Mut at Night - Gronk showing up should be no surprise - 7-17-18

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Tuesday, July 17th
Villani is joined at the top of the hour by Rob Bradford who is on assignment in Washington DC covering the MLB all star game. The guys talk about what's going on with the Red Sox as the trade deadline approaches, and what moves they could make. Villani then gets into the news that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be in attendance for training camp, despite having no new contract in hand.

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He's much better. At night on Sports Radio tell you we. We PI. Our but at night is writing vitally wood fat lie still my crystal audience it until 8 o'clock rob Bradford WEEI dot com was the person who procured that an interview with who he bets. Rob that was laughing in the background why does that sound like moved he is broadcasting from a World War II era telephone. That's OK so it will beyond that he. You do better because you know that every you've got to sit there for 45 minute at each table. The red card bad guys they're still they're not doing the news article or. So you're running around like creepy to acknowledge you have give them by yo while the other American Media are in Iran and Iraq the what I did. Without collective core and move Q. Desk and basically just laughter there and went and read aloud what everybody else and it worked because. Evidently when he says that stuff there was only one other person there and that was Alex beer a night at. You haven't you're happy that I left the court he used by the by bill by wily veteran rule 100. They don't quit for a little bit and but what you say it was an old tape recorder it was left of the doubt at least we get something out of it. And you know it is loaded that sort of obviously. Where are you sure you leftists. I don't know why somebody is that a grand old time they are you sure you looked at and the desk and not in a briefcase ala George to stand. Basically I kind of feel like a circle but if you know that you know quite so chaotic Kerr and so chaotic it. There are landing all these people in this little base in the players just sitting at the table it is great because you've got access to these guys they have this bit there. I but if not a big area and you have people laughing in the background like we just oh Italy's that it did because you could ask them any pregnant and that's not necessarily indicate when the. Oh. Well one of the things Katie Martinez was asked that's made some news the past day or so is about the idea of signing out more long term DL anchoring him here in Boston is supposed to be opt out heavy deal that he has. He kind of couched it a little bit here because he he said something on the lines of like Al why not and that that would be. Something I'd be interested in seeing really commit full force so. Sort of a two part thing here rob how likely is it that the Red Sox can actually pull something like that often. Partition they do is it something they should be intercity given the fact he's thirty years old. Sorry I'll give you know this you better golf courses stated right now to which court are already saying that. And then an apology by you know by saying the right thank my agent right here you want to control about it. I I eat I didn't say the rectify it absolutely. Should. They can call me absolutely should make a call or they haven't already. Because this is going to be the way things are going. This guy gonna hawk down after the second year and you're going to be left with a in Norman. In this line of enormous president of the club out could you make the call. Well it is correct and that at some point you run out of money here today in Iraq are gonna literally run out of money by. You know sale are dual Martinez yeah you know how Bogart. And so you gotta have identified probably forty million dollar year players you could actually happen. And the way to go to colonial which it marquis bloat that I doubt if you do that let money. Is he the kind of guy though it is shown his value to it this lineup after having all those years and David Ortiz. Missing that when you still had rookie back to sell like Chris sailed some of these other guys in the lineup last year. Then you bring him back in this lineup completely different is an argument for making him one of those guys. Yeah I would I would try to make it one of those guys play admitted to great caught a conversation because. You can fail you have to sign up Chris Chris failure given past next year while he's going to be a party. You know and and we know the guy all of that way you want as much as we love Chris so the little wife of five or six year contract. I would dictating mark you know living a quiet for a virus your contract. A lot more in and who's to say which is now I don't know you typically you take the top of the rotation pitcher are you know what to do Martina is done. And and to plot being in your sit it'll occur at the bit. Just recently in Gerke it was a very unique guy in meant so much and that's basically what JD marquis has done and is not a lot of guys in baseball and the debt. The other guy you mentioned that's a couple of times and in he also had a contract related comment. Believe yesterday saying he's gonna keep an eye on white. Bryce Harper is making Harper's the same age. I'm heading into what could be a massive contract even though he's a little bit of a down year at least as far as some of his numbers go. What does that mean for for bats is he a guy that is going to look at Harper's deal and say. OK that's great I need more. I think. You got to going to be the highest paid player in baseball. When he gets a chance to speak. And I couldn't be higher than Bryce Harper that could be higher than many shot out there and that's saying thump and by the ID EA NN. And I think there's no chance in my mind we'll keep that signed the extension with the Red Sox beat Corey yet to have to create the sky and too far down that road. He he's he's that close and he was competent in doing the last couple years it was gonna do you would have done in the last couple years. I thought those comment about hardcore really trusting you back copper that you didn't shy away from it you said I'm gonna keep a close eye on this because this is going to meet company. To all of us down the road. So yeah I I think there's no way around I can't close our. I can't imagine. That will keep bet you're gonna be off the right side. Wait for four after after this activist who are rotted what do you free agency. So you're giving up on the idea that the Red Sox had a team that make him the highest paid player in baseball. I didn't maybe yeah I mean but it I have to do. They're gonna have to do in and innovation and in this world baseball is that good for businesses that the best thing to do our visit to divvy it out. Well the the rest of Gloucester and promote you betcha this special player. Well there's always a wall because one team to go call and receive aren't out again that the highest paid. Player based law in elaborate right now is that going to eat for the Arizona Diamondbacks. There's there's an example all you needed one. And so yeah so to. I'm not optimistic about it right now inquiry he would. Rob looking at the shorter term picture of the Red Sox now I get the trade deadline fast approaching. This is the great Red Sox team but there's an argument be made his agrees they are they may not great enough when you stack mop against the Yankees in the Astros. How do you see these trade deadline playing out in other words. Is there are quote unquote splash move to be made for the Red Sox and if not where where they are looking where should they be looking. I especially now that at your dear friend of mine haven't relic. I get Sam Kennedy to say there Roy go past that to ordered 37 million dollar luxury tax threshold. You have equipment that's what they have the brought you content to end our illegal when I see it. 88 this is accompanying map since is that they've been saying they're they're just not that stop them from doing it all staying. Because I know that they've made moot whether to beat pierce who. When you refer Nagle that you don't optical path there. Are they gonna go pass a big at the right guy I think yeah short maybe they will. Right guy you've got to make sure you really going to be work and I still thank bill they can run at one of these guys one of these relief pitcher you. These high level of relief pitchers who maybe don't get paid a lot of money I wrote a while in private hands got to view the closer we could to yeah you know I usually colosio's target. The watches guys pitch even though the artery. The last month or so. But still you've got yankees are going out there the reds are trying him and that the type of guys who are under control for years to come. And can tell when Kim believes. Then you go from there so market if you go to the Olympics wise move crowd that's what I in my mind that's what we're thought. I always think of Brad handers as a splash moves on glad and a higher. On C news. Little kids so lightly you know like what you're not immediately go to the original I read like Japan I tell you might go there. There are doubts though the a right handed starting pitcher you look at the yankees' numbers against lefties or just see you at the Yankees have done against one particular lefty David Price that seems to call for. That right handed starter to it to supplement but. It is very even somebody out there that you could really go and get. But I know I mean that might be a little bird is. By if we're not talking about the blue and white Berlin that we all knew Verlander as well as the guy who couldn't seem though that dynamic and everything. But if Guitar Hero and a guy who's gonna. The beat dramatically better than what some of these other guys we're going to be I I can't say that weren't that give up whatever you can do about. Chilly out there is you don't eat at you bigger picture. Yankee apartment run out goalie Mike Baker run out. Are we just saw what he did an ugly all right guys like Verlander who could comment and lock everything down because like. Immediately thought about this idea that the reality went down with a starting pitching thing. It is they got their guys and they get Iraq item until maybe get a lot of rugby is back at the end of the year and uncle were there. They note this is why Paul went to soul or go to Hawaii this either attacked or Alaska content actually could buy start tomorrow. I did all you've been going out again. Not holding out for Reggie to ground his agent said the Mets should trade him now if they don't wanna sign a long term. And arguably. Uganda met with what you would provide talks. What do you know it's it's you don't give up something new this new. Oh yeah I rental we have this failure do go to Google and Yahoo! they're going after they're radical. And that's gonna come cheap and you only have a rap year that OK because we didn't we now in my early just to give up in the use of Miley you're a little bit about this not. These guys out there these radicals who you say that that it's and that could be better than what you already out. Our rob where he cover in the game from tonight their root your hotel again. I'm gonna destroy roam the streets of Washington. This roam the streets or maybe from the Washington ought. Shirtless ally Napoli after the 2013 World Series. The idea who did note that the American League win what a celebration gonna me. You are though it was probably saw it was horrid year obsolete or it. And there are attempting to actually get a light like a moral could get close all of which. It must have been a bit out of the umpire law on the CPA and nobody watered adding. I can't even imagine that looking at the you don't better than I do they ever looking at the live shots and ESPN right now it seems like the weather's going to be fine. Our knowledge solely signs solely by an iron but I had to take a cab rides for apple buyout because I couldn't walk a rain out. The hardships so out of me competitive. I'm sure you expense ditzy led WEEI where rob my question for you or UN Gilani on okay terms now after that we hug it out flew over the weekend. I was I was surprised I was like I I urge all out they could hurt its results. So what and so on I don't know what is going I was like. I added. This week that never happened the rest station but it was much you bought out. Profanity laced tirade from Curtis directed I think you and me so you and I are in kindred spirits in that regard courtesy to both. All week I admit I give him out virtual audio Briere. Thought. That works are rob have fun tonight leery you coverage on WEEI dot com appreciate the time but. Our rob Bradford is down to DC our nation's capital is during the majesty. Of our nation's capital getting ready to the American League nationally in the Australian should ask him he's got to water park than there. As her good points water park is or get water park in DC must I'm guessing I really have no idea. It's hot there in the summer and I've been to DC he had not really saw about the water parks is something to deal. You know I'm not a lot of art guy Hebert on the water park I in general how it's the pool on Saturday that was fine. They just played golf this kind of sweaty is good today you know each hour in the jump in the pool and a lot but. Yeah I'm not a water park and general nominee I think what am I seeing marks. Any time with the theme parks now. To golf. Golf. Beached cycling active kind of things yet not annaly roller coasters. Scared memories don't like I just don't enjoy them I don't I don't get enjoyment from. It's sad and I said I don't get enjoyment treaty and enjoyment from it be roller coaster again all of rollercoaster and you would. Hewitt I can I do get off. I don't know I think the idea thrills and other ways Jack in nine get the rules and other ways fair. That you watch but I'm sure there are some things out there I really thought about it are golf course what would be yes that's becoming less and less thrilling more plate seems what is the ruling is. It seems like there's a sense of normalcy starting to return to fox Purcell delve into that a little bit next to go but the ball Weinstein guy at 617. 779793. Said he chime in on Twitter. And Chris baloney 44 and your till 8 o'clock am the all star game Sports Radio WB yeah. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. There are players were in the building sometime before camp and don't wind up showing in their clothes who. Come to the building and and do want to show he was not there for voluntary OTAs this offseason did certain mandatory minicamp. So I think this sentence was that he would be there for training camp at the contract issues still is on resolved he is not gotten the new deal that has been talked about discussed speculated upon. And so as long as that is not done the questions remain about whether or not he'll be at camp at the start but he will. Will be there when the patriots report next week for most camps all reporting of the goodness of his pitches today. Try to get ready to get back to the Super Bowl once again. That of course is not a jester from today talking about Rob Gronkowski and you've probably seen the reports from Mike Reese. And ESPN that Rob Gronkowski despite not having that new contract. Will in fact report to the team in July 25 on time for training camp. IA and so so so shocked so's. This is again we we've Philly can be beating the same drum throughout the course the Nazis would patriots. Is this not seasonal different shore in there are many reasons why David talked about did not seem I don't really see the need to. I delve too deeply back into them over and over and over again but. At the end of at all. Without looking at the the long term or thinking about how many years Brady adds laughter gras Kaz left or whether they'll be re doing contracts how they might approach it. The fact is this season. Will not be that much different. When it comes to the actual product on the field when it comes to you. The time for roared the players who need to report to be where they are getting to where they need to be and performing the way they need to perform. And this sense of normalcy this. Departure from the soap opera part of the patriots day it seems to have. Existed throughout the op seizing going all the way back to the birth hours after the Super Bowl in the Malcolm Butler decision and speculation about that. All of that. Is put on the back burner it's going to be discussed that'll still be part of their conversation. But he does get shelled a little bit to decide when the players actually come back and start performing NEC gains ABC even just the pre season practices. And getting ready for the start of the new year. The end. It was there any doubt. Was there really any doubt. That Rob Gronkowski was gonna show up on time. That he was going to play that he's gonna perform even last year when reportedly he wasn't having a great time it was an avid a lot of fine. Speaking about his future really drilling down on on what he might be looking at life after football how soon that may come. Even that mindset for Rob Gronkowski. Produced an incredibly. Successful year a productive year. One of the top weapons of any team in the NFL. Certainly the go to guy for the patriots end L Lewis Redick pointed this out earlier today that he is. In this is a fairly obvious point but if you look at the patriots this season. And especially the beginning of the season croc is as important as he's ever back. Quite honestly I think he will come out of the gates blazing because the fact it'll have usually an element and this is an offense that's kind of in the state of transition as far as that doesn't know Brandon cooks inning morneau Dion Lewis there anymore. Tom has don't know I am dole Tom hasn't been their very much assault season at all. Rod hasn't been there very much this off season and also when you think Tom is gonna resort to its beginning this season. He's a resort to his default is the fault is the big man in the big man's gonna get a ton of targets so barring any any kind of injuries injury that really takes him off the field for a significant. Portion of time which you know this is probably going to happen I wanna say significant injury good guard hasn't played all sixteen games as a second year in the league. I would assume he's going to have one of his best years of his career because Tom is going to go to what he knows and and thought is what he knows. I was a lot different areas that Lewis is going with that he kind of wins. I circling the airport appeared on the conversation Crockett is tell you might get hurt I'm not saying he's gonna get hurt his chance he gets dirty Alley gets hurt. You groggy and in the idea that he hasn't played. A full season since his second year at least a little bit misleading easy nifty game this past year it wasn't pretty injury so he was held these are nicely and any I was pretty injury that he tried to inflict its audience he has been as healthy as he's ever been out recently and this past season. By obviously coming out of the gate Rob Gronkowski is a tremendous importance to this team. And it's further reasons they it before he was some sort of against circling the airport on the on the injury front for gronkowski. I that he articulated the guys are purity more of what numbers amber any Coke's deal I believe it's five years emailing not that. Not bad at all which is by extension. One year in year eight million dollar deal this year so guaranteed point is yes eighty. Over ought ethnic Catholic. Forty about half its guarantee so is this is gronkowski point two by the contract extension so he's in the middle now eight year 54 million dollar extension that he cited 2012 and it's a tough spot for gronkowski out he's able to look at other tight end and say he's still well behind those guys. Broadcast outlets and insane it watts yes it for a lot of reasons but director Stan inseparable nets. That was great I I remember it was fantastic but. The fact is it a crime to better player than all of those guys the injury concerns temperate somewhat he wants get paid like a wide receiver. The reality is he not a wide steeper end it's a tough it's a case that Jimmy Graham tried to make it has made a gets a little bit more success leading ground to make it thirteen. And Rockies is south of nine he was on the market and exactly. Gronkowski elected signed that extension to 2012 he's got to put himself at the top spot. Contractually he knows he's valued team he knows his value especially the beginning part of the season when the first four games they won actually in cattlemen. But. He's also a guy who has then ends Lewis was saying there in so many words hurt. Quite a bit. This past year he was in his second year in the league he wasn't but that and he was heard this used in this game he had a concussion issue was well timed. Didn't sell and up rusted to be able to recover and get back on appeal the Super Bowl. That is part of the story when it comes to Rob Gronkowski sell it to say that. The spot offseason soap opera was was much ado about nothing I say that in this light. Long term. I think there's more uncertainty of what the patriots are gonna look like then there's been in in any point Brady Belichick Eric and that's obvious. Brady's contract running up. Rob Gronkowski contract is still a few years left but that's coming up as well Julie elements coming out. Brady only realistically. Whatever he's doing today to get himself ready and get himself in shape notwithstanding we every did last year winning the MVP outstanding. All Lee has a few years left there's a lot more of the book and lefty in the right hand at this point for Brady. So yes the the future is still somewhat influx that before you get into. Whatever tension or drama or. Off field controversy quote on quote there might be that said this year. To that it O'Donnell I third 2018. This is not going to be a big departure from what the patriots have been passed it's just not in a big part of it is now. After some posturing. And some grand standing in the op season. Everybody just get back down to business once the season starts even last year gronkowski wasn't happy. Well that a great time when it came time to strap on the pads and play what became time to get it done on Sundays is they say. Monday's whenever. I he'd get to the tune of one of the most productive seasons at his. My question for you why is crawl. Treating his contract situation differently and say Levy on now or Julio Jones. Differently how differently than each he's gonna show our Intel isn't. EU I am really struggling Nazi patriot way right now which can wanna say that now the patriot way he's showing Bill Belichick he's earning as much it's the patriot way I think it's the way the guys wired. He shows up on Sunday he plays football that that that's what he does not fit not a lady on bell doesn't but I think the mindset is. Is just different and also. What leverage he really had he's gonna hold out and it lose a year and then he's just putting off free agency longer I I don't. I don't understand what. What kind of leverage he has on top of that he may be looking at aid situation recently a couple of years left Italy even wanna play as long as those guys so. You don't have the ability to it to necessarily save it you wanna get out there and play right away I just think the way he's wired I go back to even knew was that funny still. I'll wiz was ready to perform at the highest possible level that you can imagine for that position. I think that's we gronkowski Whiting somebody's probably cultural somebody is ingrained from the top. Those organizations that they are not as well run as patriots organization to just not. So it as much as it's it's some way I hack he did say oh patriot way. You're kidding yourself you say that's not part of this culture as a player part of it from Brady in bella check on down. The thing is about Crockett Carter he's not wrong that he's criminally underpaid. Considering the amount of different things he does on the football field and it each patriots. Especially when you look at some these receivers it's kind of antiquated to look at the player by position accordingly right in today's and it now. But he tied Andy's utilize all ways say organ well you'd differently in a wide receiver it's equated some idol is is yarder Hopkins yeah. I'd say he's his valuable as anybody else any non quarterback in league. As that. Any non quarterback in the league he's at least on par with those guys Ankiel and attack on how he feels the same thing only defensive ends a guy like lady on bell. Eighty elite quarterback anybody it's not a quarterback. Roger is on par with that. And maybe you will see salaries start to change a little bit it's. It's a tough case to make I can see it the other way too wide a wide receivers get paid moral typically over the course decree get more value from wide receiver than a tight end. Ron buck that trend. But he can be difficult for the contracts where that the people were doling out the money. To arrive at that same conclusion for some reason Jimmy Graham at the same fight and he was more a wide receiver has been more a wide receiver. Then Crockett terms of the way the plays whether he's outside the numbers were he's lining up to style game. He more mirrors a wide receiver rod does. It's just that the only sport where they look at the position and today we're gonna pay you along this year additionally even the franchise tag structured that way. Verses it's now past bosses holier center were gonna pay you this much or you're darker and use MySpace. All your starting pitcher you're gonna make more relief pitcher but a relief pitcher but that's about it. It out saying you're short it's it's a quick hurdle if you look at the highs and the biggest contracts by an average annual value ET quicker ticket to a massive payday if your pitcher. That position player. There are you guys that are exceptions that. They'd break into that top energy costs and when he tied and it's hampering cast these value but you're also dealing with mr. the comparison really falls apart. Salary cap vs non salary cap so it becomes more of zero sum game you're paying some one got more at the expense of another. And I know that the money's not and listen baseball there does come a point where contracts are preventative. But it's a much higher threshold which have duel in the I get what you say and I just key I guess I get charged he went short. It's a hit man I've heard it. Any can take. I played exact putt firm from our friend Lewis there because he spent a lot of time talking about how we could get hurt by Hasselbeck. From and what does he say he says he's crux good okay we're not the year you know it's like PRD hurt our. I get properly good if you place a gig card as he's pointed the same. Then the same token. His leverage is why at this point I can hold out nobody realistically thought he was going to. He's gonna play any got to hope that the patriots are willing to take care of them is they've shown. With certain players a willingness to do. If you want to. Sign a massive contract in New England is not the place to do and that goes back to that as much a part of the political patriot way. As the mentality in the attitude that is going to get all these guys back on the field and actually count and make at least this coming season. Want term he had these other external factors that are gonna push on on how much longer let's keep going the patriots but this coming season. Look for a whole lot more of the same act guaranteeing a Super Bowl by. They're probably gonna be there at least guarantee it sees. Yes will guarantee you guarantee an AFC title game appearance at the bear that's the war. Realistically that's the polar the patriots and then now for. A fifteen plus years are a few minutes left here before you get to set for the all star game from washed in DC get three Red Sox in the starting lineup or wrap things up on the side. It's always a safe bet with the month at night on Sports Radio telling you we. We EI. This couple minutes left your before the all star game in check you and I were talking about the fact that this all star game is gonna get ratings he had numbers don't lie. It's got some stiff competition no one's trying. I'm watching Adam his there. Go up against James Baldwin. In the court hole championship match. I don't know it's Adam or James they really can't tell first a lot of rooms listening to music I guess that state pumped up as he tosses the bean bags at the wooden board. The other dude here is got a drink I can only assume it's beer some kinds of rules and is wearing a cut off T shirt like he's a fourth of July cut out which against feels like it's the rules is the rules. And the other guy acting though has me. Stimulated. And maybe it's Michael week. Is that a simulated drink it out because I think he's thinking sits on the maybe it's water you to stay hydrated this. Which ones Isner which ones ball cancel their names and now that would actually be helpful and this event is apparently brought you by sausage. Yes that the sponsor. One. One sausage that's your sponsor let's like sock did you not want to see how the corn hole championship sponsorships are made every sausage company need. Nat together instead let's pull the money. And sponsored that path that you ticket fifty bucks each column today by not what's and you read the ad's tagline for the on the Corel or you can't spell sausage without USA. And edit any shot at the pitcher we hadn't really thought about it but as as today. USA. GE and the of the USA in Lincoln American flag with the feel the blue and stars and William the American flag looks like I Betty Paige Johnson bill is the primaries hostage. Spots because if they get for. But this is this will be tougher austerity and B why does the all star game get ratings why the espy's get ratings those tomorrow right they are they're competition is Roemer. But there's nothing whatsoever going up against the espy's Tamar it's even worse than tonight. That's if streamer Cornel. Well party replay of the out of his new James Baldwin match easily do real stars on my card here last night. The stars and our core I like the people in the crowd it's. It seems like it's skewing in some parts older than I would think it's almost like they took the crowd from the old can't open stars and stripes shell end. They are just now watching. Cornel because they can't watch the open bully them into coming into this thing you angered me. Although looking around now actually that's unfair to this particular crowd I can't open stars and strikes that was the same crowd that size. Evans a relic get the text free public library when he was showing not a big fifty and the stats he's put actually what. Most of the folks I remember seeing on that show in the crowd are probably no longer with as many recipes. Might add at this same democratic vote and to what it. If they were still with us there would have enjoyed the hell out of them I'll say that. All star game comes your way next for sale on the mound that he batch JD Martinez in the starting lineup could see Craig Kimbrel and Mitch Moreland by the time. The night is over jet dryer great job you'll be back on Thursday. Yes gratefully back on Friday I'll just miss you pass and it now now now per month passing ships in the WEEI night. He had by the onto her and Chris Maloney forty force to ground the all star game next.