Mut at Night - Competitive eating is gross; What on Earth is the "Rose Rule" 7-5-18

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Thursday, July 5th
HOUR 1 - The 4th of July brings out some neat tradition. It also brings out a very gross tradition. Also, with the NBA offseason still going strong, is Kyrie Irving a risk to leave for the Knicks? And what is the Rose Rule and why is it important to the Celtics?

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Sixties mod tonight. Sure there are high hopes for JD Martinez when used him a hundred million dollars he'd better than you thought he was the. Both things that we can have to Manny Ramirez doesn't drive I had Davis won't hammer did he want to. C Martinez Majorly. Poland's most cities just. Hell that's baseball I'm glad he's without. Chris I think they're scared and should be scared some degree of hiring walking when he. There are people in Cleveland and we'll tell you that the knicks should be considered a real threat for carrier. It seems as though economy does not have his focus on longer horizons when the Celtics. It sounds to me like he ain't planning on being there long term I get the good Boston Celtics so that's a cherry on top women now. He's mocked back night on Sports Radio W we. Is portrayed as WEEI received a principal lobbying for an hour Gilani is here sold its head yet the full blooded night experience. Figure a lot plans. We'll try your job to go right here in the good good first hour start until it's all about this is the money our for the sixth tenths and it snapped it. Each show has their own money our threat I would say morning drive probably eight to nine shore and got my gas yes. Made gains. Starving you have a better idea you were mere days levied noon to one I'd say about 1019220. That's the money our works OK I have to be a regular our lawyer to six just that our parents of five to six as we have well documented like a fiscal year yes that's for not the same as the calendars are modernize it would be six ten six to seven and then for late night. We thank. 11130 not one to want the crazy ones who is the mind and it gets wild and makes a lot of sense and a host the late night that they had sound editor to national if nothing else. Now it was also a good time was the Nathan's hot dog eating challenge tradition unlike any it really is every year yet to orient on the fourth of July to see the one crazy guys screaming about all the different guys that are out there. And then for eleven years now Joey chestnut. Basra gross out the entire world by eating more hot dogs and bonds to presented watered red drank and everything else have you seen one of the not not answer that Nathan's thing but have you ever seen a hot dog eating contest any kind of professional eating contest up club I've never done it but I would I'm opposed to not only if you if you concede. No matter of what's on TV because as disgusting as it is on TV out about the smells a part of it as there is a guy and I'm trying to think of who the heck was badlands Booker now. A big eater acts you are using good professional competitive eater got us out at the Jolie that matter called action level. And he was like the celebrity in this hot dog eating contest and it was a radio station I was working for. Years ago the celebrity and I had hot that even this celebrity might or by big celebrity could remember his name. And then there are a bunch election box they pulled out the mall like let's find what you are Randolph if they eat a lot of you are exactly so late there was one guy who swears he didn't eat a single hot dog and then he took the hot dogs on his plate and has brought them and gave them to his family instead of like buying a fair person he is being completely cheated system there's not no competitive fire there about watching this guy be the pearl. TV yet pails in comparison to the level of disgusting this when he tapping right there and right Friday yeah that's true can at least when it's on. TV you can't smelling thing now. Michael I don't need to hear him. Heard Joseph I didn't trust. Byzantine fault tolerance get so big Ballmer on the phone. The chestnut. I noticed Jordan yeah that it has no idea says Joey jaws chestnut eleven titles now and the competition's just not there for Chris like you need there's no rivalry there's no there's no will to his Russell or parity in division one women's college that's. And Perez like I just I mean he's he's at a league of his own at this point it's UST badly. Early in the chestnut days he had Kobayashi and they would really square off in outlaws. That was magic could actually use like each TH something already cheated eight cheated he's he's a fraud a guy's guy at least at least that it was close Barry Bonds of competitive yet right or that's exactly right it used to be got a Sosa and McGwire I just double bonds is Arnold wearing it every three day here's the next guy's got a 43 bears it out as good. And so he needs somebody else to step up. And I'd be a challenger but there's also a lot of controversy yesterday as well because apparently when that when he was going through look at visits Tracie savage beating all the hot dogs in the bonds. Water everywhere via web bonds is it's it's nasty. He'd 64 hot dogs which I don't you think of a lot of hot dogs and bonds turns out he actually 874. Hot dogs in bonds and so. They they shorted them on it and apparently they now think. That electronic technology could be coming to the Nathan's hot dog eating contest because they somehow the people counting. Missed to entire plate of hot dogs now it didn't matter because. He lacked the fee a very won by like thirty hot tonight than experts had big deal but it was a record of 74. Hot dogs. And within ten minutes this is the problem now. Those guide it is it's it's impressive but it can also be gross but it's very present and volley knocked on it you just can't imagine eating 74. He's not a big factor again with the best competitive eaters none none of that they're not the fact is feared that it was game I can't remember he wasn't fat little guy used to regularly in shape not overly big inning giving a second stomach knowing that's what's arguably ominous initiate a hollow would help you blue line well at a hollow leg the UC LG's eager rebel. Yes is the level of appreciation for this either fans borders on iconic hot yes. He actually seen between eight and I had no idea what he's talking about it first that. The 4 July and try to stay away from two airplanes in golf announces open up Twitter chatter in the world that's gone on sees somebody re tweet or rebel the counter mr. plate. They're announcing seventy fours official for chestnut which is an all time record. Sheen became this way. He loves the sport because even the sat again there was controversy electronic counters he said as it's an electric electronic counters need to be brought into competitive eating. I love the sport but today was a massive black guy. It's yes I mean it's unbelievable and he also was. An active but a lot. It's by judge says that doesn't care or is it dumping water logged buns and hot dogs down he's the road and they got it right out at the end it was like Armando Galarraga was the perfect game they got it right that's every pour hot dogs you're critical when the eight got it was a massive black guy machine it happens so he also was on Twitter at there's a guy just didn't car. He's on NBC sports apparently according to mr. bio. He tweeted out. A Nathan's hot dog has 24 car herbs Joey chestnut ate 74 hot dogs. Eating 17176. Cards. And severed for hot dogs on 74 as the most Americans that history great week great week 1736. Intimately at 29000. Read tweets. Got a 105000. Likes great tweet very simple very picture are opening. There are rebel. Response. I'm sorry but this is wrong natural casing hot dogs that they eight Los bonds directly off Nathan's website. It's 18150. Cards or whatever fits your narrative for re tweets. I'm like god just the car respond. I've already got vote directly off there website as well. If you got more info than me about exactly which hot dog day eight if the food had that one extra car but that I'm glad to correct myself. Revell. Here's the spartans. Point five Graham's with a screen shot of how much the blogs the caller's there than other cholesterol by the way that the DC I don't get just that part responds. And this is what I viewed on Nathan's website and it's like the back of infamy UCL racquet with a cholesterol or that. Yet it has cholesterol I see I'm with parts he how low -- to the not as hard as to why you respond again is perfect and natural casing plus bond or a skinless plus blog. And then just a cart to the next thing you know Katie Holmes Wayne it now just carve back. PH does have a joking goes no ifs and or bonds about it I'll show myself out so car thought he won that on the but that Revell keeps going on and on that he's responding to people. The changes should she get a party rebels is doesn't party things that Nathan's bombs a 125 grams. That was the whole thing and then there's like. I I'm glad you showed your work Nvidia's compromising the sky. All of our it was a retreat I can you reflect like karaoke. Who cares if it's right it was a good tweets everything six. It's probably close. Of get it to a revolving note don't know. Is like its first of all I would have thought of that we had a bad right back I did the math that matter up so I didn't weeded out there you of your column out on the map being wrong which I again I wouldn't but it's lied. Smarmy jackass about it but really the I guarantee the old headquarters for your reads we particular. Jerseys probably including Joey jaws chestnut to not take this crap is seriously is there rebel appears to police that he got the winds the wind as you move on from there. But rebel with all fired up about it he's or that the article to a he has upset his huge black got the sport the hot the hot it was hot dog eating miss count could lead to adopting technology. And that's probably sports these Ripa hot dog because that's needs replied I'm ready to find out or detract a hot how do that safely. That sounds gross to I don't see where there is an issue though so they say don't matter to counter miss the plays and sloppy job by the counter yet by. They still got it right after the fact. It wasn't like there was any thing. Negative became a he won by a million hot dogs and got all of the hot Tutsi actually consumed count they eventually got it right yet. It'll come out and what. But if you break a mop their read up on their stuff adamant that rank that it is hard to keep track of all our watch at that because they're so they need more space up there are like out with each other activities somebody else. Hot dog actually are your bumper to walk the floor at guys finger sorry about believable. All out so other best parts of the hotly contest is always viewed throws they they like to really hide the advocate that W we have that they hype the hell are part of the Giles. Here's here's George just like on the stage. What the world's languages. Are more into a single ball. The word recognize that could do all we'll beat Maria. Very strong he's an invite them. He called for a small. And made. A video. The family. Barkley. I always. We're not gonna have free yeah. Good. There are now. The above right exactly yeah yeah yeah. Shots guy. I did Vince McMahon would be very problem that add to that test our god there are doing it on guard their loved it and tell it like it took a while the aggregate 1000 delegates and last minute tonight's episode now that it. The ultimate power move to we have kind of in her head athletic. The enemy not the C champion obviously you Eagles probably swim of a lot. He is the is the fourth of July champion and so every person goes up there. They all these guys are up professional competitive eaters and so what they do is they have their name a how long they've been doing it at what 800 hot dogs they laboratory last night but they last night what are the champion like you know one idiot manipulate the fried asparagus champion or number so they all have their little notes. Joey chestnut going out there. And it was school rolling it was like his neighbor that underneath that was just a long list of stuff that he is the champion of I don't I don't understand. How physically people can do this like 85 hot dogs yesterday. Click the next day it probably wouldn't be that a great situation. I think I Revere life that yellow race at situation for an at pray that this well and just like you can't really do that so if you eat sixty or 74. I don't know how these people are still late although with that but they they train a dealer I train to stretch their stomachs in whatever they do is either tunnel let's apparently. Yeah that a lot of lettuce and not a big lettuce and that's why couldn't do it yeah yeah that's bath with your help so I don't like. Policy I I know I jointly. I could probably eat. Hot dogs did you eat and ten cents. If you had to have those light of ID add that you actually have to generally we'll get a thousand dollars for our got you beat Henman five yeah he may be. Personal not Duncan in the law I don't care I'll watch because they slide right out I don't care. I'm not Duncan and a lot of that for a while on outlets or how to get that thousand dollars deal mustard. If you'd like a deluge ads ads that article it will diced onion reflect. Give that other topics. In a condiment selections include a particular. The other girls they're so popular dogs that you economy division. Like that you guys are chili dog division I like it I am probably sure that is the thing could be five doesn't and now. Two or three and feel good about yourself and you know you're gonna take a nap after I a you know the more I think about it the more I actually do appreciate the guy it's just credible complete I don't think I don't dudes who scammed our. Hot dog eating competition on a radio talk about two years after this game to his family. Is that Arab the buy them overpriced food out there I get free food ought to do is pretend to be not doubt about that tweet from Peter King last year he hates the hotly contest and he says that they should just donate all it's hot dogs 200 people. Okay that's way up you're seeing things that Nathan's hot dog eating contest he thought standing between us and ending hunger. It seemed like it yes OK I don't make that that hugely but it's pretty close in the ballpark and a Peter King in their rebels should just hang out. Well they do not yeah I'd Imus that's for sure though the Albert brought it is I would love to see the back and forth though of pointing out appoint who champions the hot dog yeah contest above all other things in life. And the guy who thinks they eat is eat in at. Actual barrier towards stopping qualities of an abomination that we do this that we celebrate that's been discussed this gluttony and yeah pretty much that they think I'm sure Peter king's every at a nice restaurant they'll never I mean did 300 bucks that he wants down for stake in one of these I wanted to travel diaries or wherever that would probably be a lot lot of people that he had we donated to a meals on wheels error rate. Project right here in Massachusetts one of those things you guys did not doorway in hot dogs feel for why wouldn't you we're gonna also up on our attention back to the Celtics what's going on where there are offseason they die on this stand pat with what they have or. There will be some moves to make 61777979837. Keefe Anbar Lonnie Sports Radio WB yeah. Three that ball. Yeah. Well. Exactly. It's much that night on Sports Radio we. Well that's up from a personal problem you go to follow this team. They have accumulated a wealth of assets in aggregate. Marcus Marc Cherry Rosie here. Tatum Jalen brown there all of their first contract. So you're gonna keep all of those guys that we've got to live a couple of guys though who left the ball's value they got it they made it to the conference finals with up. Hi we are yet so you're gonna hit this conversation. That particular because he got the comptroller's own destiny. Let's wait and see what they have lakers Celtics Christmas day of where little green uniform and let's remember. It's now what Ron and the lakers against Qaeda read and the Celtics. You may feel differently don't wanna do everything that it takes to stay in Boston. Goes from TI get up program on ESPN Jalen Rose. He's also joined by another person sat there talking talking about the Boston Celtics. And I just think it's weird to me Jeff roses right we talk about all the guys are on the rookie deals. Prettier really get a lump Tatum. In like the same group as rosier when you go to Penn Warren the pool okay it's pretty clear Datsyuk Tatum nugget we got it. And and rosier Smart are gonna make the same kind of money in there second contract is Tatum and brown are but. I get the overall point Celtics unlike last year. Are really sticking with this roster though that's it seems like despite all the rumors the -- letter stuff even LeBron James before that there's a million different rumors right but it seems like they're sticking with it which I like how I wanted to see this group come back. They also have a choice and check out highlights where the NBA is right now I mean you've got a situation it's quite like Major League Baseball but there are some similarities in the days just a few teams even have the ability. To get better in baseball more there's only two teams that willingness to get better in the rest of the teams are content. Which shed payroll and try to do some version what the Astros did. By in the NBA it's only a few teams that can get better networks of the celtics' favor in some ways because there's not a lot of contenders they can throw a bunch of money markets mark. This Nazis right so that enhances the chances they're gonna be able to bring him back by. You've got personally get these these ridiculous. Ruled the rose role I'll be honest I did a lot of our wheat rose rule when they come from yet why don't I don't know how does it be somewhat new to its Derrick Rose and Taylor case at least somewhat new and not like you know Steve heroes back in 1946 Syracuse nationals out of the typical way down there for and I really go our Axl wrote back I wrote that his guys but this is what it does say. And I was reading an article body marks though front office insider for ESPN. He went through an idea offseason moves and all thirty NBA teams can makes I was click on it looked at what the Celtics had more than notes that it puts in there. Is the Celtics cannot acquire a player like in the Davis because of the rules rule. Boston's only allowed to trade for one player and an affront to seize carrier ring that is that was signs with the rose rule. So now I'd like NBA Alec terrific and I follow the NBA but prior to this week the roles helping the rose rule. Allows for players PGA rookie contract to sign for a higher percentage of your team's total cap if they hit certain thresholds it's reserved for players have won MVP. They need to to. All NBA teams or have been voted in as an all star star. So it they've got a stellar rolled out as a guard Irving Anthony Davis mobile apply for that so apparently they came up with we'll just lucky you only have one roles role player. On the stupid things to come then they they create these super Max contract which. I like OK yes they hit those guys using your area or any easier for teams to try to retain superstars which which is great talker and try to would super teams what don't they do you. They don't and it's a pointed out as I piece I was reading recently they don't. She gave some of that money that excess money off the overall salary caps and now what can you do sign guys to play with. The camera superstar that you just sign berg fifty million dollars to now give Oklahoma City Thunder. I'd like 250 million dollar payroll and no chance in hell and overhead of actually winning in the western conference on. As a they're gonna do and I also don't get how four months questions that month but often on. Anthony davis' name again popped up with the Celtics right there would say well what about this like it betrayed Tatum could betray a brown like this all these other picks. And overs over the rules ruled that now they all said now look ahead of the couldn't do that before it is a lot of conversations seem like somebody just somebody's made it out now or somebody just looked it up there he added that's what and is there another way carrier Irving and Anthony Davis orderly rows rule players or are you talking about voted the all star game to all NBA teams in whatever or voted and call our starter. So. It's why lettered rows ruled out. And if he isn't what are we had pocket dolls. Again. And also because he's making the same amount of money is carrier ring has the article I'm really solid DH twice the article I'm reading is in town makes it seem like it's. And war situation went to check one of those boxes of you've won the MVP boom check your rose wrote back yes don't you guys have immunity to all NBA teams which Davis and liner out at carry only one. But I reward thought and all they're tired of that he gets these that third prong of this three pronged definition of what the rose rule is certainly applies to eighty odd to get a list of Roh's rule players so at least we know who they can trade for who they can't it would be everybody in the upper Echelon of the NBA. It'd be posted to elicit a rookie third guy yeah two years in the leak yeah I mean it's just it's it's silly console pack. That's one of the notes though that says. On the Celtics thing at the bottom can't euros or. Rose that's good or bad and a good to the Vermont running everything now the summer transactions that they've made it brought back Aaron Baines and to relax. They signed Brad Wanamaker find really cheap one year deal that went overseas and they drafted Robert Williams club who is off to a bit of a rocky start Allen Robert Williams but. Huge your missed the flight don't wants. You sleep and AM PM I have. He's sucker trap IE I foolishly decided outward. You VM basketball as a play by play guy were to play in Niagara flying from Burlington Vermont to new York city of buffalo unsettle what a trip the flight he has great though had to be a lot worse. The flight to New York left at 6 AM on Saturday the morning after. The company Christmas party the radio station until I bar the entire night for a while by an item on church street was that your choice. I think your entire bottle of vodka as so didn't make it the next day. Told the person dating at the time I think if if we miss this flight you have to drive me to Niagara. She and a drunken stupor agreed so the next morning growth and I'd rather tanner said the game was a little Sunday's there was a you heard the tea. But it's an eight half nine hour drive on a good drive there were a couple of stops somewhere in the central weather stocking region of New York well get out and take care some of Iraq official and company business these out of the well yeah it was rough it was a rough rough time as the only time ever missed out. The rose rule as a rule that nobody understands in the NBA I don't deny that this happened god I got a problem now a guy who I would consider an NBA expert was asked earlier in the week about the rules global played out for you. Coming up in more on the Celtics 61777. I 7937. Keep them plotting net amount that night Sports Radio WE yeah. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Never modernized or traded WER repeat here for final fifteen minutes crystallized catch all the way until 10 o'clock all the outs Roemer joins you at seven correct you have a co hosts why did not know by the way that Rina was back he's back baby I know that now. Yeah but I I went away for the weekend. I agree is that right let's remember that I was have been that the Q&A during all that God's country 92 degree weather in London Ontario. And that I come back to find that the band has been lifted Reimer back dance dance off. Yeah but pretty well and I did available to work this past weekend are decide what he still be banned. Part said we're just a question of we we literally I don't know what else I spent a lot of people are on vacation if we ever get down to the a lot of people around town socket dual microphone right. I think that had a lot of hours on and ways that he can't go back on and balance your back you want to act that's it the year you're here to finish at the sales now we're sort of the rose rule out nobody knows what Roh's rule is. Again I fancy myself a a fan of basketball I try to keep up of what's going on than ever heard that to this week. Another guy who is act actually an expert in the NBA. Chris wrecks we have a month time to time and on Tuesday he was all of a one half. And they brought up the rules rule is the roles will affect and they can't move in the Boston that troop. Not enough to know wrote related action thank you but why it was years ago when I'm one realism rooms now amid in the SEB and get rid of right now. Internal while our terms of trading wrote what where would you trade but for Minnesota or gets a yard required. Core yet Kyra your being and you can't because of you can't now I've two of those guys know be in there. And that those those as a patent salary. And need to wait. At this point either one of those guys are out the item you're talking about the at this point you what got her act up on certain thousand level Derrick Rose at that I would like. Eight super Max player I believe like that the 21 what would never let up bit it could not applicable or requirement. No idea I don't think anybody had any idea and I don't blame them at all I don't blame him at all he's at the rose rule that we're talking about. And then lose like I said they had it now the government of it and I don't know what he's saying so Bob remarks writes about it. In is this most recent article he says the Celtics cannot acquire a player like. It that he Davis but isn't why Leonard also light if the Davis the similarities all that's why Leonard. Trade talk is all for not unless you swapped him for Erving I Alito wrote to join the club. Cool on earth knows what it is dark rose from has no idea there's a stupid rule named after him. And this only up here Derrick Rose expert in the rose rock that's what I want Monica Eric Eric wrote in an interview at an incredible now Zachary. I I kind of played on perhaps somebody else they can that they tees I would write a thing of I could've at that time Delhi would get an in Memphis moving hey Derek you sit down and explain in the Roseville to everybody please. Aren't I a and I don't get it drive regulates them ruling has does boys' league vary either hanging out at his house is up lately well actually this which meant right they're like stuff don't they're rose though tap on the glass of the fish tank that's the rose Roland but he knows that there are some crazy stories about their rooms and ladies and stuff number lay out he had some different if you grow wild parties don't bet if you were a little or no rule that when it comes that some of these their growth party only ruled there's no rule and it's just that's the rooster. Today it's confusing like my god Derek Escude Euro NBA selection don't worry about the all star Internet ad. I doubt it it and who came up with the rose to his liking you know what. You don't have walk admiral Blair like why wouldn't matter. But this out clear enough where you can see to be under a certain number or your paying a larger down it got and it's only a trade yes because the warriors had to rants. Oh boy. Staff carry injury to catapult. Yeah eight yards start the show talking weather and some but I also often thruway are now. My guess would be this you can't acquire a player whose contract he signed under the rules rule wares to rant it was a brand new contract for him when he signs the fridge goes it's yeah it's guys at the end of that fast high assumptions I mean deciding Max extension why you're still got it out he's and that's all the yeah but only the rookie. It sounds. The second in a second year. Because call our carrier require Leonard are not on the rookie deals they're making twenty something million dollars adult that you got two of those guys that. They were able to get even more of a bump because of those incentives that they hit. Hence they are rules rule players. It's so idiotic I just thought the NBA salary cap. Couldn't get it more complicated I'm confused again now because I I read the rose rules replaced an issue rookie contracts signed for higher percentage of the team's total celibate so I believe they finish their rookie deal done with that now guess because that's like a 45 year deal right is. And then you sign your next contract in are able to get more than than the average player because you hit one of those incentives and then now you're now deemed the rules rule player OK so dom it hurts my brain so how can how can quite Leonard not be. He has the and it rolled back if he makes a look you don't understand the rose role and we don't agree to check in fact I know that the new case but. Because I think carrier ring inquiry letter to make the exact same amount of money based on the same deal wanted to leave one dollar I was all right a very makes one dollar more than bragging rights Anthony Davis says that in the movies are right that's why was there with the united soil that is contact yes. Although the reviews from drew or in and they are good. People like nothing of the peoples in the likable drone that as far as the sports movie is concerned or even. You know athletes and actors I guess it's it's pretty dead and we'll check it out but go back to the Celtics and he it seems like yeah I'll be here without thought client if it seems like markets Smart is really the next thing. Or even the last thing the they have to do. Right it says is from body marks the restricted free agent market Smart will likely push the Celtics into the luxury tax if they bring the guard back on a new contract. But they also have guys like Dana ties out until later semi always a way who have partial or non guaranteed contracts. So maybe you messed around that a little bit but. My assumption is with Indiana signing Tyreke Evans I think that takes them out of markets Smart and maybe another Timor will emerge from the did a pretty good chance he comes back now. I just don't think there is. Any suitors out there at this point I'm a little bit surprised that be more market form a goes back to salary cap. Limitations and and what teams can't he can't do and that is it for the Celtics premarket Smart back I mean we we said this for quite awhile keep we've been pretty consistent that we want it's the the team that we we are going to see we're supposed to see this time around out. Obviously long term the question will be carrier Irving. His health first and foremost and then wanting to resign him. Now there's a rumor that he wants to go and play with the Nixon in go back to new York and pair with Chris that sports thing isn't Jimmy Butler and try to put together yeah that's kind of a super team if you start those three you're a pretty good shape and that's. Any lingering all seasons in the east in a because there's a long list of free agents next year and a lot of really good players again Kevin Durant can opt out. DeMarcus Cousins obviously just signed a one year deal also if he's healthy he's going to be available Jimmy Butler carrier ring. The list there's there's there's another fire six guys a run and remember right now. And so. All the teams they're declaring caps baseball that are doing it now or they're just signing a bunch of one year deals a look at the lakers that we make fun of the guys they signed but there are all one year deals there because they know next year they wanna be major players are quite honored at him obviously to the list to. So that's gonna be there all season long we say narrate this fiery wanna leave if he's gonna plumbing is suitors and he can team up with a couple bodies that that's all on the table too so. Out of some them I guess your account to keep an eye on him show Jimmy different reports people think bigger stuff and I know where is this guy dog that's. But he's taking a Yankee come at the rose role which the trump card and you have no idea what to expect by the way any Gennadi regularly view at this guy's hate I left open there rebels Twitter page to tickets and what happened what's up their. So yeah that the red it's been going around sports media people to give one piece of advice what would it be I've seen a bunch people relying arguing in front. So and yet column that's what put that out there are few days ago it's Derek bell finally decided to reply. Your ability to succeed in this business these days directly correlates to army times which self in position to be the only reporter in the rooms he got stories and arrange to tell them exclusively. So then this guy comes in and trolls and he goes hot dog eating competitions. To which rebel replies yes. Back to 2002. I was the only national reporter covering the hot dog eating contests and that's why this matters so much to him but I think he's take a break sixteen years old though right covering the hot to enjoy apologized he didn't unity and a great job he was there at the beginning. I would like he knows when the sported sullied by something like missing the plated docs it was pretty big deal they're numbering in technology the next year like act what do you got coming up doctor majority what did you come up at 712 hour to discuss will bit about Tom Brady and his family and who better suited at starring in and then out three or so I figured it was my softball forums really does as we like to say in the the legal industry four quarters you know our agreement. You know and hour to bring him and talked about that a lot of by NBA and some months Red Sox the other over. Sounds good I'll be back tomorrow Greg Dickerson will join me starting at to talk to them.