Mut at Night - ESPN's Tim Legler on Bucks/Celtics; Brad Stevens continues to push all the right buttons 4-16-18

Mut at Night
Monday, April 16th

HOUR 2 - It would seem that the most valuable Celtic right now isn't even a player. Brad Stevens continues to rise to the challenge of putting together a serviceable playoff line up. Also, Tim Legler joins Marc James as we look at how this Celtics team will fair in the playoffs.


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It's. Mud. We will have a little bit reported it who doesn't play well I think the whole burden our. We got hard yeah you know you move a couple good decisions over. To move through all of them. Twelve port security and it was I don't know that a bit with a couple of Al Horford sacking the haters. Mark cheeks. A number of conversations that I am having I anticipate that Tom Brady will not only missed Monday and Tuesday if you do this regularly scheduled event and Carter. But when he returns I do not anticipate. That we if you will be part of the voluntary program. On first that's when the team's resume their activities and then moving forward from there how hard is that it is a question one. That I don't know that you can bring you have. Yeah kind of answers those questions. And happy being with a lot of conviction you know when you lose your condition you question doing something else. Now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. 800 Mark James much sought out tonight I sort of meta now. I still never met him right bargain but that hopefully one day double meat mud I didn't do a funny show like 45 times already. So. You know and I know he's a character so I look forward to to meeting him. Sometime soon these donor right yeah it's good hours in the morning always franchising the shower while we're still money Knight yeah Ali as he's got it all here that Smart in his brand is just it's ubiquitous it's just all over the place stern a Rush Limbaugh read out my almost no question yeah I would I absolutely but I think of those guys they got. I think a mutt. Mark James mark with a C James you can follow me on Twitter my needles mark James M a RC James. No wonder score whatsoever you can also text me was a lot you already have. At 37937. And I hate you know the ones I can read on the right will the ones that I can't I'll try to read them and clean them up. But we love it and we'll take your phone calls to waigel will join us coming up. ESPN Andy it was about 725 sort of talk about the Celtics. Right now you talk about the sees the numbers 6177797937. I was there yesterday. Game one of the playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks and it. There were times in the game when the Celtics took that lead in the first quarter and they sort of got a little bit. Complacent. In the second quarter in the box insert in it looked like it was can be in nip and tuck game Celtics came out like gang but two's. And the third quarter Jason Tait was on fire. In that game the and then it goes down to the fourth quarter. And Terry rosier hits that shot was zero point five seconds left and I'm ready to head out door Michael K this is over I'm like let me just see. What kind of shot the Bucs can put up here the last sick and Chris Middleton uncontested I might add it's a three pointer. To send the game to overtime. And then in overtime. The Celtics. Also broke the box backs. A lot of bees here for liberation but they did. And I don't know who these interim coach is from Milwaukee he Jeep on T I never heard of home but the one thing I do know. Is that. The celtics' biggest. Commodity who could get them to the Eastern Conference finals. It's not Terry rose year it's not Al Horford it's not decent seat him Jalen brown and I know shocker it's not Erin Baines either. It's not Abdullah made her. It's Brad Stevens. Brad Stevens he's the guy. That could get this Celtics team to the Eastern Conference finals without Tyree Irving without Gordon Hayward without Marcus Moore. Brad Stevens is one of the best coaches in the NBA and he's proving it. And he did yesterday. And this team. You concede for the Celtics it's sort of worked out better for them getting to two instead of the one seed because. You get a team of like more than likely to sixers who were on fire what they want like seventeen or eighteen a row going back to the regular season. And they've even. Won game one with out so well indeed. The process. But Brad Stevens. He's one of those guys that can maximize. He will make adjustments. And he won't maximize his team's potential. In spite. All all the guys who have been lost. Other guys step up. I know she market and a horrible game yesterday about Al Horford and I know Al Horford teach a lot of grief. And justified we sold a lot of situations but. Playoff Al Horford. Seems to be different than regular season Al Horford. And playoff Al Horford yesterday yeah of course. Bottle we model. Got outscored by the Greek freak 3544. Had nearly same about a rebounds and Al Horford did what he had to do. And then the great free fall out he should of fouled out in overtime. Choose me at the end of regulation when he clearly. Went over the back of Jay wind rattled and the rest were absolute. Quadrupled. Garbage yesterday. Awful. Adam silver should never let those three blind mice both class owns. Who put on to the zebra stripes yesterday wrecked another game that was embarrassing for the NBA it is. Amazing how when you're watching a regular season game you see a lot of travels and you know like at it whenever every single traveled that they did not call. I spent my mind he's got his attention to the Kubel to. Five at least six. At least six and you sit their whole year Arab wire date. Call it's and you know I mean in your heart you know why. Every single travel every symbol violation the it would be born and it ended been a tremendous game. It was it was incredible and it first start out at the Celtics were you know they came out strong and then they sort of hit that mall in the second quarter and like all right it's gonna be tied game and I mean like the Greek freak. And Chris Middleton combined for like 67 points it in manatee had anybody else Eric Bledsoe couldn't do anything he couldn't handle Terry rose year. 00. In terms of guys this year if you talk we all know who the best player consultants was shirts carrier. And he's a candidate for the NBA's MVP we all know this. But I'm talk about a guide you did not expect who took his game to the next level this year I'm going with T arts here this year. This to each jaws lights out if he continues to play the way he does and win the game. Is on the line. In an all the call words are on the table in its winning time I'm going. To see our twelfth we got TV twelve right. I'm going to see our twelfth. Because this duties ice and he was ice yes he's been ice all season long. And bomb the Celtics are mortal lock him in. For the immediate future. In credit and kudos to Dini Ainge who might. Very will be with all due respect to you know not withstanding to the late great red hour back. Any change to read our back and it was a different time act. It was a different time and you'll get a handful of teams that could win the NBA finals but aren't we aren't leading right now. If and when the Celtics win their next title. For. Wipro expect to erect a statue outside of TD garden weed teeny change in his boss out there because this guy. The moves he makes he hasn't been perfect drafted. It was so it's gonna have a great streak you know they took over degree trick. Kelly O Lynn I was gonna say they traded up two spaces to debt. Online so so Danny Ainge. Is not perfect but then again. Neither easy or the fourteen other general managers that also passed on I mean bill bell bill pellets deck I mean like he's taking many boss in the first round okay. Pizza pizza Chad Jackson on the floor it was a complete boss a case of Belichick's. It is no mr. perfect current heading either there's only been what mr. perfect and he rest in peace curt Henning rest in peace please there's only been one. But Dana changed but this guy makes you not and I'm not obstinacy is too I'm not even just saying this. Jos for to be hyperbolic. I believe somehow some way. Dini Ainge is gonna pull off the mother of all coups and he's gonna he's gonna bring that you to brow to Beantown. And I think somehow someway this summer teeny Ainge is cool because I I doubt the one thing it will it will happen in. If the pelicans fired their head coach and GM were on the hot seat now drop one game the night. And he could probably win that series so those guys might not get fired if those guys get fired. You know like but Danny Ainge and and when asked sim lake the coming up in about ten minutes. About why the Celtics shoot day or should they not consider. Trading for Cole why Leonard I I want to say nowlin on to tell you why. Why Leonard right now. He's done sort of he'll turn. And and great Poppins came out the other day and they asked him do you think he'll be back in the playoffs Gregg Popovich said you have to ask his group. That easy shot across the battles. That is a major indictment. Of why Leonard. And I don't know if you want to bring it. That sort of this now all the local we never did think well the first 56 years now the locals involved eighties teen in New York is involved. And I don't know if you want to bring that mess into here to Boston. Eight in Britain that seems to be. I did one guy want more the Celtics uniform anything and it's in patty Davis if it can happen great. I don't think the Celtics necessarily. Not boxing quite littered would be substantial improvement but you're gonna have to give up. She went round and more than likely sacramental pick for next year's draft. Okay fine. I'm not giving up decent speed and in Jalen brown I would give up Jason Tatum in Jalen brown to getting Patti Davis the error lies difference. But when you look at this Celtics team their biggest MVP. Who doesn't suit up in uniform is Brad Stevens he's out coaching the opposition. And now. In the series that looks at it could be pending for the sixers it's going to be tough series Brett brown from a here in New England. And and now they're starting to peak in a dot now mark health faults is playing. And some meat. Ben Simmons looks like the second coming of it being air pretty Hardaway little petty. Aegis aegis has ever jump shot at six. Your thoughts on the Celtics 6177797937. By the way I never said Chad Jackson was a first rounder to the bag and just texted in from the 650 I said he was a horrible draft pick by Belichick so open up your ears don't hear what you wanna hear Jonathan in New Hampshire is up next year. On WEI what's up Jonathan. NATO and good are you underwrite. So I didn't want to talk about a carrier there's really stepped up to that he you know Danny Ainge got busted when he drafted him in other condom on but. I don't know the guy taught at CBS sports. Graded that draft they can at. I did I remember that John I think good good all good all of that and now he's playing a lot of it was Harry hurting right now. Like he'd. On out. Gay and Tatum literally playing Nikes and the NBA for ten years you can't tell me that he's playing worse than any of the other rookies. The top two in that. Yet but yet he taught you. When you talk about you know that rookie of the year or gavel listen. Expensive means to lose Benson is gonna win rookie year but it sort it's sort of sucked because. Big savings should have been a rookie year ago but he was hurt eat and play so Jason now he's qualified so I don't care you know awards are. You know it was a rookie of the year like three of lawyers go Michael Carter Williams has been like eighteen so who cares about rookie DR I love racing adjacent Tatum. I think he. My next thing for Jonathan for Jason Tatum. And I don't put too much on points. If you just drive to the hoop every time one of three things are gonna happen he's gonna get the hoop he's gonna get the hoop in the foul. Org or is it the foul if he doesn't get the hoop or he's going to get both. And it just continues to drive to cool this could be an eighteen to 21 point against court. Especially now that Kyra your friends on the court. A 100%. And let's talk about Greg Monroe coming up the bench yet you might have only toward what one point yesterday but it the end of the regular season he was talented part. And you know what honestly I think I think it bread even all market a little more negative as little more fire power in that shot by Carrie earlier that night. Our money. All right I don't look LeBron James Neff is only hit one of those in his entire playoff career one of them. Was against god was against Orlando and 09. One of those in his entire career Jonathan. I I appreciate the phone call Bob at Needham real quick go ahead Bob. A true. One the other. To the ground war one world water that you broke them or gave us. Our children warm sure why people sort news. That's I said the same thing yeah. Yeah machinists are taught that did that you know. Collage forward to input one. Like June 1 of them I would not just vote but talk to. Trade. All big baby Davis see you deep you throw in a lot of stuff for dad might throw in a you don't. You know Ferrari Testa rose all the emerging diablo for eighty Davis there's not many things you would nod to Tim flagler. ESPN and the inlets will join us. Next keep it locked here markings on WEEI it's much at night on Sports Radio. You guys who have pretty rough stretch in the second quarter. Including turnovers. Turnovers while security. All those part of our plan to kind of all men to a false sense of security. Never attack the paint just throw it to the other team and let him score whenever they want we thought maybe I would Wear him out. Turns out it didn't look like a good plan so we had to readjust make those hard halftime adjustments. Throw it to our team. And try to do we did in the first quarter. Dallas head coach. Brad Stevens my name is Mark James here on WTI. Until 10 o'clock Celtics up one game to none in the best of seven. First round Eastern Conference playoffs and joining us right now. Is Amanda spent over a decade in the NBA he was a three point contest champion. And you could see him on ESPN all the time it. Is a great analyst who Lakewood joining us right here on WEI. Legs appreciate you making time. Mark are. Well what did you think yesterday when you're watching the Celtics game and they get off to a great start. And first quarter the sort of hit them in the mouth. Bucs go down in the books come out swinging in the second quarter. And then of course the ending any was that the better game ones you've seen in recent playoff history. No doubt about it is that game or regular. Question. You have to look at. What went on that game and ball from boss' perspective yet experts starter. In the article like the war started extra game. I'll block did not hit a really great production at the guys they are not a stretched and it sports live from an. So the resiliency in its Q. Survive that little pitch shot before you retired actor who got much can be very demoralizing actually accurate over time many times. I didn't allow that happening in. And they seize control of the game and they thought how could I integrates them. That they were able to get that win despite the fact that. Milwaukee that's too offensive player has 62 points no probably forty gained a group of them to go 66 I think all your troubles so. It's now the exact reverse and I mean Milwaukee's serious trouble if they got that kind of production that players who won't say as little loss. That's a bad sign for the books. Similar here on WEI a case and no Carre Erving obviously no Gordon Hayward and no markets mark how was Brad Stevens being able to do this with guys. Coming off the bench. And I liked Kerry rose shear and really stepping their game. What we wouldn't be here you get it but it should be a discussion of player regard. He's the guy that elevated himself would have liked the starting point guard status in this league. So you can't let they're extremely confident. The way he's playing. On your policy I backed look at your rotator around the younger players. And Jalen brown last year without this level whole view of a defender possible guy now he subscribers order. So both are candidates for a time with the playoffs are all in straight about super lucky. Editor and the European elevated. After not getting you know people of the ultra flashy player out here this is now some young guys are count a lot and security gains or suppressed even. Fidelity and no confidence they are the ball good it's great chemistry is great. And I play out or six it is the fault gain political points. Where you'll all tips that you you can't ask. Me the package for the collapses well. Actual pregame show it to you first saint Charles Barkley out worker is the guy has got an earthquake which gave answers that are at the river completely. Agree with that assessment of her caliber player. And he should be ticketed to appear to get double production offensively even though he only average Turkey which gave the legacy. Even able to get so. Very down to us. Guys. Taylor thank you would have liked our politically but salt excel lot of power started out great chemistry great coaching they get a win. Similar from ESP and joins us here on WTI my name's Mark James Tim. Is split off Al Horford different because he takes a lot of heat here locally in Boston for his play good. He can be a little lackadaisical. But did it seems like in the playoffs did you just mention especially yesterday and and last year in the playoffs is well he seems to step up his game. Yeah look he's he stuck utility yeah Alpert said it looked like soccer players such course is true logistics guy. Don't open very routine helped you win you'll commit no hard hat kind of color or player. On and you know he has the ability to do more offensively I just take it easy to out of we gave it away earlier selfish and doesn't eat. While the limelight they're called the big talk school lurch in particular taught shots on EU could affect you the latest passing defense regarding our support cute. All the way to better if you need to pick it up that step without. Yes billion baht CR 44 points in 24 point side yesterday. And he had. I restricting what gave the quote the lashes out at a excel. He's got inside of them and I guess he cubic feet when he needs cure right now they need to because. Estimated it spent some editors. Legs considering where the Celtics are right now and I don't Marcus Moore just came out recently said if there was a game seven in the first round. He could possibly come back here so let's just assume that he won't come back this first round. What is sealed and let's say the Celtics to get by the box do you see his team. Even wind out hiring Irving Gordon Hayward being able to be a wet hot sixers team who was just peaking at the right time it's. Look I have conscious and rescue us you know so I did the best coach in the league so you know that he's so cute. Be able to which you ought to come up with a game plan and matchups at its substitution pattern in time we it's your time out it is that a call it. And all of that stuffy candidate he's gonna put this player game. I just think right now we're actually plane tickets you can Shih Tzu fireworks stick with Kirk that they're well. And boss that it has seen these disks as Q offensive player I think it's very typical for Austin. To be able to match it's silly right now offensively rich is the most competent team in the league right now the way that those guys shoot the basketball. It's going to be very typical of people back Irish to that huge political back support Miami series. That's a whole other level that you deal with because he would sign our nature is game of the Easter present that he has. Right now they're role players are out of their minds how well they're playing at ninety cleats. And their first game for wall players ninety. I you know think about tax credit production so. I think Philadelphia right now actually I have an inside track to our side. Tim what would joining us here on WEI. And yacht in bread rounds and a tremendous job mark healthful snell. Is playing it and he's the reason you know you look at why they selected number one in trading with the Celtics in gave a pay a future first round pick. To Boston to get a guy like mark health faults but. When you look at Jason stayed on and what's his ceiling. Alleged because. I look at it in people wanna compare all the DePaul purist but. I don't know I Paul Pierce was never this athletic I don't think Jason Tatum as Griese was the beginning of the year. Hitting from three point range I don't think that we've seen him anywhere close scratching to serve the how good this guy can really be. Yeah I agree I think Jason take this means that in that regard ceiling is perennial all star. You don't actually is she gonna be a guy that you know competes for all reached in one of those first preteens you talk about that case. If you look at it one of the best six or in the game. Yeah I Q by kind of a bill because he does have some bounce in a Paul Pierce wants what's legally athletic. Criticized as you carry more weight he Stecker wider shall the ducts and install it why facts you quote he got last year and help get around. Just as it's sleek and athletic at. And you know plays a little bit different style I did not accused of shoot the basketball from the three point line yet BA level. The way to keep our secure. That was that takes time to elect its college. 199 a lot different when you take it out to 24 feet. He has made that justice. That tell me start with the other the other aspects of the game Regis I like to conduct let it sit. I'm now you're adding that shot there each year easily able competent first two or three had. I think by year three or she got it every year is going to be austere age. And I think you know navy actually gets to that spot where he's in the top six forwards in the game. That much respect for that game it will not give huge great kicker who would want to be great. Certainly would joins us here on WE I would Mark James Tim. When you look at this Celtics team and I know you know listen we we deal with reality but hypothetically. If this team had a healthy Tyree Irving a healthy Gordon Hayward. And markets Smart who never punched a picture frame in LA could this team had made a run to the finals this year. It's definitely. And I think that's why it wasn't him actually because I'd look at the top Eastern Conference. Are icy floor seats and Toronto the team you know you got to give credit they were about consistency in the Eastern Conference this year that it it's a throughout any latency in the schedule that Boettcher is better than it's ever that. There shooting the breeze which has so and so because it's just not modern basketball. To live it ranger forward a ditch and now there. Order improve their team at case you lot so. Statement that it just can't get credit for vanity team. I think has sworn in the court season and you like see it hurts and it's so important addition prompt or actual. If they assure you this except that you're that the that our background it's. So we're gonna look at the complete with the team they have done racing collectively though the OC group. When you look at Cleveland obviously sooner they're terrible but that's gene and it got five or sixty pervert but they would walk essentially they've never caps like hoppers or are consistent so that's a change. There shortly the Indiana. And it definitely. All of all right there you so you think. But my next question you yesterday you'd see you Tim like there was not an anomaly you think that Indian is going to be Cleveland. Absolutely. Series in 21 round that I thought Suu Kyi had a legitimate shot with a series that's portable. And the reason it bit and which saw a gain more. People or rather current year's order overreacting to that because they did she won an ark here are flexible block this year. And did what date it first game was just so what they've done here is not special. That was like you played over their heads in the first game that is exactly what the order very quick. Our team it's also a leader so one guy evidence rate offered to bureau. At that they have great chemistry. Editor not the size as solid. Very well coats. It was like it really well playing together. And certainly that's a dangerous team will explode. Cleveland in the first game as opposed are. A little prospect not deter us everything all additional orders and it and responsibility. Ordered down. In this should be eating them. And he's gonna be saw the truck series as he literally acts who eat everybody or achieve their. And except casing in the well of the brain that Chester Chet Kevin Love. And there all player in the report structured there's so start in order. To change. And you project and Google wake of that I think it is all sorts. Yet to paraphrase Rick Pitino when he was itself has coached him hire your rings not locked in through that door if he does he's gonna you weren't a Celtics uniform a I think there are yet you kill everybody we don't we all think back to Tony sixteen abroad six blocking game seven against Andre Iguodala but. There isn't a hoot you know a shot in the back to back Indy he's faced a win that title and it he's a Celtic now. Well not only known these big shot franchise as she. Jack carry it really drove back. If you could and watch all the playoff games this budget carrier clicked together these. The caricature that's your arts people forget how many nights prior. We care and all since our entire border or are. And they would run again and we'll probably get a chance to rest to look at all subsequent checks of the pressure off. People for yet a moments like that tiger has. Because he's so good with the audience such great range putting really count these sensibly how to stop. Can enter their current roster they look at some of these network at work out toward Clark is that the next closest thing. All their team to a target group do that you're not close to that you're six which the first game. So what you don't let its one admitted one dimensional also just play players all around 2 o'clock. It's the first time in eight years in new York and her character you're completely. It's it's eighty expired. It is that first came in Houston or relax it's like there is built on close to that level Alston triple. Actually go to our offense they should keep silent all look at cabinet say I don't know how little hole. He scored a point sisters beat Indiana. Tim I know you got to go last question one word answer if you were a betting man in Vegas LeBron James plays next season with. Houston re ready. One hour. That was my second thirteen being sold off at seven sixes. I'm what your secondary team more than the first one but Ole lord of you talk about the big thirty feet ghost aged outlets in crow hey legs we enjoy his company is. All right Gary is Tim labor here on WEEI's. Houston speaking of abroad. One of the many reasons I could tell you this before. It was cool to heat on the broad. I was sitting on the broad back when he was with Cleveland the first time. Which Keith and I have a lot in common and that's. One of many things we do have in common we're gonna get to that next on to get your phone calls as well 6177797. 97 Mark James your WEI Monday night. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. You've gotten this far. And are coming out they were before and I want to ensure more drawn. There's no result should go to law enforcement for the day when I drive. A hundred tons of playing the game didn't show it to grabbed whatever was not so. For a protective suit so that was started through. You know chicks dig the long ball and it was about. All I can't stand LeBron James. I seriously cannot stand him chicks dig the long ball yet if you can't hit the long ball. See that's 4013 NBA finals when you throw a brick Chris Bosh got the rebound. A kicked it out to Ray Allen the quarter insane jerk ass again. CN 2016. In game seven. When you couldn't hit water. If you fell out of a freaking ball. And then it Tyree Irving sage asked if it wasn't for Ray Allen and Irene Irving. LeBron James who have won a ring winded. One. He's three and five he'd be one in seven period. All and by the way when he loses. He is so much a freaking cry baby it's disgusting. And here's. The king after he got his asses kicked. By eighteen at home to the pacers last night. It's a long time to Wednesday. I think you know how. When it's gonna sound like the next couple days as a captain troubles capsule and you don't care that oh here do so it's a long time to sit coming off a loss we don't play well. No real solution here and I'm I don't know this you know not only know socially. When I watch today is up with musical and listen to commentator. On their outlook Quayle's. For me this opportunity and it he won't play important for me as I get to rest take two days. I need to Asia and expect. 44 book. Always that you're here with the policies just. As I mean I'm down 01 of the first round. Down 31 finds itself. On the left got to bundle goodness. IE. Was down 31 in the finals. I'm down one nothing now I'm not worried I I I need me I'm down 01 of the first well yeah. Not at Cleveland Cavaliers not we I. Lot of ice there. Down 31 finds itself. In just two typifies. One of the Miree out of reasons why I cannot stand LeBron James. Let's go back to after he lost the finals. I was actually there that night was great in game six of twenty Levin. When he of course took his talents to South Beach in the heat lost they got beat by Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. And this is LeBron and acting like a little BP after the game. Does it bother you that so many people. Are happy to see you fail. And it's Luna. That they today. Ought to those who know me to fail. It's. And I figured it got to wake up tomorrow at the same like today. Before we will have today they got a same personal problems they head. Today and on them continue to live the way don't wanna live and continue to do things that I wanted to do will be in my family and be happy with that so. They get a few days or few months or whatever the case may be. On being happy about. Not only myself. With the Miami Heat no account should they go book. You know they're gonna debate to reward a simple. Wow. Translation. I'm the king. You were nothing more than a bunch of heat on some peasants in tomorrow. In the next day and the next week in the next month in infer. The next year your life will sock I'm great. There's got to wake up tomorrow at the same like today. Before it will today. This is why can't stand him I cannot Steen and and not to mention the fact. That he is the most self absorbed. Narcissistic eagle system coal. All about me player when he accomplishes something he posts about it on in the grammar Twitter. All yeah you know I. A more three players in NBA history along with Michael Jordan Karl Malone scored this many points and have this many rebounds in this may assist dude we know. We know we got the memo or top five players in NBA history we know this. Not so much Parker. We get it. I was about this is Celtics player by title I don't wanna if anybody in town this person still works is down. But I you're you're not. Yeah now. Would tell us how great you are we know this. We know if you never play another game the rest of your life big grudgingly I must admit you're one of the top. Six players in NBA history I still don't put you on mount rush. I'm sorry. I still don't put you there. He's the greatest basketball player in the game today and Yi so insecure of aggressive he's only secured notes insecurity. Which is leading to his passive that's right it if I'm right in love if I'm Larry Nantz junior George hale 88. Toronto lieu of any of these guys when why are we were doing this again deserting your audio does anybody remember a game seven of the 20:10 Eastern Conference finals right here at TD garden against the Celtics when he. All he had a triple double. It was the most inefficient. Like garbage triple double and he quit he quit. Decade he literally quit the mean owner Dan Gilbert when he released that. Like sort a memo on the brought the manuscript from the Jerry Maguire movie basically called the bat he quit it was the bulls garbage triple double and NBA playoff history. And neat he briefed his Jersey off in through in this audience. That night when he lost to Paul Pierce Garnett and Ray Allen in 2010. Oh yeah when LeBron is such a front runner when things go well all these all there when things are down all you notice is too. Get LeBron was never big on triple doubles. Then all of a sudden Russell Westbrook started and all these adulation Damien Garcia and yeah yeah and then also now bronze try to dig go down and get these triple doubles. Like you're down one nothing into regular. Who lose. We just got on like five minutes ago said he had Indiana beating clean I got I hope that happens so that you had no idea. How much I am rooting for the pacers had not an end. And will abroad terror off his Jersey. And the role in the stands before he takes his talents to Houston or Philadelphia he's gonna. Take it off and choke points Stephenson with that I don't know if Lance Stephenson have for every key right now it looks accused the next coming. Of when Dennis Rodman used to cover Shaq. You just bother him yeah. 48 minutes however long he's on the court where you just antagonize him within the rules or you know whatever was to Dennis Rodman went Stephenson who's doing the same exact thing. Ira Stevenson survives. To gain three game four if LeBron finally. Lowe's is cool and and decides that he's had enough LeBron is gonna finally flipped that playoffs which I guess. LeBron is disenchanted to heat in the cavaliers are no longer the epicenter of the basketball universe anymore. And just like every now and then like he did we Jim Gray in the decision back in 2010. The self congratulatory. Instead Graham posts. He goes from the king to the king of self congratulations. That's what he does. And it's not the fact that the dude has like 36 point eight million followers. To Jen you flat. Upon him. But. I go back to this is social media existed. Back in the eighties and nineties. We've magical bird and Michael and then Isiah and the bad boys. Any team Olajuwon. Like those used in rocket teams that went back to back with those guys had been on social media know look like. Rodman would have done it with the bulls not with the pistons because he got weird when he went to San Antonio in each change. But this is why I too late. Rich Keith and I. Could do shows for weeks on and on why we can't stand the brawn James and I kid you not. He bothers me. He makes me itch I heard had opening on the afternoon I bring out all. Well I I I just I just tell you that at you what economists say is this memo to the king. He went top six greatest players in NBA history. But stop patting yourself on the back stop saying II I mean mean he might might not come down 01 of the first round. I and. I was down before 31 in the finals. Setting at same club right here. Durable brawn James. Let deface your likeness fanned out beer teammates. Other hall of famers in the media. Do for you stop telling us how great it's he so he's like. The girl who was the prom queen and she shows up better tenure reunion and let's just say time was not as nice to her. Guy time resident kind to LeBron either looking at how he was in 2011. Perfect out there. He I'll give up all of this award to give up the MVPs the scoring titles the rings he would give all of that up. It is an airline to sort well I can say this my grandfather just turns 89 years old about a month ago and he has more hair on his head to LeBron James and I QG not when I say that are coming up next. We're gonna get your phone calls lied about load them up. Anything goes the rest of the shell whatever you wanna talk about. We'll get to the patriots situation in the mess they're in New England it's not going away it's only getting worse especially with the comments made by Danny Amendola. In his car karaoke interview with Mike Reese. 617779793. Said it also hit. Celtics. Red Sox. Whatever you wanna talk about anything LeBron James and why you can't stand them. Or why you you he had steered me for saying. These things about him where every one to talk about I'm here with you to 10 o'clock Mark James in Vermont 6177797. 937. A W. EE I.