Mut at Night - Don't care how deep Celtics go this year - 3-12-18

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Monday, March 12th
Chris Villani takes the reins of the program, and begins by talking about the Celtics, in the wake of multiple injuries. Villani explains that this season, since Gordon Hayward went down in game 1, has been a wash for the C's, and that the only thing that matters for the team the rest of the way is to get as healthy as possible. He also gets into OJ Simpson after last nights interview aired on FOX, and takes some calls from people who believe OJ either didnt do it, or didnt act alone.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. EI. Nobody's done after five hours Chris baloney with you for the next three hours up till 10 o'clock Ryan animals could join the fun at eight. We a lot of stuff on the table they start with the breaking news. UConn is the top seed in the women's NCAA basketball tournament for the twelfth street and at that out of the way I can also get out of the way very quickly. The obligatory bitchy complaining about the snow yes it's going it's now it's gonna be a lot it's terrible we all hate. You got that out of the way fresh take. I'm sure a lot of guys had not the grocery store right now get the eggs milk the bread makes and French toast that's what you do when the snow starts to fall but. I'll keep you warm here for the next three hours we got a lot of stuff on the table. When writing animal comes comes in re talking a lot of patriots not c.s and stop legal tampering has begun. Malcolm Butler is drawing some interest dates older is drawing some interest sowell are definitely getting to that of course this Tom vs time. Final part that would is aired today and on people trying to Parse the words and read between the lines what does it mean. For Brady not only the fact that he's. You know finally produce the sixth episode but does that mean anything for him in terms of his career where he may be going next in terms of speaking about the the next couple of seasons how much longer he wants to play. And I ran had a column on that a WEEI dot console get into that as well. Door to start Celtics though because. It is hot and a great day for your Boston Celtics to put it mildly. The Celtics announced today that mark is Smart is out indefinitely. He's got a sprained right thumb its apparently weren't Indian. In the right on that's according to the vertical. And it's gonna take a while it looks like for Marcus march recover from this injury. Also lasting multi cell that is a significant trip significant hits. To the Celtics in their debt and mean you look at the front court now. With substantially less depth and it's the same thing about the back court to do is remember he's still a chain market playing at a minute's restriction here. And did the big picture thing for the Celtics down the stretch. It really shouldn't matter all that much in terms of weird this team ends up in the standings. You've got enough of the cushion at this point on the pacers on the cavaliers that it would take an epic collapse. Or this team to lose. The number 2 spot in the eastern cop so looks like they're gonna be the number two seed. There's a question now as to you which side of the bracket you end up on. You love to have Indiana State where they army to get a little bit better match up avoid playing cavaliers for as long as possible all these things there are kind of up in the year but. In terms of what the Celtics in control. Now it's just about being as healthy as possible down the stretch in it that means sitting carrier ring fine. If that means being cautious with whenever market Smart can come back fine if you can get him healthy for the post season. And you know the Smart injury is. One that it think back to the beginning of the season if they may be third of the way through the season looking at losing market Smart probably wouldn't have meant is much. Or raised as much of a concern as it does now. After you've seen the Celtics play without markets Smart for you reasonably extended period of time. And going to the all star break I don't pee in that entirely on Smart the struggles the Celtics had. Oddly lost in four in a couple weeks when he smashed the picture in the hotel out in California. And the Celtics struck and its smarts absence was palpable. And even though he's a guy who will consistently frustrate you by taking that shot. That you don't want to take by being. Sometimes they be. The guy who the offenses running through late in games seems like laser being set up and designed for him you really don't want it to be that way. As frustrating is that can be. I think you saw without market Smart on the floor how much it negatively impact this team. And it's on the defense and then won the Celtics looked like a tired team going into the all star break. And some of that with the schedule some of that was just legitimately being tired. But a lot of it was losing Smart. If we've seen anything you'd be blurred anything from the last eight years of Celtics basketball it's that sometimes you can have a defense of player. I guided the is relentless on that end of the floor that brings. And intensity and energy to that's out of the war and how palpable that can be to everybody else. Kevin Garnett was back out markets Smart not on that level clearly by. In terms of relentless defense in terms of picking everybody else's defense of energy up S mark can be. Back kind of a cog in the wheel for the Celtics and not having that is something that significance upbeat they're gonna miss. Over you know the course of the next however many weeks he's out if it's in the post season that's going to be a big loss for the Celtics. PLC on the offensive and again. Frustrating shots will happen. You know eat sometimes he will take or threes of the game you look back you wish you missed 26 in you wish it was for by I'd still rather have markets. Are taking majority of those shots as opposed to terrorist year. I as opposed to Shane Larkin who again is still not a position where he's gonna be back I at a 100% at least in terms nets. So there's not a lot right there in terms adapt and when you saw. Roots here have to take more shots what he's pressed into service more again going into the all star break it was something that he struggled. And you side they even though and mark smarts a little bit frustrating. Or sometimes a lot frustrating when. I he's on offense and chuck it up threes it's not any better with rouge here on a consistent basis he can get a certain amount out of him if he strikes though. Two degree that's beyond what he is as a player. You're gonna starts at that point of diminishing return we saw that again going to the all star break. So down the stretch of the regular season began I don't think it means a lot just because the Celtics are slotted in number two seed don't have to worry about. You would think. Sliding down and in Indiana are we would catch and down the stretch of the panic cushion that they have. In the post season it will Mac and it will be significant if smarty apply and no matter what the Celtics are gonna be thin now on the front court and that's going to be a challenge. Without Gordon Hayward coming back Al Horford and under the weather recently the and it goes back to the broader point that happens by the Celtics for awhile now. I really don't care what they do in the post season really don't. I don't. And I know that some the other guys on the afternoon show the talked about getting. The experience in the post season and having that opportunity to maybe go to the finals win on mediocre Eastern Conference and that shot may still be out there that you don't have markets Smart and that's gonna hurt quite a bit. And we'll see him Jalen brown that definitely carrier he's gonna arrest in the eye yard you don't have Hayward so there's a lot of injuries that. I yet to worry about and think about the Celtics but. Adding that into a mix and not having Gordon Hayward. Of being banged up now down the stretch. I'm looking at a a landscape that it's nobody's gonna be Golden State you're not winning a championship this year. And unlike past Celtics teams. I don't look at this one and say. They got something to prove where they've got to get to a certain round in the post season. The you to feel good about where they are obviously have likened to win as much as possible what sold to the NBA finals yet of course why wouldn't. They have echoed that saying. Why am I going to think differently about their chances of winning a championship next year if they get outs in the second round is here now not. And a big part of the reason for that is you don't have Gordon hate. Now the injury situation with the rest of the team the rest of the Celtics are on the roster being what it is. The user in this is not a team Arabs is a complete loss season or just write an opportunity that you are. You know to an extent this is a lot season in a large extent it was a lot season the second Gordon Hayward went down five minutes into the first game. That a sixteen game winning streak after that at a hagee buying into the idea that this team could exceed expectations even without you by. I think we've seen. The Celtics come back down to earth somewhat in the injuries downplaying a big role significant role here down the stretch so. They're gonna be thin in the front court thirteen to be in the backcourt. I especially in the short term here. And if market smarty injury lingers into the post season. Then it's gonna be something that Andy is gonna be tough to overcome when you're going up against some of the better teams even the east. If you got to play Indiana without markets Smart that becomes tougher match. Is that the team that goes small quick. In beach you on the defense and and we'd outsmarted and if you play Cleveland obviously even with mark Smart that's challenge on the best player. ANC is a lot of people a big kind of sleeping on what Toronto has been doing this year but another formidable opponent in the post season so. I'm not expecting a lot from the Celtics at this point. And the rest of the regular season eight's wanna sort passport rooting get to the playoffs because. This team is is beat to hell at this point end. There's really nothing left to plate where he or approved Qaeda know where you're going to be. I'm not terribly worried about where they finish in the playoffs or whether they get to the conference finals where they get the NBA files on tap at shore one. May as well pay keynotes. He can't win in a let's get it right you get a shot against Golden State CL a plays out. But no matter why eight fully healthy Celtics team and again try to be deity here to make some additions in the off season whether it be the big splash move work. Sorted give league around the edges with those ancillary pieces they can be significant parts of the championship they James Posey Eddie House. The guys from their 2018 PJ brown seemed to sell me season. I'm trusting you Danny Ainge even make this team better going into next season. So tough. Day for the Celtics. Rough set up right now in terms of injuries and their health with work for sick again just did to sort of run through here or for sick. Jay Larkin still coming back from the knee so he's not playing a full. Compliment admits that they made one team to now especially Smart out markets marked out indefinitely the thumb injury Jalen brown got the concussion. They're expecting him back a couple of weeks according to the reports over the weekend. I hate words out the year Daniel ties out the so it is a rough situation right now your Boston Celtics injury wise we'll get some your phone calls on that 6177797937. I text line their 4379370. And also chime in on Twitter. Act crystal Lonnie 44 another thing that I thought about adjusting today from the Celtics perspective the things that we'll jump right the calls. Is Ray Allen. DT ailing he is. Someone ignoble departure from the Celtics and this is coming from his upcoming biography from the outside my journey through life in the game I lot. Now be out a couple of weeks in the most interesting parts from the Celtics fans perspective. Deals with the exit moss and this is of course a picture that's being painted by Ray Allen so comes across as very pro Ray Allen. It does seem like this exit in 2012. Was. As bad as people potter may be even worse. Either relationship with Roger on Rondo the guy hostile. And Allen in this is that I'm reading from tiny Anderson's aggregation here and WB yeah I'd dot com. Allen is unable to pinpoint exactly what happened to make Rondo dislike him. He once considered himself be amend toward Rondo their problems seem to start around 2009. They were almost traded to Phoenix I exchange for Amare Stoudemire this is also fun revisiting of all the almost Danny Ainge trades over the years which kind of forget about that OJ Mayo deal had completely flown out of my mind but now the thing. But there are almost traded to 2009. And Danny Ainge was having a rough time with Rhonda without point. The problems. They Allen encourage rotted so word out we've changed before it was too late run as a pair problems with such advice. Came to a head the team meeting during the 20102011. Season. And Rondo claimed that he carried the Celtics. To a championship in 2008. That led to a secondary argument between Rondo Allen. And Rondo brought up that near trade and say you know you almost got us trading you almost get a sense downtown Phoenix. So they had more running and Allen is almost treat approaching mail. After that the relationship got worse 2012. When it hits the boiling point. Yeah post game shouting match between Rondo and Ray Allen who's losing his starting gig at this point Avery Bradley. Rondo throwing down the ultimate rat. I saying somebody get your ass out of here this summer this is again what Ray Allen is were counting. Says he later approach Rondo and Celtics team plane seat they can sort things out. Allen writes that Rondo instead turn to cold shoulder and further drove his in game Holmes saying quote. I got eleven games to play with you and that it's. Allen writes let me see if I get this straight talking about Ainge trying to keep. I'm Ray Allen in Boston when he ended up signing with Miami. You wanna pay you less money you wanna bring me off the bench when it continue to run the offense around Rondo now tell me again exactly why I would want it signed this contract and he says less money. I'm assuming he means taking a pay cut from where it was before because the Celtics did offering more. Then Miami did and they wanted to give him another year I never blamed Ray Allen for lead and that maybe puts me in the minority itself expands. I think if you put yourself and he Helen shoes they try to trade him multiple times tried to do bumper OJ may. Rondo is a pain in the ass and I think most Celtics band aid knowledge that by the time Rondo left in his departure was against it. Use the same word I used a few minutes ago describe Ray Allen ignoble to say the least. So that combination. Along with the fact that Alan. One way or another that no matter whether he signed two year deal in Miami the three year deal with the Celtics he hadn't made. 97%. Of the money he was going to make in the NBA it was already in the past rather than the future so what's it like he's looking for another big contract. He say hey I go to Miami. Not have to deal with rush on Rondo. Just got to stay in my lane shoot threes. And eighty when he championship and that's exactly the way it played out. So if you wanna being bad. At Ray Allen because he went over to the and a team went over the Miami Heat fine I honestly think the Celtics specially Garnett and that crew just need to get over this thing. It's years ago. But it you can't look data from Allen's perspective and understand where he's coming from there then you're just completely blinded by loyalty the Celtics. I think that it's not just the fact that he went to a LeBron James is team but if you believe Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett side of the story that. He left without even talking to them or seeing anything and they found out on ESPN that. To me again that bad to me that's petty. And I know that they've had that before I understand this account to is coming from Ray Allen side of the pack so. You're not gonna get the the entire picture here this is biased this dispute I get back. But that's. What year which are still gonna be ticked off about. Mean that's which is still gonna be mad about and Alan. You know agent pierce credit apparently invited ray allens of the number tyrant ceremony and wanted to bury the hatchet there. Allen wants nothing to do with that at this point and it's too bad. Augusta is sense I don't care that was his last opportunity to win back so it stands and it showed up piercing he wouldn't have gotten booed and I guess everybody was cheering that at all to listen to the into the game. Everybody was except for the game I should say everybody was cheering that entire deck. You know that would have been an opportunity get cheers that would an opportunity to you and and when I say people got to get over it. Alan Ball into this category two it's been years get over. And part of me doesn't care because the Celtics still won a championship doesn't cheapen the title any more than state your opinion of the Yankees in the late seventies all those guys hated each other to you still great is still one World Series still watch Reggie Jackson dominate in October if your yankees the and back then. You love those championships just as much maybe a little bit more can they hated each. So part of me doesn't care. You're gonna get this side of it now from Ray Allen will see whether pierce and Garnett like end up responding to written it will be another round of Rondo to wouldn't. You know another round of Powell. Allen was kind of guided didn't feeding in and everybody's added everybody else. And aid to all parties involved you know you got to get past it at this point. I can understand. The frustration coming from pierce and Garnett but I can also very much understand why Ray Allen it would. And why he was in a hurry to get out of there and why he ain't picking Miami is the obvious choice. And it's your matter Ray Allen for leaving but you'd be okay with it if he went to a bottom feeder or went to the Western Conference or went to the spurs. You went to basically anybody bought LeBron. Well that's still that's just not looking at it from Allen's perspective in why I have from a basketball perspective he would make that choice. So I found that interesting is while two wanna weigh in on that and just. We sound off on Ray Allen a lot of people don't like that dire frustrated with him. Especially to George Lowe pat here's the other thing too if you're not gonna show up or pierce is retirement ceremony fine. Like golf with somebody better than George Lopez. It's finally a B list celebrity they of that. Apart I think about Pierce's 6177797937. Let's get some phone calls here John Maine. Has been hanging now wants talk about the celtics' injuries Europe first this hour crystal line hey John. I you know Ray Allen let bygones be bygones wherever he laughed it had been extensive partner anything out. But or try the open course now there are a lot of is injured it a little bit cause for concern we definitely need to get. Are back for the sort of play out full week I'll be ready to go. You pretty sure he sustained that injury at some point during the game last night. So hopefully it's something he can play through it Vienna part of faculty. And I think you know going forward you're absolutely right about a lot of the points you made. The only yet maybe governor went to start locked and that's a complete its position I think it gives. Brad Stevens actually a look at neither an old delay Margo more. What guy is gonna get significant minutes in the playoffs if student can't go look at. Yes and I don't think it's it's being too much of a homer trying to spin Nader find the silver lining to say that at this point. And the rest of the season the rest of the regular season is just plain out the string from the Celtics perspective. They're gonna get the two spot and Indiana are Cleveland's back to catch him I don't care where the Karrie plays the rest of the year rats the regular season that is I don't. He needs time to rest is the fine too. I do no issue with that whatsoever. By the fact that. The Celtics are losing market smartest may be again we saw what the Celtics are without Smart and you're losing something on both ends of the floor. Terrorist years take too many shots for my liking and for me defense intensity standpoint they take a big step back. Get him as healthy as possible for the playoffs but it and this team gets bounced in the second round. Disappointed short. You wanted to win absolutely goes that sank. Does it really matter does it really make you feel differently about the celtics' chances next year especially landscaped the east looks different. Into a bronze on around. Eighty don't after he still get Gordon Hayward back at adding a Max contract player in the offseason maybe there's the big splash. For Danny Ainge to me at the very least. You see what he can do to try to make this roster will better a little deeper and in the meantime his job points out it's the same thing you said after the Gordon Hayward injury. We Jalen brown Jason Tatum getting extra minutes. Now the great Monroe's of the world are getting more minutes moron. And trying to figure out exactly what a playoff rotation is gonna look like maybe it did to what extent that audition for next year who can be a part of this team. And a part of the depth of this team going for. Little bit of homers and issue. But. When your rating this team looking at this team through the lens and they're not winning a title. It becomes more about the big picture and for me big picture perspective. My first concern is not how deep the Celtics can go in the post season. Want to see it play out front it's more fun when they keep winning that's for sure work. But it's not a worry for me when I start to look at this team and whether they compete for championship. In the course of this Gordon Hayward contract I re being re sign things like that beyond next year right 6177797937. We'll get into the Tom vs time they coming up next. Also OJ. Talk about OJ between now at 10 o'clock. And off some but I saw over the weekend that I love taking me back to. The two thousands back to my high school days in watching Tiger Woods compete and contend. At a PGA event ever I don't see it again it's all part about that is while at your phone calls. At 61777979837. Blondie with it till 10 o'clock Sports Radio WB yeah it's. So much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. We EI. Mikey stand up markets Smart and vision starting lineup fleeing the legs yeah I mean we've got a lot of guys that you can move around move in different roles and they were really good job and he was great tonight. He gave us a chance like I said it was a you know it was fun to see some of those young guys have to step up and do that in that moment when things weren't going our way. Brad Stevens dies our smarty injury then. Some of the other guys had to step up but you need down since Chris colliding with you up until 10 o'clock grinding it joins the show at 86177797937. The phone number. I techs like their 4837937. And texture from Connecticut makes that similar point these playoffs are about getting brown Tatum rosier more playoff experience term that's gonna happen one way or another. I don't need to see the carrier Irving make deeper on the playoffs Xena before you know we can do. I Al Horford play in the postseason Brad Stevens has coached in the post season these things are not terribly worried about. But getting more lap experience there's of these young guys sure. Well as an actor that show how important it was that they got to where they got you last post season especially fallen behind Chicago. Then there are serious questions well and bought it anybody play Rafael questions isn't entirely about Stephen because the team's all new this year. And you can somebody on Al Horford against but for the most part the questions would all be about Brad Stevens the rancid last year. I think he is. Arguably the best coach believed he certainly up there so I have no worries whatsoever about Brad stevens' ability to coach in the playoffs and yes that's. Easily the biggest take away from the last post season run. You only get two things from that you found out eight. You weren't nearly good enough to beat the cavaliers who then worked nearly good enough to be the warriors that's on the wick grows back said the day after the Isiah Thomas carrier to trade that was number one. And number two you've figured out the Brad Stevens can. Figure it out during the course of the playoff season or post season run. And that's a positive thing of both positive things to be addressed the first one and that you don't have to worry about addressing the second one this camera. I a couple of text your Ray Allen not matter at all ray was all Rondo. And KG pierce should be kicked Rondo is ass. And that one it's his plea brain so people coming in on both sides of that both sides of that equation they quickly here Emporia jump back to the calls amend this to jet during the break. Apropos to nothing. Like a nice segue just takes it. Randomly another direction here. You on mosque apparently according to ABC news. So the first test flight to Mars could be ready as soon as the first half of next year when he nineteen. This is the act Tesla and SpaceX founder guy you know I X so he's optimistic however quotes. There's a good chance you'll die. I'm not at all eyes were optimistic but up. Eight chance that you'll die. This is one thing that I have never had a burning desire to do and I know that. You know the history of man it's all this time line of of exploration in crossing the oceans and speaking to the sky and exploring the start I am perfectly fine being earthbound. I guess there is a class of people out there that would get the real. From trying to glass stop this based try to survive it but must said it's typical dangerous there's a good chance he'll die. Excitement for those who survive that kind of thing. Your idea that Burrell I like a watch and I Celtics post season run that's my idea but so is he going to be the guy unit. Well he is is spaceship is being built as test flights are gonna be kind of the the quick up and down trips I don't know if he's gonna do may be one of those. He's gonna go to Mars. But maybe doing the these are just the test flights the go I guess you take you up at its base. How far to space and then scar thirty in theory yes and then Geary come back out pretty blasts his car and space. So he could go get the car back. I would be one way to got to drive it back in reenter all Ray Allen to me. I'm not sure. Me and ask him in a hot take on that. 617779793. Cents or talked Celtics Elon Musk whatever you want data indicate is up next on the Celtics in this building process like Dave. All of that's on the law must listen if you wanna go to bargain like we dislike a three month per. And they gonna diving golds and ten million golfer bill Colclough. Yet down now not a burning desire for me and I'm OK with Mars being in mystery as far as I'm concerned. I would get into the Celtics all the way to look at it this is gonna be a slow process a couple of years I mean what he said Golden State after a few more years. I mean you're gonna maybe a couple of guys on the team won't be good yeah. I mean maybe you have sight read. They bulletin David it strike could be a bit and get rid shade of brown I mean it's not going to be coming out this year so I'm looking at Yucca. And Dick experience would be quiet spot I mean look at awaited this year maybe next year you never know what it can be crossed well look at this. Yeah I feel the same way game adds I'm not worried about Arnie go this year and the one thing that one of the things Danny Ainge done very well is. Builds successful teams over the past couple years while also keeping that one eye towards the ultimate goal of winning a championship and it has loved the way they've approached. We seem franchises go the other way the Atlanta Hawks are kind of a classic example everybody points to of the team that always. I kind of just good enough. To be in the mix to be. Eight playoff team perennially but you never pot and his championship contender. And they seem to be OK with being OK. Hang out and that tees the cliche basketball purgatory quote unquote they're fine with that. And it was I would imagine incredibly frustrated they're band based I know would be incredibly bad thing for me. The C eighteen that had the seeds of building something but never conceived take that next step and sometimes to do it. You have to make a bold move that's Danny Ainge did this past off season remaking eighteen the 153 games last year so understanding that process. I'm not as worried on sort of bit the narrow focus the early focus. Of where the Celtics don't play offs. Let's go to a couple of text here due to injury out this an interesting point here about mark smart's contract is up. Heading into a is it a lockyer. Does the injury keep him on a cheaper contract that's kind of the ultimate spinning of and positive way right if mark is smarts injury. Maybe knocks a few million or a year off of what he might be getting if other teams get interest in him. You know resigning him or at least having. Some version of market Smart is important for this team worked to bring back Avery Bradley fine but. Again the defensive tenacity that a guy like markets Smart brains is the cornerstone of what makes this team really good. And he has a lot of value and I'll admit I didn't really fully appreciate smarts value a toll was gone just before the all star break and that's a big part of what they were missing. It was tired legs and schedules in London and everything else but it was also not having Smart. And I'll be honest I ate. I would not sure I would have thought about it that same way until I saw the Celtics team play without. Dexter says that Tesla just cut productions a must is desperate for distraction right now. You know I'd stretch of good I don't over a blast myself all the displaced up to try to affect it'll tape from declining sales hurt Tesla. Really understood the the whole parole about colonizing Mars it doesn't seem like there's anything fun there. Those not really much water to speak it's cold it's fairly desolate. Hey it's eight highly overrated some decent movies I guess have come to us from Mars. You know with with that whole. Plot line but one where Matt Damon was out there wasn't too bad bag satellite Allen. Of the most part. Not too wild about about Mars at an anti marks. What if there were martians there. Would have found it need be said rovers up there we've seen the surface and they found. You don't water and some signs of earned. Acer since I don't like what NCAA or are there what do you where are they where at the underground I don't think they are but if they work you wanna talk what legal briefings with them. I can do that we talked Celtics that's true I think they'd be Celtics fans. I think they too would not care about the Ray Allen Rajon Rondo. For pop. The spat the row between now Allen and Rondo is a war. As Eric I'm gonna speak for re consumers here fair enough I don't feel better about it anymore. I think that it's I was really mad but. I kinda get at this point. Me I never was now no I think I really low light plane was not coming to all your retirement ceremony and playing golf with George Lopez has a horrible look for Ray Allen. All the worst person you play golf even just Paul Pierce night. Even just isolated that was a horrible look for a challenges if you'd just took the the latter part of that he was just a regular Tuesday that was a bad look for Ray Allen. But I. I guess is never there is everything to get over from. It was disappointing way to ads and buy would you consider the back again the Celtics tried to trade this guy multiple times. The disagreements with Rondo of frustration and we saw later it really came to light how frustrating Rondo was for a lot of people towards the end of his time in Boston and I don't think they were too many people the wiping tears from their eyes when he finally left. And the fact that he could go Ray Allen could. Right into a situation re to be immediately successful played very specific role he'd already made most of his money one way or another to the money part to me is. Eight non starter. I mean a few million extra box it's the kind of thing that we would normally cheer an athlete for. If you were coming to Boston to chase a championship but when you're leaving and going to the sworn enemy go to Miami Heat and LeBron I understand it becomes a different thing. I think it just makes things worse that he essentially bailed out LeBron and won a championship for him. And that really sticks and so experienced girl like. That the reporter he had to get other game is amazing it was an amazing game but LeBron doesn't have another title that Ray Allen now of course and think that all doesn't make things any better for Maria the bad part of that though had nothing to do with Allen other hitting shot the best part of that were. The god awful my you. The heat fans that we're streaming out of the arena and then tried to get back in the because Miami was down they came back Alan it's the shot game goes to overtime the end up winning. And all my guy just watching them desperately try to get back into the building those pathetic pathetic people. Absolutely pathetic. And instead by this security guard I would have been such a jerk to scanning their own account now now you're getting back and other cheering in there and sadly something amazing just happened you're never gonna see it that's terrible you should be shamed yourself. Weaving a playoff game early. Should be punishable by prison time. Yes a decade all of that it forgot about that can. Little trip down memory lane here David in the car wants to weigh in on trips to Mars load data. I don't want to break. Actually that they're gonna like it just got to show you how. Stupid and gullible people are that they're willing. A month. Patsy batted soundly gave it to Israel and up to rail on people her go to Mars that's our. 6177797937. We will get a two OJ a little bit tiger over the course of the weekend a lot of patriots Nazis and stuff coming up the top the hour right Hannibal from WEEI dot com. Chris body hanging out with you would tilt at a Sports Radio WEEI. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. And the chapter. Chapter six is called the night in question. And you write in the book now picture this thing keep in mind that this is pure hypothetical. Hypothetical. Once you tell me what might have happened on the night of June 12 1994. And let's just walk through the well first was this a very difficult on new business. Very difficult for me because this hypothetical. I know and I accept the fact that people don't feel with a wooden. You know they don't. You know some little whether that would have been the true. Yeah it's it's. And older OJ Simpson from the year's special that was aired last night on fox. And I know they he'd just give this interview apparently was done twelve years ago fox that they unearthed it who had padding is placed it. The ice shelf somewhere they lost it in the eight. She held it for a reason back then there was lot of outcry about it and I can see why he was ridiculous. Eight every single part of it was ludicrous clearly he did it as Chris Darden said a couple of different times he confessed to murder. He kept changing the tent cities did make them sound less hypothetical less what I would have done it more just what he did. And the entire thing was they it was them mockery. And the fact that that number times he'll laugh. Just this weird. Inappropriate in so many different ways laugh. About oh. Essentially decapitated in two people hypothetically. He's made up accomplished Charlie. Editing they're just so many parts of this there were ridiculous and of course it would Darden says up their few times that he confessed to murder confessed to murder. And he's right. But at the same time if I'm Chris Darden I would exactly be taking this is a victory lap. You blow you had a chance to get him you're the guy that was supposedly the mastermind behind the glove and that whole disaster. In court where today the glove doesn't fit right way so. Day is laughing at those points Reese talking about the murder. I know and I accept the fact that people don't feel what it would lead to. You know they don't. You know some what do I would have been home. But at that yet they're gonna cut up her feel like your murderers should rot in hell that's having an appeal which is it about right to cope with the well. Oh man and talk about a guy your gets waved the crime of the century he's essentially avoided paying. The civil judgment against him who's 33 million boxes paid next to none of it he's still stupid enough to wind up in jail. For leading an armed vigilante assault to try to steal back football memorabilia. Clearly we're dealing with an incredibly gifted athlete who is also an incredibly stupid number one but also depraved and sick individual and this whole O didn't admit watching it was purely voyeuristic. I didn't expect to learn any thing. I didn't did expect to change the way I felt about OJ Simpson after it certainly didn't you do that a body was a murder prior I think most reasonable sane people do. And nothing that he said would dissuade. I don't think any two people could be. Part of the way they were without everybody them comfortable. Of course I think we wolves and grizzly pictures after so I think everything. Covered. Yet everything would have been would have been Connelly I don't know some your blood is at the scene of a cattle like that which was the case. Your blood was at the scene. That's kind of how would then. Had I GAAP watched everything the DOJ thing I loved the the OJ made America I thought it was eight. Fascinating look not only the case but also add. The backdrop the climate racial climate of I'm Los Angeles going through the decades OJ's coming up and playing USC and then. Leading up to Rodney king and right after that going into the the murders and thereafter self yep as is fantastic I was very very well ours and it. I was quite eat small it was it was balk is that we like and then the FX series Alina you don't. To have all that background to sort of understand everything that winning red case and going back into his playing days at USC you need all that sort of background information especially somebody didn't. Grow up. You know listening to every single piece of information as the case progress that was a big factor in everything that came afterwards. Yeah I used to I used to watch the trial I'm gonna tell you understood a lot of it. But I come home after school look on as always on court TV is just follow. And watched it lot of it was incredibly dry and boring I didn't understand a lot of it apparently the jury didn't understand a lot of either. And paste on the weights in back. After four hours of deliberating whatever was but. Yeah again. Boyer is a run amok that's it was a body into it watch some of the last night. And he came away from it is that discussed it is I imagined that I would be after seeing something what did you enjoy more last night. You're lobster dinner or BOJ's at citing close lobster dinner with the result though nice goat cheese result goals targets and there. Fantastic 61777979837. Rout in Cranston wants to weigh in. On this OJ interview that aired last title Ralph. They guys that can put that put turn a quick you know. For a couple you know what took OJ but about the Celtics thank Ike shut down can't reach the obviously it's an operation that he had. Evelyn he would come back you know what guys it is it's got to be yeah. Let's not push this any further I read need an operation as being old though that so. I would just say the guys that are just political but you know when it comes to OJ. I little boy from the start that he dismissal I always thought it was a couple of what I Cairo last night was it just confirming pings or farcical yet that this in the gym dirty carpet distinct form that's why you. He can get the evidence other guys that a bulk Torre does this for a review that. Reverend let me that he had a chain connected with yet it's a little vacation itself. But when you look at this and you see it to wrap up below it it you know cheat sheet it all looked at home a criminal complaint it would what I do for a living. And when you look at it you see where about the fact that how good is that this era where each like each team each telling you. Went to partly as OJ you know I don't Jay twice in my electric ones was a couple of years before back in Foster. In one thing that stuck out when I met him is that he wasn't this the actual tough guy anymore. He played in your opening show actual what quarters or it and you know it was just don't want it wasn't a cautious in this was. This big strong guy. I never believe this specially Goldman what this triathlon. Even the calls since it broke a. I mean you're coming at somebody with a Blaine I mean you're you're telling you actually believe that OJ didn't do this he's the last person I thought America. Not sell or he doesn't do this and all that this accomplice well there. Did this are right and why is wire is there one set of footprints that was found leaving the scene while I was there no. Fingerprints are like DNA and then for an accomplice because he wasn't there Ralph Kamal. Won't happen but I'll. Wish we LaSalle college what he was pleased that's fine yeah personal service. Contract little Jake he never showed up at any particular there was a net award for quote what went between him. And it may bury this. I Cali has been prosecuted himself heard for driving OJ away from cops. Yeah but the effort from hook. I never thought OJ had such went to actually without one of them getting away. And in in the politics all she was expecting this could be. Never told you that of course is the of course. At the you know it's true that the way when because it's horrible thing penalty if he's a murderous are open but anyone who action new. He definitely the rate cut that it was horrible tragedy terrible what he'd be hitting you should've been convicted but he worked a perfect because that. Furman painted with the evidence that's how he got off. But I'd never believed I that it is. Ever let let let's. Let's not pretend to be the number one the race card wasn't played heavily by his own legal team that's what he did that was a foundation of the defense and how many times that mark Furman you the inward and and things along those lines. As far as the size of OJ and I've been a lot of courtroom scene a lot of murder defendants guys that were convicted who were not very big if you've got a weapon if you've got a gun if you go to night all of a sudden you become a lot bigger. You become a lot tougher. Jet becomes a tougher guy if he's got a weapon it's just the way it works. And as far as the accomplice goes. Murders happened that pre close quarters not a lot of space they are for somebody else one set of footprints no DNA no traces. Of somebody else there in a crime scene they clearly was not immaculate. Because of the amount of of evidence there was putting OJ there com on that that I met the guy doesn't mean. He was. A murderous does that even further in your mind show that the prosecution just completely bungled the case. Looking back at this case knowing what you know about how like trial procedure stuff. It is is it super obvious. To anybody that they screw everything up. I would super obvious I think it was number one going up against the very high a highly paid and talented defense team and they threw everything out there. To try and end it wasn't just the prosecution cops bungled two. At Ralph's not wrong about the idea that there was some. A good deal of inadequate police work that went into this as well. So he got a few different things here playing out but the accomplice saying I just don't buy it. I don't again no Trace whatsoever anyone else being a one set of footprints that matched the shoes that OJ hat. Ed these are the kinds of things I just don't buy apparently maybe I'm the only one is Wayne's LP seems think there was an accomplice to go I'd wind. Although I would cut but they do I just wanted to tell you don't forget that date that that song would caught dead. This somewhat tortured out hope that they would when it was at all would Goldman and I guess sure I would have boyfriend. And the someone over there and look for the son got bit dark cloud and it may now I think calculate what it says I think there's some wooden wall. I understand cookie big. Well and let me ask you say let's get right in the good old Samantha is in question. You're no footprints no fiber no fingerprints no hair and all I lie I mean not playing. You can do you can get away you know I mean yeah I mean is this footprint and you don't need for mention I mean if you were there. And golly don't forget all the bloggers and now you and I mean somebody ran out that's why the leveled on a little bit about OJ logos on it. I got caught this he looks like against the kid. Pull the night rattled you want to make it actually got into what Ron Goldman Ron Goldman when it true. I like. Calamity. Can't they said. And that's when it went out of and then OK got it took to get the hell out of there I think that's what. Sign in OJ were wall that's what I think that they IndyCar would look so I think this guy who did most and I mean the war. I'm not buying it I'm not buying it again no Trace whatsoever and also the whole point of the motive was as they domestic by the C serial abuser. And the escalation of a domestic violence situation that's what this what. So what's the motivation for the sun. What's the motive. You have to prove a motive I suppose in court that's fine but it always helps. And I'm just not I. I'm just not buying the conspiracy theorists are out there there are a lot of with Hernandez to I didn't realize this until I was covering the case tweeting about a lot of people responding. There's a lot of people don't buy the idea of air Hernandez killer. That one. Again why don't agree I can see it more cell. Because at the very least especially in the double homicide there is a potentially viable alternate suspect who also at the scene you know always there. Here there's no evidence whatsoever of anybody else is there. Not. I mean I don't know Texas say these people must believe that the world was flat. No accomplice Coleman in the wrong place wrong time act Ron Goldman was not. Again for everything that we know not the target here. This was a domestic violence situation escalated to it's that tragic conclusion that sadly too common. And yeah Ron Goldman got caught in the middle and just attitude tragedy compounded the tragedy but will. Accomplice. Any idea that you could just wipe a crime scene complete no no Trace that you were ever there. I mean who is is accomplished Jason Bourne like really stretching here to crowbar in the idea that somebody else was they are just because OJ talked about it. Charlie does not exist there was no evidence of Charlie that's the name he gave his accomplice. Because there is no charm which he did this by himself essentially confessed to twelve years ago in an interview that was it was aired last night. Simplest explanation. Oftentimes is right at the in this case it. Right Hannibal is chomping at the bit talked he treats offseason Tom vs time. And so many other things he actually. It's quite calm right now Knology chomping at the bits tuchman anything were to talk about those things anyway coming up next to where your phone calls then. It 6177797937. Politely and Hannibal coming your way for the next two hours Sports Radio WEP.