Mut at Night - Eagles disinvited from White House visit - 6-4-18

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Monday, June 4th
Hour 2 - Trump released a statement disinviting the Eagles from the White House visit and Drellich and Villani discuss this move and past White House team visits. They also get into Lucy’s first Eminem concert and the state of the Patriots.

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It's. Monday night. It's. I'm moods are just not okay cause I'm. Think about it. If this goes through the event. He got the mandatory minicamp this week so obviously this group of people golf so looking forward to it can't wait to get back to back to work. Sudden now here's mine too much. Slug Sports Radio W. Second hour no mutt. Bloody angelic here. And then slept the day away today I don't know wrong. Well look we don't have we grolier till ten. I don't know I don't expect at a time don't you want a full listed at the top forty. The Red Sox off today. I had planned this did you completely powered down and that's it I just hit plenty of air and doing errands. All being a person in the recruitment likely. I cleaning up my call you reduce the strike later distraught about the drop compact that task in itself is part. And real until I actually to drama right hanging halting I had to drop off dry cleaning clean out my card to be very similar tell tasks that we have to deal. It's go go this this is why I'm like I cannot. How can take care. At some point particularly if I don't think he couldn't IV the local all of Britain in the last day it's probably best for everybody if you don't create stay out of my round. Don't stand your own means you could find somebody to stand being around you. Consistently than go for it by bringing light to age or further fiscal irresponsible for keeping another human being alive. That would work to do it. That would war like to believe Erica it. Well things like he had to be a certain age and now a lot of my friends or parents which is still weird to think about. And uncle Chris but it but it gas sort yeah and a lot of my friends and teachers. Which is even we here. To think about like our member of the crap used do in high school and now you're in charge of high school class like hundreds of young men and women. There. Futures slate whether they understand how notre economic tree or world history or English English literature which I can barely say. The bet that depends on you. You're the conduit to you. This part of their worlds now. That Daniel and oddities that you're that you're in the future and be making now you get it or that it for responding understand the Abbott that we could happen. In which could have been hit. Exactly get theory argues saying slanderous things about the patriots have been now for awhile as a solid 7779. 79370. You're you're angry about something during the break. At least on the patriots fans and relatives and I actually it would go but detectors or wouldn't I would love to take a caller two of you know our dual if your patrons. Do you think the entirety of the country thinks everyone your rings is invalid or what what is it that really gets you about the way your handled. And treat it because if it's a reporting a line. The recent. Brady bella check crafted drama. You're crazy I mean that that that is the job of the reporters that is not a reporter out to get the team the question of what what impact does that make we don't know. That's the bottom line we don't know so to rule out something is valid. Before we have the results I. He found how this works in a you know you're pushing decidedly can say well we'll also Super Bowl because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were. And clawing at each other on the side there's yeah you don't wait report that story in terms of operas and sports action think about this of the draw opera's a Shakespearean opera's and you'll think it's all puzzled. Nominally Shakespeare wrote operas should listen. Operatic Shakespearean packet that it did these were adjective of applying sure also the adjectives Larry Lucchino plight to. Is it that relation to the election in in my book the big fifty bill. Now when your next book signing. It up before you ask you can be you can tell me during the break how many people or at the last one for four people and two of the more. My father and uncle and one of the other ones once beefed or owner okay. And the other does yield right of the sport eloquent person did wandering in and ought to count there were lost. It is it is a they saw me they read right. But put into the great sports I think he did like the you know Chaz parliamentarian Bronx tale nice can't leave a plea by a problem. That you didn't see anything. And that's good bells Richard scene yesterday and seemed Bronx tale which is less and Agassi got and it seems are anyway outside vendor or did you and please we can go back in the mob. Movie. Rattle if you'd like but but our Shaq and Colby and it comes to mind but it in terms of kind of the great. Dramas off of the court and in involving incredibly prolific. Players and figures. This ranks very high and who else is in that category. What you Brady Belichick. Where will suit you put that discussion from the all time great dramas. Of of sports some of I'm not talking at the on the field. You know play out. And I get distracted sorry that's really your relief well now here's why and it's it's football sports related so this statement came about ten minutes ago. From the White House. The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to the White House for their full team to be celebrated tomorrow they disagree with their president. Because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem. And on hard in honor of the great men and women of our military and people of our country. Eagles wanted to send a smaller delegation with a thousand fans planning to attend the event deserve better. Their fans are still invited to the White House is part of a different type of ceremony wonderful honor our great country pay tribute to the heroes who fight to protect it. And loudly and proudly play the National Anthem. I will be there at 3 PM with the United States marine band. And the united states army chorus to celebrate America. We knew this was governor. He had maybe not quite like this but yeah. And and now like I forget which team was at this point. But I'm sort of pass this the whole discussion like at the White House says it's because it's not going anywhere. And it it certainly not going anywhere with the current occupant of the White House to the current level polarization and the country it's just not you're not going to get. 53 a group of 53 people anywhere they're all on the same page when it comes to you. Policy when it comes to you. The executive branch certainly at this point. You know case in point was the the wedding cake. Supreme Court decision came out this morning and the B. Whitney of reactions that that followed that it's a stock when it happens so. No matter what there's going to be people that are skipping the White House they're going to be. For different reasons whether it be practical whether B an issue of principle. And I'm just kinda passed it because it's not going anywhere it's just going to keep every time there's a new champion. It's going to repeat especially now in the NFL with the way the stoked up the national had an issue again. With the policy that the NFL owners came out with a weaker to go of course this was heading this direction of course once. So you do make the accurate point that policies always going to be. Divisive and you're never gonna have an entire football organization or probably any organization entirely in the same unlike the past you couldn't set it aside for what is basically a glorified photo op for ten minutes. And and in in just take a picture with a guy you can't do that Timor has started a large problem we see. Overall right now is when we first writing things that are that go beyond the idea policy or politics or partisanship. To those things. If it treating. All people with respect which which with the Donald Trump doesn't do there's there's just no question but that this is someone who. Purposely. Action away. He purposely demeans beat publicly often eaten at the Bill Clinton pointed out. Sort of Reading earlier this morning. He's he's he sets out to bears people. It's not it goes beyond policy he is an and I do think it's specific. To this presidency he could happen if it if which are getting Chris is well. You know for Republicans is in the White House the future far more liberal. Athletes not gonna go that they will go but I bet that Republican president at that every single present ID I sincerely hope every single person the rest of our lifetimes. Treat people. And the public with more respect in minutes it's. I'm amazed I've been able to refrain from re tweeting and commenting. When he says the incredibly stupid and dangerous things that he goes I I've kind of taken the stance that okay. People do need sports is an outlet outlet on Twitter account be that. That tiny tiny little way to candy rather than engage in even more Twitter acrimony. Don't you know this is about policy. That that's that FC. Bad way to reduce what people are responding to it much more than piles wellness case about a National Anthem policy. You think that's the only reason the Eagles Arco. Now I don't but I think that. Created sort of a fresh layer. Acrimony tease you a word between the team and the administration yes I think it did. Which the the owners serving as the the typical between exit to create just the Eagles are have been particularly outspoken. On liberal causes and I some members have yet I think I think one in one particular art and Chris Long in particular shall. If it. Certain teams take on different identities and I would imagine the patriots would be there and I bet both teams beater of the Eagles seem to be out liars you know the Astros went Carlos Correa. It's shortly after Maria hurricane Maria the did not go to the White House and on they sold very well knocking a political protest and very clearly was. A protests are created that not. Eat the other team would be the 49ers. I mean if the 49 is the if Jimmy G leads him to a Super Bowl next year I don't see. That team I mean that's another team that has and it's not just cap predict that the mid teens are pretty outspoken about the hawks. Particularly the the occupant. Probably not. Probably not. I get what you're trying to do is they were problems. With not go to the White House if Byron body to the White House out. And ask if you problem. Not answer now I can only speak for myself and before I would. I mean I didn't really have a problem when Tim Thomas didn't go to White House once years ago I wish that he was. Honest about it like he he did this whole a pox on both their houses thing to keep the Shakespeare theme going here but. You know it's I I. Disagree with with politics I'm glad they're right out now but but I. Caddie just cut out and said like you know I I disagree with a guy that's in the Oval Office right now I don't like him I don't support him. I don't wanna be used for a photo op with him I would've said the problem ten. No problem whatsoever so I didn't I didn't like that particular aspect of what could show is that I was trying to personal decision that they teammate teach you argue that he's trying to be respectful knowledge that I wanted to so transparently disingenuous. Well if that's the that's so much of what we see here and we deal with. And in in quotes every Gaby and support for war in politics and they say one thing and it so clearly opposite you and I were talking during the break. And I mentioned you talking about. The impact of Brady going OT games whether or not that would have any impact. And probably a 1000% right that the patriots are no way going to suffer from him not being there. But there are also all these quotes from the passive and talking about the advantage of being OT gave. And you know show up early go to practice all that kind of stuff for it and take what it speaks to his house selectively. People respond. Two quotes and choose which quote validate their point it is it's it's pure selection bias of any goes back to the discussion with Marcia with. Sold our and with Wayne Johnson. About the patriots. Atmosphere. All of this guy's a doctor hightower says that the blocker and great that you don't you know white working for bill will check what you can take a hike. Well that's the truth then it is because doctor hightower says well what about the other people who say the other things in and you which up to apply at the end of the day is logic. Is okay which quote in this instance is more believable. Why is why would someone sit there and go I love playing for Bill Belichick maybe because he wants to keep his job. Because the norm is to say that people of well what is what is more likely to happen you tow the company line he played safe or you speak out. But what's also more likely to happen you're the guided speaks out on the back to Cassius marsh you're the guy speaks out when you don't like. The wade teacher being used on the field I mean that was the Genesis of this holding for march and flat percentage it okay yeah he got a ton of attention last week by. It anyways aids in Jeff how either report the athletic that he or Gatorade jug that demon. They now Mexico City there's a huge tirade and instigated a winning by the way tally these are going badly in that game the truck and the raiders. Because that has the as our call Oakland is. Practicing like in Death Valley or something below sea level before they then went up to a mountaintop in in Mexico City that really played that well. But they're winning the game marsh didn't like the way he was being used he went ballistic you wanna be released and got released so. It's not like I say okay. It's that this early locker room culture problem this guy wanted to play more and thought he deserved to play more that was the Genesis of all this so I also understand. You say you have to understand where these guys are coming from the wanna keep their jobs and got a tow the company line. You also have to understand where the disgruntled ex employee is coming from when he says. Alia was terrible. Marsh very well. Could be disgruntled ex employee who fit what he said and didn't mean any that just to try to get back to the patriots it's totally reasonable scenario. But does that does that mashup with what Neitzel except for the players should have that mashup with. Brady and Gisele and the topic of appreciation. That comes up and Tom vs. So you wanna write off march go ahead. But there's enough smoke out there there's enough on the record discussion of these issues that whether marsh. Really felt that way or not or or who's just trying to get back at patriots doesn't really matter I bigger name players. Talking about this exact same issue. I do want to say I'm not an and that's really disparaging soldier when I say this but I do want to do and I'm going to totally disparate select list of terror not. I I'm curious what he's gonna think in two years. If you a couple of Ford twelve seasons in New York. Media guide is really only known success in the NFL if he has a couple of bad years in New York. Does that changes perspective at all dizzy all this and get another retirement natural human tendencies right. And in in you and I touched bonds will be yesterday morning the idea that you don't have a full appreciation for what you have until it's no longer there. Is there some of that like well. This wasn't fond we went to the Super Bowl I was sure they'll do miserable your value when your season's over by October is that going to be more miserable out of the realm of possibility that. He's plays for really bad team these cannot be achieved this is my point out of making at the end of that political discussion is it seeking. In choosing what you want to believe what these people thing. And again it does come back to the application of logic. And so for discernment between OK what's what somebody just saying what he feels like yes Hussein and what somebody saying something. I've had actually feel I mean honest honesty is impossible to judge must. I retail he's being honest for you have no clue. Not Chris Sale seems like a pretty honest guy and Maynard. I don't know about that though the other time to listen to like you know what he knows exactly the right thing people wanna say and he gives. Maybe maybe that's what he really feels but you don't actually know if it is the most of typical thing to discern is when someone is lying. Or being truthful. And it happens all the time the people line when it comes to this argument about the state of the patriots culture in the locker room and all that Brady Belgian. What you're doing right now is very selective well this one. I'm get a ominously it that way and that's one. And ignore what's on the record here and and maybe eve this theory you're you're you're doing the same thing when you dismissed. The guys that speak positively about the locker experiences geyser toeing the company line are only concerned about their future point no I think a lot of them want to. Patriot and a lot of them of that box where I wouldn't why. The idea that most people would walking he probably. And then and that's the thing it's it's it's the same argument. We're having about. The way the patriots have been treated and and fans reactions to. It it's taking it to the extreme and seeing everybody hates it on the hatred by saying there validity. To a folder and Brady and rock have been feeling in the different things that bothered him about the patriot you're not saying that this is all off. But that's not the argument the argument this could something. Pretty clearly something's a law. And and the question becomes well should there be change. You destroy the patriots way with a little bit of change topics. Well I don't I don't think. I think altering something of what's going on down there means the the upheaval and in total turn over everything that has driven the patriots to become the pitcher. Jack I'm going to work at it and sure appreciate it have fun. We've just gotten doubly don't work here that would be knighted by suggestion don't work at W yeah what you change. You you keep going back to this argument and it it's a question that would be greatly here. Pretty rock salt are talking about but what we just heard from Gisele you're clearly there is some sort of appreciation factor in people wanna write that off of ash to about being pressured but doing the job. All you like to look better job if you're encouraged more war whatever I don't wanna say it's it's about giving a high five after the end of people so easily reduce this to light. Patty significantly said yesterday if it's not about you know given everybody a little ward at the end of every practice until they still. But try to understand what these guys are saying when when you hear Gisele talking about appreciation why you're a pitcher and you just throw that out when what you just Tom's. I don't think anybody did any was discussed for weeks after the final episode offers let's dive under his item at a time but it all lest of all back to me in the in the backdrop of at the end of the day is this something that's going to tangible impact the team. And yes even in fairness you are hypocritical if you're the patriots they and that says there has been saying they. Everything including OT gays or are vitally important it's all part of the process and it's important for Brady to be there today turnaround say Mac it's no big deal. I would parsed out I would argue for Brady especially. But for guys like Brady guys like Roger there certainly others that are veterans been league for a long time. OTAs do not matter I think for rookies that are getting adjusted to Lee I think our guys who who are trying to win roster spots. They matter held a lot with Tom Brady told BO TAs were. Meaningful all those years that he learned a lot and it really helped them during the season he was line. I think he's being disingenuous. Tom Brady said something that wasn't true to the to me. While not do you did you ask questions of a big patriots and I believe everything poverty and astrological it's hard for me to reconcile. Possibility that this aptly I'd love and adore worship. Might have. Our I'd like to does that add to that literally I know that he imagined himself saying 79370. Gets on your phone calls again the against breaking news we call this breaking news from the last half hours though. Not enough Eagles wanna go to the White House is but essentially the upshot here to wanna go politics so none of them so none of them are going to go to the white while this is say is it obvious sports tide here. Again the announcement from the president's a few minutes ago. Dead the Eagles can't come with their full team. Tron says about the National Anthem protest. Eagles want to send a smaller delegation. Which I guess is whoever wanted to go on what percentage was but that's it typically what happens without everybody. Their fans are still invited I'm really curious to see. How many Eagles fans are going to go to the White House at 3 o'clock tomorrow to listen to nationally blah so why is it that you wouldn't accept the smaller delegation from what I've no idea. I think guys can I I again I'd I think again because you want to you wanna bring up this issue again you want to inflate this. Well before elections and there is a big one coming up in November you want wedge issues you want things they can divide people you want things and get you outside I'm energized to win votes win elections win seats in the House of Representatives of the senate that's what you want in Philly wage issue was good that just feels every everything that comes up now the division and it's. It's a gigantic turn. You turn offer turned ansari here at 61777979837. We get your phone calls next. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Bloody drug Sports Radio WEEI. 61777979837. Waiting for the response from the Eagles meaning there and sacked. The second time that of the warriors too big Golden State's going back to the go to the White House after the polish off the cavaliers. The answers I'll show you they picked up a chance at all do you think the Eagles need to put out there. Well look at what's up now right but should they fight since the turn into flight probably. It's gonna come from ownership mean negative tot stop players from saying what they wanna say an individual basis. I'm talking about something from the teams specifically. He used to be dignified approach to it which is what that's what else like feel it way past all the Eagles. Can can beat him by now there. Yeah. Wolf what would your response be that if you're the Eagles. Well this year martyrs categories around the part that at this point I don't have an understanding of why is why the White House term county small delegation went after it seemed like it was I guess I'll enough and I don't know Sosa you can address that can only go based on the statement. You know it's the freedom to be there or not would seem to be something that. Our country protects and if they're guys that a while ago if you got to respect and and the White House had a problem with that. We need more details and that's why don't you ask me about it I answered for myself I said I would go out to what you were prompted Eagles. We'll didn't sound like well I italics some of them were going to gal I don't have a problem with people making their own individual decisions about this. But you have a problem way one. What element of this would you round I have a problem with some element of this give something. Back why why why canceled. I mean this is it's this old who we all tried fronts they needed. The administration saying he says it's what is just so transparently obvious that you're trying to create a wedge issue you try to create an issue you're trying to. Eyes that this is about. Is in direct mail and fund raising dollars and and turning out votes in November and whatever that's the business politicians are and I understand that but it's just so transparent and somebody who's covered it. And covered the last campaigning came wait for me heating literally every body. Everybody. Except for the people that had no chance to win whatsoever they annoyed me a little the last is they are to sacrificial lambs. I get sick I get sick of. Got a textures is anything political involving the president should be kept up your station to keep the sports instant stock instead of talking about more on in the White House. That ruins people's day on a regular basis. I kind of agree and they're deported two time there's been a lot of pressure on the station. From the morning show inhabitants. To talk politics to go where people want to go with the day to address field but in the room. I don't know this is necessarily the elephant never misses and some revelation that's when we haven't seen before. I idea ideal kind of as I said before on Twitter I'd I'd like in embracing a bit of the other element of our lives BP escapism of sports and that doesn't mean temperatures issues you addressed that. That's why I don't offer wanna do to another you know. Maybe we can finish this segment on that the people wanna call and and and vent about the Eagles are constricted due to the top the hour and so on do the whole time you setting setting parameters here. Yeah and I don't know what the right call us because it's a would he pick. I would just Garret the home that the that's it nationally at the why does visit tradition. I'm just don't want that yap a dollar that I told him don't look at this but this. The saddest part of all is that. If they're used to be respect. Given both direct respect for the office even disagreed with the Baltic we are all but all it is anyway is this glorified photo op remember when David Ortiz. Created this stir because he took itself the and then that was part of me yet exactly that was part of an endorsement deal and he made some money opt in or whatever and people reacted like there was this unbelievable disrespect that Ortiz had given to. You know the White House in the opposite the president went politicians have constantly. Used sports and we mentioned it before you even before the story came out and the these public hearings over steroids in baseball or Arlen Specter getting involved in spy gate they constantly use these athletes that routinely draw so many eyeballs and and and strong opinions from their constituents. To try to get themselves on television trying to prop themselves up so I no issue with what you had in memory of a president before this one. Using these inserts. As campaign devices. Now. You know so you might have your answer but I think it's also fair to say that we're in in different times but why in the lasts. Why legged but it but it's not that if I wanted to play but it's not is not just this administration it's the other one to and from my understanding. It was. Is Obama's new book out yet. Are coming out. In the book. Atlanta's Olympic cities right now right exactly and you've got a another book signing when is it. It's intense very on July 7 until are you sure about that. I'm looking but there is a a feeling of the last administration of did you Deanna we pushed you hard we sort of create this and everything nothing it. Just to increase is created is just de invent that particular day everything balls in context to what happened before I think and creates what's going to happen after all day after the fourth of July you're gonna get a lot of people out there no doubt at 7 PM people are going to be flying back from the from the beach they are going to be cutting their vacation planned short. To go to its expiry and what's in the book. That's the big fifty about rob Bradford weight loss. Wells along that path that keeps I hope I hope I hope at some point let's go to some phone call Sierra start Stephen New Hampshire wants to weigh in on the whole Eagles situation Ellis Steve. Bay get back to take a Mike why it on and on and on Ike the gross hypocrisy of this whole issue about going to be. I recall and you do too and I know he that you did that debt and Thomas really act all. And he decided not to go I didn't want to go. To the White House. When President Obama was there and I just don't understand why it right one sided not right the other. Yet the Bruins still way I mean just the fact they didn't have a full quorum didn't mean it was. Was canceled in March from our I had issues with Bill Clinton the Packers were still invited. Tim Thomas Matt Birk had issues with Obama the ravens the Bruins still went to the White House and yet there's precedent before it by. It's also different in this thing to draw its point. The reaction of this administration disabled by and then if you all don't wanna come the none of you she doesn't like it is also is also not exactly the best way to go about it Steve I'd ask you this if if that turns out here that that it's the Eagles were willing to go the ones who wanted to ago. And it and it was trump White House has said no it's all or nothing or you'll K with that decision. Well I I'd okay in the sense that they. It's time that. People aren't meant more conservative side not to take a more proactive. Role rather than just taking. I mean Tim Thomas is absolutely export it. And that's. But they still play it but they didn't tell the Bruins not to com and it what it sounds like here might be the case and they do we'll try to force by more from mr. -- it sounds like. Trump White House is saying your uninvited because multiple people don't wanna come we don't know how many we don't know the numbers. Well I think we all know that president trump doesn't count upon. And he's not gonna get it back in say the kind of criticism. Ought always doubled again and he doesn't really apple whole lot of media types. Any abatement. Though President Obama did it I can promise. Decided not to cut that I beat you guys they're really missing the. I don't Steve I think I think you mean Chris all agree on one point you can have a right to make this choice if you wanna go you go you don't you don't. But. There's something more play here. And this isn't an equivalent to the Tim Thomas situation as far as we know so far. We're on a no no such thing as a moral equivalency that's not what god alluding to unreleased stating that. It's kind. Debt. That that the politics of the situation be debt we don't we have to sit back and take it that sometimes. We're going to be on the attack. Election and there there there's no question Steve's that's pretty you'd CU beat you when he disagreed with civil. It was kind of a closed her eyes but there's no question that day. The president does not know this president particular does not know the meaning of the phrase punching them it is not and we saw that it through the campaign remember. She remembered stoking summed it myself in a talk about played a hole I asked the question game. Interview trump. Asked him about our first interviewed. May Walsh in Boston and asked and something about Tron candidate trumpet the time. He said something along the lines of like you know. Tell. Trump he should not worry worry about getting a Republican nomination don't worry about what's happening here box and something like that so that next time I interview trump hey. And mayor Wallace said that you should yadda yadda. And he went right into you he's a lousy mayor. He was bad to the veterans which I think he just said to get in a John McCain slammed that he was on the McCain was bad to the veterans I kicked out point. And then I think at some point somebody must have held up Michael picks somebody held up a sign that said Olympics. Is then he immediately veered back to you this is right after the Boston way to report they went up smoke. Well he blew the Olympics and the idea and how I kept going back to you. The mayor and eventually they were just like no comment we're done here. It never would event. That because they're already here and understand that but that's good to Frank's point this is not a guy who just sits spirit speaks he will counterpunch. Every single time and it would look this idea that you know conservatives Republicans whatever shouldn't sit there take it should feel like they can speak out. But if you can see that. This is this is going too far with trumpet that everything is an attack. Is really the singular device that he relies. Is attack in it it doesn't help. If it is at a certain point detrimental the policy side. In the policies connected to whatever he's attacking a side. It's about how you communicate how you set an example for communication and that's where this is a problem this and this might end up being another form of attack. Breaking New Hampshire next hello frank. We have been I got a question or Yasser. Adding up what I was gonna ask you. But I just heard you say. So what he's saying anybody who voted for armed. Is Saturday reminds us. That. They'd let me finish you just made a statement do you think anybody else which Favre was saying when he was running its its campaign. Of course they did it help a lot of people bold reforms have to country voted off but my point is not even that. My point which she'll where's the reason I call is the fact that you would use no point in. Took cracked me up when I heard you say that even though quite fit right. Act or is out of does Mike. Yeah this is evidently got right back at cape epic humorous joke went and as you have example is an example is something I can remember would sell them they get it all president we had. Okay that took advantage of and then I Warren Harding was the runner on now. Come lawn epic how could you are. You know I don't wanna get into the debate about whether trump isn't bigger tour all the Bill Clinton but when you are now quite yeah. Bill Clinton it. The other what will duke it knew was no there was no quit then. As an example that different greens which are a means. It was it felt it was about a presidential. It was about how we operate that all all the only thing Els reference in with Clinton was a quote about. And I can try to find the story during the break you use a quote about. He's constant need to embarrass people that's it that's what was and the point is that trump is operating in that chair that Bill Clinton sat in and and everyone else who sat and has operated differently. If you have other things it during the break like figure when your next book signing is Stephen Beverly go ahead. I adore guys think that Michael brown. And I was thinking about this open with the patriots played in describe like you'll recognize. The best coaches the most successful coaches were well whether weather played soccer Chuck Noll Bill Walsh. Parcells Tom Coughlin. They're not supposed to be logged by their coaches there. I mean it's just cyclical. 25 point eight year old kids on Brady's case little all the wrestle with just what you kids there electing him told what to do after awhile. Look at bill Fletcher ethical because that. Because we're so excited I am. So successful. Yet we want we want to actually at what you can link. Well and I don't think it's best. Where this where I get I get really normally see because it's not there hashing Bill Belichick all on doing all have been trying to suggest. It's very possible he could make a small change that that. Like if you're double check a collection opens when the bad reports that made recently yesterday I am a pat myself on the back report. He took about a essays say all these things have been going on. How do you not just. You know this process that your your your great coach you're always taking information feedback and I guarantee you Bill Belichick is heard. All the talk all seen what's gone on and bought themselves aren't you know it isn't so that I can be doing a little bit different when you walked up from Bill Belichick to evaluate himself constantly. Our job I don't know how you assert yes sir I really well. He's perfect he's probably. So we can always improve the players can always improve she can. Probably probably the most successful football goes to recent history in the history of the game and yet you. You want him to make change. Just yeah. I want to make Clinton you don't think she wants to make you. If you look if you look back OK there are guys that will ultimately. Yes there are a lot. Because a couple of ice. Your guy that's running around like a little bit that these days in gronkowski. You know couple a couple that. I'm happy because they come you know. Or are supposed to go. Don't we gonna have this conversation. And it doesn't even accepts. But they keep going into in fairness though. In fairness this one of the guys one of the guys that that is not entirely happy years great. That's why you are as to what it once cents. Now listen to what it likes that. I don't I don't know I know I mean it is it has been well documented it has been well dot it has been well documented. By any knowledge by the owner himself. That there was tension between coaching quarterback last season. This might or might my point is just dissipate you wanna be successful successful in the NFL as a coach. You don't need to play as a lot. You don't need to players like. The most successful coaches in this late job market could go Walsh. Security to roll and you may have wondered why. And on that and on that point leaving. And and Steve Beck and thanks the ball calling it a lot of time there but. Are on point 988 agree this idea every at the love each other and and get along and locker room I'll Adams died exhibit on that point I agree they don't have to do and there are some guys here and Cassius marsh is kind of the poster child for right now who. The Genesis of the air there hates. So to speak here at their dislike of Bill Belichick is they don't feel like they're being used in other used in the right way in other thing is when you're in a successful and Byron and highly competitive environment like that it's not for everybody. Some guys are going to flame out and we've seen that until we knew we see that over the course last fifteen years at the state. None of none of what you perceive were just saying takes away from. You the reality that I'm I'm I could not be more sure one of the great pointy government will write reports according to you hate yes as coach who source Evan drunk says to your job. Who remind us constantly that the past means nothing. Has sat there and evaluated. Whether or not he's been doing everything of both could I think he's done that throughout his career that's Hillary's and he's a great coach as he has. And the possibility he makes small adjustments going forward. Exists at it the only way to survive in any job is to take information you're being given in evaluating the have to change. No could still win with him. Saying these acts and probably but it's for you guys to sit there for patriots fans to sit there and think that Bill Belichick is truly reached perfection. And that at this point in his system is consistent and that's it and that there is nothing. That would suggest that he can make a small adjustment. We're talking about dismantling the Bill Belichick way in favor of Pete Carroll's. Happy go lucky good times guys. It's a small possibility that that we're talking about it but forever wonder out of out of out of hand just dismiss it why. Why why couldn't you accept that all right you can probably do something a little bit patter of fun insult to the greatest coach of all time that he can make a little change. Oh I love the tact it's as you morons are exactly right. Regaining its stars and that's. You morons are exactly innocent in the process morons but at least we're correct in being more on six what 777979837. We see guys lined up we'll get more your calls next. The show never stops on Twitter follow along at much WEEI. On Sports Radio WEEI. Get them enamored with. Sarah's policy. Phenomenal this fantastic teams this is the final day at Boston College which I've wanted to go to Internet and working out. That I can be there and you win Simon and who you love forever how long did he play. He played four from ninety and 21040. And on the dot it was perfect he was it was the first time ever seen him live. And it was aging center of a reason why did you feel it is that this guy whose major Twitter profiles so important you want it you know I've seen him live implement. I was too young for the up and spoke to her and yeah and gentler. I'm adherence to money dollar and how old were you at the report. Seven I was problem probably as a listening to rise ten. Testify if I was still my parents would never let me do that. And news is in Boston and around what you're used to it seemed imminent 2000 and it's too. Right to see evidence of. Yet that was album art in a fun I was when he's kind of hidden in the strike group. Before not about race. Which was not that was not on his nose and 2001. Right Andre 2000. So I would at the code in the late ninety's I would have been middle school that that tournament for those kind of introduction to Eminem DMX has big Mac and X is going to give it to you I was let's circa 19190. Eat with us away with words. The NX grade. Lucy what was the what highlight of the imminence. You click my name is I was afraid that he was just gonna play is newer stuff now that I don't like never again and then he went back and played his old self real slim Sheehy without need. My name is on the that a good losers as well OK so I that was the time he left the age I turn my friend I said he's got to do losers on gore. As they said he as I said that he came out and lose yourself. I did it was a little. After he did the did movie eight mile movie when everybody was too is raving about what a great actor he's played himself. I mean it's not even. It's not that he was bad. The movie critical acclaim back that movie's good and no problem with that but he's playing himself. If you should be able to inhale any role we should be when you're playing you're deeply stand. He did. What they do they just the title parred. Schuyler actually if they have Al and John show up like that he outing rates at the grammys won here. Yes he did I was a dig at his yes because people accused him him being homophobic right it's a moment. Remember that I was once them and you do but you had very bad you can position yourself. Yeah yeah me about that did not respond to root raiding his kids heartache at what you. Referred him to be your target you at at Boston College you can get there early you can now. And you can have the that you want to that shortly Gerald assignments and remotely. So it wasn't raining it was freezing I was finally all morning already freezing. My friend shop till 830 on the other way part Doug outlaws and warm enough report loose. Sharper for a three alumni game that took an hour but I have actually I have every app engine just like David praised. Yes I do so and not easy and it she never missed an inning he would miss porter's softball school an average day out. As allergy is not some point that out. Iron woman on Iraq alumni game was at Fenway Park that Maloney who was with in the morning at 10 o'clock. I was just I just clock so I was disappointed that I had its between between noon and eight. It's me in new. Between you and I sat and waited. Patiently then less and landing. On a dime and it what did you do before I went home I drink tea and it rabbit and a blanket and turn the heat and that night it was Nicole. So threatened. Them and them. You have taken the ball when I seem to I anti and then saw. After its excellent 77797937. Billion car next hello Billie. Or are you won't. The carpet. I would look for it. Would hurt them otherwise and now go back to yell come Wilcox BUEO. At pregnant wife. And after. For me pass I did I don't think he's the same player anymore I don't think the need him. I think this dead this whole stretch the field narrative has been one that has been. I've beaten to death over the last ten years but for the most part they haven't had a and I think eight they do frankly had a stretch the field option if you really wanna talk about that. And it's Rob Gronkowski and he's the guy to get too big chunk yardage this whole stretch the field top off the defense kind of stuff. It's just not something the patriots need when they consistently churned out eight top 12 or three offense Jiri inning year out. So I I'm I'm a ball outside on the pass on Bryant. I didn't I at jagr are here what about it as well. A two way out. Like one inch weight guys. I think you're relying. Actions are. No no no forget martian to you that's all we got Heidi back brought to court. We talked about Billy has more. I have all overblown brought out Brady at me out not to opt. But generally. That her great great. A so what. It reflects a balance ex coach. Elliott acre area you're ignoring what's right in front and you that you know there's something up between the coach and the quarterback that's what don't you. National sports copy college. Not high school every bit as good job. Oh I. I think I think your job is supposed to bring you fulfillment. Number number one if you if if if possible at your position where you can achieve that it more than anything you've got to be a provide for your family I don't mean to pen the kind of job you're talking about. But it it if you're in pro sports that you want to be appreciated I don't think that's crime. Back east. It patriot bill but it got me. I I think a large amount to abilities that just put this idea that Bill Belichick is has reached perfection he's not he's not a deity folks I know I'm one that says your job should be fun. I know that that you're you're still alive but there are a lot of people that's not elect and you think I would be here this weren't on. I'm sure a lot of effort and effort editor incident if it's fun real written on your hat. I'll be I'll be sisters from of course are having fun to a sometimes leave here and question everything else that that is also the case this this job can be anxiety inducing people. Screaming at chew on Twitter on the radio and via text while another realized hearts neither does your Twitter brand and mean you you did say that yesterday it's all but the relic Ranariddh on social not. I under on top of the idea that was ran as a corporate department print after aren't you flash well and and you know. The Billy brought up a point about Brady that I wanted to get into column by Dan Shaughnessy today that bout with the eight interest thing. Not in a complimentary way. I take on Brady but more Celek goes to some media points that you have brought up in the pastor ought to do wanna get into that one tax going to short. I was at the Eminem show up Austin calling a doctor in 19 am dying AI and the very a year for his whole set one of its kind to happen at any point yes umpteen now. And start listening 2006 it's not dumb if you truly dedicated. So start listening to Eminem made age six when more understanding parents Lucy I don't believe him. Six what 77797937. Sports hernia WB yeah.