Mut at Night - Game 4 is off and underway, would have been nice if the Celtics had shown up 5-21-18

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Monday, May 21st
HOUR 4 - Later tip off means playoff basketball for Bradford and Villani. The Celtics are showing that their poor Game 3 performance wasn't an anomoly as they trail the Cavaliers big time early in Game 4.

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It's. Mod nine. What we all the thinking that we open the cap is gonna lose game three now we already in the capital and why I. OK okay what good Boston on the road. How they've done on the road in these playoffs mean do you really wasn't. Imagine that he's not well Chris Lonnie Brock Bradford hill Rob Gronkowski you know Tom Brady went on the act. We see them up. We still don't know Monaco because Tom Brady is not going to be here for the start of phase three of the patriots offseason program patriots start they use three of their off season program that. He's not there I think it's fair to wonder why you yeah I've got the answers to the test now that he's not there that speech in on the shelf and make utility. I've plead the fifth suspect. Here's my life. Talk Sports Radio W we. Much like my. Watson Celtics have not shown up. Stated there they also have a locker in the brightness. They do you market Smart may have won this morning with you by the way rob Bradford till 10 o'clock techsters from main trade Smart now. Don't care about the quote stuff not the scorecard. In the end it's negative the scales don't seem to be in its favor trade are OK here's the number one reason we create is a deal late or this beyond us so. We're going to vote against the Celtics. Normally you be like arm and he's going to get to something we're doing is while the cavaliers well. But here's the thing were the perfect place to go right now that this is how. Because you sure wanna watch that game because it is such a terrifically bad game but you should one or vent and here's somebody event in yell and scream. Because this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous what's numbers I do OK got Celtics in the first quarter. 74 or 26. From the field nineteen me shots they said that's 28%. One for seven. From three point range cavaliers shot 63%. They were 3% axed from three which in the blood the beat down in in game three there were also 50% and 34 tries from three cavaliers get the free throw line more out and made more their seven for nine. From the charity stripe about this number rebounds. Celtics eight. Cavaliers seventeen. Now part of with a lot of new shots for the Celtics cavaliers at fifteen defensive rebounds but only one offensive rebounds despite again ninety Enid. Mrs. for the Celtics they've not be able to get on the glass. Also Marcus Morris as three fouls. Which is obviously less than ideal so this is then he had disastrous I can't and I only. Those numbers to a justice because. What then what they're showing tonight is they can't handle the ball. They're being pressured by the Cleveland defense a bag Cleveland defense and they can't get anything going to kid the kid function against a bad Cleveland defense. Markets are I don't know what's gone with him he's jacking up shots for the else please turn the ball over left and right. You have Jalen brown who. Is playing like he did like it as. If music cow is for. That he when he finally went to the hoop any misses a wide open dunk to end the quarter. No one can function I get that in a nutshell Chris nobody out of nowhere. As good Celtic who can function not war I mean that last possession you're talking rabbit. It was a microcosm of the game Jalen brown drives inside good pulls up from three feet good. It's too short gets the rebound good offensive rebound gets blocked I talk again lose the ball out. I that that's essentially a nutshell the way it's gone for the Celtics a four I think that what I. I'll ask you what surprises you the most about what we've seen so far. What surprises me the most is that this is a bad Cleveland defense of team. And you have a Celtics team which. It seems like nobody can play any offense. Nobody did not running anything through Horford at all. The a's get two shots but it is dead yet but I've won a one it was a missed a rarely seen touched the ball. They've tried to isolate Jalen brown a couple times and he can't do anything. Jason Tatum can't really do anything markets Smart and when they really were getting behind. Is Marcus Martin who was jacked a three fruit could for Tyler Lou saying hey let him shoot it out going to be his penis. In terror here. He's not doing anything so we're shares two for four he's mining city right now Jalen brown. One for nine. One for nine brown so far as a minus six and applause and I just feel like I feel like. And now he's on the bench film browse on the bench but I feel that is where he should be Jalen brown. Is a guy in the microcosm of the Celtics got players feel overwhelmed. I haven't we haven't seen Jalen brown played this bad or seam this out of sorts I think probably all year. And this the first time they've been in the spotlight this and I wonder too you know we talked a lot about sort of the psyche of this team over the past couple of days and you know kind of going out the terrorists here commented John mossy after the game on Saturday of we needed a ball low paying. There's another way that the at the psyche can sort of play out. Because if you're if you have that house money mentality and I don't like peppery sports is use it for a second here. Getting into the Eastern Conference finals then you win the first two and it goes from nobody expected us to be here to holy bleep. We could actually do this we can actually be playing for an NBA championship. Despite not having her two best players this is actually a possibility this is something that can happen. And then once you realize it. I'll go to another baseball would murder for love of the game offshore. All the sudden realize it's clear the mechanism you realize his perfect game they're not clear the Mecca and Eddie couldn't clear the mechanism now. And he throws three balls he eventually gets back yeah but all of a sudden you realized oh my god this could actually happen and you start to Parker will be it. And I think these teams do and right now it's weird. Tie tie loom guys. Kills it killed the first two games. Bible say this. He's they've done something different to the Celtics team and whether it can I can't imagine that all the sons did the Celtics player forgot how to play. And dated letting markets Smart and make them when the game. They're making their making Al Horford not take any shots. This is looks nothing like the team that we saw before and I can't imagine it's just that if the crowd is different. And I do think there's something to what you're talking about press. I tell you that all of sudden hey you know what terror shear. You ought to be goalie players scary Terry good locked door at the biggest stage. Well liquid yet now the pressure on you William expected to win when you're not expected to even be there it's a lot easier and easier to play loose. Now. The level of expectation that all of that shifted after the Celtics won the first two games and not only won the first two games that looked. Far and away like the better basketball team. And at least the rule. All of game three and now little more than a quarter of game on game four. They have just hurled and he seems like the moment has mastered them. In a way that I was not anticipating what happened when the Celtics in this series came back tootsie. Cleveland for game three. I even expect necessary to win both games I wouldn't be shocked I wouldn't have been shocked after game two the state is gonna come back to the garden game five. In a Tutu situation but now you're seeing the products of a young team again hammering home the idea by the way of carrier he's got to stay on this team. Because you absolutely need him bush here to not do. Yeah version of what I what do we say we said this yesterday aggregate holds true tonight which is when you're going to rot lightness. You need somebody to say I'm taking over the game yet they play nobody in Cleveland had that guy last year his name with carrier. Right and and they have they have no you're absolutely right there nobody. When things are going wrong the same exact thing happening this game happened last game when things are going wrong last game it was Marcus Morris. Who started jacking up three's and you get deeper and deeper and deeper today. In some markets Smart and then nobody else tables that there's nobody able to pop it all do. Yeah I Jalen brown is trying but eat candy shot right now chase Tatum missed its first three market Smart. Eight minutes for mrs. including three misses from beyond the arc. It's ugly it's ugly every sense of the word seltzer down by sixteen points right now while. Fourteen point case data to city shot but. I is one sided and ugly in Cleveland right now so let me ask you this I guess I know you're you're on record as saying you'll be very disappointed the Celtics well this. Will it. Give you any cause whatsoever. About this nucleus particular all around it today. Oh hell no I'd echo back to my original statement. It is two different conversations. Is this team and that is the team that happens. Immediately after the seasons at Jim Brown's part of this too ideally part of the T I think he had any idea David Brown is in a superstar you are shrinking violet right now so far in the playoffs that you are right but he's also come up big in other playoff situations. I hope not nothing quite like this now right antibodies also went to also as a junior player chorus. It dissect your player like okay he's had his great moments that he's having right now is having a terrible moments doesn't medium you don't jump ship on them. Mean he's barely it is the first. Years actual NBA player last year remember he had dumped in the playoffs and it was like it was like Reggie Lewis his first year is that what's this guy doing in the playoffs yeah with the U receipt. And ever Moseley wondered why you play the right to see he put half a year last year he played a year and a half in the NBA. Which isn't Tatum is do what is the operation. The NN that's been fortunate thing about what's going on right now is eight. You don't need the rookie award the rocky is the guy you you really have to lean on to say hey take overdo what carrier ring should be cells that run and and that I. I do I president didn't have in game three you know who else is playing like crap is Iran gains. If I know that like he's a limited player by a three point play in Japanese finally cracked. He's he's he was a guy of that game one was such an underrated presence. Contesting shots making whatever shots that he needs to make. He's just mishandling a lot not getting rebounds losing rebounds. And markets Smart stuff showed it to be clear you never three point play a one point play where he made for encountered mr. free throws. Go back of the line I don't I kind of feel if you think they have a Rodham. Yeah I think they do I would be shocked to lose two straight game watch deals surprises two straight games if event is going completely into the shale. I think there's some Ryan here. To maybe make it a single digit gain by halftime and that's the goal at this point you're down a dozen with one iron means three ago lot of time left in the second quarter. To get a team single digits by halftime would be huge huge victory for the Celtics are you still don't markets' Boris. In double figure earned in foul trouble rather you're still dealing with. Markets Smart. Unable to get a shot but it certainly willing to eat them and Jalen brown can't get orgy in key in any flow offensively so. It's going to be a challenge here but I think they might at least enough to get back to single day of love. The cavaliers keep hitting threes that's again. Count and this is Athens while we talked about right there is this isn't this a venal abroad game Kyle Korver is shooting of his mind. And you know you Marcus marks on LeBron because Marcus Morris is on the bench I'll probably that but when you have Kyle Korver training like fifty footers it is not gonna make a difference 61777979837. The only place to vent about the sales for all right here riots that. Then about the Celtics what that is they are getting beaten soundly right now in Cleveland 617779. 79837. Lonnie brown a sports Heredia WB yeah it's much. Sports. Other rob just tweeted out half rat. This you're only plays to vent about the Celtics right now 6177797937. Please do it. You bet that a taxpayer text line as well when Texas the hockey game so much better the Celtics game would not take much. Another lawyer Jim Brown which scared playing Cleveland needs to man up. Or Purdue getting enough shots because Cleveland's collapsing down on him needs to start the basket gave Cleveland in foul troubles both Jalen brown and Al Horford. And they're not the only ones not doing a lot via brown it's it's glaring to me how much he is sort of shrinking from this moment. Thought indictment on his career is is he your kind of same with a break in around but it is striking. A small he's coming up in the spot yeah haven't you. I've kind of feel like there's a good second half coming from him he's too good a player. And I actually don't think he's the type of guy who's who's a shrinking violet I think that. He's the as a unique personality. I don't think he's that guy and he had a strong person. And we don't know because we don't have a lot of them to go by with them. But you know I think he's gonna hit this three here boom. It all right you keep doing I honestly think that like. That that time on his event on the bench he was Sarah Ball terrible but he got a little time of the bench comes back now yeah I'm gonna. You you're still on the run again like I do feel the rock like the ultimate fuel at 38 points who died just over five minutes ago. But clearly as fit but they're starting to look like it offense that can actually do so I can't explain how bad that offense was to begin that game. It was it was hard to watch meet the good shots were going into the good shots are few and far between. Right the good shots they got were missed Lott's point blank misses missed dunk by Tatum and you it was a if they were turned the ball over here that they couldn't handle the ball is. And you could see that that Cleveland was in power this bad defensive team was in power there were getting up on him defensively. Well as I tell my JV team someone gets up on you like that you go bottom. You garbled but you make them pay the price threats. The price only praise Cleveland's pain right now is a fourteen point lead after and he jumps out as I love. Adds some prisons generally does not have a TV so we hear is only conduit to to gain Chris sorry. They hadn't gone straight. And you've put retired. You're on your Chris armada you know it's ridiculous this game and swept it right on Janet Greg whales from dirt in my O'Toole. This game will never happen. You know just as the game struggling doesn't mean you have to go down the tubes and every other aspect to your life. Lot you know aren't there there's some hot movie except there but my brother used such and that's what we're gonna win this game Mercury towards god love them also Egypt followed up. This sent to Alaska and we're giving the ball is Smart many Latin and they can distract you played Hewitt you know god knows what we are gonna happen. I think LeBron James is right people were taken your scope it out game one. Maybe watched maybe the soccer got lucky geared to that now. Games three it was a complete watch it tonight looks like it might be another fifteen point went for the cast. A good luck on tendered by appreciate phone call can be updated. Well they admitted now there was in hand you missed animal on Monday in the night. I found my soul mate early early on why that's a new style like you lake oh it's so sad for you but you'd never did beacons you and then get together yeah. Well that and I. The fighting began. There and maybe we maybe I don't know. It's I don't know I'm not that you got to update your photos though because you look at give a false representation and head Brad five hours to see I would I would have to I would be that guy who gave the the photo of the didn't represented. Myself quite accurately. The media if it. So you're rated. Like Photoshop or just make Syria now. Particularly flatter particularly flat but most of the pictures you posts are the pictures of man. Who is happily married and I try to impress anybody what are you talking about I'm just saying yeah I see people or swipe right on me all day long arm. I'm lot a authority to comics were what it brought exactly. So I think I got my soul mate. So is his place. Robotic so far the bonds the Celtics but that absolutely. Tom Brady and Robert Reich Kathy did not show up 40 routier's. Lisa say at the Red Sox take 30 in general our as that. I tell you what we also that we have my bookie bet podcasts that would chicken out yes how was the that was the big take away generated WB yeah I loved bullet point hypothetically say game it's things like so I went through that you know how works here. Where you give people sound and there's not enough people to go through it admitted this sort of ignored so what I needed. I bullet point I gave them my cheat sheet right. I gave I treated to cheat sheet I sat with producers there was plenty to go where you have. Bookie bet saying that like he couldn't get better last year because he couldn't connect with the coaches. We'll keep bets saying that winning at one now it will big go event so. I do it you'll. That I hear this the old map from driving down Pataki. And you owe him after the obligatory eco we're gonna talk of whether it's a for fifty minutes of now okay Lou you talk for fifteen minutes but I about blah blah blah blah blah. And order made for you don't say anything at that NATO effort when I was right they have a fair. But inside are quite as I hand delivered you just contact. And you're gonna and you're talking about how awesome it is to hit home runs and Jackie Bradley now being late pitches like this is unique caught dead that the other station to hit play we'll. The source you're exactly the torch Yorkers are hurt our fair and that's why this quote you've been. Does this podcasts had sound that you can hear. I. Always had. I've always wanted to learn from always wanted to to get better and when I just didn't know how so. Goodwill and succeed get better was always there was as a matter find the source. And down you know not seeing Chile. The last crew didn't help because they definitely did. But this crew come and they are here now is just a different different. Different point of view. I'm not sand and on to say. It's right. Aren't you but he did beg couple breaking news move he backs gates chili Davis now Wednesday. It's me I'm not sand bottoms in play and it takes so he looped back. And this would be cut for notes carry. This that you would look back and said. Basically that. Because he felt he was bad he'd wanna listen to anybody like this is a Jackie Bradley thing right. He'd Willis anyone three try to figure it out as himself and but now he came into this year is an idea I just have to accept what these guys are saying. But they're selling me and I am all in on doing whatever it's. So you are not interested in this not clear that you look like Fauria would lose stars I am all in NA they gonna do whatever they say. Vince does feels good depth cannons clubs hair down and play. And just be myself you know through beautiful. In the clubhouse and the dugout. On the field this kind of it's human being without thinking about it we have tiptoed around me being in the news. I think definitely name means that I can do that plan I think this kind of open wheel it's. Success is knowing that. If I mess up it's okay that. You know you're gonna succeed more than more than fell. But I told Jim brown and wait I told you're right I am I told I have a feel for the game I was her I have a feel for the game. Another reason why everybody you know. Suck it. Either I have a feel for the gave a basket got this last trash you know ripped right off the so let's watch flies toward a mystery cut some wires some bonus you know we're out the heir apparent that's fair that's fair rate to its way I'd buy you know what I had a field on. There you or apologize rob. I popped my apologies to the to the community. Mrs. Biden yes. Celtics panel about it we finish up that we finish of the podcast by the way by I I I introduced you have the debate all this time which is which is the most important coach or manager. And professional sports I don't think so yes. And smokey move he put basketball had a baseball. I put basketball and baseball I would I would. I think they're all footballer green's number one right I mean it's it's double number one question about that. A bright put basketball well. I mean it's it partially it's a product of watching Brad Stevens I know that and that's an area that might be the wits that that puts lighting the scales moves you watch a lot of Bret Stephens. I don't know but we both agreed that has changed. That has changed the conversation because I would have put them forth because it always was the NBA if you have two or three stars camp you're gonna do you have to have them. Now a baseball obviously having we can all agree he's not on the field is not during the game it's you in the club you have three quarters of a calendar year. It's 45 guys from multiple places in the world you don't want to pay as if you don't want an age you don't wanna lock yulia Kerry partly your hair out all the way down. Yes there via. Yeah so I'm on video. That trio it's though they've got podcast man. The good podcast I look forward to it's endlessly to put on the way down a list or on the way home how long is that I've got a seven miniature days. 25 minutes I will circle my house 43 toughness that's 36 what 777 I'd said that 937. We give way to late night whose only accidental Iran we have mallet tonight. And now how are coming to you for parts unknown for late at its top of the hour bloody Brad political lens sports rated WB yeah. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. A few minutes Torre and think about you then dollars he waning seconds of the second quarter cavaliers. May put up seventy points in the first half year. Yeah we focus so much of the office did the sub assemblies and actually started scoring. They can't stop anybody and this doesn't in and that he advocated isolating LeBron and I'm Sharon usually fine side. What gave them their sleeve who has incorporating JR Smith sitting. Like an insane three from the corner or someone draped all over. Don't care Smith's three for five from beyond the arguments numbers I love numbers Iraq. Cavaliers final possession here at Celtics are down by fifteen your call time out looks like actually south that filed against negated. LeBron gets 42. Cavaliers with one possession left here shooting 63%. From the field six for eleven from downtown. Fourteen for seventeen from the free throw line Celtics shooting 37%. Our rebounds 2516. Cavaliers are on the heavy and LeBron just the runways mostly mine and of being a non dot cast raw IT and Brad that. Yes at Kyle okay. Passed out okay. Celtics down by fifteen again one more final play for the the cavaliers in that happened out or is up fourteen points. If backers and equip our fine. A it's so close to that there's been so close so close to losing me for the for the duration here but the how many minutes or show me. Show me as pull. Me and. Six. Now he's played one Daryn you can buy the box or to like candidates live and you get Marcus Morris has announced that -- he had been the guy Morse has played twelfth. He had Wright Jimmie came and Marcus Moore at its first Indian to have four Shimmy starting guard LeBron. And they said OK LeBron was doing that thing where okay you want to guard me I'm gonna bring it out everyone pay attention to me and now I'm going to score. Gallup Bryant's 22 points four rebounds three aces eat for eleven from the field. Dead they're all in all the home there is any threes note any three's Ron has taken at an area through dead no threes everything's almost in the paint or around the. Which is why I wanted to see more of from the Celtics I do think they've tried to do it in swat here in the first half they just been very. Ineffective at doing it they've gotten the point blank looks they'd miss them. And this is that two straight games they've not shown up defensively and that's the most concerning part I mean you know these teams can struggle offensively without carrier and fine. Eat you accept that. You're willing to live with that especially on the road but it's two straight games now where they have been absent. Defensively. And yet JR Smith sits on top shot but he's also got a handful open looks how corporate got nothing but good luck so far we. Besides just run model with a minute left in the half. You know play aware that mark Smart through the worst Alley oop pass ever seen in my life clients off the back of the rim. They take it on the break but the Celtics still have two or three guys back. Yet I think it was terrific Thompson run down the middle for a nobody nobody like Garnett nobody communicated. And that's that's a private thing to Cleveland was doing in Boston GAAP. The exact thing that's kind of thing you expect from Cleveland even the bad defensive team you would think so they are. But big bailout then right all season. No I actually 68 points for the cavaliers most in any half in this post season. So. Which is it is bizarre because LeBron is doing is LeBron stuff. But it's everybody else that's what he is is just ridiculous is ridiculous. And and the thing that outcome we talked about this yesterday when I went on this rant. What we were sold over the last three or four days leading into game theory was this mentally tough team. They are mentally tough they are gonna punch you in the mouth they are. The markets Marceau Vargas in our door punch and hit them right and what we're seeing what we saw in everywhere thought that the last game was an aberration. Well we're seeing the exact same thing here. Where you'll are getting any push back and maybe it's because Marcus Morris is sitting on the floor are sitting on the bench for foul trouble. Maybe it's because Marcus Marty's I don't know what he's doing. He's playing with a worst games I've team played along longtime babies could Jalen brown is isn't it in a fog. Babies could Jason Toews a rookie beauties of terror rouge years is this the first time is actually being a legitimate player in the NBA. It was Al Horford. In I hate to keep a go to our arrow for six in the first I don't let me turn overs the park Smart ass. 8:3. Yeah I am buying that now. Reach her and they have 318 turnovers maybe well certainly is shooting. Lies ceding to the map on the percentage. If they get five shots he has a millennium often you get Alan out feels like he's taken a lot more than five shots and a half minutes spots and I haven't seen another thing I haven't seen guys missed this many layups and dunks by the way layups and dunks. Is it insane Jason stadiums I've seen this three I've seen video or else is insane though and this is this goes to the product of the NBA. It's going to be different ones that you know it's gonna be different ones. You know they're gonna come back wit. The kind of effort. And intensity with a garden crowd behind emerged years totally different player for young guy like brown it's going to be so much more comfortable playing at home. They're win game five and the pride you paste in game six and win games yet but the in the problem is the problem is and this is what happened a lot we talked about what Wednesday shaping up well before this Kimi restarted its going to be crazy it's going to be great. Can be great for that exact reason the probably lose tonight they are come back and can be just this awesome crowd of vigor will their team to win. But if they do lose that game. I am so picket against them in game six. Because that narrative of them not being able play on the road retreat like who cares it's okay they'd beat Philly whatever. This is this is becoming a very real thing well yet. And that and I kind of fuels. That I would have felt the same way at the Celtics to win this game tonight out of the cavaliers chances of winning that must win game. I don't believe either one of these teams frankly to win the B must between games the on the road you don't get to go back home you don't win this game. I don't think either one of these teams can win it. That out the Celtics won tonight it was done it was me back to Cleveland at Cleveland to win tonight and win game five which I'm not convinced they well. Then yet this thing doesn't go to gain seven cavaliers finish top in game six and you get Cleveland in Goldman's dad that's another part of this is like. That I'm a big basketball guy but one of the areas were hockey's gonna Oliver basketball. Is. The unpredictability in the post season there's a freak an expansion team right now. That is just trucking teens coins through Western Conference. In basketball. It's this circuitous route to the two teams that everybody thought was going to be there to begin with and the Celtics had a chance to ruin that. The Celtics had a chance to spoil that they still do they actually still do. But that will be one of the negative that'll be one of the things that I take away from the series in which it missed opportunities. And again my frustration is that sends you along will be short lived. But I think that'll be kind of the source. And I my dialog I'd briefed that frustration is brewing 79. Minute frustration I mean the funeral was were. Here's here's the thing I am so this say this assume news tonight. It's hockey in the interest in this team I've always said that the Celtics crowd the Celtics fans have been the oh well whatever. I feel Fuller more so than any other time. But tomorrow tomorrow is not going to be down oh well crowd there is gonna be more upset people. If for the exact reason I came back there would be argued but because I think that. Is one thing to lose but another thing when you're told for all this time. The minute the game two ended that the this team is like unlike any other team that you seem they can punch back in May fight in they have the mental toughness that no other team has. And then all of a sudden you have these two games. Good that's where people are gonna get upset you out I think they're at it I think albeit genuine ups this pleasure and upset people. Tomorrow if if this continues the way it's going and honestly you do not get that usually with softer you can get it. In the Milwaukee series after losses you do that after the Philadelphia series FY. Oh what it usually is followed by in other situations particularly baseball particularly Red Sox more than anything is a call for change. If Clinton. What's your call for change here in recent ones these two different conversation. Institute for Paris if two different companies say their separate they are separate teams in separate conversations. Separate teams but that's Flacco like OK there might be burst of anger he burst of frustration. But it's gonna okay it's your dissipate ugly eight NBA body into the quote the glory is morrow the glorious Don. Having two all star players back yes yes yes crest tomorrow. Everywhere wake up and it will be agreed to the sale that it doesn't matter carrier being Gordy organ played it here now they're gonna be pissed off because. They just got killed in Cleveland two games and now they don't look up and the next and their mouth is going to be both sides but the good thing is we can't carrier Ian. Did I Hayward after the what everyone restated to connect now other entities and how about that Brad show podcast that monkey that snagged thank goodness we have diversion that is 26 minutes that we can take to calm down a completely get over over the Celtics over the hired at fault could take about 46 minutes. Frank are a great job as always he spent more time those last few days and anybody should have to wrap Bradford banks are coming in but I do then Mallard comes your way Macs have a good night.