Mut at Night - High-energy Rob wants to talk to someone in England about baseball - 3-19-18

Mut at Night
Monday, March 19th

Rob asks the question of the night: Will J.D. Martinez play more games in the outfield than Ken Laird spends in the broadcast booth?


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News he's Monday night. Every single person doesn't feel unappreciated all of every single player doesn't feel as if he's been go to our. It's really germane to two players in particular I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2000. AT and says seventy answered you know what was once sizable malls and start doing some more things on the way I want to a forty. And that sea change from Brady even though might have been minor understandable it was really breathtaking as far as facing the concern we might. Most recently. I have ever heard that you that. You would tell me how is it didn't directly take you back off patrol will be there on the double the number. In the community here and on my plans. Hey is now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. Are the show before a late night comes your way with Big Ben Mallard Chris Maloney and rob Bradbury in for Mike finance. What's actually in the entire rest of the week. Here. Yet here all. Right now I waited and it shows Thursday and Friday they are preempted but the entire rest of the week where you know there is a night show he's in sport so tomorrow yup. And Wednesday correct OK yes it's hard to schedule our. Mark at night right yes and then next week. Red Sox start. A week from Thursday yeah opening day against the rays I was excited my pregame post game last yesterday the Maury show that yeah model and the two and probably about fifty games. That's my my old eyes I smelled nature may be believe it when to throw more specific number on nearly 56 and a half. 5656. And a half of the 160 of the 160 OK yes mark put it on the board put it on the board 56 of the 160 to begin any West Coast games he's not him. Who read. John Ryder does the does strategy how to read those they're that's a ride on a dollar a surprise that the writers sweet spot I if we can games he's not doing so it's it's broadcast. Abbas he's done their due in the broadcast god bless his soul and it's O. He's doing it with an average and so I get this tax from to mossy. At 4:19 PM so assuming the game's over. His tax was. I I kicked the wire accidentally knocked us off the F authorities excuse it's. They have a notice of the dual. Or a problem and I did get an. I didn't get any tax or to be where they're angry calls and texts and tweets that went flying in those thirty to sixty seconds of the people who are locked gaze. And look at things mixed publicity for mayor played when a guy speaks that it takes up the extension cord and build runway lights go out. Anyway yes so I'm looking forward to read sites and am looking for you being part of the broadcast. Com and whatever way manners you do what you do more games in March. I need to be closer to it should be. Before I think that that meant. It to be closer than it should be opera or be somewhere in the forty game each okay via the forty okay ride girl of about. A cavalier about twenty. When are we saw Sunday X rectal but what about twenty Sundays and it's easily send this in five months okay go ahead continue to give ten Laird 22 when he mathematics of the game here there. That's 65 between unite model be somewhere in the 55 range and so we're T 120. And writer get the other sports at what point of year it is market passive aggressively manage me for going to nest in pre. Sometime around meeting. I. I think maybe you before Red Sox will be about Ford's group with. Because had exactly that early April may be even before. Some kind of assessed for this. This British baseball thing I noticed. So there is there a British website the covers baseball baseball GB dot C code dot you've today. Like doesn't quite fly off the title like WPI dot com agreed threatens if they felt that you are now the the behind thoughts if it's just not a back with. Instead of say that was you pull up big creep back Bratton sent come on let's go. And that they had done what they headlining. Columns on it where when Joseph Maddon came to Melton keys. Look fantastic is that everyone has to hang their hat on something. So anyway I asked where were still operating get all the information we can because that's that organization we are because some big big story of the fact that. The Red Sox yankees might play there a year. I just think it's stupid. He's an incredibly street courses stupid. I do love there I was just reading an article about it and the baseball players are open to coming to England and they have Steve envoy light. One guy. Yeah it sure would love to play in England. Oh yes a jury brought them self to you has asked the body was alleged who speaks for everybody that feels like it feels like some guy that asks David Price do you think this could be your best year ever he says. I think my best year ever chip or this or. Like the other day like headline dividends to this story on sort of read such changes in and out is the most change and wavy pattern camps since Bobby Valentine. I asked us Pedroia said. Yes so how they've been dealt and I call this changes most say yes sixty your site. Good. Like I'll clouded by how to compare like was six years ago by now you've known him right in the middle down nothing but as long time ago that it. I. Say go Ozal and by the way I we just Dustin Pedroia really going to be on The Today Show at some point next week Mario I broke that news. You're welcome. He job could scoop. Red Sox season as though week away and we talked you are Tariq I laugh when we get. You and I talked a little bit about the Red Sox yankees were that match up and whether it's closer than than people think. One of my big question marks though to start the years how healthy. Is this team gonna be how quickly can they get healthy image Pedroia in the back into the rotation is dealing with some injuries there. I mean if there's something that is sort of an early on you know early season story lines being that you looking for for me. How does David Price start and his JD Martier start the new guy and the he's not new but it is a gadget still isn't sort of approved its situation and then injuries and health for this team though those big early. I short answers they don't need to be super healthy as they have too many players passes it to me starters in too many position no such thing as too much pitching. And this time to visit him in about two weeks in the season doing who sits they're gonna have too much pitching I don't also be good. But don't it dammit they'll be there through his pockets they're the 25 man roster they're not going to be able to expand its 47. So yes he'll walk through much pitching but here's a question for you now that I answered that question. How much seriously how much red sites have you watched. Like so much so how many Red Sox and I have the reason I asked this is its own Judy Martinez yes the guy right we everybody else yet Zach we have seen Eduardo Nunez played a Red Sox uniform. Mitch Moreland. By this and they have people have people around here sort of got a chance to digest the JD marquee news. Short Arab Spring training error the Red Sox yet or is it going to be that first game. That's what he looks like. OK I don't he looks like by I did not watch much. Of the courts have been listening to the games and the reds or network if not I I I think a lot of people can't quite get into yet can't quite sink their teeth into and I don't know if it's gist. The lack of a big story lines with this team I gave the couple write the air but there's sort of wait and see. Storyline Tino is the champion Martina is a story. He's one of the biggest if any was it that part did dominate the conversation when there's a question whether they're gonna get an and then the week that. None on in the week and then he signed that whole week where is he yet they lost them yeah. Alex Cora had no idea where water is crazy if it was ever where you were when that how are. I remember the the most fascinating thing about or my it was Scott Boras. And his crew only bought only brought clothes for one day. So they had the buy clothes for a week and be holed up in a hotel I'm sure that it. That big outbreak they had a per Diem. Yeah they they have a very close to go into Iran John clothing per Diem Ron Jon and only get only serve here there was risk very straight they showed up. The big cats but yeah it's. I might I ask the question because because of Judy Markey is mostly. Like this. This is the only new guy right. We've seen all these other guys play is the only new guy and he used a really interesting guy to. Having watched Weytman you visit that so far is an interesting guy to watch hit it really is artist Carrie are fighting house. Because he's not he's a guy obviously like you said he matches up with G Palestinians in terms of power per doc every bit the power hitters Ryan is he is a better hitter than stance. I if he says it's not agree that senator he hits for average. He covers more of the play he doesn't swing and miss as much soul all of it that's why he's sort of this unique power guy and also. He's an interesting guy who. In this day and age of in worrying about Twitter and worry about this story about that he's it's all about hitting is the sort of bizarre he's sort of like the Chris Sale. Of hitters and that's good for him by the way in Boston. Because you know market caught up in the other stuff you're going from you know locker to the video room to the batting cage feel locker. You know stay just long enough to say ID treatment of type you guys later the locker you know so. But he is a unique guy and in a few different way. And I like this and say in and you can price speak this moron again be around a lot but just. Reading some of the things that he said. You know the comments he's made do you guys see me down a Fort Myers it seems like he's understanding of embracing the fact that he is a DH. Yes you think he's OK with that yeah which I am I whining to be okay with I want him in the outfield as little as possible. Only when it's absolutely necessary break classic case of emergency titled why we don't play more than you you would care if you get up play more games in the outfield and can layer does pre and post guy. It is maybe the best question about that for Chris Brown larvae has ever asked anybody. In your entire life and layered a Red Sox pregame show up to eighty Martinez helped prop that is a great question Lucy isn't it. While it's a pull up yes scary to reduce that to reduce the Bradford are outside of lobbying Bradford showed Twitter account. Yes yes OK do you we you know nice picture that was a particular period editor Twitter feed. Unlike yes. You don't want him I can do a canisters that soon. Is it worth it sure does like organize them wherever we're talking about it's this is what it's the whole thing is about. If you want document I talk to take a pitcher be given the thumbs up and put it on its program. This info is these grim account going novelist Joseph doing his real job. Many followers yet to. I would say it over Tony thousand beds where it started before Lucy ago our big time we kind of we had kinda. We knew we try to we say we prioritize FaceBook OK other things were prioritize oppose things the kids and then the kids that my son told me dad. All the kids do you have basements for old people now the now so at W yes sports say 181009. And what was it when you started. 5000. That threw home. Well give a policy it'll closer to twenty now so if you put up that Paul yes what was it again. Who of notable no we're talking about that and who who will do more who'll. Well Judy Martinez played more games in the field oral Ken layered. Two more pregame and posted Red Sox the method is this I account poll. Allah help. Do it on the act now what do we care okay well that's fair because I think more. People understand what were sang rock and people see yeah exactly rods and management to make those called Mario. I believe you admit it I approve that so how many games you think Jimmie Johnson is is gonna play in the outfield more than 25. More they can they are going to yeah actually he's so here's a weird thing. Not the weird thing but I have watched duty Martinis play so his first game my first reaction him. Holy macro he's slow he's he's sort of lumbering in the but one thing and they said this about him before he's really good instincts like you can see that right away he had. Get a ton outfield assists and I think that speaks to something that you know where to throw the ball you throw the ball in the right place you get good jumps on the ball. And I didn't see that watching him play down there because this doesn't. We've we've seen plenty of guys butcher the elderly Hanley Ramirez. Out there. You know it was not it was clear that he was not he's not getting good jumps. Whatever but he's you know he gets decent jumps he could go out and play left field he doesn't seem intimidated by the law why does he need to play 25 games there. Because cores big thing is we have all these guys and we're gonna keep them fresh now. Like he said that the I think you know he's kidding about it I think actually took don't know he's just by about the other again. Like. In pennies the Bradley the bats so we actually talked about this today which should be goal live from August on to have these guys fresh. Now that seems good on paper. But it never kind of works out that way. Because usually someone gets hurt he had or someone gets hot you don't wanna take tomorrow. And edit in honestly I'm not that worried about this one I don't worry about wearing down. The entire 25 man roster is one guy that I'm worried about wearing down down the stretch position player now on sale at this. A lower votes priced. All we're about priced it started Bertha is can he out well I'd now like. Eat every one of the mystery of David Price the playoff all the other stuff all the other shenanigans aside. She name that's Irish right yeah mr. All the hard all the pumped full glory aside all the ballyhoo Polley who asked him as an homage to our British friends. It's we saw last year what the problem was with David Price bite him in the playoffs. He wears down I mean that's what happens it happens seated with Chris cell. He gets that point this is the guy who traditionally made 32 starts a year a ton of innings he took great pride in it. Well when you pitch he came out the playoffs it wasn't like oh my goodness the stages too big for him now there was just. You hadn't pitched all year you pitched awesome that's out so I think that as much as we talk about Chris Sale. They're prices save DO. Savings at the also make those two guys. Make that two guys he should be concerned about not wearing down 61777979. Acres seven adamant limit is English and wants to weigh in on this whole British baseball situation with the Red Sox and yankees. Possibly playing two games there next year. Lannan. But all other guard Diana what's going. Doctor mug shot. But there's got to call it a just however a lawyer but it's got to figure out like. An attempt Sunday ticket on did you oh all that there are also exactly optical media partner and I think that the the debate so all all the pocket all day authority because it. Sure on the edge sport network but. If if at all on today like I am I possibly being bitten the bullet stale or MLB. I honestly don't say that it. Anyway yeah it has accepted the Major League Baseball and I. So my question is though is how long have you been here for. Are you. Okay so so you have it so you are from England obviously. William when we're talking about a baseball game innings and Chris is very concerned that of the English people are gonna see baseball and get bored and say simulator. What it whit if the if the Yankees and Red Sox told there will people be like yeah that's nice so nice thing to go to drink a little bit and call today or is it going to be a big deal. Yeah I think it's just going to be kind of is it going to be like spectacle will be kind of a novel idea. You know it's. The guy did a fairly well Nolan just because they ought to ninety direct talks probably understand but. I think you're gonna get you know you can't get don't people who are really all court addressed it but I the majority will be. Maybe we'll check it out but it's not I don't get out anyway it'll pull let the old ball out or anything like. Dan you you touched on it to all of football you get it you're they're trying to really get the football going over there but this whole idea that you're gonna have a team. Over the evidence that shenanigans right. Yet and ever since I like the fact Adam Adam was in Plymouth is almost like he hit the rock and the threat of a never advanced look at. That you lost that that's my ancestors seriously read a 61777. Died 7937. That's kind of how I feel about it I think the fool's errand by Major League Baseball all that. I'd and I am glad Adam called up because that's exactly what he said it was exactly what we were talking about. It's a spectacle be spectacle to be something anyone pay attention to it. But it would do nothing new sale of the next generation of baseball players are now gonna block the fields of and what London. And what percentage of that stadium will be people that are due when dominant. You'll fly over from the US sale take a vacation. But to get our life. Why do you think people living turning ring I think your sort of a unique vacation all my unique vacate because you have you have to ponies when it comes to. Going on vacations and casts you know I'm not gonna give you you're like I'm going to do you ask enjoy Evian I go to history resort location of the bravest. Vacationers I've ever seen. You understand that they incident they do like guided towards the North Korea right I mean it's that there are much braver and if I could pick one person I would think would go on about the attitude now and achieve be in case people don't you go on vacations by yourself the unique sport ports of call. Sometimes all the time Iceland Canary Islands in Amsterdam. Thought our loosening of pull up. Was fine the yeah I Twitter account login information island at the hole huh. Don't worry about. It's night before is give the password out on the area and this inputs that once I'm in right now it's. I would fight to Watson follows who wants a sense of DM Smart countered. Do you guys in front 61777. Died seven daddy 37 other half hour ago the big question is Lucy get the poll up before 10 o'clock and late night stick around to find out. Www. Cree dot dot gov debt WWW. Bash creed starts. Chickened out. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Lining wrestle with sports hernia WEEI another half hour ago until 10 o'clock. Yet roll go on Twitter and wonder. Like how are you came to follow certain Twitter account sometimes yeah. Is there not a guy came to follow me here without our knowledge this it to sort of thing happens every once in awhile where. I don't remember following that thing or person error count okay. I just wanted to slide is simply a decent it sounds like there's somebody in particular that your were found on this is the set up to going down there and on the road this is this by random thoughts. Right now is is I just. Is Bruce Cassidy so it says. Parity account on the Bruce Cassidy okay. On the loose foot had carried to the image telco and I'm here to tell like it is played two kids and have some bloody fund formally. All that explains it. Formally count of fraud Julian I remember fall following fraudulent OK there we don't yet so it's all that there is always there's always an answer to my questions and I'd ever answered your quick to read and put them all that we've. Every champion. OK now the other question was cool. What number will be higher the number of games Judy Martinez plays in the field. Well the number of Red Sox pregame postgame shows they can layered posts. And you think it's going to be. I think it will be Judy Martinez. So I was put eyes and lean canned for around 25 on the high end I think that's on the lower shipment. Beaches I think Virginia Martinez were golfer can I think Kevin is gonna find his way into the rotation a little bit more get every Sunday. The out and I'm doubly upon outs and Saturdays on from time to time yup. Now suppose that we don't that's gonna happen writes we'll think we'll put 1030. Yeah eighty Martinez play thirty games you have to plays over thirty years ago feels that a lot of games the outfield Prejean Martinez on this on. I don't shoot the messenger but is that a bad I don't think that's a great thing I think it's a great thing for Martinez and he's a great thing for the Red Sox either. Unless it's you know he's passed meaning it's a spot where somebody gets hurt. You just pressed into service you know Hanley Ramirez is struggling for an extended period of time he would take him out of a lineup you'd come up with a number different scenarios where it might make some sense. On the that they saw that I I like the idea of JD Martinez is an everyday designated hitter as we know games in the outfield but you're talking about. 3040 games that feels like a lot. I was trying to think of a compilation you know a DH who played a position. And boy that I fail I act if dialed that Nelson Cruz. That not a good one. 147. Deems it as a DH five teams in the alphabet that that's a good ratio I can live with averaging eighty Martinez. Yeah I think it's going to be I think that is not be accurate but you know you go back a couple of years 2016. If we do the 2016. Nelson Cruz and then you're talking about a 107 teams. As the age 48. In the outfield that's what I'm talking about feels like too many. It didn't have this Seattle an animal you bats and independent and. And and that's the thing I mean we look at this team defensively. And you said he yourself yesterday one of the things they could be its undoing I guess a one of the potential fatal flaws. Infield defense with Rafael devers very much unproven a third Zander Bogart's in okay short. At least to start things out Eduardo Nunez at second base in Mitch Moreland you don't worry about as much first when he at least there I think you do. Outfield defense however absolutely strained the esteemed guests on all of last year and expect we'll see you again this year you weakened to me. Potentially multiple positions is is one of JD Martinez gets more into the rhythm of being a DH and he talked about it with Ortiz it's different mindset. They are two different means of preparation. If that takes him sort out of a routine that he builds and as a DH that potentially weaken two positions. Yes but here's here's the is where I'm gonna win. Which is I realize we're fighting. It's always about winning you know okay. It's fight club on the fight club of arguments fair enough if some. One of these guys are gonna get hurt. Of one of these guys via her go on the DL for the savior laments. In you'd Bradley and bats in Bevan Andy aren't gonna all play a 150 games I'm guessing. So somebody's there to get hurt and now expert Judy Martinez gets his outfield and better outfield option NG not mean who'll. Right now well that's a weird thing about oh yeah played place why art left field may be a couple games to play New Year's out there and play Brock all out there. Right big key is your fourth outfielder right now. There isn't anybody else. So yeah. That's another one article but what if you knew what are they so that's another question of you do have to play Judy Martinez up their water really do not able tapped in the outfield. Now I told you. They got rid of price Branson yup rock colts. If you lady Blake's wire if my master sommelier and as a base and then well it's far Blake place why heart will be their fifth outfielder. He's different felt. Over the Cannata you know brought cold could conceivably not make the if he does though like he's gonna see more time apparently Swire if they're both on the team the same time maybe. That's another one who will take you out of wedlock and hopefully. I could be like Tom Giles preempt this or is this a study of guys are gonna start right he's down to reduce the time our tradition annual the eight year old. The not so special section on W I dot com nice which is a date at the useless special sections in newspapers do. A I had a front page thing at a special section on nursing at The Herald since. Six months ago and I know you're you to find a great story that's great it was a touching story about a woman who became a nurse after she got injured all the great care she got from her nurse situated in her nobody's. Arguing these value of nursing special section is touch and I am going to argue the value of the the allotted time. That newspapers use to put together their baseball such special sections and he. It's a complete waste out you know why they do it they do it the advertising OK yeah right. But they do it to get the pat on the back Carl look. The Associated Press sports editors. Bodice of the best special section. Because have less time. You picked up a special section and read through the entire thing the nursing one didn't we for the nursing job fair test because her to light thank you did like what my dad did in my book you went to Dunkin' Donuts pretender read it. Totals about this this right here. You data actually did call at six Dunkin' Donuts the war that plays out nicely. Yes so can hit the same audience over and over again. Yeah Smith. It's a three times room it's like a little okay takes a few times before someone finally says six and I don't find what it what it locked up of this plucked. Michael all unpaid. You cut me amend my guilty pleasure and it. I like to adulthood let Michael hall after the long hard day exactly. You know social my appointed the special section they come out right a but good for everyone who wrought spends that time to right along stories and put the time in but. I just feel it's it's such remarkable exercise and that's why we market if they're not those special section on WI dot com. The Puerto clicking below you've given me at least two questions we and that the caveat here with every time we do this is you have to answer a 140 characters or lasts. We're playing to the crowd when whites in a B 280. Now what has doubled its territory I don't care if people's attention spans to go past 140 despite what twittered you can still tweak the law CIA. I love you feel the same way I can't imagine now having a 140 character limit. All. If you see if you see along tweet. Tell me that you don't hesitate to read I tweaked a lot of them longer to my now right affects. I have to have people read I don't know did you read my breaking news today and a federal judge denied emergency request of the extortion trial for the City Hall aides. All of the doubt that when I took about 207. The five characters in ABA are pretty close out four hours ago yep for five hours ago on you add another while long ones are right. No listen this is gonna come off bad. No offense to these off some breaking news tweets out. One has won 331 common the other has no nothing and nothing. Yeah I think the one comment to was me just applying too excited to make it a threat out there it. Bet it's in my wrong when you see long tweets you sort of like yeah. Yes I mean that story also is not particularly interest you have I'd I I'd go I'd give you credit them saying it's because how you could pose a tweet thrown a little tiff right there. A fuel mode Jesus. They did it the federal extortion indictment in fact I think what we're gonna do this year is make the entire not so special section this all of mode geez. A problem with that though with the online section is you can't do Richard dad did like achy women into watching indicted on its that'll my laptop out and pointed out so the people we see I'm reading the WEEI dot com not a special section it's happened before right Lucy apple lose its answer attitudes and it checked out a long long time ago Lucy. If if the Red Sox and yankees go to one who knew what to cover that for us. I would love seeing him alone go to Buckingham Palace on my off Denny out day. You spoke to go to the game is just hit it it but that can do sicker and the story is from different spots around it and. I thought that way at that rob I thought I was gonna cover party set I was going you're taking the legal aspect of the two. Lucy is taking MB besides in Saudi has everything gets sued lower over there both of you never know actually my company has is a London bureau. That they are even need me can you call basketball baseball all the half I think it should have thought that a few hours go to Talladega. So anyway yes so baseballs coming we gonna leave the special sections team Martinis is going to play board games in cavaliers actually does pregame and right sides. And Golub the red site's going to London's glad we have got that all settled rob and I'll put the wraps on bigs next week or late night it's which are UWB yet. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. I get over compensate again. Lucianne I've been hired to your little one tonight. Any day. Between him it would have been perfect currently. Monitored challenged to just keep it balanced. My feet down to what my concern when I saw rob to rods and during the awaken 180 pennies down how much. I got weighed in today about 33 about 33 pounds Larry Bird number of pounds and with that stated my concern. Was that rules like that that that prisoners big Celtics any attends the thirty year got him to re more. To get to 33 years oh yes yes now so it's. Reference in effect Celtics yet he set about a year and to his sentence that was probably the state passed for three more years yes 5%. I'm now in the united here to there. No the guy I was concerned they. The skinny Brad though would be more low energy. Light years your fat was where all of your energy was stored in not having that we'd kind of taking down a peg or the legitimate concern when you showed up yesterday. Prove you wrong I gave mine dated Sid Fernandez street cars this reference yes and you get a big Wu read out negate Elvis did it kind of play. But then at all your overcompensate. I was so why wise yesterday by an epic today I genuinely have been energized. By this conversation about trying to find someone from England a call in about baseball we get somebody from Plymouth whose English and when we there at their gets it turns out it's got a Jones who has that it was left on the table of all they know overnight inclement Fiat. I mean I did my best with the rock reference not against yet hit the rotten to stayed there it's lightly when I was listen to the mid day Saturday. And some bottles taps me on the streets of lady called up. And she honestly thought it was you hear this Lucy and she thought I was Jim Martin Jim chargers should be Marjorie from what is that. Are you know words are aged him a Marjorie or not on our Kaelin that you hear there are what I PH are you OK whatever so she called out and she thought sushi is ranting about. Trump or something. And I'm listening to it in the three of home. Like Lewis is saying what is going on what's been going god. And Gladys trying to make no rightfully you'll make sort of a reader along. Fauria starts asking her bizarre questions about what do you think can vote. Who's the quarterback that went to Houston other safety reviews from Arizona. The honey dad's here. Outs around that you yes I have a what do you think about Andrea and so they're doing their best M drive and I'm thinking. I appreciate that they're trying to do this it is definitely the right move to do something to this element of the biggest hit of the you don't get this opportunity a whole lot. But it. It's it was yes solicited this way I hear this. Barbara. Cry. Cry hi Kim and I actually call you Barbara. I'm great how the margin is one ounce for coffee on year well okay. I looked calm and make about Cha yeah turn sly look for we have a lot and it was reached in the book. The siren here it let me just came out a couple of months ago yet. One of the about it aid to continue to work in the white outsiders out there in like it. It's not so much and human need that rather collection of charitable streak. Yeah yeah I totally Aurilia totally agree 100%. How do you feel like how do you feel about a decent I don't know if he's he's he's been involved in a lot of these interactions also facing Tim he's up for secretary of state. I don't know I don't know it carried him on budget and brown. I don't know him either publish stormy Daniels. All. Now about I think she's just like Jim this we're outside their luck in whatever she had yet if if you would you ever call would you would you say that Donald Trump has averaged. Now. I don't think oh I'm a disaster notion that partly just the disaster. That was going on Google's own don't think it's a loss. You know what else. No you don't I think you know I think Barbara this Jim talk you know I think I think he thinks it's basically the Celebrity Apprentice every other days firing somebody. This government. So. It's a government or hate. Pretty. Barbara knew isn't reality holds that's what his president Barbara did you. I believe that Tyrone Matthew is that it is a Texan now. Now people. I am amazed. That new England and the lady is didn't see the value in him and allowed him to go to Texas and Barbara. I stay with us next hour and we're gonna take up a collection here for public radio where do you think we're giving we're giving umbrellas or anything lie and cover. About it an umbrella channel dual role as we got a radio. Okay that and I think Anna Nicole and the you know he has that I'm keeping the light outside your marriage and to attack me is that it's like you know he's not actually flatten out and be on that he had not. I. Around the clock and what I was telling me this is sun's gone through divorce right now is why leaving why would he did talk about Donald Trump junior I would it is our responsibility and lost only you know like you Barbara. And more and call it call ever. I want very much on the am. I felt a poor lady she had no idea it was. Well I know this is radio I don't want right you get it I'd gold moment like that. Big weirdly I love loser reacts in the volatile little tap and blew it for our. What is going on in this. So I think I think it would thing back to and I think guys I did a good job of explaining exactly what happened yeah it would for what's going on in she was. Leslie is doing his best to sort of take advantage I. Mr. how does that it's now lake. You know you call 1 central bank of any Colin radio station as an operator with a quarter inch plugs in just sticking him into the Waltz OK you like Jim and Marjorie I'll connect you. How what is their phone number is it that close like beyond the 617 what what is their number that actually led her to much like you. Much like Lou if you tried to Google find out how to make your call London should Google how to call radio station. And that's what 77797937. Came out. So you don't say a big like we we I I failed in taking events of the the English guy who with in Plymouth the situation and they bright tried. I felt like they were trying really really hard at that got to this its ways so the the college number. Ford's human Marjorie ready yes to share your opinion you can email you want BR at WGBH dot org and Kyle you can page them. You can call 8773018970. Homes that the recent. How did she end up Ed Ed WEEI I don't know. As everyone ends up here they had to happen. None of those if it's a very college out of those numbers the same. It's it pays to it pays tool wiring. All calls lead to hear it makes you think we I was actually Ron we do have the just radio operator just taken calls plug them in. What are you why one RKO keep plugging in there may have played in their went to Jim and Marjorie played in the air and they just plug it into the wrong a quarter inch hole. So to speak about it. Sir good. Sordid dress on that note yeah debit facetime for Ben Allen has had figure represented as though well right. Rhetoric correct. I agree with that is yes so I mean it but my overall point was there are moments like that they you just feel it yet to take advantage of and I think I left something on the table tonight. But I'll be back I'll be back. I'll be back Chris Fulani. Okay Rob Brown Wednesday night was. Some Nelson prize might bonanza he might finance I would forty guys breaking down the patriots Nazis. And in women. Based on looking forward to that as well. Lucy birds fantastic job featured all of our Twitter Lucille birds fever followed were two in the W the guy mr. Graham accountants. I don't know probably WV UI or something happens to grant. At Brad though acrid bloody 44 if you wanna follow either one of us I wouldn't after the last few hours what the hell rob wasserman always. Have a good night then Mallard comes doing next.