Mut at Night - ESPN making headlines again 3-5-18

Mut at Night
Monday, March 5th

HOUR 1 - Mut and Keefe discuss ESPN making headlines again as some allegations are coming out involving Chris Berman and Jemele Hill. Also, what better time for some Malcolm Butler conspiracy talk?


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He's mud at night. Want one. That's my job does good. You know that he's okay we have high standards may have a my question and it seemed like he handled it. Here's much. Talk Sports Radio W we. The advantage back together that night radio WEEI. Spirit an NFL Sunday Ryan Clark this year tonight tonight on now you got to get to the building at night when last I did this ship again I'm ready. Oh your right yeah all of its foray on we have what candidate we have a more happy phone. Permanent audio earned O'Neal 460. In the year could end up they would Michael phobia. That's that's caused the top by going bad that's why agreed pads excellent and that's it. We'll get to what will do between now 7 o'clock you know Chris along he'll be here at seven rob raffle join him from Fort Myers and take your phone call 617. 7797937. Because the sort will never go away their patriot calls up on the board stale. Off for the deal and keep program to get to hear again this segment of people waiting patients will be on hold now will get your pay trickles. At the end the segment I asked you start the show by giving. So. Giving some grudging crow. Complementing this. This fits our thing is not the easiest thing in the world I am I happen now you gotta get I buy out of gas right now I am an and we did a couple of fit hours NFL Sunday so I should have been prepared for this mentally right. But I am not I saw welcome Lila I'm not with our ship it to get like. It's like come in little bit of a second wind yet pitted. I only for four hours now I'm I'm I'm I'm Singapore just the way I'm sick I'm that I sailors and across the I begged I did not change seats that you could sit. And how people in in metal chairs in the audience but how many other people in the studio guests complain sometimes they can't sit in the seat this is the pot the mid hand Fauria see you at the tennis no one sees you'll get a computer. You could see out the windows it's I think it's the best seat in the house as the godfather seek you got your back to the wall other nobody sneak a perfect you can move the mouse over. Calls right here she's you can take calls and it's funny so I am not moving this that they aren't Democrats are sitting here at night. Just from now about sports. Art I may just Hewitt. As for today this is one of those days where you can go on a bunch of different directions on what the biggest story today is. I think the biggest story in today's is ESPN news that is broken last couple of hours because. We heard a couple of months ago when John which across his name came up with a ESPN and the Boston Globe. This Adrian lord story where look. Obviously. When I called the most professional. Text back and forth major perm perm John but grass that they are creepy and they seem to me. To be a pretty bag for chemical Eric yeah -- back and forth that's the worry about things sounds kinda close between the two like they had some sort of understand that we are friends that a third home run and attack and back and forth right it was position. Much much differently by the Boston Globe who also wrote about. And and and mocked Mark James of NASA and a very critical of him because he was critically. Tweeting with some. Younger. And younger aviation type you know what they the ESPN's story came out and he thought one thing you're reading okay is that all the rays turns out that. It is re right today on the website WEEI dot com. The butcher ross' stuff might be that heinous things. She filed an eighty fives Adrian Lawrence filed an 85 page complaint in Connecticut today. On the suggested among other things that. Chris Berman lefty misses are they'd this suits words not mine. Quote threatening. And another quote racially disparaging voice mail. On Javelle hills office minor early 2016. Which prompted Hilton notify ESPN executive Marcia Keegan who is in charge of he'll show his and horrors. Warrants writes no further action Inspiron are was taken according to TMZ. It also says in there that ESPN hosts. Held scorecards naming female colleagues are targeting for sex it also claimed that men openly watch pornography at their desk. And made sexually lewd comments Florence in her presence there on an ESPN. So the boat crossed up seems tame it this stuff was going on. NE SP and did nothing about it and she complained ESPN and then shall have a story here this is notched a couple of forty text back and forth. This was ESPN potentially rich ignoring. What was going on what under their nose and I'd given the the meat to climate live right now it would not be surprising. Other than ESPN tries to hold themselves to different standards are so they claim. This would be buried the lead of protecting Chris firm won their big property rest if he indeed lead to let this boy it's mail which if he did it. We'll hear about the next 2440. Yards. Once worked on TV here. Under the Chino Hills gonna just sit there silently aids day now yet this didn't happen and they just got just as we think forced off of her sports center gig to go do other things for ESP don't want asks off sports center and you are probably leave exports about Craig killed. Yeah tick of the late late show. Or eagle on a daily show not a great idea Asia. Not a great fighter but he's still with us yes okay. He's doing other projects I think are still waiting so let's try other victim he's yeah he's not it was a movie was and we put on the clinching Harrison I don't know olds also opening season in the studio squeezed it clear titles the other. But this one is. If what. Yeah allegations against jumping to grouse that those proved to be more true. That I think you would take this one right ever to this one a little more seriously not to say. That this won't be proven right like of course any kind of major because the world like these things. Can happen and do happen and we've seen so many examples of but the person that is throwing around you bulls' recent allegations. I don't know you're you're gonna need a little bit more heart in him OG CI I don't I don't say that because. Obviously she felt something. In those text back and forth the butcher Grassley it to every other Wallach is there a date they see this I don't get as weird thing where. The the global only posted some of them. But it was Bruce up Bruce Arthur writes for the trials on suggested there were there or Roger larger rumblings that there were more tax and or more things there. On the other side of it so I guess you're right if it's only certain tax foot putt and she let the story a certain way. Then absolutely you are questioning her motives here this is an 85 page is a liar. 85 page sexual harassment suit she filed in Connecticut so my guess is that gonna have to be some more detail in this. And we'll see if it backs up. What she initially talked to the able about. Or is this more big headline not a much saw that I think what's -- inning was big headline the substance was not there eat at those are only some attacks. They were still only sort of flirtatious. Kind of sort of creepy coworker text started did that downplay it but that's how I read on some yeah I mean it was first again and she didn't write the headline in the Globo at first what you're seeing. Yeah all of which Ross sent Sean shelter analyst tax and said that night. Kind of just grabbing a few quotes here and there as a talent what a creep. And then you read through overnight courier or now it seems like these two were almost dating like she's kind of you know she's responding backward there there was clearly a a conversation being between the two. But this I mean this one could end. Or continue with a simple yes or no from Jamal hill ready to babysit her eighty Chris Berman only view a racially insensitive. Voicemail and she says yes. That outrage you're up late night rounds of this but you still have played ESPN what is her motive to do it. She wants to stay employed at ESPN. If you are in the wrong if not I don't know why did I just wonder date is there a gag order of some sort she a lot of talk and I know what you mean. I don't know sheet weather rather than talking about it you're saying she can address that. She calls is leaked he. Leak the voice up somebody or that Jeff you know when I got somebody else play it. And not have to look after a thing like this this is something where it. You know without getting into the 85 pages this is something words pretty simple either did happen or did not happen. If you get that again I think because that is such say that's an easy headlines to read. Ball OK now maybe chiseled but more support or no doubt to me from the outside and look like she's all for you. So that potentially and the Burma one ends up being the biggest one because he is one of their major still one of their major personalities and ESPN magazine used to be taken about the Sunday night thing and yet. It used to based all the retired. Japanese but he was still a big deal there if people didn't blow it. If indeed. Are they protected him and took no disciplinary action for leaving a and again he's the words of the that'd be the story of that it'd be 85 page. It's harassment suit that she filed. Ager lords in Connecticut today. Threatening and racially motivated. And they did nothing about it. That would go a long way to the the old ESPN's stuff which was young boys are boys they protected their guys of the genes Miller book but ESPN book. Might regal comes across a pour that chasing down in turn around and it's very live in a way yeah he's grabbing their door. Now he's back as we edited and he's. He has female per people is working with like Carol and man oh and you know treat his Merrick. If saying how great it is to work Mike to Rico so he is survived passing his reputation was knocked over this for playback in that that. ESPN let things go and in this coupled 2016 is about 1988 now to tailor its voice known gold that would be awful look for ESP well what's so. If Laurence knows about this voice now than. Would that plotted to Mel hill told at least are short maybe others so surely this. I don't think this is an and that mark Butler rock and we sit here a month from now vehement Boehner happen and we're gonna work out I get the answer on on at least this one. And as more details come out you know will find out of their other names in involved in there. But yeah I mean mrs. It seems to be kind of you know more of the same it's a little while effort to get into the sports world admit it we're so focused on yeah Hollywood and some of these morning shows that The Today Show all stuff. And the next thing you know here we are it's with the Carolina Panthers for the Dallas Mavericks that ESP candidates at that it's ever I want I wonder. I thought the sports world would be just a biggest story as Hollywood but the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban story. Went a ways facet at the front page of the of the SI write the story came out it was a day of it. And there's been zero. Followed what the hell needs a lobbyist got a pair for a reason does not care about that story I shouldn't say it would help but boy it's I think prevented it from being a bigger story. Was it wasn't Mark Cuban it wasn't dark with a kid I believe Mark Cuban didn't know those things were going on I die I don't Mark Cuban is so involved with these things. That he had to have known whether timeline idol set I don't wanna know about it. I can't believe is as active as appears to be in his business. He did know what's on the stuff going on runners or I I find it very hard to believe that that he would know about it but because it it wasn't him I think at the very least it's not you know the pitcher Richardson's story. And then now he has the Seles team that's that one's a little bit different so we oust him. So we talked about Britain cannery being on the morning show tomorrow about her spirit is hideous PM this is the a couple of minutes ago maybe Perdue is listening favorite. She tweeted up a following Chris sperm was an apps will approach towards me. Treated me as an equal on the NFL and ML BD was kind as a female my personal experience. I will always stick up for vote. Sold immediately he has a former ESPN employee standing up for him amidst the story. So that this Britain cameras can be all of per gallon tomorrow is it going to be a good listener anyway because the ESPN stuff and our experience there. I think it's even more worth tuning in because she like you and I can speak to working parents Akron can speak to the culture there should a little bit with Gary and and Kirk. Last week in fact but even chance that. I think you'll a chance overnight to go to the 85 pages that provide more details we don't even know yet the dad's been the post have not gone. And Britain carries a former ESPN employee will be able to speak to that. So I this this bell. We'll see how ESPN response to this because this is a pretty loud accusation. That. They basic turn a blind not Chris Berman leaving any racially. Motivated and threatening voicemail that is. Our rank these things where they are you can't that's as strong as we've heard right off from an ESPN's Stan what they protected somebody. Under their watch when they happen now wants to. And somebody aired about because those those tapes to him live on the scene Eric. Ari wants a yeah I'm Rebecca. Old road America. It's on everybody stop for ten minutes meet everybody seems that's what everybody can we expect Jesus we're staying television it's not that what's next. Is that when everybody has to more what I'm trying to concentrate. In their who we talked about it via a Canadian town hall just a little political reasons that yeah. Yet you get those things well obviously somebody or not want not everybody feels the same way as part but Henry about him right apparently short somebody needs to figure out on April but that was also a big difference between sub what he's being accused of now would you know hill and then just being difficult to work Matt does it. I can't believe that's the song. Aloha that there. Let's and sometimes on remote yeah I heard the mid day guys were in a flawed they reply not in the best mood. On a Friday snuff or what the title it's them what happens. We got full folds go back get to a net 617779793. Sevens he's ESPN calls up there and people have have waited around to have. We mentioned Malcolm Butler at the end of the the Galen key Shelby's at the same thing and the calls earlier still exist this story's never gonna go away we'll come back we'll get your phone calls next month and keep that money at night. Sports Radio WE yeah it's much. At night on Sports Radio. Yeah. Nice Sports Radio WEEI really fifth hour buck teeth. Dale as we let the Oklahoma. Six we're nice guys a strike to get to go home dale and I'll stay here your job is done for the day crystal Lonnie and rob Bradford at 7 o'clock tonight your phone calls throughout at 617779. 7937. Phone numbers starting tonight with the ESPN story and I guess. When you go through the 85 page complaint. I'm being told that there are some other things in there where they claim the Ager lord's side claiming that. It's ESPN who rearranged text messages and they are gonna prove it's him for proof that they did it to make it look like she was pursuing him. They'll suggest that there are some sort of Twitter stuff on all of ESPN where they. They're box their attack new Ager lords that he is not mine itself a lot more to pick through my guess is once again chance looked there were tonight and now highlight the major talking points tomorrow morning will be a big story here on the station in Britain can reworked it ESP and we with Kirk and Jared beginning at 7 o'clock. I'll go to Jim electing city's next up on Mott at night's Sports Radio WE yeah I hate Jim. My what's funny. As much it so eloquent throw out there and that immediate Archie and ESPN you know slightly better pull it and Allah he that. Mean this at all and you know being in these things are going to come out about all sexual misconduct and they thought they kinda you know. For the last year to really push. Big you know last agenda thinking that they kinda neat to conceal their homes and yeah. I don't know Gemma I think they're going under. There's different rules now in 2018. And some companies are going to be slower than others stick catch up with the rules in it through years ago. They did not punish Chris Berman for threatening and racially motivated. Email or voice mail the elbow that is strictly on them that is not protected which is dumb. Especially given the climate now saint 2018 and he kept his job it's a lot to be treated as this ESPN. I dignitary that we haven't heard that the voice but we don't exist. But Douby terrible for ESPN and ESPN takes this approach where. What they do was the best. And if you're in Boston. You you were allotted ESPN a suggests that cities racist I mean I Dayton daily dawn that they've been OK with that like. I mean Al Hoss and says things like oh Boston would hate carrier. Suggesting it's racially motivated race never checked out the guy is he's. One level the jump in on other shows in the crowd yeah now what must be and it's not a you do that and they definitely have that vibe now I don't know an out of gas know that nationally people view ESP and that way. I think that's such a local thing when we all feel that way or for the most part. And may be other places they pick up honored as well I think something as simple as. How they deal with Sid parcel to migrating going to Barcelona I got a good look at Bair said humor right. As terrible that we're better than them we are and then you know they tried out to do a show and then they. They did one show with two guys from parcel that led to pull the plug in on we don't wanna be associated with them that I don't take a look at what's going on in house. What what's going on with would your employees. They got some good though we'd expect that from arsenal we would never do that. Then they look much worse than that way more allegations with you know people that they employed doing. All kinds of ridiculous why and I also think that a crisis nationally the it's pretty clear in their bleeding subscribers the ratings are down across the board. On their show especially here at 6 o'clock which he tried some different things with does not work that they. They overpaid for live gains because they don't live games at least those still people or draw the audience the other show his. Don't know they had a second life here with these these talk shows where you know first take. They get a lot of social media pub on first take because you dummies like me on the air cure something stupid Max Kellerman says. When he's on they're saying today how great of a guy Kobe Bryant is. I NC wanna respect and you wanna play eight in NC or not you wanna play you wanna mock it so. There's that. Market for let's be honest. Those balls wobbling all should attack. That it'll be nice to get that done that those shows are are not generate the way they thought they were going to match the look and sound like a fool right now. Port and Max on the road talking about it now the Butler has that story will never go away a restaurant with well and keep your eye on WEEI. Hey guys thanks beyond you got an accident. And I just I mean they call all the talk about Butler. I would love to put it behind me and you know and it Red Sox sees it and so the ones play off. But. I just feel like ghost talking about it being a business. Editor of business I would look at us like where the customers so. I just ignore talk erotic for a out you know the owner of the company. What are you go to the Cogent and you'll you'll see an explanation about why they got in play. We we take the product in. You know to watch what added data and put the best product on the field that day. So I really big you know I'd much bill obviously brought results of all. But a big ultimately we're all gonna go into next season went you know there are case at all while. Until they just talk about it and then once they talk about it and don't we are. It's weird backside I understand what you are saying we've gotten this call lot and thanks for checking in tonight I don't have the same feel like I. I want guys to talk about I want ball or talk about it a lot bill to talk about it. I don't need it because it's pretty clear to me that bill made a mistake he made decision for whatever reason he was not gonna play early in that game. But there was a time as the game went on well Malcolm Butler had to be in that game so I'm okay with the coach Ford did wanna put a meeting in a mistake. And so builders or his mistake yeah I don't need him to come out and tell me why he did it maybe some fans do. Let's get a change great okay it's why did it. You feel better they still lost not isolate it would have won out and about the played I do wanna know why is because we're from all this out if you're better. Well if something happened because I ice. Find it very hard to believe in fact I won't accept that it was just a football move where just where wait until the last game and not play our what I hear he spears see that if it was enough but I don't know what happened I what do you think happened I don't I think. I think the coach made a mistake about that that's pretty simple. You don't you think someone asked faces you made. And meg is a big difference Janet Jackson. Analyst Thomas on I was there a couple of sightings of thing. And I don't Wear those weird shoes though webbed feet choose you were at the beach while the remedy your giants have. An hour period our nervous valued at across the wrong area and help them and winning games up there is meaning. He's not perfect and it would just a couple of years go over that two or three year span. The Miami game plan where he was Steven Jackson day for some reasons differently come up with given this was this the where have all this was they must win game that it would degrade when one battery on the Super Bowl when they're in the Stephen Jackson game might obviously but it could use those when the backing him. They didn't really matter as much yes home field with a great but wasn't the end of the world whereas this one as this is the end of the world. And you see your defense being terrible and you don't make the switched the slumping to a coaching decision said he's not gonna start any coaching decisions said. We're keep not the first few series and arson but there was Iran is she did he said coaching decision and the runner up and on the field on yet. It'd still not in there so I I don't know I find it hard to believe that value was just on on on a win that that's an excellent coach. Least at least in the arena and even at their care of these cells got the fire and put it there guess what I still plan. At the Atlanta and you can't forget telephone calls in like you know I don't think it's a bigger deal sort of puts the coach that they had a right I would say that I'd say it's the and Super Bowl plans laid the guy had a guy play the guys tell you some energy on the field Malcolm. Good good focus circle punched the Eagles go to tackle I'll what with that wears he would go with needles or who broke out the I'd just Nevada bossi tackle. On third of whatever pick up that thirst for down. It's that its net weights and it's okay five. Even earlier be it a completely filled out make more sense that all of a sudden a guy playing every snap in the playoffs is their snouts thousands and thousands of things that Kamal. Well give me one meanwhile may captaincy Jack today when he's in the Booth. Know yuk it up and Eisenhower taught one Deion. Ron rich were on the on shut up get a give me an answer on Malcolm blow up there on its season Quincy if it's. Sounds borderline but. I think part of everybody Malcolm stepped out the game has been bill which is control. Pretty good quarterbacks and create and the year and the elbow Walken. Immediately as he took offered down and built into the match come upon are put. Yeah but I read. Darrelle Revis essentially in line Darrelle Revis was a free agent after the Super Bowl year didn't bench him in the Super Bowl. All they get twenty million billion can cut no matter what a look you know I love that bit by bit then look it. If he against those guys they those guys all played with scientists and the lead in the last game. Yeah yeah and money will. Always want work so large bands a lot of Butler wanna play here and I'll play in the super. May need. To offer now hold on he's on console him literally just to build like. Hank the Super Bowl to resize Malcolm Butler to a better contract and you're saying that on on the radio and a 50001. Juggernaut of curiosity pixie. As valued down an up at exit plan. And oh yeah Arnold. I I had I had made it out I'm during lent I'm not gonna take the lord's name and title to say what I normally stay in my life but that bat right there is insanity of garbage that that is only states that sets a wanna kick you can't just say. Bill made a mistake. We are yelling about this on March 5 on. You can't just say built it for stage here it's it's all he did it because he's thinking in bigger picture. It's gonna research and Malcolm talked about no problem bill O yeah great he sat in his mouth trying to sideline all resign their sounds awesome because a lot of questions. Series as soon as you told mark Butler was gonna start he was not going back even even if the picture to the highest offer. He's not. Adams in can't one more on this that'll move I. Guys yeah might not only did the trigger for me I can't beat still I admit I do thank you go. Let's let's let's assume that they are hell bent on not playing Malcolm Butler at defensive back. And they only had one punt in the entire game so if you don't wanna play him you don't want to get any air and I heard on punt coverage or punt return what every would not so. Pat Timmy explained why he was out there based pocket more he's probably would have been out there more. Yeah and that that's not officially benching him in my guess is someone got hurt and they came out they would have put him and it was. He was on ice for whatever reason that game and build thought his defense is getting better is statistically. This argument I've heard that as the game went on. Bill could suggest we got better as a defense they missed twelve of their fourteen tackles. In the first half. And so there are better as that he had the second out but I don't need now involving your Immelt Rogen chatter I don't on the basket and you're rolling your eyes when I say I am but. Lisa and at that it's that that makes much sense as he punched a coach. But prior to the game that builds up and even got veteran and I told I was gonna plan. He's not temple it's got punched a coach in person called in any mental block are played those are from that and yet they would be. Why would you could have up or asylum if he is something so bad. Just calm like stay in the locker room or. Even if an active threw it out if he gets on the so glad that I don't believe it's something that they were going fifty through the elbows I don't I believe that the coach is screwed up I'm OK to have a hard time believing that this coach screwed something you've screwed it up before a couple things. Couple things. Now a through ball. In the jot it giants' Super Bowl losses were not like a knot on him coaching score well enough not all on him but. Nothing more you look back you're like hey Pete Carroll and the ball mark Tomlinson or acting like or hate falcons were on the football nothing yes nothing like that this woman did and that's why shown up he's he can go see. Here's my Mikey spears with their. He knows he's taken a beating. He showed up and it that a network that action of the com lines they'll do some TV. Owning a little money name myself look good it did look among the fan base there in them comfortable and as Mahmoud. Maybe try to. Fix the image we had a caller suggests should be fired. No flowers I know that that's in style in those people back into strong meanwhile the National League is he doesn't care about the couch rule apparently right now and care about. The league he wants from the forty in his office over the NFL network. When you get client who learned. I wore a lot. Yeah all the Doug good. You know in this case. Richard Jerry Horton. I'm wanted to tackle him right the knees he really keeps a list always. The image of course my favorite tweet mocking that today with a big cap from bar stool. When he's going to feed through your belt like out with the line exactly. When you hear it employees digging in the pizza before you get there a half a fact that I can tell that story that fit their deep can't eat pizza. In a meeting with Roger Goodell until he eats pizza first so dumb that itself. Areas for an. Removed in the 6177797937. Owners himself the news we'll get to a McChrystal on it takes over with rob Bradford. At 7 o'clock here on W the delicate. Don't execute yeah. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. She bought a nice Sports Radio WEEI crystal on rob Bradford comes your way at 7 o'clock. On updated to I don't on ESPN's are we talked about the lead off the show tonight that Adrian lords and 85 page sexual harassment suit filed today. In Connecticut against the four letter and she details what she thinks was a cover up by ESPN or cover up attempt by ESPN in which across. I'll when she first went to ESPN and had a claim against them but across the tax and everything else they saw the Boston Globe a couple of months ago. First though we have news from the Celtics were Shane Larkin. Draws the start tonight. So I guess I don't start the big guy he will not play in this game it sounds like you could miss the game against Minnesota. Later on this week as well so Shane Larkin will start and over the weekend. Brad Stevens doubled down and say Gordon here will not come back and play this year which I am. All four I I don't wanna rush it and I do care rushing it means rushing it. Within minutes injury it's not worth whatever risk your putting him in for team that we both agree. Evil they healthy Gordon here playing forty minutes tonight. Is not beating Golden State this year out of being old state but if you can help you beat Cleveland or beat Toronto and he's cleared to play in you know fifteen minutes are expected in the coming your start play thirty minutes and scored twenty points a game. But it didn't give you something off the bench. Both seeing out there we'll watch tonight Celtics and bulls no cover your urban Shane Larkin the I'm gets the start as a this ESPN's four days dead the dead spin XQB's digging into. Some her claims so one of our big claims it is the HR investigation. That ESPN did when she went to the four letter about. John what your grass she chase says that was not handled fairly and HR representative named Donna. Briscoe who is named as a defendant in the suit collude it would put across to try and make warts is claims. Look full four. Lindsay and from the lawsuit this is not that wants and he's getting the timeline here. After she complained ESPN over one week later correct so still a not follow up on this board regarding the meeting that. It's a rich source balls down but your grass despite the fact he's scheduled to be on campus for three of the five business days that past week. October 282016. Miss Warren's publicity photo of herself on its program. Pushed across two did not follow miss Florence and answer Graham light. The photo wants indicating that he was still stalking her all law this is from the 85 page. Doubtful for stocking on November 2 so another couple days later. After not hearing from HR miss boards email to ask if you'd which in data InterGroup interviewed Richard grass yet. They replied their schedules have been conflicting. And she is scheduled to speak of which across the next day. Suddenly. Which across sent an email for us ESPN account two missed Lawrence on her ESPN account. Praising our on air performance. I don't watch a lot of after you TV but saw some saw some recently and you keep getting better keep that up. The lawsuit says this is unusual for a couple of reasons but not limited to the fact that one of the email came shortly after HR respond to miss lords is email stating that she is about to meet with butcher Graz and true. Bush across it already cut high in this ward at the shop you have to do I do me text messaging with him. Some two weeks earlier and third grade this certificate. What you cross had never previously contacted this large UC ESPN account you're blocked it became evident. That puts across his email was an effort by heat and ESPN a orchestrated a cover up the sexual harassment of this war by a bullet bolstering his claim of just mentor and Lawrence. Not try to advance any sexual relationship with. Her own man that okay now about not that is that can be significant if it that's how went down. Like at the end that that hurt there was the big one there. He never contacted her and yeah he's tail off then says eight. It didn't tax their. Email there on company email so we had that writes that her editor opposite look at I reached out I was normal here. My circles on C that is significant I guess hopes were in this thing she suggests that ESPN. Try to spin this and put the Texans are way that made him look good in her look bad. This would add to that that they. They they float collar look at always mentor and a look at this email that came out of nowhere we'd all be suspicious. But you've got an email McCall work given talked to today. On EW EEI email and to come email. IRobot you red flag city for me again well well I don't know what happened here re what do you mean you really like my work recently. I'm Sarah format on one network TV. You know Bradford from mighty you know tonight. Are urgently and sniper up I never a good luck in life I rarely these manager coming never ever ever we're not in for work stuff. I changed my own personal account. Wouldn't you just in they right carbon you're you're personally about actually yeah since the personal touch just in case. We got to get out of here as Dovolani and Bradford coming in at 7 o'clock is Robby check the line with Bradford out of Fort Myers writes I'm we were talking dropped to 8 o'clock all paid now get on he's allotted excellent all right will be listening to that and then I'll be back with us and break anything today so back of the guys they are back there tomorrow the Lonnie next Bradford later on and then tomorrow morning don't forget Kirk and Callahan a with special in studio Gaspar McHenry who worked at ESPN a while talk about purchased on its sad what the guys right here on WB yeah.