are they doing. That we need to start doing because the numbers. Are pretty strong in favor the NBA we'll get to that and your calls and hydraulic joins us after eight it's what it night's Sports Radio WEE. Follow along on Twitter. With my tax money WEEI and rich fat she's 21 now more money and keep. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Lot of night. Keep the house first earth hour is always portrayed here WEE I will talk to haven't relic after 8 o'clock on the sort of phased polish that we'll get into. Some baseball issues next hour bonus I I cannot turn this thing into. Let's change all the rules for baseball. But I do think that there is I asked them. I got a mock them advertise. It here. You know like that idea. I short while others. There is this like yesterday makes this thing on an odd and old loser that I guess that does but now all dressed some of that in the next hour of the show there will be some other baseball stuff. Which relic lit later on there has been up all these stories. The last couple years about. The decline of not just the on TV but TV sports particular right the NFL NASCAR Olympics and the race for Olympics are down. Double digits right now it seems like that they're not gonna get the return on investment they thought it would get. Across the NBC platforms not the same for the NBA awful announcing at the story. A month ago about the 7% jump in local ratings seventeen of thirty teams in the NBA. Are up from last year to this year that that he's pretty impressive how about nationally. On the combined average TV viewership for NBA national broadcast on TNT. ESPN ABC. And NB ATV. Is one point four million viewers up 17%. From the regular season and the most watched season at most what start the season since 20122013. It is also with at a weak points out the biggest ratings growth in North America pro sports. Outpace is the majority of Linear television as large least that is artist but he seemed ratings declines or talked about this is not just. The NFL it's it's TV in general of the options now I can watch anything you want really and Netflix or on demand it's a TV. Ratings in general are going down. The growth is particularly strong among the younger demographic TV advertisers crave that as adults eighteen to 34. And eighteen to 34. Unlike Major League Baseball which remains mostly popular among baby boosters. NBA on TNT. In game coverage will during the nets' most viewed season they'd viewership since 2013 2014. NB ATV up 20%. I NBA broadcasts that ESPN and EE BC a bolt on well including the highest Sunday showcase game since 2015 that cavs Celtics game. So as all these other sports are countries simply rich are are bleeding viewers. Here comes the NBA and I don't know wanna I don't know exactly it's one thing they're doing. But my guess is there are the other three sports a look at the NBA and saying okay they getting younger viewers what is it about the sport is that the fact that it's just. An hour fifty minutes hour 55 minutes to hours your in and out is the lack of real. Slut on a pace through game is the star power LeBron isn't that exited the offseason it was so crazy this year in the NBA that led to days. I'm sure that having much smarter much more high level meetings about this in the others. I think the star power is a huge part of it I think also the star power moving teams at this off season. Was insane at the Celtics to refocus on the Celtics locked in for good reason they are at the senator of a lot of it. You know making a trade with the best team in the Eastern Conference it and trading the number one overall pick in the draft and all these different things that they did. But the there's also Paul George or Carmelo Anthony go down the list there's a million guys Chris Paul changing teams. And even though it still seems like it is the Golden State Warriors. Championship to lose. Houston's a great story they're playing well Cleveland your following that soap opera would LeBron James Toronto is playing really well there are also teams if you click. Almost every team all say every team but almost every team has guided tune in for too and so say year. You know you're turning into a Celtics scheme and their playing Portland that night well great the union Willard or their playing Philly great parents and dolby. There's very few teams have nobody to watch. Evidence of the chances of those two teams playing each other they're not gonna be on TNT Vera gonna be an ABC there are community ESPN. Those those stations that had to pick. All of their prime time games at a time. They're they're grabbing stars let it if you vehicle state verses. Houston. If six all stars on the floor or 06 topped 45 guys on the floor at time that's pretty impressive to be able to do. And so the NBA. Also let's not forget you know we compared the slot at the beginning of the year the NFL would be guys taken in need in all all that stuff that sort of affected their ratings. NBA. None of that you're not seen a sniff out. Bill has been outspoken they are his pop coaches here are most guys who love talking about that's what that image that you can send around everybody of a National Anthem and a guy taken me they've not had that doesn't exist and that has helped and I think. Go during the NFL seasons people that soured by the in the a lot of them turn to the India. See ya as what I also give credit to the NBA here is that they looked at last year and the year before and a lot of big games down the stretch last year. Where was a Friday or Saturday night. In these big marquee TV games here's Greg Popovich sitting his guys here is Steve Kerr sitting his guys. And what they decided was okay we're gonna which of these primetime games on Saturday night and bodily look at their schedule now the rest of the way they have a big Saturday or Sunday game. Every weekend you what's it come what those games. If you're playing all of those nights you don't play a night before out fact rest so instead of worrying about OK this team got back to back in a big marquee game. You are guaranteed seats ticket holder to Becky because that was bigger issue in the TV part early ticket holders were spending. One of bucks you'll see LeBron James OK LeBron James is now sitting back and still happen but it is much less likely now. Because of the league saying we want our marquee guys playing in our big Saturday night prime time games how we do that okay. No back to back in those games seems simplistic. But it is led two ratings bonanza for the NBA. Don't think about their fans they've actually right out of silver listened to that in rather than just say. Hey make sure your play your guy is all the time he can't tell that to the coaches so they've just made a lot easier form. And take your weather back to back so it's it's it's very Smart. On channel look at it now for the acts and there is a copilot appear to second but the the the. Prime time showcase games. And it picks have been on the gap and they they both of them are few so there Ita gonna be guns on Saturday nights starting. All the parties they are gonna regenerate the warriors Celtics so going forward these your next of next couple Saturdays here Oklahoma Golden State this Saturday night that long Celtics rockets on March 3 great on spurs Oklahoma City march 10 and a long. Thunder rockets on April 7 while thunder so you get the best players is as bright spot and it and how many times and maybe again these games wall and up. You'll be good games. But how many times you get again. Monday Night Football facility showcase does he get too terrible teams are debate that the here every third but it's less like and he feels like in the NBA and that's the other thing down forcing Thursday night football that you know it's not seen is as big product that. It's an issue right there you gotta get out here will tee tomorrow Hauser as rich keep the on key program and I will see you tomorrow it's a rare Friday where. I am working all G Evan drill achieved all god. That is not a good look. Oh boy Evan what your mustache back on our bills that Lawrence on the Eastern Conference this year Billy run WE yeah. Bill in Lawrence. By bill. I Charlie Newbury port on the NBA Charlie. Hey I got some things why the NBA's better. There's a lot more scoring. But there's also these dynamics. Were one Q will suddenly grown up a dozen points in a row and two minutes. And then the other one has come back so there's a lot of dynamic in the east. I also how the sticks baseball. At another 903. Designated hitters three designated base runner and three designated. Pitchers and you can rotate in and out that's another reason that basketball great. Yet and that I'm not. It's 7 o'clock and its that we do some rules stuff I can't I can't address that's as for the NBA and that that the runs. I I would I don't think the big game itself the big game itself is certainly more entertaining for action standpoint. Then I'm not gonna prepare to Major League Baseball I don't it's it's unfair baseballs is different animal it its its own animal it's it it is. There's no clock is Bob Ryan likes to say and so it's never going to be football it's never going to be the NBA organ median wage. What the NBA does have anger helps them now and 2018. Is this window right when a game starts in the NBA. You know that the most. You're investing couple hours to your time. And you know at the end of it. Okay it was sort of move on in the NFL you when you sit down I'll think that the pace of plays and issued out think you once a week. You can give up three hours 315332. Down once in a telethon and Asia but in baseball. When you sit down at 7 o'clock you're one of the best time in a game. On a weeknight or your start of saying you'd jump in at seven it's a Chris Sale game. You're into it and you wanna watch this guy pitch and Chris still works pretty fast that you're committed to a couple hours of watching Chris Sale will maybe go up against. You know when he's it is. Imaginary world he's facing David Price. Well David Price works really really slow Josh Beckett works really really slow. And so now that to 25 to thirty invested by the end of it's 930. You know I'll look at the clock and it's 1015 it's 10:30 it's 11 o'clock bring regular season game the Red Sox played games close to four hours last year. In the regular season. I think that hurts that we can tell somebody like that a movie like you would've it's got to watch a movie. You don't we all look at so how long the movie. Now 145150. To 159 OK here in three hours what are my four year. It's old baseball you're getting that six months a year essentially. And in the case of five and seven those games a week. There on week nights and short summer. When he hit the middle of the but he got the school year April may and now here Massachusetts. With the snow days guess what. I like that teacher she she'd be at a jewel this year. So the first three months of the baseball season. Your committee to school your parent the kids got to get up and sell to invest time and go to a game. Regain you might not stay to the end of it because it might be its past 10 o'clock putt on that thing is over. And the kids got to get up and you'll wanna go to game was invest the money that becomes an issue with basketball. You bring your route. Two hours and by the way awful announcing this is their point not mine but they're right. The studio shows the NBA. Are light years ahead of the NFL. I mean it's not even close where the NFL ratings were down this year. The studio show the NFL countdown show with Sam ponder which are boring lifeless and not worth even tuning into NFL Sunday would button keep it was a much better show. The that stupid show. On that it was down 1520%. When you watch and I TNT doubleheader. Whether the Celtics are not. 88 you you know you're getting Shaq and Charles Barkley Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. Andy as a group those guys can entertain you for a couple of minutes. Those guys can keep you around for a couple minutes were made any NFL. Who sticks around for the halftime show when he a Bart Scott. Break it back down and your bill how else can say most parts is still a commercial anyway. So it's not my thought it's awful announcing spot. But they're right about the studio show part of it. The average age of in the NBA if you were this year is 42 years old. I believe it's late fifties early sixties for baseball I mean that's a significant difference backed the NBA's the second youngest sport. The only trailing only MLS. For youngest viewers. And as we talk about all the sports including the Olympics bleeding and bleeding and bleeding these viewers the NBA's up 17%. Nationally. They are doing something right folks. And my guess is the other leagues try to copycat whatever they're doing as best they can't going forward. 617779793. Sevens your phone number we started Celtics we started would nick Wright's comments about this team. We've I'd gone into the NBA ratings here why their ratings are up Merrill is down. We will come back and address for at least some portion next hour okay are we sat down at 6 o'clock today and in the fall lines were lit up. We are you crazy people want to talk rule changes in baseball. I would like to not do that elect try to keep it specifically to this ridiculous rich Eisen rule and how it ties into in some ways pace of play. I'm bull allows some of the stuff next hour here at 617779. 79378. Freshly shaven at a drought would join us after rate it's Mott at night's Sports Radio WEE.