Mut at Night - "House money" Celtics want to prove they are more than just a feel good story 5-21-18

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Monday, May 21st
HOUR 2 - NBA championships aren't usually won in the way the young Celtics have been doing it. The C's have the looming task of bouncing back from a Game 3 beating at the hands of Lebron and the Cavaliers.

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We all thinking that we all think that to happen is gonna lose game three now we offered in the capital and why I. OK okay what their Boston on the road. How they've done on the road in these playoffs need to do what you. You know commands and then really not well Chris Lonnie Brock Bradford go Rob Gronkowski you know Tom Brady when movie actor. Receive them up. We still don't know article because Albert is not going to be here for the start of these three of the patriots offseason program patriots start they use three of their offseason program that. He's not there I think it's fair to wonder why she's not there I've got the answers to attest now that he's not there that speaks in and of itself and makes its own state. I plead the fifth the fifth best. Here's my flight at night on sports radio and tell you we. I Gilani in for Mike advanced game. Frank garbage producing tonight we'll take your calls 6177797937. Rob Bradford is on his way out from Pataki it. We're used Jackie on Dustin Pedroia neither of them are in the lineup tonight out of the drain or Bradford. Consul gave him at the top of the hour. Talk about kind of stuff Celtics. He treats OT aid some Red Sox stuff but Torre's return it to be few days away. Rank are gonna get past. What was I would order waited. So glad I didn't catch his show planned. Soldier gone today I guess he had a dental praise he did somebody punch him just before they went on the air I doubt that very much I mean I eat eat a lot of people get on plans to appeal to those chubby cheeks that mosque and our question. When a pension so why is Clinton from how it was explained to England had a a dental procedure done what kind of down to pursue mama I'm gonna guess wrote an. I never ever can neither of high I never cavity. I can't discern so Glenn you know dental priests choose behind they'll catch sports talk comes first so clan had his procedure sell or the show and was all know detained by the time he came in here there's an -- easy shifts though to avoid data mean you know appeared to each is scheduled for like I don't know three. That's what I sent four that's what I said that Clinton's third radio veteran I'm not gonna question and how he. Goes about it and he you know big coup on mercilessly by Lou and glad I mean they they could not contain themselves out because he didn't speak I think it was. And that's really the one function of the job is just being able to its hockey and it's the Celtics. Red Sox 83 Allah or Eddie Sachs. That's really that has got to be the thief could a ground the whole thing. Are all lag getting credit for like usage soldiering on in. Well I would like to pretty try to say soldiering on Red Sox staked three Allah or oh man IR. Can now I've ever had won again but it sounds. Doctor I give them credit I got you out on I'd I don't jogging is not part of my job I would not Jonathan I had a root canal at 7 o'clock in the morning I absolutely leap in the rest of the daylight absolutely would not mission together never never canal the red cap. He never did finance stuff so. It happens and you brush twice decades. Are we get to Alec is that your thoughts 6177797937. Or a star the question we started beginning about a little bit yesterday regarding the Celtics and heading into the scheme for. It was obviously a an ass kicking of of epic proportions. On Saturday in game three it was such a let down to. After the interminable wait the three day build up before that game. To have a play out the way it did to be down seventeen to four with no hope whatsoever with Jack it's only in the game in the first quarter. With knowing that it was just going to be. A game where the cavaliers asserted there will lot of things are going right for them. I have a lot of confidence that the Celtics will. Not only perform better tonight but markedly better make some adjustments and show what they are the better team it doesn't necessarily mean they'll win because this is the NBA. And this particular team especially this Celtics team has not played well in the post season on the road. Scott Foster initiating doesn't exactly fill me with confidence when it comes to. A road team winning mean to hold teams with this officiating crew are winning it better than 60% clip in their more successful. With these officials than they are without these officials statistically according to the folks who track these things so. I don't have a a ton of confidence they'll win this game necessarily but I do think it'll be a better performance when I'm curious about is. After winning those first two games have the goal post sort of been moved. For Celtics fans to the point where they will look at this as an epic disappointment. A eighty failure. If they're not able to close the deal in this year's. Because as much as I have sort of body in an ANC it they jumped on the bandwagon because I didn't think the Celtics are winning game Aaron the first series and they played the box. I didn't have a lot of confidence against the sixers team that had been on a roll the Celtics re able to dispatch in five games now okay I'm in. I picked him to win the series at the beginning. That said. The mere fact today they don't have carrier Irving that they haven't had Gordon Hayward all season that you do Levy bunch of young guys playing your coach staking a team. Now matching that the furthest he's taken a team he's doing it with an entirely new roster for the most part. The what he had last year when the Celtics went to the Eastern Conference finals no matter what they'll play longer right they're guaranteed to go at least six games this year. Regardless of the way anything else plays out because they've taken the first two. I can't bring myself. To get overly disappointed if this one doesn't turn out for the Celtics. I think that cliche that trite phrase playing with house money is absolutely true when you talk about this particular team. And I think even the beginning of the series a lot of Celtics fans would have been in that camp. But have the goal post moved tees and other sports cliche. Because they won the first two games because all of a sudden. Beating indeed running LeBron James who bend to seven straight NBA finals who's won the east each and every season. For the better part of a decade. Was very much within reach. What is weak in the Celtics grasping to do with Al carrier can do with how Gordon Hayward. Does that make this more big disappointment does it make it feel like he failure for Celtics fans that I just can't get there. If they lose they lose the next four games and next three games and it ends up being where straighten her out in six. What's a one term tangible. Effect of I don't think there's Kennedy calls for any kind of roster overhaul I don't think there's going to be. Any question about why Jalen brown or Jason Tatum or Al Horford or Brad Stevens for that matter. Can do what it comes to navigating a tough post season landscape in navigating. I injuries in any in the short handed those questions have already been answered. Those questions were answered. The second Celtics pretty beat the box. And further cemented when they're able to get past the sixers. And do it in the early impressive fashion now bunch of those games were blowout Celtics had a blowout they got beat. In a lopsided fashion once the other three could've gone either way. Just the fact that when he came to crunch time one team executed in that series and one team did. That answer a lot of questions about Brad Stevens worked for Needham brown and a host of other guys they've made significant ways. When they absolutely had to win the game was on the line. So I can't really get all bent out of shape it somehow. LeBron asserts is well in game four game five in just goes op the Celtics can't quite keep up or. There's another game that's of version of what it was in game three with Kyle Korver in for TJR Smith. And inhale these other guys Jordan Clarkson knocking down threes. And just shooting the Celtics out of the jam I can't get overly upset about that. And it'll way of game three was good offer for a couple of reasons why I'll go and believe what Terry rosier told Johnson my C after the game that. The Celtics just needed to get their butts kicked okay fine will will go with that maybe they were buying into a little bit of hype it to young team it's a competent team that's a good thing but if that confidence sorted. Tips over the edge a little bit too. Buying into your own hype and buying into your impressed. It reality check is not necessarily a bad thing at all so. It's a good thing for that in the short term coming into game four tonight. The other reason the other sort of silver lining I can take. On a game three and out of getting blown out is it should. Do away with the ridiculous I guess we'll college narrative of the ridiculous notion. That this is no longer carrier Irving's team that they don't need carrier adding that Carey were here could do the job that he's better in some ways like. Maybe the need turns out to be some kind of a concern for Irving down why I had no reason to suspect that'll be the case. 2520 year 26 years old. All the confidence in the world that he can will recover from this going forward bite. As long as he is healthy as long as he can play. He is he top ten scorer in the league and you saw on Saturday night what his absence means to this team. You saw on Saturday night why pour all of the good the Terry urged your brain that actually excited to see him. In a rolled it's more suited to him next year. With Irving back with Gordon Hayward back in this lineup for all the good or your brains. There's a limitation to there's a cap to watch your going to get at least at this stage of his career. We have terrorist here. He is not carrier being. He's never going to be carrier ring doesn't mean give the F have a very nice career be good NBA player maybe be an all star be good score all of those things can happen. He's not gonna be carrier. So the idea that they should move on from him or that he didn't really have. Be the grip on the east team that he had in the past in terms of being the guy. I always thought it was a silly narrative I always thought it was ridiculous. And it was on display just how ridiculous it was when he saw how difficult it was the Celtics to mount any sort of bop that's going into. Are trying to come back in game three once they get down double digits in making. So short term. It's I'll believe first year they need a butt kicking they got it. Let's see the response tonight long term. You see what carrier ring means that team and where the I I don't think this was a minority. I do think this was a media vocal minority. It was really buying into the height of this team weed out carrier Irving. And and somehow looking added it's addition by subtraction I don't think that represents the majority Celtics fans out there but it should be unanimous at this point. The Celtics need Irving. This team was put together. To be a carrier having Al Horford Gordon Hayward Jason team Jalen brown to read didn't even starting lineup right there. Day one which he was briefly NT one going into you this this next season certainly. And then having guys like mark is Smart guys like terrorist year. Whether it's any means whoever. Coming off the bench and adding depth smarts the question mark is a restricted free agent but this is not we should be a situation where you can get. Any real version consistent version of what you get from carrier being auditory rouge year we saw that on Saturday night. 61777979837. How you feeling going into game four Celtics band puts doubts on your phone calls Johnny Maine up first this hour. Talking game four Celtics and cavaliers like John. Hello. So I'm the kind of disagree with care the arrow that I think I feel good about them going and possibly getting a win tonight because. They like you got out I continent and I think they're younger and have a lot Hannity. And the rat we called it a little bit better for the old guys relax you know at that don't think W the Mac after all eerie crystal ball without a contract. I think in order for them to get a win tonight they need to put collapsed in completely behind them that nothing they can pick and act in according to help and tonight. And I think that you get as cute or buried brown kingdom earlier I wanna beat my taken and shot in the first quarter I wanna be dishing the ball. Anarchy or for that goes back up Carter's shot patent pick up like that so I think they can do that it can bring energy. Yeah I mean I'm with ya a lot of that certainly bringing the energy at the discreet role game they've the they've had success with that. Market Smart taking ten shots is in the first quarter. It'll scary and about pat. Markets are taking ten shots and a quarter. Is potentially problematic and that's the right that they fell into in game three is. Guys like Smart mores rouge here turning into the volume shooters that they're just not. They need to just not those types of guys they might be able to be hurt for small stretches for spurts for individual games even by. The quote unquote hero basketball that you saw are tried they tried to show you. In game three is not the way this team's gonna win it's not the way they're built to win Brad Stevens has said as much on. Multiple occasions including after game three Clinton the day off yesterday had a game four. They can't win that way. Mark Smart terrorists here and markets more as the mark guy as I have come to call a Morse and Smart they are not. That talented offensively. To be able to carry teams like that drag teams like that on top of it it takes away from it takes touches away from guys like corporate. It took in and files did this as well Jalen brown completely out of the offense from the the early stretch in the game. So if shots are they ere for Smart. Going to the basket trying to drop files trying to get to the free throw line in this goes for anybody fine black. For any of those guys to sort of settling into the half court iso game. Like you might as seen from Paul Pierce back in the day like Colby like Carmelo. I can do like a what a deal those guys early scores they can get away with it and take over games and do it fairly consistently. None of these guys the Celtics have right now. Have that type game. They just don't. And to see it out there. I spelled disaster again for the Celtics so energy yes. And try to get some offense upsets yes. The idea Smart being a volume shooter is not now not not with you on Alley Erika New Hampshire next lark. They are great to talk you first I wanna say I don't want Marty even taken ten shots in the bowl game I mean an end in my opinion what he has been and defensive ability you equally bad at shot selection when he collapsed on the little. But I. I bet that's doctor reason I called Barack. I'm a cult could die I mostly agree without what you're saying the battle that the Celtics you know and not being a disappointment at this point I'm definitely agreed that out beating the bucks made it so that. The sees it wouldn't be a total disappointment I think that they lost to the seventy excerpts there might have been some two more questions about. Maybe not taking advantage out. Different coaching ability that that might have been talking point that happens but I really think even if in the Cleveland rattles South Korea heroin and be session six. I I really don't see how it should be disappointed and obviously I think so the rest of the week every time machine the Celtics win game. You're in the playoffs I think they should be more and more scared of what they're gonna be wet and they have ever look back. Especially in the Eastern Conference and and thanks upon collar I mean the Philadelphia series. That also might have been I guess disappointing because you're looking at at a terrible lands of this might be the marquee match up of LeBron bolts from Los Angeles. This is your match companies going forward Celtics sixers back said the the obvious rebuttal to that is well this isn't the Celtics team. Because you don't have carrier ring ya Gordon Hayward out there. So is far is the the let you know where the level of disappointment should be hurt herself expand. The reason that I I just don't think. Mean yeah disappointed aghast because they if they lose they lose their go to the finals and got to be a bomber firm for related to a black. Does anybody really Billy this is DT. I mean even. When fully healthy I don't think there was that thought going into this season now if this team with the juggernaut through regular season and stayed healthy that might change but. There's never really thought that this was the team this felt like one more bridge team. Leading to the team leading to the team you could say our right their favorite east. And maybe aqueduct favored against Golden State they compete with Golden State and make it happen. Is something that feels like it's a year away. And you know that the teams they'd they'd go the other way we see him for the Red Sox for the patriots I mean every time the patriots come up short the Super Bowl. The other three times they've lost in the Super Bowl and even some of those scenes barely gotten to the Super Bowl you think by 2010 after that year and a lot of the jets. The first year they locked the Broncos in the AFC title game where. They getting really really good roster on paper and it just got beat to hell by injuries by the end of the season. Those felt like huge missed opportunities. Those are the ones that stuck with you. BJ is EU looked out and say yeah he had the best team. You've had a great opportunity to win a championship and either through. Just bad luck in a bad injury a lot guys get hurt. Through a questionable coaching decision. Weird quirky plays that happen in a couple of those giants games went on have to re live the whole thing obviously but just through that through the sheer. Divine sports Providence as it worked it didn't work out and it was crushing it was disappointing from a from a sports fan's perspective because he really had a shot. Get it feels this way about that Celtics team. And maybe there's more excitement. After you win the first two games in knocking off LeBron is always on an ending that streak you know the cool part I guess it beat the Celtics were the team. That twice rolled LeBron away from Cleveland and maybe this time drove him out of Easter culprits entirely. There'd be something to be Edsel feather in the cap the Celtics fans are supposed. But just looking at the way this team is built on the way this team is building a I can't really get overly disappointed about it if if they end up losing this series which I still don't think they well I still think the Celtics will win this series. I don't know that they win tonight. It wouldn't shock me if the teams just hold serve at home arrested away. I dissolved at the better team and they can hold serve at home and that's all they gotta do to move on here and and probably play Golden State in the final. Let's go Apollo Westfield for you to break hello Paul. Oh. A city impresario well. Good start by some hacker cut him right out right here by professor Claudia I I have a concern over there are some. The less gave me outside nobody has doubled to turn over that have emerged bring up that. They clearly decided to actually study and they know our offensive clans which you mentioned Russia to the ground so if they studied art and are prepared course. How to readjust to that ceded its language and I we still can get 71 more home. I still what you acting work great matchup against them the first two games that we dominated play hard that's capable of doing. What adjustments we got to make on our offense which it shut us down. Yeah biggest things I'd like to see it I actually. So they're tweeting before I guess Brad Stephens in his pregame. You know meeting with the media here and was chatting with people and I chatted with reporters and said that. There was a change at the start of the there's a change the start eleven he said he arrived at his starting lineup. But he wouldn't reveal I think don't murder rate was five people will start out. Something to that back I didn't get the whale and you know it'll cheeky they're brand like. So five people start that's great but there there's this question of do you wanna go big you rapid gains in the starting line to try to counteract Tristan Thompson. I wouldn't be surprised and answer is to keep last hour to see smaller lineup quick. Get gets faced better I mean one reason why you saw a lot of isolation it's partly errors that tonic traffic. Elaine. Constantly in game three. C try to shoot over it and you turn markets' Boris into a mid range shooter the entire game that's not a recipe for success without a great. As style for him it's not really the way that his game is is meant to be played it's it's at its highest level. So maybe get small maybe your quick may be spread the floor a little bit more of a chance to get inside you'll be officiating crew tonight Scott Foster led. That is notorious for calling a lot of files they got work to your advantage the way you do that be the aggressive team. PD aggressor and try to take that this team defensively the cavaliers don't have great rim protectors there's not a war on the floor the bronze the closest thing they've got. He's the one guy that might really Alter a shot inside Kevin Love targeted DeWitt Tristan Thompson's okay. But you're not gonna get a a tremendous amount of of push back out ways it's the Celtics to war that. So I got Brad Stevens transcript are what he's an odd question was is there are back to change to the starting line Brad Stevens replied by the NBA rules. Are starting line and twenty minutes like you accuse the officials. Person clarify I wanna clarify you said you made a decision in rats and it's a Smart we will start by people products. The animals smirk on his face when he said that it actually quote presidencies of laughter. Ops so laughter is had bile that's been in pause for laughter nothing better than the media gaggle. Laughing at these press got to seem like all kinds of on the LeBron James and Brad Stevens in jokes and not obvious how much audio LeBron reading the played I played the conveniently leaving at least turn over by the way to notice that. When he went through hey play by play. He I think he changed it to something he said like we missed a shot or something like that is they'll use you turned it over by Bryant's that it crisp lines of the world are there to go on out. If on the bra and that's the parents like us out they have I mean he hits it well this Rickey could point out he has no problem. Nearly Kevin Love for now the only shot early began an argument he sounds street now. What it comes to the brawn but yeah we have an app appellate check all the time too he makes the same joke that he's made. Thirty times over the last twenty years and every burst out laughing. Latency old Carson shortly why in the world is so. Funny about the mice my facing and today the Celtics. Now that's fine. So there. Any document to play I don't know I can't but that would help a lot plot here now they held a lot bloodier than any Bill Belichick. Has said when he tried to make a snap a joke are at 6177797937. I see your calls lined up we'll get to a next. Chris Maloney with you until eight and rob Bradford comes in will be hanging out all evening Sports Radio WB yeah. It's much at night on sports. Yeah. It is true I use. There's. No way. You. Rectify it. Much. We do but so was. Answered it. The world. The. It's Jalen brown after the game three wasn't. Talking about getting some payback using his fuel for tonight Chris fought here with you 6177797937. We get gave for coming out Celtics cavaliers. Chatting about it or around reinsurer in at least intermittently all night especially up until that time. I text like 37937. Text he says they cavaliers are bad defensive team hopefully they play more like it tonight. No text here says Foster only calls bowels of the team up in the series to read our member of the last game. He wrapped the Celtics with the last week or two and that is the MO with Scott Foster and that's why I ask this question a lot. When foster's name pops up the Spanish. The big games are being put him in that spot for the NBA if you care at all about credibility. Right I mean. Be a hole it I think you're talking about this morning the morning show the whole Kevin Collin thing. Why eight K and Kevin Collin not writing more the glow. He incapable of writing words on paper I don't think that's the case its credibility issue that's it. There that that's hit at the issues credibility once you lock state it it's impossible virtually impossible to get. And with Foster when he wrecked the reason games he officiated game. That game for a lot of people it including IR DN BA fans especially die hard NBA in that game has no credibility anymore you sit. There and you watch it in you almost say you know to surprise me one time. You know Glenn always talks about how predictable the series are in and that's very true narrative. You sit there and yeah okay that the home teams are gonna win the home games in and a lot of these referees are going to be scared. Into calling fouls that might not be Alice is based on crowd reaction along yeah. GAAP and and fostered. Falls into that trap notoriously to viewers agree Foster and Brothers that was the crew and the Celtics Billy Mays Albert Johnny at a retirement community that Zia. The font I would absolutely take it to attain it's good to that you are wrestling at apple right I mean one guy. That's the point users will be able to feel that way anyway. And the package you had a guy that really did it in Donna he. Only fueled that fire I mean if all you need is just debuted at a conspiracy theorist if you give them just a little some little crack in the door. Then that is not in this case to Donnie they kick the door open and off the hinges so that was. Absent any tin foil hat wearing person. Who thought that the NBA was rate got all the fuel that they needed and any time Foster appreciate the game. I guess it's his fault right or it's gonna blame him for this by it's really the leaked to keep putting him back at that spot a big game. And if this breaks. The the cavaliers way at a heavy heady terms of the piles if there is I tic tac one early. The the second Allen Tate Cameron brown like what app to gain three. Then that's gonna tilt how people view this game blends of which people view the game if your sport your game has no credibility. Then you've got not think you are arrest at a lot of that does go back to his connections with him Donny you endorse this don't realize that detox six times I mean all. Documents say he was exonerated from any wrong doing in your average basketball and isn't gonna take the time to look that up and see if that's the case they're just gonna remember. This massive scandal at the end game steel years ago and he was linked to it exactly and kept his job. Ands. Statistics bear out the fact that date you hit the over it but if I don't know what the total is tonight at the older. As he hit you over help a lot more postures officiating and home teams do better. And he's efficient way say surprised me. One time instead of two quick fouls on on Jason column on LeBron who ever is covering LeBron I think each enemy then they're gonna say is read the other way you're just over compensate. Once you lose credibility it's done no matter what he does it matter what he does he can't win it's impossible it's absolutely possible. And that's the problem with again with losing credibility let's go to Mike in north Providence started like game for a long Mike. I Chris yeah it would with regards to. This shot taking the distribution like if you look at that Golden State Warriors. They all shots to curry to rant. And and quite constant I know we don't have those guys but it's more of them about going to their passports. And guys like Iguodala and Livingston don't shoot anywhere near as much as guide on this seems like they're taking six shot that he and they had 48% each. On the field but they take good shots. We have markets Smart and Marcus mores jacking up bad shots. And that's it that you can't have that those are shot that should you take. Collectively they're taking 22 shots between them they should be collectively taking fourteen shots. We're told other rate Golan towards browned and Tatum and a portrait and Rocha. Yeah I mean this is how you do it because it's all about efficiency UK. Market Smart shooting 33%. From the field 20% not freak. He cannot be shooting and time again. It's insisted too that he will look at it if you start to wait that shot. You that you can he hit you again about five or six EE partly. The percentage would then go to the run up the war and shoots that three in transition off the balance and illiquid and you're not that encourage. Why he's taken a shot to begin. And yet another problem at the team as you're talking about maybe a small mystique is that Brad all these. Transition basketball. They want the worst transition off our basketball team we offense it was seated. In the playoffs they've been better percentage wise but like a team like Golden State scored eight more points per game transition so that while the lowest scores in transition. And with that a group like that they should be glad that it but they don't wanna. They wanna play in and the court for some bizarre reason despite the fact that they have really great athletes. And if you look at wait wait he run down force like immediately threatens to think that the coast to coast Leah is the ideal. Transition shot and you watch a team like Golden State like hoosiers with a tap the ball like 34 times bang bang bang. And they get a wide open real wide open. It's just an eighty's they have to emphasize especially for match. You know at this resort. Yeah and a lot of lot of a lot of these comments sort of mirrors some of the things that Brad Stevens is said that it is tough to compare and Mikey down to this the beginning of his point there. It is difficult to compare any team with what Golden State yet for the top 25 players in the league to the top five players in the league. You're starting from different position again Mikey announced that its calls I'm not saying he he was making that comparison. But the transition game absolutely. Needs to be at least more presence. That it was in game three maybe they're not going to be great transition team yet maybe that's something that is more of an eye towards next year but the half court isolation game was a mess. And both Morrissey and Smart are negatives when it comes to shooting from beyond the arc. So those are just things you don't want to rely on you cannot rely on you should not rely on because it's not. Part of their game it's not what they do best. And a lot of these problems again the out of next year a lot of these problems will be fixed by eat healthy carrier having a healthy Gordon Hayward. I mean that that we cannot be overstated because. There are certain guys and I'd made this point in not units on the basketball coach has told me time to time again. Some guys are just fifteen minute to gain guys that's what they are. They can only take so many shots they can only play so many minutes whether it's conditioning ability rotation match up a combination of all of the above. And if you try to play them more than that even if they're playing well. In that twelve or fourteen or fifteen or eighteen minute stretch you're getting hit a diminishing return point and you certainly see that. We guys like Bruce here and Boris and Smart. And for Smart it's less about a big minutes into shot volume. Liked it if you have these guys shooting to watch playing too much unity get some positives out of it you eventually you're gonna hit at diminishing return point. That's less likely to happen if the majority of the shots the lion's share of the shots are going to carry Irving Gordon Gordon Hayward are already Jason Tatum Jalen brown Al Horford. 88 held the Celtics team just happy healthy roster takes care a lot Ed insurers Burry out next hello Ed. The united on. But I have I I have heard so many times talk about trading carrier ring. And it doesn't make any sense at all the guy as a ball player every young kids. Why should you vote right. Yeah I mean I think that narrative was ridiculous and I thought it was ridiculous from the from the first time. I've heard it I mean it's easy eight top ten offensive player in league. I kind of disagree with support the comment about Marcus Morris. It did I think he's shown more offense than what people give him credit. Markets Smart. Yeah he's so tough shooting not a great shooter. They held a defender. And there is nobody seeing him dive on any floor yet at the last game. Or god of war though. Diet and and the last game it's one of those three almost are out and you know that's that's the easy thing to duties at forget about it but you have to write. I mean weather is the cavaliers shooting seventeen of 34 from three. George Hill being the offensive spark in the first quarter it's LE playing in the first quarter the Celtics have either so many things about tag game they were just weird. Or for taking were shots grant again we've seen that at times before. Round getting taken out of the game because of foul trouble early on they were a lot of things in that game that feel like they are unlikely to repeat even at the Celtics don't win tonight. So because of that I think there is an element of man. Gadget just throw that one away which is easy thing to deal when your team just lost 11688. Or her place. It adds that the app forget about Allen's move onto the next one led to a large extent I AP you have to. As far as Smart eight you know criticize is our pens is one thing but hey you're never gonna catch me saying markets Bart shouldn't be on this team and I don't want him on this team. I do wonder how. Much the Celtics are gonna be willing to extend berth all of you to get a big opera. In restricted free agency is they're going to be something that could be challenge for them to match. But my ideal scenario. Is seeing this entire nucleus back next year. We never got to see it this year. It looks like Danny Ainge and held a job putting a not only top and talented but also very deep basketball team together and markets marks an important part of that but again this goes back to. A healthy team there's a domino effect of sort of putting everybody back into the roles they were more meant to apply. And for Smart. He is a game changing defensive player we saw at this season. When he was hurt around the all star break but he wasn't on the court the difference was palpable in the celtics' defense of a he's that kind of a guy he has deep offensive half quarts that's. That you poise and he used used even the NBA puts them on that date 32 or 22 highlight clip they'll weed out. It's just defects they sit on ball defense you'll see weathered the writers league somebody else to weeding out 8252. Equipped which is the defense of possession. It marks in markets artist featured. I mean that is kinda weird but it shows you the kind of impact that he acts so I want market Smart taking. Fewer shots and also we better shots election. I some that'll happen with a healthy team. I do think though. That his presence on this team is ability on this team. I am what he can bring to a championship caliber teams defense a players guy can play. On the court in the these late tight situations the last couple minutes of games last couple minutes quarters IE you definitely don't discount that at all. Right that's your question yes why is there a big thing Nextel an exclamation point exodus. Next caller well I guess when you call. As frequently and with is as much fire and passion of our backs Pollard as. You get a little warning sign an epic that's a morning show that I've ever seen that before. It's a triangle with an exclamation point eight drew your attention to college. Aids it's a big yellow triangle that exclamation point on an otherwise normal looking call screeners weird. I mean we shouldn't go to commercial ago I think which ago let's go to Albert Rhode Island up next Albert. Good to go to the other show for the first time it. Let it. The reason that actually completely at every minute we're streaming it called screen is because I am so sick and tired old Boston Celtics seem. We need the national basketball. Refereeing schedule I'm at the majority of I'm more likely. He dropped me off or not but yeah I multiple if you think you stone cold Arctic but rock. All the big shopper. Dot org don't we don't we wait. Don't watch the sport. You think Celtics fans are are unique in that regard. I don't you are right you Iran Bobby you're just point of fact wrong. In any. Any situation before you post season game look at the the local that local cities team blog or at the team blog but the blogs for people they're covering that the games we'll put a little blurs out there on line. Local paper local sports website they will take note of who is officiating a game and many times is largely for betting purposes to. They'll let you know how likely is the teams hit total. And how might affect the spread. Yet my question you ought to reconsider what the what the best cities in the court right degree and that's okay don't you so you should as sports. In that people let us. At some level. You can hold itself to walk high regard they see a book or you'll. I doubt no doubt OK ginger argument once the TP change it again if you are among the best sports fans of the countries they do believe Boston fans are in something. Has been proven statistically got a tangible impact on the way the game is played a potentially the result of the game and you don't talk about it. What kind of a fan are you too tied the knot at least acknowledge that'd take don't have that. Would make you that would diminish he was a pain in my opinion that's what's Celtics fans and growing. All from what public I was too wants what's in the wiggled. It's far more than just the mention the go until which is that Scott Ian actually able to that would make. Yeah it into law. In an awkward formality if you'll only acting more money if you action. What stupid should now. One of the greatest sport in the world in the country your. Idol well all. I know full well it it is religion around here. Or what was sort institute though want. Because the technical if you wanna talk in the courts. Were. Suitable one. In tell me that the biggest opening up that. It was 2006 you're asking. Because that we Kirk. Great all the wrote all day. Well off. All its. V the ad and they say a column but I actually enjoyed that. The fact is in basketball you're the ability controlled the game much more so than football as does not mean the game changing calls do not happen in football of course they do game changing calls happen in baseball cap and hockey the happening every sport. By any game like basketball that has more subjectivity. In it than any other sport. You have the ability to control it more more ready baseball is inescapable yes more than baseball even though every umpire strike zone is completely different there's less variants don't balls and strikes I would argue that there is in the weight gain can be called in terms of how tight game can be called that there. I mean for the most part. At like if you've seen. On average college 230 pitches in game may appeal more Nat 2250 pitches a game ball both teams. Did the umpire is really mess. They're just complete winds that are on the black that are borderline that our question okay you're I'd say may be. Three year 4% of those pitches you sit there and go wow right he wasn't even close effort and out of it piggyback on that might be slightly high. It might be like ten. I did to ordered fifty. Injured a number pitches now percentages. We can get much to figure out exactly what percentage and especially and even the NBA's kind of you know there it their unit to approach their you know everything for you able. In the final two minute gap even if it's just to see who the ball and after their their they did it in baseball to basically Dario. All kinds of manager argument is everything can be read everything revealed you don't have to argue that you can just point and say I want to take a look at that when again and end. And then figured out from there. I don't think it's a knock on Boston fans that you egg knowledge and look at the fact that Scott impostors refereeing that it's concerning. Some of the narrative a lot of the narrative of Scott Foster exists and has been backed up by numbers that show. The disparity between. How home teams do when he appreciates when they don't how many free birds are taken when he officiate them when they don't. That's part of the game with I wish it wasn't. Whether you like it or not idiots and the fact that he is. Means that it's something that should be discussed. It's been a portion of our conversation tonight all of it. But it's it's set factor it's something that does play into the game in a way they they just doesn't happen in other sports. So. The EU iriki you look at it I know that the narrative that Albert the ya know what side of the street Albert coming from here. And he's looking for waited to knock Boston sports fans and really don't care but. The fact is when you have something that it's proven that tangible impact of a dad linked to a guy who went with a bit strong ties to I. Who was admitted. To fixing games and to being a part of making this work market at least understand that it ballots that. And talk about what impact that may have won a game going into it. And what kind of credibility that officiating crew might have going into it then to in my mind you are doing you jobs sports. Doesn't mean you're making excuses but it's part that would you like it or not and I don't like it for the record. 6177797937. We'll get more your phone calls rob Bradford is. Making his way back from Pataki. Where I used checking in on Dustin Pedroia issel hear from him he'll join the show at the top the hour we are right back your phone calls next. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Either so bad it helps you realize like Lou we got the play at a different intensity. At the plate with a different focus you don't just like a real fire somebody comes in just what she can solve you know you just won't fulfill one of they'll realize that they go on the road in the Eastern Conference. Sometimes it's good to me to play we have every single possession and sometime before. I think they woke up from that sometimes it makes it can be done like get to open garage. As Paul Pierce just a couple of minutes ago on the pregame shows they get ready and TVs out of things to Celtics cavaliers team war. We're getting ready here on the radio cited things were still college Sox and Celtics 61777979370. Goodness. For Celtics fans for everybody really for all let's rob Bradford is made its way back from a successful trip to Pawtucket. I mean are all trips to Pawtucket successful out. Yes many fail. OK but this one was successful right I ask you came back with the exclusive underestimate or unstable. That's an appropriate period said the kids that they didn't attack it on him staying world peace they woke. United tonight from Dustin Pedroia was supposed to be there he is supposed to be there. I have proof. That Alex Cora said yesterday in his press conference he played with for dot. As his background music yes it is it that they both know that. And that's your anger sounded pretty good test within the kind of music I like this the soundtrack of my life. But he he he says press conference yesterday the plan was to have Dustin Pedroia play today. And lo and behold. Dustin Pedroia was nowhere to be found he's playing tomorrow and Wednesday the big winner is Sid Travis threw it at the interview that really. Every you know I'm wolf what I'm like yeah I would talk to will Fleming Josh mar that the great guys it upon sites announced his down there and I do have. Did do some spring training games and will Fleming. Excellent excellent what he does. You know I looked around that Ross is open door is not there are looking around I'm like okay. Nice to have guys but who is who was next in line these podcasts where the AM well not even Nevada even I think. I would I had the bar very very highs whoever the next one if you get above the Oki won now. Josh Moore wasn't the ones that do that this is not nice people nice yeah. But invited you to it you did so whoever's gonna bomb the multi podcast down is gonna have to be really really good otherwise and squeaky ride them moved you bet podcast. But since Travis. He didn't trust you right here you guys. You've got yeah he's the guy plays baseball. All launch angle hit home runs and spring training could be now he leveled and enough was why it's not a podcast of this interview for a story. But that's make sure you get the mileage expense. Or drive you know let's not get those those wigs and opportunities of the way back are gonna pay for the health I cannot be on the weekend when he did it it's really sad about that damage those things again. Of course. And I mean. I'm maintaining now I'll look like batons as much like my full must capacity I'd care to be stronger currently maintains that by. Yeah anyway so it's nice to go down there in the see some of these guys who haven't seen since the seventh inning of spring training games. Because you won your view of the Awad who watched this play you're big number 820 yes exactly in Butte is always spring training you know works is that when the starting pitcher gets pulled. The media can go down and watch. Our code on the clubhouse and interview. So any media who said they saw any of these guys planes for training biffle who. The guys like the sixth seventh eighth and ninth inning guys that. Yeah Von dame Asus never they never sought every in the club I holes surgeon never thought he'd see you guys talking Martinez or whoever. But if you're if you're charged with doing the broadcast. Yeah she's got flat. You know be Yvonne de Asus started in triple A Colorado Springs last year at 343 days' notice until you. Exactly and there is ringing in my head. It's already in Saudi right there yeah they ever thrown immaculate inning probably not done that your. Now. And dislikes you why you do that it's what unit anyway. So I was it Pataki I'll probably go back tomorrow because that's Pedroia will be just stayed over. Admit the butch Hobson Demorrio cocaine hotel in Atlanta is so. I think I'm sure there's another name for that hotel UPI dot com and if there. Non a policy between the Bertuzzi wings or staying over so I had to get wings are spot at the home page showed yesterday in and also I knew I had and is so these choices that I had holed that gave map down low where I was going to -- -- -- the -- and come back up here and talk -- -- and then go back and do -- work and go to sleep and then start all over again but -- no and you -- -- price and it's -- -- it's all right stay -- -- Red -- -- on -- tomorrow. Tomorrow's -- -- another way to -- the advantage editor -- Whichever you prefer. We have preferred. There that's fine and certainly now that's fine you look at you see you sailboat or you see you'll never find its magic I operated by the Jarrett. Yeah. What do what do you hear we did you ask you this. I can't you know life it's not actors I've the labels and army if I didn't have I don't know I'd be able to tell the difference okay well. Well Jen Jen is now I think it's in there have been in the studio today when they have summoned her to come in doing a week when media excellence that so that's my. That's nice little day Bed, Bath & Beyond in week one and an awful last time bulls say. All right quick break when he gets in Bradford Celtics odds covenant we got to hurry up we squeeze those and I'll squeeze me but good coming up next a lot and Brad though it till 10 o'clock sports hernia WB yeah.