Mut at Night - Did we learn anything new about Tom Brady after Oprah sit down; Would Kawhi/LeBron want to make it work in Boston 6-18-18

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Monday, June 18th
HOUR 1 - Keefe and Chris Villani react to some Tom Brady/Oprah sound as well as some comments made by Kyrie Irving on the Bill Simmons podcast. Also, is it worth taking a chunk out of the Celtics' future for Kawhi Leonard or even LeBron James?

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Chris Locke how would you describe your style of leadership for Charlie very positive earlier shout or I can be yeah. Guys don't like the video that some guys like to be tormented him away. Explain that he cursed me out let me run I think he's got to find the right mix and yell at this is something going on wouldn't vote gentle giant now I mean I'm an online. I mean. I love I'm and I love him to turn over complicated like everything we don't react actually everything you know that's relationships and it's relationships in multiple. Postings now here's months. Talk Sports Radio telling you we. I forget about guys. Ever keep the crystal wanted to show. It's here for you would still have a clock Chris Howard you know I am fantastic and I don't I'm very go. We've been going over this Tom Brady Oprah Winfrey interview. Very much we've been doing throughout the day. There's a lot in there and really a lot of that was released before. We got a bunch of stuff have you the placate the National Anthem stuff. Couple other ones the two big ones that jump out to me. Are being asked about bill at check as the proponents of the rent there's a question of bill at check in how much longer is in place of the she should say gee alive she's edgy and she she repeated in law yet. She repeated him a lot of the 45 minute interview 45 minute and she repeated of a town that's what she relationships. That's relationships yes that's relationships. What do you. That is really all your overall take away from the punitive. I neither is one new bit of information or insight that is calling for a not one not even that. At that other than that the weird Jim Gray. Scratchy all around Fiat could pick definitely in my mind. He gave her the football related questions probably probably Oprah knows anything about the flaky should probably count the phonetic. Spelling of spell check yeah. You know the borders of Israel and I will cash in a gash Shaq like you're signing your name on NC super car royalty check which I'm sure she or deflate you a question and time again as the press calls it right parts of the world calls them that not only the press club and now what was known what was knew they came out of that are right we knew that. There was. Things that are outside of football things in his life whether to Stanley's business he doesn't look at the world. The same way now. That he did five years ago and guessing that something's applies to most people even if they don't happen to be a great quarterback of the greatest quarterback that's ever lived. I just didn't think there was a lot that came out of date and you know people might look at it now is that angered Dickerson say something earlier ruling out. I could easily won here last year left. I don't feel any differently better or worse or otherwise about Brady in the number of years he has left. Based on these sort of nothing answers that he gave Oprah because had to similar are they from the some of the comments that he may weather is on the last episode Tom vs time that the stuff that he's talked about consistently now for a year. But I think the end of Tom vs time and I would agree with that part of it I think it's very similar to that but some may have written that off too. Law a Super Bowl loss search freshly it's just happened so what you want they got a staff fired up easier to deal. What are we doing this for Hutus or are we doing this he better answers to those questions. And have to be with a lot of conviction. So that was commerce time the final episode. But again you could say let the aftermath and he was even asked by Oprah in this interviewed yesterday. About how long does the sting of a Super Bowl loss last and he said this start about two or three weeks which I believe is when he did that interview so I still feel like that's how he feels. But maybe a couple months go by. Andy your your read motivated for the season to put that on behind did you move forward where is he still sounds like that same guy. While people were also story can play nanny answer to you who. OK was your read it over this loss more quickly than other losses to which again I think that's fairly obvious the one he compared to. Was the 2008 Super Bowl lock down. The seventh season they are critical -- of all Super Bowl losses media of all time yeah I do you know that he defeated there it is but aren't patriots fans are over that like Brit nobody you're driving around right now you're probably have a perfectly fine afternoon beyond your Mondays over a year that the the way through the work we are fourth of July as around the corner we just reminded you the patriots locked the giants a lot out of about a ninety to note that you are still not over your pride and take it home. And the mad when you don't your wife later cell phone. It is a case it is a of course of course this was easier get over and yeah I'm sure part of it is if you're Brady early Tibetans and while. We lost the Super Bowl that. I played really well. Yeah yeah he's and he everything I've front yards right there but he casinos the you know voted and on it's the guy that you would that then there's been correcting your relationship Billiton last year village eight points are doctor so it's. Of course it's easier to get over I just. I think that we we do this with Brady more so than anybody else made outside of LeBron. Nationwide here at Brady. He's going three similar process that so many athletes do when they've had so much success when so much of the proverbial book is in the left hand relative to the right and they're looking at the end of their career and the start of the next one. And everything that's going on in their life outside of football and assess it in different way. Brady just gets to do it where. Everything he says. Becomes analyzed and scrutinized. And and beaten to death to the point where I think we're starting to look for things beaches aren't there. He's a 41 year old quarterback no matter what is that much time now right out of my site the most optimistic on and at estimates he is not much time. I'm glad difference between four and one a in this case because he subtly you traded away the backup which it they probably had to do whatever that is that's a different conversation but he's gonna. It's so what he was saying mid forties and he was a year go to Peter King that gives you four more seasons or feel like Greg Dickerson and I'm sure many others. You're you're listening to all the interviews that he's doing is say you know what. But the one in I have one more year which are still many more years the most quarterbacks last and nobody does it at this level expected to be off the cliff is a season and it's it just keeps and it. I think it's too. I think militarily and I just pick a year outs are two more. She's in law and that coincides with contracts. Yeah so revenue one now so I think all signs kind of point towards that maybe he understands that at this point. Maybe there is spot to retake that precipitous drop where all of a sudden he's not the same quarterback and that he sends a debate here but. I think patriots fans in general this is where you know you you you mentioned before correctly. That it's a joke to say that you're the press were the only ones delegate to placate this is where I think there's a bit of a disconnect between media and fans. I think there are a lot of patriots fans right now they're willing to you to say screw it. I'm an arm ride this out as long as it goes into the year if it's two years it's four years. And it's not that there not worried about it or thinking about the next guy's going to be by. East are putting that off the side saying just. Let this guy play out the process in and however many more years he's gonna play in CD's and squeeze and the Super Bowl why do the interview with Oprah. Wanna. Well I mean if it's valid any use on wait wait don't tell nearly a month and a half ago was that. It's an NPR equation in exact that's exactly my point it's not like it's easy he's hard to get a hold it I don't want to keep my answer is he's trying to sell books just try to do to be tossed about that's I learned that if you Tommy that if something else I would love the colors are trying to expand his own brand beyond people. That are intimately familiar with it anyway and yes that's that's why I got those two great examples out it. Oprah and wait wait don't tell me now are two. Our two entities that have audiences they do not in the Ben diagram. Of their audience the audience. They're two circles that are on opposite sides of the pit for shaft so that's what he's what he's trying to are. They assets but it's also. Something that's differently he wouldn't do this earlier in his career in the the documentary itself is even more clearing and an Oprah interview war NPR interview like that is. A peek behind the curtain and usually. Patriots players while there on the team at. Don't say a word don't do anything and then when they retired they all go to the media we have a hundred dollars a barrel for patriots are all in the media and most of a pretty good. Whereas on the team you don't say anything and that's why you know wrong doing some of this the Nickelodeon shows and some of those things that's a little bit different. And then Brady saying hey here's a peek inside my house and we're talk about things like he brought up. In some might look at that Al had no big deal. But it's different than what the patriots normally do when he was asked about the flaky he's like yeah we had discussions after practice we a team meetings about. The National Anthem nobody gave us that during the season we asked every player we had all we ask the head coach we asked everybody and it's a gallon we took care of it I didn't get into specifics about. You don't team meetings in the early in spending that much time on it Brady gave that out I answered him. This this is why to me you know the Oprah interview is not that far out of the the wheel house will Brady's done for the past year so. Again he is a guy who's at a different point his career he understands what he's achieved he understands his place in the organization especially post Jimmy grapple low. And visited L level of comfort. That they comes along with that they're gonna be a level of stepping outside the B. Quote unquote patriot way and their their way of doing things that comes along that we're pretty concerned all of that I have absolutely no issue with it whatsoever. I just think we're scrutinizing. His process much more so. Then any athlete I can remember and an N it's because this guy so inexorably tied to. The success of the patriots and and what is free Chad's gonna look like would fool if he struggles early on this year. Just aren't already annoyed about the it's because vote here days to act I think on the one hand you're taking aid as people seriously say that. I don't know Obama be one of those people not I don't care a lot of Elena. I think that I now all of the he should be there and every quarterback is like every single core American League there's a feeling he should be. But I also I can't possibly. Bet against them and he's so dumb to think that. Based on what he saw last year to say that this is a so whether you're Max Kellerman org or somebody else say this is that it's just. It's gone countered some of the things that he is done and said in the past. Why should he while you can't let into their. Why should he be at OTA's unless you buy into the little sports lies that did I think we all do our little sports lies and this is such an important step our prep nation do every look that way and without this without this third OTA it is no way that I can beat the Broncos in week eight. Nobody was really buying into that maybe a small percentage of people weren't not at the patriots do it differently everybody else they work harder than people might have banned but. This guy missed the first four games of the season. It's fine I had an end but is it literal belief for her for them that there is well finally. Concern hang upper everywhere wanna call it is the new teammates like he and settlement if it's Sunni elements could go health wise and overturn from a suspension reverse key element in rock James White will be fine. So we've seen it new receivers come and some are useless some kick it on the same page at all they're terrible others are pretty good. So if you could maximize the amount of time you have when those guys I think every little bit help. Add that that's writing your reach in too much I don't think getting on the same page with Sony Michelle is contingent upon. OT eight he got mini camp for that yet summer camp for that. You've got the entire pre season you've got even if he's not working air ticket a ton of reps in games he's taken first team reps. Throughout the course of a practice all through August into September. Those and by the way the patriots three. The first four to six games of the season kind of like an extended. I'll college spring training or preceded it right now because they know they've got the luxury of being better than everybody else or win 1213 games win the division. And you see sort of that building process continued because they don't have the urgency. From week one that most every other team in the NFL does so. If you're buying into what Brady said and yet every every old accounts and all deadly then five I hit it I guess you get our first we devote CA's for the week before the Super Bowl. Truth is this lays the foundation for the start of training candidates if you have a big time I'm never usually means a good start of the season. If you have a good start this season which by the way they know balls they didn't last year and still went to the Saddam out of saying they get trucked in their first game now or. How many where they won three Super Bowls they've lost the first game of the season someone restarted two and two were one and two were. Yeah rose the last I am foundation and me that foundation really been laid consistently. Can't speak about it there is the time they won eighteen games in a row and though stroke at foundation crumbled. It's an Angel tight. Outside speaking of that I yardage RJ as a New Bedford with a partner. I have out of that RJ but I will say. That the owes seventy dollars that that's Super Bowl like game drives people say ridiculous things that show it worked in the active area. That team it's the worst two because had they won you make the case it's the greatest sports team of all time. So of course and that's it there's nobody seems like every sport Arab whatever it that's it. They want every single game against that's all you need and now. You can't even bring a mop mean. Detailed kind of conversation because Brady and that he thinks the best team he's been on. But the human they went miserable so dire Basra the sixth best in let you got other teams that of one mole thing I was sorry that's for the conversation starts and it's all about shutting out. This 72 dolphins for meets him off April for any great not a dolphins and how can it not how do you enjoy a record Morris still were also seen people who it did at that age 88 great sports achievement but then handle it worse. I mean it would be lightly Barry Bonds just trash talking everybody did doesn't have 760. Re home runs on a Daily Beast is that when the season and haven't apart parade from some of that campaign reveal I don't all criteria note nobody it's seventy series ring well I hope judge gets hurt your body like ala Tony went down fantastic yes Larry I got a better chance that I get those guys are not worse. And now that's another thing that it's it's always sort of in the back to your mind is a patriots fan is great is the successes then you really wanted. This is super greedy I understand it but you want that undefeated season but you know five super ovals and no way to really topple another Super Bowl. Would be to run the table is then that we're not even having the discussion about and about NFL dynasties in which is the best I certainly close they've got six. And one of them is a nineteen in a hole. And then that I've done these these greats that link bar stool or Sports Radio conversations against would you trade. Like to patriots people aren't getting that one back and have a nineteen and OC and al-Qaeda they probably. It's and it's more the conversation that should be I'll still take five as opposed the war but that nineteen you know would have been held on father's. With a pretty good 61777979. Through seven is the number two job board of gold through via the Tom Brady interview on Oprah. If you have any thoughts on that again make the key as far as we're concerned as what he had to say about bill dollar check. Which I guess you can really read it one of two ways you know he said all well know asking if there's something going on between the two and they said he loved him twice. He taken just that is worth four or you can focus on the palm in the ways eyes kind of darted around like there's there's two sides of that. Then about it don't you still wants and how long if you keep playing when he talked about you know he loves the training in the preparation and the commitment is there. He's got to continue to do it. But certainly did not put an aide John where he had done that before he said it forty she'd be said that both he said mid forties and Tennessee. The other quote from a year ago newly discovered Italy's fifty. Now it's you know sooner rather than later that type of thing so that's on the table for you plus carrier Irving was on a podcasts until some until lot to say. Lose because he's on for an hour. But there's there's not picked up there which we can get to and your phone calls as well it is never moderate night rich Keefe crisp Lawny Sports Radio WE yeah. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Our mashups are. They're scary for for teams really really scared of England Maxtor it like really really scary no team is like because not only in terms of our defense. Offensively. We have guys that can create off the dribble out there and con me terrier markets those those or wings are just. They're credible. That's carrier ring of honor was Bill Simmons and his podcasts. Talking about how good how scary this officer going to be next year what their match ups are experts keep crystal Lawny Sports Radio WEEI and Chris where do you stand on all of the different rumors that are out there are quite a letter to LeBron James and and everything else that complex question. Do you want the Celtics. You know continue to try to tinker with the roster or you do it as. That stance I don't think there is necessarily a problem with at least exploring bull LeBron. Situation seeing is he willing to make this more of a one year deal more than a one year deal might my guess is now. I am now unless he has a particular tied to a place like Cleveland that he wanted to pick out. He's probably gonna be on a year to year basis which would sour me pretty quickly and the ideal project and getting any easier the year. Right at there's originally heading sort of buttresses the point there an end at and I don't think he is. It's worth the conversations because he's the best player in the league why wouldn't it. Yeah I guess it's Eric with the choir Leonard I understand the hornets I'm hard past I would know also hard pass but if you find out easier free guide basically just have to make the salaries and a depending on what's the best offer somebody's got to give San Antonio. I understand it here if you're Janine yeah at least hear what it is before he gets dealt but. I wanna see this team play together they did they do it for five minutes or yeah what it looks like for a full season and I I and in San for awhile now when. He would Danny Ainge had in mind when he put this team together originally. I I would have to imagine just given the markets that there yet teams that are clearing cap space opera LeBron are you guys yet teams that are. Although one obviously not going to land LeBron somebody is going to give something substantial. To link while Leonard made it's Los Angeles maybe he and LeBron both end up there will seem like a I don't think you're gonna get client wondered for song even with some of the baggage attached to him that said. Did he make it lit lets you swap them out for one of the young guys. Is he making that much better that it's also worth the risk that comes along with bringing a guy who quit. On elite team. But quit on a good team that is coach by the guy that most people think is the best coach in the NBA it's like he quit on all. A horrible situation all of them like Hastings he'd coaching years yeah it was not some garbage situation like that ours is very strange he had no GM tweeting about him through his wife's murder count how you know like that that we are aware of and it is just a weird situation to maybe we'll go someplace else and everything will be fine. But I think this Celtics team is good enough to compete for a championship as he is yeah in a makes a minor tweaks we'll see if mark is mark comes back everything like that it's not. Worth the risk. They don't decline Leonard makes you. That much better like somebody like LeBron would you put him see eyes do you think if you get acquire letter from two years ago does that gift from me played nine games last year for a number of different reasons weather's just the quad injury or there's unhappy news pouting his uncle was given them information on who knows what. There's a lot of red flags there but just the player. He's a top five player in the league and if you just swapping him out for Jalen brown. I think you're team is better you also don't know exactly how that's all but look it's better and better for how long. That's the problem they'll be better for a year and and I don't think he's done everything but go back and look at I don't think he's going to either go back and looked out wide. Jalen brown or quiet Leonard was at Jim Brown stage in his career the to a quiet and in what it Clayton totals. Stage of his career and immediately yes it was the finals MVP he wasn't an all star he wasn't great until later on that he and it's three Iran where. He's as good as there is defensive player of the year all NBA all that stuff but than last year's just so bizarre that. I don't want the hassle I don't wanna deal that. If you if this was the Celtics roster from a couple of years ago definitely I'll say sure go for try to roll the dice let's see what happens maybe science here or not hit a great year let's go. But would this team. That's Larry wanted to that would broaden an idol bronze even better and acquire a lot of it is while I hate LeBron some will buys but I also don't want them. For the same reasons where our. But he's accomplished free but that. Also add I think that all fits into you do any changes philosophy I remember being. Actually right down the street here when they're putting their. The all important Topper beam on the celtics' new practice facility it's right next door here and wick grows back talking about. The overhaul this is right at the night after actually carry trade needy carry Isiah Thomas trade and talking about. Hey yeah we won 53 games last year we clearly were not good enough. Clearly weren't out there but yeah and Cleveland clearly was not good enough with the team. They then played so you had to be aggressive you had to take a big chance. You're not that same position at. All one year now you that you're the team in the east and I think you have to give Golden State still the edge the warriors is really not much any team in the league can do. You know again under the salary cap and realistically that is gonna make you better they gold statement that you at least have a series. Ought to citing carrier everywhere volatile Simmons and another thing may touched on was just. You know how how devastating it was for Gordon were to go down so soon I just was pissed I was pissed I was his skates and for our team and. More or less for Gordon. You know I mean it was like she was just now starting your rhythm and this season and then you know. Which as we head of really good training camp like it's really good training camp and pre season games weren't even going to be the the factor to determining how we how great were going to be I knew it from the first day yeah like because the challenges of forming a team. Wasn't really hitting us. While that's a thing as you saw. How good they were so they lose the game that here we're gets hurt the men lose the next game and an eagle on that crazy winning streak even without an all star and gather to score twenty points. And it's paid on the notice first month in the weeds you know it is Jalen brown finally getting real regular minutes. And they were that good. And so was it was frustrating and it could about a loss season that for a lot of other teams if they lose their second best player. The Iraq War of the conference finals and playing any game seven so pretty amazing what they did but. I say you take that you know the excitement about that team and that's really what should be applied to this year's team. And there is a little a sense of urgency I suppose because the big question is carrying whether he's gonna resign. But let's say it is next year next year is the year you've got to sort of expend everything and they have. Relatively speaking the same team back at the very least the same starting five in a few of the same bench players that are back are they better than Golden State. I wouldn't necessarily Gaza favored a seven game series but is it overwhelm. When a series you've got the Jersey puncher chance of seven game series doc I think it's here either we do whether they match up well with Golden State a regular season we see I don't know if that quite same as the post season they do match up well at that team. And you hope that you know a couple of teams in the west. Give them a little bit more of a tougher path in early this year they actually Houston did give a tough throughout the year before they lost one game. They lost one game. Actually it was not even in the finals learn that you lose the game in the Western Conference is like the last one game the NBA isn't just cruised all the way there and so next year if the lakers have a super team or somebody or Houston stays together something. You'd still probably get called state but if they're they're really fighting claw all the way there. You never know can have. And they've been and the Celtics got bit by injuries obviously big time this year to Golden State's been dinged up last TL a also has hurt them yet they've eventually got everybody backed by. You know at the bank on an injury the terrain goes down yeah are yet to Derek curry goes down we're at a very different conversation pretty quick out how much longer that's gonna last. Because there's a lot of things that a factor at least one more year one. We're here together every sign gods are at for a year and then they have a budget but then Klay Thompson. This Uga wants to be demand or seeing could be in a splash from there relate you know he's a driven greens are talked about taking a pay cut before likely take another pay cut. I guess they're gonna be and that how many can you win in a row until. Just that that motivations just not there anymore. Yeah as much as it is not within the hazard while several balls output late. It's a little bit of a winter rant his first year there it was a must win situation you don't leave Oklahoma City and not win. This year and like we've seen it back to back we've seen three pizza in the NBA. But after that you gotta eat good go back a long ways for you know guys you know Bill Russell days you act are brought out yet sits. A new arena enticing an allegory of the right side of the day. Maybe if they they seem like each other they they do seem to end in. I think eight there's an understanding too especially for Klay Thompson and dram on green that. Klay Thompson could be the man on what kind of teams like it like a seven seed yeah you know 46 probably seems something like an early scoring. Arrow I didn't seem like a motivated and energetic about it the flip side of that as he could be my icon. Now it's on a hundred enough money fifteen million dollar contract someplace and her on every year Abby got the first round every year BP even more insanely rich and he already is so it's hard to say what's gonna motivate anybody else. What's I wonder if it gets to the point where like the super Max deal liking Klay Thompson and RE ST a solid year whatever but if he'd be if he. Is offered a super Max dealer they say hey this is what we can offer you and they says John and make more money continually have all the championships had one recently. And it. I don't know. It does it there's no. It rumor out there that these guys are sniped at each other whatever than than that none of that out there you can never hit racial rant Westbrook their personal stories are about without alternately with him and somebody leave Canadian LeBron go out there they'll win the title next year but he'll this torpedo everything in the locker room and then they scatter after that if it happened. Cinnamon Golden State it's either. Six and a long game vastly definitely you know at least six or 777 on 7937. Was Sarah Brady. Carrier ring in his interview Bill Simmons on the tables just the Celtics this offseason is draft week. Police are about the draft talk about the coming up next here it's portrait of the media it's much at night sportswear. Yeah. What's the best stretch your career you've had lesser hands of sixteen finalists. The best stretch yeah with Regis failure to keep your parents. It's I've yet to our elected and I carried that the end subjects now this is great. Have yet to feel the like this ambition run was incredible but I have yet if you have 45 in game five right. We want forty wanna move those fun. More fiery which fills event for us podcast he has yet to feel the height of his powers beats you that's definitely. And I don't know what it feels like a remember what that one day that was. But Kyra there's more now that's nice to hear all but he is coming off the surgery I know how great. Hopefully he's good to go but he said knee issues before he's he's got a McGann well and that's the other big. X-Factor that we really talk about it's or looming over this whole long term Celtics are longer term insults conversations carries help them. I guess until proven otherwise what choice do you have other than to assume that he's going to be healthy but it actually. It there there is that down freighter was added ridiculous headline about. Carries says it makes no sense to sign Mozilla let's Yahoo! ESP NA auto related headline it always it it doesn't make sense for him financially but it's also a good thing for the Celtic out of the Celtics do you think you'd wanna invest a long term deal carrier right now for a at least he what do you looks like and I know opening would be dumb to offer 180 million dollars right now and the beauty of it is it's not a slap in the face to him that you're not doing it now because you can't you're allowed him. Right right thank you going offers so much for she's not gonna sign anyway so it's good for the Celtics they can watch him play and it's good for Kyra because he can. Come back healthy and then sign a monster deal if he wants you know why he's gonna signed Celtics the long term. Yeah usually Tom indicated he only plays the Celtics in India to act like analogue out. And I would some dedication he is also on the team so it playwright himself I would also plans myself files and video game I on so I actually did placement I created by trailer all of back and it's a 95 the honoree of audio out there because I was on the left wing entrance gate measured things that are not sure about but it's nice to have you here and so yet I think that'd be a good reason to think. He's going to be your long term go back to the phones and Steve and Revere was going on Steve. That the much Mitt I wanna talk a little political Brady or that we don't our car. Bomb if he doesn't I don't think. Obviously you want to come back under percentage wanna see while they do. Well at the greatest should put all of the fact that like we don't you could go 75%. Can still get those past games seven. In the Eastern Conference finals but they held that same operating closed. Our affiliate he should be at these reality is that you should yet these you know preceded fact is that attaches to shield those younger guys. That if you want to be the greatest leverage you have to eat at all these things not you have to be involved you have to buy in you have to yucky guys. Not only would it put you know some of the coaches that he's now be able to relax a little bit about this situation in the village or in order to work out of but right same time. It firms those younger guys that play. While that Tom Brady like they have to be I have to imagine out or diplomat Ross are you anxious to see him. In anxious to get those jitters though because it going to be told to tone different teams when there were not there. You know if that's. I don't understand it yeah I get it like that part of it you know if you got to be preaching team first what's the most you know quarterbacks do it most team leaders do. That in the back in my glory than played with the team not first then my I don't get it but think again you'd think. Sony Michelle's ordered any yet Leah doesn't and it. You don't think they understand now that you know you know they understand that they are any different spot in the patriots hierarchy arias Rockford British or the rookie mini camp like that's for the rookies go at them as fast but here's the whole team but I have our best player but he's the young guys they wanna you know they are to get the jitters out and they they had mini camp together. But there is around its first they were they were there above the chance than a certain that we are they were that they go to many of them back to routier's. That is not that I don't know I had but all other situation he's gone and I think some players might look at it as often the best player you should get some pressure treatment but that others say while what's the deal with us. It apples from the outside and we dig belt sect feels that way. On cherry doesn't ensure coaches don't feel that way but coaches go out forty times yet cowboys on. The famous thing about that Troy Aikman fallen asleep in a meeting what happens when trite and Paul's sleeping and awake yet what happens and whoever the cowboys' version of DNA yet and was all sleep in meeting these cuts and I feel simulator it I mean. The answer is that that should be able to different but then if you're gonna. On one side or one side your mouth say everybody's treated the same or we all do things as a team team personal wealth and it's a little the world but the let's go to our map and Springfield to IMAP. Hey guys I don't think he's so much technical or. Take a lot of humor or Israel Canadian. I have to call into mainly guys know what my opinion was on the Golden State Warriors insult extra next season in the final. Check so you don't get me let the guys that you soak. The area are obviously. Two best players if they only if he's injured knee ya carrier ring. You know Jason paid him Gordon Hayward not terribly tell ya ya so. Which the way that we play defense. If we can pressure the ball. And shut down period there can't quite count my. EF three or are three point shooter all along that's fine. Look at the bench is our most you know you know we have we have ever been tight we have fortunately we had ever become an effort benched if we can limit. Just like we try to limit LeBron there's a limiting LeBron everybody knows that rate might correct. Senator Rand cargo right. Yet there are anchor in great outlet and previous players that yet in green every dollar on. So if if we go if we shut out there actually your. Limited and who are their role players and yet. But you're seniors Matt you're saying you're gonna limit Currie to rant pops up. I know it sounds crazy but at least two of them. Are. And we played this year I mean we could probably have pet at a better spirit in the cavaliers whose whose starting to ramp. Was going to rich people are Smart I it was are encouraging our you know that the picture. March back up our mind on the other team and epics of the call like the past and on the confidence when Ortiz doing is poised today with the that he said I've got to call in guys on the cake. I you know laser tag it and paint on the church today is go one of those Tuesdays Saturdays it yeah. Love stuff during the week if you're able to do it during the weasel but cheaper there's both some of these activities Jack the prices up on the weekends like golf but one of my favorite activity was dolphin today there there's just these at a lot of things done packing that phone call a lot of there but I Gallic accomplice a sudden that. And also aired Baines is a free agent market Smart as a restricted free agent may not have all those guys Golden State's defense our defense their bench. Might look a lot different next year depending on what they do. The Celtics. Open it's a pretty similar team but you can't hold your breath Danny change it could be it could look a lot of. My guess is this gonna be sort tweaks around the edges because I know I'm assuming that Danny Ainge evaluate the team the same way I do by Whitney yeah and says unlike last year last dot season. This team is good enough this team can't compete in where I do side with Mac aside from the fact that activities with friends and out on a Monday or on yet is a fine. I think even at this team wouldn't be favored against Golden State. They've got a shot and a good shot more than just a puncher chance more than just. You know they'll do better than the cavaliers did nine when he game this the team that doesn't match up well the Celtics though are with the warriors they're better coach than the warriors. That means something to me especially when you make adjustments in game and in the course of the seven game series. Another year Jalen brown I mean who is more apt to take a step sports outlines next year Kevin Durant and stepped curry or Jason Tatum game. Not a club I'm who's better knowing don't go early exits and close. Saw rob Bradford walked around is that that a part of your your isn't what you show tomorrow looks good it's great. He's a re grow some hair and put some weight back on and it looks great dogs don't know where he was not on I don't know it's easy to lose a lot of weight looks great yeah I think generally it's it's it's certainly working yet no doubt about that literature or a billion playing the part of his mother here you to then use the Teddy some of our activity and I would get sick. And you say all right that's gonna do it for me but Lonny and Bradford have you while the rest of the way I would back dale returns tomorrow will be dale in Keefe. With Mark James tomorrow starting at 2 o'clock o'clock started.