Mut at Night - Evan Drellich the enigma - 2-22-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, February 22nd

In the fourth and final hour, Mut and Drellich delve into Evan's personal life, the dating scene, and his penchant for polaroid pictures. They also talk a little baseball.


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In the ninth inning ninth inning only. You are allowed to send up to the plate as your first three hitters ever yeah. But it just saying something different I would not walk that that baseball slows down consideration we'll start but I thought nobody would. I start to appreciate miles off. That maybe there's more life and being really really. Really ridiculously good looking I don't know. Gentlemen. We are dealing with someone here who. Has absolutely no life. Now here's my. Night on Sports Radio telling you we. Hour to go Evans relatives in Florida we're here in Boston Monday night Sports Radio WEEI for the break. Haven't seen that before he got the reminder to view the show we showed up late for shift here tonight. He was in a dark place seven please do detail kind of dark place you read about an hour ago this. You know. To a TV or go to my car and it is like this every night and as always has been to the eye of an intern in LA back in 2010 excellent. Are so that's what we do now I get my car and go what what do I have to look forward to that point and just go to bed. We can come back to the park in the morning and they're well that's it into the live that is just passed me by. It's it's lonely and accurately portray any beach down. This isn't too late in the game finishes let's get my car and go home or whether they can read a book. She brought a child that's okay. Eighty could read a book. You could find one of a million different shows or movies on now let us. Gates at you're a single guy on the road nothing to do until what time tomorrow morning. Seven. Cherry color guy got seven. Right it should I did well they only see they gave Bradford an hour of the giving you three hours a day ago I know how long going to be on tomorrow so. I guess seven hands a little early but it. 815 there's plenty time to get something to eat and go socialized oil are still single young people letter there in fla. Well last night and I got to the bar all the writers and Texas friends you know this is this get. Being a social person that you're around people that's. I have trouble being alone like that serial date. You know it's just that it's not easy for me to beasts and people of all you gotta get a yield peace again be able to look yourself all that it you know. You alone is like its own skill or just. Act. Oh. He could go work on finding that next serial girlfriend that watt what. Only here for hours on last night and you've got hit on and then you shave today that's in the the bad cobbled he had hit all last night April rhythm going and I screwed that up by shaving. You know cry baby face it goes back I know when this might want it doesn't this speaks to tell right. Workers on the and and that's the basement where it's so weird to your show you're suggesting it's a decision that this in the mind of a single guy. Vs somebody Mary with two kids where you don't have those nights alone you don't have gauge your you were you are getting up the two screaming kids in the morning we have sought to do with the kids. And so when I hear that my antennas go up I get the light forget even going out is that all let's leave that up as I did like there's like ten things. Whether it's Leo reading or stuff I have to do that to get done. Without no it without the a big kids involved that that's sounds like a night out to me and you are depressed by it makes you sat just sat all. About his clip art field tonight I'd have these sort. Heartily and the guy who would he could. Probably July temperate beat. United collateralized. By all that on the issue of the retina of the as a big debt see that the big deal because I'm looking round I've seen that that crew. I see you guys out about. I thought you mastered not a rule the not worked all right. Most. Like ma. Am I'm sure you are yet we go to guys are great we go like you sort. The price of cars. We should or people say you know tonight what. Abortion mark that was over the lawn. The picture to me was too much like she's on the field. Because. Talked about it it was and let them commit to each of them are. Like I grew I'll let you finish your thought of people that do not know. Evan relic suggested on the Kirk and Callahan show the other day that Peter Abraham where specific Nike sneakers. Just to fit in with the players the David Price spot these Nike sneakers and the entire team. This afternoon. Chris Curtis. Took a picture repeat were in the sneakers with white jordans Sox by the way. And tweeted that out and there is now as of couple minutes ago. And at Pete Abe sneakers Twitter account with with the picture. A Pete sneakers as the avatar in the background you can follow that at at. That's it any tweets so far at Pete Abe sneakers. One tweet. Don't know why should tweet about sports or shoes. Maybe sports themed shoes what do you think at Kirk and Callahan. And it Kirk and callous and so this is what you create you feel bad about this Neitzel. Like I can all come a nice guy deep down I like it what alcoholic while on the radio but. I am sensitive person. I should sound that way yeah I'm capable crying. It just. Like it's disproportionately. What happened with mean he I don't like the guy we went after each other publicly. But to me the pictures like that that's like it's almost bullying a certain point that his speech. That's how I. I don't know he's kind of what level pizza kind of one Pete unite behind a journalist with. Bull and they play the audio marble more children. Yet if this that figure on it you'll. Get a lot of abuse as a oh yeah yeah he stood. He's he's done nothing when we think he called Red Sox a racist on Twitter like he I think the and I based on the criticism he's received is a 1000% deserved he doesn't want to critical the players ever recovers the team. Won't pick her local players cares more about protect these relationships. Is they're telling David Price the year tweeting about at least that's what I heard. And and it it is not his job is to serve the readers and it feels like he's more concerned with. Serving friendship the relations with team so whatever crappy gets I'm sorry he deserves the arts election he'll due to an economic and go up my game and you should not feel bad about any of this week it's it's good for you it's good for you to be the anti Peta Abram trust me it's good for your brand. I'm not political regret that but that's another thing I don't like let's go to Twitter just each relatives try to make a name for yourself well what about Tom Brady. I don't come on the show until he's open I don't feel I can't fake. Not quite get it. Four hours that day. Lake you real professionals up there and do it I'm sure there be days reflect our attempt it stance on something and in this in this but. Liked the stuff that we're talking about here I'm on the radio all that enough for me to run out of quote quote material or you yourself. Like I'm not trying to build a Catholic who won the rebuke of the eight guys ain't much in. OP win. Your your be your well compensated for what the asked did you talk at all Mike and Joseph probable bad it's not apply to dig ditches here at this. And football writer you know you always tweeting airline leaders sent a please don't be that guy on the I'm more awful than most people. Pay pizza place where's my pizza or to thirty minutes ago that of a baseball writer let's go personal problem. Art is today I created the guy I texted. Courtesy Ken the other day when you were on talking about you single and your serial data I see your future and I threw on the morning show to get the most pub. And ended did that the best. The best results for you or on match but there is definitely a dating Evans relics segment that is available if you are open to I don't that would work. Where do you get three single women. Who wanted date Evans relic beat writer covers the Red Sox to BC sports Boston urine Studio One day with a morning your guys will be produced in their show. It three women coming and and it's like the old after the game was the date there's sort of behind a platform you ask them questions. And then you pick wanna go on a date with then you meet all three of them. Face to face that that how great would that be for your brain so. This is exactly the part of the data that I I don't look forward to use the we're headed if haven't asked at the same conversation over so let's get dirt ball right. And it's not as good total budget for states and don't have to do this probably. What happened tonight later noticed. Gold bars loan a trouble doing things well. I have I mentioned that I and social campaign yes I know IR NC we talked your subconscious about yes right right so that's. So apart if you'll see it's like I am not looking forward to this kind of selection process and haven't had the same conversation over and over all. So let's but I mean a dating show date a date Evans relic or data as well as you want an apples it's splits on air and it's it's people who know who you lark and people. And women that want to meet you you get your past the part of that is wanna talk to me or not your right to the part of let's get to know the last few questions pick one out let's go. You get dinner somewhere I don't want someone who wants who who that you should meet them on the radio or on TV but. Not so yeah. That way right back. I'm leery at lake. I start to feel that because that was the girl one point. Who she sort of listen to show them like she became. Hurricanes that's the trend joking around stuff. I asked of pleased they need to figured out with thirty more correct when she can't they are ready to jokes. Odds are really insurance adjuster tangling gets a lot worse OK honey that we get the good look good you made a good decision there are so. So you a Kia and close it on that completely good sum up which that the courtesy canned. When I see the next week that's all good for you. Women who work in sports who who and upon these apps are attractive. They say they won't even reveal anything about what they do for workers deal will be some really eight answer because. And make up and make something that every idiot in in that Brady Jersey on it in the air in the profile like. The second they find out all and you talk here's what I definitely can't stand. I've ever being Faneca and and and how cool that is that they don't want that to be the reason somebody hit you because you happen to talk baseball players. I don't know if it's the conversations starting get past that if it's if it's. If that's they eat you start. I would be that would not be a problem for me now it but I again I've been married forever and blew my wife dated her forever so I'm so far removed from now I have no idea what to do. On a date right now I would be clueless so on the wrong got to ask getting less when he singled bodies. Out there on the it would do that's. So sweet to. That was funny was no hobbies we played out in the open good job by jet an enemy and no hobbies you don't do anything. Don't wanna short doing. Mike Lamb little Polaroid camera the film is incredibly expensive until technical. Evil hipster no drama Obama you know all the while aware what is tricky Polaroid. He's not 1984. Hour and it's it's. A bully get away from the digital I remembered. Pull it means it. You know to connect you my grandma well do let me in ultimately. Put. Adding your eggs in your profile like to take Polaroid's trust me that will go over well there's a club there's a kind fill out there of women who want a date. Guys who take port pictures late nights yes not no I'd I'm not a ninety kidding that's self and I'd trust me there are women out there the women now there that dating pool. It's a lot different though I was out there they're much more open with. What they're into so that's not a bad for I take great glory pictures. Apparently want to speak dias been told that. Hype it's really important amount short a vital prop I can get six nobody. Would. Call me on that but that people to rule anybody out its. They've achieved here by ten I lease I at least a you don't fight I'm fighting is marked Jameer on five B don't lucky day. Arm before we get accused of not doing any of these formulated and come back at some phone calls. Wise Judy Martinez not been announced yet as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Sure they found something that they just want to get closer look at it and that's you know who doesn't have something. I'm not worried about this at this point this track time and so here we saw the concrete producer freak that's. Three days. Of normal amount of time. Or if it's the perfect clean bill help you wouldn't have this beard who does. Let them look at it more closely because we hit the bolts head if they did the thing that game that they find out later Ali you know. That is focused on what whatever might. Please tell me what's going on here because it seems like they were there were at least suggesting you guys off the record the folksy talk usually opulent one bit yesterday gay you're one of many got beat writers are saying yeah we expect them to talk today they said he was gonna talk today. But he doesn't then you were tweeting out last night expected tomorrow pushing back again that I guess you talk to to browse Keith who said he might even work out. With the team there are just doesn't seem like the real clear message right now that it just seems messy more than they were waiting for couple medical's come back. That's my god everybody has given this tacit agreement. With. Nobody any of this deal done Boris and to browse you're both basically acknowledged. That. Oh ports today said. It's estimated he's in the door and that with our music. One thing. Later in the agent pull through ports. Was true. Part of me humans in others as well. In the foot flat that is are looking at something that. Specials like that he would make cents white. Email records and have from the way it is one person. If that's the case. Your job you tell Boris yet it's just been oh it's. So I ask you one of the break is we're getting a million apple and at the of tax where Evan JD Martinez with ecology to Martinez. What what what to them in the loop. Like before you builders of the concrete. You probably shouldn't be tell them the you wanna take the players' agents that likes to tease him that that freaked out. Over something that might add and so right now the mutilation the people you're talking to you are not suggesting. There's any concern about the contract or the players on terminal. The opposite I've got nothing. To that you expect him to be introduced tomorrow. Yale told yes. Sure we're not. 6177797937. Is. We have at least laid the ground work for dating haven't relic at some point down the road you guys been very patient people we'll come back in her principal goals. I see calls about all the rule changes in baseball people agree with you what Tom Brady one open line 486177797937. We have a warm up act tonight. Rob Bradford yes he's hosting solo stick around Robin all you'll write home attempt. It. Is rob Bradford sole a ten. Holy crap you should be concerned that's coming up and a half hour from now mutton relic in Tillman Sports Radio WB yeah. I'm into into imports. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. It's best slot that we would expect so why would he email records have something in what way did anyone. That's the case. We'll. Stay away from power lines. I seven relic who is joining us here on this sub Thursday night is back tomorrow early early early with the guys on Kirk and Callahan. I'm rob Bradford will jump in and 10 o'clock he's hosting WEEI late night we get these phone calls and I wanna make you aware it's not been. A big topic down in Fort Myers have you have you listened. To this rich Eisen proposal they heard from Major League Baseball executive about the ninth inning. Oh well we feeding into this when rich guys than it used to be a sports. L network right he is now not only NFL network but he has his own. Like Dan Patrick asked talk show where I thought it's on some TV now. Or GAAP about a strange they let it come from it and try to get a body. Maybe Bork's in the off pit stop it if they're not gonna do. You like about Manfred. The commissioner of Major League Baseball for those human intelligence effect that he. Yeah proactive with the stuff he's thinking about it any oftentimes is willing to share publicly. And sometimes he gets shamed for when he first got the job at talked eliminating shifts. If things get it to you just mentioned the possibility and everybody freaked out and it can keep happening but I'd rather. Have the topic out there in the open a little bit. People react if we took them too it's good for the league to hear how people would react to that. Dumb dumb dumb to. Yeah and I I I I know I sound like I agree with you and we sound like these baseball traditionalists I'm all for. Baseball making the game better like hey you wanna tell me that there is I don't know robbed of a pitched document wanna install. I'm all for that you wanna take what the dumber he played second base we checked in to see if a guy's little over the bag by centimeter and a half OK I'll do that. This just I'd never heard somebody say Evan even casual fans. Way I don't like tonight getting the way it is down run like that than I wanna see different guys out there and I think that. That's not part of the game that needs fixing that that's why I just. That's why can't get around it and mama wrap my head around it and how much rather see them do some different things then change a part of the game now. Think he's really negatively you're not addressing the problem number no you're right that's that's that's the biggest issue and a that you are fundamentally changing the way this team is mentally and in a way that I think it's growth record book all that kind of stuff and I think I think. And I action air time I've taken this from repudiate that in the dug up this morning and Alex core of that but apparently that's been shot down slightly to sum it. Then there was a reporter something saying that this probably. And I and I could never see it. I season Florida about an elder rule proposal 6177797937. Hi Steve. They got him with somebody. And I cut but that they looked like address at. Get your cholesterol could grow doing this you ruled that a person's opposing. It never gone past because yes welcome three great fruit stand and judges who because of course they're gonna get extra fat. Remember they have. You know somebody that you get more money you know that. Thank you all eight players who aren't need stamp and watney judge and JE. We'll we'll going to miss out on act fast. Yeah he made me miss out on April and I just can't see the majority of these little weird because. Let's be realistic the majority it is unlocked the judge Stanton gain market I can't seem them. Accepting. Rule. Yeah that's part of it amended if you're in your contract. You know hot player options that are tied into. Plate appearances and you're about losing those you gonna be against this there's no doubt and I also liked the fact that. You know I am and a ninth inning rally that started by in some Leo expected there's something to that when the middle infielder batting seventh the rate. It's that rally going but I mean I had that's one of a million reasons why hate what's your second point of. Well yeah see and then not get the other thing it can't really mess and they all can't think of that yes. Judson Stanton are patent yea well without doubt I would think of course important set actually Asia. Inning to make you stop in value possibility well known cures and the eight now and I mean not gonna happen. And guess who can. I just hit the poll I didn't hit it and not gonna get a majority. Based on my opponent. Usually in MLB some important New York Post and MLB source told the post that the Yankees not being discussed in the commissioner's office so. Authority they're gonna X. Can now edit a lightning continued. But I can't think you're crazy person all the things that schools. The and before game. Apart from duke. Anybody that he was gonna have 505. Your ass in Utah arms no interception. And get right I agree that. That was not what we hit all you can think that a lot from each point that they go to that was so young an Asian I'm sorry I cannot. When amount what you. Argue that those on the team that like I'm just distributing the credit for the loss. Great I'm just saying that we were glossing over the fact that he did not get on to the heat loss and gain a plus Rick White. Iran we can on how. Tell anybody what listeners. Exactly reminds me somewhat of dot PayPal account again Matt Ryan last year. You know I'm getting it done means he gets protection and and I just can't even you know I want them to want to get some blame on him. The shuttle mission. In have a good offensive game and they changing around especially going to. Nick rocket. I just can't put any blame you cannot master except. On the opposite her sleep. Glee club saying. Acknowledged Britney had a great they were great cable girl. The area in the moment. Usable yet and you do you think because it's you meet the fans in the media are so pro Brady does point of their blind to the truth that. There should have been more criticism of Brady for Napoli it's it was. I didn't hear people talking about the fact that. For once and for once operate it not do the one thing. That Tom Brady will always be to see it before I got what I dreamed I could see that story nationally like it like you're writing your USA today. Because locally that was not the story into the story was the defense and now everybody knows this story Tom Green and nobody will find there are Super Bowl performance. Rick. That's more talk me hanging onto art. So all the sudden. A couple drives or five seconds left tried to the last one like that now doesn't matter succeeded it would it I want to. It. Both sides. Can't just be when it's cool that's already Chicago agrees with you I think tirade. I do and deploy unit today guard real quick and I got that yet. What's so wrong would go to the art buyers now and I mean I moved out ought yeah at that. Along with that I'm I'm insecure about to buy anxiety I troubled that I'm Rick if you can do people go to bars and read books. Were you can do. Already we found out tonight in what we know now he's very he needs a social group around him he can not do things by himself he gets lonely very quickly we know this now but haven't. I will say it wasn't easy the first couple. That is let regular a lot of our help don't installments. Have heard that ever that updating apps to that we eagle to all these first feature subtler so. And those things statement outside move and I hear you do download a legitimate shot but that and a sigh I'm behind you there. But. So unfortunately. I when I heard that it ought I actually I don't look too much by you don't hear often dilute the Jerry Kelly and a lot but a Richard mutate and I was. Mine below one deterrent backdrop. But what I heard again tonight I was listening and I had more nationalism. You do have a good point. And it almost goes back a little bit but we're at our last night with with the price of having it both ways we look read that a 100% Apache and but. We get mauled its credit for having all of these comeback wins and I'm not gonna put the blame on Purdue's game but the fact of the matter is. He did in. He didn't come through there and I don't know if you get it straight out of play and sure agree a thousand times I'm sure yet at least respected in the fall and I hate to say it. I haven't gotten enough crap out here in Chicago. From anybody about that plagued by the and mean. You're doing a vitriolic and meet 800 yep but I do you know. All say this for any if you go back and watched the plane slowed down. James White is wide open I mean James White is not a defender within fifteen yards from Tom Brady should he got the ball out. Should had James White for first down on the side by ice field goal think. Is worthy of much discussion discussion of the cost in the game I just stay there. You know obviously he made yesterday is they don't I don't. Leaning. Law quarterbacks that what are becoming a matter what quarterback talk about it you know it York's more rational new ones. Don't cry. It's possible. Added that anything at all sorts. Of bull. No. All. I agree about mark or are you helping it worthy of more discussion tonight. I had I think if we're if it was worthy of some description. Of now. Some people agree with that and others don't Pete city's David IP. What's going knowledgeable. Could beat. You know Joseph EU's recent data that was critical thinker with a card. It's all in my. Whatever it will do it right at least one of the greatest either one of the greatest performances in the circle all black quarterback ever how he tried Google well. He called you draw the people of all he printed team back. He seemed packed with three minutes left in the quarter and defense. Couldn't stop. He'd pop Warner football team created a draw down the field of backup quarterback. You whatever they want our people want to play whenever somebody's got to make it yet but I'm happy to talk about guard and the court not carpal. You get the ball accurately and he shark who want to be the first way and are covered for now. And then. Something that the block and the extra trips back and I mean. How could you put really any point like god told her I bunker there. Well I'm Margaret yards. In the Super Bowl yeah have been Greek. Well and that they. We're talked out. There. Articulate guy I'll vote. On wall limit will decide who won't. That might. What you're. Required there. And try to get. We we agree on the amount part the year your the charge that your lunatic Tom Brady. Haven't gone. It's just amazing how much talk about passing. Rating. And I'm no touchdowns and I mean it touchdowns no picks us and now. This is not what defines Tom OK with not bill's numbers the numbers aren't there. We we. We know the numbers are there. That is not why he's the cult's. We've accomplished nothing tonight you showed up late. We just yelled about your dating life and much of the stuff which is a lot of fun but we got to make way because we are final break we'll come back. It is rob Bradford time is rob there with you now. This is the year as Jack thought we call either we're told these core of the ballpark. Doug said that he was going to go to the ballpark because Doug did not wanna deal with setting up an idea roll yet it might be Evan relic OC tonight. On WEEI a late night won't find out keep it it's much that night on Sports Radio. Yeah. All the four hour pregame is overbought at night Sports Radio WET Al wanna thank Evan relics were. The right on time for tonight's show breeds excellence stuff 7 AM tomorrow evidence that the plan. Well I VO it all we call this gem we called this hours ago Al rob wrap party rob left in the background the now. Very slim and trim and ready to go rob Bradford WEEI dot com and the new host. The third tonight a program WE yeah I late night featuring wrote. Rob Bradford and friends rob how are you name zero friends Michaud. The main difference in the future arrives here conference. Every now or ever will be Whitney in Seoul eleven though we'll stick around kind of afraid. Would you say that I have friends that surrounds he has a long way to go for it. It's amongst its points in the morning. Or you don't. Yep that's that's why he was half hour late for appearance tonight rob a fit what you really 881585850. For DO fifty why even show up at tonight's buddies so showed up I give credit we had a fun time I don't learn a lot of whatever it may not only did well in fairness to average he shaved his beard solely through every segment on the mornings ago. So they can do for us for more. You are on fire after cutesy route to rob ice ice on us soil and ice some on TV I don't like the B and bearded hydraulic. I'm knocking out. Now. Creepy. The barest hiding a lot of things. Q is right on your face. You wanna hear that tomorrow I promise what's coming up tonight's at a music row what are you guys yap about Bradford. While there's a lot to yet I'll let me ask you right well let let me ask you this I. The return it back what you what did you get calls on what it might make false but it. Lets you view Odyssey rob. I couldn't do more than an hour. But it view open up with a rule change stuff you have full we are down wanting the old holly did it falling to an app hours today I I couldn't. I I couldn't do if more than an hour. But it's that the calls and therefore you people of ideas about. Fixing baseball those calls exist tonight if I wanna be at them I think we're gonna do is treatment and news it's very critical of Yuma. Yeah this morning yes wanna address that now before you leave the show tonight I wanna say I found an. Offensive. That they would take all the audio hairy men hand and cut cut it up. To make it suggests he's being critical mean Harry is a great kid. He is a great little guy and I don't believe you'd ever say those things about me he was it was typical can Laird. He has one trick it's called edited audio. On the radio he stinks. And behind the Mike he's terrible what it comes to editing audio nobody that it can layered and I was offended. By that today Robbie you should have been too as the godfather hairy minutes. As the godfather Mary every minute and I trained him it's all those things number one and number two edited. At 1005 we love can't live at Eriksson and be bought. You're you're vicious remarks. It is so I'll be we ought to look forward I'll be listening good job out of Evan gel tonight back tomorrow the morning sure guys rob Bradford coming up yet McCall right now 617. 77979837. Jet actual work. All we got here tomorrow night right now the work this week buddy I made irrelevant for rob what's that also made open for rob oh hood tonight Iowa and I'll wait to hear this back tomorrow a rare mud at the end of Friday. With crystal Lonnie will join me eight years Sports Radio WB yeah.