Mut at Night - Cryptic Tom Brady strikes again; Do Celtics fans know how good Kawhi Leonard is? 6-19-18

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Tuesday, June 19th
HOUR 1 - The summer of Brady rolls on as a TB Instagram post has everybody talking. Mut and Keefe give this one a hard look as well as discuss some of the looming questions that face the Celtics this offseason. 

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell. We EI. Yeah first time in a long time on it extended here at the Red Sox playing at 8101 pitch in Minnesota average people like hang around for a little bit we'll get up into. On the pregame show was the Red Sox play in the final three games with a slight. A six month road trip rich leaving are you I had good motto I rewrote owls but most were baseball time with Ian Browne you'll join us sized part of the pregame show drew pom rants injury updates and a lot more is Chris it will take about it it's a twins of the much other stuff between now. And about 725. Or so at 6177797937. Did you guys say do the a mode you breakdown of what does I would Rob Reynolds talking about my eyes out obviously not to familiar with the the work of a different. Among key I had a vote jeez other people tweet them at me some people they saint monarchy other people think that it's that the problem must mean something so what do what what does it mean see no evil hear no evil speak no evil can what does that specifically Medicaid don't. Don't tell dissolve. This makes sense and again until they we know at this point having what what he wants the I at least 45 according to this even though he wouldn't tell Oprah that but according to answer Graham he wants the play those 45. But he doesn't want teller keep her out of so she does not want you to put it but she she was sitting next to a when he suggested on the actual documentary was gonna play too Lee's 45 missiles yet again that par on the back and forth any of that while two more Super Bowls of an owner roles are going to be two years as in five years with like going to be stuck every two years now Zain and you're starting to Olson now what could he eighteenth nineteenth season couldn't help but. Went to come out the first time we thought might be. Just two on this bill last year and the upcoming season. I don't I don't feel great about 45 he keeps there agency keeps saying he was adamant about a year ago and then now a couple of times including a riding it out in Spanish followed by these monkey emote geez he is saying 45 a case this is the first time where I'm sort of I don't. I don't quite get it with Tom is doing here maybe you can explain it some Patriot Act in your 617. 77979837. I I realize the the Oprah sit down. I I think I know what he's trying to do there we can beat this dog does most recent thing he's trying to do there. With speak to a different audience about Tom vs time in the TB twelve method I mean even get the blood Oprah got credit. When she read the title book TV twelve would like she mocked him which is at oak Oprah's highlight in that terrible in the one hour sit down there's nothing Billy take from that now other than Tom wants to market is book. To a different group of people let's not look called the typical WEEI. You know Dylan Keefe listener I. A lot. That I bought the book dummies like me bought the book you have the Belmont by now you know that you're not by TB you're aware of it time turned him around you know all of you shrug your shoulders might be mocking her plenty plenty of people do that it would sell out some of the issues that day deals with the terms of bottled drinking water to. Lucky sunburn in that book. So I don't I get that I I get. The Tom vs time thing he was bug for. A couple of years like Gotham Chopra. He's getting to the end of his career he just come all this tremendous Super Bowl victory felt good about everything felt good about himself than that he was it was perfect timing. Where he finally broke down it's that I'm confident when I'm doing I had this method coming out I got this business samples football. Let's get this all them on video. So I even got that part of at the anger between a radiant and don't check in the annexed Arab outlets one on the Z score without Guerrero site I'd stuff all the excess out. I don't get Gilani mr. Graham. And playing this game now with the ESPN. What what's the purpose I don't get this what you are thought he was above that what do I am wrong but I have debt I agree RIG gets that this could rock the rock is absolutely most players in the NBA would do this this. Yeah he that's that he would he would do it Brady and was above this that is not an answer grant that they doesn't respond in number. No he commented after Malcolm Butler had his last post after you you know after the season is and what a great. Player teammate for an audience and I pretty active on mr. Graham but this is for this is part so that even let's go back to that that made sense because Butler was being chastised everywhere there are plenty of people who continued reprisal for better or you. Rick Ross concert at Ohio we'd. I had the flu that on drugs yeah all ought to coach punched he bellows yeah you are one of the Belichick sons and my short yeah I've put Bill Belichick and headlock input and asleep that that was that wrote not that rumor that story's being passed over overall review would no backup and he was being land based and I think some of the guys in the team new. That is something happened it was it was definitely not to that level. And in a way we're defending Malcolm Butler right he was not the only one defendant not a policy that make sense defending a teammate and we go that Brady had his issue the Belichick he's taking aside there he's taken the now about the side and not the bill Belichick's side. This is just said this gronkowski asked why is that in Spanish this as the damsel maker dance as I was out at stupid answer magnets and the maker dance thing bands of carbon I and it. That's. And I don't crazy here. It is precisely. IDS again and that's the songs from which. I guess on that a jewel in the back here and their effect. Influence of I think of they got you'll understand why Brady's Clement threw a monkey would you game I don't know Arabia into all the Knoll right out Sony Wagner in Spanish. I don't get it. When she Oprah is an early that it was an ESPN deportees who is an actual notice again yesterday and yet the regular yes again and it's weird because in the interview with Oprah and so they sort of take one of the quotes in their little bit later on. Oprah is sick is he says sooner rather than later that's what those are Brady's words and Oprah says so what does that do a 4345. She. The magic 45 is that wells on the vessel of that Romo but then. Then it couple days later he asked to comment on your opinion of the Seagram I don't know any effect and it's a credit exit ESPN post. He's got this two year deal Sorrell looming he's not got the new contract extension yet. It's pretty clear he met Diana that dumb answer Garvin without Oprah's was and it was insignificant but he sort pause and ask you have a problem Bill Belichick even now left dot com ambiguous like you know he's going to be aspect questions and elegant telecheck. Now I mean. I love now I'm and I love I love him love them just want an Allison but it's nondescript and I'm trying to mix up and out of like he paused and who knows he too steep cost a lot of except for wooden Thomas Qaeda. He pause a lot of those questions maybe just his way of of a ton of sound like. The key he would agree it nobody quite knows no question he had no answer and it wouldn't go over these but I did not expect. A couple days after this and Tom vs time in. The way congress is time ended vs Peter king's podcast year goes so adamant I know the answer the test and how competent he sounded. I was not prepared for three monkey mode she's in Spanish now 45 today now I honestly I these balls down like. It doesn't make any sense other than. I guess that's already that you place. See after converse is time yeah I don't retiring just retired at the in this video. Economists were reviewing death or are review guy and answers those questions all headed Seagram a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your conviction by the votes don't count out the new TV twelve pound. That bonus they are black. It was that hit he's so I heard a RO I watched I thought he retired they are still think they're acting with him with Guerrero so I don't think he's happy about that now probably not that he's talking about the laws the preparation is good in the football and he still loves the game. It is still so it's sort of I thought it was going to be. I was all in on Brady to a 45 days of the Peter King congressman I read a book on in secret to that I'm I'm way out it's not 45 anymore. So what's the point of now. 453. Monkey mode he's and three commenced decorum. I don't know does it keep people guessing what is that talk while he gacy did this he. When Brady become the guy who wants to keep people talking about in the get go go brought I understand Bronx yes do what is opening of the contract issue so prompt last month he's yeah it's a leverage play for Rockies trying to pretend. Or at least act like there was another option for whether it's you go to WW year ago do movies are so. There's something there will benefit to Brady have with this it simply you know on the one hand some of the things that he says and does it'll trigger guy who's taking it year to year. That there are other things that he does like this where is like our he's already mapped out for warriors is that a drinks on today's all did Brady leave us a clue. Social media stocks go the last hour interview with Oprah laid I don't go off that more than wouldn't that there's definitely and coming. Sooner than later Leo and that was that was not in the exact same campus the end converse is time. But that was pretty ominous feel similar to me similar vibe from. The finale of commerce is time and the Oprah and then you added the only time the easily press availability. Since the Super Bowl there was that just pressing press conference. Where it was like generic football hall yet you know on through here have on do you or you sounded depressed so yes it sounds like supposedly loves football as much even a year ago yes I would agree with that and no Tommy curtain grew about this last a day or so yes. Dissidents statement today it is used it as your start zig and Hokies come back. Now it's 45 Spanish heart transplant for Irina 3M OD's and I don't know if you're right there there is a certain. There's a shirt athlete now a certain age that is comfortable using extra grand to get their message out there I guess I thought Brady. Was was above that or he's gonna spin is old thing will be on if FaceBook that always undocumented zionists. Times we've talked about enough to weird how bad it is yes with the alligators yet. It's bizarre wake of another athlete did that of another quarterback did that does not but it's not him. No I don't but it's obviously on his viewers and buddy will one of those guys I don't I don't I understand that he's not you know coming up with the headlines he's a posting on his account. Which has been you know millions of followers. So you went what is some. Of a buddy of yours was like his much outcome of these priests we cartoons try to post them on your thing sure is like yeah I guess I like urgency. You don't like it is those operations for course I don't know what could you Axel but then so then you're gonna be the wanna associate with the birth elaborate review almost a thing where to see among on your age. So that's just that's an audio English and after wins correct yeah now see also doubled that you've I don't I don't drink of fourteen children lately. Tom Brady ride the horse but before that for the Broncos they were to sell him I thought those released sort of you self deprecating like Brady looks goofy and none. There's sort of hidden joked with that he is buddies now. I let's ask Tom Brady but he's got inside jokes that friends the alligator sums on my point is if he is gonna be doing that stuff maybe we shouldn't be surprised by idea that's not anything with fans about one when he's gonna play because he he. Do know now he he made for he may not listen to sports talk radio. Probably not read every Gerri important bar stool post he did not live and die with every patriots Tweeter every dom elements segment or any of that crap. He has to know that fans. That I'll about the Fannie Bennett Belichick. Even fans nauert to a point where this stuff has done a bomb and like I wrote down for the show today. Brady fatigue. And this sort of tells you about best quarterback of all time. I think people would fight today that the death to debate you know Brady vs Montana certainly Brady vs Peyton Manning. Eccentric censure. But the back and forth of play not play TB twelve that that part of it. Is having a Brady fatigue and this doesn't help so again I go back to. Why do this sort of pissed off the fan base or how many people they call and tell me I'm wrong that they're not annoyed by this than not it's all audience but then closes it's just yeah. I think 455. Great news mod four more years of Brady what all of our years are far years this is great he's mad about this. The best news all day Horry here's this guy I was wants them out of the ordinary dog he's gonna retire on a rock he's on the don't. Or to retire turns out he just it's a grim out on the espionage tick check out guys 45. That'd Spanish or vitro throws off the stats like runs a light or wise what's the point a lot of Spanish speakers up there. If that's why are okay a little bit about it's I. I'm not not debating the bill Lotta Lotta Spanish recent weeks the last what I am I at that Messi available that's Portuguese. Well the I I field's been always honest stay back on failed Spanish sued the Saudi go to summer school the pass in. The past now it's almost looks out there about. It album as you'd expect the fact that it's not at all. It's a bit of they're attacking his library that is why don't solidly at that there's a lot of seniors you're telling me right here. Yeah the second question your audience it is what it is you're taking this a positive 45 huge positive can idol thrilled I don't I don't get it at all so I'm not I guess I don't have. Other than I just don't. It doesn't it doesn't it make a lot of sense to me if you said like forty to one of these freak you out if you sykora that you know I'd be losing my mind right now. But he ducked and easily go about you'll Phyllis better. I don't know how you can. And I don't know how does one is the Graham post offset the wrecked everything else exists at Alice is time yeah bad press conference terrible all you don't like guys keep dishonor to both know he's got to do and that is an. But when he. Know how many years he's gonna play they would get to that point that you have an idea. But it could change if because others terribly when Brett Favre we called her a Brett Favre earlier today Brett Favre and awesome neared forty. Here's a twelve for thirty something touchdowns made my announcement with that. William Donald apartment embodied in that his prime but it also neared forty get a terrible you're 41 of the news out of the league. So we don't really know how long are going to be able to play like in so maybe does want little 45 but he eking guaranteed. Today nobody if you go by what he said when he sucks we see at sort change now. Before it was known outside them and a walk right now Alex on hi Julie. When I don't into the preparation that's so that's when I showed it actually the you're getting ready for training period as the commitment to a three three talked about it buys or getting out most days it feels like ours. If you love above. Preparing is not what are you today I think is global preparing will be just fine balance rail could help prepare without the embarrassment of Bill Belichick. Yeah that's with a prep the preparations still fund him. It's not as phone and Alex exhibit that's why it shape that's wage earnings if there and gala set and other people around Brady said it. I herds elect saint. Like everyone around Brady saying he is out of his mind prepare but doing with Guerrero away from the team and Morocco weights and the ways the humans baking powder account. Doesn't that go on vacation program that those jam. No sprinting I was gonna gold and eat I calorie dive Brady's not that. Now look at the snacks in you still measuring out make no shakes hands he's get an Alex while on vacation. I'm running it was on every vacation to Mexico. It's give us the saying that's a good workout rooms and systems that are not yet run obviously there's a favor with his boasted it's like it's just tough. Was up older Rockies pardons yes to unity and he won that fight be Apollo and it unbelievable man hug. Yeah Iraqi Americans may have on now sexual at all noon otherwise you guys haven't gone out there had a hard work out and boom all men and boys out how to deal. Did their groin touch I think they did to those a couple of guys to slow down our feet I agree 100 buddy after a sprint on the Stanton why bother them. So you're speaking is something positive and 45 top I don't know what it means I have no clue I just wanna know why Brady's now. Becoming crawled and instead Grammy different thoughts about. Immediate vague about his career the law this is not seen Brady like but that's why we have you guys have figured out what that's 617779. 7937. Is the phone number and later right size game tonight eight and your for spiritual. In Minnesota Chris L announces an extra time to discuss. On this and a bunch of things you guys are lineup we'll get you fall calls next 61777979837. Why is he on its program. And what the hell's that mean it's Monday night with key Sports Radio WEE. The show never stops on Twitter follow along at much WEEI. On Sports Radio WEEI. Have you thought about what happens after the ball. I think about it more now than I would you that I used to yeah I think I think they're I'm seeing if there's definitely and coming sooner. President later and then what does that in look like he's at forty. Three is at 45 minutes. Did you get back to a foot yes yes. Funny when he did get to. We'll let yard work that you do yet. Yeah yes that today that tomorrow yeah yeah. Good answer bye birdie there. To be very vague than to go one Inkster Graham today. Get people all finalists we are now in 2018 we're got to respond to this and and have looked at the tweets in text people saying we're making too much out of this. He's all fame quarterback. They traded away their quarterback of the future. They put themselves in position where it looked like Brady was gonna play at least 45 if he doesn't at this point let's say exactly bails out after this season but the extreme. The rich keep extreme one more year and then down. They are absolutely screw. That all of the Gaza where they are right now hosts unless you believe Danielle playing the LSU product I don't is the quarterback in waiting here. They are screwed on confirm that if he Oakley and stop playing it. One of the next let's call three or four they need at least two years steady sure piers you love more now wisely if that's like the story every day and Kevin and that's always bring back rob whoever timetable did that debate for so long was. RA you know. Four years of Brady vs ten of drop lower agent crop or ever but now injured chisel it down to a two years of Brady vs eight years of growth low. Who you can almost talk yourself into steal keys he was just the league MVP they went to the Super Bowl if you give me two more years like that. Where he's one of the five best or actually maybe even better and yet you're the favorite of the Super Bowl that's worth it to me. But one more year. My answers no I don't know not now all of a sudden event one year. And they didn't draft a quarterback in the first two days of the draft this year so you're going into it where Brian Hoyer and do any layered to back ups there for operating leaves. You're screwed you gotta pick up MacCallum brother that next year are you gonna figure out some sort of stopgap. Or you trade up and yet to take yet the hope that it's a good quarterback draft. And taking guy and start rookie right away and that's what you'd be left which you sell on Belichick that does not only throw it right into ideal yeah probably not. But they're gonna have the draft capital they made some of the trades and the most were upset that they traded summertime the end this year but next year they're going to be able to move up if they wanna do that. We'll get the calls your second where it's gonna bite them. Big Lee is at one of the guys they missed a quarterback who didn't take in as a million different names as part Jack they were never got our Jackson's office I guess Lamar Jack's one is that you have got to could have gotten yet also Florida Baltimore they could have still adamant that spot. I wasn't at second group of forgetting some of the names now but but Mason can all of hazy and east and Rudolph and on. I Archuleta I am and while I don't allow that affect you requires one of those guys and that becoming a you know. What's called upper middle road upper tier of acquiesced to suck yeah you look back and say really did spend one pick in want to all the top guys these guys right so we'll see 6177797937. The phone number of rock and it over awaiting patiently. On Monday night's Sports Radio WEE I'd rockets want. I have the going outside so the breakdown they had a great quote a good yet that's the if ordered by the simple agent China make it then you know kind of lacked the large gathering point though what. And that didn't bode news. He's trying to ingratiate himself with the end it aligned himself with a popular opinion which is gonna wanna hear partner wanna be mark. You know what that might win envelope of rock backpack and in the US. I'll tell you what it's great playing that game that they makes a lot of sense they've got a bottle and I was analyst Darren had started fronts let's say back all the people are asking the rest of the night now lighted pretty simple radio that people lawless and it was right there are a lot of sense. Odd Dan's New Hampshire he's got a conspiracy theory a Brady hide it and. And once. Under the united I want I want I did in America right now. The hottest topic on all our country is the president and the immigration situation in kids being taken from parents and and what that battle right now the border. Greg I think this shot at truck I notice 45 and while what you do in Spanish why would he. You mentioned you're going to be playing at 240 RF eight absolutely no sense at all. At all so this is that angle shot at trump speak real speaker your leader real. On a random ESPN tweet. Yeah now DTV with EU may be ease of political. In the grand guy and like separate burner account you are older gosh laud you for spots along. Estimates of a why couldn't Spanish and what did it blog asking do you it's a great question in addition to child and you may can be called out by name duties. Orderly Brandon and now I sort of why would he do it. In response to an ESPN article why couldn't he just EO post that Earnest Graham of south. It doesn't respond and so let's circle back yes it was in response to an I was it was a it's a grand pulpit are they blobs are an article it and they took Brady's quote about the end as sooner than later this is a common and he he he commented on his own account Jesus Christ were doing this. 1008. And it's this is rape but he yes it was a comment in response to another like its own house. Why why and Ernesto items and it is shot at charming I will admit that it did it. It trumpets the deal we define the 45 president states is in fact that on my president Donald Trump and it could be about trump however he has said in the past that he wants to play at least 45. Therefore and it it's not the popular opinion I don't think it's about from I don't think it's about trump because I don't think he's ever ever ever ever ever gonna comment on politics again yeah. I think he passed his Zell told them not to IDs Donald Trump was his friend yes and I think they golf together I think that back in the day when when Brady was that a a newer younger nobody's into the NFL. Trump was his buddy brought to different events on including I think miss universe or Miss America are there outlaw rounds and see escalated. I'm his career in trumps state is as as friends. The minute the hatch showed up not locker the response he got and his wife's response wit and his sisters response to it in an opera he knew no longer was he gonna he might. Out there are the end of the White House and then he always talked about international. I don't literally measure an 888 its search and certainly different English. So I don't I don't think now all of a sudden after a long dormant no political talk Tom Brady. He's taking too in mr. Graham with monkey emote she's too critical the president and the current immigration laws earmarked could be wrong you could be ousted as Dan you are right that is the hottest you've got and most blazing sniff that out correct taken history of sports talk radio. I Joe's in a car operating how did you. But it gets. Out call outrage good good yeah that's dead on. What. They'll do that. Rick did you say it say that. You know I. Went out at all. I. Do. You go. Yeah that you're an. Adult. Ward I. I hate all duke players below one of them is great happens to be on the Celtics then guess what I'm going to be able to change it you have delivered duke anymore replacement cell that that is so I why. Because nobody's arguing here I thought I had eight players players have changed I don't think you do pay them more I think he says that's what do you say is like a teenager I beat duke U I W I I only three hits they do but they adopted the John Calipari won and done that more NBA players right ago but Christian Slater is my least favorite player of all time but it was never our generation confident -- Christian Laettner Bobby Hurley. You. Hail duke players. Are. Yet now lives in another four hours ago by the way gels on that out Joseph Joe's list in the old that's not good for I don't you can call them that's no that's fine. Dalia Joan de ya ya Joseph gray is a great calls so far has been really good young Nigerians great. And yeah. Are you appoints new points and in us. Are you still are isn't delayed reaction here with you try to keep up would you. Let's two point about it. I'd look so I wouldn't say that would suggest that that you're doing just fine I just wish you could you know clean this up a little bit. While on Friday but I'll. What you want watches the cells we were clicking on the jubilant. All yes I. Adding I. Want. Part two ripped down a few of the things that he's the he's done a good college and the city you always it under the senate. Well it's it's guys that could it really doubt it you're you're. Try that lit a lot and you yet. I make the arteries the greatest athlete in history New England slush ball I would Joseph I'll not know once forgetting woody give what's the point. Isn't. But yet and that page that you would while. Well I'd bet I'd like it well. TI jell O I I I realized they did have a choice and thank you for your slow your luck there were multiple choices yet obviously against there and honest it's exceedingly strange out on the weekend. It's a bad job by me I guess we we all would Wear appealed Europe we are not gonna reset. What they could or could not have done bans all this argument that's over and over and over again they could have done XYZ. They chose. A completely different route they traded at the deadline. And away we ego. That does not change. That he still put the minute we're positioned here and again correct it outlets is allowed. Greatest athlete at a bigger or t.'s Ted Williams asks Larry Bird a cap it all on the Euphrates numeral Ono. It does not change the fact that if he decides to retire a year earlier than play a couple more years at the level is at last year. The team is screwed that I'm not sure that's not being critical that's stating the obvious right now yeah there is no that back up plan he thought you had from. I'm Manning to lock. Favre to Rodgers Brady drop low doesn't exist nobody that nets on Brady's fault. But if he decides to retire for yearly but it's a short issue or be it the patches but the last caller is one of those guys where Brady's been so good and he's right that you can never. Questioned or criticized him ever so it if he just decided today hey you know what ads that are tired right now that I would say well 15 syllables what do you want from them so you'd never crystallized dramatically week we if if we're gonna get the position where the guy is so good. Orbital super sampling I here's all time Bill Belichick knows more about football that because I hope so we're gonna start I haven't shows real question everybody. Why bother turning that the antennas on. Just go home all Gabrielle gray Celtics great question at its course for begets lions open the Twitter issue we can do but those people right now are twisting themselves into a pretzel because Brady and Belichick no longer are on the same side so if they're both. They can't both be right all the time if they are disagreeing on something. I'm David and a car hi David. Yeah I don't know. Hey added on guys let's think it's. This is partly right I got both you guys that on the show because I called the act you guys before the bubble guys laughed at me. Okay and absolutely. Know you day when I say that silence on Super Bowl is pretty once probable Q what are we. It sure did say that it wins he kick you and you cannot take a victory lap he didn't retire and we did retire they'd win gave it happens you cannot let it lapse. I'm sorry you are gonna play until he's 45 who were sitting pretty well. He's gonna lead people to believe that he well I firmly believe that he'll retire after this year even if you double noticeable that he's not stupid he knows. I mean what does that mean he's not about us open and he knows. Because he doesn't want to go about it is last year playing weight now be enabled the perform and still want to be able to have a good. OK so last year last year performed last year really so what what what was. What was the non com a year ago. No you know what we do what you can retire. Because he cut one up on any minute he got there we that you have like any economic. He's on one up on a case let's say he doesn't sell like a lot of real case let's play this about Diego plays came out the next serious and play that well. But they do win a Super Bowl but he doesn't let city win on the back of some great defensive player Sony Michelle comes in he's unbelievable at three and they win. To Brady's gonna retire we cities and retirees placed a playing well. Okay you're tied if you went to what was no question. If you want to the world this year comment is no question that he will not die if you will be tight oval I'm not actually want to got to. Maybe you're on the record saying that it got nice I set when you called in markets that said the same thing. If Brady on the sibling retire would have brought Sheehan had W four hours that night Oakmont and you can do to show all the heat last item for saying I certainly did ridiculous but the flip side is if you're wrong you can't call anymore. Ever yes. And he would take that at the times without all of those killed that can't victory lap at. Months after the fact they always right what do you say that the weird victory lap. Jordan Pittsfield roker for gets the breakage or. OK my question was let about potentially bringing encourage others to be a potential I'll. Long term back out interpret situation. Do you still recovering from yes he helped indictment I eyed at last check he was still in the recovery process. So I SE keeper did this year is he gonna start for the jets and this year eyes on a one year deals attacked and they guess they can get him after next year's that would work I don't know need to be stopped GAAP. Beatty but to pretend that he's in the same guy was for a got hurt. That's re going to be folks who picked I worked. Look your Teddy Bridgewater the fly on accounts David Dutton of the bad car brother the McAllen departure Jake Plummer Isaac got all that Archie Clark CR cap predict well see yellow sock sock. Whole roof. 6177797937. A later Red Sox game means extended about it might catch up until 730 we started patriots don't wanna get a quick Celtics bought. I'm quite wonderful richness. Follow along on Twitter which marked as much. EI and Rick that's she's 21 now more money keep. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. What a night. Sides pregame show spend levels of our Red Sox signed during all the free and the nausea to gain your Red Sox three up until midnight we'll see Red Sox thought until then. We'll be on the year thirds W jobs lost game 7 o'clock for a look at NBA draft show. Which I've set off you are talking right arm our producer. It feels like going to be more of a co Y wet Leonard. Hi re Irving Celtics lost his job because LeBron admittedly a lot of stuff with the 27 pick. Nobody has any freaking clue. What type player consultants and again now will be here react lives and there was a report today. That they might wanna trade up the target is the eighteen year old Euro player. And there's another guy's been linked to mobilize so. So I guess they could technically do something on Thursday night yeah I will be here to react to that if they dole Elena being a more offseason show which leads us to the Tico why lender which used to gets off the year you are surprised about. The lack of buzz on Kauai Leonard here and I think another reason I think people are Celtic fans. And may not really know just how good choir Leonard is an maybe he did not play in the back half of the CU is out last year if it's a guy is completely off the radar. And so you're not as passionate about gay necktie he relevancy of playing but he they finals MVP and two years ago is that. Top five player in the NBA McKee is a great great player nine is of the same name recognition and it face recognition of LeBron James are you at the carrier carrier being hard and Westbrook but. Leonard is that good but there hasn't been a ton of buzz I'm also surprised by that because it does seem like. It could be realistic in a sense that eight general Sharansky is the one reporting that Danny Ainge put an offer phone before the deadline last year. For quietly put an offer but then never. To put aside the spurs the spurs are they all have a basic reform we're trading our reporters they said no on the Celtics never restate what they want offer yet spurs didn't really responded to an eighty capital counteroffer back right right but then there's there but now it seems like he is gonna go you know I don't think he's ever be back with the spurs he definitely wants out also wants to be in LA you always want to go back there I saw there's a they got plenty of money they have voted number they could send their way. But the so and it has a vessel on an Alley the Celtics took off for the most but they would be dumb to do it because he's unlikely to sign after this year. So for once you're just you're just explain why there's now likewise if he had four years left in his DO. I could be a lot more interest if you get what she was good against this past two years ago you said you of one year quite honored ability to take a chance quick roll the dice and bring him in your suit she got the but I like the team too much as it is if it changes in admittedly it should the should be. Theoretically easy spot for him by the teams coming off an amazing Ron. They add they missed it to argue with the two best players down the stretch and socially pretty simple. Through all the balls out put the team he fought you're gonna get back out there and just pushing forty year and go from there. I think it's much harder job than that I think it's as hard as any offseason he's had because now he knows were he's sort knows where his what he has. What's the next step into what thinks well that's why Leonard or not there's a superstar players still looming to join this team. And so what are you willing to give up to get that player or get it will fuel only gamble that some like. Anthony Davis who doubted you said earlier they were still talking about today that the gonna be all and on the eve at some point. If he comes up. You have to figure out which it you can trade which ships you'll you're gonna our regret dealings you wanna hold on to them. This is not an easy spot for any knowledge shot especially where carrier ring going into his last year and is still and you don't know Vizio V back longer because that trade looks great yeah Isiah Thomas Jae Crowder. And the eighth pick for carrier ring trade looks amazing if you re Saturday. If he's here for you know one healthy post season Ron. Guess depending on what you do that post season Ron you can really great the trade but if he signs long term it is such a win. But if not Ari what is your team look like yet you still love Tatum still Hayward got a good team. Browning policies part of some sort of deal. But it how you take a step backwards if you were to lose carrier ring. Ainge is at least likely guy to wanna hear applause. And just let the thing breathe on a second but it's such a human doesn't feel like that which jets that that that that light. Maybe not before the fire that did the finals favorite to the east figure these favor him. But is that enough range ago. I'd probably not solid on him topics though is you can probably bring back the did team we had last year it guys who started now go to the bench. You're talented you're deep you're well coached you have everything. But still you have high re looming and you still wonder. Is even going to be good enough to win a championship it feels like you're contender or a better community where slasher without a word or urban. But it's not like you're a lock to win this thing but also if you come up with some sort of team next year where you inquiry and told while honored ball on the planet. Yeah reflect how we plan and got one daughter took but a few of those by example those guys next year and you don't win and they both leave. Then you know where are you. Whereas if you're hanging on to some young guys this looks like a team that should be a contender for 45 years in Jason Tatum transition to a player was then that there should be at brown took me out on ice stretch out my style on brown has paid and I don't think anybody is. But he's rumored at some of those wondered deals but if you keep Jill brown you at least have two guys that are in their early twenties that look like they're gonna kids I we rule it an optional react to it and you have to be ready for as a Celtic fan vote. Be ready for anything because Ainge has shown. He doesn't follow the players he trades guys out from under you trade Isiah Thomas media made a bunch of deals all the years that nobody saw coming. So that that's the thing that stands out in this offseason I just I could provide an excellent point I have Knoll had no clue would even venture. What that second third level the deal is to the other stuff like while and it seems too obvious to me. Yet and it's an unchanged move I'd be summary of Thomas of ivory Irving sold off the radar. That nobody expected yet nobody. But I think Harry's name popped up and that's those what happens as a player doesn't wanna be there and then kind of forces layout and you know congress is the Celtics were on carries original list. But that'd be in the trade that got worked apple we knew that he wanted to at a Cleveland and now we know that while honored once at a San Antonio just a matter where he goes. We'll sealed warrant sharks are well literature key for the ideal in keeper will come back we have up until. I'll Red Sox pregame at seven point size or chance to react to. This and what the Celtics are going to do here in the offseason in addition to weary started today which is why is Tom Brady able people using its program to talk about. Went away not one. Retire as the quarterback the patriots 61777979837. Not what you guys up until 725. Red Sox pregame the RWE yeah.