Mut at Night - Golf is better when Tiger Woods is competitive - 3-19-18

Mut at Night
Monday, March 19th

Chris Villani kicks off hour 2 continuing the discussion of the Aaron Hernandez documentary and its clear bias. He also gets into golf and the resurgence of Tiger Woods.


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News release Monday night. At. Every single person doesn't feel unappreciated all every single player doesn't feel as if he's been coached to our. It's really germane to two players in particular I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2000. Eighteen answers haven't answered you know what was once sizable malls and start doing some more things on the way I want to a forty. And that sea change from Brady even though might have been minor understandable. Was really breathtaking as far as favorite for concern. Mostly definitely vote. I have ever heard that you that you would tell me how is it didn't directly take you back off withdrawal will be there on the double an umbrella. And and really hear it on my plans. It is now. Here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. It's very sweet. And so much. Would be more support and when you and Aaron. We see each other. And you had a bit of a special greeting injured troops and what was answer. Through those solutions. I felt like they had a loving relationship by tanker can say he loved them in Canada mystic have to think back. To disappointment. Second hour Monday night bill but. Five hours. Mike financed Indiana. Did you show stretching it that he thinks he's got the rest of the night off socked in tomorrow Chris Maloney Wiki for the next three hours. Up until 10 o'clock we got rob Bradford join in the fun at the top of the hour. And that little clip you just heard there was chanted Jake insert and hence the ex fiance of Aaron Hernandez talking about the relationship they. The former patriots tied and had with pats owner Robert Kraft in a martyr pretend to know Hernandez better than she did. But it seemed like I guess this really came from the the testimony in the first trial. Aired it'd seem to greet everybody that way with they kind of hiding Casey did it for his legal team every time that he walked into the courtroom during the second trial. Hudson back slaps and this bombs and high fives and everything else so. I'm not sure that happens unique to Robert Kraft but she restarted a bit about the relationship there and that four hour. We calling it a documentary that for our. Yard monstrosity. They aired on the oxygen network which I couldn't even tell you where it is thankfully they posted an on line I was notified their website. But. A few take aways from it number one it seemed as though in the second part of it. Which that headline from that. By far and the only bit of news in the only thing he really learned it was four hours to come to be condensed down since maybe ninety minutes. The only. Things they didn't need any sort of buzz or give any sort of reaction from the heat regular media the mainstream media or the team and he's at the world. Was talking about Aaron Hernandez sexuality. And whether or not. You know he was gay and any of the possible motive for your and Lloyd killing that didn't really get into the second part is much it was more about. Seemingly the legal team in the people put this thing on wanting to you try to it's it makes her Aaron Hernandez looked like is sympathetic figure is possible. Struggling with a sexuality. Dealing with abuses in childhood dealing with the pressures of being in the NFL dealing with CT. And some of the things that go along with that that may have influenced his behavior. It felt like something that was produced by Aaron Hernandez legal team and why did it feel that way. Because it was produced Harangody and his legal team that was the last that you saw. Right before the after the opening credits roll. Is there Jose Baez the lead defense attorney is second murder trial that was the producer of this whole thing. Got to put everything together. NNM I'm curious to see whether patriots fans was this or just. In Boston sports observers are people that remember leads to the rule does not want to go. I'll lived through this entire ordeal was this something that you were interstate it was there are certain voyeuristic aspect of it. Were you said I wanted to I see if there were any new rocks turned over here any thing to learn about this. Incredibly. Sordid tale this fall from grace that we all kind of watched. With it at least in this part of the country. Yeah we go back down again the recent memory memory lane of watching him handcuffed with the arms inside the white T shirt red shorts coming out of his home in North Attleboro. Remembering that first court appearance. Everything in the initial. Appearance the arraignment when the district attorney gets the chance panel lay out the entire case this in the old Lloyd case going right down to that. Type of bubble gum that was purchased in chewed it ain't connecting him to the scene that way. Talking about the joint venture approach in the first trial and everything else and then the second trial and Alexander Bradley and shooting Bradley. And they are so much to. Like at the end of the day it was pretty obvious this is something that was put together by Hernandez legal team. And this was something that was meant to make him look. Like somebody who's not a cold blooded killer like somebody who is not what many people are so many not not at all. Because whether you believe it or not and maybe your part of it. There is a fairly large. In fairly vocal very vocal. Eric Hernandez is completely innocent. Group out there I think these folks are out there. And I air remember throwing out so we talked about OJ is he had his. Special a week or so ago that fox interview that was on earth and finally aired after twelve years. And talking about that case which could begin in many ways is more opening shot and some of the Hernandez session the second Hernandez case. Where there is you know viable alternate suspect there and there was potentially some reasonable doubt. With OJ it seems like who could still be holding on to the idea that OJ Simpson isn't it. The one who killed. He is ex wife and and Ronald Goldman to those people are out there. And there appeared in more cell. In Hernandez case and I found this out covering the second trial. In seeing the buzz that it would get on social media with people who. Really truly believe. That he is innocent that he didn't do. Eighty in kiloton Lloyd that he didn't kill Daniel to Braylon didn't kills the bureau potato there are a lot of people out there who firmly believe that. So you know going down this hole. Again trip down memory lane none of it was really knew. Outside of the I comments in the discussion about his sexuality which they'll crowbar in at the end. Just for the sole purpose of getting oxygen network some sort of the headline out of this. Getting something. They people might talk about. After the fact. And I know they if you is that the white day curtain Callahan in debt Michelle McPhee was interviewed on the on the morning show polite they were Caspian. By the attorneys was unfair and inaccurate relative to what they were talking about when they discussed our Hernandez sexuality right around the time. That he committed suicide his prison cell last year this was a conversation about a potential motive. For the murder vote and Lloyd not something that ways need to be you know making fun of him or trying to demean him. Because of whether you I honestly don't know don't particularly care. Whether Hernandez was gay straight bisexual whatever it it couldn't possibly mattered to me last. But it was not something or conversation that was made to demean import. And that was the way the attorneys sort of portrayed it and know Kirk and Callahan both said they had to do over again. They wouldn't say they wouldn't go back on that show Luciano we have that Christian Fauria from earlier. But I don't he was talking about. The fact that he was completely misquoted. And you go back and listen to it hadn't. And it's pretty obvious he's courted out of context. Which if you do a lot of quick cuts job cuts and he can be. Easy to sometimes take somebody's words even if they're right there on camera put them any slightly different order. And make it seem like they said something. That they eating quite actually say we should do we have four. Now it or effort and effort in. So like I thought it was poorly done I'd terms of the quality of it just the repetitive sound bite stretching it out trying to make it. I don't know how honestly they got four hours that's it's mind boggling that they got four hours out of this but they somehow managed to end. You know at the end of the day I don't know but he changes. Many opinions about Aaron Hernandez they act I can't imagine that if you are a you know whether your patriots fan or not when you're somebody who just. Followed this case understood. A lot of the fact that we're going on you here sorted this argument this side of it. I don't know how you come away from a with any other conclusion. Beyond what you thought the first time around in India evidence was incredibly strong. Indio and Lloyd case the evidence was strong in the double homicide case in Boston so they were so many different. Elements here that pointed to words is guilt. And it seemed to me and allowed three or about this on WEEI dot com it seemed to me that the attorneys if anything we're doing him a disservice. By anti about Hernandez now by trying to working in. These references to his sexuality and try to put that in there yeah I guess in an effort to. They can come across as a more sympathetic figure. But he just seemed like it missed the mark entirely. And I know a lot of people it's ideal tweet about it a lot of other people watched came away at the exact same conclusion that this is a cold blooded killer. That this is somebody who legally met the definition of B serial killer if you were convicted on all three it would have been three homicides. And technically speaking I was buried an innocent man because his conviction. Was abated although. Oddly enough that they'll be next on over the next month it's coming up pretty soon the SEC the supreme court of Massachusetts. Just agreed to hear an appeal to change that a bait and lost so it neat. Be thrown out entirely or it may now have us some sort of a suicide exception where somebody kills themselves prior to. They're conviction being signed off by the appellate court. That you can't get it abated he can't get a day expunged as Hernandez did. So I watched it said like I lived through it. As I'm sure most of his did watching all the coverage. Not maybe it would be something to be learned from it something to be gained from it I really there was. You know I I didn't really see any sort of new information any sir I mean even again the rumors about his sexuality that conversation was had. Quite a bit around the time of these suicide and after the fact when that prison inmate. Was talking about a 50000 dollar watch and his lawyer was more than happy to take every interview request every press conference requested anything he possibly could. To get that information and get that side of the story out there about the close relationship the two of them had. So even that. I element to even that part of it. Was not something that was new. And eight at the end of the day it felt like he's the the people who supposedly care about him the people who. Where you know in his quarter more than anybody. Just kind of ruin these rumors out there to get themselves ahead line. 488. Guy at the expense of a guy who is dead. Does not have any tangible appeal of his own guilt. It right now for any court I mean this case it's going to the supreme judicial court it's a Audi Aaron Hernandez but it doesn't apply to him it's about future. I convicted felons who might find themselves in that same situation. It didn't seem to be anything more any money grab an opportunity. To fight any network in it seemed like if they want oxygen what I'm. Not a regular ITV kind of guy am I am pretty much record cutter at this point. The habit because for some reason it actually costs less. To have both Internet and a very basic television package then to just add Internet. Don't understand that I don't know why. They do want to give me more I want to take about what that. I still have it and I would imagine not knowing too much about the power ranking of television networks that the oxygen network is pretty far to. And if they were itching this to a bunch of other networks and ended up at oxygen. This was not their first choice not to mention the fact it's on Saturday Sunday evening Saturday night not a great night for TV anyway. And then it Sunday evening. We are going opposite the NCAA tournament. And you know other primetime programming on Sunday evening it is. It didn't seem like it was something it was gonna be a big ratings grab it if not for that if not for the salacious to meet irrelevant. Conversation. About his sexuality. This thing makes no no news in no quote unquote head winds whatsoever and it's nothing more than an attempt to maybe make a few bucks. Grab a headliner to get some people's names. You know out their back in the public domain where they like to be. And I'm not sure it did any service whatsoever I know it you know service whatsoever for the victims. Absolutely not in the they always vote and Boyd Daniel Abreu and Spiro potato there there was no. A service done for them but it didn't even seem like it did much for Aaron Hernandez again. Going from the their perspective the people who produce this the guy that they supposedly care about. Why is by the way had another TV show you the jury I was wondering how it didn't it was 88 TV show actually debuted. During the second trial. Is judge Locke had to tell. The jury the actual jury and Hernandez case hey don't watch these shows you the jury had got to add that's the thing that you can't. You know add yourself exposed to along with. Any regular media coverage of the trial and TV news and newspapers and Internet and things like that. You also can't watch the show because one of the participants in this trial is also on the show and I was wondering how did. Because after that reference to it a completely out of my mind I never thought about it again apparently was canceled after two episodes. That would actually make fox may be issued a pitched oxygen but you the jury was pulled after two airing this. I apparently got one and a half million viewers. Zero point 38 adults eighteen to 49 lied insane day when he debuted Friday April 7 this is about last year. And then fewer viewers one point two million. Beginning on April 21 fox has been hearing a lethal weapon in the Friday 9 PM time slot which. Will continue to sell you the jury was out lethal weapon I guess hung in there after that the I was wondering how it did two episodes and that might have been two episodes too long. This. Documentary did you steered four hours that was about. And Colin three hours maybe two and a half hours to. Trip down recent memory lane lot of repetitive details in there not much new information. And by the way again I don't fault. In curtain Kellyanne adding the discussion with Michelle McPhee about whether this was a possible motive that's how I understood it. Eight the the conversation in the rumors and what Oden Lloyd supposedly nobody Aaron Hernandez sexuality was a potential motive for what. Ernie and is was charged with and convicted of doing killing Oden Lloyd. That's say a relevant I newsworthy conversation when you're talking about a potential motive for murder I understand that. Putting that aside that motive to me never held as much water as just the simple idea Lloyd knew about. Like pretty and as was charged with what it happen the events in the south and from the previous year from 2012. Pain that if you believe that Hernandez was guilty is everything all of everything. That timeline makes the most sense you've got the double homicide in 2012. He shoots Alexander Bradley. Thinks that he he's killed Alexander Bradley is according to Bradley in Florida we get shot in the basement somehow survives. And then after that shooting kills owed more. That timeline. That motive sat. Always made a lot more sense to me that again like I said there's a lot of people appeared to feel like Aaron Hernandez is innocent. And innocent of everything I've seen that quite a bit on social media. That group is larger than I ever would have thought frankly are at 617779793. Sevens the phone number for you guys text line is they're 4837. 937. To get it up without a bunch of things that whites getting too including some patriots offseason news with. Cordero Paterson now being added to the patchy McClellan is gone. Doing a little update of the comings and goings of the patriots CIA feel about that in the state of the team at this point in the off season. I was gonna just do three hours on Syracuse getting to the sweet sixteen I was advised against that. So will move past that. In doubt find some of the stuff to talk about also this one didn't. Red Sox yankees series I'd find interest things will get all that on the table talk to you guys 617. 77979837. Rob Bradford joins upon at 8 o'clock Chris body with you up until ten Sports Radio WB yeah. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. CTV it was the reason why there Hernandez decided to murder people that flipped the switch. And his brain and he decided he was. Al Pacino right scarface and I he's a big Boston it's like making it. Great. As Christian Fauria you've got they have been a cameo I want cameo I would say. Listen before I get more time then Turkey Callahan did anybody do AS scientific breakdown of which talking head get the most time. And Jerry and a little bit more but for more than that I thought from the problem. Why it was an an again I didn't I listen cat in and out threat course of the days I don't know of these questions important questions about the air Hernandez uncovered documentary were already answered. Why. Was Kirk always glancing at cherry every time he spoke. I don't know how is that how it usually happens in the shot. I in the studio I think so I think well cricket said this morning I was going to be more conversational. Okay rather than just speaking to the camera. So we thought that they want a day he and Jerry just talk like you do on the radio should have a conversation between the two with writers more free flowing kinda thing OK but they said they wouldn't go back and do it again if they had to. Oh yeah that guy is being one of the producers I don't blame them. I'll say this about Jose buys I get to normal little bit is just somebody covering that the second trial. And you see why he's good at what he does. I mean if I was charged with the murder. That's what one. And it scoreboard man I need just look at that look at the resume look at the wins and losses that's who I would want. I'd Casey Anthony acquitted. Got Aaron Hernandez equated I he has never lost a while this was true at least at that time there and and its verdict I don't know what he's done since then. He's never lost a murder case. Undefeated. Including some bad at Casey Anthony seemed like it is a opening check case I think for a lot of people. The second Hernandez case you get somebody off murder who's already been convicted of one. So guy that has never in any great legal team around them by use siege is watching him work out why he's good at what he does. And I remember the tattoo artist that was when the really stood out to me to guide it. I did Aaron Hernandez gun tattoos it's Hernandez had tattoos that the prosecution said we're essentially mementos. Are these killings. Including. One that had the same caliber of gun and bullet used to shoot Alexander Bradley. Another one that was a revolver. Five bullets gone in the chamber five shots were fired into that car in the south and in 2012. They killed two men left the third one wounded so they they look did this the prosecution did is sort of mementos of killing. And why is that way of making at least cross examining the tattoo artist the baking heat sounds so ridiculous. They walked out of court thinking by death and I'm often believe this anymore. So if people wanna wanna crutch that jury for the verdict that they returned I understand that to an extent but when you sit there and watch the whole thing. And your grating on a scale of beyond a reasonable doubt. And your unaware of it can't factor in the fact he's already been convicted of murder at the old Lloyd stuff never came and it becomes a bit of the different equation so that's I'll say about him you can see why he is good at what he does I. Check online we'll say that a defense lawyer who gets the guilty off. That's not the defense where it's the evidence. Yeah he believes that it. I know does after the prosecution rested their case. I asked him. Yet has the prosecution met its burden here. There's chance that they might output on any defense at all and he said no prosecution hasn't met its burden and some well YE. Do you believe they haven't met their bird and I was following up in the sense of you know point to some specific things you we're do you think they came up short he said. Because errands this. I have met the burden. Is aaron's does. I know whether believes it or not but he sells it. I mean he certainly sold and that. You know that that's a big partly said he you'd see why he's good EC why he's good at what he does. I Tex lines 37937. Tactics it is suicide notes whose camera you're rich now has meaning yuck. And that was also a spot. And that was put forth by prosecutors to YE it is kill themselves to abate is convictions and allow more of an opportunity for he is. Family nick liked money whether it's money yet felt the patriots in multiple lawsuits going on there's concussion lawsuit that folded into a bunch by the concussion lawsuits in federal court in Pennsylvania. There litigating in state court now over the state. And whether the dot or gets money from the sale of his one point three million dollar house in North Attleboro so this is still being. Fought out any illegal. Level in both the federal and state courts. And you have to imagine it'll continue to be so have thoughts on that and I'm curious people side. If they had a strong reaction to it was it something you just kind of ignored. This is terming it an. For the better for the worse the way you look at the sort of remembered those cases that player. And the way this entire scenario. Played 61777979837. The phone number to chime in on that. So the other big stories from the weekend. I don't get the patriots coming out by. You know sitting. At the at the bar these past two Sundays. Watching. Tiger Woods in contention. At a major PGA tour event you know the Arnold Palmer invitational which tigers won a separate times. I'd now he may be the the odds on favorite. At the masters in the money is gonna be coming in hot and heavy odds Tiger Woods heading into this week so it's. A bit of a Renaissance year or couple weeks from now for the masters but I it's a bit of a Renaissance here for Tiger Woods. And I've heard a little bit over the weekend Katie Nolan talked about on her podcasting and others say it's seemingly have a queasy uneasy feeling. With Tiger Woods in rooting for him and whether. You should want him to be successful whether it's okay. To root for Tiger Woods to be successful. And for me it's a pretty easy decision. I know this is not a this about it how to take as I'm tired of the snow and the people of San sick of the snow with the the six to ten inches scheduled to Paul Wednesday. This is it right. Right on par with back in terms of hot take you not hear this anyplace else but golf is infinitely better woods Tiger Woods. Is competitive. And I am fully on board 110%. With a tiger resurgence I want to see this guy succeed. I wanna see any contention does it have to win necessarily a yesterday once you put that ball out of bounds at the Ricci was done. Just having him in contention deep into you ID number four. Of of eternity deep into that fourth round. Is enough. You raise. The interest in golf of people turning away from the NCAA tournament on television yesterday it's been pretty compelling first couple rounds of the NCAA tournament. In ages gets an energy in the sport that doesn't exist without I don't all of that is obvious. But the best part about it and the thing that always wanted to see. Is to see Tiger Woods competes against the generation of golfers that he created. I wanted to see tiger. Play against the guys that were they they took up the sport there were inspired to take up the sport in part because of his dominance twenty years ago. And we might finally have an opportunity to see. And to meet that's good for sports are good for golf good for the game good for everybody I just don't have any sort of say eight trepidation about pulling for the I don't. I EZ bend the best citizen. Yeah it it's unfair sometimes degrade on the scale of a bad athletes you have a tendency to a lump everybody together. Into this guy's hat off court off field off course in this case problems and this guy hasn't but there are degrees out. You know Tiger Woods is not by any indication. A year abuser. He was certainly not the best spouse. He was certainly a guy who was not the the faithful husband or the perfect family man that he pretended to be certainly a fraud. No question about that we were all duped it's some level by tiger. Just an incredible incredible fraud he tried to sell the idyllic family with. The two kids in the dog and we just sit in watch movies on Friday night and also the crap that he put out there it's a panel golf clubs. If you're angry about that though you have you bought clubs are you bought. Certain Ater shirt or whatever tigers Wear and that's on you man I I have no sympathy for you whatsoever I have sympathy for real and certainly. I'd even with the divorce settlement that she got in she got dragged through it and she didn't necessarily deserved that so. That somebody had said before and woody didn't fla. You know popping pills and putting himself in a position to hurt himself or hurt somebody else get behind the wheel aren't good obviously not a great look. But that's not something it beyond not a great blitzer responsible and and he'd deserve to be arrested he deserved to pay some sort of penalty for that he had. But beyond that now. Our top concern tee it up 318 yard drive right down middle. It that low iron shot. And getting himself in a position to reach par fives in two. The fist pump there were couple long putts I want to see him try to chase into the hole sadly that did not happen at any point but we saw a couple of fist pumps and and tiger in contention these last two weeks I needs a good thing. I don't feel any unease I don't feel any hesitation. About cheering for this guy because. Again not a high take he makes the sport better. When he is in contention you watch he's compelling he's good to root for he's good to root against. I just want him to be content curator wins at that really didn't bother I'd want to see maybe just one more major at some point. But the most important part of all of this is Tiger Woods in contention competing against the generation of golfers they he helped inspire. That's it that's what I wanna say. And the way he's swinging the club. Yesterday even with. You know popping that ball odd pounds sleep there and and not to sell body contention. You saw some flashes of the Tiger Woods that we've seen in the past the other guy that can drive 300 yards keep it down the middle. Control the irons it and there was one in the third round to where he kind of metal lip and the question was whether he was going to you. Just play you know wedge shot down a fairway or take a five iron in goal for it. Ended up pulling them near dire at it was a five iron and drives it on the green knocks on the green on the fairway bunker gives himself a chance and an eagle. That's the type the stuff. That made him must see television in the late ninety's that especially in the early two thousands that's the kind of stuck Jamaican must see television again. Six what 777979837. Weary never once chime in on Tiger Woods tees up next on WEEI hello Larry. Aside comment. Forget about it. Tiger dugout as art like what you wanna poll firmer not. Yeah implementing all come back and book or a few more majors. And expand career at that point my. That might be the greatest sports story of all time ago from the cynical view it that. Easily the most dominant athlete and IDs or. Are on pace to break all records of all a load it is. Shelby was actually human that actually make all comeback at this point after the indictment read and got an opt out of alternate. Obviously ever got their personal feelings on. What he had to get into. Their personal life it be to make all come back and so these are other person as well I can't take it all out. Yeah I'm with you Larry every loves a good redemption story everybody loves a an opportunity to second third I don't know how many chances might be for tiger. I disease at a few indiscretions again once it's marriage. I didn't get on the wheel at least twice that we know of we shouldn't have silly there these bend certainly some things that make tiger less of a perfect citizen. But now it's a chance at redemption. And no matter what the one thing that won't come back in that's probably on its product and I young talented players tiger losing a step. The prolonged period of ineffective this today's game. The punch line that he became her a combination of all the above he'll never have that same edge I don't think at least where guys just fall apart around. He won't have that. But if he can make that full comeback that Larry references there actually win a couple of tournaments that's. And I'm ready ready for that necessarily that happens great. I just wanna see any contention I wanna see tiger head to head against the guys half his age to see whether. This guy can do it to see whether I he could put golf in some sort of atmosphere some sort of rear air like it was when he was dominating when he was the guy to go get. And we might get a tape plays well Augusta that's for sure it's like they held of course they eyes always been kind to him over the years. Played well at bay hill this past weekend not well enough to win. But go to Augusta down a couple of weeks he may very well be the odds on favorite. 77797937. Get more your phone calls coming up. Rob Bradford joins the show at the top the hour. I'll get that his thoughts on the patriots and their op season and Brad Bo actually asked a question on Saturday. That are on Sunday morning yesterday morning that we actually got an answer to. Involving the Bruins in the NCAA tournaments will be able to get into that is well again with your calls 6177797937. Plotting with you up until 10 o'clock Monday night sons mock Sports Radio WE yeah. It's always a secret. We've month back night on Sports Radio WEEI. What is your feedback to deceive old. Thank god thank god he did it because we knew we would do it. I've we ask god to help us and I told god that we would do our part that he would do his flag. And a host of referees would fall like kind of a game that nobody would get injured that we play with confidence and we know we win that game. And then at the end we when the buzzer rang we wanted to be sure this course that we had the big W. Sister Jean had 98 years young channeling your inner Tommy nineteen get on Iraq's there and make sure the refs call the game right away. Pro Loyola. One of many highlights of the first weekend of the NCAA tournament I know people don't always get super excited about March Madness around here ecological racquet. A couple of days in your brackets socks and you balls again the constant people talking about their bracket league go to work you need to pretend that. Gave for accounting is bracket is really special and you care about it now yeah he definitely. I thought the UN BC might be able pull it off and he had Loyola in the sweet sixteen and he knew within Syracuse would have a good chance to beat Michigan State got to protect each era bottled. When you really dot. Although anybody should down certificates it speeds that was that was one I think a lot of people's. So I'd be considerably turn and actually did better than I thought around here in terms of ratings and Saturday and that will get into that with rob Bradford coming up at the top the hour. I also about this story was interesting and and mud and keep touched on it very very quickly. At the end of the last hour. And this is a report decay on Bloomberg. Earlier this evening just after 5 o'clock. That the Red Sox and the Yankees are closing in on a deal to play a series. In June 2019. In London. They have a labor contract that wants them to commit international games they're trying to figure out the details here but apparently. They're looking to two game regular season series. In London in June 2019. The series would be played it one in stadium which is the main facility for the 2012 Olympics this is according to anonymous sources that spoke to Bloomberg. Additional try to figure out some of the deet tails. The they reached out apparently to Major League Baseball into the teens for comment and indeed and get back at least the time the story was posted. And then this story goes I'd say among the biggest US sports baseball's the only one that hasn't yet played in Europe. Which was surprising to read it first then you think about yes that's the bend to the Far East they've been to. Australia Mexico it's better remember Red Sox played at series. I a couple of games at least with the aids. In Tokyo at the beginning of 2008 season the Yankees played in Tokyo at the beginning of 2004 season against the rays but the most recent CBA. Has set agreement there between owners and players. To commit to multiple international destinations in one that was the only city names of the Red Sox and yankees. Maybe heading over London. I personally hate this I really do. And the and I'm not entirely sure look at Casey can't figured out on the operation. From what I've heard from UK sports fans this is speaking more football American football least. Because he keep playing games over the air and they're increasing the London series in the presence over there itself out people golf. Two curiosity factor just being the end of the game what it is and people do show lots at Wembley Stadium when they play these things but. The critique. That I constantly hear from fans of footballer at least in the UK sports fans who watched some of the football games they go over the air is that there is a great deal of. Start stop start stop start stop. For what they're used to they don't want to see. A game that needs this seemingly take a break every fifteen seconds they used to something and more free flowing like soccer where it's just constant action they're constantly running around. I personally watch soccer I don't think they're doing anything. It just seems like the Arab. Arbitrarily taking the ball places I'm sure there's more to it going on and somebody you didn't really know baseball that well would have the same critique I'm making that tuned into handing out there. And I'm wondering whether that's gonna be the reaction. For people who aren't. As aware of baseball haven't really seen it up close and haven't seen a full games and live games get Major League baseball's top an over the as many parts a Europe that's why I was surprised a lot of parts Europe for the love baseball. Whether it's in the Netherlands. Italy. You know there are there are places in Europe where they play baseball wonder it is certainly not one of them. And I feel like London. Was one of those Olympic teams that was populated by a lot of Americans. I think big and Australia is basically a lot of Americans that had some sort of tangential ties to I Australia their parents or grandparents out of needed an Outback Steakhouse once there were some thing that. Tied down to that. And it. I am imagining at least two people get in one that'll get the same kind of reaction like this a lot of standing around doing nothing why is nothing happening. Why did they throw the ball and then twenty seconds go by before another peaches the road late these the types of things these the types. Critiques and criticisms that I can definitely see coming. Baseball's lack. From is the American standpoint again I understand you want to get the game out there as many people as possible. I can't see how this would help the Red Sox were the Yankees I'm not sure exactly how the schedule it because. You're going to I think they try to add both teams at home. Or at the very least in the eastern time zone before they fly over and then I have to. Negotiate these two game series the six hour time difference for there and I assume they would do it on a weekend. So with 7 o'clock first pitch or 6 o'clock first pitch in London. Is a noon or 1 o'clock start in the United States on the East Coast so you have back oh and for your. But it just feels like when I think about that that the problems of baseball we've had this discussion a lot right the how do you fix baseball thing. With pace of play in and try to work out that the kinks in the game and making better. Needing to play more games in London feels very hard analyst. You think about pace of play alluded that stupid rule that they are implementing now in the minor leagues the runner starting on second and extra innings like. All of these different things they're trying to do playing games in London feels very very very very very far down the list. So I am not wild about this. Does it have a long term impact on the way the Red Sox and yankees play that well and this that this the other part of the tube from out from eight. As selfish they n.'s baseball perspective. If this thing somehow screws up the the Red Sox or yankees are pros there are timing offer urges you saw the London trip impact the Celtics changed their schedule it played one game over there at our sport you play every day. Ended a division race that may come down to a couple of games at the end of the year. The idea of putting the team potentially a less. Added he just positioning June for a few games is not a great spot to me. Purple Red Sox or yankees perspective. With football you can absorb it more easily it once a week now but I we built in before battery Thursday game after something like that third began before rather. To give those teams a little bit more time. Again basketball we saw they eat. Kind of jammed up the Celtics a little bit especially when they're injured shorthand that played on two games back to back after the London trip the struggle they went into the all star break. And I were a little bit about that. Even impacts three or four games. If the Red Sox and yankees are what we think they're going to be this year and that carries it to next year. 34 games less than that has decided this division multiple times difference between playing a one game play and and getting shot the American League division series because you win the American League east lake these are the types of things could be on the line. For watt. To try to sell more Red Sox hats in London at I don't know I I don't want. I don't love it and I really am curious to see what kind of reaction will get from English sports fans. Who from what I've heard at least the the big criticism they have of football American football's what's all the inaction. What's all the stops and starts what's with the fifteen seconds of playing if that. And then. Thirty seconds is stopping and then and with the Major League Baseball means so much of it American dance sometimes don't wanna touch. Major League Baseball with the ace. And the way the games can drag I can imagine how you Kate the end we're used to seeing soccer which is over two hours they liked the most about soccer not a big soccer guy. But I love the fact that it starts when it said it's going to start. Those 705 start time kick off is at seven. And at seven they start kicking the ball and start doing their other soccer related things. And it's over two hours. Ninety minutes gets a stoppage time halftime built in there. Two hours done making dinner reservation for 9:30 at 7 o'clock kick out you'll make it. I can only imagine three and a half hours in. You're in the bottom of the seventh and look around that would what the hell that I buy into here. This football game I went to Wembley last year was even this long and they got to boarding the plane it's tied you're telling me they played more. Figured would tenth inning after this there keep going. Now I wonder whether this could be something they're a lot I shot in Framingham wants to chime in on this he's up next Alicia on. Hey I do and do everything aren't as somewhat your travels to Europe in Indian I've been to Australia as well I don't know if you're the senior cricket game. A little bit I don't really understand that either the ball always seems to be fair and then they just kind of run. Yet none of the secretive and yet but I mean but I OK it is either you know very. It's right there if not just as popular certainly right behind popularity in England fans are as football locker okay yeah. The and those games by the late either go all day. Or all over several days okay so. You know I I couldn't. And I recognize that yes like in two weeks ago. You know commitment to England recently I said you know I think it could be a huge I was actually speaking the same thing not two weeks ago. In Europe because I thought that baseball actually missing something by now promoting they've been trying to shut football. You know down the throats Europeans for years and years and you know that hasn't been that hasn't work but I think baseball actually has. You know that much better shot. A catching on in Europe and and major Lazar I guess with the article in Australia to some degree. But. Certainly in England I think it could be ahead. Aren't always running though cricket I know the games take forever Bedard is their. Relatively constant motion. They run back and forth between the wickets so you get when you you go you get as many you know runs and those of their runs so yeah basically. In between the though the past there OK and then you know it and you get what is much as six I think right now it's kind of like a home run. Are you say anything right now and I'll agree I really don't know but I think is the baseball it feels like there's the it would drag more. Even if the cricket matches we've said this a million times right it's always played the game it's piece of game with baseball. Baseball feels to me like you would drag more than a little bit of cricket at scene where it seems like everybody's in constant motion. Yeah I don't know its closest party game you know being emotionally if it's close I mean but it started late but. Ultimately about the length of the action the. Add or you break up lament their Shimon appreciate the college I did the cricket matches what I enters the at a much much more. Six what 777979837. Phone number rob Bradford is the chief cricket aficionado for WEEI dot com will bring him in the on this conversation coming up at two hours to go up until 10 o'clock Blondie and Brad thought coming up next Sports Radio WB yeah.