Mut at Night - Danny Amendola sheds some light on what being a Patriot is like 4-16-18

Mut at Night
Monday, April 16th

HOUR 3 - A number of prominent Patriots have moved on to bigger and better things. Mike Reiss sat down with Danny Amendola and The Dola did not beat around the bush when it came to talking about his experiences with Bill Belichick.


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It's. Monday night. We will have a little bit reported it who doesn't play well I think that Al Horford and our real hard to tell. You know you move a couple things. To move through lol yeah. With twelve reports of a new I don't know that a bit but of course Al Horford backing the haters. Mark geez. There's a number of conversations that I am having I anticipate that Tom Brady will not only miss Monday and Tuesday students regularly scheduled event and cover. But when he returns I do not anticipate. That we you'll be part of the voluntary program. On first that's when the team's resume practice and then moving forward from there how far you can it is a question one. But I don't know that you can break you have. This is gonna be answers those questions and have to be with a lot of conviction you know when you lose your condition you barged into something else now here's my. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. More would Casey James to get a new. On this epic four hour endeavor the number 6177797. Net 937. At 61777. 979. B 37. To get ahead we're gonna hit at all. Anything goes rest of the show would take nothing but your phone calls so when I go to you wherever you all. Missing New England or throughout. The great country that we call the United States of America off I'm giving you 50%. Ownership of this show. So when you caught me in the coming strong. And day don't we we don't want to pay mark. How party think the Bruins will go on hang up and listen minute don't you tell me what you think and all respond all have a report. Okay that's how this thing works wearing to school you. Because you know we're the number one sports talent in the world Boston. Plain and simple. But there is trouble. In the patriots paradise. Because. Vera was a sort of car pool karaoke interview. That might Greece did with former patriot wide receiver Dini in a dull. Four we get to that though. Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski. Not part of the patriots offseason program thus far. In Jeff Darlington who came on wit me on this very show less than two weeks ago. Today said is about. TB twelve. Talked about the fact that he didn't think they'd TB twelve. Would it. Not only be here the first two days. But not be clearer after he comes back from these charity trip in Cotter. A number of conversations that I am having I anticipate that Tom Brady will not only missed Monday and Tuesday do this regularly scheduled event and cutter. But when he returns I do not anticipate that we he will be part of the voluntary program. On those that when the team's resume their activities and then moving forward from there. I would go so far as to say that I would call it unlikely at this point it is a part of any of the voluntary program. This off season. California says that his major question one. But I don't know that even Britain has an answer but for now we should definitely at least not anticipate. That he's a part of this week. And likely moving forward. That Eads. Utterly ridiculous. Because. Tom Brady knows that. He's the one who sets the tone for the rest of the guys in the locker room I was there in Foxborough on Friday for bill Belichick's pre draft. Press conference. And bella checked sort of got into week without getting into it's that we know some players are not gonna be here is they have excused absence but. You are not here for session one OK no big deal session to. It's sort raises an eyebrow. And then session three when you get into the seven on seven then eight homes. What is going on there. In you wonder if this is some sort of subversive. Mutiny. Led by Tom Brady. With Rob Gronkowski following. Against bill ballots yet. Gisele talked about in not being appreciated. And all of a sudden right now. Things are not looking good. At one patriot place. And listen we can only speculate. What's going to happiness if Brady does it miss if he misses session to and then the seven on sevens recession three. Then it becomes Def con five then it becomes panic mode then maybe Robert Kraft. We'll have to stop worrying. About his favorite rapper meek mill in visiting him in a Philadelphia prison in it perhaps start to concentrate on his football team. Which has a major. Fracture. In the foundation. And you can see right now and how much easier trying to. Be hyperbolic there's something wrong and we sort of blew it off. After the sept wicker Sheehan oracle. It dropped right before wild card weekend. And then the wedding. It is the ultimate concealment. For dissension in deficiencies but guess what the patriots lost. And wick that losing see if you did one it be like all right no big deal. All right so there are a little problem Alps Guerrero being BN from the facility the team plane at the sidelines but now. And then this happened we Dini Amendola part one of him it. In a horror. Interview. With the my crease. With a line and I don't touch it you know he he hasn't been known to pay its players really. You know I I understood that I gave money back to him so I can so I could play for him in place for my teammates and for film side of the contract. You know at the end of the day I I have faith that he was get you know give me an opportunity statehood. You know at the end of free agency or current you know this case it was the beginning it. Lynn wood free agency broke you know it it became so. You know realization that it. You know he wasn't really come close them any of the other officers and added. I had to make a decision from him in. And you know go get them any. Continue. Actually play. You know so it's not easy that's Fisher. You know he's and at times. A lot of things I didn't like. About planes farm but I must say things that I didn't like we're all. In regard to getting the team better and I respected him. You know I didn't like tracks in the snow and it Mike Tyson in the rain I was gonna make this a better football team that was gonna make me a better football player. It wasn't easy. And he was he'd be the first to admit that at the ring ceremony that it was it was an easy thing for. Me. You know silver lining is that if you wrapped things. Yes. So Dini Amendola. Decides to get into the will always mean self pity victim card. Not a good look. And and looking at Danny Amendola is stats. When he came to New England. First season 54 catches in play a full season second season he did play a full season only had 27 catches. Third season 65 catches in fourteen games and in 2016. Only played twelve games in 23 catches in the regular season. So. I mean for a guy. That has been injury prone. Did say that contract and so the last really. It's 4016 post season which Coleman in a run. To Houston in winning Super Bowl 51 against Atlanta Falcons and then this year he was really good in a dull. Of course we'll never forget the two point conversion against the falcons. But. Don't play the will always mean self pity victim card. Do. I just did you list it's. If you haven't learn from the lessons of Randy Moss Wes Welker Richard Seymour. Mike Vrabel. Chandler Jones Jeannie Collins Malcolm Butler Deon Lewis go back to Logan Mankins got back to Drew Bledsoe. There's only been one player who was irreplaceable. In New England Patriots. Franchise history in this goes way back way before there was ever Bill Belichick Robert Kraft. His name's Tom Brady it's that he's been the only irreplaceable. Patriot. In the history of this team plain and simple. But tedium a dole law was not done. He was asked by Mike Greece. About not playing Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl 52. It means. Carries them out. Yeah I can play anything happens thousand dollars it's that he. You know. I had my thoughts about it because you know I was out there you know. You know put my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night in game one of our best players wasn't on the field game. It's issued I don't know why. I did ask I didn't get any answers and you know I can't make decisions like that so I don't really necessarily worry about it. I don't Malcolm's a great player and he could help to us. For whatever reason he wasn't there so. You know he's gonna play that he's gonna play more football on his career and it is gonna be a great player for a long time and you know. It's going to be tough lineup against. Players. Yeah I did honestly. I didn't nobody really got an explanation for it. You know he's a brother of ours is a brother cars a year and you know I I hate to I hate to see a guy. Who worked so hard throughout the season. Not get a chance to play in the biggest game of the years for it and and really get no explanation so. With that said I don't know how you know the business aspect. When it went into that decision I don't know how the personal aspect when and into that decisions in the bill. You know as a friend. You know I would have loved to see him enough of that day. We all want to there was nothing in that lasts. Little segment. I don't agree with. We JD Amendola. He's right on the money there and I think we all our. I know are we to question the greatest coach in NFL history Bill Belichick act but. Did he didn't have to. William Nye the science guy African rocket scientist. To figure out. That Bill Belichick should put Malcolm Butler on the field instead of Johnson. Bottom OC. I mean we all know that Indiana Dolan not pulling any punches on Bill Belichick. In saying that. You know. I thought he was going to yeah I left money on the table weed him he didn't see any organization he said we'd putting this all on ballots Jack. It just gets worse. Now if anybody. Can drown out the noise. It's the hoodie. But for me right now. There's dissension amongst the ranks for the patriots. To get your thoughts on that 6177797937. Tex lines always open for business before seven like a diner. 37937. That's the problem. Is now we've seen it. Malcolm Butler. Come out and Andy remember right after the Super Bowl. Rob Malcolm Butler. Full of emotion Malcolm Butler and Mike Reese got to when he was sold I race remembered Malcolm Butler. And how he felt and Belichick. Basically and what they'll objected so this is not going away. If you thought the set wicker CM article. Was just something that your you've got to sleep underneath the rug that was just the tip of the ice Burke. And for me Malcolm Butler. He took the high road afterwards. And he said you know what. I had nothing bad to say all know. We that you could play bad to say after. Super Bowl 52 when Mike Reese got you. When he got to say that. They gave up on. The thing about the. I've decided. They didn't feel comfortable I don't know I think it's the hello I what happens now out of them unrestricted free agent and just yeah I think did. You know miss Cleo went to prison The Hague get this did you know that she was basically like a felon she's a con woman. A UV she wasn't being known now not I don't you do now. Yeah got to know that surprise marquee guy ya ya now I haven't some insight about Santa Claus to either a shocker there. There is something going on right now in Foxborough and I thought. When the season was over. It would have been a week or two maybe NN a Robert Kraft Belichick and Brady we've got on the same page in hashed out everything apparently. Nothing has changed. Tom Brady is using and and. We if you thought at the end of TV twelve when he said he wants to spend as much time with family if you thought that would just sort of let you know. Can sort of spot dropping you know just let it go I don't think it's that the tide in retrospect. And hindsight. Now was sudden. And pretty now has excused absence he's over do we anybody who you know is long does this does not. Impede the growth of football team being here at voluntary program in session what I don't prop. Session to. All session three Defcon five. On this for the seven on sevens if he's not there for that one then all of a sudden. We had a major problem New England. And that's where I look at this is something that. I thought this is going to be all hashed out after the season apparently nothing's been hashed out the only thing that got rectified. Was the dinner at dot Leos in Foxboro patron placed between Belichick and Kraft terror apparently. Have reconciled whatever issue they had but Tom Brady was not at that dinner. Those three guys need to get together and never step foot the one thing about this this is the exact in synthesis. All of everything that we see yield equal patriot way we'd never seen this before. So all of a sudden now things are going against the grain this is starting you know. When the anonymous sources. Start coming out leaking information. And all of a sudden you have a problem. And there's a problem right now. And I'd eat and you can you could see right now for Robert in here's the thing about rob. Read I've read reports about him he's in Foxborough. He's choosing. To not go to the voluntary offseason program. Instead going with out Guerrero. Yet this is another would know sources right. Yeah. Eight days I do we know that bill but. Brought to bear he just not eat choose and could do his own way. That's a major. One finger salute any. To telecheck I don't know what is wrong continues to sub tweet he continues to light things about you know. When Malcolm Butler you know all order the into Graham post you demon Tola your free now you can act free. I heard bella check. From all reports out there was not happy about that whatsoever. So there's a major discord. Inside. Patriot place are you surprised that. It's been almost two months since the Super Bowl. And even though they had had. Sit down meeting to discuss god knows what surprised that there are still lingering yeah he's very much on April 16 I'm very much so on and on and on a threat at all. On what the wait this franchise has been run. And the way. They have done business. To the way things are transpiring right before very eyes I am. I'm very surprised. And actually somewhat shocked because the page always a bald. The arrests. It was everybody else does it fairway Jerry Jones in Dallas. Pete Carroll in Seattle. What the patriots did their way. And you just start to wonder. Court this beat the beginning of the end. For. The patriots. In the Brady Belichick era could this be. It's starting to feel that way. By the way the beast is tied 22. I I think people are listening because of the union he sat. They did yeah oh yeah I I'm like Jersey Shore our situation fist pumping bullet. Right well I know The Beatles album Bruins scored a goal that's all I care about I wanna win this game is a one wrap this series up in four not five or six I want is being wrapped up. And the veteran. The captain Zdeno Chara with the goal I want to Barbara as you talk about patriots where do you wanna talk about we'll get into Celtics is well. 6177797937. And also Texas. On the text line 37937. Nelson he's driving in the car what's Nelson. Nelson you are there are you are going to. Once twice. CU. Later Nelson when you call yes talk to what you call I say what you are Paul A sports talk show. You don't put the sports talk show one holds. You in June not on oh this is another big pet peeve of mine and we dad gets to do this to. But yes I understand you're doing other things but when you hear that crackling sound. And they go. You're on the right now Mike you need own and you you do get off speaker immediately. It's my biggest pet Heath. Take the phone call off speaker put the phone to your ear. Or your headset what ever don't stay on speaker it sounds really bad on the air. It's almost like we get into a tutorial. Of sports talk radio how to call the new show and how to like that they're sort of decorum. You have to go through you know are really (%expletive) me off yeah. I'd do bill I really do that's really pisses me off. How about this what part of voluntary do you not understand there is no problem. Instead of talking about the red hot Sox in the Bruins in the seasonal play out to continue. To beat this fake scandal a dead horse well a number one it's not a fake scandal. Because something that was reported three months ago is still Goa there's no scandal here there is internal strife. And by the way if you voice in from the 413. You'll know that I have. Talked about the Celtics in the Bruins. Little bit the Red Sox. And I gave you the complete latitude in a taught me a call in and talk what ever you want so there's that. Don't you love to Kansas stone. Out all right Garvin. How people love to fuel our jobs. And they think they can do our jobs there than us they can produce to shouldered and you figure posted better than me will they might be able to look what would you do it once hit. And listen. It's tonight. I'm in the media chair for much soul we will talk I DP new. Autonomy and latitude where every wanna talk about we get what ever you want but yes this patriots thing is not something to sweep underneath the rug in ignore it. This is different in all all of there're. Off seasons we've had here renewing and it feels different in the pages of lost two Super Bowls prior to this one this one is different. Because there was never this much dissension amongst the ranks the owner. The guy who signed the fun of the checks in at the buck stops with him has admitted so in used the word as a synonym. Tension. I say dissension or internal strife or whatever adjective soon and you wanna use there is a major problem at hatred place. Come back more in take your phone call 617. 7797937. March David Frum what he reviewed the technical. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. 833 back on my night Mark James mark with a C James for India on Twitter. If you may. My Beatles really easy Mark James and D'Arcy James no underscored no hash tag no place in whatever Camacho. I can't stand the underscored you do that you can also heading up here 6177797937. Or the sex point 37. 937. We're loaded up. And for the guy who Texan says he hates me saying like Lindsay Lohan in a meth lab how about Justin Bieber a coach Al. Is that better for you elect out on a date how about job. Josh Gordon at a marijuana dispensary. How about Johnny Mae and Zell every day. And by the way if you all believe Johnny Denzel. Is clean. I've got slump led Nebraska to sell you just got hit me up on Twitter seriously only charge you like a thousand dollars per acre. It's all it's great swampland all we have. A really believe Johnny and sells clean now I'm sure sure sure. When his dad called him a drug. Stop we even thinking about Johnny and sell common in New England know leaping way. No way. I don't want him here at all and neither do you. Turn this whole place into a bleak show no thank you. I I don't need a guy who was caught. In its biggest bathroom with a rolled off. Hundred dollar bill going into remains stalled I don't want that guy as a backup quarterback here. The one thing ought to mention before we go to the phones and getting to all you guys 6177797937. Is this. Tom Brady the first episode TV for time I'm paraphrasing here said something to the extent of hate. If you wanna. If you gonna try and beat me you got you'll have sacrificed her life because I AM. But. And bowl last episode at a CD or Tom vs time he said yes. It's been convicted and remain here through these are fewer get my iTunes worked on my phone. You go we're doing this sport and you know what are we doing this for who's doing this for a while our review on this. You gotta have answers to those questions and have to be with a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your condition you question doing something else. How we can hear that. For the first episode of Tom vs time back around training camp. So we would have no wouldn't say not trade Jimmy drop below. So now Tom Brady got the leverage once the futures trading Jimmy G. Tom Brady now has the power he's got the leverage and there are eight to quote Vince McMahon no chance in hell. That Robert Kraft. Is going to be the guy. It's going to let go Tom Brady the way the 49ers team would Joseph Montana. But there's no way Robert Kraft going to allow that. Right to the phones we are locked in. All lit up it's led Ned in itself. You are up next on WEE. I would subnet. Always in the park Kia. I got a little I got turned the ball mild heart take on this you know. All Turks involved with everything going what what the world of sports eleven and 2008 generate. Our own and being from the church as kind of an outsider. I'll perspective on the whole Brady trying to solve church. A home welcome Butler and a door locked cabinet just marvel spent on this says you know. You can alluded to the bulk of dissension on the team and I I think. Awesome just kind of hyper critical. Partner that is so it may be reading you know a little bit too much into it by. You know the fact that their flight there I think calm because the peace playoff firm. You know he's he's some of that the sanctions some of that. You know anger and angst towards you know opera management has culture kind of guys. But after losing the Super Bowl I think it's kind of warn you now the perfect storm of everything happened with the the following situation. Also and Tom Brady's not coming entity. You know. For a volunteer he's you know worked out for the team where you know your it was something here. I've worked a huge future loans and then leadership and it and at what I say Iraq so tune in and settle in and the same thing where there aren't having dropped I don't know they view as a leader on the team of people like Michael Boller or anchored the defense and people like. You know Tom Brady decided to. Are skipping voluntary you know I understand that charity thing would accept it cute that one that says that you are going to be there no. On what kind of messages that sent to your chainsaw computers you know you're. You kind of alluded to earlier certainly see these tracks. And you don't match on all checked. Brady foundation that's spent some assurance are so many years. And I think people start that we have lately comes starter of like okay. You know I have other things and in life besides crystal ball it's my last you know maybe this is last year and connections yeah. Net net all your points are salient. The one thing I have is why did Brady say what he said in the final episode of Tom verse is tied. Why do you say that the first episodes of the patrons would definitely not trade Jimmy G. Now the sudden they Jimmy he's gone. The heir apparent successor is not parent we sure know it's not Brian Hoyer. They are so important that I think Bryant orders in all a I career back up you know at a fast quarterback. So you know you're you're in some trouble there I can't speak to the drop all trade you are not. Just sat behind the on the management contracts. You say sure sure tomorrow yeah Eric wants it was a huge mistake yet I appreciate the phone call and Dodd that's just. You know is just amazing now that Brady's got the leverage how he's pulling that card and why are we doing this. All of that first our no all call and you know you got to sacrifice their life to someone or to sacrifice mine I'll know what that soon change a 180 degrees Ted. Who's up in a horror. Ease next here on WEI what's up Ted. No good you. I was calling about. So called essential that you put it because I don't see it as dissension in the lie is. There's going to be one and helped the short comings and Belichick will be ex coach. Or player. You're not all complaints about gene and I aren't looking that way if they don't like to. Well I'm sorry to have to go someplace else caught up the most now what crap. As many as coaching it you're problems at all. Let you read this I assume bra well you can't the other guys. You're gonna have to play coach at its way and you know what they're probably gonna be in the super ball in to check out to take. Teddy your opinion right now the patron stand would sue first round to second round picks to the patrons take a quarterback with the one of their first or second round picks I say yes what do you say. I may be the second round somebody lit definitely not the first and it got to me I can't. I think more than anything it might try to. Quarterback as opposed to bring somebody who can do that Belichick already likes. OK fair enough I I appreciate that phone call but I writes I'll say is I think they're gonna go for QB. And don't be surprised at 31 pick now to get between third pick they got for the Brennan called straight don't we surprised that 31 pick which is their own. Date look if somebody did Lamar Jackson Baer. Don't be surprised. Just saying. Bob online three in a car you're next to somebody. Eight but reflect on our never call that radio station. Lights up I knew what to say that listen I have I have some I have some issues. One of what they. At all. Military. Is cold like coach. You know mis vocal coach yeah they are still. Apply it is old school coach in or you go to. If you don't know what you got money and you shouldn't be. Yeah I think I had a coat and I've ever. Played also wanted to play. Well I. Bob Bob Bob Bob and about politely listen okay ever appreciate your call like lake let's just stop like on that right there you cannot equate playing high school football the playing for Bill Belichick. I understand that point in my point that I'm not there anything. Orchestrated. Quote at the same way it is you don't like it you can leave the program that's a blog that you know I mean if you don't like your program. And duke up all the option to go any way you wanna call your superstar. Has waited this with the NFL. You look great superstar you're one floor one to three topic in the country according where you. Would you come page you know we're two guys. Now let's sick and I don't want they appreciate the phone call Bob the one thing about Bill Belichick like death and taxes ultra stock exchange he's gonna be there every year he's he's not gonna turn into some. Happy go lucky old sun shines in rainbows and puppy dogs and ice during type coach. You know we want that. Bring you know where are you had Pete Carroll here and how that worked out pick for a meal you know it that's not Belichick's way and I don't want Belichick to change I. I don't unfortunately things known volcano eruptions and earthquake. Admin being led but that's right this is who he would let this man. On Friday he walked into out the press conference room he should it chip remote was a good mode you'll smile lately to a certain extent. You know it wasn't to a photo shoot Linda holiday for Nantucket magazine but you look at is a pretty good mood. My name is still bella starts. He's in his element it's the draft right it's about me right hand position Dmitry elevate your back foot note here punching to look this is what he'd this is what he lives it's exactly there was a grip as the actual football aspect of the whole game who look to you sit in war. You know two of the guys are dog tired and just nonsense technique dropped on since technique I have a. Are it is they are now. That sort of crack in the patriots. Foundation. Daddy's. Era parable. Also. If you're bill dollar check this is a question and I wanna hear from each and every one of you would you take your idea is Brian. Well now. Dez Bryant would you take a fireman bail. 61777979837. All tell you why or why not the patriots should bring number 88 to new England and get your phone calls next. On WB. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm glad I WEEI margins of 10 o'clock. Get your call 617779797. You can also Texan. 37975. Million Twitter handles more jeans and ARC genes. But very heavy time the patriots we can talk Celtics Bruins Red Sox. Red Sox. You know it's not just that they have the best record in baseball. They've looked like the best team in baseball. But also one caveat to this. The combined record of the opponents they played. The first fifteen games. 1941. So just just that bad. It's really. It's it's garbage quite frankly so just dad's columns in the Red Sox will find a lot because they're playing one of the best teams in baseball. The angels tomorrow night David Price and amount. I hope the weather in Anaheim is is good enough so he doesn't lose sensation or feeling after he did after. The first inning against the Yankees but he isn't it nice somewhat clear. 6177797837. This like you expect this. Crap in November December January February march I gotta tell you the truth I grew up in New England like every most people out there listening right now. Like in mid April I expected better from mother nature will matter. It's like let's just to get to spring I don't want 82. Just give me 62. I'll be happy. With this crap socks it's dogs. Ellie in a rock in is up next here with the belly. They're. Yeah you've gone up. All along I want to build bulk bulge right arm. Our guys when he first got to their favorite game he looked wrong and digital culture repetitions. And then bill who Wear a pair of small ball usually well. I wanted to create a perfect team. One walk on the run out and didn't bug where I can do that among rapidly checks. So all these years not quite brilliant have a dynasty. You have to have. Players that are constantly. Play together and make plays and appropriate manner. Now argues towards Bill Russell remembered not only. That he searched. Those guys. Dynasties go out and actually call and they kept an awful long time and they will restrain people you know you people shut looking at me and came out. In all I have a certain non agreement. In. Well anyway what I'm saying it is. What he wants is the direction in and he also watching just to see him. The public note are other coaches who you name area and he really gotten. And since I am. How you feel. How he wants to run there's no solar you have to stand alone you are on plate program. And he's on a creature of certain word. Now and that's what I'm saying that the one constant here since 2000. Is Belichick and Brady and now it's Jack you know she's not going to change his ways he just turned 66 years old. He's not changes to he's not it has nothing he's going to do. It's he he's going to change what's made him the most successful coach in the history of football but no. Great coaches I had if you agree or not they're and you know late. It thing I I've made in my opinion there. He was upset when global alone in the rubble left. Writes all of course and once that's why I think he just he was like he knew he was forced its freedom and Eliot I I do appreciate the phone call he was forced to trade him. And he wanted to put in a situation or eight wouldn't come back and haunt the hatred she's in San Francisco in the NFC west unless they play on when. The FC west plays the NFC west whatever. But he didn't want. That to come back and haunt the teachers the NC for years to come he's friends with Kyle seating him because of his relationship with his father Mike. Andy probably has a lot of respect for John Lynch who actually came to New England before the patriots caught them at the end of his career. He retired I don't remember what it was remember Houston teacher training camp and indeed called that. Eight quits after his time in Denver. So I think he want to put the placed it wouldn't come back in it wouldn't. Have anything to have any residual effects. On the patriots that being said. Mean it you know as wells I you know grated we've been lucky here knock on wood Tom Brady. The liability. TB twelve netted the patriots offensive line zone pretty good job. Except of course on that play where. Brady. Got the ball knocked out of his hands in the super bull. Of keeping Brady. Up right keeping him healthy obviously. 2008 notwithstanding gets a KC chiefs in the opener but. Tom Brady. Like every other player in the NFL is one hit away from the end of the year. In for guy who's going to be 414. Start of the season before the end of his career Yang confirm that right. So. We now are seeding. Would rise in American or your story as Tom Brady's back. That's all we got down a few words I've ever heard today. American warriors story. That are you kidding that would pay no I didn't make that up that's what they called me in Cleveland because the disease so scary at the quarterback position they call them American or your story. There's really that. But I love that show too by the way and addicted to that show American or story. Anyway long story short is that the heir apparent is not here yet needed patriots confided in the draft. The kid at a Richmond whose dad played for Steve telecheck. Okay and in this kid play lacrosse too. Hi ill will last long whatever is being news. That maybe that's the guy I never heard before and I watch. A plethora of college football I'm not one of these. Our fate draft experts who all who don't watch college football in all of a sudden they're gonna breakdown own. Ought you know the NFL's wrapping who's a prospect or whatever I'm not one of those guys I want to talk college football. I don't know of that guys in this draft. I do know that we had the heir apparent to Brady and he's now San Francisco forty niner for the unit future and that's not good for the patriots. At all. But now Tom Brady has the leverage so there's that are coming up next 6177797937. Should the Celtics. Bring in the quote why letter to. Would this latest report are especially after the comments made by his coach who's the Bill Belichick. Of the NBA Gregg Popovich. 617779793. Cent Mark James you're ready to 10 o'clock.