Mut at Night - Free agency taking its toll on Patriots - 3-13-18

Mut at Night
Tuesday, March 13th

Mut at night begins with Mut and Rich Keefe talking about all the big news of the day in NFL free agency. They focus on the departures of both Danny Amenola and Malcolm Butler, but also get into some of the other big moves around the league.


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You've too much at night on Sports Radio tell you. EI. Well I felt great to see officially starts tomorrow I think just after the 3 or 4 o'clock eastern time that this unofficial tampering period. Has really kicked off today it's what it night's Sports Radio WEEI with the Bruins playing in Carolina believe this is the spot. I talk NFL free agency all night long in fact the only spot in Boston as George shoveling out as you are Polynesian we're trying to. I get stuff done here tonight the place to get all the breaking news on the patriots players who have signed elsewhere. And there are a couple of big ones here tonight and it moves the patriots may be right here on the program habit throughout the course of the evening. And your phone calls the reaction rich I've talked about just over an hour I know the roads are not two packed here tonight and there are many of you who are not. I'm gonna be able to Colin Campbell we will welcome your phone calls a what is been a crazy couple of hours of rich mentioned in the NFL 617779. 7937. Your phone number just getting in the car just put the headphones and head out to shovel and fired up the app there are two big stories tonight that lead to. Maybe a bigger story wonder with the patriots are going to do the first of the most recent. That Alberts is Malcolm Butler signing a significant deal with the Tennessee Titans nobody is surprised did not abolish signed elsewhere. I think people are gonna be surprised about the money because it now the best year this year and you wonder where was he gonna go. Tennessee five for over sixty million bucks thirty million dollars in back guarantee significant because he stays in the the division arson in the conference and sorry stays in the AFC. And if you're like me. And never believed that Malcolm Butler did something so egregious. In the days or hours leading up to the Super Bowl but he should not played that game. I think this now leads. Some ammunition to that theory because I don't believe. He sighs Mike Vrabel whose head coach down Tennessee right or signs of John Robinson now the decision maker there are Tennessee. If what he did. What's suggested that he did it was just so bad those coaches would stay away that staff would stay away instead he signs with pro patriot personnel. Five and 6530. Million that guarantees. Well you know the rumors about Detroit or we brought the same questions in there are handful of teams in the league that have some of those decision makers or guys. Spawned from the spell check tree ray you're different and a trough in Atlanta like there are few other browser on the league. And this is one of them and for him to go there. I think it definitely brings up a lot of questions again and see me carry confirms that this is something that. Other guys on the team were brought on board would not just guys in the team and Andy you know guys in the coaching staff that. Malcolm Butler should have played in the Super Bowl and even where they average season. And the kind of mysterious circumstance of not playing in the biggest game. He was still able to catch him yes and he got a big contract Ari cashed in big teeth are gonna CL 61 million dollars to get thirty million guaranteed. In get a five year deal. Formed self. That is is is as good as you can probably ask for come off the year the idea of Kevin Duffy covered the page its mass live dot com suggest based on his numbers the thirty million dollars guaranteed going forward. Is the third highest figure among quarterbacks in not just the AFC notched the division but he tyra league Josh Norman. Is gonna make 36 and a half million dollar guarantee going Ford Gilmore after year one is now 31 million dollars guaranteed it. But targets there so is numbered now as the third most guaranteed money. It's on a quarterback contract in the national football if you had two potentially two of the highest paid. Quarterbacks in the league you know on your roster a year ago you did not play one of them. That again I'm Anderson I should be over by now now I don't I don't I asked fire and I think I have a boyfriend who can't get over well. The high school sweetheart break up Lamar prom night you met a lot here this is what this feels like a very good days and and now weeks. After if it were so bad rich. That he punched a coach or assault that a coach bits or or I got so angry in that locker room gave that some redneck. Mike Vrabel and John Robinson do not sign it probably knock on your basic you know lots of nice boy and the people that the Belichick supporters. All they are lesion called an apt and I you know they should he deserves the supply desserts he's done obvious CD's the greatest coach of all time yes. But those people who called in and said. Did bill want it to bench him. An effective salary going forward. If they truly believe that and more than they were all of that is accurate just got paid. Five and 61 of thirty million dollars guaranteed yeah I mean so it a great deal again knuckleballer what so what do. Is that we don't get a good year this year right. After it was and carry out and down year yes I thought to be had a really good year and he played the Super Bowl. Want to welcome money's not about making all of just. What silly money guilt or money right Gilmore got forty million dollars guaranteed last year from the patsy get that or maybe the Baltimore. He's a muted on the highest paid corner and there are some guys who lead and you'll get pushed back from the patriot fans in this tonight. There are some guys who leave as free agents. And you're annoyed by I would say Ray Allen is one rail left out join a Miami right OK that's enough of you're fighting a smothers over the eight Jacoby Ellsbury left which are your Yankee state route do or scrolling you know Damon go to the Yankees Ellsbury over indicators of public actually dating another he's going to be heard anyway give hundred million dollars into it definitely. Butler should not be one of these guys like I I'm not we're on the air when this happens and and you get this news. This is a Key West west Alabama right. Mentioned the Super Bowl but his absence making all the thing is to place in the history not I'm not biggest defensive plays no one of the biggest plays ever an Easter the Super Bowl. And now gets paid. He does I like yeah it's a happy ending for dollars is not what these guys you can help the Dorsey itself he went to Tennessee retook the bunny ranch not how he got benched. And it looked like he was going to be gone and this a good for him for knuckleball but he was also a not good for bill ballots. Now docket for the patriots a bit or replace him and find a waiter replace them grow not waive their probe please Harris Jones dot definitely not Cyrus Jones but as you look at all the free agents at the patriots had. For this offseason he was the only one. That you guaranteed wouldn't be back. Still nearly fifty thanks Dion Lewis of it probably not likely that he can't guarantee it usually one that you knew for sure. As soon as the free agency begins. He is gone who's just where's he gonna go is he gonna have to do approve big deal for a year nope not not the case at all. The Tennessee Titans open there and I thought they give Logan Brian a lot of money and they have been given mark Butler even more. And I I would say based on what he did your last couple years he deserved every patio but yet now he had no idea he had an up and dowdy this year he did something to get bench that saints game. Eventually came in and played. I saw Jeff ousted in a Roth from over seven million dollars a year when there were talking contract a couple of years ago. So in this case one or two things happened they did not die you're the player. Or they misread the market one of those Q1 of those two things happen and I and I would say we'll get to the other guy to second. You're right in in Malcolm Butler is the least surprising got to leave. He's the most impact for god will be off the. He treats roster yet REE definitely will be and you look at. You know quarterbacks. If your average or above average you're gonna get paid through the roof cornerback. Same thing. If your average and he's also turtle he's the guy didn't miss a game for three straight years. N has done it the post season as well obviously not the Super Bowl but he had the grace of no moment is dirty said so. And then he's just you can count on him to play world with a lot of these skilled guys duplicate you know Richard Sherman. You're looking at him saying well come on up pretty significant injuries he'd be ready for the start of the year a key to leave he's dealt a lot of injuries in his career. Malcolm Butler has at least that they healthy guy he's he just turned 28 I think this month. So still that probably a couple of years left recent to really get our what is your private stuff dominate stamps goes from all of this sneaky old forgot coming off from his rookie deal you'd think he'd be more to 4628. But either way they considerable while obvious right with Elliott who's a rookie it's when he four or so is there it took him. A couple of years longer. But still it's a great deal for him but he also plays. A position that you have to pay through the nose for what you just. Logan Ryan about Butler ball making ten million plus a year playing corner and you have to do it that way. Or they believe to achieve the opposite they've paid guilt or last year. And looking back on it now it it seems it and I was made to think this. They signed Gilmore thought comedic in franchise while mitigated the that would that was the end of a date they took Malcolm butler's money essentially. And decide it we don't wanna pay you we wanna pay Stephon Gilmore right and I'm surprised dollars in on the team all. Last year. There was plenty right here on this guy above for cook strait up. That's what we thought I was gonna be or there like some weird reason all you hold our of that first round pick in the senate back to a for the going on for Butler I just. Were convinced that he was gonna be gone. And then all of a sudden now you're playing. All your along with the guy the other side that literally took your money they never wanted to invest the money in him now and I and we will we will find out why I think your subway now with him getting the money. In Tennessee they'll probably find out why in play in the Super Bowl I think that's now more likely because he ends up really really really getting paid. I also think we'll find out exit patriots like Isaac wrap supporter close the patriots it was hard to leak out hate. So this happened behind the scenes or Vick is because they never. They chances sign in consecutive years and never did and they spent the money on somebody in free agency guild war so what was it about Butler. That Bill Belichick did not like I say date spell check Belichick wants a guy he signed the wants Gillis Thomas he signed the bill sponsor wants Wes Welker golf was Walker's gone. So what what is it about Butler. That Bill Belichick did not want to invest in what did he trust because on the field when he played. There was very little not to like about the. Here there's a lot of especially. You know the middle two years that he was years of the first year didn't play a tonne and that it ended in spectacular fashion last year we're so it was kind of an average year of tears and in the between. You can stack up with a almost any other quarterback or over that time. And if this show with guys that they have wanted in the past Gaza where their own whether they drafted or more whether they were just feel undrafted free agents. They've picked up some they've extended some of them like Aaron Hernandez before his deal is up and there's others that. Hey Vince Wilfork you're gonna play every snap of your rookie deal all five years. Before we extend you and they give him a ton of money yeah but forever reason it took him forever and and according. May oh Mankins. A lot of these guys they wait until the last minute they think they're gonna be able to get some kind of deal. Than they usually end up having to pay more. In my way most of the time it's worked they've been a success yet more say it any other team in the NFL so most of the time that part of its work on some of those guys if you extended them earlier if you. Had all hobbled Butler seven million dollars par. For 45 years right a couple years could eco lock them up and I would Mankins they could've done that and win that drag on or where he had to call the old currency are as a man of his war amassing year old apologized or whatever as a whole they apologize once he got paid. That's apologized they've been part of the deal I courtesy of our guy Ryan Hannibal WEEI dot com more about the numbers and the numbers this are more. Then the news at the news that he signed some Morales is not surprising he stays in the AFC goes to Vrabel. He goes to John Robinson so that that had some intrigue to the about. You know just tell on little his issue could have been around the Super Bowl 38 for patriot fighting guys to sign him. On Malcolm Butler took in five point four million dollars over four years earning goes as planned he'll make over sixty. In his next five seasons good for him now idled again mystical make sixty. But it charge all underpaid yeah. Vastly underpaid Malcolm bought was as undrafted free agent who may just over five million dollars last four years you can argue. He's been the best bargain in the NFL. Over that time for him. I haven't played into Super Bowl yet they get all pro because starting quarterback to pay him five point four million dollars and razors. Four for that talents. The best bargain the NFL and they ate the such good bargain there wanna play and to see just a little probably a thousand times and I outlined at 9 o'clock tonight. But that's what's crazy is as Malcolm Butler is gonna have for a guy that spent four years on the team. He's gonna have to memories it's a standout patron stance literally forever like it's Hilliard says you're no longer being wagered Dundee you know invested time and and the patriots or you're dead whatever you're always going to be unit. Morbid but it's reality we all die next we're trying to be not be showed an IQ how this is our national my camera back -- month from the previous storm. But Malcolm body hear his name your thing two things right away. And if you're negative person and think of the Phillies Super Bowl after positive person and make of the Seahawks are verbal. That's your had to figure both of them but it just it depending on what kind of person you are is what pops in your first with the Bruins. Playing tonight a wanna emphasize that this is the only place to get patriots talked in the city of Boston and he can't get us on a I Europe Philly summer affiliates will carry the Bruins tonight he glisten on the app WEEI dot com listen live or just download the app or your outside shoveling. Or plowing your driving around. Get the app going stream there this will be the place tonight. You get the Bruins. Understand they're playing he'll like damn good for you if you are like many of us to all you want right now as this NFL gossip and news and tweets. This is the only place to get it tonight's will want to stick that in what you get your phone calls if you can call tonight and with the top might call an. We want your reaction on what is happening here because not just Malcolm butler's gone. There's another player gone Danny Amendola he's going to my annual play about that and we'll get your phone calls come up Tony were patriot fans think. But what is happening here today for their team and feel the same way that I do that him signing where they patriot from the organization. It's got brave on Robinson. Pass a tie into the fact that what happened Super Bowl week or evil or hours prior pre game. Can't be that harmful to the player he gets thirty million dollars guaranteed it. From patriot from the personnel 617779. 7937. Is the phone number we'll come back and they were Danny Amendola is headed able get your phone calls it's a very snowy Monday night Sports Radio WE. It's my attack. With the rich keep on Sports Radio WEEI. I spotted night Sports Radio WE EIA Bruins and actually means this is the place to talk NFL all night long we'll get to the news the rumors. When any source of retreat that tweets as they happened last that ninety minutes to hours it's always been pretty ridiculous really gone back to 2 o'clock today. The Danny Danny and the goal of news came down. We've just talked about Butler for a half hour we'll get to bunch of other stuff here over the course of the next a couple of hours with your phone calls it pup night I get it. We thank those are Ralph there plowing keep another roads clear for people like us Richard myself and everyone else is out there driving the folks who work and and Cumberland farms keep gas stations opened can't say thank you enough and if you want to react you wanna talk with the patriots. Will be here for 861777979837. Butler is the most significant a player the patriots lose we think. I in this off season. Danny Amendola is. Probably not going to be in the top two or three it was bought and sold their brand and it all ends up being a third or fourth on that list. But for Brady this'll be a tougher one than even now combine because he's become. His security blanket on third and fourth downs and they're really third down the last couple years his playoff run was ridiculous what he did it. In a three playoff games eleven catches 112 yards seven catches 44 yards and two touchdowns in the AFC title game. And he capped off with eight for 152. Are in the Super Bowl. It is not a significant. And is probably more packed full program for Brady and relive the team itself. It is more surprising. Than Butler because for me heights over assumed OK and then all of a solid rating. He'll take less money to do it. In fact he didn't he did not whatsoever he gets eight million dollars Garrett your last couple years he made a next couple years he made one point seven last year. I this'll be surprise and a patriot fans bought will not be bought or still more impact of going. Four yeah you asking him and they'll take a pay cut wants he'll do twice shore three times why not fourth. I can't get him I don't volley and his girlfriends we give model their due on anger over the pay cuts are we think I'm gonna money and what are you doing site yet you know you're right. Air when you've won a couple of Super Bowls and now you have a chance at the cash and really for one last time and I don't know how many more years he plans to apply to yours overtures it probably it is I imagine his stock will never be higher than it is coming off that three rent playoffs and they're gonna Wear amount Miami mean by game eighties or be out for the season and maybe baby Denver's career who knows but. They get them he eat. Like a week ago if you said. Is stadium and build back approach that yes he'll he'll show it forever to think less about writing it for birdie frenzy that a man and he's he's gonna wanna be here but enough was enough is another one where. You said before. You know most fans you yourself wouldn't blame Butler at all for leaving and you when I see where they Amendola. The chemicals and really good playoff player here it was so you've it was a weird case where. When he first got signed to replace Welker he got big money in did not live up to know he was not Wes Welker. And then Julian element did become Welker in here ever dole out. But he made up fork in the post season you look at his regular season numbers there whatever there and when it's. 600 yards type of thing you know sixty catch you did not hear west welcome regulars don't daughter well at all if of west without relevancy but. If you have a big NFC championship game the other big Super Bowl. All's forgiven and that's what he had to be carved out a really nice patriots career forum a they won't miss some I don't think in the regular season at all next year amid affable overstating it but I think they'll be five under a light up the scoreboard still. But it's come playoff time. How many guys have the real trusts. Or or does Brady really really trust he was on that short list but so if you get the playoff time and it's just rock and cattlemen. Maybe you'd still get by without but if one of those guys is hurt and it seems like every year one government is then whose that next guy that you can lean on. I would say if you step back from just the player itself and you think about what it means what the last you know three or four what the season was for Brady. We heard at the end of the top vs time documentary. That is why suggests he wants be appreciated to have fun it's basically saying he wasn't appreciated. Didn't have a lot of fun these last couple years. Rob Gronkowski the most talented player he'll probably play would not named Randy Moss in his career. Is underpaid right now a tight end he's not happy oh by the way both those guys wanna work about is Guerrero. The team frowns upon that has made it harder now for them for our for Brock simply to work with Guerrero. And are basically sorted they get mocked because they do is different thing now you lose Danny Amendola. Other reports are now of that dates older is big left tackle. Wants to be here in New England in fact we had that. Tommy current cut is that the other bit of news today. As it evolves the patriots car was not going into two NBC sports boss this afternoon by our so we said because of the weather. A couple of ten way to tank missiles be on the morning show today. As I heard it failed on whether to turn down. A pretty decent money does I noticed paid per hour pop and sat out not gonna. Bring its we did not command are today she's a health earns the same spot buddy took the periscope for fifteen minutes to break this down right this is some Nate sold there news courtesy of Tommy Koreans. Periscope this afternoon. Soul right now continues to be in a situation where. The patriots. Kind of slow plane with him. Not attending to make a visit. Main concern is really making sure that he's taking what he's taken well care but he's not wearing one on making any visits so it's music and get you. I would think that that part argues well. For the patriots perhaps FEMA team that you know a supporter of probable command. Twelve to thirteen million dollars so I'm gonna get to your questions and we have pop and I appreciate I appreciate the number people who are on here. So it's always a situation where the patriots are. Competing with Houston. As you know that's a primary competition but he's looking to stick around and we'll look at me visits. That's the big news there he also said at one point he sat there that began I apologize repeating it but. His words war the patriots right now are small plane. Neitzel there. So either they are not as concerned about recited the player or other doable Dedham according to Wear their Santa OK you're using Houston get leverage. I think that's a leverage means on here and Allen you're gonna come back in your presents with the money we're gonna match and I'll Wear it makes sense for us to offer contract right now. If you're out there and you're gonna get a deal somewhere so it's either that they'll like the player. But according Tommy current he wants to be here and his main concern is being taken care of here in new wing land and meeting with Houston and meet with the giants. It's a pretty good way going about it we'll get some offers come back to the patriots and it does ties back to Brady. They say thanks Wendell thanks unsold to you you're starting left tackle who anger most reliable receiver. On third down. When elements out with a heck yeah let it and that's pretty significant and it breaks no it absolutely is him. You just wonder. What is there back up plan for some older. But do they have won like it is one thing to slow play and that I disagree and yeah okay and that was the candidate replacement like they tell us on the people they suggest and Cyrus Jones yeah Jonathan Jones the replacements for Malcolm who just naming names now that's not realistically who's gonna replace that these guys so. The sold one and again I don't that he is an all pro what I think. You know he's probably above average left tackle and he's been in a consistent guy forum. But there's a huge drop off there's nobody else available I don't see them starting a rookie. For Brady at 41 I don't see them it's you know throw in Canada over there if they do out of it that's gonna and while and then you have even a worse right tackles though. All the sudden sold or finds himself in the perfect spot I looked around and there are no other good left tackles on the market so he is gonna get paid the question is how competitive. Will the patriots offer V. It doesn't sound like it needs to be a top offer long as it in the ballpark with the other ones I think and he would often. Choose yet and I don't know how much Nate sold his family situation ties into the as he's been a problem grew up partly and obviously he's had to. I Childs had some issues and and and is that treatment here in the Boston area you're not gonna find better hospitals. Then Boston he's been a huge huge supporter. Of the Jimmy Fund what they've done effectively be present Lisa sure Burke. With a Super Bowl tickets are this year at least was able to quell their drew the support the family she does so much amazing work. Up for the kids in the family's there at Jimmy fund's I don't know what the poll is but mete out makes some sense rich speculating and spit balling. OK a wanna be paid in the ballpark in if I am. I'd rather stay here in this city to go some world did you want to made what he's worth and they will tell him that because this is where they wanna really just get a great. Patriots deal. They are apt to do at times. They do but again there's a there's also track record of them planned out Blake this and then. Ultimately paying more than they probably would have them according had to try to re up to say a year ago they could have a unique undergone sold and say here's what we want. And he was a grace chore but now he's looking around Santa you're gonna have to raise that offer. As promised your reactions here to what has been a crazy at just the patriot news here there are some big league news as well get to coming up at 617779. 7937. Paulson Kaymer let's talk about Danny and the dole law. Paul good evening. They are you doing guys what's up poll I'm just really angry about gaining Yemen dole had a guy who is taking a hometown discount. Underpaid. Clutch clutch clutch when you needn't be clutch prototypical. Radio receiver. He's kind of that security blanket when that'll make other what are we gonna do now I'm just. I know this James built all around value. I remember when Mankins used to be sure Russell to the hilt. Belichick exceed that okay overvalued gone out of her. In hindsight right decision and until I just don't like this I don't like this at all. But see this team kind of flown by dissension. I clocked I don't know to gain to get more money. Race tight end of our era bomb. Sold out we Needham. Yeah I might not be like an all pro but the guy is what I watch on everyone Somalia he gets kinda turned. You know assorted he's. He's a good is again good solid all left tackle and it's weird so. And I get patriot fans being upset within a bill if it ends up being part of has bigger things. When they lose and and cola Butler. So older Lewis or can't and in the final we really think now on it as that is a lot it's not panned out the final. Real window for Brady. You don't you take will the office of talent for him and never replenish it maybe be it via the draft and be secondary. In a second level value players. I get being crazy upset if it ends up being they lose and and cola. And they still bring Neitzel aback and still bring blow Lewis or Burkhead back. If that's the trade up I can live with that in all those guys walk as a patriots fan to what. So what are we doing to make sure this team is still successful in Tom Brady's well best moments who works for a Ndamukong Suh. And of people right on the Seymour but that you say that that the name should be enough to get people on board. He is hated by patriot fan he may have been well trained teachers eight at the obamas as soon so you're gonna sign Ndamukong Suh. It's gonna help the football team. If it they don't care about this but the PR reactions not NB a slam dunking openness is not only comes out here dunk at all volatile lot beyond the air to react to it. But I would love love to hear Heath Evans spent. If they do sign hot as he tolerated all I can sue would you guys like you sound not journal or on August night I'm not gonna be I'm not saying he's gonna be but yeah I he was a little rushed of anti gun case or hated let's go to Carlos on the cape on dates all the right Carlos. They've had to sit down here on K cut. But the power lines around me to try to keep it safe for everybody but I'm enjoying your show. Carlos imitate us right now. Be safe out there tonight when your guy. Thank you couldn't going to be at your own right probably but I just wanted to say something about they told her. Yeah me on that backside I mean if this rating want to play another four or five years Nate folder cannot be that left tackle because. Can spend more molded to push you once you've gone around the corner and he pushes people right integrate. So very you have to have nimble feet I've never been sold to fans and if he's the best that you can do then they're in trouble now. Or help me out they Carlos who on this car roster can step in a and play that position where you'll you'll be okay would that you view that Brady be protected sufficiently at that position. You know for some reason I'm thinking Camden but Lewis there's really nobody on that. Find that can do that. I agree with the call of its other gonna either draft a rookie or go with somebody like history freeagent nude 31 of the teams in one at left tackle. I know I'd rather I would rather have they sold its way to meet eye to close at that point especially given. The interest that he got every team the left tackle. Culminates all the because he's basic needs of the vessel attacked what you think that Joseph Thomas. Is available from Cleveland to finally hear his deal before retirement he is the best guy available we we Motley yet issues this year. I don't know how good he is anymore but given the other options out of that position I don't know I feel like he of the guys that the patriots have three sign. By default the top of that list. He's gazed up Marcus hands left tackle because all the other spots wolf say you know Dion Lewis you'll figured out let Rex Burkhead you'll figured out an offense. I don't know I mean you're right I don't I don't think Nate soldier is you know he's not Jonathan dogs and are trying to sell the bridge look at Tom Brady he has played. These vast majority of his entire career would either satellite coordinates holder left tackle pretty good. That's a law already run and involve those guys and I've had solidified that night also older had. Was that 2015. Mr. Tony games. For the most part it's been one of those two guys and so they've sort of had a whole bunch of different senators a whole bunch of different guards and they've found a way to make it work in a big part of that is. They've had to stable left tackle I get old. Line for a great reaction to start what has been a crazy couple hours in the NFL at 61777979837. Bruins an action that means this is the place here and WEEI on the app on line re listening. We are the only place to react to what has been a crazy couple of hours in the NFL that includes now. Tom Brady has reacted. To Danny Amendola signing with the Miami Dolphins will get to Tom Brady's reaction it'll get your phone calls its lot of fight with rich key Sports Radio WE yeah. More with Michael next Kia which he. Fox Sports Radio yeah. Lot of nights as the blizzard winds down here and the city of Boston across new England Sports Radio WE ELB hero the next a couple hours taking your phone calls 617779. 7937. Please be aware that many schools already decided that. Call already for Wednesday city of Boston schools are closed twister also closed as well. Many of the city's across the area public sympathy ticker right now on local news stations and looks like another snow day tomorrow which means. Your teacher or kid you're going to be in school they'll let it will be ended June. I'm in Massachusetts the the law is you can't count on July. He going to be right up against that and I know some schools the Smart schools. They've already started to dig into vacation days like Good Friday or a bad April they Don shows now. Go to school on the state of teachers should fight the grass is always there. Let's wanna be right until in school till June. I told you Tom Brady has responded minutes ago on is the grand not a surprise horse he officer Graham anti Twitter. To weed out the following picture at the pitcher Danny Amendola following other Super Bowl last year teammate. Friend. Rather. Leader. Championed point. Ash tag AD or lover aren't the detonated say that now the number eighty obviously was the hash tag aides here but for the number eighty yeah. Hash tag. Any play off in all not a odds that's it's not a thing dating playoff is not a thing that from Tom Brady already on break and make a good thing sixties through six people's 57000. Likes body minutes ago by guess that well over that while. So he is now. Confirming what we all he thought was true when it first came out today. Although there really is and it was the NFL network reporting but nobody else would but the Indian dole is headed to Miami Dolphins on a two year deal. It's eight million bucks guaranteed four million dollars that next year. Remind people again he made one point seven million this past year brutality bargains the patriots have had. Malcolm ball was a huge market pages or five million dollars or four seasons. This a pretty big bargains while they got on the in the unit which the playoff games are lousy pay people hate all the luck in the files. Adam show after reporting among other signings or the time on national stuff today Kirk cousins it's a three year deal in Minnesota case Keenan's going Denver. Jimmy Graham's going from Seattle to Green Day. Green Bay also cutting Jordy Nelson what is that that those the big what I see in the bigger moves today yankees are cousins that doesn't make it big on yet all it and Graham. Case keynote. Teddy Bridgewater although I didn't see a follow up to about Bridgewater to the jets a Josh McCown and that and that ran back Josh McCown. Our cardinals wide receiver John Browne to the Baltimore Ravens is Beisel third I was last year speeds there instruments receiver that the duke did the bigger thought the patriots up eager to hear a lot about that tonight and tomorrow on the on the talking head shows will be. The contract Kirk cousins got. He had three year deal he got 28 million dollars or he got all guaranteed and so you wonder this'll now start a trend. All site quarterbacks or sat players to shorter term deals like three years old guarantee all of it or ninety per Canada at this. Then I heard great went on August and he got by put the sound actually. On this could be the trend setter at that position. Going forward if Aaron Rodgers at all the guys coming up yet great news for you it dumb ball rallies. And exits we Doug Baldwin had two today is feeling this is great for all players like basically thank you Kirk cousins like this could lead to. More guaranteed contracts across the ball for everybody maybe it starts with quarterbacks debated and it trickles down on the spot 6177797937. The phone number I dec Clinton Manchester, New Hampshire Idec. There are guys on what's up man. Not much I I just wanted to rock hard although all lie in Neitzel that things are really too worried. A volatile and call it you know yeah yeah I'd love to see a guy but I don't think. I don't think we're given you know Dante Scarnecchia coaches felt a lot credit I'm you know I just what this guy can do it any of the players I like like Eric Carr CA QH rap that we haven't seen him a lot but. Big body and I would say. I would reminds you to kick from Oklahoma are another tackle let down to lessen the drought and now law. And we had a war com by or Orlando brown I wouldn't mind seeing him to the pats are not. Yeah I mean they can use that money elsewhere I just think it's too much for a guy that. I yeah I just think Scarnecchia and you know the coaching staff to replace what with another big. Policy and you be the guy that went in and and thanks for the call tonight it's Arctic is the reason why if they dole resign. Neitzel there. That you couldn't commit yourself look it's not the biggest yeah somehow because. You look at his time here is first time through an on this last time through. Pretty simple when he's been here the office a month ago yeah duck. The ladies CBS mock draft you care about that does not have taking offensive line and it to go with. Haven Bryant a defensive lineman out of fort they can really go to any position and I'd be happy ruled that because they have multiple the they did indeed this is core to it is not a year where their loaded okay it wherever you want they every spot the first round today well maybe not exactly right back first round a spot. Two other or one of the met did things happened last couple seconds to remain Johnson. A quarterback we thought they wanna give replace potentially out on the third or huge money he goes the jets. So from the rain and the jets on the quarterback off the board buck is a down of the Kate talking about. Malcolm Butler a buck. They thought about it which you know a 1000 guys in the morning explain. Great great recruitment do you mark the action level with. Peace and the United Capital of beauty secret. Well listen you might think outside the subject we are completely sold Lamotte and altered state and he's got a lot we are out and I'll let let. It's taken so far and away to people who. But on the bitter or now. Well. And provocative unlock your phone is it's not great down the -- the whether or not critics of you wanna try to back you certainly stand now I don't even know he was getting to it if the point was the patriots always seem to keep the guys are important now that lets a pretty good players go there over the years now. You wanna go through and say which players have gone on to these. Great NFL careers post patriots you're right more often than not these stay at their level or they they drop off that that is certainly true. But if you're talking about the the group of Butler in Amendola. A drop below Nate sold thirteen L Lewis. That is a major talent drain from one year or next for team that expects to win like that the Minnesota Vikings think they ran it. And so they pay a significant amount of money to the quarterback they overpay Kirk cousins to guarantee it. The patriot I should begin next year. And they're watching talent while the roster and that that's sort of the difference between the two right now Georgia New Jersey we'll get him in before the break and rob Bradford is gonna join us. Up from Florida tonight hi George. He had failure today what's on the they armed when you decide about these reagents either current want to past ones that they let go you guys really have to bring in the salary cap in the conversation does that dictate the dictates the decision to the patriots right now. How about point one million in salary cap if they. Signs older. They're only gonna have maybe ten or twelve million left. Yeah card so. Know when you're saying all bring back. Well blur or pay the shipwreck in Angola in the bill would be six million dollar after you know it's not like they don't want to bring him back it's not personal but you only have twelve or fourteen million to sprint and you have. Have to fill 53 man roster. We only have maybe thirty meter 35. Or 36 guys and a contract next year to look like they don't want these guys. What they're forced to make those decisions and then with Seymour it's not like Bill Belichick wanted to get rid of Richard Seymour. And the salary cap. And they have to build a team and what a player demanding that much. You know they have they have. Who aren't sure there was a chance George a couple of years ago potentially sign guys like Malcolm Butler. To longer term or term deals then they decided not to an out of go to replace him with I guess York Ro and look they they. I thought I and I can't name three or four guys that are vastly overpaid. For the patriots but we went through their their roster were five guys we're okay you may be don't wanna get Stephon Gilmore he's he was good he's really good at the end of the year. Which rather supply Gilmore five years and 65000040. Guaranteed or Malcolm Butler at. Five and 61 of thirty guaranteed. You know that that would be some significant savings guarantee money standpoint so I hear your point and I do believe the salary cap is an issue. In this case it's an issue because of other guys beside. Other players they signed have led you to this point and I elected south left tackle of either. Neitzel there or markets can come on down on the offensive line. I got podcast tape rich I was you I'd say we see you tomorrow that is rich keep the dale holly in key program. Welcome back and talk Hewitt 6177797937. The phone number a crazy day in the NFL we'll get the reaction from you. And from rob Bradford WEEI dot com he'll join us as well do not go anywhere.