Mut at Night - Drellich thinks the Patriots fan base is triggered - 6-4-18

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Monday, June 4th
Hour 1 - Villani and Drellich somehow find a way to debate Spygate and Deflategate and Manning vs. Brady and why the public doesn’t care if Manning took HGH but people would go insane if Brady did it. They also get into the Red Sox and Drellich believes he started the campaign to appreciate JD Martinez. He also thinks the Patriots fan base is triggered and sensitive and don’t want to believe the team could do anything wrong.

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It's. Monday night. You. Moods are just not okay. Every girl. I think about it. This goes through your. Yeah the mandatory minicamp this week so obviously this week of April golf so looking forward to it can't wait to get back to back to work. We're excited. Now here's my light at night on Sports Radio W we. Never mind that night ever keep this week as well it's heats up on vacation what was working this morning Gilani would be for the next four hours up till 10 o'clock. Evans relic is going to be joining at some point here we think he's going to be meandering in during the 6 o'clock hour. I guess they didn't know their make. Is scheduled to keep was on vacation usually covers this 6 to 7 o'clock hour but he's away this week. So what they reached out hydraulic news gonna commit seven thinking keep was still here. Once you realized he was on vacation Chad relative taxed out on now to thirty years so this afternoon. He got back to me at about 530 he said he is asleep at the entire day. I don't know what this guy did over the course of the week enemies I'll be yesterday morning and I didn't seem like a terribly taxing thing form but he apparently slept the day away. And is now bright eyed ready to go acts I don't know 615 or 61 year. Whenever he waltzes in here sold beard from relic is well liked to get to with the patriots and the Red Sox. After that four game split. And I understand there was a celebrity sighting Lucy Burge is producing tonight you spotted a patriot earlier today. I tennis idol and on Miley he was running he looked great. I'd ligaments look ACL looked great everything you can tell you who's yes I can tell gate was good look like he could run post pattern whatever needs to do perfectly. Outstanding that's good to got a Ira port. Appreciate tax. Keep us updated you see him run through the studio or anything like that make sure to keep us abreast of the situation. I seen it Lucy college 61777979837. And if you want to keep pop on here. So Rob Gronkowski said is you've heard equipped air from the buzz for kids of bank yesterday that he's going to be at mini camp tomorrow. Tom Brady all signs are going to you will be at mini camp tomorrow. And it seems as though I'm kind of borrowing the headline from Ben Poland's peace in the Boston Globe. Day before yesterday it seems as though order may be restored. And threw out the course of this entire offseason this entire situation I've tried to hammer home. I a couple of ideas here but they can sort of be summed up in one umbrella point and that is the fact that multiple things can be true at the same time. End. It's it's difficult sometimes or people to acknowledge that but multiple things to be true at the same time so in this case. There's a lot of things that are true about this offseason first of all it this offseason is certainly different. In a lot of ways then once the patriots have had in the past there's a different feeling around the team there's egg knowledge tension between coach and quarterback. There is a difference in the approach. By the quarterback too hot season work outs where he is preached there importance how vital the aria and missed one the last three or four years. Now skipping out on OTAs there is. Any hint it's not a brand new but it enhanced focus. I Tom Brady on sort of the extra curriculars. There he is interested in the the wanting to be over with the prince of Monaco and pushing Aston Martins and being involved with. Family and work and other commitments that are outside of football the things that Robert Kraft talked about also true with the crass comment. And might have brought some people the wrong way and might have been ill advised suggesting that Brady is the only one Ernie unique position because he has interest in things outside of football. All of these things and by the way contract and coming to this is well more so with Rob Gronkowski I would imagine all of these things can be true black. Even if we acknowledged that. The other point that is also true. In understanding all of this is that. None of this will matter when it comes time to actually perform in the game situations when it comes time to actually do. With the patriots have done consistently. Now for word the last. Eighteen years which is compete for championships. All of it is is true it's worthy of discussion it's worthy of noting. It is the and a lot of cases act that's either heavily corroborated or just not contradicted at all. And a knowledge in it acknowledging that there's some tension between coach and quarterback that Alex Guerrero is at this tenor of it that the patriots. Changed the lower their relationship. With Guerrero apparently appellate checks Heston in. Some of that stuff might erupt Tom Brady the wrong way that some people did to bring in another element out that that some people that locker room might have been confused or frustrated. About the way that the Super Bowl was handled all of these things can be true. And you still acknowledge the fact when it comes time for in this case mandatory mini camp. And looking forward I guess will be. That these three day mini camp Brady will be there chronicle be there. The attendance will be fine order again will be restored to use that phrase that was in the globe. The next week they go back to the optional stuff pretty may not be there. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he were to jet out someplace after that and skip out on the the optional workouts again. And another round of stories can pop up about how the quarterback's taken a different approach this year but. When it comes time to you get to training camp this summer is there any doubt they'd Brady's gonna be there and active participant in the 88 guy who is a version of the player that's coming up NDP campaign last season and in his store performance in the Super Bowl. In my mind now. When it comes time for pre season games and getting snaps in building up towards the start of the regular season eight is it going to look a lot like. The same kind of patriots pre season that we've seen in the past yeah. And one of the best dot Bentsen and football. They're going to hope to via an improved early to help your defense going forward. And they're gonna be well positioned to win 1213 fourteen games we'll see somewhere in that neighborhood win the division. Maybe get a first round I think probably get a first round bye and be favored for the Super Bowl. All of these things all of that the different parts of this hot season that we're different. That word. Eyebrow raising that they created conversation. It's not that I never thought it was non store I never got to that point to act. Just don't worry about it it's not even worth discussing not even worth noting what the stuff has been worth noting. But it doesn't change. The fact that when it's time to actually perform on the field. This is a coach and quarterback. That are self interest it. And bear interest your success is also tied into the team's success they understand. What the goals are to be accomplished here they understand so how their legacies. Are defined especially in this sport coach quarterback they're defined by Super Bowl championships. And that's going to be the focus and get back on the field. And now I don't think missing an OTA this week or last week rather are missing in OT next week is gonna be something that. Impacts. Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady 1 I am not at all and I also don't think it's gonna impact anything within that locker. I would like to imagine. That most of the guys at least the guys that'll stick it out not think Cassius marsh is in the world to apparently. Were in no way shape or form happy with the role that they were asked to play in new wing. But I think the guys who are better suited to play for this team to play for this particular coach. Even though they might not loved it Robert Kraft suggesting that I Tom Brady woods was somehow unique in that he is apparently in a business and things like that. I think they get that it's a little bit different for Brady. I think they understand. That. Wendy your guide it's been in the league for as long as he has handled level of success that he has. Did you car about different rules and even a Bill Belichick does a lot about the way and that's true is well again multiple things being true. I'll check probably be at its druthers he wants Tom Brady there he wants Brady to show up you want everybody to show up for every work. Because he believes in the idea that all of these things do matter. Is he going to impact this particular player now it's just not and we've seen Brady threw the course of his career. Miss. Work outs in the past miss pre season games for various reasons. Once very notably this for regular season games and then you saw what happened after that acne was able to get back after the deplete gate suspension so. This is one of those stories that it has caused a lot of frustration hand wringing a lot of he started to sort of look at the wonder is is the patriots dynasty gonna be tumbling off that Max Kellerman cliff finally. I just don't see it. Because this quarterback. Is still playing at a very high level one and MVP last year threw for 505 yards and Super Bowl Rob Gronkowski. Even last year when according to Tommy cart and the others there reporting down there he was. In some ways I'm happy. When he gets between the white lines when it's time to perform he does. And he doesn't have very high level is one of the best in football. So these are these the types of stories that sort of drive the conversation in the offseason they're worth noting I think it a bigger contextual. Picture. And and sort of looking at the relationship of a Brady and bella checked and how to bald and how it's changed these are all things that are worth noting. Is it going to change the way the team performs on the field I still don't see. And the example of that now. Is everybody coming back for mini camp coming back for the the mandatory workout coming back and setting everything right and restoring work. And I don't buy into I heard earlier today you know talking about town. Bill dollar check to get it sorted Neil Brady if he. Chastised as a receiver for running the wrong way Belichick says now Tom put that in last week and if you were here you'd known that I don't see it happening first of all. I teams he's OTAs outweigh. I think there's a lot of stuff going in for week one in an OTA the Brady didn't show lots and and what. It's not completely dismissed the idea that Brady has touted the importance of these things in the past he hats. And I'm sure he believed that when he sat. That all of this stuff is important preparation. By. When you really look at the fact of the matter when you've got a guy that's played this long in the league and get dad's had the success with the type weapons allowed around him. Is it going to have a tangible impact when it comes to winning and losing and feel now it's just not. Into try to make this to try to keep the story in the proper context which is a ballot Jing. Its presence in knowledge being the the underlying issue that is there. But also understanding that these guys found a way to deal with that last year I think Alex Guerrero already. And I tension between coach and quarterback is the reason the patriots couldn't stop anybody in the Super Bowl. And understanding that I can impact what they do the season those two things. After you go hand in hand from. So not surprised at all Ron back Brady back. Order restored. You know the other Brady related story in Charlotte and I talked about this a little bit yesterday. And I saw Alex Roemer wrote about it today for WEEI dot com and it's offload. A conversation that that we got a little bit yesterday morning. This report that dropped from. Hollywood reporter on Friday. And it once again highlights. The difference when it comes to a and maybe this is part of what's driving Brady ET today. Act differently not necessarily this report or need understanding of after. 1518. Years of being especially these last several being treated differently. Then other quarterbacks. In the league in terms of media reactions scrutiny. Attention positive negative or whatever maybe that's part of what's driving him to attend act differently here I don't know. But this Al-Jazeera story again popping up with Peyton Manning. And Al-Jazeera is that it pending right now a lawsuit from Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard who were cleared by a Major League Baseball. But they were looped in ads was Manning in his 2015 documentary. It said according to this pharmacist Charlie slide admitting that you HD. And used and these this being and as steroid it is the end substance called altitude. So. Al-Jazeera depending lawsuit players are saying among other things that this guy Charlie sly you later recanted his testimony. But this was after by the way a couple of Peyton Manning. Let's say representatives. Showed up at his house and prompted a 911 call. Gave this sort of sputtering back pedaling denial of what he had been caught saying on hidden camera well now Al-Jazeera has said that. There was a second source and using this to. Buttress the credibility of what's Weis said when he was caught on hidden camera and what they're saying is. Is coming from the documents. Out from Al-Jazeera last week. The Manning's not as the plaintiffs have alleged. And another law firm here served as a second source for the documentary when the Manning's lawyers corroborated important statements made by sly on hidden camera. The point of contention that this law firm serves the second source is demonstrably false. They were simply reiterating. The Manning's information provided through counsel. So once again Peyton Manning put out another denial deceit in the first time nothing to see here and it was as if it were immediately accepted. No problem and and we just kind of move on. And you can make the argument while Manning's not in the game anymore he's not playing this was. I don't wanna say entirely swept under the rug but it certainly didn't quite get the kind of media attention that you would think it would've gotten in 2015. And that was before Peyton Manning and retired. The reaction. That Manning gets. For this end the readiness that there seems to be do accept what he said there's not gonna see here so clearly there's not. And you think about what it would be if it were operating you think about what it would be if it were. Even if he were had been retired for a year or two if Tom Brady had been linked QHGH. And by the way I completely believed it. I'm Manning may have done it when he was recovering from that neck injury I don't think there are many guys out there you can say are are above reproach when it comes to this sort of thing so. My eight. Knee jerk reaction is to not really believed Manning but of course he denies it. Yes and sued by the way Howard and Zimmerman suit Manning said he would. But he didn't and it's not like kids have the resource is to bring a lawsuit of clearing his name his legacy is that important to him but now you've got this other report. I don't know bombshell is the right word for it but it is certainly significant. To suggest that Manning's own attorneys. Where a second source where were able to in some way corroborate the information came from. This whistle blower of sorts this unwitting may be unwilling. Whistle blower on the Al-Jazeera documentary 2015. Has been. Just received with a generic. After justice to shrug. It's paid apps and you're saying is you get this and I'll listen let's hear it. While welcome this. NFL investigation because that I know the rules of the NFL and I respect the rules that are important me. And so what this report alleges that I did is. It's simply not true it's fabricated this job it's garbage. What I did a long list of other. Words more and I can guarantee this investigation. Portable fun is absolutely a big fat nothing so. That's why I talk to about. At the NFL did investigate they cleared Manning Munich clear couple other players the were tied into it. The energy with which the league investigated these claims by or that comment from Manning was all the way back at the the start of this mess in 2015. But the energy with which. The league investigated that. Compared to the energy they put into allegedly deflated football is a whole other part of this double standard that is just so. Painfully obvious at this point and this is why when you have people who. You know think that the patriots and their fans have some sort persecution complex. While. This is the evidence for. I mean this is why. If you feel like patriots fans have to use sort of play the Gerri important role in circle the wagons and defend the law constantly. It's because of this obvious double standard that exists he can't tell me that the reaction would be anywhere near the same if it were Brady. But it's Manning he's likable people love the commercials. This thing was. Essentially buried in in 2015. With out much of conversation. With an investigation. That had nowhere near the same kind of force or energy or money. That the subsequent to placate investigation had and you end up now a few years later. With new information that comes out a matching the legal backing investigate and retired to study the NFL to do at this point. But he reaction from the public at large the general. Media shrug. That existed over this weekend is just so far removed from what it would be had been Brady who is caught up in this. I've found that interest things while so we're starting football hero gets a Red Sox dubbed as well although after the Sox win. Two of four against Houston when these last two including Sunday night baseball and get your phone calls at 61777979837. And drought it's gonna be joining the fun at some point here tonight colliding with the up until 10 o'clock. Taking your calls next Sports Radio WB yeah. It's much that night on Sports Radio. We EI. I. Wave back 409. In Atlanta on. It's morally straight away center you know that Houston Astros logo with a bit of the ivy. Portland it's his ninth home run of the year and the Red Sox right now fortitude. Arnold and called the WTI now become one of the games. Over the weekend on the WEI broadcast I was work and then on the national radio last cited things. The last two nights I didn't get to hear DL but. Italian Mitch Moreland home run call. Good weekend for the Red Sox at least it wrapped up has been weakened the Red Sox after they lost the first couple games that you wanna get to that. I drought like I'm told he's he's going through quite the the process here to make sure that everybody gets the opportunity to get copy which I guess I appreciate. It makes it seem like he's making up for something I'm not sure what. But he was calling around I think individually he's texting even arm on the air and I was supposed to get back to him. Anybody there have to work here. It worked downstairs at the rehab clinical across place whatever is on the upper floors that I don't even know I've never been up there but. Anybody Andy wants Cossack and getting a nice guy for some reason couldn't gotta figure ally. And I guess that it does make it seem like he did something. It makes it seem like he did something eighties trying to atone for so now worried about what that is. Us we'll find out the drought sack coming in a few moments here just quickly couple attacks. There was one here about the I think that happy college of Manning. And that again that was another thing he's accused of against sexual harassment it's assault I don't know what the the I guess if they assault write him and his physical contact there that was another story that you'd you'd. Popped up made the rounds briefly and that was it nothing to see here everybody moves on. Another tax pair. Big difference cleaning game cheating in speech is reporting on alleged BD use now and then he says stop whining like a little Brady bitch he's dolls multiple words wrong there but. The first hollers thing speech is reporting and guess he either don't remember the documentary you're being willful willfully ignorant to try to make a point that's fine. If that's what you wanna do but this is very well done. By a journalistic. Armed that maybe people are familiar with but it has done a lot of good reporting. In a lot of parts of the world including the United States until of course. They went out of business shortly after the state in the pistol defending the lawsuit to stop putting out contents on the American sound they eggs. And if there's any speech is frankly it was the argument they tried to prove the quote unquote Indian cheating that this textured to scrap spot. I don't want it on hold the plate gates rabbit hole again so. Again add the dirtier creating. And a set of facts there it's not exactly borne out by you what. Transpired out a couple of years ago and another one here I think is more appointed one Brady's raised voided ON DP no hall of fame. Eight it's better that would be the reaction that would be an end. Just think knowledge that I mean just think knowledge it would be different operating he just acknowledge a double standard exists and that's okay double standards and that's all the time in the world. But to pretend it doesn't happen to pretend it's not there. To pretend that that somehow Manning is treated the exact same as Brady or date. How it's similar situations. Are remembered day Thursday night football was actually Thanksgiving game were Mike Tomlin stuck his foot out. And almost tripped a camera to kick returner is used rank got a feel for the ravens can imagine Belichick did that. You imagine lavender Al. You turn in my conference on my into the red button is gone I think everyone just heard me correctly and accurately. If if the whole point of the Brady to placate. Suspension was some sort of retribution punishment for the sins of the past that had gone unpunished in both into the path of the ball. The taping of other teens walked. And who knows how many walked out there's no evidence about lockers he was taping from spot on the sideline but it words were let it be it if it involves the the locker story had a front and back page retraction for both viewers and my former employer. Yes OK to see if what actions is the worst of all these involved. Which which is if it is that the possibility that Peyton Manning to H TH you think huge is more of cardinals and to a football and potentially keeping another team. And it whenever. For that then what the patriots were proven to have done yet spending taping defensive signals that everybody can see from a camera that's in the wrong spot on the field. Yes. H teaches worse. That is worse. I think taping strikes. At a plates and I think you're you're talking about the taping it didn't happen. You're writing about the and we could make a lot of things that they could have done I think this is worse it's taping that has not that was never proven to happen to attract. The taping generally yeah the idea of a legally setting up a camera whatever the circumstance like the in football sounds worse to me. Then someone taking HD so when you're saying yet they would treat rated differently of course they would treat rated differently but part of the reason the Brady. And the patriots were treated differently from the get go was because of the nature of the crime. I think if Peyton Manning had been involved in some sort of that would be real if they'd found evidence that the colts had been taping took elect of the that struck. More all about about the final thawing in about the colts pumping in crowd noise. And OK so what are. What who wanted done. What does somebody that is so taping the signals that I really don't wanna go down and when he and the flaky radical on banana I get loud and they all that it's more than a decade out old at this point. But they were signals that word it's 80000 people conceit. And camera was in the wrong spot and it was wrong and it was as if it's like it was swept under the rug they paid heavily for that war there were huge finds. And a lot of the draft pick her that it's not like that was that was nothing that was swept under the rug the other taping that you're talking about didn't happen. He didn't have only to deflate it punishment was related to its sense that they did not handle. By eight. I don't know height made the argument that the beginning of the argument though Europe has been speculated. It's been speculated that we don't speculate whether or not we don't it's all he'll pull the heart that well but I would also circle back and say how can you say that. I mean what would have been the proper punishment then for spy gate the yeah I would have an avid fan to operate for life I was in ways any rating at that yes all. All that is done is gone. Super Bowl appearance and he actually won is out this goes back to 97 is out. Nobody cares a PD Opel that's that's the issue here if it's the idea that. A team could've been cheating in a different way the particular in and in particular the obtain things of signals that tooth on the record but nobody cares about spying in baseball unjustly I rank of the opposite which I remember the apple lots thing. And that was about that was on last year. It's like if it's totally equal baseball you can steal signs that if but if your pop in pop and some greens here and a lot of yeah note no static and notes in them. Lately I completely the other way around so. I ask you this question to we'll certainly take patriots calls it 61777979837. We'll circle back to this conversation but. After the win for the Red Sox in Sunday baseball the change at all your. Feeling on on the socks you're cutting down on the yesterday morning's yeah these last two games were were sort of state. In game two even even though the the first win of the of the two. Viewed the Saturday game. I I didn't look at it and go. Man they really did show me something be you know it when you walk out of there with a split after losing the first two I. The public have been slapped a watching the first two games and they are watching that then the season. From what I've seen the Astros. F is clearly a better team shall think they are better team but. You have eight combined hits from noon is morally and and Brock call last night and guys that you look and say well there have to be important on Ford had been good so far. And by the way this is after home run for Christian Vasquez Jackie Bradley junior getting on base in front of hander Ben antennae in the big seventh inning on Saturday nights the bottom part of the order. Which is an issue even when the Red Sox don't win. And why smoky bats hitting a lot of solo home runs because he's not getting out such as leading up to game he's not getting up in general hasn't been. With a lot of guys on because the bottom thirty orders not hitting in front of them you're getting that contribution or at least he did. In a big spot Saturday and Sunday night to worry be getting when the Red Sox were on the here at the beginning of the season. And when you look at threats such a top all the offensive categories in baseball. You know JD Martinez is the real deal who don't know at this point you just have been paying attention milky bets when healthy you know as the real deal I'm not sure I know that he is. This good. And maybe get a certain why I gotta stop asking that question. I still not really sure what the real identity of rookie that is it's clearly a top ten player in the majors probably top five is the top two. The top or. The area's top one for it for a stretch and I just are you convinced that Soviet. What you do for longer I think that's fair I mean this is sort of it the debate that was it as dire ESP and that had to ESPN or had a story about Trout could have an historic season because of XYZ. Then you looked at every single number for movie bats and they were just better across the board. And that that also goes back ready to JD Martinez point about whether it's national media or just MLB there are certain guys they get. Special treatment goes back today against the double standard point and in for baseball. Baseball always had this longevity thing right and you know what not only have to be good but for hall of fame conversation. Well this guy was great he's only great for like seven years so is that a hall of fame secular you have to do it longer in general to get in a big sample size sport like baseball to get that kind of attention. Also some sort of AG ageism at play here or something about. Late arrive words onto the big leaks in because Judy Martinez did not start doing it until recently twenties if not become. This type hitter in the last four years so why is that. I really stuck the receipt of the copyright did you I don't I didn't do it we are you money list that's likely you are trying to tailor they stick it on the before you do more you ordered on your phone with this whole thing took me 32 order on the and so I understand our schedule every morning at that Starbucks or a court. But you'd he stuck the recently at Dunkin' Donuts they put the pain and and I don't know we should be promoting Duncan at retirement to the other one too but. I just like I just noticed you gave me your receipts I figured I owe you money that's hopefully I'll itemize and an expensive later they'll itemize and going on that they stick the sticker on the OPEC had taken their eye and Cumberland farms you can making yourself so that's right he never 99 cents and size of an that the mobile ordering the company's. Probably now they have an app if you have an apple got lots of Wales that would also the other more lessons and noble lord during the break the can be fantastic back to keep. The fact that he rightly in the scene that may be used as a roadblock for people I believe that if you had ejecting four years you've had. In you know his early twenty's. People would look at him differently there's something about guys do it later in their career eventually does. And eventually do it marked a market like Boston people buy into play. There are some sort of roadblock to our well I don't buy this guy if he started 220. He opened. Yet and I I think that's I think that's a baseball thing in general right I mean if the team hasn't been good take take what the race when they went to the World Series. If the team hasn't been good for the previous years. I feel like there's a eight hesitant to buy into them until a K it's September in their eight GameStop. Which line at the navy and I think the baseball thing in general. Vijay what all he always a look at for the next hot thing an eight I cab one good week and now it's is this guy gonna be the next quarterback against big money to meet Rob Lowe with. Five quarters and then the second half of the season in San Francisco got the biggest contract anybody's ever gotten so book. All the and have that prop rice but look at the Giancarlo Stanton debate. Over the winner of him and we get it hits more home runs when he's going right then Judy Martinez does but that that was this issue. Large kind of exacerbated why in the world. But people look at you Martinez's numbers from last few years ago these aren't good as can crow stands they very clearly were the differences the gene Carlson came up. As its big time prospect. Had always had this power and who's kind of the reputation was known from the beginning. There's something about the reputation changing in the bid in the big leagues that either confuses people. That just doesn't make someone quite as readily accessible I don't know it but it but there's definitely. Something that has been a barrier to people viewing an understanding. So did the Red Sox changed the pre conception are yes the conception that you had when we spoke about it prior to last night's game. Federal audit into the and it it's one out of 162 with get out of the way but. There are a lot of individual things and I came from the way Matt Barnes when he came in late again the contributions of the the bottom of the order winning without smoky backs. Going up against Charlie Morton who. I talk about a guy who's come on late 203334. Years old he's got a fastball like he's never had in his career the last year or so and and he you know lighting him up for six or were they were a lot of individual things that popped up in that game. There were indicative of a team that's prepared to go toe to toe the rest of the way with the Astros and yankees really are we even talking many males the American League. I don't Seattle's right there. Els feels right at the top of a big baby food and maybe I'm falling into the trap that I just mentioned about it laid up leaving the rays the first time they were good but. And that we can living in Seattle that's all right out you don't run off Cleveland. I think Seattle's now enter the next. But now it's clearly they're they're routier's statutorily mourn. It's going its its customers. It's a possibility that baseball. The company baseball fans or aware Charlie Morton and ninety Martina the third segment out there watch the World Series last year sought for the Morton did for the Astros. And it's. More idea of him than Judy margin. Possible it's a deciding game and in morn pitch and send him last year remember yeah. I mean it's it started standing around here obviously repeat that a pretty good awareness JD Martinez beacons. He really does like to have finally pushing and by the way I'll take credit or there are columns. Corso a couple weeks ago you asked the question. I'd which we weird for attention for JD Martinez and then pretty quickly. I'm Nancy and you start here in the commercials. With his highlight and even a pick on. Our line flagship radio network of the effort and ads that are centered on cheating and that should be happen. It's have been happening from the shooting happening in April but I don't think one. Everybody has slowed that she Martinez party. Why. He's he's he's ambassador baseball. No one combat me I'm wrong by traffic fantastic player. If I have one at that I'd take Angie Martinez over everybody right now. Yeah I mean I'm already hit where and accusing it high enough. But a line drive single the opposite way and see that kind of power that that that guy that's the opposite field. I will likely TD dive it is Red Sox discussion especially now that they've. Taken the last two games from the Astros. And this is you know coming up a stretch or don't say they were sputtering but it certainly was the level they were the first when he gave us. Are you feel about two Boston Red Sox 617779. 7937. Attacks like 37937. We'll get your calls and text coming up Lonnie drought Sports Radio WEEI. Recapping their. Yeah. I just that had occasional glance at the text machine near 37937. I give the occasional glance some people do the constant stare. At the text machine idea the occasional glance I turned it on this one was not on until the frequency bats on now and is how many. Now make a lot of friends over there is this is the integrity policy of of the patriots fan base that it's almost kind last year a lock radiant as I want our credit. We exist. There's there's no more triggered a fan base and right now or at and why I can't imagine why is that. Well they feel picked on and and I would it and any could be because all I don't know that. Hypothetically there's a aid bombshell report involving the chief rival of Brady using each PH over the course of his career information that seems to corroborate. Pennington was Walt was and on and not Chad Pennington but says he may have to them almost. And what's the what's the reaction from NFL fans. National media. I agree can make it breaking a deadly accident than me question the reaction would and number two no question. Not every say it be every segment on every ESPN fox sports one. Every touch a thousand every single one here is where this thing has gotten twisted and that's why that's why people react was gone for what people are pushed that's why they react like that pushed really pushed to the edge and if it or pay back into a corner. If month if she really talks lonely at the top. If if Brady had done the exact thing you would you would indeed happy differences then applied where people doubt it emits is. Not only is he as the punishment been unfair. Which ones with the placate its Brady is totally in its patriot Tripoli and they never did anything ever. Or bury your head in this and it you can look at all the things I Y I all college all you know what you got other. If this is just gonna tell the world that the scrutiny and H I I acknowledge what the patriots did they get to something. They absolutely did on the run in arguable incontrovertible. No patriots fan. No matter how big a homer Jerry Gordon like defend the wall type guy Ken and I. They hate signals. From a spot where they were not supposed to take signals period all day and then it goes even you and anything that they hammer came down on them and I I personally would argue it's no big deal. Maybe somebody else who knows more about football could argue the opposite regardless. I think the punishment came down on them for it was. Very substantial and anybody that looked at the second round deflate gay anti meat good. And as it they they just let the patriots skate the first time around is kidding themselves when you lose a first round pick. When the coach gets by half million dollars in the teen gets on a million bucks. That's bad luck nothing that was that is substantial. I think I think we're to that but all I mean that it might see into the this was a make good for letting him skate the first timer there's. That feels true to mute the route that there was an ailment the patriots got a easily. Based on what people suspected that ball was not prudent. Inspector and all right we are almost two decades removed just having politicians involved does that mean politicians were involved in the whole steroid investigation baseball that you know why the good thing Gabby ally to me it's good it's good face time you get people like C span they wouldn't otherwise and politicians are not always serving the public interest that is exactly what I'm saying stating that is exactly what I'm saying only with. The public's best interest of mine yeah no question about it. But you'll understand what I'm saying about. Where this has gotten taken now. If it is the patriots have never done anything wrong. It's it's there the the that think Brady at saint Belichick it's that he had been persecuted just because what because they've they've always won. You know it it becomes a wide ranging conspiracy theory essentially. Where the entire world about to get the patriots and and that's just not true and and made maybe that's how people. Have taken it because they feel like the media's and beating up on the page or whatever it is. The truth as in most cases Chris lies somewhere in between patriots did something wrong. They might not gotten hammered for quite hard this year than they probably got hammered too hard. The second time around and they have their. It's a very basic. Progression for me. But for patriots fans it how dare you how tearing even suggest. Our franchise. Might have done something wrong these greens were hard earned by my blood sweat. Each year they work any shortages because you're saying it and that sort of a tone doesn't mean they weren't they work every patriots fan was. David sacrificed so much for each one of those odd that you kind of a team now that the band to sacrifice. Beta tag price they may sacked by some money to watch the time to and that's what would want saying what I'm saying. The standards is triggered everybody sees it it is the group that is in. Open it's not like that's an excuse but at that point the the over the top reaction. Tends to come when there is an over the top stimulus of some kind and in this case. That over the top. Aspect that it that is got fans reacting this way is this constant seemingly never ending. Double standard where there's one set of standards for anything that have that weight just think the goal they they that the team allegedly does wrong or has been proven to do Ron. It's also about. The stories that it when I started talking about the the beginning at 6 o'clock hour here. This whole off season Kirk awful with the patriots and yeah how's Guerrero attention and things again there were readily acknowledged. By eight the the parties involved. That that are not just made up that are not just concocted but at the same time. Do not seem to have any and in I don't believe will have any tangible affect on. The way the team performs that second part is not acknowledged when it's discussed especially in the national media it's always is the patriots dynasty. Crumbling before our eyes and these are the types of things where I understand. Why patriots bands aids seems sensitive or it seems like there they're reacting it's over the top. I get it based on the way that the heart truth is is the worst part of the thinking of the patriots. Right now it's well the slogan with a suitable so why it is or why why's it matter what oh on Palmer. Doing what they're talking off and talk advocate and law. It is the point of the reporters. And our students who in this in this radio Booth is to discuss the circumstances of the team that's got everything going on. With the team do we know if it's gonna tangible fact that we even prove it one way or another that's somewhat common around saying. XYZ happened in this was the cause and effect of maybe not but that doesn't mean it's not a story. And that is what. Potter you're giving people went when you say well what effected the connect. Can't help help help put the keep or. Help them win again. While they're supposed laid out last year and he plays every real and they are audible now. He could've helped this is no way it helps them think that's the reason they couldn't stop make fools. What to do with politics management style might have had something to the reason they couldn't I'm not I'm not saying that it out of that I think way decisions weren't made it impacted it and that they. Didn't play well defensively or did they even look back to personnel decisions injuries certainly played with art and practice better bill Belichick's. Clubhouse environment that alternative bill better don't. Butler is is the great example that he can dangle for anybody. Why in the play is this but I don't think it's an example of the argument the your mate if it can be example pop culture it's called it could be an example Bill Belichick making a mistake certainly. Why so if it. Whatever prompted built to make this with the Asia takes more than half an hour to start frustrating as much. On top of the first hour premiere top of the first six. I get a couple more to go out there as and I'm here I'm here. Now petition write off like all of us have known facts so what you don't think they'll lock government has an effect. I actually deal but I also think that any juicy way Roy Cassius marsh. Some of the music a lot about him let's I don't always the in trouble or were going to late here's we'll take a break. Come back into battled it because you work I mean I'd marshes your boy. Yesterday on our viewer your celebrate on Cassius marsh. Big Cassius marsh bands we'll talk about that coming up we'll get to me your thoughts 6177797937. Plottage relegate it out with a yearly average is getting started haven't Sports Radio W week yet.