Mut at Night - Depleted Celtics might be changing minds; Jonny Gomes growing on us 4-19-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, April 19th
HOUR 1 -  A lot of people wrote off the Celtics' postseason hopes after being bit by the injury bug. With a 2-0 lead over the Bucks and a weak Eastern Conference, the Celtics seem to be making believers out of the fans. Also, Jonny Gomes seems to be making a fan out of Rich Keefe with Gomes having a lot of the calls on the Sox west coast road trip. Keefe and Chris Villani in for Mut.

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Have you seen from the books that strengthens your pick Todd nothing tears you got off to a good strong start the series moved through here. Yeah. Home movies. But no we're just about everywhere you go nowhere yeah I mean the guy that's out porn viewing your backcourt mate went and buys them 96. From this area better hold it rob Bradford Chris do you feel like the team has really even started hitting yet we get in there I. Grand Slam first it's. A Grand Slam all of its Grand Slam. Jay-Z Bart. If bats and get him better in a word magical now. Here's my back night on Sports Radio W. It's never fun night Sports Radio got these guys know much all week. Here at the gap it is risky principal Lawny for another hour than Gilani and Brad follow after that I had. And get excited we finally got the answer you know the hell happened Brad phone that lost. Broad social episode Maloney got to the bottom of that last night. Oh what happened days trying to record you can hear it that was the gators and obviously he's still out of Florida use you like how you know team Canada string of does is that it did not terrible meet the one standard of quality the Brad social hats. You have to be here due to the other here at it on your post that it is ample those two guys get more of that later on he adds yes well south about. Markets mart while never make it all start and yet that is also link right on we'll out that's a broad photo shows speaking of markets Smart and not playing yet for the Celtics maybe there's a game seven against Agassi complained that putt. A great start. For the c.s obviously the UR two all game three not until tomorrow. But. A title carrier ring went down assuming it sucked the life out of everything there is like a cat like. Bruins are good from Red Sox are good patriots drama will turn our attention that way. But not if they win the first two games it's one thing that to watch the first two games of this series and say. They got a chance to beat the box may be they'll get people back on board a little bit. But if you're watching the rest of the Eastern Conference playoffs. LeBron could lose in the first round the sixers have won like thirty games in a row they lose to Dwyane Wade and the heat. Toronto does look pretty good they've they're up 20 and there's there's Washington bought. All of a sudden in the Celtics are the other two best players are there and Smart Stallone playing. I don't know I don't I don't go 180 would them like they they are just as good as everybody else is the. East sucks the Eastern Conference is terrible right that's why default sued the cavaliers will win it probably not so much and yet touch mature reflection of that it's are questionable bronze better than everybody else that's in that mix yachts is the only one that's close. So yeah an end. The way the Celtics played what Brad Stevens is getting out of his guys thirteen games. The waiter killing Milwaukee on the boards and and forget about games that market Smart will play in the one of the games in the next round that's when the next time he'll get his. And I had done 180 on this I thought coming in I think you do too right I won't speak I think that Milwaukee guy I talked today about the bucks to win these series by now we're seeing. This we don't watch team all the time like your your buddies in Milwaukee year AC DC loving friends in Milwaukee Friday to tell you this. This is why Milwaukee is where it is despite seemingly having a lot of talent they were banged up through the course of the season but they're healthy now. And this is a poorly coached. Disorganized. Team it can't rebound to save its life I didn't think I'd see a team that was worse at rebounding than last year's Celtics you got here pitiful. Rebounding basketball team right now on the Celtics are exploiting that. And they quit I mean there's just no fight in this team whatsoever after they lost game wanna beat you saw. Some reflections of that game to the way to Celtics came out the way they won that game so Milwaukee may get one at some point at home right like. It this feels like is a set with the Bruins Maple Leafs series gentleman's week they they hear B I have. Five and that way they can limit you know back at home and enjoy a day ago they. I should know something was up at a very high level radio interview in Milwaukee another one none of that now one that I do about war but in that one's obvious at that guys in mid day host at Milwaukee. And he asked me lied winning the seriousness of the blocks guys that we have wining the fifty theory a theory is. He. He's got a rejoinder no that's just him at the semi retired I got that. I can jump in now and he he picked the Celtics though to to your point being like he's watched the blocks all along he was like. Now they're they under achieve all the time so even though there's no carrier are being. He doesn't see the box putting it altogether. I also thought. That the Greek freaks supporting cast was better than its ban by Chris Melton is good he's a reliable scorer. Everybody else is pretty bad Eric Bledsoe but he's been the biggest joke in this whole series and then what he says after game two pitcher you're as carriers here yeah. Teradata are only minutes later Martinez to pull that off with Kareem Garcia but yet you can't don't quite have the cache data patron waiting sorrow and you're getting torched by him and here you should be better than him but turns out your not and in the very least you should know who we is due stared at the back of his Jersey a lot of a lot right circles around yeah and not like it's a football roster. In supplying essentially seven guys right but don't don't don't oppose and point guard and Africa through the real issue at the weeks out on Joseph front piece of art that's what I'm not I would not be surprised what began simulator ever look at my. Milwaukee shot 60%. In the second gave him the shot 60%. But there's no desire what late they miss a shot. Or if this Celtics miss a shot there's just no desire to get the ball no not a Celtics had twenty some odd second chance points. I'm just constantly out hustling Milwaukee this team that just quits they just old. They'll take shots and they are going great if not in whatever you know get a next time that's essentially the way they're they're approaching basketball right now it is incredible. We knew that Brad Stevens would would run circles around joked Monday in the Amy Grant to the bucks coaching staff but that is then. On even more V8. He needs yours it is really wildly look at that you you mentioned they shot the box that 60%. Gain to. I'm its two most thirteen of seventeen and Middleton was ten of fourteen amputee that's my horse 55 points and you still lose and lose by adult figures like there was a comfortable win the for the Celtics who are getting contributions from a number of guys which we assume they would have to do Jalen brown had a career night forum. But that unitary rosier played really well Marcus Morris is content to score. Al Horford was fine. It was a bad night for Jason Tatum barrels to make up for negated need a great night for Jason Tatum and you don't expect him to bounce back in game three because. He very rarely puts together back to back stinker so and. Things are looking not in united need to you know the 23 points and zero turnovers from for terrorist yer yeah marketing need maybe they're herculean effort Jalen brown. In the third quarter helped the Celtics apple way at that point but I write this and in well. And the undeterred easier to 180 and sunny turnaround in the Celtics the point I'm looking at the Eastern Conference and saying. Maybe that's what they pop the expectations change for the Celtics that video games they're at home and so. Barkley is obviously being stubborn and puts them at the open where well what is what at what you see university wanted to see. From the talks that strengthens your pick. Talk nothing. Bill let me do it and outplayed and he flat out outplayed through the shall repeat up to me so knowledgeable intelligent I think the the longest I've does that guy but it looks like they're likely keep searching for answers yet but the thing goes on you never overreact up one game by the other and then be without Boston did what they had to do. Walking got to go home win to gain during the period the senators slips. Now if your member of the 08 Celtics right now won the whole thing I've ever cult member of that hawks series went seven. I years as those to load as the prominence of 22. Era and one by like forty in game seven they'd basically if they finally solve figured out there they want a road game in this next series when seventy than what our game to the pistons Eastern Conference finals right so that's not saying that's the case for the Celtics this year bought. We've seen NBA series we've seen it would this franchise where. After two games listens over. And then next thing you know you're going back to game five with the series tied 22 I just think from watching this series what separates that is. Want what is Milwaukee gonna do differently because the Greek freaking Middleton poll had really good gay rights prod nothing I had their ideas are being nothing so. Now all of a sudden. You know what should they win this round maybe they showed in the the next round it's. You know the 76ers. Or the heat the heat. At that point edge at the pick and when that on film actually it's gonna be the sixers first law mean that the value of its everything that we also seen the NBA is game one of playoff series is not always indicative of the way the rest of the series of play out when the underdog. Steals one on the road and acting cavaliers. Will assert themselves and sixers got the ability to do the same thing in that series going forty Toronto by the way. And they've been ignored all three regular seasons we may as an outgoing and layoffs do. But the one other favorite team no one favorite it's actually playing like a favorite that looks like T indicated they can represent the Eastern Conference here at the raptors needed does highlight the broader point just how pitiful. The eastern conferences and how anxious really bad with Tyree. Yet they went off they absolutely want it. I'd forget about or what are giving me that dirty word that he played five minutes so what does carrier ring you're the favorite in the east would you or would you boys in the money our ticket and guards. Yes Michael what I believe he may have said what it can't that is for details and Chad Dukes just that they get the Celtics where they where they could ban you know one of those would have could issued years and and the solved that a bunch of those in me and they have their own nine we Garnett got hurt I mean the way the Perkins trade worked out that seasoned media got a bunch of those years. Where if not for any injury if not for one particular thing goes dramatically the other way Rasheed Wallace at the couple rebounds shore line item that title I Nazi leader although I live welcome get the ball it I don't graduate audio out of hand mathematical radically right. So I hate your effort don't lie either. But this is it this is gonna be 88 fascinating and in games three and four back in the Lockheed C to the box at any pride whatsoever is there any light on his team play and realistically like you said what they do differently. And the other than try harder to get offensive rebounds other than try harder to keep the Celtics are the offensive glass. What can they do differently is not a good rebounding team. They can't shoot much better no doubt he can't get much more that I cobalt can't score fifty points out of our zone I mean blood so I asked to be much much better I guess bottom of the guys haven't. I just don't at a Jabbar Parker has been atrocious in the series are broadens give you flashes but it's. Yeah all that talent doesn't seem to matter and have not figured it out. And every broke right for the Celtics to league you're looking at the the seedings even if the pacers can't knock off LeBron. Liggett the raptors there than others wouldn't have to play both of them most of the two toughest matchups so they could get in the Eastern Conference finals and Google's. What the raptors or the cavs looked like at that point as far as change in the expectations that any that the question you asked few minutes ago. It. They this is there's always say without being deferential Stephens I guess about. It's house money at this and all right it's it's the only thing that I would look at and say okay well something something bad happened here maybe it's a reflection it's even that they somehow just got truck the next four games. Milwaukee wins the series in six think the boxer beaten team so assuming. And I do assumed as the Celtics don't win these series wants the next round if they lose the Philadelphia and round two because eventually. The lack of rotational depth the injuries catch up of them they can't shoot or take care of the basketball effectively they have over these first two games of the playoffs. I don't think that the bigger picture reflection on Stevens or on the on the franchise and you wanna spend it in the same way that we did after Gordon Hayward went down. Look at the though the playoff experience they Jalen brown and Jason Tait and forgetting where they in the end terrorists are apartment they have to be V Geist. Take out Harry 08 team. Yeah and in because Al Horford had always been really aggressive he's been aggressive balance our style but he's picking his spots is as he is want to deal. And you're seeing in the in the third yet third quarter in game two was a great example of that. Tatum struggle a little bit Jalen brown said this by time I got to Obama pull this team away they go on that Ryan and then games not really close after that. That was my biggest thing with game two was watching Jalen brown be so aggressive on offense and knocking down threes go in the basket get dunks and thinking. Our next year. He is gonna be a starting lineup in the playoffs with carrier ring with Gordon Hayward. With year to Jason Qaeda with full island and quiet runner which is I think I don't know about edited in Al Horford and so. Say whatever you like about Al Horford but that he is on the team would all those guys. I don't care to point scores Kyle had a little matter that bring back the same team next year and he did Eastern Conference favorites we know that he can forget and I don't care for the bronze stays in the and allowed investigating Ellie Ellie I got myself and day out tonight about the conference final yes. How do you feel about them in and let's say golden state Golden State's roughly the same team next year yeah I'd. Think you got to give him a chance at the theory that you haven't felt as if the series again because. Round and Tatum appeared to be hits. You know brown coming up the career night Tatum I think it's still going to be the better NBA player but that's down the road doesn't matter much but a few of those guys who rely on. Was essentially three other all stars in the lineup. You've got to feel pretty good now Golden State if healthy. Still is better on paper that's ultimately that there's not TF or the top twenty guys in the league title at the top five players in the league that's a real but the year after that if Klay Thompson leaves in free agents here ever now wait a minute that now all of a sudden you you might appeal the matchup or. You know Danny Ainge is still not gonna sit back and say all of a lot. And they amply got a guy I mean a solves one getting Anthony Davis then and that aren't acting I ever got like eight years and that bride be the expense at the expense of Al Horford Jason Tatum seen something like that up. Or or even acquire Leonard deal there's something there to be made. But if they just bring back the same team next year with relative health. To compete for a championship and put another way you go into next fall let's say next September October. Where if a legitimate scenario. For the first time I guess since. We can't say really 2008. The first times that can't remember when that all four teams. Are legitimately. Among the favored such that chance are among the favorites to win championships in their respective. Port Ellis knots and that's you know that's a thought wants in the Red Sox go to fifteen too wouldn't end them coming up as well but you're watching Anderson I think it's fair and good especially based on it's the patriots are always the bats the Bruins are the best uniting and Eastern Conference you can make it maybe it in Nashville or just plan their minds have wanted to target for them but. You have a true. Championship title for but even in into guys and are we will it release of the software the Bruins Stanley Cup. I need some help on Allen remembrance gonna cut favorites in 2008 am and I found out there in the playoffs commodore they markup they weren't the favorites they lost to let the hurricane's next year the sixers are the sixties the flyers have had a couple of top whatever affects how flood yet though it's Allen Iverson was was great that series. I'd like to the flyers and heartbreaking fashion the year after that and then won the cup. The patriots obviously went undefeated lost the Super Bowl the Red Sox won the World Series the year before it's always wanted to cause he's always was close first year they lost in the first round. So what. This but this coming year and no matter what happens with the Bruins in the playoffs this year you're looking at them as a cup favorite one of the cup favorites next season right. Now would you prefer the four titles to be in the same calendar year or you matter if they can't bleed into the next year how would you like your title well I can we thought the patriots to the first title the last time all work we're word. Now the Red Sox will be the first one a cracked. And then the peso to start in October it's just about having about having all four teams beat the defending champions and their respect a lot of it has happened a lot of in any you know I did a story. For the herald's. One of the Super Bowl parades and into the patriots and I called the guy who is in charge of organizing the Parikh doesn't he has to be. But I got that issue and the most experienced. Now championship parade planner in history right I did like the UConn women's team who would be they on a case and marching through downtown stores are fantastic. According to close. Nobody is gonna down with signs he's done every one except the first patriots Super Bowl every other champion has had a Steelers and penguins got a couple so they've. The man that now I'm plus eight down at them all of them for all the teams is which is not. Are you get your phone calls here it would get to the that the Red Sox the best team in baseball right now 617. 77 I 7937. It is never moderate night which keep crystal Lonnie Sports Radio W media keeps. Much at night on Sports Radio. 99 on several occasions did after the 1990 get a couple hundreds it. Didn't have his off speed for us pray you're seeing all these calls balls balls fall for the gospel. Not only are they balls but they were ever strike sometimes you see some pictures that come into the zone and small island zone. We'll start at the top of the zone it as a. We'll Johnny Holmes actually there is key for Gilani Sports Radio WEEI. Unclear what I like Jonny Gomes. Where do you stand ice I Wear cycle at. I feel like IA. You guys shoes I dislike him and then now that you'll have a tidal wave oh yeah what morals come back in and he's disease effortlessly likable in the sense that you just. Smile and at the things us as mean and he's like you know their eight for eight stolen bases. Salukis in the big lead right there and we wanna call that is. One way we. The smaller lead in the shuffle shuffle. Take a bigger lead than his half one shuffle. He gives it baseball for dummies yeah I had it Thursday unique way show show. I really enjoyed it and he's good for baseball you need more baseball god don't reflect higher energy that helps if I were fixing baseball that's one of the things that it needs to work at first right. I just did you always balls I just get a quick. Self Google search. Of crystal line of media and at my reference to article would have Allied's well defined well apparently last August I was sick of them because I remember. There's got actually met the guy before he's nice nice guy everything's Robert Lee and ESPN pulled them off the broadcast because all property the yeah and actually did I wish there is confederate general named Johnny Gomes so apparently last August I'd I'd sort of had it with that you want them off the air at. How water yet get a Shiite days as Freddie over exposure issue there as well that could be part of it being that terrible hitter ever. I gonna say I loved I loved kids probably I loved his impassioned plea to be on Charlie Mori's fishing generally want to bash yeah yeah he really wanted to official Antara and the thing they're invited yet the actually this was sort of insightful he can he played in in Japan and during the showing a tiny start which didn't last all that long. He had the two baseballs and the visual on earth was talking about that he did attacking us the ball I kinda got at the thing with the tape measure return when measuring the baseball or they showed the stilts side by side that won the pre recorded. All the. It's pretty well in Atlanta ball. As you see it as a different there at seven and a quarter my personal ignited by right three quarters and we all hope looked like but they weren't lined up that same it was like edited tape measure was optimal left and wanna. And then god his wounds and you run the since then. He is loosely because he's not want me to the face it it's seven and a half and games have been annihilated from. Hundreds. Though it's not about right they're Johnny it's not a moderate than dagger at 50% accurate but C a fight it filed I find it funny and yet hearing now. I think if there's too much how many games did it Jonny Gomes to a year millions. 107. Works yeah I didn't force series twelve in for dinner that I was out of the knowledge of the mayans to one league it's when he met behind you get a split them up till now the question though late if it's a bit accurately and ready doing all the other games then fine then Gomes in dude tan Frankel once you start mixing in a lot of these other guys now who give you enough and who have no Paulson there Tom walker. Top line Todd Walker we have field. Wakefield. That Lenny DiNardo and he to a game in your life and do EA didn't want to let it is harder to AM. I'd honestly animals rather that lake at least an insider somebody who can at least maybe. Talk about what guys are saying in the clubhouse that's kind of a thing I don't know I'd and our effort of the team as we are awesome act buys old ballplayer I really don't. Jonny Gomes saw it eased only adorable face for me right now OK good you're back now if you are glassy that they are measure saying that statement. They were lined up it was just the one they shot. Prior yeah you should have been perfect I should still only you know you talk about a ball that's not that big cancer conference today. Like who I don't know outside anyway I've I've enjoyed him so usual extra reason to the stay up late. But here's the thing is going on the series or by nine after the second Internet is that I definitely avoid. But they they start the series and it was two of the better records in all of baseball and in the angels were thirteen and three new set okay. Here's a real team developing a real team to the first two the Red Sox are just mowing people down their fifteen and two. America lost their first he was the year arson undergo eight innings a problem and what ever happened when this team salivating for those kids eat fitting discussions again. Their 51 is that right. I decide this yeah ours homicide and what we we dig in on some we may have. Breaking news to get this right the real kind of breaking we wanted to get this right Joseph key time he doesn't bring everybody to stop talking and nobody out you have the the breaking news sounder rated don't don't play yet. They'll play it yet so I wanna make sure we get that's a 100% accurate. Dude dude do yes clearly and please. Songs sports. I rock you like Julia Phillips auto. This secular nor to me the breaking news is Patrice Bergeron will not play tonight. Game for Bruins and Maple Leafs the Bruins have bots we had this out and upper body injury. Which classic hockey to the upper body or body ranked dated day is what they say for Patrice Bergeron so be sure hope for a bounce back from game three. They dominated era of the great the first two games hopefully there gonna take a 31 lead but no Patrice Bergeron it doesn't say anything about. Who's gonna jump in their I would think now I saw on the first slide but I would think Ryan to not though maybe plays. We will see so we get anymore updates on the Boston Bruins will pass those long for you but. No Patrice per did you at any no idea like what what even though I mean we write a happening game three that you get a sniff of that it is partly the Mac grizzly quote from game two to game three I was not shocked when some on the bench I tried to go couldn't go to charity fund a comprising wiggles game one but it only way you you solid happen. Just some play again I'd love affair Emily Emily Benjamin Emily Benjamin Benjamin all Bruins clearly had an inkling of this yesterday when Riley naturally take into turn two martian past. Cassie shrugged it off yesterday. So it does looks of the they were kind of planning for illiterate. Like the patriots are comes to injuries they need to keep things pretty hush hush but. Bergeron in game three. Played. Was on ice 21 minutes 44 seconds that is that's yet a full game at the focal work and then hit them yet that's. That probably the most among forwards that into a quick look at it that probably is even though and so it borrows its value is sit out there for awhile but that is that is significant. To say the least as another Nicklaus or try to tie the series they got a great performance from their goalie. Frederick Anderson in the last game but you're just joining us nope Patrice Bergeron the Bruins game tonight which begins. About a half hour from now if they keep that pretty much out of their hat for awhile and it looks like it will be rally. Nash on that top line I guess based on the the pregame rushes or pregame lineup but so. This is a obviously devastating and in shocking loss I mean I I am looking at all of the reactions now on Twitter and it security else's along the same lines we are that nobody saw this coming in based on how much he played in game three. You see why it's a big hit too given the fact that. I mean I've felt very confident about the Bruins tonight I felt very confident about the Bruins finishing this thing in five. As telling the Bruins can win tonight by the way I mean this is obviously a big here but when you look at all the things they had to go right. For the Maple Leafs to win game three they still don't have not in Calgary in game four tonight they had to mean that the Bruins rank for post. 42 shots on Prater Anderson I'm sorry if they put anywhere near that volume up on on him again he's out he's not stopping forty of them out there with two goals he let up we're soft as hell he should've stopped all 42 frankly teammates and great saves but. There are many things that happened in game three they didn't see repeating in game four the biggest thing in this is where at Bergeron last really comes in. Is they've got to be better at slowing down some of the stretch passing for the Maple Leafs. And and you saw that this is something to Toronto prided itself on it really pop up the first time a big point game three. But obviously great defensive forward Patrice Bergeron. Not having him having him on the ice is a big loss in that department but it still to the Bruins can win tonight I think we know tonight without version that's what I expected. We put this series a way this team played so many games with players hurt throughout the year that they are so used to playing without a full lineup but it don't matter don't from the top on down hill a couple of guys play every game of the goes like posture knock and shower everybody else has missed gave some missed a bunch of games but Patrice Bergeron. Will not play tonight five assists. In the first three games of the series the first slide his his line the first two games. Looked unfair a day they were ridiculous 120 points behind in the first two games. Game three Toronto's they'll keep them in check in there to do that again but this time without Bergeron. An Indian for it they kept in check in a sense but there's still generated tons of opportunities and again eight. They ahead scoreboard they had four posts I mean they were literally centimeters away and I know that's hockey that's playoff hockey you can play that game all day long but. They were very very close to breaking through in that game. Still. It took that herculean effort from from Frederick Anderson that I don't see repeating in game four other so far as to say it is the Bruins win tonight without trees perjury I like that you've been making some good predictions lately so that. Imports and Purdue fans on alliger we're got to know Patrice Bergeron upper body and really it's a more your thoughts on that 617. 77 on 7937. Keefe and Gilani Sports Radio WB yeah. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Get rid of the musical. I'm thinking about going on that same Milwaukee station tomorrow if you guys in the Milwaukee area of the on the mid day program breaking down south it's what does. 12:35. Eastern. So if you're go walking at 1130 Bosnia at the money our upper midwest mid day I think oh yeah he says that those guys you know go to lunch right back from lunch after whatever my early alleged. Early odds aren't the only ones I earlier five schoolteachers that first looks like 1043 years something. Of this ever wrestler eighth grade at the 1051. Jam that's insanity but that's that's what the. Launch it at best we block scheduling too so he was even worse yet these ninety minute mod we call them so the first one yet. The only one who's at a reasonable time like noon was third. Yeah ran them before that is they're crazy but it's super early as 1115 and then 1036. From me. Audrey just joining us Patrice Bergeron not playing tonight it's an upper body injury so he is out. Here's what the lines look like for the Bruins will be Riley Nash jumping up on the first line with Brad marsh and David posture knocked. To brusque crate she Nash is the same to Sean Crowley jumps up to the third line with Dan Harrington and David Backus. The fourth forum and old Sharif Tim shower. And Tommy wiggles. No I did not mean my man Ryan did Otto. Who made his debut. In game two. And did not look great ago he in fact advanced he had the least amount of ice time I liked about wanted to game one valued make that he made more sense but. I think after seeing him all the things are going with a more. You know veteran group I guess by having Tommy win Eagles play the men bumping up chunk rally so. I think you know prior to the series or even more upset about it but after Donato got a eight. Small taste of playoff hockey it didn't necessarily look right so. I I'm okay of this battle the Bruins are 115 into an eighteen games of Bergeron missed this year. On the and so you have to act in the yet thanks to Mike Loftus from the Quincy patriot ledger I don't got an Allen their interest a lot that's right we. He. But said if they they've played without anyone without an end and beyond that the fact that he's listed as day to day here eat doesn't sound like at least. It's something that would keep them out long term the one thing it's concern is. And in this is sorted despite feeling about hockey guys in general. It seems like pieces of their body would literally have to be missing for them to sit out games that just holding him out is concerning you the fact he's not playing is concerning but I think if you're you are retired about David Price wittingly fingers you know audio easily this in the post season of silly doubt this is a little bit different your right Gary Bergeron has played. We've of the with the collapse of but it with the number you got free you want to call it collapse may have actually an external orange order that's. But I also wonder. Being up 21. Is that different like you do manage things a little bit different now if you were there it's it's the reality I rewrote that it would even be a conversation trying to it was game seven is it playing like I also don't know about an hour because we've also seen it. Since it Chara missed a playoff game for the flu years ago. Let super ask is mr. really important games for the for this they were this easy really important game I mean there's obviously no doubt huge difference between them on our back to your barn yet with a chance to put it away. Or your back even Tutu and it's a best of three series and now Leo buckle up for seven games potential one guy asked Mike Babcock go to the fair to say the winner of this game was gonna win the series is likewise. A oh. Oh it for those wondering macro is that is in the lineup so the Chara back what crude Millard Republican McQuay it's like one of those there's a Brian Regan skit making fun of the sports reporter questions like you're down one that I think it's a seven game series visitor must win game dogleg it. Not how we can lose tonight that's fine we have problems that I can lose tomorrow they'll actually had a backlog was like you know this the winner of ties in that when the series that you lose if they said or done well there are over aren't supplying Iran without the play I mean game five I don't go quite that far at the Maple Leafs lose their died at the Maple Leafs win they still may be done to two YE a real real series in 82 games back at home I just I still think that it has been so evident in even more so I think is even called that a focus in the game three loss. How much better the Bruins aren't they in Toronto I mean how much had to go right. For the for Toronto to win that team. The other nights on Monday night 88 still think that Bruins win tonight like I said without Patrice Bergeron. Then heard a position where they come back game five at home maybe Bergeron back at that point. I can't wait to see the reaction that now some Calgary's gonna get on bra the ardent faith. It back so he's obviously still out tonight but he will be back in game five and that the timing again the Bruins have had so many guys get hurt. They've played with a lot of different lineups throughout the year. But the one good news I guess you can make out of this is that Riley Nash returned to he is back if if you remove per front and Nationale to have your top three senators are playing. You gotta either move back is in or put the not a long lines like you're really apt to get kind of nuts. Whereas here going to be OK and you point out. So what does that he's an 115 and 115 into arts and your foot almost when he games without him this year so they they found a way that they get by. Without. Pitchers birth trauma force does not ideal. Bought you do have rally Nash back is that one of their better senators all your outlook the I think they're gonna win 21 because. Even without Bergeron. I still like their team better I think I guess he gives you even more reason that the like dumb but as it is I think they have the better roster. Oh by the way I mean. Hatchery is a thirty goal scorer so they don't have hand there was one of their of their more important guys so bad deservedly so that punk I was so happy the NHL got that rank was that bad all my guys just had been suspended three times before. And I've got a chance to catch Brad marsh and at the players Tribune. Earlier but he he is is players Tribune piece to sort of make it around a little bit he talked a bit about Bergeron but he talked about. Him to. And people not liking the way played easily that's why you the way I play is why you know my name. That's why guy who's 59 as pretty good as a career in the NHL I'm paraphrasing somewhat but he weighs on apologetic about it but at marsh and had done something like that. I come down just as hard on him as being selfish reckless and thinking about himself before the team to get about revenge for what it means to a team that series so maybe if Calgary's in tonight. I feel differently about this game because the Al their second line I firepower there are thirty goal scorers are paired media feel a little bit differently but. They're each down a top six guy. Bergeron is a big loss especially because the lakers stay in the stretch passing in the way that the maple leaves certainly get the puck up the ice on on Monday night. I just feel like the bronze at the better team they generate more chances that controlled the run a play I'll be curious yet to come out the first ten minutes tonight. Yeah I have a lot of energy without Bergeron that that Biron top line without Bergeron yes out of the game got even more tree and it's playoff hockey you're going to be Washington pay attention to it anyway but does he take Bergeron out and knowing he's listed as stated day. Upper body injury so Bruins and leave scheme for other way text text you're really talk about putting a positive spin on us that says it for you of birdies Hurd doesn't hurt them because Ron Allen had a game plan keeping an eye on him. And now the Maple Leafs have to make adjustments. To a player who's not as good as Patrice her track. Likable LeBron out it's really good news is a good they're prepared from the solar preparing an army they could use the cavaliers them off I believe you that's. Dice Brian Garber our producer passing this long to me show him Tommy is in the angels' lineup tonight. So populist or the Sox are your WE I watch and you'll get the chance to see she Ohio Tommy hicks. DH right six. So we've got to play conclusion Nolan. Factors add a sharper focus what do you coming up without Bradford Todd Bradley is coming of the top Darrel talked little Red Sox will react a little more to this Bergeron news give back some phone calls. It's a lot of fun stuff between now in Red Sox pregame I'll be back tomorrow at two Dylan Keefe recapping game for which of the Bruins and leafs here in portrait or WEEI.