Mut at Night - Danny Ainge's rebuild is near completion, could Kawhi be the key to banner 18? 4-16-18

Mut at Night
Monday, April 16th

HOUR 4 - Trader Danny has done a heck of a job taking a Celtics team that was destined to be in the EC basement to a team with deep playoff potential. Could Danny's masterpiece use one more piece like an Anthony Davis or even a Kawhi Leonard?


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Use these Monday night. We will have looked a bit reported it who doesn't play well I think they'll all put our real hard to ten. You know you move a couple guys in the to move through all of them. With twelve points between new I don't know that build the support of Al Horford sacking the haters. With mark cheeks. There's a number of conversations that I am having. I anticipate that Tom Brady will not only from. Miss Monday and Tuesday students regular scheduled event and cover but when he returns I do not anticipate. That we he will be part of the voluntary program. On first that's when the team's resume their activities and then moving forward from there how far you can continue to question one. But I don't know that you can bring you have an answer. God answers those questions. And have to be with a lot of conviction you know when you lose your condition you question doing something else. Now here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. From what at night on W. 61777979317. Dead in and mentioned there. What's trending now the Bruins are down 32 going into the third period we will take your phone calls from now until 10 o'clock. A 6177797937. The Celtics in one of the things I admire about the any age. Aside from acquiring Kevin Garnett. Ray Allen. Paying bidder number. Seventeen. Clock tree Rollins oh yeah batters seventeen up there back in no way. Drafting decency dimple prior to that drafting Jalen brown. So reading Isaiah Thomas in Jae Crowder forgot recurring. There's so it's always a work in progress and nick. They're never finished product supposed to be finished rocketing Gordon Hayward was up for the year after game one carrier and out. In Seoul hopefully at the early so be back will be training camp coming up in September. At three just had surgery. 01 guy out there who's going to be on the market his time. In his place where he was drafted back in 2011 is over. And his name is cool why Leonard. That's a player according to the reports in the tea leaves out the year that Danny Ainge and the Celtics would have an interest in now. I'd love quietly he's one of the best two way players in the NBA along with Klay Thompson. Paul George. Then Symonds is rookie years turning to a really good two way player he's not there yet but he's. Defends quite well what I'd like to see quite later here in Boston. As a member of the Celtics wearing that green on that parquet floor absolutely. What would I give up to get them because. Gregg Popovich and RC Buford marketed to H. Al Horford I wish they would. As you heard Barkley here in the open talk about Al Horford averaging twelve point said they needed retire. Where he averaged twelve points a game that was LOL Allen FAO whole areas. And the yeah Al Horford playoff Al Horford was good yesterday he's got to keep it up. He's not a Max salary contract guy we all know that. And don't give me this crap that he's a five time all star I don't wanna hear that. You know loses six time pro bowler. In the NFL Joe Horn. Remember Joe Horn at. You six time pro bowler Google Wikipedia that. OK so give me do you want to put our goals are. Seriously. Like in ages don't don't you media to a mall local lore was an all star in the NBA enough said this guy's a five time start. Monsters that you don't want your right I thank you for that doll will what is he now what is now. Time all star. We you know what he's not he's not worthy of a Max salary contract that can tell you that much okay are these enlisted I will keep out. Or for credit in the playoffs he has proven he steps up he did last year he duty yesterday. Even know Greek freak outscored and Al Horford helped get the Greek freak fouled out. Al Horford and double double he was great yesterday site wide. Not sit down yeah there's that. Bought the thing could take the Celtics to the next level obviously we all those anti Davis I think that's the fitness that's like me. Going out we've done Charlotte McKinney your age roundly this is the fantasy so let's pretend for a second that TSE's never gonna be reality quiet Leonard. Is a very distinct. Possibility. So that being said. If you're teeny change. What would you trade if now Al Horford actually fitting good in San Antonio he's Gregg Popovich is. Perfect type of player and that's errors like the patients a year or gold Paul George. The don't have leverage right now everybody knows that why wants out so fear the Celtics what are you willing to give up to get them. Would and here's what I'm willing to give her the traded fund Danny Ainge. I'll give you Jalen brown. Al Horford. And any other player you wanna pick not in decency and of course carrier uniting carrier like you know that all of you view Al Horford. Decency don't. And anybody else. That's my valued chart that's my trading short to get quite letter but here's the issue. Why Leonard has all of a sudden turned into some sort of purported diva. He's got handlers now Gregg Popovich was quoted saying you have to ask he's group. That is not. Right now the quiet later that I know deadbeat LeBron James in the finals in 2014. On route to winning the finals and BP. So something went wrong there. Why Leonard feels as though he was misdiagnosed he hasn't crossed the scene Antonio team doctors. And he's not easy like not playing for the spurs do isn't even showing all the playoff games like this stepped her. Shut curry sitting on the warriors bench during the playoffs carrier ring was there yesterday in a stroke. Why are littered not a mean showing up to support his teammate like duct wrap here in San Antonio he's on air. It's a complete wrap. Question is this. Would you give up Jason to beat them furcal why letter I say. Absolutely. Not there's no way am giving it Jason teed on. Looks like an athletic Paul Pierce and a guy who can defend and much more athletic than Paul Pierce's and he can shoot. All your speech you OK Jason Tait and stroke right now after his rookie season is better than Paul Pierce after his rookie year and Jason team's only nineteen. So I'm not party would cease NT. I would give a team when Braun and Al Horford to get quite letter so if the Celtics were able to pull the trigger on that trade. Next year you're talking carrier ring. Hawaii Leonard. Gordon Hayward. Jason T don't. And I guess. I mean Oprah Kershaw on in is that that point it really doesn't matter that Matt Wright four G of like Sergio Brown Al Horford got. And we'll talk and make that trade. I would do that deal in a heartbeat because school wide later he's better then it. Al Horford in Jalen brown combined win quite that are healthy I want polite letter I know Sheila brown has a huge upside. I like what he's doing. And I've got I'm taking cool why Leonard over both those guys might slot at I do think the spurs if you can get a young player like Jalen brown. With a great attitude and Al Horford whose consummate team player. You can get those two guys. And and they have you ever right now. Yup it seems that's why when people felt is the pacers got ripped off for Paul George and so of course. You've seen the play now. All of it all the depot you don't have anything good had no bargaining power or leverage what so ever. Exit is ever really been a factor in to making an offer for a guy when he's healthy. Who is the top five NBA player yeah upside writing game today does leverage really factor into that. Boulevards but here's the thing like we thought like you know last year that never was wondering what teachers got ripped awful apparently didn't get her doctor the got only do people finally got Asia like that right now but it looks like is a really good trade. I think if you're seeing Tony I'm trying to look at from their perspective. Would gates take ate a guy who's gonna calm the work every day in Al Horford is going to be in I don't see this as this is a pot shot. He's going to be the coach is pat. That's a good topic like. Gregg Popovich will love a guy like Al Al Horford I think one day when his career is over the beat and the head coach. I really believe that he's got that mentality he knows how to deal players so they can get him any young up and coming clearly GUN ground. A good deal for CA Antonio it's a really good deal for the Celtics if and when quite Leonard's healthy but we've seen a different side quite letter that we haven't seen. Which is what I was scared so I urge you let's pretend that you know it bounced first and second and doesn't matter. And there is some kind of agreement between the Celtics and the spurs that they actually are able to work out trade both sides are half. All that beans at do you feel comfortable. Basically you're you're giving up a pretty sizable part of your future. Who. He's a commodity now. As far as how well known commodity it's too early to say I think Jason James could be tremendous growth as well as dale brown brown I don't empty and all that that might. It might you might have to know why would you be OK so there's no way I literally was it I don't I don't think you get coli letter without. It's you'd start with Butler with guys that's why I've seen out and leverage really makes a difference you're talking about hot spot a quiet player there's that term in player. Double the only player that I like I would be willing to if if now on my change back over to to the unit rallying the Davis if anti Davis is on the table. I'll do this all give a Jalen brown. The Sacramento pick for next year's draft indecency. To get into the Davis are you kidding me. Debts were it's like parts per dialect that Al all of that means that if there is no way you can get Y islanders. By giving a major part of your future would you be concerned. That the issues. That had been apparently running pretty ramping seen Antonio work hard. Before Kohl eyeliner got to Boston before they treated him to Boston for all purposes. Gregg Popovich is probably one of the best coaches coaching him probably one of the best coaches oh yeah I won't want a multi no doubt and there's issues. And pop you know it doesn't mix words you know he can be sarcastic he does problem a little Belichick let let let the old more willing to speak. Dude Greg Popovich is a total bag when it comes to treat the media and you can see the way is that you hear you really think he's being. See that's not tongue in cheek now as I've used you really think he's just being an. Ashton yeah all attendees to feed on Craig's here now I think I think there's a lot there but I will citizen summonses Texans excellence really good and I checked it out myself. At 37937. Next season. Al Horford makes 29 million a year the following season he makes thirty million a year but that and opted that the player option he can decide which he probably will take off and after his tenure here Boston. I don't think anybody's gonna wanna start but a million dollars hearing that some say he's guaranteed to get at cell. Here's the thing if you're seeing Antonio T want to take. A 29 and thirty million dollar salary from a guy like Al Horford who's 31 years old it's gonna be thirty ID with it. Your. A single game against the San Antonio Spurs we can all agree upon that. My question is what is Dini Ainge willing to trade to bring in. Eight top when healthy five to ten player that especially to weigh all NB here's the thing all star. Our effort he's a five time all star. Like I say that facetiously if plus an average. Right. According Ford's while last news about why Leonard isn't all NBA player he's one of the best week players in the league decide it's. Exactly so it plays I'll start with if you pick up the following is being mean. In you start with Al Horford. I'm hanging on to their conversation for Cole why letter does not start. Al Horford is so what's it started Jalen brown and chasing him. It has to start with those two guys I can't give a decency again there's no way what what do you think guys 617779. 7937. While I I mean. I LaVigne split. He had he keep Al Horford whole pot of boy he lets you needed to get I know it would I want our guys who respect trust me. I much. Happier with Al Horford making 28 year as opposed to Evan Turner who sat for four years seven. 800 in Moscow for all the. Guys like it's it's incredible and so for the Celtics they they act the time the need to do it. And they need to show that they can get a guy who was who was always a player and all stalled perennial all star type player but we all know. That when it comes to Al Horford clearly he's not worth the money but then again most of these guys are. Each is for me. This Celtics or they're yet and that might think that if Kyra your being in Gordon Hayward were healthy could this team got the finals absolutely. No doubt about it. I think they would have beaten. The rockets are the lawyers in the finals no way I don't even know they would wanna game doesn't listen to what he stated they feel they don't waste your all the nonsense out that's going on in total waste and pretty much blew up the team before. The as the playoffs started they in my opinion they trash that team which probably is better in your team they're going out there in war. Probably lose to the east and here's the question so you have to ask is this. What's this window look like for Tyreke Irving Gordon Hayward what is how long is this window. Going to. Continue. To stay open because I don't know from my standpoint I like you just don't know I think maybe five years. I if you keep Jason Tatum it could prolong. After that I'm not so sure. 6177797937. You could always Texans and we just accident. Two people sex and sex line Al Horford 2019 Sacramento number one in meant this number one take it or leave it. Her. Your producer understands you have to trade Horford for the trade to work right yeah he doesn't Corzine. Stand the way you're freezing and it is like. Al Horford don't know that we're on our model that's right no I just because because the reasons are but here's the thing for the money or I get that. It also taxpayer why I wanted to make. So much more money stain in Spain and he is owed it on its over. It's not like she's done you you wouldn't differences that for forty million dollars. 45 million dollar you don't know I'm fortunate wash. This. Is the year. Not only don't know he's done he's done in San Antonio I would be shocked if quietly pleased another team for the super shocked he's done he's on the open market. Jim in Melrose what are your thoughts. Yeah I think you're right I'll call he got our attention already. I was wondering now we don't make it this year. Yeah but but it's not an end a pity thing because the lakers are gonna get into the top two so it'll. Now turning to Sacramento for next year. It might not be. And I wonder about settlement. But yeah talk about a restaurant that my adult. Right so we need and now you need to hold its sacramental sucked next year and the Celtics strap Zion Williamson not a duke yes some. Are. No Sacramento could suck next year. And arms and can. It all it would require apple that they audit. Credit. Art. Right exactly so it or not not my thing is this is that how long is this window. For Jimmy Carter hearing just turned 26 he's going to get a Mac salary contract so for me. You gonna get Tyreke and all the way. Oh by the way. Hawaii Leonard I didn't ancient ease under control for two more years at a really decent price so you're getting get cool wide Leonard under contract. This has met Colin White littered. It's not precious went out that well the little ritual for two years I want. More assets form well pull out its latest right now quite Leonard and I'll give you the exact numbers according to spoke track or whatever this thing is. He gets twenty million. In 20182019. So he's he's under the targets based salary twenty million. And then he gets 21 point three million the following year so he's getting nearly ten million dollars less than Al Horford are you kidding me. That's insane the one thing I will admit now now looking at the numbers in the ledger what with everything the Celtics might have to give up. The Sacramento number one for next year aren't they might have to add that I mean I'd just some document up Tatum who's an RC Buford a good thing too. We made it in such. Myopic place and we think of everything from a Boston standpoint which is what makes this so prudential the great sports on the world but here's the difference. There's going to be other suitors you'll beat the lakers gonna go after quietly entered you'll think the sixers. Or if LeBron not singing will decide to stay in Cleveland you you'll think not that dispersal wanna do business with these guys the rockets. I helped to pass the Warner's they're losing Klay Thompson this year Thompson's gonna want that big money the thirty million dollar a year contract. Isn't quite done it gave the warriors cannot afford to bring their thank. Every social well but but if you lose Clayton County could bring quite letter. That's betrayed. But but I was at San Antonio is not to do business with their competition so they're gonna look at the Eastern Conference they're gonna look at. Philly Boston may be Cleveland it I don't know to like you're telling me Toronto would be interest in every team in the eastern conference of interest in it why. Every team that has the space for him would absolutely be interstate in coal while under the problem is the Celtics are probably going to have the best offered to present because they are still loaded with at. Assets. What you GM games are not with us. Start with Jason date on if I'm RC Buford I'm going our banks I'm gonna keep shopping. Easier and I can give me the one thing that actually asked to go in order to make that trade happened and has sparked quite Leonard goes again. Don't overlook the fact that he is eligible for super Max contract he's gonna make. Can make more money in San Antonio that he could anywhere else in the NBA's all phrase lighten. There he vaguely heat heat heat it I I don't that he ran I departed are never going to be laid out in their pocket like this for a second. And it kind of ties into the object dynamic or. The Belichick and a Coast. Guard Bobbitt is 69 years old he is not going to coach for ever. At that at what point as the general manager do you side in my really. Going to throw away the future of my franchise. For a coach who is probably one of the greatest coaches to ever. Coach in the NBA in my really going to Q are the future my franchise. Just to have maybe two more years of Gregg Popovich. If it comes out you either you're keeping the latter you're keeping Popovic why wouldn't you wanna do everything you can to keep coli Leonard. I'm not here's my thing on this day like that. Ship has sailed it's gone it's gone out to see it's over likewise letter wants nothing to do with it and by not showing up and I bet she redeemed to. For the spurs warriors he won't be there again. He's gone. He's five years older than Jalen brown. Some of these Texans say nick at Salem browns bitterness taking your inquiry was it it may be I don't know but the bottom line is he's not better than a now. Sheila browns upside to it could be quite Leonard but we know one thing. We know when healthy quiet Leonard is arguably the best two way player in the NBA if you look great Celtics uniform I like to see Danny Ainge poll data off all right. Where LeBron James play. Next year and how far can the Celtics get in the playoffs. Without Tyree Irving. Gordon Hayward and Marcus Moore we caught up with some leg lower earlier we'll have that again for you next right here on WB. Back to more mock at night on Sports Radio W Wii yeah. Barging into Vermont and I'd I'd WT yeah I. Spoke a few hours ago with some like them from ESPN. I'll bounce. The NBA playoffs including how far can the Celtics go without carrier ring he Gordon Hayward here it is. Celtics up one gains and on in the best of 7:1. Round Eastern Conference playoffs and joining us right now. Is a main spent over a decade in the NBA he was a three point contest champion. And you can see him on ESPN all the time it. It's a great analyst too late notorious right here on WEI. Legs appreciate you make inside. Well what do you think yesterday when you're watching the Celtics game and they get off to a great start. And first quarter the sort of hit them in the mouth. Blocks go down in the books come out swinging in the second quarter. And then of course the ending and he was the better game ones you've seen in recent playoff history. No doubt about his best game of the week at. Most all. You have to look at. What went on that game and ball from losses perspective yet experts to order. The article like the walk started extra game. On bought it Nike is really great production at the guys in court and off the bench and it sports LeClair for the so the resiliency in its Q. Survive that little pitch shot before we work our lead actor who got much can be very demoralizing actually accurate over time many times. I didn't allow that happening in in an eight she's controlled game and they thought not a I integrates them that they were able to get that win despite the fact that. The walking that's two offensive players at 62 points. Are probably forty gained a group of them to go 66 and bought your troubles so. It's now the factory where I think Milwaukee is serious trouble if they got cut production at their best players who won't say as little loss. That's a bad sign for the books. Similar here on WT IO KC no curry Erving obviously no Gordon Hayward and no Marcus mark how was Brad Stevens being able to do this with the guys. Coming off the bench. And elect Kerry rose shear and really stepping their game. What including the year he get it but it should be a discussion of player they carry. He's the guy that elevated himself and I'd like distorted point guard status in this league. So you can't let they're extremely confident. The way he's planning on your policy act that go to your rotator around that are young players. And Jalen brown last year without this level Ole. He currently defender. Also guy down to five hours or so but her head in the first time with the playoffs are all finished it about super lucky. Editor and European elevated. After not getting you know people in the ultra flashy play us this this is now some young guys are counted. And it gave us the Brett Steven. Their ability to and so no confidence they are the ball good it's great terms she's great. And I went out war for six. To put all gain political points. Like you'll all tips that you you can't ask. Me the packet for the last well. I'd actually appreciate shelter in university at a trial park out worker is the guy has got an earthquake which gave in this series that are at the river completely. Agree with that assessment of her caliber player. And he should feel ticketed luckier you get double production offensively even though we only have Turkey which came the legacy of and even able to get so. Barry found the guys. Taylor thank you would have liked our record the Celtics are a lot of power went out great chemistry great coaching they get a win. Some like they're from ESP and joins us here on WER my name's Mark James Tim. Is playoff Al Horford different because he takes a lot of heat here locally in Boston for his play can. It can be a little lackadaisical. But did it seems like in the playoffs did you just mention especially yesterday and and last year in the playoffs is well he seems to step up his game. Yet look he's east until ET Al that it looked like doctor players such course it's true logistics guy. They'll open their routine helped you win you'll commit no hard hat kind of call or click player. On and you know he has the ability to war offensively I just take it easy to a I sort of gave it away earlier selfish and doesn't need. While the limelight they're called the pink it taught school her chair particular try to shots. You could affect you list passing defense regarding our support you. All of those ways is that it. If you need the ticket out of step it up. Yeah billion dot CR 44 points in 24 point side yesterday. And he had I restricting what gave the quote the lashes out percent up to excel. He's got inside the camp and I guess he can pick the league east you're right now he needed to because. That's made it that some editors. Legs considering where the Celtics are right now and I don't Marcus Moore just came out recently said if there was a game seven in the first round. He could possibly come back here so let's just assume that he won't come back in his first round. What is Selig and let's say the Celtics to get by the box do you see his team. Even wind out carrier ring Gordon Hayward being able to be a red hot sixers team was just peaking at the right time it's. Look I have confidence in rescue us you know so the best coach in the league so you know that he Q. Be able to adjust to come up with a game plan and that shots at its substitution pattern. Time we this you know timeout cities and equality and all that stuff today he's gonna put this flare game. I just think right now the Phillies plane tickets you can Shih Tzu Arctic Arctic that are well. And Bossidy has seen these disks as Q offensive player and he's very very typical for Austin. To be able to match it's silly the current elephant's prediction is the most competent team in the league right now the way that those guys shoot the basketball. It's going to be very typical of people that are outage that's huge political back support Miami series. Battle all the other level that you are sealed because the inside out nature his game that he present that he has. Right now the role players are out of their minds how well they're playing at ninety cleats. And their first game for all players ninety. I you know think about our current production so I think Philadelphia right now actually my evidence attractive to our side. Tim what would joining us here on WEI. And yacht in bread rounds and a tremendous job mark healthful snell. It's playing in. He's the reason you know you look at why they selected number one in trading with the Celtics and gave a pay a future first round pick to Boston to get a guy like mark health faults but. When you look at Jason stayed on and what's his ceiling. Alleged because. I look at it in people wanna compare all of the Paul purist but. I don't know I hope your was never this athletic I don't think Jason Tatum as Griese was the beginning of the year. Hitting from three point range I don't think that we've seen him anywhere close scratching the surface to how good this guy can really be. Are reacting to statements. In that regard ceiling is perennial all war. You don't actually is she gonna be a guy that you know competes for all the each team like one of those first three teams to talk about that case. If you look at it where that six or in the game. Yeah I Q by other kind of ability because he let us about you know Paul Pierce wants less equally athletic. Criticized as you'd carry more weight he Stecker wider shall I play it all mean why vacuum load got you back you get around. Jake is more sleek and athletic at. And you know plays a little bit different style I did not accused of shoot the basketball from the three point line in BA level the weight she has this year the that would that takes time like to stroke and college. 199 a lot different when you take it out torture 24 feet. He had made adjustments. That tell me with the other other aspects of the game Regis I like to keep that let it sit. I know tiger at a point shot an air. Each year he's gonna get more competent first two trillion I think by year three or your machine guy that every year is going to be austere age. And I think you know maybe you actually get to that spot where he's in the top six forwards in the game. That much respect for that game it will not give you a great kid would want to be great. Timlin would joins us here on WE I would Mark James Tim. When you look at this Celtics team and and I know you know listen we we deal with the reality but hypothetically. If these teen had a healthy Tyreke Irving a healthy Gordon Hayward. And mark is Smart who never punch eight picture frame in LA. Could this team had made a run to the finals this year. It's definitely. And I think that's what is it took him actually because I'd look at the top of the Eastern Conference. I sea floor scenes and Toronto the team you know you got to give credit they were about consistency in the Eastern Conference this year that it happens. Our layout at any latency in the schedule their bench is better than it's ever since. They're shooting threes which saw the show because it's just not moderate basketball. To live in the ranger forward and he pitched an outer. Little crude their team at case you lot so they've probably just to get credit for directory team. I think has flaws in the pool feed it and you'll see it hurts their support additional crown crafts or eichel. They struggle that's 67 days after that the that our background it's. On the Toronto didn't complete with the team they have done basic collectively soak in the OC group. When you look at Cleveland out there they're terrible recipe. And it got five or sixty pervert that they want to walk essentially they've never felt such help matters or are so consistent so that's a team. They're struggling out there in the end. And it definitely. A whole lot of all right there you so you think. But my next question you yesterday to see you Tim Blake Wheeler was not an anomaly you think that Indian is going to be Cleveland. Absolutely. Serious into the first round that I thought it was cute teen had a legitimate shot with a series that's political. And the reason at best and what you saw on game one. People or rather current year sort are overreacting to that because it's one and I care flexible like this year. Beat what date it first game was just exactly what they don't hear the expression. That look like he played over their heads in the first game that is exactly what the order they were very quick. Our team it's also its leader to one guy having a great offer to your strokes. At that they have great chemistry. Added not the size. And salute and very well coats. 88 look like it really well playing together and certainly that's a dangerous team and explode. Cleveland in the first game as opposed are. A little prospect ought to reports everything all racial groups and and responsibility. Ordered barrel. In this she loves them. And he's gonna be sought to throughout the series as he literally casts the need everybody. Sees that as an exact case in the in the World Cup Wayne. They Chester Chet Kevin Love. And variable player in the report shocked at first came so stars in it. To Jeanne. And project in Google wake of that I think it is awful so it's. Yet to paraphrase Rick Pitino when he was itself has coached him a carrier ring not locked in through that door if he does he's gonna you weren't a Celtics uniform. A I'm sure yeah you can kill everybody we don't we all think back to Tony sixteen LeBron sick blocking game seven against Andre Iguodala but. There was a guy a hoot you know a shot in the back to back NDP's face to win that title and it he's a Celtic now. Well not only don't you know these suits they shot and Chaz has she. Carry it really go back. If you could and watched all the playoff games it's the largest carrier plate together. Eastern Conference that's your bumps people forget how many nights prior. We cared off since our entire quarter or out. And they were wrong here and we'll probably get a chance to rest to look at all that's what it's actually the pressure off. People are yet a moment like that tiger has because he's so good all he had such great range. I wouldn't really count these essentially how the stock. To change their current roster and plus their arms network at work out. Jordan Clarkson is that next closest thing on their team thought god can do you daddy you're not close to that skips exports the first game. So what you don't let its one emitted one dimensional also took place players or around 2 o'clock. It's the first time in eight years in new York and her character you're late for. Me it's eighty expired. Isn't the first team you spent on the left meets or there is built on close to that level all the triple actually go to our offense basically sudden halt. Look at them I say I don't know how that little hole. He scored a point to mr. beat Indiana. Tim I know you got to go last question one word answer if you were a betting man in Vegas LeBron James plays next season with. Houston real me. One hour. That was my second thirteen being sold up to seven sectors. I'm what your secondary team more than the first one but all lord of you talk about the big threat anything goes to eight salads and crawl they legs we enjoy his company is. All right Gary is Tim labor here on WEE. I backed a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. My dad died march came here with the final segment. Take you up to the top of the hour then Mallard will take over. From 10 PM to 2 AM and at and less. A miracle happens in Toronto. The Bruins are about to lose about 45 seconds left in the game they are down 42. Guy who's paid as a top three goalie making seven half million dollars a year in Tuukka Rask. Gave up four goals on thirty shots tonight just sucked plain simple and the Bruins didn't score. Six or seven goals like they did the first two games but. Hey sometimes you got I did the thing that about to go which makes me. So upset is the fact that he's never guy it's going to Cary eighteen. He's never someone who's going to lead its team and eat them if he's going to need to team to score for him to win. And that he sows body if I'm Bruce Cassidy for game four I'm definitely going to Anton who Toby and I just don't trust who got. He might be paid its top three goalie pitcher not a top three goalie not a top five goalie. Just don't trust him and the Bruins had a golden opportunity tonight. To go up three games to none. And basically put the nail in the least coffin and now this is going to be series again. Could be 21 Bruins after tonight game four Thursday night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto Soo bad. Too bad and and meanwhile. The doubles. Looks like they're going to op possibly win. Game three tonight go three games tonight on nick is not the double she's me the lightning are going to win tonight and go three in Sanaa on the doubles so. The lightning on that series will be over the Bruins series now we could get longer days and at the least wind on Thursday night are all. Now all of a sudden. Ray Bourque felt walking through that door if he does he's going to be building right so that's is the way it is to and couldn't get it done tonight. And I put on Tuukka plain and simple too good to thin out the stuff that I simple he Kia get. Six or seven goals every game we just not gonna happen and it ends. Powerful this Bruins team can be especially on the one line. You just can't expect every game and sometimes the goalie needs security team especially. In the post season it's rare that you see teams when a cop with out a great goalie at the penguins did last year to a certain extent but. Yup it's over 42 leafs wind so its 201 right now Bruins in the series and eighty air caters senator looks like it is rocking. And rolling unfortunately. Stop 117 win and last nineteen home game so. It'd be tough for the Bruins hopefully they can get things done on Thursday night but didn't have their best effort tonight all right. Couple closing thoughts I went and to show win our deaths. First and foremost. I don't like what's happening right now in Foxborough. I think there is off. A lot of dissension amongst the ranks and I think Robert Kraft needs to get this rectified asap stop pouring about rappers in prison stop worrying about other things being on red carpets and everything else. You need to get. Your house fixed because the house that you own right now as great as it is it's broken. He's broken and the patriots right now. We did. The fact that Tom Brady I don't have a problem Tom Brady having skis options being over there for charity. But according to the report made by Jeff Darlington Tom Brady will not be here for the second session and then possibly not be here for seven on sevens in the third session. Data points Tom curry and so. It all starts with the leader of the team and everybody falls suit so Brady's not gonna be there. Bronx not gonna show up he's gonna do what ever TB twelve does that's not a good to look for either one of them but it's not a good look for. On the outside in the perception looking Ed. Celtics tomorrow night game to. Get it done that they're gonna need a huge game again from Terry rosier Jason stayed on. And Marcus Morse markets Morse has come up with a lot of clutch shots he gets under the skin of the opposing teams let the Greek freak. Scored 35 points he's going to get here it's. You can't allow Chris Middleton to go off for over thirty if you can control Chris Middleton that Celtics will go up. Two games tonight and the Red Sox tomorrow night I can't wait for this pitching matchup between David Price in show hey oh Tommy thanks to Tim laid out. For coming on from ESPN and big city Kansas don't write garden to a great job. Producing and especially the most port people each and every one of you out here listen called sexy befall me and Twitter my handles mark James ME RC James keep it locked here. Her bed now coming up next right here on WE. I.