Mut at Night - Hernandez special made him look good - 3-19-18

Mut at Night
Monday, March 19th

Mut and Keefe discuss the Aaron Hernandez special and its bias toward Hernandez. Mut wouldn’t have watched it if Kirk and Gerry weren’t in it. They also wonder how fans will react to a Red Sox-Yankees game in London.



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News yeah Monday night. At. Every single person doesn't feel unappreciated all every single player doesn't feel as if he's been go to our. It's really germane to two players in particular I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2000. AT and says seventeen answered you know what was once sizable malls and start doing some more things along the way I want to a forty. And that sea change from Brady even though might have been minor understandable. Was really breathtaking as far as favorite for concerned with the. Mostly definitely molehill. I ever heard that you that. He would not Hynes is and didn't directly take you back off patrol will be there on the double an umbrella. And then really here and on my plans. He is now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. The options of listening to to a person's name. Or let's do this thing we're says he self defense and that would make this. When like I think 90% of Celtics fans would actually make a trade that would net them Anthony Davis. I will take Ludacris and seeing whatever hell they want so what if you don't have to choose it you can listen at the same time because that's what happened today. Black is doing now while those guys are doing. These pictures are they Tom bradys and all of ought to act anymore. I don't and that there's a Florida completely would trade have a thing Jason Tatum and Janice brown they don't want to malignant that they had a most Celtics fans would make. That trade gland sorry to keep the sing an up boys I don't take that over good tunes Glenn at doing is people are saying her team with a comes this. Saying that it is another hour monkey for everything that they want and radio you get brother hour here tonight your phone calls until 7 o'clock Chris wanted to buy at that point 617. 77979837. Phone number two simple questions for you on your drive home tonight number one. Do you like the patriots. First week of the Aussie and so far I don't I said it would that I UN dale hollow earlier in the show we talked about it on the Dylan Keefe program. I think the talent they've lost. Is nowhere near the amount of talent they've recruit another good team anyway to get to a Super Bowl. But and when I go back to last the trading deadline and I include garrote blow. And I include what they've lost in the offseason eight sold there Dion Lewis Danny Amendola. They have lost I would say four or five. Top twenty tell the players off the roster now gala Malcolm Butler Richie knew was going to go anyway okay so today is gone you're ready for that but it should eat but they still left you replace them with Jason according. Any Shelton to players like guests are good that are coming off and only sixteen route everything went. And clear what's about to cut Jason reporting correct before he came and got that trade. On court Darrell Paterson resided on that a quarter up Paterson for their own accord Darrell Paterson. I like him Mac Tobin and. Jeremy him whole knee and Adrian Claiborne. Who maybe I'll be proven wrong. Those guys don't feel like they're going to replace that the talent of the top 1516 roster guys US Ayman Al who has the best most potential. I think the most potential might be Patterson he's very different than Ammann dole but let's say Amendola got or however many catches or touches a game. It now it's it'll look different but could you give that the Paterson Jiri DeMar reverse once the game go to jet screen and like. One quick pass plus or turn a few kicks like art and I like Alec Patterson you give up much to get him. The other guys. It's hard to see where they really upgraded. Okay daily Sheldon mildly they have instead of an all out on the ranch I guess legged out branches from scratch for most of the games and he's just another body you can throw on on the front ruled same Claiborne. According. I still think there's a chance according could be as good as Butler last year but he's not going to be as good spot was two years ago or three years ago where he was all pro on the court at that left in them. But Butler wasn't great last year. And soak him according be better than row which Jason quarry. Yeah sure right in the should be able to do that I saw Eric brother got beat by Al Shawn Jeffrey for a touchdown closer so that to me at least seems like a good addition Jeremy hill I think stinks McNabb I'm not a big Jeremy held guy you don't like Mike Ellis Lee might be free Mike Gillis here if Jeremy he'll write plays Gillis in that your short yardage and potentially receiving backs of the best of those that's what makes the team yen and fine. Claiborne. I don't know I mean he he should be getting a first round pick in Vietnam and half sacks than it would six of the nine and a half came in one. Freaking game against backups for Dallas so it didn't take long for people to sniff that out that well what what else can this guy do. So on the year rely on Claiborne but it seems like the last few years. Good post Jim Jones even that sort of throw blanch at different guys at the guys in the middle guys in the edge doesn't listen about Adam is making plays or their you know they're bringing in all kinds of guys that in ways that until the real game account and what do they could not get a finger on nick pulls announcing that they did not so the offseason at least this past weekend all the sudden you started to see them add players like they started to actually do things whereas. You know last Friday or last Thursday. What have they done figured eliminated and. It's weird they dumbest thing and and Louis Riddick of ESPN. Tweeted it out lot of major fans responded to upsetting people pacer fans want Louis Riddick to be talking about the patriots heat we've dealt this is when it. That the best teams really get to work in free agency. My my my issue was that this team. They needed. We saw last year they need an impact player on defense and so you lose Butler you place him in the forty. Any at throwing Danny Shelvin major Claiborne I don't know if any of those guys and actual impact player. Defensively and to meet what what they have done here what they figured free agency. Is they have told you they have trust. In the guys that are currently here Donta hightower come back off of injury. I don't get river swallow a lot of credit for got a defense rivers who flash of the idea camp last year got hurt was out for the year. They must think Cyrus Joan that though so boy. They must think those guys are really good. Because they've not added an impact player defensively that I wasn't crazy about allowed to go out turned on the consume but there's been trades made here they may trade themselves. But they still will make a trade like that. They feel like. They base they directly they're very confident team right now coming off a year ago 41 points nick pulls this are possible. And I guess I'm a little bit surprised by that especially given a the players they've lost. Off the roster. That you've knock on your way to essentially replace them with players that you and I think you may patriot fans feel differently. Are as good as the guys that are no longer here and sign elsewhere yeah I think she. You know right now it's still a work in progress yet the draft next month where they can. Continue to make trades and Randy Moss was a draft day trade in so they can still. Swing more deals there plus the players that they take you know who they take with a grapple OPEC may take in the first round those guys should impact the team. This year. But you're right date they have guys come on back from injury and you have to always prepare for more injury without those are the great things about Ammann dole was he was basically a settlement insurance and last year you prove that out. And they've done that a couple positions side and catch up but think about played and they went out got Martellus Bennett to back up. Rob Gronkowski did similar guys on the outside it it seemed like they wanted to. To have backups at three or four different really key. Position yet Natalie entries did hit they don't have that right. They don't have that right now the summer's gonna have to emerge because they still have enough to have a really really good offensively if you're looking at just receivers alone. You have coax you have cattlemen you have Hogan you have Mitchell. Like that portly had brewery it yeah Brady who's gonna make all those guys better so and then with Bronx. The running backs is still white and Birkhead. And again. The best of hill and jealously so it's not like all of a sudden M Dole's gone into all Margo how they gonna score but there Erica they're gonna score it's just if you. Lose one guy is important no weathered settlement or wrong. Is there somebody else I could step up and I don't think you can count on Paterson for that but I think he's a deal to be. And useful player you can use them and a bunch of different ways of McCain doesn't get creative. But he's not somebody it's so hit or miss a guy comes in whether eyes on the same page Brady or not. But there's some example of of hitting there's also some examples of guys that came to make it at a camp they just can't fidelity audio Reggie Wayne Donald Hayes didn't go our whole like now I'm still here but I I would certainly got it out I got with Tom Brady in that same page right and then you have the other extremes and and guys that I'd monster seasons and cooks. Maybe somewhere in between but with a little bit you know closer to the side of being hit in those over a thousand yards near expecting him to be even better. This year so it'd definitely remains to be seen with a down Paterson that in the office. So they're gonna get a lot of credit from. The pro patriot. Media and they're funny 'cause they've had a great tracker to track record of success. When waiting a week can you go and sign Chris Hogan vs signed the most expensive. You know wide receiver available my question tonight was given the first it's really been about a week that is tampering periods are a week ago today. And you start hearing news last Monday so it's been really only technically five days it's been about a week as a patriot Fannie watches thing unfold base the reaction we got. When UN dale and I yelled about this couple hours ago. People don't agree need a day like with the patriots did and so far they're talking up gaining Shelton they're excited about majoring Claiborne. I'm not right now and others as a big track record working but the guys they have brought in. Verse of the guys that have left it feels like a major talent drain on the roster and I admit I include brothel and that that I understand it's not a trade deadline that's on eight. Free agency thing. But you let him go for a pick number 43 and given the amount of money the quarterback's got. Beginning last Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. He was work more than a second round pick a site that the talent drain. Is affected by Yoon not maximizing. The return always a major major assets a couple month but that's also I think me those are different conversations that you're saying how does that impact 2018. Losing a backup quarterback doesn't. But it you're talking about the next five years of what you could have gotten in return like if you could have gotten a couple of extra picks form. They admit then that helps obviously but for this year like they lost their starting left tackle I lost their backup quarterback but. Obviously the one as much more worn on the on much more significant but I I would say the returner he talked about the draft picks they're gonna use that would have better draft picks. If they were able to. I get more for Jimmy probably talk to Cleveland talk to Arizona's two other teams were offering and that's the other part of this is that. I feel like that picture than just a letting him off the only eight solar got paid or so and so got it was sold there. While the store written this weekend why the patriots were more active in trying to sign him. Before eventually had a bloody Tuesday or Wednesday when the giants jumped in like. You go back to cart we can go work current suggested a periscope video. That. A snowstorm dates all the wasn't taking visits to go anywhere else okay he wanted to be here. And the patriots are tied to slow play that really hadn't offered him a contract. So before either let the giants getting in off from some sort represented to give your okay. Letting him walk on Brady's going to be 41 next year you've had two left tackle since 2001. So it's sort of it's the weird. It's the approach that not just that the talent train your last couple of days. But the approach about not trying to be more active with some of these players did you just assume that the Indian dole was gonna take. A reduced rate again when he didn't sit school let him go did you approach in a dole before that. Armed men Butler seems long gone anyways it's tough to go back and bitch about you know ball but with those guys specifically. Was there a plan or to say okay come back in Jewish or best offer game will try to match if we want to or not. Let him walk so what do you we tie the approach into what they have done the players have left the players that are here. Feel like what that what the first week he's been for the patriots in free agency at 6177797937. That is question number one. Question number two is did you watch any or all of this standing it is is today Aaron Hernandez. Dock you drama. And what are you take it because I fully admit I watch it because of of the job that we had here and you would be topic today. I thought he had bigger topics Avandia better I'd documentary at IB documentary wasn't it was as Andy said earlier a dock you drama. The thing sucked and so on asking people did you watch the thing that sucked. So like I probably know the answer to that yeah. But I was just blown away from that really did that middle and late episode one in the end of episode 24 full hours of it. How pro Hernandez this one's. And I wonder what patriot fans to away from the committee. Meeting watch. Yeah I Cadillac a reaction from the the audience today seems to make me think that you or not go out of their way to tracked on the oxygen network and 7:9 o'clock Saturday and Sunday. Last couple yet Saturday night Sunday night first ball Saturday violates hunting or lose now one don't know after watching TV on Saturday night's lottery and then so like most people you watch it either on DVR on demand or whatever on Sunday. So that you say. I wrote a stomach for hours of this and one day and it's a slow slow for it is a slew slaughter of a dock you drama and if I didn't. Note that that we're gonna talk about it today Allen wants passed. You can't even go back to the important part yes I miss so immersed in college basketball on. Whatever you're doing it I would've bailed after 1015 minutes had I not had this job. So I simply what do right so that I sit down lots of almighty god admittedly this is going to be so few hours Iowa redundant over and over Henry said here's the same footage in the same cuts in the same footage in bad commercial. And four minute commercial this time it's it's is. The production was terror the production is really bad and I think we're so used to good documentaries. If you're watching thirty for thirty's you're watching some of these HBO documentaries you're so used to. Some business really well done and this wasn't also I think at a lot of patriots fans paid attention to. All the details to this and build the lead up to the trial during the trial everything else so it was going to be difficult to. Breaks the real new information on the table it from the department I saw all part lawn. I didn't learn anything. I I've of the OK I got it. Late you know get a couple interviews I didn't know what his apology girlfriend's name was or what she will learn a lot about her found out about her I think there's an idea of the back story there. To a what's going on our lives yes yes exactly and now I'm curious about that everything else who liked. Okay. What what else to be God's image they didn't really you're waiting for echo of almighty god moment but it just it never happened well. It's an Alyssa Anderson username and she ends up being a bigger factor in episode two. Because she suggested in letters I believe with her Hernandez during the trials. That he admitted to being. And read from the dead the York post breakdown today. That in those letters are the former girlfriend and when he turned real the dealers and as ball pledging that he was gay and Alyssa Anderson who dated him as well other University of Florida they connected again years after splitting. After she heard it was arrest in connection with the murder of semi professional football player or mobile. They communicate through letters were Hernandez allegedly opened up tour. He admittedly he admitted to being molested as a kid Anderson said. But he never dealt with it and it led to issues in a sexuality. Anderson alluded to Hernandez having a relationship with a man in college that she not speak explicitly. Pull back in college there were text message this on this phone they came back portrait to Connecticut there were male that have a name. Didn't say too much but it was a relationship with somebody. And when I question about it he always denied it wanna letters he opened up about. And he did admit to. So they drop this in. In the back half episode two with really no context out of nowhere and and it by the end of it biases is making fun of of of Kirk and Jerry in and on. Katharine McPhee Michelle McPhee and so ever for bringing up on the air. Of course not acknowledging didn't bring it up to make fun of her minutes are being gay they brought up because. Mix these suggests that one of the motives being tossed around oh Lloyd shows up randomly did a friend of Hernandez won this guy die what happened. One of the voters was according to her sources. That Hernandez was gay old Lloyd knew about their worried about old Boyd. Telling people Hernandez did not want people to know that was the context of to suggest that they are being mean spirited to bring that upn and it was somehow. Are wrong and do it is absolutely insane. On the day brought it up because it was tied to the motive and the way that bias doesn't the end here rich is he tries to make people feel bad. Because it was brought up publicly when it was brought up because of the motive correct and why old Lloyd died here also that I bought it bothered me. Said there was no mode of court of of course that got our weapon right. The rebirth Alison it's about the stay on the website 1000% right. These people that claim to be really close to air Hernandez like his lawyer Baez and should die Jenkins and his friends and family. To bring it up and just put in the second part of documentary just for the clicks on the pays between faith and and and that water to leave it the way they did it. They did he end guys get now a murderer whose dad a major disservice they should be more. They should feel worse about it than anyone talking about publicly should they did orbited service than anybody else it would bring in this. Well yet and they probably feel like they didn't because they're they're put you know pointing. Points and everybody else and let's look at look at these you're trying to shame him now but then what you're saying here and they just leaving it there because without that. Mean may be oxygen would still running but I think they were looking for at least one headline you'd point this out this afternoon that. It TMZ the New York Post other places after a four hour documentary was suing headlines headline right now from New York post's Aaron Hernandez lawyer and X a struggle with being the worst DMZ add that you're some words well with a similar to and think that's that's all ahead that's going they pulled out of its abated pulled out of it. There goes this oxygen and they're trying to dip in on true crime this is part one. Of the season long thing where there are these different dock you drama and structural all be terrible. And it's this part wants this and they really wanted to get people's attention when this one. Now's the best thing they can come up with a four hours but they didn't tie didn't too. But why it was that no why not an audit without why kill themselves what did they didn't bring it in any they pretended and in fact the the lawyer goes on to say that. You know he he fought with the judges that you can't bring this up it's against the law really sole motive for a murder affiliates is now a lot a lot of be brought up in court and up at a lot of court cases by Philip that would be an important part. On the dummy I could not you couldn't get into law school could they were a law school is well it'll be a lawyer now I'm sure I guess but. It makes sense that if it's tied a motive it's used now legal for the prosecution of bring up. He had solid point you the motive so I'd get ironic you watch this I I I if like your right if I didn't have to watch it I would have bailed early episode one if I wasn't friends with Kirk and Jerry in and wanna see with those guys like I would have bailed on it. I stuck with a I wonder if anyone else help their did. I want to take aways were many people go were convinced that. Hernandez wasn't. Guilty or they feel badly for her and and it's I don't ice I I don't feel any differently at the most sympathy for him I feel no sympathy for. She Jenkins I feel cells have the per buyer is opposite lever any of them they date. Date they are upset that a murderer is dead. I don't think that you should be easy patriots fan. Maybe you felt dutifully watch in this in this weekend's 617. 7797. ID 37 the phone number that is one of the questions rescued open the show tonight the other is are you OK are happy with you like. With the pages done so far in free agency the Talbots goal armor to tell they've acquired either via trade or. Op in the free agency market here in this up first week of the off season 617779. 793 so we'll get your phone calls and that the Red Sox and yankees. Are gonna play games in London. Apparently next week on a next year I should say I'm not sure why. It's a that's story you know get your phone calls Monday night rich keep Sports Radio W media it's much at night on sports. Yeah. And. But tonight Sports Radio WEP I'll take up until 7 o'clock which people. Along as well as for money we'll join you at that point your phone calls. All evening here at 6177797937. I'll get this Red Sox story in a second to Patrick in New Hampshire who ritual apply a pop that up Biden get the amounts of nice work by you hi Patrick. I examined it. What's up. I only watched the second one. The second half of the episode. And we're the first ones out there were so border that I just turned it. The second one and that where they were trying to say where loyalists and net. If they're not on a book concussion industry. To a head that the first Chad would never got him to make any chances. In and therefore it was great when he goes. Yes so having this turn you into an angry evil. Well however rephrase it goes like. Very. I'm inspired by Annika thing always watched the first. A dogged I would say that you're now back and watch the first shot about your leg ritual watched the first set up the second out I suggest there are some interest in things you outs in the second at Patrick thanks for your call yet bias as big thing at the end. Horry he laud CT CT if we had known. Couple things number one. On there's no test for CTE. In your living person it's all less Hernandez was dead. On you wouldn't of an opiate CT I could suggest it but not until proven to a jury and number two. I think you jury have been Smart enough to recognize that. These things that were happening that he was involved in. Had gone on a lot of his life like there were these wee weed it all of the time obviously but between Florida in his early days of the patriots there was a lot of other stuff with Aaron Hernandez. They saw. That might have been before he suffered any major concussion the national football on buys points on CT makes no sense what you're saying did. Byers doesn't think that he did it. So we're playing we're even CT four. Him being in the area where you both of these well would you then point the CT four if that's why I had those friends that he had that yeah like I don't know a suggestion. So if you're talking about maybe that's why he killed himself maybe you have some of that's not what you were talking about you were saying you know that's. Had we had known that during the trial that could help us. What's the excel so all the other than they were saying before about how there is no evidence that he did it's are you saying. That they covered up because they definitely didn't do that they would go with a all the surveillance video with all the the stuff to the left at the scene where or old Lloyd's body was found they didn't cover anything up there. So about empire has just comes across and I'm sure. Because he's the producer is going to be a celebrity lawyer gets like the final say on it yeah so he's probably thinking in his head that he doesn't come across that way but that's those crazy let the ego of hodac by writing either I did a great job on this that like I will give or take my side for sure he also got paid I'm Sherri good chunk of change you're due out this was a four hour broadcast can be done in I think ninety minutes could done that whole thing. In one not even an episode he got such on that to their Beisel commercial. Commercial. Inventory and there. And if you believe that if Casey Anthony and actually do well he was lawyer for Casey Anthony and so they're they're he's probably set up here for a couple of these. And event worst case are for buys he gets paid. And the next time he celebrity. Things come up. He's going to be in the mix to get these cases. Because people are gonna seem as some sort of hero while rarity and as a Casey at the world's worst case is going to be getting good paid on these shows and be like. Celebrity. Court analysts like let's go to Jose Baez Jose good day today for the prosecution all he had a cross examine here and they got to believe. But this guy has like and it's a real knowledge besides being an. A creepy lawyer he's he's definitely a big name and your right the next kind of celebrity or just you know Casey Anthony wasn't a celebrity honestly she's sort of morphed into one and the way things are now but. The next case like that you're right he's going to be right there and there at the center any image you see you watch the first one Seattle it is stood out to you. They're going through the timeline of Hernandez being tracked about patrons in the fourth round. They came back from break and there is this whole reset of how he wanted more money yes any guy and that's in the was insane McKee he. Aaron and his man and a Smart guy was not a great criminal as far as you tell. He he to a known that as a fourth round pick. You're sort of slotted at all you're gonna get really bitching that people on the scene is that about validating get paid that the correct money would his agent told him Aaron this is kind of what you make a fourth round pick there's not. The dollar negotiation would you do here now apartment from wrong didn't he promote this thing didn't you write letters to teams and was saying that. Hey if you draft mean highlight I will. Basically I mean does what again gone against the players union but he was saying how. He would take drug tests he would do all these things and you clear in my. He would sign based off of that make you want to make much money as possible but he's willing to do all these extra tests just to make sure these clean but obviously teams were still. Afraid of going to talk about the peace that. You know the guy from rivals dot com by his first round pick is the best tight end in college football the year before all this stuff and they fell in the fourth round. You worked on make. Crazy money I think it's pretty much slotted in and make him they're not that they're not gonna pay like a first rounder. If your pick in the fourth round you want some of this letter I just pulled it up yea yes so this story. Back in 2010. In the letter Hernandez references drug use that the player was alleged to have taken part in during college. In an attempt an NFL teams trapped in the clear conscience and and it's penned the following letter. Suggesting would submit to biweekly drug tests. You ought to propose it be tested positive he would forfeit money back to the team and so it's that got letterhead for 162010. Nick this aerial patriot all right rhetoric. Mr. Serra writing. I am writing in regards some of the feedback I receive my agents. Florida coaches other NFL personnel. These sources have indicated an NFL teams question about my alleged use of marijuana. I personally answer these questions are in the pre draft process. But understand NFL teams want to conduct thorough due diligence before making the significant financial investment inherent in a high traffic. I'm just stop here yet and with Nicky he reached a bogey I hear of him Frazier I have no issue with these questions being asked but thought that it made the most sense to communicate with you directly. Regarding this issue C would not to rely on secondhand information. And he goes through all this city says. I will donate the troll rate and a pro rated. Portion of my guarantee money to the team's choice to charities if he ended up. Testing policy like where you want to do this like white is simple arguably my LA drug trip drug test not deserve that portion of the money. In closing asked the trust me when I see it actually nothing to worry about. When it comes to me and use of recreational drugs. I set very high goals myself in the NFL pokes out of percent achieving those goals so test me all you want during my rookie year. All the result will be negative when I'm having an overwhelming positive impact in the field. Not a good luck he preparations contact me Aaron and his university our not to be ferried in anything and they're about killing people. No so. Counseling usable for his rookie year so year to all bets are all that's around that's true PCP would do whatever maybe after that. Which is it's. That he was involved PCP yeah lays bare wanna there at the end so wrong. Advertising and I Jake boss is good question retired and on about this for a while now maybe you have an answer hi Jake. Ally with summit. The question Aqua question part yeah little after the fact but I wanted to pick what you bring an enrichment plant based yeah but let's let these guys. But let nobody gone. Becoming at halftime. Tom Brady everywhere else one of the game. What happened he justifies. Belichick soreness in when he thought of not see a Richard couldn't be out. It is through the round you know what are the ramifications right and it's ridiculous to limit on the steal the penalty. No way he can just pull a guy I can say Iran. Already picked that date thanks for the call I got a play notable high level Gingrich it's a rich I'll defer to show you explain to me why Butler could roach won on the field and Super Bowl there's nothing supper. If he runs out of the field and said hey I about a most I got you got to mostly would then run off the field. And he got that his client. All of those are simple enough now I didn't Belichick a security physically remove him from the field I was or blaming Belichick this whole time. He's right on Butler taking a bonus should you use should have payroll process take its data most he's jerseys we couldn't go on the field. Now and so he had to play he should put a streaker just rock on the field to get out there why not. Please let us have not yet you're teams would a cared about that. Let's show he should've easily enough about all the question gonna differently the next five months but that on is just he's a new spin why any just go up there. Why don't ask what little. Good about apartment in the stupid yeah later Belichick know is whether he's there to answer question nation particularly at some point. Some in third quarter to one up there dot com Ayman. And I'm sure I'll surely I'm fine. I would get a break we'll come back the Red Sox and yankees won a plane London I don't care why should we it's Monday night's portrayed UWB yeah. She'll never stops on Twitter follow along. How much WEEI. Sports Radio WEEI. There's a lot of coming your way at 7 o'clock it's one at night Sports Radio WEEI alongside rich keep. What's the third made him situation for the rest week for you guys obviously tomorrow I believe Troy Brown as soon who is a new face there later apple hours there I believe in your heart is back again this week I know very tired and arts it's too bad hunting Wednesday Jonathan moss never to have loved John yes stands. Either open date or forget. A big. Who else was. He settled Okur and I should know who Friday to anybody gonna chase ended the week so let's say. Opel had actually I won't read what football heavy Tamara should be a broad tomorrow night on the mud at night program which are you hosting tomorrow for the first period tomorrow I guess that's used in itself. Ben volt will be in for a couple days ago he of the Boston Globe other guys who at one point suggests he was saddened by the whole Erin and his or ask him what he thought that it. The dock you drama series the last couple days series of football heavy that's yet. Finally we got an and I know that you guys do some different interludes and Celtics and Bruins. For war I sit right now. We are just a holding pattern to the post season when those two teams like I I do I am ratings were okay for the Bruins this weekend and like a three. Something on Saturday night's helpers were not as good. Armed by Philly fans are just waiting for those two teams to it is shall be injured right at two A playoffs you're checking injury status now Ryan did not I'll give zeal extra reason to watch tonight you wanna see what what he does in his team debut. And it also sounds like you're tiger the break he's going to be playing with preaching according to your blood Joey back of the Boston sports journal yeah suggesting that Rick Nash is not gonna go on that means that. It's not on crate she. Play together tonight have to not take long Dale's solace who's proximate the first power play and now is going to be basically on the second line again oh that's nice to watch that nice to watch in Jason Adelman Jalen brown he's younger players emerge. I think most fans would sign for help eighteen post season lose the rest of the games right now. Without me out yet if that was the trade off on your lead leg amputees can be healthy going policies and rules are to the top seed though they're only a few points there four points back within two games in hand in May of two more head to head meetings Tampa Bay so even with all their injuries go Bergeron though Chara. And looks like now know Rick Nash. Our upper body injuries that mirrors that exactly but all those guys are out at least for now and they could still take over the top spot so imagine this is broke during our show here tonight it's not it's not huge news but it's their reality we live in now. That these sports leagues that we are fans of that they want to branch out outside the United States they they have. In many cases rich felt like they have maximized. On the amount of money they can make a month's us American sports fans like us lose none of us right you've got our money OK we can't get their money anymore with the NFL and can we got pink jerseys for breast cancer awareness we have camp mode jerseys for the army we have. Roll backs and OK we've milk the look we do now let's go to Europe. Look at those suckers to start by an I hate the NFL Europe makes no sense to the states and am I don't hate the idea that I hate the idea that. That build the commissioner thinks it should be a priority when when the game that you he's everything in that one dollar to help out here Libya Teaneck in London a place for games they are complete four games here four games there for us here have thoughts on music Latin glaze our Gladwell the owner of the box always been considered a guy might do that yes got to Jacksonville clearly what the teams they're Jack's one other one. So the story broke tonight courtesy of Bloomberg. That the Red Sox and yankees. Are gonna played two game series in London. In 2019. Dom they played baseball there. If we cricket right. Crickets there's a soccer feeling mostly soccer while soccer and soccer or football football football put on. Well they called merit all payments called over there yet Samaria and they lobbed it over there are don't. Watch baseball on. So you're gonna play the lucky ones do they get a lot out of there so again we don't wanna plays in prime time right in London a place 7 o'clock hope it's a real short porch is that -- and the like page built stadium Ron benefited 200 feet Alley way you have it baseball's Olympic Stadium somewhere there that they built. In London. So they played baseball there they're there to make a hold I mean. I don't think their stadiums where ago. Camped out hard bitten by that it's awful they owe all of that I'm not only the good of a rocket jock and an offense that all that's and I like that. I'm back in now on London based on what it really weird part so what's the end game here because you're right they're not gonna put. Two games there and all of a sudden people londoners are playing American based on just not going to happen if also pay attention to money buys right yes yeah 100%. I don't. I I didn't care what we're on Red Sox yankees a four hour thing so long hair though it. It is they still can't believe so what time. So help me out here at the time change like six hours six hours ahead of bus driver six and Yemen says it's like this they played at 7 o'clock there you put 1 o'clock games here this year which she should be here they're finished be fine with. I guess it would be great afternoon games delegates in morning baseball. That you can trade off a take it. Yeah but I just admit they think this a big deal lets you Sam Kennedy RD quoted saying that they love to do but if not then it's of the MLB side and MLB PA terrible they want it did it's it doesn't. It doesn't register with those fans they think it does it in the can make money off that make it better I don't know what to make it better here before exert. Travel on the world Red Sox yankees in London. And it. States sidebar to target ago. When you want to have knee in the Booth for those gay guys that you do it here the frog found here. Stay here yeah I don't think hash tag much to London's going to be picked off like ash and mud at manner which was a success was huge success. On success is gonna be radio coming up beginning at 7 o'clock this yet failure this hour. I ask for money is going to save yes are baking here he's coming up. Sports targets to dive into review. You'll do with your phone calls at 617779. 7937. Richest back tomorrow with Troy Brown for a couple hours out of Iraq tomorrow Ben bullet a rich keep tomorrow at six right here Sports Radio WER.