Mut at Night - The grilling of Kevin Cullen continues 6-18-18

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Monday, June 18th
HOUR 3 - Villani and Bradford continue to laud the work done by the morning show on the Kevin Cullen investigation.

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So yeah mod nine. Chris how would you describe your style of leadership to try to be very positive earlier shout or I can be yeah. Some guys don't like the other some guys like to be tormented them away explain that you curse me out let me run I. I think he's got to find the right mix at yell at me as or something going on with the village a village no I mean I'm gonna I'm I'm I'm. I mean. I loved and that loved him my child or complicated like everything we don't agree actually everything you know that's relationships and it's relationships yeah. More football questions now. Here's Mike at night on Sports Radio W we. A lot Iraq Bradford it. 6177797937. Phone number at raffles place check out my dancing. I gave him next week for him. 4500. Views that he was laughing test there that's that's you're going up and yes. We would not risk with this it would of Ryan had bombing something. Now. If it's so we're rows. In front right is no fun. Think you know instantly he didn't just in general or in general yes you're right you're very good at what you do what I enjoy have you produced the show and you certainly a cool got to hang out with. Oh cool in general gonna hang out yeah Don not I am with you already got a problem in order to get to know. This is the most. This that tense situation right here I know you Ryan. Are all gonna hang out people. It's called. Anywhere I don't know what can do about it I said I would do so at ease item at WTI people he's not a people I'm not a yeah I used to be an evil person anymore so do you hang out with anyone else outside of the people the UC York. I usually now so what do you do when you're on air. Every play music listening music. And okay that's about it. Mean I like reading that's that's definitely a solo activity. You know go to the concert with somebody else not for awhile. Not because I don't want to do but I can't afford to go to daddy's money he sends another challenge yet he injured to my socialist as you to the movies by yourself not a movie it. Really now. You movies vice you know I don't know why this is there's something weird to me about go to movies by yourself and have gone to. Iceland the Netherlands the canary island of Jamaica on myself blacks. For some reason like go to see a movie for two hours is weird thing to Iowa so I did it once I was having my transmission fixed and there's a movie theater next and I almost and that's college I went to the I was I was reaffirmed my strategy of good movies by myself just the other day. What's the Incredibles two with my wife and son. And Riyadh the movie I'd like I'd like him I. It went so what's the point what's the point but the point of going to movies that people will maybe it's it's not. Maybe just a little more. Two it is an idol Arnold on I don't know what they're a lot of people that break down the credit for you actually did me in three gave me there's no better adapt. So actually you've got to the third dimension and not well. This though there's no more depth. That's. So you wanna go to movies by yourself no I'd like no animals out. I don't want to do OK I almost all the time. That are major story that happened once when you were a movie by yourself. I went to see bridesmaids. Mrs. enemy story on the bridesmaids by myself wearing a suit. And I sat handicaps. Me historic night body needs restored now. But I that a major story that rocket about the majors that a major story broke a raid at Red Sox transaction of some time now all the time why you're in the movie. I broke Sean Casey retiring in a movie. Now think it with you at the move I was asked to come in on Thanksgiving Day after Thanksgiving. In the middle of movie coming in to do I show here by myself B zero chance evidence of that text and and you know here's what I did it was a movie about. Oh but it was I watched the first hour of the movie. Left came into the chat shift. He year. By myself on Friday it was a challenge from right yeah it's like it was basically the nightmare ruling goes their class reunion. And then I caught it I timed just right so I caught the last hour of the movie on my way home. They just let you go back in yes I hater I play myself I'm rob Bradford passed moviegoer well radio expert on this and you've built in an extra five minutes to explain the situation to the sixteen year old kid who clearly give a damn and like I mean any by the target 1030 tonight they'll let us now and so proud of myself it is guy rob Bradford. Come right this way since fifth and that we reserve with a story at that I follow through the exact same sound effect that one's that ought. Six led seven sevenths and I could 7837. Football number. Are getting a man says some celtics' offseason stuff to discuss with a solo Eric. Yeah the dark brown current what's going on Eric. I'm doing well his first of all these are voters or maybe it's my tree argued this is renewed her daughter come out on the floor. I would I would go buttons. On the one. You are very articulate about it I don't loyal go to movies by our our thoughts aren't Leo myself this question at all. Certainly it you're the Celtics what you. Which you take where it hurts to watch until one carried every problem Brian. And on our your poem I'm ready on Sunday this Sunday our round of the West Coast are. 7 AM West Coast time had fallen race at 10 o'clock I have a special surprise for you guys who dat you want to be here dominant beat the hangover breakfast after the after the wedding making use any clue as to what the special guest will be at 10 AM eastern standard time. Or to America and I are going to be at a certain factual some. The king gives clues to the special someone's going to be aired first and are so enamored by our agreement. And you know from the market not. Michael Eric. In my and I got just a gotcha you'd be without Michael Vick. I am not an honor and pretty much commentator on the on the Saddam was it wise where's he going to be. I'll watch it here at Barnard in Maryland can and cannot sign argued. Doom parties are darker. And I I actually believe this that in like these things and you go into the ports and connected regarded as. Now a novice okay about you you lost me at least spend all your all year with your money am following around their. Im at a Baptist Church in Maryland that humans are going to see imminent. Inaugural flight football game not on the on the net and as seriously regret asking this question but why. Are what it was I don't know like are trying to figure that out I mean he's very honest I'd I think very deeply about it. I talk to my shrink about it all the times you and I just I just beat a like I just loved it. We do you remember it so yeah he was a that was his audition for the the third man in undue heat yes I am. Yeah I mean when you do is segment aired live at the movies that you're talking about that bad. If you have much if if Michael vick's what you made. Icici and say that because I feel like he's on television and pregnant women. Vegas this weekend Saturday night and I'm Sunday morning they are. Are all right will you enjoy that is still in the mix by the way for a part yeah hosting position nobody's fill that role so it's entirely possible. That by the way right there. I am now on Bryant's side I you're right why I don't usually an hour later hey don't let nobody out you guys out nailed it stay humble and they show odd ball out barricade let your borrowers they're getting ready in here and this Omar got the I mean helicopters have interest rates higher we did so the day after. Day after that. Pollen all smoke is the after holly left. We we had open auditions if thirty Saturn every January 32 thirty seconds at your best pitch and Eric with actually maybe the best one. Beat slow for the sole reason most memorable if he knew. Absolutely everything about Michael Vick and we tested we put him through the ring your words from the Michael Vick they call back and you accumulate more way Airways it was epic and so. That's but now with that they'll translate well in the mark I. As wells anything else. You think this the other night you had people when you're ball I do it once while I won you know no one guy ads of the brand you're watching treat him more people here it's pretty full by. I wanna give him the opportunity Bradford coaching tree. Minutes on the Bradford coaching tree mutt. Not everybody. It's the new moon WEEI Portland or it. Dale I sent hybrid has brought up Michael Holley. They're just so big is that a promise of that. Dane yell what's her name the news she's she's the new she's in new. I'm trying to truck active fraud NASCAR sensor yet so she's she replace Casey Smith right tonight boss sports tonight first night. So they did this like Promos and second promo. On Nam on their Twitter account. There'll looks like that walking through feeding you all maybe you Pulitzer Prize at some point. They want it to figure all the three of them so yeah of Tom Giles Michael Holley in game you know. Mike holly looks like he's wearing a poncho. I what is happening Michael Holley since he left the UU righty up like this up to tell us a dozen or. It is so bizarre I don't watch the shows they certainly know I always really. SP I've never understood the attraction to watching people talk about sports. I don't get it I don't I don't whether it's NBC sports bars and weathered get out if it's like halftime show or pregame show for game. Okay. But I just a donors Louie we talked about this the other night it's the holiest the end I. Ryan I watched them I was having lunch somewhere and that that mid grade at noon ish kind of high noon. Holy mackerel. All my goodness. Like talked about like what is going online via. How could this actually be your show they still do the music during the entire segment. Hit the old western music. I don't know I could it was if you want to look at how I would do this when it's. So that's gotta say my name is taking the lead Manningham. And we don't take whole auto bankruptcies close these go to bed and his hair was insanity Mota back and it's that he's nineteen years old soda and I'm here I think the leaders saying I'll like these ladies in the you. As the guy who is the guy on with the money Jones are public or have a story from Harvard actually or anything big heart that that that is the that is the perfect example if you went to Westfield state. Like he would be cable access like they said you go to Harvard because I don't find him. Like one smidgen and it's a subjective business I understand people hate me. But what I'm watching a show the amount of gusto that they've put behind that show with the money Jones and him and he was what was he on around the horn. PTI excited. Though those panel like what it's like what merit that guy having like co hosting that show an idea that. No idea. You're at a Soviet radar I am what's what's the scuttlebutt over there about it does scuttlebutt I'm on the radio side I have no idea. And they know what's going on over there it's not a play to us now not a public deaths are. Calling back up. With learned that Giles and try to odd student on debt that's diploma yes. That's an odd one even by NBC sport Boston's and well excellent is it which is which is more that or the poncho that Michael hall is where. I didn't even notice the poncho you see us. You're in CNET. See what it's like I mean act. Kind of but it's like embroidered around the the caller tell you I'd never leave W can we also discussed the fact that I'm not entirely sure Michael Vick lives through the weekend. That's that's fair that's a fair point and and and like I'm not Michael Vick fan. Because of what he did. So I really don't have a strong feeling but as well being one way or another but it usually root for armed to come to people physically. I think that may actually happen. This weekend. How do you it in you may be an unwitting accessory today is because you're the one that suggested. That if he were to procure Michael Vick in some former fashion that you would go to the movies with all of them. And I don't rule out the possible our view and I rescinded that are you ending up in a drive through. Are driving in a rather whip Eric can hang and Michael Vick and the trial with a red rubber ball stop this. I rescind that offer because I it for that exact reason I knew that what where could lead OK that was. Yeah it was it was funny the first when he called in previously about the Michael Vick stuff. That wasn't really funny now that was a little scared out that's I'm gonna go home and deadbolt every door mind at all Michael de Serena should be safe I'm not take it all so they have a good trip. Be safe of their in Vegas if you wanna stay there that's cool too. I think that I wouldn't wanna do it Michael Vick but the dune buggy in the desert actually sounds pretty fun shore. It accurately Ramirez will be out there it's there but having dinner at Michael Vick what would you say to. He says he's had dinner with Michael Vick right you've done it before. I think that he said he says he's done before the gorge eat your forget monster he tortured and killed dogs you animal. He HE six out of a bitch Niall made that would really hang in the senate that would be before the martini course program the bets will be sent the would have what do you say why would you have dinner with him. I understand that wind had dinner with athletes into the but Michael Vick are going to be honest with secrets even if what was leavenworth like tell me all about even have Michael Vick didn't do all the things that you decided I was still would not wanna be undone by noises it's like random it's it's like 1 I I am going to I've been everywhere that AJ Feeley program. This figure out what's Chad Pennington and expect that dinner with him in ride ride go card Michael commission. You know video I was NFL Europe you're pretty good over there with a brawl on Davies front argued that was awesome oh my goodness yes. Stood a good segment concern is that. Furcal is once. Six what 777 I senate that he can let me bigger which they got big news been more breaking news tomorrow yes we expertise and a little bit sore but we know about it coming on the axle do that. Brad posed here for another half hour or so I'm with the of until 10 o'clock Sports Radio WB yeah it's. So much that night on Sports Radio we. Yeah. My friends fighters fired shots throughout this. Carrier. Yeah. And consider that he put it doesn't realize that what. We're pets this food. It will meet all of our way. The incident knees trying to find their way. Couldn't find. I've asked this completely Sears. We have this of those Kevin college where was it from. Somewhere on the Radio One of the BBC I don't know honestly I was completely series. Was it was that when he was sober now. Or whatever they said matter for I guess and dimes is out what at times he was blaming the alcohol on the lack of sleep. I don't think so now. You don't use over. No I don't think doubt as time I was little I mean on lack of sleeper. I would if I were in its yes that and any other ski season and yeah at this point yeah. Yeah lightly like we said I mean yes it is the news stuff isn't renewed the news dump wasn't gonna work on Friday nap and assure asked. Sort of belief as it tumble I thought I gave curtain Callahan a fantastic rundown for Monday morning. To recap of Red Sox and well how much you brought it like very strong 6 o'clock hour in fairness there was a game between the Wade LeBlanc came. And that will be an army and the weekend presented by arts. That's for a great weekend that's true is he turning a corner and 617779790. Three's and Obama. Or do you Obama trade rumors took a look at is those are Kristin you're going to about nauert yeah but I they're Smart enough to get a going initially is if the week Obama ahead of the curve that the is Bob a week okay. Yet that's yeah yep radeon Oprah no Bud Day you know I think they do all right for themselves not Rushmore Bruins defenseman not named Bobby yours ever really materialize when I was going to for the 9 o'clock hour but that's okay. And this was actually passed along by. Isn't an erstwhile gun issue today than they say Chris Curtis out to maverick square today solo date are chosen by Twitter feud was filled with pictures of both a security updates. But there is this part of the this is the globe review server there is the non globe review Kevin Cullen which was. They think there are some serious problems would begin a huge pass on the whole narrative style writing. In other words you're telling narrative style you can basically represent you were anywhere and it's just you're writing style. Like. You know I can still see clearly through the trees miss the tri Sarah tops rising about a describe as prescribed the poster that was on my wall when I was five so I can tell narrative style and it's like I was there yet. Right there in the middle of the young thieves fare so. That one however was infinitely better than the one that was done by the glow. And now when at least called in and out for a complete fabrication I believe those the exact words he used in the globes review they wrote this. And this goes back to the using. You know my French on this guy Bob sullying fits the inner Marty and everybody else down the bodega. So for example there was a column this from the globe with MS thirteen a history repeating itself Kevin extensively quotes at East Boston bodega operator. Named Colorado without providing his last name. Everything attributed to Al brown may be accurate but it's hard for anyone to judge the reliability of that information without going to mavericks where to find him. Let's quickly set aside the fact they're going to maverick square to find him is not like they've got up plucked him out of a village in Bangladesh or something. He's in maverick square right early that's what's represented yes this column was written two years ago. So it's not like keys. It's out of the realm of possibility he still would be a similar place that they went back to mavericks' owner there's a lot of turn over the bodega which is only a few miles away. And ye ye go door knocking yep that's a Colin does right yep. The door knock Albert you sure pass south the east the north the hero and you are in place a fleet have been Obama knocked it away. So they don't do that but whatever so. Apparently. The Alvarado. Is actually. The guy who's in MS thirteen. Who was arrested in 2016. By a transit police he was the who's wanted for blue berries crimes he's eventually arrested taken up the street column wrote about that so there's actually a fact error. In the the global review. That is aiming to fire in fact errors. That Kevin Collin had either written or not. Know how are you think how long do you think they worked on that will review the thing that dropped on Friday. The global the one that's like two and a half pages with no citations whatsoever yet a now okay how long how long do you think how long do you think there's so what was the what was the timetable here. Terms of weeks I know it's anyway allowance for a Memorial Day middle of the ball middle middle of April obviously is when this all started right it was on the five year anniversary so. Give it out and I get the baggage check the exact age but given a week later. Maybe yeah and so that puts you latter part of April collar people 25 tested to put a date out there. Yes so you're got 67 weeks yet. As seems like yeah. I mean it just it. It goes once again it comes back to overtime yesterday about. That. Well the lesson that the glow for take away from this is try harder be better. There's right and wrong and just because you work for the Boston Globe doesn't make it right and doesn't mean that you played by a different set of rules and even though we are Sports Radio station. Even though even though you know as we cited its entertainment and engagement and all that usually. This still happens this still happens and can happen insured happened. Where important things come from all different places they don't just come for the Boston Globe. And just because of the Boston Globe and thick that you have the the monopoly on this doesn't mean you can be back. Which is exactly what's going on. And this was another example we said Friday that a report good for Kirk good for Curtis and then they do it again today. Mean they do it again today and this isn't the reason I ask how long we've been working on it. This isn't like these guys are running a radio show Mike Holmes are like lake Ohio. Exactly the guy is sweaty palms and he's still able to do business scoured the slushy stands. Give the but Vegas but it's you don't saying you know saying yes I mean it's like then there's the they do not have the resources of the Boston Globe big or do not have technically the journalistic training of the Boston Globe and yet they're getting it right. And then getting it right. For really important stuff. Literally it's it's Kirk going through columns and then sending Curtis dispatching Curtis that's our citizens to go out and and burns and shoe leather I didn't see the post and people on the same exact thing exactly like that. It's I mean it really is it's pathetic it's embarrassing the fact he gets some rock comes back. Bonds a GA reporter off the beat for a couple of months which. I can't have a problem with that too why does and as a former GA reporter I would be annoying as hell. If this guy personally think so little my position that it's a punishment. This cast this guy down with this guns yeah that'd that are actually out there and most of the by the way most of those guys and men and women are doing some really good journalism are actually doing a good job. Trying by the way trying to lock harder try at trying to get it all right so you cast them down. With the have nots of the journalism world bought me off my beat for a couple of months when what you all wet out. It in we didn't really get into that part of it a widely covered veterans day parade exciting days we did cite the beam first. The first assignment would be either Milford field hockey or what was the other I don't know another one exit Melrose or somehow or another and town amid all in the Phil and Tom. But you're right you're absolutely right that but that's a bit in this punishment which is bizarre because is not what it should be. They shouldn't be three months and then your back getting paid and let's face it the united freedom. Just like he was before. Witness the general assignment they come to a and you hit the nail on the head pressed a they are they are saying hey general Simon people. This is this that you're what you do is so inconsequential. That we are punishing the side by doing it now you what you say you wanna come back. You're general assignment reporter for the entire time right. Right and if you wanna work your way up. To be a columnist and pick it up I'm not just saying that like it's it's something that would never happen Nora punishment that should be levied that is. Punishment should be levied you shouldn't be having to prove yourself again and not just being dropped in say article colonize these these things like you always. I'll be really curious to see if the narrative writing style makes its way back if there's first and last name sources. If there are eight and there's certainly even think it about a more over the past couple of days at big my own experiences. There's one story. Is that it is a without getting too deep into the details is story about a guy turn a hundred years old. Holocaust survivor. He actually threw the Germans acquiring and then losing land had managed to fight on both sides of World War II. This guy had a a incredible like he should have died 700 times probably lead to be a hundred. Living in Massachusetts Irish story about. And you know do the whole thing not based on his interview my editor comes back one hot how we noticed. You can add you know this guy's got to sell you a load of holy. So is is you would send thank you five dollars go back in a budget budget documents about his military service and everything but Iran and Russia. Well hi we know this is real I get an expert from Harvard to translate them and it has to yet that this looks real but. They are only willing to do its order for our own peace of mind not to attach my name on professor rob Bradford of Harvard and here's whatever still not good enough. I'd go back and get another professor was well from a different school as we took on the record. And essentially. It you'll immunize us against any possibility. That this guy the number of staff and I'm losing my mind at this point. By the number steps we went through to make sure that story was right and this was a puff piece. Other out a guy who lived an incredible life and an end up being a hundred. And you look at this. The most importance to. Worry the most worldwide. Known that worried that ever got out enormous part of it there. Is that users of the story that you're talking about it's a good story. By story yet. This will ever satellite today by the time I draw the steps of the guy was a hundred every lesson from all wrapped surrogate so. What we're talking about with Colin and not necessary with a bodega or talking about with Colin the meat and potatoes of this whole argument. If the Boston Marathon bombings the day after that 77 bombings I rode the tube today I walked. The back bay up and down obviously boils the street that section was sealed off. So. The point is is that. To what you're saying Kress. They made you go through all those steps because you are hardworking crystal Lonnie on your way up. There they're not making chemical and going through these steps because they got into this mode. They got into this this world this Bobble. Where they like we have Kevin Cullen he's going to be our voice we are the Boston Globe and so long everything's good everything's yet. And that's that's a lesson that it should be learned here get out of the bubble Boston Globe. Get out hits. I mean it's up. All you bull. That they they they still think that way and they have thought this way in regards this guy. The guy is so you mention that you hear his voice and it makes you cringe it really does. Because what he's talking about the Boston Marathon. And this punishment is is not as severe because they're saying it was on the radio you know right in the paper. What do you hear in voice that is the Boston Globe talking on the Internet. So it. Right now that's the Boston Globe talking I said it a bunch of times now while say it again there is the reason why. That radio station as that guy on the radio at that time because it is the guy for the paper at the most important time. That's it. That's it. It's it's really is cringe worthy listening to him. And can Donahue was on with Kuerten cal him this morning. She's the wife of Dick Donohue his wounded in the Watertown shoot out I'd speed and guys should it died but he pulled through and you know he's sees as happy and healthy now with at least one child. But Kim was on the on the radio and she brought up the shot collier. Connection. His belly again I don't remember at the back and look to to be completely fair here I don't remember that coming up Brad phone either one of those reports. The connection that he sees said he had heard entered new shock Collie or somehow I don't remember that either which and if you're out and I don't street reporters and especially guys around that that be a lot longer I was eventually get to know cops and I was on their few years and you get to know cops. But you get to know sort of the ones you see all the time. Not the guy who's in the back room just sort of starting working his way up and in Somerville those aren't the guys get to know so it's sort of strains credulity a bit and Allen does bother me. Because I ate I did meet him once that I brought about in the Harold and and went to act to. Wrote you know remember refresh all the details of that members of few drinks out at a bar in Davis Square in the mutual friend introduced the two of us so to represent. That. And 222. Sort of do it in a way that it seems to happen for no other reason than to make yourself feel better feel like you're were part of the story feel like you were the air feel like it. Feel like something happened a year. And that's why would you do these things you cover murders and things like that again you're ran terrible things all the time. They're not happening to you you're telling somebody else's story and you shouldn't make it seem like something is happening to you and that's what he did and that's the thing that they've. Really bothers me a lot of adults. Yet an area I think it speaks to. Probably a comfort level that he had righty. The comfort level that he had and also. We've talked about this in other cases where people got in trouble and where you are trying to keep up. You're trying to keep your wants and reputation because of bad reputation now but you're trying to keep your your status. This is the Pulitzer Prize winning guy this is the Boston Globe guy and this is the guy let's be honest this is a guy if they don't call me. For the radio doesn't call me. For the big interview for the Boston Marathon bombings then what's going on that that's unacceptable I have to remain that to be that guy. If there's an element of that and it's. It's not part and eco greatly can get ahead. It you know eat you don't wanna see all you know how point. And that's kind of the world he's put himself then aren't I sure for Caroline currently and would it isn't and hear it from Turkey got going in 1980 not as a quirky one anti gun where. He kept the quicker he tells the story from the kind that. Now he actually it's a character story and in need a man Paul you know mental putt Q what happy there's something going on Eric I couldn't equate. That's can Donna you're from this morning and does this come back the the original you know from our perspective why this is important. Because the good work that the Kirk Kim Curtis dead. And and how important it wise. We did we cannot forget that. That this was in and you know I've said I wrote this in the column which is yeah you you know you can not like Turkey you can say he's a jerk and everything else. Same thing we may be with Curtis. But you hit a no war no matter who you are even if you're the most die hard print journalist he can't ignore what they did you hear you going to react. And because a lot of that the globe review was sort of shooting the messenger including quoting people who said. Well they would have gone after him for any thing in in making it seem like this is just purely ended bird and stopped any of this was somebody else from the quote unquote media leaks. If there's somebody from beat the press pool instead of Kirk was breaking all of this he got reaction would have been the same as I tourism. I don't know it in eyes and you know Dan Shaughnessy. I treated out something along these lines and try to pull up my computer slow here but. It you'd create something out like glued on and John Henry and and it is duty in primary gory for not letting yeah I get. Basically win this came out after. After the after the thing on Friday I gotta give the globe credit. You know by its license which now. Being I don't know I don't know. That the worst and so what you used to Jared. Yes well you appreciate that he added that sound byte was probably worse than him but it's the only sounds like Obama I went and led by. Like that's what you're talking about the progress. When he says that it's okay. This take a step back. And understand. Like this is a real ID may be your friends with Colin I don't know. But we have to be realistic and we have to be honest about this I don't think was what the global cross the boy is or what what I'm talking about what a reference in the Shaughnessy tweeted out. That's a perfect example what's going on the globe. It's like. It's not us against them and maybe some people think today it's. But this is about right and wrong and take a step back and say hey you know what we were wrong. And they are and I don't think they're doing that neatly as much as they should be legally that's we can't find it. It was it was in response to bomb them onto her it was actually closes runs through Kirk so monitor read your monologue weeks and replies announcing it. I start somewhere I don't know sheriff Jonathan laws. There. By coming up next he looked through. Don't be obtuse. Yeah but you don't so that's that's a good example of it. Mean just take a step back take a step I will take a break and come back receiving find that sweet if not we will do other things sport Turkey at W yet. That's a more muck at night on Sports Radio WEEI. People. My next week. Now I deleted it. Think it is there is a lot differently. I was that inspires. And counted down the rabbit hole at these Colleen plot just yesterday. Collins surprised to learn mas upside down on her mortgage and was neighborhood repo man sniff around to get his apparent cover elderly scam artists Williams states. Collins' best Diego owner Alvarado something that's it right well. I doubt Louise whose money and John Ratzenberger oh yeah now that's good gap sound. Cohen agrees to help sell the bail Bondsman tracked down a mafia turncoat jabs for a few simple midnight run. Bullets fly the FBI and the mob join in the fun with deadline looming colleague liked it. In his grave is great. Curtis was room mysteries today. He's door not demand as it did though it that you pay to the is this the slice of flawless she's what is this note on the snow. Bit. The candidate. A it's a guessing tomorrow and get full report on occurrences within a line at an average square offs as a death it. I'd give them a lot of crime that that show they that they do stuff like that right. That's it's it's not just okay turn off the clock it and so you can lose it this morning. It's the parts of that and we're gonna send the producer of the Bud Day everybody that's what boss by my boss was out all day. It just snapped he's bodega he was harassing people and carted robbery at about burning issue whether the blood in this us. Remember when Tom bradys in that car accident in the back bag yes and we yet on time they sent him yeah I did like a live report feels that. Once they buy this this patch is green I was but yet that's grass was glad it was it was much excitement loose heeded the sideline reporting for the eleven night. There walking bill leading Milwaukee really. Which is there so there's a skill that. That's only his interview this oh yeah have you yeah that. Right out Eric from Hager although I go back to those kids classic. The relentless relentless Luther bird. Season two episode five Colin. Colin has the bodega to find the elusive Al Toronto we tell brought those world reread dad Manuel. They grab a beer and remain kids that. Yes dark materials. It's unprecedented. As deathly down the rabbit hole of those. So I'll find out more I guess on the whole column situation tomorrow again he's suspended for three months the idea blitzes. He had an and whatever they slap on the wrist he hits the summer off basically lose a quarter years pay but they. That's obviously not great for him that. Boy who's been paid all this time he's are any party had. Seven weeks or so paid date as a credible. And he said he brought of the general assignment thing and it's not edit add that that that release it does it really ran that marriage because you laugh your way out I worked my way up and and we don't think that's village if you wanna bring him back a legitimate punishment is the urge general assignment reporter. And it and that's that sounds bad months. No no I'm saying I'm saying. Does her job right. And Euro liquid everybody else and we'll see who now works Yahoo! and my guess is that all the other general siren reporters are there are now well out work you count now. You commotion seen the kind of heard it. Yeah usually report immune multiple people specially a place at the globe we have a lot of reporters on a story big story whatever. You work together answer I went to a damn thing to help them. If I were hurt in a scene with him in a U you do your thing you stay away from me and bullet the editors put our stuff together at the end I won nothing to do it damages that would. All my god that would go read my. There was so much real stuff I didn't understand why they had to create a composite character and have Mark Wahlberg to everything would have made a lot more authentic. If they just hold that as idiots. It would abandon. It would have been recalled that athletes to buy your own petard both sweats now when that senator prediction Aaron he had think but it. And as I say this to you on the whole narrative style thing yesterday. What happened. That day. Was obviously be shocking and powerful and emotional and there were hundreds and hundreds hundreds of people worried there who told. Gut wrenching horrifying. I'd tear jerking and at times inspirational story as either way probably were. A little sleepless. Probably did yeah hole honest I don't think many people all slept now that nine dollar an hour may be the next few after that and we're still looking for these and were able to not make things up. Especially make things up at one of the most important times in the cities but there were people also reporters columnists they were able to. To yarn that tale using the words and the images. That others had seen firsthand. And also attribute said images and you can still telling narratives you can still paint a picture you can still. I compose something that is incredibly powerful. Without misrepresent. And it comes back like we're trying to figure this out we're trying to look it through the prism of how we operate or how most people operate. I never understand this item I really don't understand the plagiarism thing either. Like I don't understand how old that happens. It is something in the head Dick Dick is a disconnect. In this case we're trying to psychoanalyze this guy like maybe this is what he was thinking maybe this is what he's thinking. Well. Okay. What is really bad it's really bad in nonsensical. And and there's no excuse to visit. All these excuses they've laid out. None of a merger or don't think this goes beyond the realm of of plagiarism in that dugout no doubt absolutely I distance so I just isn't right I said this yesterday. Is that. People make mistakes they get bad sources so forth and so on this happens we have plenty of examples of it. This this is a runs no no no no no this isn't this is all this is much much worse much worse and not only is it much worse. But it's much worse in large part because the time of what we're dealing with the subject matter that we're dealing. A month after the bombing I was completely screwed up myself I just. Had it was not taking care of myself was not eating right it was not too which was drinking too much was not getting the proper exercise asleep and I it. I think it was almost like the second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people have been traumatized. It really effective I remember like crying at night and stuff after talking to people and. I'm not thing happened a year Powell might believe anything he writes when he talks about the corner. Of the masculine feel hockey. When he goes and cover that first game Ayman heated second confirmation on who wins on a call coach after. It's going to be weird when it sees the coach how to display port that the first thing that that as Kevin Collins name off and good guys here going to be Goldberg with a magnifying so that tells me the Twitter ratio. Given that things tweeted out it might look a little something like Michael Jordan's line in double play like 2023. 42 something along those lines I think you're misleading numbers and now I think it's going to be I think DD reply. Reach we favoring Shiite ratio is gonna be something like Michael Jordan. In his is here with Terry Francona double play with the Birmingham Barons that's my guess yeah let me let me ask you this the globe. Does take real retired by taking a step back once the win for the globe here keep in this guy. Like I know we're so we're playing this out there what was gonna happen when he comes back to win is huge didn't. Completely. Kowtow to year enemy to that I'd written a video on if it's like your point if this isn't. If this is not WEI. Which as we cited is the enemy for them yes it valid I don't even it's an enemy it's beneath you right right right exactly. So if it is not WE yeah if it is say the Boston Herald I mean this is a different kind of enemy. Right that's when that in a lot of ways they're not the enemy there were all in this together newspaper yeah I think paired they're much more for enemy's death. So if if if that that's key if that's the case does he get fired. Is it aired outcome different I'll tell you what does a better chance of it there's no question. Good awesome question and what's the win for them other then we're not correlate WEEI win. What's the win for them that's because as the only one. Love that unbelievably dumb doesn't seem very shallow if if that's gathered up my oldest it's also unbelievably talented to dump this it at 630 on a Friday night the did. So are we past the point of of wondering what would be the Smart thing to do. You would like to thank you believe that in the economy grew I would I would not like to think so are we left that behind like Eric in here and try to chase Michael Vick and a dune buggy outside of Vegas. Do people who are listening earlier and I just can't ever eats. I. Yeah a rod to Milwaukee years are now man and a union guy we're committed I know they either he's an hang him or he's on his way to Vegas. So hostile cut it that's what he'd like you to believe it's a loaded it and plus W is their tornado routed through here any minute. Cardiac natural disaster it'll act so they on this this my that's my field I'll be safe trance blowing out there. That obviously you see every single time ads never told you they say not the other route Bradford pleasure as always all right I'm taking up till 10 o'clock a lot here on Sports Radio W yeah.