Mut At Night - David Price is extremely important to the success of the Red Sox 2-23-18

Mut at Night
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 3 of Mut at Night is underway as Mike Mutnansky is joined by Chris Villani and they are trying to breakdown the JD Martinez situation as well as discuss David Price's importance to the success of this Red Sox team this season.  The guys then talk about the pace of play in the MLB and Rich Eisen's rule change proposal and how it could help the game going forward.


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How fast. Did you ever see the movie the natural. OK okay if sent its. I don't it's Robert Redford right there. Right before the big game. When he's definitely doing at all they have. What's coming off the reporter that's something out of the Draft Clark. Brandt and he. Back there it's. Now here's my. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. Missouri and duet of the year in my life where earlier WEP I'd that was. Attorney is there. We wait and neck and control this morning after tallying crystal Lawny joins us from parts unknown hi Chris how you do but I'm I'm well I can tell it as attorney sounds a little apartment ish. I got a lot of Eric cartman or when she which hit the course there there's a lot Eric Carmen there I actually think that's why tourney bailed is titled god first. That first chorus because it got a little cart mini about their G Eric Carmen that's about as I got from. We'll sit fuel car. A deathly was but it was entertaining and like kit and Chris just weeded out that seed line 44 Chris Maloney a Chris lying 44 it is. In your head the rest of the night though congratulations. The ear worm that you have tonight tomorrow and Sunday. It's courtesy of Kirk and Callahan the replay here on Monday night what is swamp and what what's you've been following all things. Sports today I had a couple thoughts. Any stand out you heading into the weekend I got to beat is Judy Martinez thing and mean. I was willing to give the and actually are a get lavender Alex some credit because he can talk me down. And unintentionally Ellie did send out a tweet read it but he talked me down after a couple of days. Because he mentioned that David Price had taken a couple of days to sign in our property taken a couple of days to sign. But it got big differences one. We're past couple of days it's now all. It's obviously not gonna happen to tonight so more or into Saturday unless there's some sort of middle of the night announcement coming here which seems unlikely. Pocketed after buying JD Martinez birth and apparently outscored is nowhere year is we're we're past the point of Friday so worked into Saturday now. After a report the deal was done. At the beginning of the week and in both of those rights and property examples. It was December. So do you eat just wrapped up the seeds in a month and a half prior there's not the same kind of urgency and it's not that. I need JD Martinez to get to a uniform real quick and it take you back against the twins and battled out the mayor's cup I am not worried about that. By it really does speak to. Some thing at the eleventh and a half hour cot they are high enough. The big push this off now reef or going on five days and yet to pick it something with the medical unit they get passed on now how was not in the back your mind. Byrd is the rest of the way. Or for Martinez is he these guys get fifty million dollars up front and there's something that's continent hit a pause button for a week that's a problem yet. And I would say that we're gonna get a contract at some point and I suspect Chris that many of these cases the Mike Napoli and other players. It's not the eyes not the end of the deal but it ends up being an insurance policy John Lackey century put that in a and you protect yourself as a team. Against the injury itself but Yi Yi right there there's there's no other opinion I dig them up with this point because specifically. This apart tickets me. And I believe that the red sox' PR staff is doing the best job they can't this is not on them but. They have told the media last couple days hace stick around there's going to be a press conference and it's not like hey it's official. But they are hearing from their superiors they are here for the Red Sox brass yeah yeah we're close we're close and let the media they can stick around Sylvia can't go to cover the morning stopping go home. And I'll multiple occasions now after being told to stick around. They had a punt in this thing so. I add that to the equation I know it's not that scientific. But they would not be being told that and they ended and against some knock on the red sox' PR staff but they would not be passed that message along. Unless they thought or being told you our clothes were close and at the last minute. Well turns out we're not rated to do it has to be something medical and best case at this point is they're being overly cautious and is an insurance policy put in place worst case scenario is. It's big Martinez and ought not be around the Boston Red Sox were aware if they've had the medical thing I mean we're. Where's he gonna go and he you imagine just for Martinez respect and we think about the route hours as I went nuts here by. From JD Martinez perspective if they are worried enough that they actually pull the freaking plug on the steel. Where does Martinez what does he signed foresee getting Mitch Moreland money at that point I mean what could it David Teague goes from where you get fifty million bucks up front reportedly. At a 110 million over the course the five year contract potentially you don't opt out tool. You know what forget. Where where were sat. Thanks thanks but no thanks we're at where the hell is he going to be he'd be stuck with whatever revised deal Red Sox came up with the Diamondbacks are they get that goes the to meet those the only two teams now. Indians of having to sign a one year deal will play for Allen scored a second outscored spoken it was not convincing today. Couple hours to go far. Prior after the Red Sox one mayor's cup game number one against the twins. On I guess of Vienna had to sign a one year deal that got that bad like Mike Napoli in a Panasonic a one year deal here. I guess that opens up to other teams wicked Scott Morse could convince them they forget it let's go to. Team X because your swing it matches up again one big year in and reset the market damn I sold the one year deal I guess what's the matter were five and 110. Is the Red Sox are boss right there's no other team it's wanna go far but the one year deal also. Put that one year proving contract put them out on the market next off season. Where he goes from the premiere power bat that's available. To rule of if I where to where did you Reagan next year's free agent class alive it's it's behind harper it's behind Dallas kite Colin by Manny Machado so for starters. And an if S exports and if he if there's injury concerns and he doesn't have a great season. Then he may be lucky to pitch more than money at apple itself in this is didn't take you to the absolute worst case scenario that I extremely if it was an issue and an insurance policy those types of things do take some time to come together. What concerns me is that at least some going back to eat your point about the media within the Red Sox organization. But they staying it was a wrapped up when they bowl on it ready to present to the media and I also seen this week. That apparently Scott Boras at least publicly. Is saying that he is not sure. Exactly what's going on so that tells you that the issue is on the Red Sox side of things in other words I JD Martinez problem. At least from what they're telling us it seems like Martinez is ready to sign it the best stopper he was gonna get. And he's gonna try to root for a couple of years for a lot of money and an eighty opt out and sign one more big contract elsewhere. There's some sort of issue on the Red Sox side of things if they were that close where they're saying okay guys get ready for press conference get ready for an introduction. And now OL week goes by or five days go by it and we have no idea what the holdup is here. That's concern and even if they do sign him even if he does get it it's out of 410 million it's fifty million upfront. End what they're depending on this guy to beat this season is that middle he ordered back that's a concern seek. And on top of that like you said did that did the evidence that is not on the Martina side. Martinez's there on Monday or on Tuesday morning he was there in front of all the media they walked him at 7730 the morning terribly saw him is not hiding from the team's front. I don't wanna want to know that I'm here. And then after that her Bradford said this last night that a couple times he's been spotted in Iran formalized their restaurants we. He's not hiding from this Chris Wright he's there to get his deal done. And the Red Sox it has to be you know that they've seen something. They don't like on the medical's and so now we wait and so we we get we've got nothing from Dave Dombrowski he's given a couple emails of the writers back and forth wait and see wait and see not shore. Alex court spoke after the game today won't play the entire thing Chris our producer took only the JD Martinez stuff. And it's about a minute these are the JD Martinez questions and the really. In my opinion on shore unconvincing. Item very. Not so confident answers round score talking about. We're always. His iron game. Our spirits carrier. It's. Weren't. We're still working men and women throughout this tournament. Custody as Zain what. I'm. Donna comes down to see how little bit sad and there's there's doom I think it made my puppy. Appears children doing get a read it doesn't. Let us I know my concerns whether it's here to them getting ready tomorrow we have them in and then see what we can there's more. But I'll vote you know easel or. Not that I've. And that last one's the one that at and the other the three committee convince yourself that just sort of bella checking and answers on which is different core anyway this course been really outgoing. So far camps over him to go ballot check in makes you believe is an issue. For him does not to say I don't know Katie Martinez's solo in Florida. Chris that's the red flags special right there yeah and even of the dollar check in answers that's not core is nature as you said that's coming from somewhere. That's coming from somebody higher up from Dave dumb brows ski from somebody in management who's saying. What is that there's an issue here we can't say anything do we can't talk about anything right now. You've just got to try to clam up as much as possible until we sort figure this thing out the I don't even know where he is. I don't know where to begin with that. Is there any PB out for many are they concerned we are about fifty. I have no like no idea gonna. Could be in Florida OK I'm looking for here that I haven't seen him around no I've not seen here at the studio tonight he was not that the new balance gym across the street doesn't duplex I will of people as have been today's like confirm. He's not been there you would think. The manager would know that and that speaks to. Just how potentially. Are the chain this thing is when it comes to medical's except for that you have made me and maybe in its course credit. He said look don't tell me when he series here are need to know about it you do which got to do I can't worry about it but I would think. If it was you know likely by a press conference tomorrow. Coral would know so I write an at this point. All we viewed as a Red Sox fan I think there should be a level concern now that. There's an injury here are booming and I think I also tied back and David Price couple years ago Chris because we don't know David Price has. What they're calling me a unique elbow a paid thirty million dollars a year to play candidates snowflake you know lake alma he adds. That is sensitivity about him that feels that way sometimes and on top of that I think they they now want to make sure cross every T dot every guy. And it just it's it doesn't the optics are bad on this even ends up being just an insurance policy. People are going to be queasy on Martinez going into the year now and I would have been in that the first question to the introductory press conference what will guys what took so what happened what the world says I want. Is there any injury and I can't stress to an out for this season. It is for me the the entire linchpin of the Red Sox and how we look at them in terms of okay Canadian. The on ice team ninety win team get to the playoffs again or. They legitimately challenged the Yankees I feel like I held PG eighty Martinez is the difference there and I'm assuming a lot of other things tomb assuming David Price comes back pitches well. Chris Sale is Chris Sale the media isn't much better finish to the year that he did this past year some of the other young guys produce there's a lot of projection there understand that. But a lot of that is dependent upon having that middle of the U quarterback in part of it is taking the pressure off. An attendee and bats and when he comes back Dustin Pedroia to be run producing run driving god do they want that to the top of that order well. How do you get on the part of it is no we have a guy that's gonna drive in runs in the middle of the order he's incredibly important. To this year's Red Sox team if you're gonna. If you're gonna put them in in a barometer of of the championship team you put them in that class that I gonna grate on you need help the JD my takes. Much pressure operas that lineup Zander the power guy anymore you just go and do his thing him their mirrors gets better pitches to hit if he stays healthy. That should help him too I a couple of tweets to add intended to contact in this conversation. Craig diminished rooted out which is like half an hour ago he does that he's a national sports radio's the series sex and bases self war. He tweeted out I'm fairly certain no one in the media watch JD Martinez hit more than me over the past month. What it's worth not once did I see any indication. Of any kind of physical issue so at this point I'm just as well plucked perplexed as you are I again he doesn't say how much he watched him hit. But he said he watched him hit from last month no issue popped up so that's kind of concerning here. And in Dan is listening suggests a pretty good point you almost have to wonder Arizona knew something he said about this and that's why they didn't offer. But seem to interest him when they try to get him at the reduced bargain basement Mike Napoli urge you put it Mitch Moreland price Chris because they knew. There is a physical issue in the Liz frank thing is is booming with him well about the other 28 teams. I ain't nobody nobody offered except for the Red Sox that I was went oh yeah. I understand that you can you know you can Parse it out early look at teams their financial situation where they need a bat. And that list of 28 shrinks pretty quickly pretty dramatically. Down to a handful I think the list is still bigger than two. Right and if we really went reading tea could use a JD Martinez especially. If the asking price is gonna be nowhere near the Scott Boras opener of 200 million or whatever we every in his dream he thought he was gonna get. The number should be more than two and nobody else. Seem to be not nobody else was there so again. These are all kinds of things hey maybe in three months we all look back at this and there remember the JD Martinez panic of eighteen. Of a late February 18 when it's the middle of June and he's on pace for forty home runs c.s and I certainly hope that's the case by. I would love to hear the argument if you're Red Sox fan it's not worried or not at least a little bit concerned here. Why in your pockets down I thought this light on exactly would you and for some reason Chris I I still have tomorrow is being like the drop dead date excelled Monday. We are on the air the afternoon. Announced the signing happened. If you don't have the announcement by Saturday. And I don't know why am pix in on this make that maybe a mental crutch for me for some reason. But I keep looking at tomorrow like it they did don't have the announcement tomorrow. That and iron because of blood red flag you know yellow flag for caution mature I'd to NASCAR guys do it. But there whatever flag year your your posting ties a Red Sox fan. It should be a would you read if you go through all day Saturday. Would noted used that apartment for forget fact they've been no announcement. There's no new news on this nobody knows anything this guy Craig nations is that the only guy. Who's giving any semblance of of of take on this the saying look I just watched him hit. They're the winter under accordion guy and the radio world body's. We've probably knows nothing anyway but that's that's it no one knows about this what if there was one tweet that I thought was particularly insightful. And came from one of our own. From a four or five hours ago as the rob Bradford at Brad mobile. Cora on waiting on Martinez. I'm not concerned. That doesn't help because then I just played you the audio what Alex Cora said and guess what it's concern I I don't eat up. Out out on and on and I don't need the Brad votes we'd on this I heard the sound Chris what did you think low wages are balanced score any good investigative reporter will tell you. You just hate. What ever the line is from the official that you are asking at face value tip your cap. And Sega data used there and that's at the other thing here it's quiet critics by. Thought only one other toward recession for a gets a one other Twitter suggestion. Before like you sell we'll get to the phone calls to see if there are Red Sox fans who are not as concerned as we are. One Twitter users suggest that this is a contract related issue multiple player opt out on a one out. This one of these things I read that we without actually doing the work but I would I would think if it was that simple to that Twitter user. That the Red Sox would be Smart to you know leak got out that the panic in the streets because go to guys like us to come on the air on a Friday nights at what levels and has done yet. If you just kind of whispered. Yes kind of records until contracts snag because they spotted as not a contracts nag their go once he said. Physical they're the ones were telling beat writers physicals not done yet so I'd like to believe that. But it would be able to date they've handled it poorly if that's the way to one play about how how can that. The it's all right let's let's take that we face value multiple opt outs are allowed so Scott Boras doesn't know that. Red Sox management doesn't know that and let's say for the sake of argument they don't. If they agreed that deal and then they'll try to get certified by Major League Baseball somebody that tells them hate you can't do multiple locked out. So. Yup how's that a sticking point and then you say OK got to go one opt out. I love it changes the financials I can't imagine it would change it so dramatically. That it would delay things over the course of the week I that that one doesn't quite pass the smell test them tomorrow feels like a big big data try to get the dollars of that through pretty general but Chris is right that's the question every Red Sox fan driving around tonight. I can you spin this as not being concerned I think most people lark. Idol for me tomorrow's a big gable wanna hear from you with 617779. 7937. The phone number and a wanna find out of people organ or agree with this kinder gentler Dan Shaughnessy. Who writes a column that they say he says give David Price other chance a Red Sox fans will do they'll pick through that and get your calls. It's multiple Lonnie mud at night Sports Radio WB yeah. What a night on your Friday we're ready WEEI getting the weekend with Chris Lonnie who joins us here tonight and your phone call 617779. 793 said is seven spending some time this hour. At least for now on the Boston Red Sox the JD Martinez news not great announced. Unofficially by Pedro Gomez on Mondays being a done deal it is now Friday night we're heading into the weekend and a wonderful school vacation week where. We had no announcement on JD Martinez Lawny nigh both seem to be concerned. I believe Red Sox fans are if you're not I'd like be here wide 617779. 7937. No word that I for the Red Sox on when that press conference. Potentially will and I can't take place as for the other. Talking point the Red Sox tonight that is David Price who couple nights ago Chris that you know. Talked to Bob nightingale use the word done negativity six or seven times. In that story seem to be they a buy in in nightingale is Casey eights on a certain way. Odd to be read a certain way and he's come back again tonight David Price talk with Dan Shaughnessy. I'm about just baseball and the Shaughnessy headline is all he's saying is give price a chance. Which again I would point out to danced paper that. That we viewed by NBC sports Boston about dollars eight nights ago and adrenaline keeps them going back to looks like mocked and mocked Evan for doing it. Any rights despite this is the outward this Dan Shaughnessy by the way not. Not like Silberman this is Dan Shaughnessy that you're the notoriously negative columnist. I despite all the noise and nonsense even though I thought he lost his mind his manners and he blew up the Red Sox season last year I made big believer in David Price is talent. I think you'd be Boston's best pitcher this year. I figured out the Cy Young season. I think you'd win back the fans. Perhaps is demonstrate some character flaw Shaughnessy writes but I just can't quit on price. I thought Boston folks are too tough on always characterized as a failure after winning seventeen games and we in the majors in innings back in 2016. And I was still prices camp early last summer right up until we ambushed an a sector sleep. On the team charter crede loser culture of tension and Joseph lawlessness he based goes on that'll Q when they without prices to pick through. I I I think that Shaughnessy in this case it's crazy it sounds. I think there are more Red Sox fans and not Chris that actually agree this point that are willing to move on past David Price is last year the year before. And it will to get him a fresh start this year I'm not there I can't be objective with this guy yet. And surprise Shaughnessy the voice for this one outlet likely to be objective with him. I don't know but I just here. I it's my natural reactions it's a character flaw that you can't get right yes and no I don't know that I I definitely think that it's a character on my part I think I no longer be objective with him based on. His track record I think that. The from last year to stand gross fell piece on the way to the ballpark in spring training. To the Dennis actress leaping to the act closely react. The this year what nightingale again even this story a region a quote coming up or does wanna talk about last year. I just I can't I can't get past this is attitude and I and I think most Red Sox fans of as a group B at their will and so. Go to Shaw's throughout the windy. I insist that there's something about him Chris and ample like this way about it Abbas an athlete a long time he just really really hard to like for war writes well. And in first to Shaughnessy column I thought the headline is by far the most creative parts ansari here that he that he stole that from two relic. I can otherwise it's glorified Q and de wit not exactly a lot of scorching hot cakes at the beginning in price speed that best pitcher in the Red Sox will. It turned the starters it's got to be humor or Chris Sale right. So he's got a 5050 shot against pretty of the Cy Young season as possible you look at what he did for about sixty it'd. 60% to two thirds of his first season in Boston. And he was a Cy Young caliber pitcher and he he pitched very very well for this team after admittedly be kind of an uneven start after signing huge contract. As far as putting that they any hackers leased up and everything in the past. I am perfectly fine giving this guy clean slate. For a couple of reasons number one you know bygones are bygones sort of thing may be learns from it a bit. Maybe he tries to. I'd just avoid those types of situations with with Packers Lee and maybe keep his opinions on that kind of thing to himself open just pitch. And focus on winning and winning back the pins that way. Also this guy's too important. Not to just. Kind of give him that this other chance because he's back this season yet the potential to be the best pitcher in the Red Sox this season. I think we're past the point speaking of opt out threat were past the point of wondering if price and opt out easier on. I don't know adopting the C I'm not convinced of that. And I outline why I think it'd be as a really good year this year and baseball gets back to spending money on players next year. That David Price would be happy vacant thirty million dollars per. He'd be happy making let's call 24. In Saint Louis. And I avid viewer of the marketable Austin because the one thing I think we can all agree upon what he wanna give pricey chances that the headline writes reads or not. On he doesn't love the fans here and doesn't of the media and I think first six million dollars less a year. You would like to go pitch in a place where he's happy it is here Boston what one in here. And it doesn't you'll win but he wins here. I mean if you aren't generally champion as your candidate Shapiro walks out and is getting a can walk on a champion to say did my job. On to go I right now can put that I resonate World Series winning pitcher. Now angle pitch some routes and and not be pissed all the time or look why wouldn't you I'm not looking winning a championship necessarily but at least. Getting into that conversation of being a championship team knowing that at least think we now. The Red Sox to be poised to spend a lot of money freeagent the next year even make this team better you'll have. We'll see maybe Katie Martinez for a better year if he shows up at all till the worst year we think he's at least wanted her to it besides at all today. I just think a lot of signs point towards David Price. Staying with these team for the long haul whether he does or not he's Alec Martinez except he's actually signed to a contract and on the team. He's too important to this year's team's success I mean in the Red Sox. May not win a championship. With David Price pitching like he did it two seasons ago for the bowl balance of that year by. They are nowhere if prices either injured or completely ineffective his goodies sale is they just don't have the death. To make up for David Price not being a top of the rotation caliber pitcher. I will say this I'll give you one what I like from price than one quote that again reflects back in the night guilt thing we're jumping your phone calls. This is Dan Shaughnessy saying this I told him David Price. He'll be a secret weapon this year which I would just how can David Price or be secret weapon never seem coming all the focus on Chris Sale after 300 strikeout season I suggested expectations might you reduce for price no price count it's still smiling. I make too much money for that I appreciate doubt that never going to be the case. Price nailed it when you get when you get paid thirty million dollars a year that's a great quote from David Price. He now is starting to get the expectations are never going to be. Lowered for guys make that much money especially in this market Chris where you're seeing time and time again the amount of money do you make. Directly. You know correlates to what kind of pressure get for the fan base yet that's the reality thought I would I feel like I like that call from price this one not so much. Dan passe when try to get thirty when you were so anger run everything last year. You guys will never know what went on periods of price that's the bottom line. I don't wanna get back into an open at all back up let me go throw boring no hitter in spring training that we can talk about that. I the problem I have is that we do know what happened last year we know what happened with the Orioles situation we know what Appleby Akerson situation. And he comes across look like the wrong guy in that case and for whatever reason he did wanna apologize that nightingale stills and talk to recklessly said he would talk to on. Which we all like is he does not wanna talk them at this point. And so to say you guys will never know 11 on period yeah yeah I think we know I that's one of the reasons why he was so criticized last year people. Know the story this one was told so many times yet Presley thing and people all adding rightfully put the blame on David Price. But yet there's no question price came out looking badly in that I crushed a money these airwaves seemly you did the same way just about everybody else did by. I'm with them put in the past ya OK maybe eight to be the first part of that quote comes up is being very defensive by. Actually wants to move on from it. Price wants to move on from it I think the vast majority of Red Sox fans desperately want to move on. From this and I think it eventually comes to a point we run the risk of having. Price got into whip over the over the past season so maybe there's some guys it's got a little bit of a personal edge in a personal element to I don't know but. I think I'm willing to put that in the past. Have this guy try to move forward he won the Red Sox best pitchers this year in it T does. You better believe the fans are gonna are gonna flock back they will forgive just the same way they'll they'll put the meaning that shot a Dustin Pedroia thing behind. I've been Drake comes back mid season and looks like he's he's reverting to some sort of all star form it takes a leadership role in the club also say that's. Or jumped the calls one. Concern I have about price. I don't really want him at least not yet. The BB alpha neck clubhouse and part of me thinks he tried to gravity grab that role already last year just based on the records sleeping. So I hope that somebody else. Maybe Dustin Pedroia. Meeting will keep bats it you know he's ready to it got to take on that roll out more leadership role. Maybe Judy Martinez if it turns out he is in fact a member of your Boston Red Sox this year but I'd like to see somebody else maybe sale. Kind of grabbed that that leadership mantle from David Price because. I don't like her fur and maybe this is my own bias against him I just don't want him in that particular raw wanna be one of the Red Sox as pitchers I wanted to. Generally speaking kinda keep this is thoughts about the media and the bands to himself whenever possible and try to win games have put this team in a position to compete for a time. I'm with you and that the reason I wanna be a leader is because he keys when he negativity to the poor I think Chris he's using is a crotch. Saying it over and over again like hey final pitch well at gunpoint negativity get here in this town. And the last thing this team needs is Wilkie bets Zander Bogart's Andra Bennett can be rough deal devers those guys sing in the exact same thing. I'll let's go to John a car at 61777979837. With some thoughts on David Price they jump. Johnny. Hello Johnny you're on the aisle are. Well I'm listening to a discussion. It comes to mind and I had been a fan for a long time that. Price really doesn't deserve to Wear the Wear the uniform. You know everybody says it's always laundry laundry that. This is the guy that believes in the 25 apps for 25 players. And down you know you think frank melt zone along more sure in ready wit absolutely obviously you know basic guide to who we can be proud of the as red sock yeah. David Price the carpetbagger. He would never be here we're not for thirty million dollars he doesn't want to be here. And for him to stand up and say I'm gonna leave this came. I'm gonna lead to the caps and there's nothing you can do. You know people like SC team and he went 22 before I guess I'd like them but that's about who. It. You really can better your fantasy team that actually think heaving or any real live actually exists in life baseball team. You have cheered coworker apparently dec. A 100%. No freaking sense at all. Well sorry but that. Might care David Price. And he that bad actor and I think the media got. And that if he wins be my Rotisserie League and I could beat milk from accounting. All is forgiven and I'm not that extreme I think he says carpet Bagger and should get to where the unifil JD Martinez I think that's I think that's cool aggressive but. I get that the center point that people are just sort of fed up with a man maybe there are more people. That are awarding him a chance Dan Shaughnessy is amazingly Dan Shaughnessy is Alex and a car on David Price on balance. Yeah first saw a lot of praise you Mike because I think you'd you'd like let a lot of different stories in the last few weeks. You know but about our David Price that. What what do they what do I do. You just take account lot of stories okay like that McDaniel story yes I am I mean I'm a leader of the big stories absolutely. Educate even like this nightingale story. Like the other night the next morning I heard. Talent and then nut car talk about an active wow it is like get a big story. I do sort out and I do we do sort of set the dialogue for the next day on the show that definitely happens that's for sure. I take you do it I think I'm you know you're doing a good job outlets and I I I do a lot of praise you and I think you do a good job on. During the morning guy. Land and on a little thick here to check the check is Malia and he's yet at all is shot up shot up Christie the Alec that the check is in the mail which is bonded right. Accurately because the army. You know ideology in the boarding and I'd I'd say I'd be pretty good at all by yourselves. How about prices yeah I think the bottom line about prices. I think most of us didn't think he had pink. But the point is if you got out there and pitches real well and good luck that I just talked about it. If you went on Rotisserie League you must be doing well but other patriots went right up. You know what I'm saying so it if he got 22 and six and he does well. I called. A potential like him again now but he says stupid date if he's still played well. They'll probably put out would it for a while but the last two years he. Like last year he was he he was ajar. Eddie couldn't play so you know everybody didn't like it you know he was injured. I'll tell you what Alex that that the rope and no matter what you think about price people that like you say to pitch well your end the call before saying about them altogether. I think you would agree Chris even that if the deal leash is really really really short on David Price if you were get out to a bad start the response is going to be. Over the top negative for this guy this year yet there's no question and one sort of feeds the other B pitches well. It's gonna it's gonna tamp down the negativity and if he's pitching well. And he's generally am genuinely in generally accepted by the beef the end base here which I think will happen if he is pitching well. And he's still. Finding the negativity east at that point it's like he's looking forward and then I think my opinion would change then I think I look at and say all right. You know I'm willing to give this guy an opportunity but it's just clear that he is not cut out for and does not want to play. In Boston but can play a high leverage situations at least in the regular season did pitch. Well in Boston in the regular season we've seen that you a big big part. All of these stretch running going into the post season last year out of the bullpen had they won that series it no question in my mind. Would've been a starter for them in the ALCS he is too important not to give a chance to this year especially to your fantasy team. I'm absolutely a very brief break for those or pollen real and fantasy baseball we'll get to wage Jonathan Martin update. In the next hour of the show Jonathan Martin who had some crazy stuff appear on its a grand paid Chad the last 24 hours up update from LA on that end. I'll will come back with Chris watney who was umpire baseball is life at a very very very high level. I he's been on the or his entire life he will give me his a's two minute take. On the rich Eisen rule that suggest maybe just maybe. It's at any three batters you want in the ninth inning when you're trailing. In Major League Baseball we'll get to that in your calls one at night with full line Sports Radio. W media. Baseball. Is truly. The only sport. Where game on the line. Finally inning. Any other sport final seconds. Baseball is the only sport where by mere randomness and happenstance because of the batting order. The best players are not out on the field with the game on the line. Potentially. You're down by 29. Inning you've got 79 now. And that's the way it's gotta goes man right and you can pinch hit but sometimes your best hitters are not coming off the bench. Because your best hitters are your 34 hitters who because of randomness. Are not up with the game on the line. Here's the rule change. In the ninth inning ninth inning only not a fitting not seven not extras ninth inning only. You are allowed to send up to the plate as your first three hitters whoever you want who. Whether they are just played except 345. Goes out and order in the eighth inning ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there. I'd that was rich Eisen a couple of days ago it's one at night Sports Radio WE yeah I we call the commissioner Crist flying who is up umpire and on baseball's entire life. We turned to him to get an instant react. Couple days later I admit it but it is they're reacting to. On the rich Eisen proposal as being called now where he can say any three guys you want trailing in the ninth inning. To the plate your response commissioner the law love. Love it love it love it I mean Byron empire when Lovett because if you're actually keeping track of the lineup or something like that be a pain in the neck. Like. And maybe this is a little bit too dramatic and a big about a from the Yankees perspective. You know Red Sox lead the Yankees. Or at 301. Of the bottom of the ninth. Craig Kimbrel comes in. And he's got a base then judge Sanchez who somebody else just had an idea that I got hold the scenario peace. Would be crazy debate about by. Every other almost every other level of baseball youth levels they have extra hitters they have reentry rules they have ways that you can. Engineer. To put your best hitters potentially. In a position to decide to gain an ice and now rock every other sport. You've got Richard that's out there. To figure out whether he team's gonna win or lose it includes baseball terms of pitching typically say your best reliever pitched the ninth inning that's your closer. So this might be a little bit too dramatic but may be having the opportunity to reenter a one hitter remove one hitter. In a spot in the ninth inning could be something you'd be considered. I just know any time a radical rule changes loaded in baseball it's immediately shot down by all of the old timers traditionalists. Who do not want to see this game old ball for change in any way shape or form. And that type of thinking is is dangerous because when you're looking at aid viewership and at the end based it's not getting younger. And is not replacing older bands with newer fans. That's when you have to start getting inundated and think outside the box of this particular example might be a little bit you know mimicked a little bit closer to the box than this. But the general sentiment yes. I like him a mumble I love looks like I totally agree what you said the back half of that I I think baseball needs to. Real change some things for sure I hate the idea and I I should I should love it because I am in that group with the U I think baseball has long been a wait too much about traditional we used to do. And so they come up with a different things like that DH like the wild card I've been front and center for those things of the things why I thought would help the game. Wart drastically crazy at that time. But I saw the indeed the innovation I saw them for thinking it even than traditional sort of saying Chris hated the wild card is that famous Bob Costas clip. You know where he just ranting and raving. But a wild card was gonna rule baseball it's been a lot better now it is one game playoff peer the end a couple of for a while I love Datsyuk I detail I got this won't agree on that. I just think you're changing something in baseball. That I have never Chris McKay I've taken a lot of bad phone calls people like to change things in baseball. Not one person is called or Tweeter Texan said yeah I hate the ninth inning Wear teams down by Iran like that that's the point where. That that part of the game does not need fixed because whether it's the 345 hitters whether it's 789. There's that chance for the rally and I don't need to see the best hitters come back up again I like the fact. When the guy at the bottom of the order you're young Jody reed in our guy in bad pick your your punch and Judy Dillon feel the Red Sox yesteryear. Starts a big rally I like under the guise one expected to do it. Get it done against the closers there's no and he tells Marianna absolutely Chris that would take out of way after the big walk by camel horrible people write power hitter he gets on base. Stolen base basic Bill Miller. So I'd like those things I like wouldn't be the 34 and five. I just think broad picture standpoint like you said. Half the league the pictures of the half leaguer not to run half the league so 40% league. Is going to hate this because. Let's say for example you were David Price David Price a no hitter they're right he's got a 345 in the eight inning. Guess we face in the night the wrap up that no hitter. The trip and yeah yeah I'm guys again these closers who are are paid on saves which is kind of silly anyway I get that. But it does the guys who who are are forced him in the ninth inning to close that up. Those save percentage are going way way down ER raise legal op. Because they got to face the best guy but not the reason not to do weight and asked yes it is now not many if you're you're you're leading the fabric of the game your first. Argument iPod here you first part of it was better dig losing some of those Cinderella moments where that guy you never he had out Mariano always he did get hit I can't wait Hosea vote getting for big spot go to my way things I thought that that I can that I concede of permit cinnamon talent I I had no. I don't care whatsoever if if Craig Kimbrel save percentage goes down because heaven forbid. He had to get good hitters out in the night how about all the times you've had your save percentage when you've got a three run leading your basing 789. Nobody at the tying run never even gets to the on deck circle. End you get a save for that and and nobody's really worried about that time I don't care at all. A much closer is or. I'd guys going for no hitters are things like backlit -- good hitters are the ninth inning that might your job by the way you're going for it's not your job that pays the batting order now you change the batting order your making their job harder for what. For what reason. You're just yet who's ever saw you you you do you really think. That the casual baseball fan is going to be looking around for big ninth inning games and then flip back in because those fans are watching anyway in the ninth inning. It's not like there's some you know way where we are going to get invited the Sunday amid sunny taken MLB ticket faithful around for nine innings looking for these things that what. Big red zone why why is the ninth inning is a ninth I think reds now. Like panic I don't hate that idea we just gave me the base more million dollar idea they can he had to face somebody rushed run to the Trademark Office now. The ninth inning okay now and CO OK OK okay now lol now we have our cousin. I still like the three theaters I've I like you're one hitter better I can stomach that. The X rating can place one guy back line up one spot one time in ninth inning why you're trailing. Are you wanna do that I could see that. But it's like who who does like the ninth inning right now who complains and ninth innings and exciting enough well baseballs are happen I mean there is our conversation by changing extra innings. You know for games are going too long and I didn't really get on board with that you know the idea of runner on second after a certain point they mean nobody really in for every game that last seventeen innings. You know there there's a dramatic ten inning. Want to offer something like that where the game doesn't take all that much wandered decided to close game a good game already. I think I dozens proposal might be a little bit too far outside the box me eight closer the box. By this sentiment behind it. That's that's how you negotiate right you propose something ridiculous you get talking and you end up with a ninth inning red zone with one. Extra hitter they can be moved anywhere to potentially change that game in boost ratings for what is going to be tremendous revenue producing venture for you and I've we are only got trademark down Chris our producers Cendant right now a Major League Baseball they've confirmed or and I'd it would be a the irony of this of course will get some phone calls. On this and David Price having altar at 617779. 7937. It's a league. That even when given the unilateral power to put a pitch clock and decided not to so there is no way they'll ever do this I I'm OK if they don't. Chris likes that I hated it I should like it. And for some reason I don't we'll come back at your phone calls in this final hour of Lonnie is here Patrick Roy's going to be waiting on deck he's gonna be reacting to a big Celtic when there are fifteen. With two minutes to go in the fourth he'll come your way 10 o'clock your calls until that money at night on a Friday Sports Radio WB yeah.